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Inside The Cube

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I opened my eyes and I checked the area around me. I was lying in a shiny room with metal walls. There were round doors in the middle of each wall, even the ceiling and the floor had two, respectively.

There were two people lying beside me, all the three of us wearing brown uniforms. One of the people beside me was a black guy. He was bald, tall and muscular, the uniform tight on his wide shoulders. He wore a pair of black boots.

The other was a brunette girl. The zipper on the cleavage of her uniform was partly open, revealing her black bra. And she was wearing black high heels just like me; it didn’t fit the uniform at all.

All the three of us stood up slowly, rubbing our eyes. I checked the name tag on my uniform. It said, ‘Carrie’. I checked the others’. The brunette’s one said ‘Ann’, and the black guy’s, ‘Moss.’

“Carrie, Ann, and Moss?” I asked. “Really?”

The brunette girl shrugged.

“Why not?” she asked. “The real question is, why we are here?” she asked, much louder, looking around.

“Yeah,” the black guy added. “Why the fuck are we here? And what is this place?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I can’t remember how I got here. The last thing I knew I was lying in my bed at home, watching The Cube.”

“The Cube?” Ann asked. “This place is just like the one in that movie! Wait… Do you think we are trapped in a Cube?’

I checked the walls.

“They sure look like solid metal…”

“Hey, what are those?” Moss pointed to some black devices on the ceiling. Ann stepped closer to them and checked them carefully.

“They are cameras!” she said. “But this is a very unique design…” she murmured.

“You seem to know a lot about these cameras,” I added. “How so?”

“I make my living from designing them,” she answered.

“What the fuck?” the black guy asked. He grabbed the jacket of her uniform and shouted in her face: “Do you know how we got here? Who are you working for?”

“I don’t know!” she cried and released his grip on her jacket.

“Leave her alone,” I said to the black guy.

“Why?” he turned to me. “She might know the only trace of how we got here. Because I ain’t know anything about it, that’s for sure.”

“He has a point,” I admitted, turning to the brunette. “Tell us what you know about the cameras!”

The brunette was hesitating.

“Well…,” she started after a few moments, “I make my living from designing cameras for special custom industrial areas. Factories, security companies, and so on. You would never guess how much this product varies in the aspect of noise tolerance, electromagnetic protection…”

“What did you optimize these cameras for?”

“For porn.”

There was a moment of silence after she said that. We looked at each other. The black guy’s eyes went wide. Then we burst out almost at the same time:


“You know those porn sites where you can pay for certain content? My job was to design cameras which automatically focus on any pornographic content. There is a built-in automaton image recognition application running in them and they zoom on if they see any flesh, pink, I mean, vagina or any other erotic movement specified in the particular requirements. At the porn pay sites, they spot a specific kind of movement and trigger a function, namely, a message to the user to pay for the given content. But these cameras seem to be connected to the opening mechanism of the room,” she pointed to some wires and a black box above one of the doors, “so when they get their ultimate input, they will open the door, I suppose.”

“And what is the ultimate input for these particular cameras?”

“Ass to mouth.”

Well, I didn’t expect that. The walls were cold, the lights were strange. I knew this would canlı bahis be an odd adventure but I didn’t know we would get this far. But then I thought, why not? If we start it, let’s see how the game plays out.

“Sooo…,” I looked at her.

“So if the camera spots a really hot, well-built ass to mouth scene, it may trigger the opening mechanism and maybe, I repeat, maybe we can get out of here.”

“You seem to be experienced in the field,” I said to her.

“Yeah,” she nodded. “I had to watch a lot of porn sites while I developed that algorithm. I had seen some really nasty things…”

“O… kay…” the black guy said. “So I’m the only guy here, I guess I will be the one who has to perform the ass fucking if we want to get out of here. But whose ass shall I fuck?”

The brunette and I looked at each other. She raised one of her eyebrows. What the hell? I thought. I’d done anal before and although I wasn’t prepared for it at that moment, I could have used a good hard ass fucking.

“I’ll do it,” I said. “But only if my ass will be licked and prepared well. I don’t want it to hurt. Oh, and you have to take the load in your mouth at the end,” I pointed to the brunette.

“Deal,” she said. The black guy was smiling like the devil himself.

“Please be gentle,” I said to him. “I have never had a black cock in my ass before.”

“So…” He thought it over, “you admit you already had cocks in there?”

I didn’t answer that. I got on the floor on my all fours.

“Okay,” I said, “let’s get down to business!”

“Hell yeah!” the black guy said, kneeling down behind me and started opening the zip on his uniform.

“Not so fast, big boy,” I told him. “If you want to put that thing in my tiny ass, the two of you will have to prepare me first.”

“Okay!” he agreed and leaned down on me. The brunette knelt down behind me as well. They opened my trousers and pulled them down with my panties to my knees. They didn’t waste any time with my shoes; as we were preparing for anal sex, the black high heels on my feet probably made the scene even hotter.

The black guy grabbed my ass cheeks with his huge palms and pulled them apart in front of his face.

“So sweet, honey, so sweet…,” he murmured. I took a glance back above my shoulder; the brunette was watching my ass as well.

“Are you sure she’s gonna stick it out?” she asked.

“Hell yeah,” he said hoarsely, “and even if she couldn’t, we ain’t seem to have another choice,” which made it obvious to me he would fuck my ass with no mercy.

He leaned on my ass and licked over my open asshole. I sighed, it felt so nice having his warm wet tongue exploring my asshole. I didn’t expect this huge black man fondling my ass so nicely. And as he proceeded licking my sensitive hole, I could feel a tiny little finger fondling my clit. It was ‘Ann’, she dove under my groin, between my thighs, and played with my sensitive area down there.

I really enjoyed the fondling I got from them; I even managed to forget how hard the stainless steel floor proved to be for my knees. I let my head hang low, pushed my ass high and enjoyed the hot tongue working its way into my tight asshole.

I could feel my thighs being pressed apart. ‘Ann’ slipped under me and as ‘Moss’ was preparing my asshole for the anal penetration, she started licking my pussy from underneath. She licked my clit and my pussy lips carefully, making me wet and relaxed.

I had never been licked by two people at the same time; it was a nice and sexy feeling. With ‘Ann’ and ‘Moss’ behind me and the costumes and cameras present, I really felt like I was some kind of a porn star. I raised my head and pushed my ass backwards to make it look sexier. I even sighed and moaned loud, and enjoyed bahis siteleri as my voice echoed between the stainless steel walls.

The black guy hardened his tongue and entered it into my asshole. He let a lot of saliva flow on it and slowly fucked my ass with his thick tongue. I guess ‘Ann’ must have seen it and decided to do so because she entered my pussy with her tongue as well. I closed my eyes it felt so good. I imagined they were cocks but they moved more gently of course.

That was the moment when the black guy decided to finger my ass. He released my cheeks, and slowly pushed one of his large fingers into my asshole. I was so wet it slipped in relatively easily. He slowly moved it in and out while the brunette continued licking my clit down there. The black guy’s finger moved deeper and deeper, he moved it in small circles making my asshole relax. I moaned and sighed, enjoying his finger exploring my ass.

He added a second finger soon. I let my head down on my hands and let him finger my ass deeply. ‘Ann’ was still licking my pussy and I could feel my juices dripping on her face, I was so wet. ‘Moss’ was now actually fucking my ass with his long fingers, and this was the point where I came. I had a really stressful week and I didn’t have time for myself so this orgasm was a real release. My whole body was shaking and it felt like I was slipping away; but ‘Ann’ and ‘Moss’ pulled me back to the reality of the cold metal room.

I got up to my knees and turned around, facing the black guy.

“This felt so good…,” I said, smiling. “But now it’s time to prepare you as well!”

He smiled and opened the fly of his uniform trousers. His cock sprung free; it was huge and rock hard. I was wet and horny already; the view of his enormous rod made me think it was a good decision to play this game. I’d never had such a big cock in me, not to mention my ass.

“Let me help you,” ‘Ann’ leaned on the cock as well. She got the huge head of the black rod between her lips and started kissing and licking it. I dove under her head and pulling out my tongue, started licking the guy’s huge balls.

“Yeaaah…,” he sighed, leaning his bald head back. He probably felt like the head of an ancient tribe with his legs spread apart and his cock and balls being licked by two women. I tried to add to the sensation by letting one of his huge balls slide into my mouth. I licked it from the inside gently; it felt hot and throbbing on my tongue. Then I switched to the other one; I let it slide between my lips and kissed and licked it as well.

For a moment, I thought about having the whole sack in my mouth; I suspected he would have been happy about it. But when I tried to open my lips around his huge balls, I realized I couldn’t make it. So I went back to lick his balls one by one.

‘Ann’ let the black cock into her mouth deeper and deeper. She was sucking it like an expert, using a lot of saliva and tongue-work. Some of her saliva dripped out of her mouth, over the black cock and dripped on my face. I tasted it; it had the sweet, fruity taste of a bubble gum which she probably had chewed before the shooting.

As I licked the saliva from the black guy’s sack, I slipped up to ‘Ann’s’ mouth. She surprised at first but released the cock from her mouth and our tongues connected. We giggled a bit, then started kissing each other. I could feel the sweet taste again, with a hint of something salty, probably the taste of precum oozing from the huge black cock we were entertaining.

“This is too hot, girls,” ‘Moss’ said, and pulled us apart. “Remember, we have a mission here.”

I sighed. I didn’t have any experience with girls before, but ‘Ann’ proved to be attractive enough to try it out with her. But I had to save that for later, bahis şirketleri it was time for my anal drilling.

I went back to my all fours. The guy pushed my legs slightly apart and positioned behind me. He put his huge member to my ass and tried to enter my tight asshole. Of course he couldn’t make it on the first try. But ‘Ann’ pulled my cheeks apart and adjusted his cock head more precisely to my puckered hole. Now he managed to press his cock through my anal ring. It felt like a huge rod trying to fill me up completely. Actually, that was exactly what happened here. He waited for a moment, let my ass relax around his huge cock, then he entered deeper. Then pulled back, and entered deeper.

Eventually, he pushed his huge cock to the hilt into my ass. I could feel his huge balls touching my pussy lips.

“Are you okay?” he asked, with an urge in his voice.

“Yes, I think so…” I said and I certainly hoped I could keep up with him.

He held my breasts pulled my body up, and started moving in and out with his throbbing cock in my ass. I started melting around him. I let his cock dominate me, filling me up completely. He fucked me real hard and hot; he entered deep with each thrust, and grunted like a bodybuilder doing a hard exercise.

He released my breasts and let me fall on the floor. He had a tight grip on my hips and started fucking me with all his power.

I could see ‘Ann’ masturbating beside us from the corner of my eye. She was watching how the black guy fucked my ass and she rubbed her clit vigorously.

I came again. I was so aroused he managed to make me cum with his huge cock pounding my ass. I felt my anal muscles tighten and loosen around the black rod again and again. I screamed with eyes closed, and my body was shivering and trembling even harder than the first time.

My orgasm was the last ‘Moss’ needed.

“Fuuuck…,” he shouted, and pulled the throbbing cock out of my asshole. I quickly turned around but the brunette girl was faster; as she was kneeling behind me, she received a nice thick rope of cum on her forehead. I arrived there just in time to get the next stripe myself which the black guy delivered groaning. ‘Ann’ jerked his huge cock to milk every last drop of hot thick cum out of the black rod. It was so huge for a moment I couldn’t believe it had been in my ass. I took his balls in my palm and gave him a few slight squeezes.

“Yeeaaahhh…,” he groaned again, with eyes closed this time. He was shooting the last large drops of sticky hot white cum from his black cock. I managed to collect the majority of it on my face.

The brunette girl leaned to me and kissed me on my lips. I grabbed her head by her cheeks and licked off every drop of fresh cum of her face.

“That’s it, bitches, make a little snowballing for me!” the black guy groaned and stepped back, admiring us kneeling in front of him and licking his cum off of each other’s faces.

Just as he would have given a signal, the large metal door behind us opened with a loud swish. Sunshine and cool breeze came inside the cube. My boyfriend appeared in the door frame and stepped in, rubbing his hands,

“Wow, honey!” he shouted to me, “That was superb! The image was perfect, you actually made love with the camera!”

I had a thought about who exactly I made love with and why my ass would hurt the next day but didn’t tell him. Instead, I asked, “Did you like it?”

“Me? I totally dug it, honey! I almost came in my pants just by watching it on the monitors outside! It will be a prefect porn version of The Cube!”

“I hope you’re not planning to publish it online,” I said, while gathering my clothes off the floor. Our friends, the other couple playing ‘Ann’ and ‘Moss’ were still kissing and fondling each other.

“Of course not!” my boyfriend said, still in awe. “This will be our exclusive little home video! No one will ever know about it! But it will be a sweet memory…”

Yes, it would be, I had no doubt about that.

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Online Encounter

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Angela White

I’ve always been pretty unlucky with the opposite sex. I think it is safe to say that I have been put in the friend zone with just about every girl I’ve ever had a crush on. As a result, I was a virgin all through high school and the first couple years of college. Apparently college isn’t quite like you see in movies where there are slutty sorority girls at parties that will sleep with just about anyone if they’re drunk enough. I’m still not totally sure that I even believed there would be. However, I decided that at 22 it was time I went out and did something about my predicament.

I created an account for one of those sites for people to hook up with each other. I figured that I’d have at least a fighting chance using the power of the almighty internet. I sent messages to just about every attractive girl I could find on the site within a ten mile radius right away. That first day I didn’t receive a response from a single girl despite seeing that it said several of them were actually online at the time of being sent my message.

I tried again the next day, and once again, no one responded. After a few more days, I received a message from a girl. She came on strong from the very beginning. She kept calling me handsome and telling me how she loved tall, skinny guys. I was ecstatic since I’m just over six feet tall and a bit lanky.

From her picture, I thought she looked pretty sexy as well. According to her profile she was 19 years old, five feet six inches tall, and she appeared to be well toned and quite busty. She had long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. illegal bahis I had hit the jackpot with this girl.

We messaged back and forth for a while, trying to learn a bit about each other before jumping into things. After a bit of chatting, we started to talk about actually meeting up the following day. She told me I could come over after the last of her roommates left the apartment at 11 in the morning. She gave me her phone number and told me to call when I arrived. I couldn’t wait for it to be 11 already.

After what seemed like an eternity, it was finally time for me to head over to her house. My heart was beating at probably double the normal rate as I got in my car and drove to her place. It beat faster and faster as I drew closer to her apartment complex.

When I pulled up, I realized that it might take me quite a while to find her apartment in the maze of buildings. I picked up my phone and dialed her number.

“Hey, is this Dan?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’m in the parking lot. How do I get to your apartment from here?”

“I’m in Building H, Apartment 26, it is at the far end of the parking lot to the left, and then about half way down the hall on the second floor. When you get here just come right in because I’m still in the shower. I left the door unlocked for you.”

I could feel my cock twitch as she said the last bit. My heart was racing even more as I walked down the hall and reached number 26. I turned the knob and sure enough, it was unlocked. The living room was fairly small and sparsely furnished. I walked slowly down the hallway, illegal bahis siteleri following the sound of running water.

“Hello? It’s Dan,” I called out as I approached the bathroom.

“Come in,” she called back.

I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest as I pushed the bathroom door open and walked inside. There was a gap of about six inches between the edge of the shower curtain and the wall, more than enough for me to see her in all her naked glory. She looked even sexier than she did in her picture online. I was glad to see that she was the same person as in the photo as well.

She turned around and our eyes met. With a smile she said, “Hi, wanna come in?”

“Absolutely!” I said as I began to strip down.

Within just a few seconds I was completely naked and climbing into the shower with her. At first all either of us could do was stare at each other as we examined the naked body before us. She made the first move by reaching down and grabbing my throbbing erection. I couldn’t believe what was happening! I froze as she moved her hand back and forth, stroking my shaft.

As she continued to stroke my cock, I reached out and grabbed her breast and squeezed it’s soft flesh. I grew a bit more confident after a few seconds and reached down to her pussy. She shuddered as my finger rubbed against her clit.

“So what do you wanna do to me dirty boy?” she asked playfully.

“Anything and everything.”

She smiled and turned around so that her back was facing me. Her ass was so perfect and round. She grabbed canlı bahis siteleri a bottle from the shower caddy and squirted a large blob of it’s contents onto her hand. She rubbed her hands together to spread the shower gel around and then lubed my cock up with it. “In that case, you can put it in my ass,” she said smiling again as she put one foot up on the edge of the tub to give me better access.

I nervously grabbed my cock and guided the tip toward her puckering hole. I put my other hand on her hip as I thrust gently into her. After a little bit of pushing, the tip slid right in and she let out a loud moan. I pushed in a little further before pulling out. She was so tight that my cock would barely go past the tip.

As I continued to thrust in and out, I was slowly able to penetrate her further. Before long, my balls were slapping against her pussy and I was able to thrust faster. She moaned loudly with each thrust and begged to be fucked harder. It felt so good inside her that I felt like I was about to cum after only a few minutes. “I’m gonna cum,” I warned her as I continued to pound her ass.

She quickly slid my cock out of her, turned around, and took the tip into her mouth. She stroked my shaft furiously and within a few seconds I shot the biggest load of my life into the back of her throat. She seemed to gag a little bit from the first huge spurt, but managed to swallow every last drop.

We stayed in the shower for a little while longer, soaping each other up and exploring each other’s bodies. “Are you ready to get out?” she asked, “You can still stay here with me though. You don’t have to go home quite yet.”

We dried ourselves off and went into her room. We cuddled naked on her bed for a few hours, watching tv. I think this could be the beginning of something great…

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NUDE Lesbian Wrestling: Coed Tricked

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Summary: Shy nerd is blackmailed into the world of nude wrestling.

Note 1: This is a NUDE 2013 CONTEST entry…although an unorthodox one at that.

Note 2: I would like to thank MAB7991, Flowernibbler and Goamz86 for editing and plot suggestions.

Note 3: This story is based on many underground female wrestling stories I have heard exist, as well as a few websites I researched.

NUDE Lesbian Wrestling: Coed Tricked


The accusation was a complete slap in the face. Professor Bells accused me of cheating on my test.

I protested, “Professor Bells, I would never do such a thing.”

She placed my test and Shay’s, the rich blonde bimbo that always sat beside me in class, in front of me. “You two have the exact same answers for the whole last page…word…for…word.”

I was speechless as I looked at our tests. Realizing Shay must have copied off me I rationalized, “Shay must have cheated off me.”

“Then it’s a she said-she said thing,” Professor Bells sighed. “I will just send this to the dean and he can deal with it.

“Please no?” I said, hating confrontation. “I will take a new test to prove my innocence.”

“I don’t have time to make up another test,” she said, annoyed at the thought. “I’ll just give you a zero until this whole issue is resolved.”

“A-a-a zero,” I stammered.

“Yes, there is a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism and cheating at this college, this isn’t high school, Miss Appleton,” she said, clearly convinced I had indeed cheated.

A zero grade was unacceptable, I was a nineties student and a bit of a perfectionist. I begged, “Please, I will do anything Professor Bells.”

She stared at me for what felt like an eternity before saying, “Well there is one way I might overlook this.”

“What? I’ll do anything,” I replied, my desperation obvious.

“I need someone to step in tonight at Le Chateau Club,” she said.

I had no idea what The La Chateau Club was, but I quickly agreed, “I’ll do it.”

“You sure,” she asked, “I would need you to sign a waiver for the privacy of the club.”

I was instantly curious, but agreed, not thinking there could be anything nefarious by her intentions, “Whatever you need Professor.”

To my surprise, Professor Bells opened her desk drawer and pulled out a contract. She explained, trivializing it, “It’s just a standard waiver promising you won’t cheat or steal.”

“Ok,” I said, thinking this was a bit strange, but not overly concerned.

Once I signed it, Professor Bells said, her tone dripping with condescension, “Shay will be there as well tonight since you two are so close.”

I wanted to point out that Shay and I are nothing alike, but she had already made up her mind and I felt the best way to get her to change her opinion of me was to just do as she asked. “Ok,” I nodded, even though truth be told anger was bubbling underneath, not a feeling I was used to.

“Great,” she said, as she wrote something on a note pad. Once finished she handed me the paper and said, “Be at the address on the paper no later than seven o’clock and tell them that Caroline sent you.”

Again I nodded in agreement, even as something in the pit of my stomach felt queasy.

“See you tonight,” she said, returning to the papers on her desk, her words implying our conversation was done.

I left and, as soon as I was out of her office, broke down; tears streaming down like a rainstorm. I never got into trouble and I would never cheat, but one accusation was all it took to tarnish years of a pristine reputation.

I hadn’t looked at the address until after I returned back to my dorm room and showered.

Once dressed, I looked at the address, already forgetting the name she had mentioned earlier and decided to Google it. What came up next shocked me. It was a place called Le Chateau Club and it appeared to be a lesbian nightclub. I stared at the website as if somehow the information would change before my eyes…of course it didn’t.

What did Professor Bells expect of me at this club?

Did she think I was a lesbian?

Was Professor Bells a lesbian?

These and a plethora of other questions popped into my head, all unanswerable.

Reluctantly, I headed to this club, trepidation pulsing through every fibre of my being.


I arrived at the club fifteen minutes earlier than instructed, I hated being late. I was greeted by a large doorman. Being only nineteen, I suddenly had hopes I had a loophole out of this uncomfortable situation.

“ID Miss?” the large black man asked.

“Caroline sent me, sir,” I replied, praying he was going to turn me away.

A smile crossed the stern man’s face. “Aaah, she does recruit adorably innocent looking ones.”

“Recruit for what?” I asked, praying for some insight into what was expected of me.

He canlı bahis chuckled, his laugh echoing around me, “You really are innocent, that makes it even better.” He picked up the phone mounted on the wall at his station, pressed a couple numbers and then said, “Big Rosie, a new recruit is here sent personally by the professor.”

I stood still, shaking uncontrollably, for a moment until a large, pretty, black woman showed up.

“Aren’t you adorable?” Big Rosie smiled genuinely.

“That was what I said,” the doorman added approvingly.

“Follow me sweetheart,” Big Rosie said, her soft tone causing me to suddenly feel somewhat relaxed.

We walked past an open door where I glanced inside and saw a girl in a vibrant pink dress on her knees between a another girl’s legs. I gasped at the sight of them.

Big Rosie chuckled, but didn’t say anything.

She led me to a small room and asked, “I assume the professor had you sign the contact?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I nodded, something about Big Rosie’s demeanor drawing me in.

“And I am guessing by the sheer terror and confusion on your face you have no idea why you are here?” Big Rosie continued, she assumed, correctly.

“Yes, ma’am,” I again agreed.

“Today is our weekly wrestling charity fundraiser,” Big Rosie began.

A felt a big weight lifted off my shoulders at her explanation, even though I still didn’t know my exact purpose for being here. “Ok,” I replied, waiting for more.

“You will need to change into one of the green bikinis on the shelf there,” Big Rosie explained, pointing to very thin pieces of fabric.

I instantly knew my role. I was going to be one of those card girls walking around holding up signs announcing which round it was. I again nodded, “Ok, ma’am.”

Big Rosie smiled sincerely, “I will be back in a few minutes so you can meet your teammate.”

“Teammate?” I asked, suddenly thrown for yet another loop.

“Just get dressed dear,” Big Rosie smiled, her hand giving a soft squeeze on my shoulder.

“Yes. Ma’am,” I nodded and watched her leave. I am not a lesbian, I had never even once had lesbian fantasies, and yet something was drawing me to the large, pretty, black woman. I shook my head at the odd thoughts in my head and looked at the many different sized, but identical, green bikinis.

I searched a bit until I found the right cup size. Although I am skinny, I weigh just 115 pounds, and am only five foot two. I have large, at least for my tiny body, 36C breasts. I have always been rather self-conscious about how large my breasts are proportion to the rest of my body, and have always tried to hide my breasts to keep from getting unwanted attention. That said, wearing one of these bikinis, that was going to be impossible to do.

I sighed and began getting undressed, still with no clue what was expected of me. Once in the bikini, my body shivered, as I realized this was ludicrous. I didn’t cheat. I would go to the Dean if I had to, and prove my innocence.

Deciding to change back into my usual conservative attire, I was just about to undo my bikini top when there was a knock at the door.

“Are you dressed?” Professor Bells’ voice came through the door.

“Yes,” I answered, crossing my arms across my breasts.

Professor Bells entered and said with a smile, “Where have you been hiding those?”

Ignoring her question, I said adamantly. “I am leaving.”

“I don’t think so,” she replied, dismissing my outburst completely.

“I didn’t cheat,” I said firmly.

“I know,” she responded, surprising me.

“You know?” I asked, perplexed.

“I always knew,” she said.

“Then why accuse me?” I asked, frustrated.

“I needed fresh blood and when I saw Shay cheating off your paper, mixed with your polite demeanour, I knew you would be perfect. I could get a buy one, get one free deal.”

“For what?” I asked, anger beginning to bubble inside me.

“To be one of my new wrestlers,” she explained.

“What are you talking about?” I asked, tersely.

“You signed an exclusive deal to wrestle tonight,” she answered, pulling out the contract I had signed that afternoon.

“You can’t be serious?” I snapped. “That was signed under false pretenses.”

She ignored my protests as she explained, “You agreed to wrestle three rounds plus a bonus round tonight. In exchange you will be paid two thousand dollars.”

“Two…thousand…dollars,” I repeated, the number almost as much as I earned all last summer.

“That usually changes one’s perspective,” she smirked. “Plus, if they like you, and they will like you, you can earn even more in the tournament circuit.”

My head was spinning with such a ludicrous amount of money for girl wrestling. I asked, “I just have to wrestle?”

“Four rounds,” she replied.

“Only four?” I asked.

“Actually, three eight minute rounds and then a bonus round,” she clarified.

I thought to myself that isn’t that long to make two thousand dollars, although I was still very hesitant. bahis siteleri “This is rather unorthodox.”

She shrugged, “Actually the rules are what are unorthodox.”

“How so?” I asked.

She handed me a sheet of paper and said, “You are on in twenty minutes. I will send your tag team partner Jenny in right away, she is absolutely adorable, you’ll love her.”

She left and I looked at the paper, curious to the rules and gasped as I read:

Lesbian Sexual Wrestling

The title alone had a rush of anxiety wash over me and it only got worse from there.

General Rules

The No-nos

1. No unsportsmanlike conduct will be allowed. Wrestlers may be disqualified and automatically be sent to an EXTREME BONUS ROUND.

2. The list of unsportsmanlike contact activities:

-punching, slapping or kicking

-biting or pinching

-choking, hairpulling, eye gouging or head butting

The format:

1. Each match has three wrestling rounds and one BONUS round.

2. Each round is eight minutes in length. (Bonus round can be a maximum of thirty)


Points Activity

5…………………..Bikini top off

10…………………Bikini bottom off

2 per sec………Kissing lips

1 per sec………Kissing neck or body

1 per sec………Breast fondling

2 per sec………Ear nibbling

2 per sec………Breast nipple sucking

1 per sec………Pussy touching

3 per sec………Pussy finger insertion

5 per sec………Pussy licking

10 per sec…….Pussy fisting

3 per sec………Ass finger insertion

1 per sec………Breast smothering

4 per sec………Face sitting (pussy must be making contact with opponent’s mouth or nose)

50………………..Your opponent orgasms on the mat

Tag Team Rules

1. A tag made by the out of bound wrestler can be made on any part of her partner’s body.

2. The wrestler not in the ring can move around, but not go inside the ring to make a tag.

3. Once a tag has been made the two have one minute together on the mat; a buzzer will alert the tagged wrestler when she must leave the ring.

4. Once a double tag assault has ended, you are not allowed to tag your partner again for at least one minute.

The bonus round:

Whoever gets the most points after three rounds is declared the winner. The loser must obey every sexual command of the winner and be her submissive. This may include: pussy eating, strap-on sex in your mouth, pussy or ass, verbal humiliation. Playful spanking, hair pulling, double maybe even triple penetration and any other submissive act ordered by the winner.


If you are assessed an extreme bonus round you will be bound and used by any wrestlers at the end of the night who wish to do so.

I stared at the bonus round in complete disbelief. If I lost, I would be sexually humiliated by the winner. If I won I would have to sexually dominate another woman. Both were absurd. Both were unfathomable. I couldn’t even imagine being a part of either scenario.

First, I was straight. Secondly, I was a good girl. I didn’t fight, I didn’t wrestle and I sure as heck didn’t have sex in front of an audience. Don’t get me wrong, I liked sex and I loved to be fucked hard, both my long term boyfriends who were pretty aggressive in the bedroom, something which somehow turned me on. Even though I was shy, I liked to please. I l researched my personality change during sex one day on the Internet and learned that exhibited many traits that were submissive…it was unexplainable, but when horny I shifted from shy, timid and reserved to outspoken, vulgar, and vivacious. I did LOVE sex and hadn’t had it in over three months unless you count my fingers and vibrator.

I felt a rush of shame wash over me when I realized there was a slight dampness in my vagina.

Suddenly the door opened and a girl walked in who was a lot like me: young, nerdy, sweet looking and wearing a bikini identical to the one I was wearing.

“Hi, I’m Jenny,” she smiled sweetly offering her hand.

“Hi, I’m Emma,” I offered back, shaking her hand.

“First time?” She correctly assessed.

“How can you tell?” I asked, drawn in by her sweetness.

“The tenseness in your shoulders and the utter fear in your eyes,” she smiled, pulling me in for a hug.

I was shocked by bahis şirketleri her motherly tenderness, considering she looked to be younger than me. Yet, somehow, her arms around me brought out a sudden calmness in me, her aura soothing mine by her touch alone.

When she let go of me, I asked, “How old are you?”

“Eighteen,” she responded. “You?”

“Nineteen,” I replied.

“Were the rules explained to you,” Jenny asked.

“Not really, but I read them. They seem rather extreme,” I pointed out.

“That they are,” Jenny laughed softly.

“Have you done this before?” I asked, praying she was a veteran who in spite of her petite figure was an expert wrestler.

“This is my third tag team bout. I also have wrestled in two singles matches,” Jenny answered.

“Tell me you won them all,” I said.

“Well I am 0-2 in singles matches, but I did win my last tag team match,” my partner answered, clearly excited by her one victory.

“Well let’s hope that we can get you back to back wins,” I joked nervously.

“I hear Mistress Caroline recruited you,” Jenny said.

Hearing my professor referred to as a Mistress was just another level of strangeness in my own version of Alice in Wonderland, and like Alice, I had no idea how to get back to my own world. I stammered, bewildered, “M-m-mistress?”

“She isn’t your Mistress?” Jenny asked surprised.

“Is she yours?” I countered, the avalanche of surprises continuing to crash down on me.

“No, my Mistress is Megan,” Jenny answered.

“Are you a lesbian?” I asked, never having met one in person that I knew of.

“Of course,” Jenny replied. “Aren’t you?”

Professor Bells came in and Jenny greeted her politely, “Hi, Miss Caroline.”

“Hi, Jenny. Emma you could learn a thing or two about obedience and respect from Jenny here,” Professor Bells said.

My face flushed at the shot, as I was loved by every teacher I ever had because I was polite, dedicated and determined. Yet, here I was having my character questioned by someone who was essentially blackmailing me into erotic wrestling. The irony was dripping, yet I was too intimidated to respond.

“How is Megan?” Professor Bells asked Jenny.

“Mistress Megan is doing very well. She has been training my mother as well,” Jenny answered casually as if she was talking about the weather.

“Megan really is irresistible,” Professor Bells said as she walked towards Jenny and added, “and you my dear Jenny, just like Megan, you are also really irresistible.”

I watched in voyeuristic disbelief as my professor and my teenage teammate began kissing passionately before my eyes. I would like to say I was revolted by the lesbian kiss, but the wetness in my bikini bottom would say otherwise.

Breaking the kiss, the professor sat down on a chair and said, “I think we have time for you to have a pre-game snack, my pet.”

Jenny didn’t hesitate as she moved to the professor, fell to her knees and buried herself between the professor’s legs as she giggled, “I would love to.”

As the professor had her vagina pleasured by Jenny, she explained, “Emma, you’re a submissive.”

“Excuse me?” I questioned, even though I already knew I was….at least I was with men, but with women, I was still unsure.

“You are just in denial,” she continued.

Frustrated by her attitude, but also distracted by Jenny between her legs, I asked, trying to sound strong, “In denial of what?”

“That your cunt is wet right now at the sight of Jenny between my legs and even though your mind hasn’t accepted it yet, your body is already giving in to the desire to submit,” she said, her fingers going through Jenny’s hair.

My body did feel weak, my vagina did feel wet, but I had no desire to submit. I stood my ground as I countered, “Professor, I am not a lesbian.”

“I didn’t say you were,” she responded back. “I said you are submissive.”

“I am done with…” I began to reply, but was cut off.

“On your knees, Emma!” Professor Bells demanded her tone sharp and powerful.

I could feel my knees weaken, my body suddenly feeling heavy, as I struggled to stay in control of the situation.

The professor, sensing my internal struggle, continued, “Emma my pet, you need a Mistress, you love to please, to make people happy. Let’s be honest, it is the only time you are happy, isn’t it?”

The psychoanalysis of my personality was both stereotypical yet so very true, which only frustrated me more.

“Emma, knees, now!” she ordered a few seconds later, my head spinning with a plethora of emotions I didn’t understand.

I looked at her; I looked at Jenny between her legs and felt a magnetic pull to be on my knees, to replace Jenny, even though I had never once considered another woman sexually before today. My mind was still spinning when I felt my body slowly fall like a leaf to the ground…slow but inevitable, as if nature was speaking.

“Good girl,” I heard the professor purr and I felt an undeniable tingle at her approval, even though I should have felt shame. “Crawl to me, my pet,” she softly ordered, with my head in a haze, her voice seemed soothing, and her words suddenly seemed so logical. I crawled to her as if hypnotized and not in control of my very being anymore.

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Cousins with Benefits

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Mark discovers his wife’s cousins have benefits. It’s a complicated Eastern Kentucky story.


This story is a hybrid of exhibitionism/voyeur and incest, with some group sex thrown in. I hope you like it. Comments are welcome.


My wife was a wonderful woman. She worked as an ER nurse in a hospital as I went to medical school. We were as poor as church mice, as the saying goes, but we were in love and it was okay. Sally had understood that med school was only the beginning. After med school was finished there would be being an intern and residency but she had the patience of Job. Our love for each other just grew stronger.

By the time I was done and earning some decent money, I was 30 and Sally was 27. Sally may have been 27, but she had the hard, tight body of a 17-year-old and the sophistication of a 37-year-old. I don’t know how she did it. Sure, she went to the gym and all that, but I think basically it’s just good genes. Sally swam in the deep end of the gene pool.

If people have two poles, a positive and a negative, in their emotional centers, Sally was a monopole. She was always positive. She gave new meaning to the phrase ‘salt of the earth.’

Sally’s body was to die for, or at least it was for my taste. Her pretty face coupled with her body were what attracted me of course in the first place, when I was a senior in college and she was a cute little freshman, wide eyed and bushy tailed, just waiting to be ravished by a senior such as myself. It wasn’t her body or her talent in bed that kept me fascinated and loyal, however. It was her wondrous way of being. I fell hard for that woman.

I don’t know what Sally saw in me. That’s for her to say. I was just glad she saw whatever it is she saw that keeps her in love with me. Our love has now lasted nine great years.

As for sex, Sally was a natural. She seemed to know exactly how to please a man and most importantly how to please me. Since she was barely 18 when we met, I had always assumed I was her first, or maybe her second if she had a boyfriend in high school or something. I assumed she had natural talent and knew exactly what to do to get me turned on through some sort of feminine instinct.

Since I assumed I was her first lover or at least her first serious lover, it also made me her only. I was a bit worried that at some point she would get restless, wondering what she was missing by restricting her carnal knowledge just to me, but luckily there was never even the slightest indication that was the case.

There are aspects of Sally I found contradictory. She was a shy, proper woman. She kept her body covered and never showed any more skin than was necessary. Her blouses had high necks. She typically wore them accompanied by a choker string of pearls.

Her skirts were always the proper length, falling to her knees or just slightly above. She had ramrod straight posture and stuck out her boobs, but with her it was just a natural way of being and not at all provocative. She did not dress to attract men. Sure, she attracted me, but that was mostly due to her pretty face.

Alone with me, however, and in the bedroom with the blinds down, her modesty disappeared. After the first time we ever made love, she no longer had any problem with prancing around nude with me in the apartment, her boobs jiggling just a little, as long as the blinds were down. The blinds had to be down.

She was also an enthusiastic, no holds barred lover. She was up for anything and everything. She loved trying new positions, she actually enjoyed anal, and she learned to deep throat and to give the best blowjobs east of the Mississippi. She even enjoyed letting me tie her up and ‘punish’ her in the usual pretend, sex game sort of way. I knew I would never get bored with her.

Sally was a feminist and a liberal, but not in the customary ways. For example, she believed in a woman’s right to choose, but she thought abortion was murder. “Do you think it is okay for a woman to commit murder if she chooses to have an abortion?” I asked her once.

“Yes, yes I do. It’s a spiritual murder, not a civil murder. A fetus does not get a tax deduction. A fetus does not have the right to bear arms, or even to have bare arms. If the woman has a miscarriage, the fetus is not given last rites, nor is it buried, nor even named. It’s not death until the baby is born. Therefore it is not murder until the baby is born. Spiritually however, for me at least, it’s still murder. The woman will have to live with that black mark on her soul,” she replied.

I disagreed with Sally. For me, it was simple. A woman has the right to choose, period. It’s her body, after all. We also disagreed about politics, often strongly, and yet we always seemed to vote the same way. I was fascinated with Sally’s mind. She always had surprises in store for me.

How Sally dressed was conservative. Certainly, she was always completely correct in her dress for work, and she never tried to canlı bahis look sexy. That’s probably smart behavior for a nurse who works in a hospital, especially if she is married and not on the make to land a doctor. When we would step out for a fun evening, for example dinner and dancing, she would also dress conservatively. She would inevitably be the dowdiest woman at the club. I did not mind because I knew once we got home she would be a sexual tigress in bed.

Indeed, once we were home Sally always lost her shy ways. Alone with her husband she would strip naked and let me do to her whatever I wanted. She would blow me and swallow and as I mentioned earlier she even liked anal. She let me take sexy pictures of her too, as long as they were strictly for my own use. I had no complaints about Sally. She was my dream wife.

Like all people, including me of course, Sally had her own little quirks. One of them was closet space. When we moved to New York where I had my residency we rented a studio apartment with the world’s smallest closet. Sally, who likes both shoes and clothes, complained constantly. We bought an armoire, but that took up both scarce wall space and floor space. Basically, we just did not have enough room.

I wish it had not happened by tragedy, but it did. My parents happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a drunken driver ended up killing them both. This knocked me for a huge, major loop and I came close to a nervous breakdown. Luckily, I was married to an angel, who was also a nurse, and Sally nursed me through the trauma of the sudden loss of both parents. Losing your parents prematurely is a blow for anyone but to lose them in such a gratuitous, violent manner makes it all the more difficult to cope.

When the dust cleared our marriage was stronger than ever, and I had inherited two million dollars after taxes from my parents, most of it coming from the sale of their home and their vacation home, and some from their retirement savings. A large chunk came from the insurance of the drunken driver.

This meant we were able to buy an apartment in New York. We had fun looking for one and we found one in Manhattan on the west side behind Columbus Circle amongst a cluster of high rise buildings.

We put ourselves on a budget and bought only the furniture that was absolutely necessary. We decided we preferred to wait to buy things we really loved, when we would eventually have the money. One of the items we postponed buying was blinds and curtains. Sally said she loved the sunlight, and I too thought maximizing the sunlight we got would help the mild depression I was still enduring related to the death of my parents.

The one exception was our bedroom. There we felt we needed some blinds for privacy for when we were dressing or making love. Sally was shy about her body except for me. For just me, and only in our bedroom, she had no qualms about being naked. She would then throw on a nightshirt over her beautiful naked body to leave the bedroom, for example to go to the kitchen in the morning to make coffee.

I began to notice a new side of Sally I had never even suspected was there. Nine years with her, six of marriage, and this was a big surprise. How often does that happen? It was when the nightshirt she slept in became old and it began to tear a bit at the seam.

Sally would wear the nightshirt around the apartment, nude underneath it, until she was dressed for the day. She also wore it around the apartment at night after she got ready for bed but was still hanging out with me. I had always enjoyed the nightshirt on Sally because it hugged her boobs a little, and her nipples would poke at the fabric, as if to say ‘good morning’ to me.

The rip in the seam began to grow as seam rips will do if one does not make a stitch in time. By now Sally needed way more than nine stitches and the need was growing almost on a daily basis. The rip now went up her leg exposing quite a bit of her thigh. I thought it looked sexy, and I told Sally that. Her reply was to blush and to giggle, saying she was waiting to replace it until she had the time to go negligee shopping. She was tired of nightshirts.

The rip progressed, but Sally sat in a way where her leg was not too exposed, and her privates were always covered. At least she sat that way most of the time. As the evenings wore on however and we were both getting sleepy Sally would become careless.

Sally would let the nightshirt fall away according to the rip, revealing her right leg from ankle to hip. This surprised me because with no blinds or curtains, after dark with the lights on, our apartment was like a fishbowl for the neighbors to view from the other high-rise buildings. The only private rooms were the bathroom and our bedroom.

When she got up to walk, if her right side faced the windows as it often did, she would reveal to the window an expanse of her luscious female flesh from ankle to the top of her hip. The nightshirt would come tantalizingly close to flashing bahis siteleri a bit of her pussy too, but it never did.

A few weeks later Sally’s nightshirt ripped dramatically once again and now it was open on her right side all the way to her armpits. I kind of enjoyed it. She still wore it around the apartment in the early morning and late at night, and I could get nice glimpses of the sides of her boobs from time to time, and even the rare glimpse of her nipple on her right boob. Her nightshirt revealed a vast expanse of flesh on the right side of her body from her ankles to her hips to the top of her luscious torso.

I always thought Sally’s boobs were things of beauty. They were perfection themselves if you will, being neither small nor big, but pert with perfect nipples framed in a lovely way by her bright pink areolas. Getting glimpses of them turned me on. Knowing the neighbors could see glimpses too also – I’m ashamed to admit – turned me on. It turned me on something fierce.

There were also the flashes of her pussy and not just to me but also to the neighbors across the way, had they been looking at the right moments. It was so hot. I loved it.

It was strange. I did not need these sexy glimpses of my wife’s body. I was her husband and lover, and I could get a full frontal whenever I wanted. Somehow though being given unexpected nice, healthy peeks seemed special. Around the apartment Sally made no efforts to be modest since there were only Sally herself and me in the apartment. For some reason the hordes of neighbors in the neighboring buildings who could see into our little fishbowl when the sun was down and the lights were on did not factor into our thinking.

Perhaps I should have said ‘did not factor into Sally’s thinking.’ In actuality, I thought about how Sally was potentially (and probably) exposing herself a little bit to our neighbors across the way. It was on a somewhat constant basis when she walked around in her torn nightshirt and the idea turned me on. I thought of it as victimless exhibitionism. It seemed to me it was harmless and I was content just to enjoy it.

One of the perks of living in New York is that you can get the New York Times delivered to your door in the morning. The Times people drop off the papers in the building lobby, and the staff of the building distribute them to people’s doors. Every day either Sally or I would step outside our apartment into the hallway to pick up the paper. It arrived between 7AM and 8AM. We would have to bend over to pick it up off the floor of course.

On those days when Sally picked up the paper, which were most days, she would still be wearing her torn nightshirt, naked underneath, and anyone who happened to be in the hallway would be treated to a lovely up close and personal view of the entire side of her body. When she would bend over the torn nightshirt would billow out and reveal her adorable but primarily sexy naked breasts. It would be a fleeting but rather spectacular show. I think it was at best only rarely enjoyed, since the potential lucky voyeur would have to be in the hallway, looking in the right direction, at just the right time, around 7:30AM.

One time I was up early and saw Sally going outside into the hallway for the paper and heard her talking. I looked through the peephole and saw her chatting away happily with one of our immediate neighbors, a man of around forty years of age. He was good looking, I knew. I was fairly sure he was getting one hell of a view, too, since Sally’s right side, open for viewing, was the side facing his roving eyes.

Our bedroom shares a wall with his apartment and it’s possible he can hear some noises we make if we are loud enough. After the discussion with the neighbor Sally came back to bed and we made love. Sally was already wet and ready to go and attacked me like an animal in heat. She was significantly noisier than she normally is, screaming out her orgasm at a record decibel level. I loved it, but I knew Sally was supplementing her show with audio to aid our neighbor’s fantasy of ravishing her.

I had the creepy feeling she might have been imagining it was our neighbor instead of myself who was fucking her for all he was worth. You never know what goes in another person’s mind, but that’s what I suspected just then. What I got out of it was a great and passionate fuck.

It was sometime after my wife’s ‘inadvertent’ exhibitionist displays began that I noticed a tiny Bluetooth enabled small camera someone had placed on the ceiling of the hallway. It was aimed directly at our front door. I pretended not to notice it while silently wondering who had placed it there? My leading suspect was our neighbor, the one who Sally flashed via her torn nightshirt. I knew he was good with computers; I had even asked for his help when I was setting up our WIFI for the first time. I idly wondered if he had been posting his little videos of my wife on the Internet somewhere?

My wife finally gave up on her nightshirt. She threw it away, bahis şirketleri but still had not found the time to choose a replacement. Instead she wore a white gauze T shirt to bed. This meant there were no more inadvertent glimpses of her wonderful boobs. As if to compensate the T shirt clung sexily to her boobs and one could make out the shape of her boobs as well as her nipples and even her areolas through the thin gauzy cotton of her T shirt. So I was a happy camper.

The T shirt stopped just above her belly button and she would pull on a pair of the world’s skimpiest gym shorts to cover her privates when she would leave the bedroom. I loved those gym shorts because the legs were cut wide and one could see her panties underneath them if she were seated. Since she did not wear panties in the early morning and late at night, the view was improved mightily, you might say. I got in the habit of sitting where I could casually look up her gym shorts to see her pussy. Sally sat facing the windows, so in theory the neighbors could see her pussy too, if they had binoculars or something like that.

I became curious about the voyeurs across the way. Her new outfits after the torn nightshirt were plenty interesting, since they revealed a lot about her breasts. To slake my curiosity, I myself bought some powerful binoculars with a night vision option. One time while my wife was watching TV around 10PM, I quietly went to our bedroom, keeping the lights off in the bedroom. I took my binoculars and scanned the windows of the high-rise directly across from us. I saw a man looking at our apartment using his own binoculars, and another man who was using a telescope to view my wife. He must have gotten a great view right up her legs and under her shorts to her nicely trimmed bush!

Habits die hard, and when my wife would get the New York Times in the morning, she would still be wearing her bed clothes, but now she would be wearing the revealing see through top and her skimpy gym shorts. Her top half was not that modest, with her nipples and areolas showing through the thin cotton of her clingy T shirt. She thought nobody ever saw her, since the probability was small someone would both come into the hallway and look at my wife at the same time. She was only out of the apartment for around five seconds, after all. Even if it happened that someone got an eyeful, it would be a highly fleeting eyeful.

The exception was the owner of the Bluetooth enabled camera. This was a big exception in my opinion. I suspected our neighbor was spying on our door using the blue tooth camera. Perhaps that allowed him to time his exit from his apartment as my wife was bent over picking up the newspaper. One time he surprised Sally when he said good morning. It startled Sally. I could tell as I watched through the peephole.

Even though the man could clearly see every single detail of my wife’s boobs through her T shirt, now that she was caught, she just stood there smiling and they discussed banalities while he drank in the view. As if to up the ante yet another neighbor emerged and came over to say good morning. The second neighbor joined the banal conversation. I’m sure he joined just to drink in the site of Sally’s boobs.

Throughout Sally was smiling and enjoying herself. My wife had morphed into an exhibitionist tease! I was stunned. I raced back to bed and we had another super noisy hot time in the bedroom, as once again no doubt Sally was imagining something sexy. Maybe she was imagining the two neighbors were watching us fuck? Or maybe she was imagining I was one of the neighbors and the other one was watching or perhaps even waiting for his turn with her? She was at her noisiest, and my speculation was that she was hoping the neighbor was listening through the wall.

Finally, as regards the exhibitionism, I took pity on my wife. She had to know she was taking a flagrant risk with the newspaper, but perhaps she was unaware of the spying neighbors across the way? I decided to raise the subject. I knew it would kill my own voyeuristic fun, and also my vicarious fun fueled via my over-imaginative lust for my wife. I felt I had to do it, though, just because I loved her.

I explained to her what she was doing. “You know Sally,” I said, “without curtains the neighbors can see into our apartment, especially when the sun is down and our lights are on.”

“Of course I know that, Mark,” she said. “We can see into their apartments, too. One guy across the way even watches us with binoculars! He has to get a life.”

“Do you know why he watches our apartment?” I asked.

“Yes. He likes watching me expose myself a little. I threw away the torn nightshirt though, so now he’ll probably stop. He gets off on watching. He’s a voyeur,” she said.

I was stunned. She knew. Of course she knew. Women always know.

“That does not bother you?” I asked.

“Why should it? I’m in my own apartment and I can dress, or not dress, as I like, right? I could take off my gym shorts right now, if I wanted to. I could even go stark naked if I wanted to. It’s his problem if he wants to waste his time looking at me and waste his money on things like binoculars. I’d feel sorry for him, but frankly, Mark, he’s a creep,” Sally said.

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Cousins Reunion Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Next Day

I awoke the next morning to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom. The sound stopped and a few minutes later Kay, with still damp hair, bounded into the room and back into bed. She pushed me out saying, “Get up, do whatever you need to do, and get back in here and fuck me before breakfast.”

I peed, took a shower, brushed my teeth and rejoined Kay in the bedroom. Kay was on her back, the covers thrown off, her hips propped up on three pillows, with both hands between her legs, knees up and widely spread. I was surprised, but also turned on by the fact she was masturbating. Her head back, eyes closed, lips slightly parted, breath coming in little pants. Her right hand was rhythmically stimulating her clitoris, her left hand lightly rubbing her labia and the small zone of tissue between her vagina and anus. She opened her eyes and saw me watching, smiled, closed her eyes and continued her self pleasuring. I watched her slowly dip her right finger dip into her pussy, come out glistening with moisture and return to her clit. The fingertip moved slowly up and down along the side of her clit, the delicate tissue moving with her finger. As she moved her finger up the side, her little pearl of pleasure peaked out, then disappeared when she stroked down. Every couple of strokes, her finger would switch to the other side. Her clit swelled and lengthened in response to the stimulation.

She started circling her anus with the middle finger of her left hand, spreading the moisture of her pussy over the small puckered area. I could see her anus contract and move as she touched herself. Her circling fingertip moved directly to the center and pressed against the muscle, slowly causing it to stretch open. The tip of her finger gained access and slowly disappeared inside her ass. The fingers of her right hand reached for her pussy hole. Two fingers found the opening of her tight love canal, pressed and slid inside her exposed cunt. Kay’s hips ground against her hands, fingers dipping in and out of her ass and pussy. I didn’t want to make a sound. I didn’t want to disturb her. I wanted to watch. A voyeur. Her legs spread wide, her pussy and ass open, wet and being slowly fucked with her fingers. The palm of her right hand was firmly pressed against her pubis still stimulating her now hidden clitoris.

My penis was engorging and swelling. I took my cock in my hand and felt it become heavier as it swelled with blood. It grew and lengthened in my palm. Precum oozed from the tip of my lengthening cock. I spread the slick liquid over the engorging head of my dick. As my dick became fully erect, I began to gently stroke it in time with the slow grinding movement of Kay’s hands and hips. I timed each stroke with the slow fucking action of her fingers. As her fingers disappeared into her pussy and ass, I fucked my hand, my hips pushing my dick through my encircling fingers.

Kay’s breathing became more ragged. My breathing quickened. I must have moaned. Kay’s eyes opened and she saw me there, naked, erect cock in my hand, watching her, masturbating in time with her masturbation. We continued now each watching the other.

“Don’t cum Jay,” she whispered. “Not yet. I want your cock hard and stiff. I want you to fuck me here,” she said as she withdrew her finger from her ass and then reinserted it into her anus. “I want to feel your cock push against me here, stretch me her, enter me here, fill me here. I want you to fuck me here.”

I went to her and knelt between her legs. She continued to manually stimulate her clitoris. She withdrew her finger form her anus reached for me and took my stiffness in her hand. She guided my cock and placed the swollen head against her anus. “Fuck me here,” she again requested.

“Are you sure Kay? I’m afraid I’ll hurt you.”

She just looked at me and pulled more insistently. The tip of my cock touched her anus. Her anal muscle contracted with the contact of my penis, her little brown pucker moving in and out as Kay spread the precum leaking canlı bahis from my cock onto her already moist anus. “Fuck my here Jay. I want you. Fuck me.”

I took my hardness from her hand and pressed my swollen glans against her muscle and felt resistance. Kay reached down and slipped her finger into herself again. She then worked a second finger into herself, stretching the sphincter, opening herself to me. As she withdrew her fingers, I quickly pressed my cock against her still partially open ass. I could feel Kay push against me, her sphincter stretched, the muscle opening, giving way to my advance, accommodating the tip of my swollen organ. My cock’s purple head slipped inside, the sphincter contracted around my shaft, gripped and held my cock. Kay gasped and let out a little cry of pain.

“Kay? Did I hurt you? Are you OK?”

“Just a little,” she replied huskily. “It’s OK now. Fuck me. I want all of it inside of me. Do it please. Push it as deeply into me as you can.”

I slowly applied more pressure, her anal sphincter tight around the head of my cock. My shaft now easily overcame the resistance of her anal muscles and my cock slowly disappeared inside her rectum. Kay’s legs were spread widely before me, her fingers inside her gaping cunt just above my hard flesh; I watched my penis impale her body.

“Oh god yes,” Kay groaned as she continued to work the palm of her hand against her clit, faster and faster, her fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

I slowly pumped my cock in and out of her ass, the tight muscle contracting around me, the sensation unlike anything I had felt before. My excitement heightened as I watched Kay continue to fuck her pussy with her fingers, my cock fucking her ass. Seeing her fingers slide in and out of her cunt and at the same time seeing my cock moving in and out of her stretched anus. I could feel her excitement build. Her hips were pressing against me more firmly, more quickly. The little contractions of her anus became more forceful and more pleasurable as they gripped my thrusting cock. The sensation of her rectum sheathing and caressing my deeply probing cock was bringing me quickly to the point of no return. An orgasm was imminent. My cock was already twitching uncontrollably.

Suddenly Kay was screaming with her orgasm and I could feel her rectum grabbing at me as the waves of her orgasm passed through her pussy and anal muscles. Then I was exploding, ejaculating my sperm into her ass. Spurt after spurt of thick semen erupted into her rectum as I continued to thrust my cock deeply inside her dark space. My orgasmic contractions releasing my sexual tension in great waves of pleasure into my cousin’s open and welcoming body.

Spent, I collapsed on top of her, breathless. “That was incredible Kay. So fucking incredible.”

“Oh god Jay, the sensations were so intense. I have never experienced anything like that before. It was wonderful,” she agreed as I watched my cock slip out of her. A gush of cum following the exit of my penis before her stretched anus fully closed. The thick white liquid oozed and dripped out of her slowly closing anus. I touched her and rubbed the white liquid still dripping out of her anus. I slipped my finger inside her ass. Her warm rectum was slick with our love making. Kay reached back and held my hand there, her anus now tight around my probing finger.

“Ummmm, Jay, you felt and feel so good. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.”

“It was fantastic. That was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. When I came out of the bathroom and saw you masturbating, I was instantly turned on and could not take my eyes off of you. What a great way to start the day,” I said while withdrawing my hand from her ass. We cuddled and kissed. “I had no idea how good that could feel. I have never fucked anyone in the ass before Kay. Thank you. That was and you are incredible.”

“Jay, I have never done it before either,” she confessed meekly. “You are my first. I have always liked touching myself bahis siteleri there while fucking my pussy with my fingers. I have never had a penis inside my ass until you fucked me there with yours. When you entered me, it was such an intense feeling. The sensation of your penis stretching me open and penetrating me and filling me was so enjoyable. I love having you inside of me. I love having you fill me with your cum.”

We lay there basking in the warm afterglow of our orgasms. Holding each other, nuzzling and kissing. We dozed in each other’s arms.

I nudged Kay awake and said, “I don’t know about you, but I am ravenous.”

“Me too, Let’s go find some breakfast,” she agreed.

Thank goodness for complimentary toiletries. We needed them since we had not come prepared to spend the night. I was pretty much set with my slacks and leather jacket. Kay was going to be a bit overdressed, but nothing ever seemed to bother her.

I was in the bathroom shaving while she finished her hair and dressed in the main room. When I came out, she was ready to go, still looking good in her leather boots and fur coat.

The hotel staff informed us of a nice restaurant that served a very good breakfast only a block and a half away. It was clear and brisk out. We decided to walk.

The restaurant was small, cozy and not too busy. We took a small booth and ordered. Our coffee came and we were smiling dreamily at our own thoughts, which I was pretty sure were about the same. I was getting warm and took my jacket off. I asked Kay if she wanted me to help with her fur.

She smiled at me coyly and said, “I better not.”

“Kind of warm in here,” I said. “Besides, I would hate to see you spill something on that gorgeous fur.”

Kay smiled an even broader smile and said, “OK, if you insist.” She started to let the coat fall open exposing her bare breasts.

“Jesus Kay,” I blurted.

She paused holding the coat around her upper torso, still open, her breasts still exposed. “I was just doing what you requested,” she responded impishly. “Do you want me to take it off or not?”

“Of course I want you to take it off, but maybe not here. I would prefer to eat here, not at the city jail.”

She pulled the coat around her lovely breasts, only partially covering them. I was now wondering whether she had her thong on, or not. Kay stood up beside the table facing me, her back to the restaurant. She held the coat open and her nude body was exposed for me to enjoy.

“You were wondering weren’t you? Well now you don’t have to wonder.” She pulled her fur back around herself as she sat down. “I really am an exhibitionist I guess. Especially when I can show myself off to you.”

We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. Kay periodically let her fur fall open exposing herself for my enjoyment, but I think she enjoyed it as much as I. After we finished, we walked back to the hotel and stopped off in the lobby and ordered an espresso. We sat alone in an alcove. Kay was sitting in a chair with her back to the main lobby. She opened her fur and exposed all her bits and pieces to me.

“You are driving me nuts Kay. My brain is going to be damaged from lack of blood supply. You have my cock so continuously engorged that my brain must be suffering. There really is something special about risk taking and sex. I am even more turned on by you when you are exposing yourself in public like this,” I confided.

Kay looked very pleased with herself. She reached between her legs and fondled her labia, letting her legs fall a little farther apart.

“Oh my god Kay. You are going to be the death of me I think.”

She smiled and progressed to finger her pussy and then put her fingers in her mouth and made an exaggerated show of sucking and licking them. Her legs were still widely spread, her pussy lips open and glistening with moisture.

She stood up with her coat hanging open, crooked her finger at me and said, “Come here big boy and give me a kiss.”

I stood up, put bahis şirketleri my hands inside her coat and wrapped my arms around her nakedness, pulled her to me and very carefully kissed her neck, cheek, eyes and then her waiting mouth. Her mouth opened to my probing tongue. I could taste the tartness of her pussy on her tongue. Kay’s hand went to my fly and slowly unzipped my pants. I was commando as I had chosen to not wear my underwear from the previous day. Kay purred her surprise when her hand immediately encountered my heavy cock without the intervening underwear to contend with.

She encircled my shaft with her fingers. Her hand pulled me through the unzipped opening and placed my swelling length against her belly. Here I was with this naked beauty, standing exposed in the hotel lobby, my cock out and being fondled and rubbed to an achingly stiff erection. Because of the heels on her boots, I only had to stoop slightly to allow the tip of my cock to penetrate her wet and waiting pussy. My cock slid easily into hot wet hole. She groaned with pleasure as my hard cock fucked her pussy. The excitement of taking Kay there in the alcove of the lobby heightened the intensity of my pleasure. Kay was moaning with each thrust, my cock filling that special space in her body. I could not slow down. I could not hold back. I came violently. I felt like I was going to pass out with the intensity. When my ejaculatory contractions subsided, I was having trouble keeping my balance. My cock slipped out of Kay’s pussy. I knew my cum must be dripping out of her vagina and down her leg.

“Jay, that was so good. I came when you came. Oh god it was so intense cumming while standing up.”

“Whew,” I gasped. “We better get ourselves back together.”

I stuffed my still semi-hard penis back into my pants. Kay pulled her coat around her body and we walked to the elevator and returned to our room. Kay dropped the fur coat in the chair, seductively removed her boots and calmly reclined on the bed shamelessly exposing her still messy pussy. I disrobed and walked over beside her. She reached up, took my still heavy cock in her hand and guided it to her mouth. She licked me lightly, tasting our mixed fluids. She then took me into her mouth thoroughly sucking my cock clean.

She let my cock fall out of her mouth as she reclined, again opening her legs and exposing her wet pussy. She looked at me and asked with a very expectant tone, “Well?”

I couldn’t believe it. She wanted me to clean her dripping sex like she had just cleaned mine. How could I refuse her after all the pleasure she had given me. I wanted to do what I could to give her equal pleasure.

Without a word, I silently slipped between her legs and moved so my face was next to her pussy. I could smell the musky odor of our combined love. I tentatively licked her vulva tasting the thick strands leaking from her pussy. Kay moaned as she felt my tongue lapping at her. That spurred me on. I sucked the liquid mess from her vulva, then forced my tongue between her labia and licked the thick cum still oozing from her vagina where it had been deposited so short a time before. I licked and sucked at her clit and brought Kay to another intense orgasm, the contractions of which forced more of my cum from her vaginal opening. I licked it up, the sensation and knowledge of what I was doing giving Kay more pleasure.

“Jay, thank you so much for doing that. I loved the sensation of your tongue cleaning me and stimulating my entire vulva.”

“I enjoyed doing it for you my sexy and succulent cousin. Eating your pussy and cleaning up my mess gave me great pleasure because I could tell how much it pleased you. I know I enjoy having you lick me clean as well. I am happy to do the same for you.”

Check out time was rapidly approaching. We had to clean up, check out and head for Boulder. We were disappointed when we arrived home and saw Parker’s car in the driveway. I looked at Kay, then her coat and raised my eyebrows. “How is this going to work?” I asked. “Are you going to be able to get in and get dressed without raising suspicions?” Kay was still only wearing her fur coat.

“I’ll figure something out,” she replied. “Should be fun anyway,” she said with an evil grin on her face.

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Angela White

Year 10,009

Age of Man

Azina watched as Faelor returned. Appearing like a shadow in the dark. It startled her as he made an alien sound and suddenly the cottage was aglow. She strained against her clothes, looking at him with need.

“Faelor, I know that you know little of me but I know what I am doing. I understand Blhys, I’ve dealt with it before. I know that I need your thick cock to fill me.”

Faelor stepped back, aghast at her boldness. It was not unwanted, no, just unexpected. That this human woman? From some species so foreign wanted his inhuman cock inside of her? How strange indeed.

Azina cried with the deep aching her pussy. Her thighs were covered in her juices. Unashamed was she of her naked body splayed out for him to see. How unbefitting of a princess. ‘Oh how wonderful this place just might turn out to be’, she thought happily.

Without a moment’s hesitation Faelor grabbed her up into his arms. Roughly shoving her down on the large makeshift bed framed with pine and ash. She sighed as she softly bounced off of the bedsheets. Spreading her legs unashamedly for the strange man. The man who despite his beastly appearance only threatened her with the utmost kindness and respect.

Who never desired her as a vessel of power, who knew nothing of her. How comforting she found it.

“Aaahhh!” She cried out sweetly. Faelor had finally listened to her plea. Shoving his massive cock halfway way inside of her. Tears welling up in her eyes at the intense spike of pleasure. Her walls bore down on him, canlı bahis spurning his hips to move in rapid succession. She felt every wince and throb of his precious cock.

Faelor knew, as he gazed down upon her that no human cock could ever compare to the might of an elf. With his oversized dick digging deep within her. All of the build up had left her so soft, wet and open that she was more than ready for him.

A deep whining sound wound its way from the back of her throat as Faelor wrapped his large hands around her neck. Not like a choke, but like a collar. She screamed at this, her eyes rolling back into her head as his cock continued to pound at her gates.

“If only my seed could be buried within you.”

At that Azina whined as her hot snatch clenched around him. His cock so big it was putting pressure on her clit. That soft low whine pitched to a scream as she spasmed around his dick. Like a tidal wave her orgasm took hold.

No second later did Faelor speed up the pace, pounding the living shit out of her as his balls clenched and he began releasing turrets of his cum inside of her waiting pussy. His hands gripped her tightly as he buried himself deep within her.

Azina wrapped her shaking legs around him, begging him to keep his cock inside of her. Pleading gently with the giant man. Soft moans overtaking his hearing as he continued to pound the beautiful woman in a lust fueled haze. There was nothing better than this moment. Seeing her like this, begging for his cock.

Without a moment’s notice his bahis siteleri cock was hard again. Her soft walls felt like velvet against his skin. Oh fuck, not again. Not so soon. “F-Fuck!” He groaned as he shot another hot load inside of her.

Azina clenched down on him, biting on her bottom lips as she came again and again and again on his throbbing hard dick. Faelor’s hips slowly ground to a halt. His breath hitching in his throat. “I best not stay inside ya'”

With a sigh he slid his softening cock out from her messy hole. As he did so a flood of his semen spilled from inside of her fertile pussy. Azina smiled in contentment. Her legs splayed wide, ready to be used again at a moment’s notice.

“More! Please I beg of you!” She cried, feeling her walls begin to constrict and expand again. Throbbing with need. Wet and ready for the taking. Faelor couldn’t resist. He was instantly hard again and shoved his cock deep inside of her without hesitation. Her pussy had gotten used to the size of his cock, and instead of barging in it felt like he was being sucked inside. This increased the depth of his pleasure ten-fold.

With a teasing laugh she looked at Faelor, before squeezing her walls around him. Again he was coming inside of her. The thought of impregnating her was too intense to resist. If only she were of elven blood. Then he could see that round belly with his offspring in it. Another jet of cum shot from his obnoxiously hard dick.

Faelor withdrew his cock from her pussy and in one swift motion shoved it down her pretty bahis şirketleri throat. She looked up at him, with those big doe eyes. He grabbed a tuft of her soft cloudy hair and began to face fuck her. Her saliva coating his dick, making a mess. As he looked down, he saw how much of the shiny spit had dripped down to her bouncing breasts.

Faelor grabbed her hair, pulling her face flush against his pelvis. Driving her to swallow the entirety of his cock. With a mighty roar Faelor’s thick elven cock throbbed like crazy as it unleashed his biggest load yet. Spraying her esophagus with his warm, thick cum. Azina made an audible gulp as she swallowed every last drop, causing Faelor to let out one more spurt.

Like animals they fucked all night, until the sun came up and they lay there in the soft bed made by Faelor’s own hands. Faelor opened his arms to her, unsure at first Azina made her way to him. Falling asleep the moment her head touched down to his chest.


When she awoke they were no longer in bed. In fact, her arms felt stiff. So did her entire body. The strong light burned her eyes. Making her blink back the tears that were rapidly growing. As she gained awareness, she realized her situation.

They seemed to be on some kind of hill. Going downwards toward something. What that something was she did not know. All that she knew was the restraints were making her feel things she had never felt before.

She had the sense not to alert her captures of her consciousness. Better to give her the upper hand later. An upper hand that was rapidly disappearing. Fighting hard, she tried to stay awake but ultimately her lids flutters shut.

Soon her consciousness faded as she fell back into a deep slumber.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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