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A Touching Tale Ch. 02

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This story is best read in the order in which it is written for the sake of understanding, continuity and appreciation. Please read chapter one first.


The family function went off quite well and then it was time for the return journey. During those two days I tried to observe Swetha closely and detect any change in her behavior or attitude.

She was her normal self and did not give any indication that something had changed between the two of us. I had no clue to her thought process. We made the return trip the same way we had gone there — by an evening bus.

When we got into the bus, we followed the same seating pattern, Sujatha and her mother in the row ahead of us , I took the window seat and Swetha took the aisle seat. This bus was a deluxe bus and the seats better.

I noticed that the arm rest between the seats is the flexible type. You could use it or just push it back totally, so that the two seats become one. I made sure that she noticed it.

As the Bus started it’s journey , it was twilight and we made small talk.

” It was a good trip” I said.

She replied ” I enjoyed the gathering and function.”

I had this strong urge to make her say something about what had transpired between the two of us on the onward journey. Though she was a party to it at the later stages, she never uttered one word or acknowledged what had happened.

Also, I did not know whether she really liked it or merely accepted my advances out of curiosity. Both my conscience and my ego wanted a firm and positive confirmation.

So, I said ” I really enjoyed the journey. It was good.”

” yes. “

” Just good or very good?” I had to ask.

She smiled shyly ,lowered her head slightly and said in a low voice ” very good.”

I was absolutely delighted, because, I now knew that she enjoyed it as well, and that made all the difference.

Soon it was dark and the lights were switched off. I lifted the arm rest between our seats and pushed it back. Swetha moved a little closer so that our shoulders were touching and her right thigh was brushing lightly against my left thigh.

She took the shawl out and threw it over her front , partly covering me too. She then rested her head on my left shoulder and closed her eyes awaiting my next move. Though I was very eager to get started, I wanted to make this a nice and slow erotic game.

I covered her right hand with my left and started caressing her wrist and fingers. They were warm and smooth to my touch. I turned slightly to my left, away from the window, and pushed my right palm under her right palm.

I gently rubbed my palm against hers and entwined her fingers in mine and gently pressed. She responded by returning the pressure. After a few minutes, I lifted my left hand up and gently positioned my arm behind her head .

She understood and moved forward slightly so that I could lower my arm behind her to her waist level. Once my arm was in place, she eased back so that my left arm was now around and resting on her waist.

As I was in a half sleeved shirt ,my bare forearm was in contact with her silken smooth , warm waist and my left palm curling around her waist, shifted up slightly and found her left breast. My right hand went straight to her right breast.

I explored the lower edge of her blouse and found that the bottom hooks were already unhooked. The very thought that she wanted this as much as I, sent me into raptures.

As I pushed my fingers under her blouse, I realized that she did not have her bra on and my hand came into contact with her full, bare breast. As I took its fullness in my palm and gently squeezed it, I found that her nipple was already taut canlı bahis and hard and rubbed proudly against my palm.

What a glorious feel that was to have the full, rich young breast in my hand and squeezing it continuously!! I let my finger tip massage her areola and the base of her virgin nipple. I felt my self growing very hard.

As I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, I imagined taking that young nipple between my lips and sucking on it and biting it lightly. Alas, that was not feasible in our current position. The very thought, though, was highly stimulating and I grew further.

I now had a strong urge to explore and touch more of her young and beautiful body. I slightly bent forward and whispered in her right ear to turn her back to me completely. I then moved close to the window ,thus making more room on the seat for her.

She then turned her back to me facing the aisle , lifted her feet off the floor, bent her knees and tucked her legs under her. In that position, her buttocks and bottom were pressing against my left thigh.

She let her head drop on the backrest of the seat as if dozing. She covered her self with the shawl once again and awaited my next move.

After a few minutes, I made my move. I turned a little left , put out my right hand and let my fingers find the bottom edge of her blouse.

Inserting a couple of fingers inside the loosened blouse, I slowly started pushing it up. By this, I could push her blouse almost half way up and exposing a considerable area of her naked back .

I first ran my fingertips lightly down her exposed spine sending shivers down them. I then let my full palm rest on her exposed bare back. The moment I made the full contact, she gave a light jerk and a very soft moan.

I now let my palm roam around the exposed, naked portion of her back, my finger tips caressing it all the time. Her young skin was taught, silken smooth, warm and soft. I looked around cautiously to ensure that we were not visible to anyone and all is quite.

I then bent my head lightly and brought it close to her back and kissed her naked back lightly. It was the first contact of my lips with any part of her body. I knew i was breaking another barrier with that kiss.

She reacted by pushing back even a little more into me. All the while my left hand was cupping and squeezing her left tit.

Swetha had a bottom that always attracted looks from everyone. Her ass was wide and her buttocks were well rounded and full. I now wanted to move into the new and unconquered territories.

I let my right hand drop down and touch her still fully clothed right buttock. My hand gently explored its fullness, its tightness and roundness and then gave it a gentle squeeze.

At that point of time her left tit was in my left hand and her right buttock was in my right hand and I was fondling both. I was literally in heaven.

I let my hand drop from her hip on to the seat and let my fingers move along the seat slowly to discover new treasures. It was then my finger tips touched her ankle. I let them travel along on the seat and explore her small right foot – from toes to the ankle.

When I caressed her toes, she responded by wiggling them. I let my fingers move in between them, hold and caress them lightly. I then let my palm curl around her ankle and hold it gently for a few seconds.

Then with a light squeeze I started the slow northward journey of my fingers- from her ankle to her knee, moving my fingers under her petticoat.

Her legs were very smooth and silken to my touch and her skin taut. My fingers enjoyed rubbing and moving up along the back of her legs, knowing that would be an erotic move. bahis siteleri

As her legs were tucked under her, my hand could reach only up to her right knee, and could not go beyond. I let my palm cup her knee cap and let it rest there.

It was at this stage that the bus started slowing down and , even as I quickly withdrew my hands, the lights went on and the bus came to a stop.

It was a virtual repeat of the onward journey- we got off, stretched our legs, visited the restrooms, had a cup of tea and Swetha chatted with her mother.

We did not speak to each other ,but, when we looked into each others eyes there was something different.

It was like I was sending my own erotic messages and she was receiving them , a bit shyly, but with some enthusiasm. May be that was my imagination. It was time to leave and we got back into the bus.

Even as I was taking my seat, I was wondering what was the best move now and how we could maximize the pleasure from the rest of this trip. I sat next to the window and swetha now sat on the aisle seat, but in a different posture.

Her back was now turned to the aisle, her front to me and her legs tucked under her as before. In this position she covered herself and part of me with the shawl. She looked into my eyes and smiled shyly, as if saying it is your move now and closed her eyes.

I felt a strong urge to tell her something explicit, erotic and sexual.I bent my head slightly and whispered to her ” I am going to play with your thighs.” She gave a light gasp, opened her eyes and whispered back “no.”

I knew she was a little apprehensive to proceed further and I did not want to rush her. I therefore whispered Ok , just took her hand in mine. I started caressing it to get her into the mood again. My feelings towards her very tender.

After a few minutes, I gently brushed the back of my right hand against her left thigh and waited for her reaction. There was none. So I let my hand rest there, its back lightly touching her thigh. The heat of her thigh came through the clothing covering it .

I moved my hand a little further up her thigh and waited again. Emboldened by the lack of any reaction, I turned my hand around slowly so that it was my palm that was now resting on her thigh. I gently pressed her thigh with my hot and damp palm.

She shivered a little. I now moved my hand slightly so that it covered a larger area of her thigh and squeezed it lightly. Then, I deliberately took my hand away from her thigh.

She was obviously surprised by my move and opened her eyes for a second, looked at me with some confusion and closed them again.

After a few minutes, I put my right hand under her petticoat and moved it up and let my palm cup her smooth knee cap, a return to status quo before the break in journey.

In that position, I just tapped the area just above her knee lightly with my finger tips. The message I tried to convey to her was – I want my hand to go up her bare thigh and would she please allow that?

Nothing happened for a few seconds and then there was a small movement . She moved and shifted her legs slightly. Her petticoat, which was earlier squeezed between her thighs tightly and blocking my upward journey, came loose from that position.

When I moved up my hand a little now, I found that I could go easily under her garment and my fingers came into contact with her bare, hot, silky smooth thigh. It felt so good that my cock became very stiff and rigid and jerked a little .

For two days, I had been fantasizing this moment of touching her thigh. I now rested my hand completely on her smooth thigh and gripped it lightly with my fingers.

My hand was hot and damp bahis şirketleri as it gripped her hot thigh. In the position that she was , I was able to access both her thighs. I thought the time was now ripe for some quick action.

I turned a little more to my left and put my left hand too under the shawl and her petticoat. I now took possession of both her thighs , one in each hand. Swetha opened her eyes now and her breathing quickened, as my fingers started massaging her sensitive inner thighs.

They quickly reached the edge of her panties. In the position she was seated, this was the farthest I could reach, so I spent a little more time moving my hands up and down her smooth thighs, discovering their fullness, massaging them, pressing them and tickling them.

I then took my hands away and whispered her to sit in the normal position and I too did the same.

I now asked her to move closer to me, took the shawl and rearranged it over us, such that both our laps were covered by it. Once that done, I put my right hand on her thighs and whispered her to open them a little.

She immediately complied and I moved my hand further up and squarely rested my palm on where I expected her mound to be.

I was almost spot on and my palm rested on her damp, hot, pantie covered mound. With a slight wiggle of her hips, she made sure that I had it fully in my palm.

I was so excited that I immediately pressed my palm against her hot and wet virgin pussy. I took her hand and covered the huge bulge in my pant with her palm.

I was now highly excited and so was she. I wanted to excite her further with some talk. I moved my lips close to her ear and whispered ” I am playing with your pussy.”

She just shivered and gasped and her breath quickened further. I told her ” hold my cock.” Her fingers cupped my bulge a little more.

Pressing her cunt further, I asked ” Are you wet? Is your cunt open?” She shivered more and put her left hand on top of my right hand and pressed it further on to her cunt.

I asked her ” do you like my cock?” . For the first time she answered ” nice.”

I hurriedly unzipped my pant and pushed her hand inside so that she could hold my cock now covered only with my underwear.

I reached under her petticoat and firmly pressed my full palm against her wet and hot pussy.

In this position, even as my fingers found her nether lips and just started a finger fuck through her panties, her orgasm started.

Swetha shut her eyes tightly, gripped my cock even more tightly and had her first wonderful orgasm with a male contact.

Her pantie got very wet with her juices under my hand. I held her tightly with my left hand around her and her face buried against my shoulder.

Her fingers somehow managed to get inside my underwear and she had her lovely young fingers curled around my shaft and started jerking me.

I whispered in her ear and said ” I want to fuck your lovely virgin cunt with my cock.”

She shuddered at my words which started her on yet another orgasm.

She then whispered back saying ” fuck me good”, while stroking my cock fast. When she said those wonderful words , I shot my load into her lovely palm, even as she shook like a leaf with her second orgasm.

We were both in heaven – uncle and niece.

A few minutes later, the lights came on as we entered our city and we were back to our normal positions.

We just looked at each other lovingly and smiled, knowing that something had changed forever between us , but, not really sure where that would lead to, or what was in store for us in the future. * Note : Dear Reader, This is the end of that journey but not our story. We had other encounters, later This story is my first submission . I hope you will receive it well and give your feed back.I hope to tell you more stories and soon. Leave your comments here or mail me.


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A Thanksgiving Surprise Ch. 01

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Author’s note: This is my first attempt at any type of writing. I wasn’t sure where the story was heading but there is definitely more coming soon if you like this chapter…which I hope you will J


It was early October and the color transformation of the fall leaves was in full swing. The smell of wet asphalt filled the air as the rain began to come down ever so slowly. I stood next to my car having just pulled into my parent’s estate driveway. I had made the long 6 hour drive home from school for thanksgiving and I was having mixed feelings about what type of reception I was going to have upon my arrival.

My parents were both doctors considered experts in their respective fields. My father was a Rheumatologist and my mother was a Cardio-Thoracic surgeon. Will & Sara Smithson…thought by themselves to be society’s elite. They lived a lavish lifestyle with a sprawling mansion on a 100 Acre property tucked into the Northern Ontario woods. Throughout my early teen years they were already pushing me and my sister to become doctors. I on the other hand opted to do a double major in business and engineering and follow my dreams that way. I wanted to establish myself by creating my own design and consultation firm. Although I was near the top of my class at one of the Nation’s most credible and research-intensive Universities, they still made me feel that I was not living up to what they called “The Smithson Potential”. If it was up to them they would have me marry a girl(who was also a doctor), take over the family practice and build a house on the same piece of land…not going to happen. As thoughts of incessant droning at the dinner table about what I could ever do with my life came flooding into my head I couldn’t help but smile. Although my parents would be there, so would Cassie.

My sister Cassie and I had a very close relationship growing up. Cassie was the best older sister you could ask for. Even though she was two years older than me and finishing up her senior year of her undergrad in Life Science/Medicine (go figure) at a prestigious University, she was still extremely down to earth, protective, loving, and kind. Having been accepted early to Harvard Medical School, Cassie was the perfect combination of brains and beauty. Long flowing blonde hair, bright big sparkling blue eyes that seemed to turn to a light gray when she was upset, a perfect body with curves in all the right places, and gorgeous breasts that fit her body perfectly. She was toned but not muscular, soft but not squishy…all in all perfect. Having played varsity volleyball sure helped to keep her toned figure intact. Boy was I looking forward to seeing her again…whenever our parents made me feel like I was not living up to my “potential” Cassie would be right in there to have my back and stand up for me. Although I didn’t need her to, and was more than capable of fighting my own battles, it still felt nice to have someone in the family on my side. I couldn’t wait to see her and started heading for the front door.

I came around the guest house and noticed a shiny new bright yellow BMW convertible sitting in the driveway…I scoffed and my parent’s need for another new vehicle but then quickly realized that it was not their style…at all. I noticed Cassie’s red Mustang GT, Will’s black Escalade and Sara’s white Range Rover Discovery but couldn’t put my finger on the other car. I shrugged and headed towards the front door. I was about 10 steps away when I heard the door creak open followed by a loud high pitched excited noise.

“Matty! You finally made it,” Cassie shrieked as she came barreling down the stairs and leapt into my arms. I had no issue handling her petite frame as I spun her around while she clung to me with all her might.

“So good to see you too Cass!” I replied as I kissed the top of her head. “Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes after 6 hours on the road.”

“You better believe it,” she whispered as she kissed my nose and jumped off. She was wearing very short yoga shorts which accentuated her perfect ass and a tight white tank top with her hair up in a ponytail. She was wearing next to no makeup but she still looked radiant. “Need help with your bags sir?” she queried as she batted her eyes at me playfully.

“Sure why not,” I replied as I threw my dirty laundry bag at her and heard a muffled ‘oomph’ as it hit her in the chest.

I put my arm around her neck as she led me toward the house. This was usual behaviour between us. To outsiders, it would probably look like we were dating or in a relationship of some kind. This was just the way we acted… we were very close and that’s just the type of stuff that we did. Growing up, Cassie had been a huge role model for me. Always the most popular girl in school, she never really dated anyone as she was sometimes too focused on her school work. She DID however take a particular interest in who I dated as I was quarterback of the football team back bahis firmaları in high school and she never wanted any of those ‘cheerleader skanks to sink their teeth into me’. When I did date girls who she ‘approved’ of, she would always give me pointers on how to treat a girl and well pretty much taught me how to kiss and make out with one too. We never took it any farther than kissing but I think we both kind of had the urge and desire to.

“Whose Beamer?” I asked as I nodded toward the shiny yellow car.

“It’s Rachel’s,” Cassie answered. As soon as she mentioned that name, memories came flooding back to me. Rachel and I had made out a few times before we all left for school. We kept in touch a little bit but we each met new people and drifted away more than we would have liked. I last saw Rachel at Christmas last year when she came home and was dating someone. At that point, things weren’t going great for me and I desperately wanted Rachel. It was devastating to know that I couldn’t have her now that she was with someone. Now being almost a year later, I was thrilled to hear she was back for Thanksgiving.

“Her parents are out of town on business and she just broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago. She will be here for thanksgiving and staying over for a few nights. I hope that won’t be awkward for the two of you.”

I smiled when I heard the news that she would be staying over for a few nights and my smile widened when I realized that she wasn’t seeing anyone…maybe I was going to get my shot with the spectacular Rachel after all.

“Not awkward at all Cass. Things were fine between us the last time we saw each other and I think it’ll be great now to have her here for the holidays…especially for a few days.” I couldn’t help but contain my smirk.

“You better not spend all your time with her when you’re home because your darling sister has needs too you know,” Cassie jabbed as she playfully hit me in the arm. ‘Needs?’ I thought to myself…she has never used that term before and I wasn’t quite sure what she was referring to…I brushed it off thinking it was nothing.

“You will always be my number one girl Cass,” I declared as I playfully punched her in the shoulder.

“Good!” She agreed as we continued walking and arrived to the front of the house.

I opened the door and was immediately hit with the smells of a glorious dinner being prepared. The wonderful aromas of turkey in the oven, homemade dressing, and garlic mashed potatoes all wafted in to my nostrils in an exciting symphony of smells. I took a deep breath in and exhaled nice and slowly.

“it’s so good to be home with you sis,” I calmly said as I gave her a one armed hug.

“I’m so glad you’re here too Matty. I think you’re REALLY going to enjoy the time we spend alone together while you’re home. I know I will,” Cassie winked, as she kissed me on the cheek and ran upstairs to get ready for dinner.

Ok, that’s two instances where Cass has referenced something…is it possible she wanted more out of our relationship? I had always had the urge and desire but did she? I couldn’t comprehend how amazing that would be if it were to happen…I have wanted it for so long. I kicked the laundry bag out of the middle of the floor where Cassie dropped it, put the rest of bags down in the foyer and headed toward the great room to announce myself to my parents before heading upstairs to get changed.

The great room was appropriately named. 20 foot high vaulted ceilings with exposed wooden beams portrayed a sense of strength and immaculate design. Floor to ceiling windows on one side of the room overlooking the massive estate property allowed for gorgeous views and a stunning landscape. The different textures of leather, wood, and fabric all meshed seamlessly in the expansive chamber. Elegant and dramatic art pieces hung on the wall and depicted a sense of royalty and good taste. Will was sitting in a chair reading a newspaper while Sara was fussing with the housekeeper about the particulars for dinner. When she noticed me walk in, she immediately dismissed the housekeeper and hustled over to give me a hug. Even though my parents did not approve of my career path, they were still caring nurturing people (most of the time) to both me and Cassie. The sore subject of career paths would probably be brought up at dinner so I chose to enjoy the positive experience until that moment decided to present itself.

“Matthew it is great to see you,” My mother beamed as she kissed me on my cheek and continued her hug. “I hope the drive wasn’t too tiresome?”

“No mom it was fine, pretty smooth sailing,” I responded solemnly.

“Can I fix you a drink before dinner?” she queried as she headed over to the bar to prepare one.

“Chivas on the rocks would be fantastic,” I stated as I noticed my father put his paper down to come and greet me properly.

“I’ll take one of those too Sara,” My father’s loud kaçak iddaa booming voice echoed through the great room. Sara nodded without a word and began preparing two drinks. “Matt it’s great to see you son,” as he held out his hand to give a firm hand shake.

“Great to see you too dad,” as I completed the other half of the handshake.

“Care for a section of the paper?”

“No, I’m good, I’m going to head upstairs and change for dinner. Just thought I would say hi first.”

My dad nodded without a word and headed back to his chair to finish reading his paper. My mother handed me my drink and I made for the staircase to head upstairs. I turned the corner from the great room and it was then that I saw her…Rachel. Anyone could easily tell why Rachel and Cassie were friends. Rachel was a drop dead gorgeous brunette bombshell. She had larger than average breasts that fit her frame perfectly. She was a good 4 inches taller than Cassie bringing her to about 5’6 and had incredibly long smooth silky legs and perfect skin. Her hair was down to her mid back in loose curls that framed her perfect face. Beautiful green eyes, a cute button nose and a perfect smile of white pearly teeth had instantly made my heart skip a beat. She was wearing a white blouse with a ruffled design and a black skirt with high heels. She looked incredibly sexy and classy.

“Hey Matty,” Rachel purred in a sexy smooth voice as she began to walk very slowly down the stairs.

“Hey Rach, nice to see you again,” I managed to choke out as I made my way up the stairs to meet her half way. “Glad to see that you’ll be staying for a few days. Hope all is well.”

“You win some you lose some, am I right?” Rachel chuckled.

“Absolutely,” I replied as I was now standing on the same step as her. There was a bit of a pause in the conversation when Rachel just threw her arms around my neck and held me close to her. I instantly had a face full of her amazing smelling hair and responded by putting my hands around her waist. Rachel’s breasts began to push against mine as she held me closer. “I’m so glad to be sharing the Holidays with you and Cass,” she whispered in my ear. “I think the three of us will have a lot of fun together.”

She released the hug and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Even though it was an extremely short kiss, the sparks were there. It brought back so many amazing memories. As soon as she planted the kiss, Cassie came from around the corner upstairs and flew by us on the way to the dining room.

“Well that didn’t take long,” she quipped as she passed us in the middle of what felt like the perfect kiss.

“Sometimes the timing is just perfect,” Rachel quipped back “Wouldn’t you agree Matty?” Rachel gave me a playful look of humour but with a hint of desire.

“Couldn’t agree more,” I replied as I gave her a quick kiss on the lips and continued to head upstairs to get changed.

After 30 minutes, I was heading back downstairs dressed in a pair of khaki pants and a brown button up dress shirt. I managed to have a quick shower and threw on the least wrinkled clothes from my bag. My brown hair was spiked in a somewhat messy look and I had a little bit of scruff on my face from not shaving for a few days. ‘Don’t always have to keep up a professional look as a student’ I thought to myself. I was in fairly good physical shape as I kept to a pretty strict workout schedule and diet. I was not my any means a body builder but I had definition and tone appropriate to my body. Cassie had told me on a few occasions that I had amazing abs and a great body. I did however allow myself to indulge from time to time and usually holiday dinners at the Smithsons were a chance to do just that.

As I walked into the dining room, the table was already set for dinner. Will and Sara sat at the heads of the table (they wouldn’t agree to sit anywhere else). Cassie at her usual spot and I noticed my spot had an extra chair next to it. ‘Rachel’ I smiled as I thought to myself. Just as that thought came into my head, Rachel sat down in the extra chair and patted the seat next to her as she winked at me. This was going to be the best dinner of my life.

“Saved you a seat,” she said as she saw be standing there smiling at her.

“Why thank you,” I replied as I took the seat next to her and couldn’t help but smile as the inched it closer to me.

“Let’s eat!” Cassie shouted as the food was served from the kitchen. Plates and platters of turkey, potatoes, turnip puff, squash, ham, dressing…it was quite the spectacle for any outsider, but to me Cass and Rachel, it was just the norm for a Smithson dinner. In University my meals were not nearly as extravagant but I felt I ate healthier than the average student. The wine was served and small talk was being made by all of us. Rachel, Cassie and I were talking about our current semesters and courses we liked or didn’t like. Being in the same program, Cassie and Rachel had kaçak bahis most of their classes together and would make inside jokes about some of their professors. These jokes included impressions and mannerisms that they were both cracking up about. I was having a great time watching the two go back and forth reliving their last few weeks of school.

Will & Sara were having their usual dinner conversations (the latest research in the field of medicine, how their investment portfolio was doing, future travel plans, etc) but after they had exhausted all of that, they turned to ask us questions about school. Great. Just what I was waiting for. They began by almost interrogating Cassie about what field she wants to specialize in, how her grades are, telling her that she can’t just cruise by because she has been accepted into Harvard. I could tell she was starting to get a little frustrated so I figured I would jump in.

“Whoa guys, she is still completing her undergrad and is not even in med school yet. Maybe take it easy on all the questions. She would never let her grades drop because she has been accepted early. That’s not how she is”

Cassie looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back but knew that my comment would unleash them onto me. I braced myself for the onslaught of how many times I was going to be made to feel inferior to them.

“Matthew” my mother started “It’s hard to explain to someone not in the medical field but Harvard Medical School is a prestigious honour that very few people have the opportunity to attend”

‘Hard to explain because I’m in engineering?’ I thought to myself. That’s one.

“Engineering may be simple enough with a 4 year undergrad and then you’re off into the working world but medicine is a lot more schooling and a lot more difficult.

‘Engineering simple?’ That’s two. I could feel my blood start to boil as she continued droning on.

“Medicine is helping people. Saving lives. Engineering is designing and constructing things. Not nearly as important,” My mother off-handily commented.

Three strikes and you’re out. That was it. I was about to go off on her and opened my mouth to begin my defence of my program when Rachel began to speak.

“With all due respect Mr. and Mrs. Smithson, I think what Matt is doing is extremely important. He has ambitions to create and manage his own engineering firm. Every successful business, organization, and even hospital needs to have strong management and someone who knows how to run a successful business. With Matt’s program he is going to do exactly that.”

“Thanks Rachel for the kind words,” I smiled as I began my own defence. “Mother, I am well aware of your feelings of my current program and I know it may not be what you want for me but it is what I want for myself. It’s not like I expect to be some entry-level engineer at a random company. I am striving to have the expertise to understand the complex world of engineering and to deliver new products and build and single-handidly run a large international organization. Maybe someday my company will be designing new equipment that you will be using in your operating room. Did you ever think of that?” I snarled at my Mother.

My mother chuckled. That irritated me. “Well we’ll just see about that,” she grinned. “Still seems like a bit of a long shot. I just don’t know why you don’t follow in our footsteps like your sister is doing.”

Cassie put her fork down rather loudly and looked up from her plate…Her blue eyes looked more like a shade of gray as she began to speak. “Just to be clear mother, I am not following in your footsteps and I am not going into medicine because you want me to. I am doing it because I WANT TO.” I could see the fire in her eyes as her voice became more aggressive. “You have always pushed your ways on us ever since we were children and I am so happy that Matty is doing what he wants to do and is not feeling forced to something that you guys want him to do. Just remember that we have our own minds and are going to follow OUR dreams and not yours.”

My father was sitting back from his plate and was looking at her with a piercing gaze. “Cassie. You do not raise your voice to your mother like that. Show her some respect,” He said in a firm intimidating tone.

“The same way you respect my career path?” I piped up. “If you want us to respect you than the least you can do is respect our own wishes and stop trying to force your plans down our throats. I’m done with dinner. Thank you,” I said firmly as I stood up and excused myself from the table.

I caught a glimpse from Rachel that looked like she was sorry for getting involved and making things worse. I mouthed ‘thank you’ and began to head to the recreation room in the basement to shoot some pool as a way of winding down. I slammed the door to the basement a little louder than I had planned. The basement was never used by my parents and was always just a hangout for us kids when we needed to wind down.

I could hear conversation carrying on upstairs. A little while later I heard what sounded like chairs being pulled out and plates being cleared. I guess dinner was finished.

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Bi Secret Life Ch. 03

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I had gained quite a lot of experience over the few months that I had been meeting guys for sex.

I had met four off the internet and I decided that it was time to go back to where it all began and make an excuse to visit my aunt and uncle so I could go to the club without being reconised.

My excuse to go and visit my aunt and uncle came up when my mother rang me to tell me my aunt had been taken into to hospital, it wasnt too serious and she had been admitted as a precaution.

I felt a little guilty about using this as a excuse to get to where my aunt and uncle lived but my wife understood and said that I should go and visit her in hospital.

I drove up to my aunts in the morning and arrived just after dinner time, I went up to the hospital to visit her as soon as I got there.

She was sat up in bed looking well when I entered the ward, “you did’nt have to drive up here to visit me” she said.

“I wanted to make sure you were ok” I replied.

We spent the next hour chit chatting about family and other things. “Have you still got that key I gave you?” she asked.

“yeah Ive still got it” I said.

“Oh good because your uncle Jack has gone to pick up Mary and bring her to visit me and then he’s taking her back and staying there the night so you have the house to yourself tonight”

“Ok” I said.

“So dont be bringing any women back will you” she joked

“No chance of that” I replied.

I thought if only she knew, I said my goodbye and headed back to her house to get something to eat and have a quick sleep before I got ready to go out.

I woke about 7pm and had a quick shower and changed into jeans and a shirt and headed off into town, I went round a few bars then decided to go a gay pub that I had read about on the internet.

There was nothing that screamed gay at you about the pub, it seemed like a ordinary pub that was frequented by gay people, bahis firmaları I stood at the bar drinking when I heard a voice next to me.

“I’ve not seen you in here before”

I turned to see a grey haired guy in his 50’s standing next to me.

“I’m not from round here, I’m just visiting” I answered.

“I’m Barry, nice to meet you” he said.

Not wanting to give my real name I plucked a name from the top of my head “I’m John nice to meet you as well” I replied.

We chatted for a short while until I finished my drink and was ready to move onto to the club.

“Will you be going down to the wood for some fun later?” he asked.

“Whats that” I replied.

“As you walk out of town near the canal there’s a small wooded area, and you get a few guys hanging about there about midnight”

“Thanks for that, I’ll keep it in mind” I said and I left the pub and headed to the club.

The club was fairly quiet and it got to about 12.30 am and I was wondering if I was gonna meet up with anybody, I was thinking about going out to the wooded area like Barry told me but I was nervous about meeting guys in that way.

My cock decided to rule my head and I left the club and began walking towards the woods near the canal, all the time I was walking there I kept asking myself if this was really a good idea.

I arrived at the canal and walked cautiously into the wooded area, it was dark but I could make out three or four guys stood about.

I stood around for about five minutes wondering if anything was gonna happen, a guy walked upto me and whispered “follow me” and walked to some trees at the far end of the wood.

I followed him and when I got to the trees he was stood there with cock out and wanking off.

“Wanna suck me” he whispered.

I crouched down and took his cock in my mouth, it was about 6 inches and very hard, his hands held the back of my head as I took kaçak iddaa his cock fully into my mouth.

“oohhh yesss suck it for me” he said in a hushed voice.

He pulled slightly back and started to wank off with the tip of his cock in my mouth, the next thing I felt was his warm cum on my tongue and lips.

Then he pulled his trousers up and walked off, my cock was soild in my jeans and I needed some relief quickly, all I could think was “selfish bastard” and I wasnt enjoying this cruising thing.

I was about to go back home and have a wank when a young guy came over to me, he reached out and began to feel my hard cock through my jeans. he moved closer to me and he kissed my lips, I responded and we kissed passionately.

“You want to come back with me?” he asked after he had broken the kiss.

“yeah ok” I replied.

We went down to the main road and hailed a taxi back to his house, it was a short journey and when we got there he said we had to be quiet as other people were in the house.

He was tall with a tanned complexion and what looked like a nice body, I sat down on a chair and he put on a gay porn film to watch, although I did’nt really need that as I was still very hard.

“Whats your name” I asked.

“Its Mark, what about you” he replied.

“I’m John” I said still sticking to my alternative name.

Mark took out his cock and started to wank off as we watched the porno, we sat there for a few minutes wanking off and then Mark said

“you want to go upstairs?”

“Yeah ok ” I replied.

I followed him upstairs to a back bedroom which just had a double bed in it and some clothes scattered around the floor, we stripped off and got onto the bed, Mark was on top of me as we kissed and I gestured to him to move down my body to suck me off.

“Sorry I dont suck cock” he said.

I rolled him over on his back and went down on him, I took his cock kaçak bahis into my mouth and began to suck hard on it, his legs were open as my fingers explored his ass, I moved my mouth down to his ass and my tongue explored his hole making him very wet.

I moved up his body untill my cock was pressing against his wet ass, I pushed further and he seem to wince as he felt my cock entering him, i started to fuck him each stroke becoming harder.

“I want you to come over me” he said as he struggled to get his words out.

I pulled out of him and knelt astride him as I wanked off, he pulled me down to him and we kissed passionately, I felt his hands on my ass cheeks and he pulled them apart and I could feel his cock pressing against my ass.

I slowly pushed back onto his cock until I felt his cock sliding into me, I sat up so I was now riding his cock, I wanked off as he fucked my ass until I shot all over his chest.

I leaned down over him and we kissed again as I felt him pull his cock out of my ass and shoot cum all over me,we lay there for a while until Mark wanted to get cleaned up.

While Mark went to clean up I decided it was time to get out of there and I started to get dressed, Mark came back into the bedroom still naked and switched on a small lamp.

“Can’t you stay a little longer” he asked.

“No I’d better go” I replied.

I finished getting dressed and we went downstairs and we got to the hallway.

“Can’t I persuade you to stay a little longer” Mark asked.

“No I have to get back” I said.

Mark dropped the sheet he was wrapped in to reveal his geat naked body, he sank to his knees and began to rub my cock through my jeans, he then unzipped them and took out my cock which was becoming harder, he took it into his mouth and started to suck, I was now very hard as he worked his mouth over my cock, sucking harder and harder until I couldnt hold back anymore, my body stiffened and my cum shot into Marks mouth and then he licked my cock clean.

Mark told me that he hoped we could meet up again sometime although to this day our paths have never crossed again, but you never know.

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Between the Push and Pull Ch. 02

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the encouraging comments from the first chapter! I have to admit that I wasn’t sure how the whole porn thing would go over with readers, but thanks for keeping an open mind.

We’re getting into the thick of things here in chapter two—heavy sex content. Hope you’re okay with that!

And again, please comment. I love getting your feedback. Happy reading.



Copyright (c) 2016 by Hudson Bartholomew. All rights reserved. This story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.


Between the Push and Pull – Chapter 2

Ryan tugged at his collar and the bowtie they told him to wear. He insisted that PhD students didn’t necessarily wear bowties—he certainly didn’t when he was in school—but they insisted that this PhD student did. So Ryan was stuck with a bowtie that threatened to cut off his air supply.

Other than the bowtie, the rest of the outfit wasn’t so bad. Slim fit dress shirt with rolled up sleeves under a vest, and tight jeans that showed off his ass. The wardrobe lady called it “hipster chic.” Ryan helpfully pointed out that hipster was already pretty chic, so she didn’t need to add chic as a description—that earned him a dirty glare.

The whole production was a lot more than what Ryan was used to. Typically, porn sets consisted of the people having sex, a couple of cameramen and assistants, and the director. Floodlights were set up to light the set and mics were attached to the top of the handheld cameras.

But this time, Ryan found himself on the sidelines of an honest to goodness film set. They’d managed to rent out an actual nightclub for a few hours and the entire place was buzzing with film crew fixing the lighting, sound guys with mic booms, and people running around with pieces of furniture. Erik was huddled with Gary and one of the cameramen talking through what they’d be shooting today.

Not for the first time did Ryan question what he had gotten himself into. Once he agreed, Erik and Gary immediately started scheduling shoot times, despite Ryan’s objection that they didn’t have a script yet. That’s when Erik sheepishly admitted that they already had the first two episodes mapped out.

Ryan remembered the apologetic hesitation in Erik’s blue eyes when he handed the script to Ryan. He almost sounded nervous when he asked for Ryan’s opinion. Ryan was loath to admit it, but the screenplay was quite good. Now he was worried whether he’d be able to pull it off.

“Okay, you ready?” Gary’s approach pulled Ryan from his own thoughts.

“Yeah, where do you want me?”

“Over here,” Gary led Ryan over to a tall round table with a glass of liquid on it. “This is your drink, so you can sip at it during the scene.”

“Don’t worry,” Erik smiled as he approached, “It’s water.” His dimple winked at Ryan.

“And where will you be?” Ryan asked.

“Erik will be on the platform,” Gary pointed to the box not far from the table. “You’ll be sipping at your drink, and watching Erik dance. Simple, shouldn’t be too hard.”

Ryan nodded—right, shouldn’t be too hard.

“Great, let’s get started,” Gary turned to toward the crowded room. “Places, people!”

And suddenly there was a hush across the room. The house lights dimmed, as ambient white light filled the space. Colorful strobe lights roamed around the room, controlled by some unseen force. Someone took Erik’s robe from him and he stepped up onto the box.

Gary called out, “Action,” and Erik started moving to an unheard beat.

Ryan let his eyes wander, appreciating the ripple of muscle as Erik undulated on top of the box. His skin glistened with oil and the colored lights played off the shiny planes and angles—he looked less like a man, and more like impressionist art come to life.

Wide shoulders, and strong arms. Defined chest that tapered to narrow hips adorned simply by straps from a jock strap. His thighs—Ryan had never seen such muscular thighs in his life. Strips of muscle twisting down his limbs until they disappeared in thick, black biker boots.

And all along Erik’s body swirled one unending tattoo. Ryan had seen one end of it peaking out of Erik’s t-shirt back at the bar; wisps of smoke spiraled down his left arm and licked at his elbow. From there, the tattoo snaked up around Erik’s shoulder and down his back in a frenzy of little whirlpools. The smoke trailed diagonally across Erik’s back, wrapped around his waist, over his hip, and circled his right thigh before dissipating just above the knee.

Impressive—very impressive.

Ryan’s gaze trailed back up Erik’s body to contemplate the most important organ. It was hidden behind a scrap of red fabric, stretched taunt and threatening to burst. Erik’s bulge was just as impressive as the rest of his body. Ryan had already adjusted his previous guess based on the videos bahis firmaları he found online—now that he was confronted with it in person, he knew his adjustment was accurate. It wasn’t eight inches; it was more like nine, and probably five inches in circumference. It was huge.

Ryan tried to suppress a shudder at the thought of Erik’s size, and his asshole clenched involuntarily. They’d already discussed what roles they’d be taking, and although Ryan almost always topped in his scenes, everyone had agreed that this character in particular felt more like a bottom. Gary and Erik had been wary of asking Ryan to bottom, and he wasn’t thrilled by the idea himself, but it had felt like the right way to go.

What Ryan had never told anyone, though, was that he secretly preferred to bottom, at least he did in his private sexual encounters. Even now, knowing that the big fat cock hidden by that red jockstrap would soon be invading his ass was enough for Ryan’s cock to plump, and he shifted on his feet to alleviate the pressure.

Erik turned, his body undulating and rolling, arms raised and his head falling back as if lost to some enthralling music. Just like his front, Erik’s back was ripple after ripple of clearly defined muscle, each one glistening in oil, his tattoo a living, breathing creature that moved to its own dance across his skin. His ass, two perky mounds framed perfectly by the straps of the scrappy article of clothing.

Then he bent over, head suddenly between his calves, and piercing blue eyes peaked back at Ryan. Ryan swallowed heavily at the look in them—Erik knew he looked good, and he knew Ryan knew he looked good.

His new position left his ass lifted high in the air, cheeks spread and Ryan could see Erik’s wrinkly asshole exposed to the air. It twitched once as Erik twerked at him. In this position, Ryan could see Erik’s tattoo as it wrapped around his inner thigh, dangerously close to his most private of parts and Ryan wondered at how it must have felt to have needles piercing into such delicate skin.

Ryan’s hand ached, and he realized that he’d been clutching his glass of pretend alcohol much harder than necessary. He forced himself to relax his grip and raised the glass for a sip. It was disconcerting how the glass trembled in his unsteady hand.

Ryan slowly lowered the glass and placed it gently back on the table, eyes lowered, gathering himself for a moment before glancing back up. Erik was watching him, reading him, studying him while his body moved.

Erik’s hand floated up to his chest, two fingers rubbed at a nipple until it stood on end. The other hand lingered on his bulge, tugged and massaged. And all the while, his eyes unwaveringly focused on Ryan, drawing Ryan into the performance.

This was an act, Ryan reminded himself. They were on camera. But the way Erik looked at him, the way Erik touched his own body and danced to the silent music—it made it easy to get lost in the make-believe moment they were creating.

Erik knew how to move; Ryan certainly could appreciate that. He wondered suddenly what genre of dance Erik specialized in in his past life—Ryan made a note to ask about it. It was a weird thing to think of in the middle of a scene, but Ryan actually felt more surprised that his mind hadn’t wandered well before then.

It was a testament to how good Erik was, good enough to move Ryan from his typical appreciation for the male body, and pull him into a more primal attraction to something beautiful. There was absolutely no doubt that Erik was different from the other guys Ryan had met in the industry; the problem was, Ryan just didn’t know what he should be doing about that.

“Cut,” Gary’s voice rang out in the eerie silence of the set.

Ryan blinked a couple of times as his brain reoriented itself. Turning toward the sound of Gary’s voice, he found a giant smile on the other man’s face.

“Guys, that was amazing. Unbelievable.”

“Yeah?” Erik had slipped on a robe and was heading toward the monitor. “Let’s take a look. Ryan, you want to watch?”

“No,” Ryan answered immediately. He never watched himself.

Erik shrugged and his dimple winked at Ryan.

Ryan watched Erik watch the video they just shot. The little furrow appeared between his eyebrows, and his eyes darted back and forth, just like that time he was reading the newspaper. He was in analysis mode—gathering information, dissecting it, and drawing a conclusion before moving on to the next set of facts.

“This is good,” Erik concluded. “This is very good.”

He and Gary engaged in some sort of discussion while Ryan waited for his next instructions. Around him, the film crew made adjustments, moved equipment, and generally looked busy although Ryan wasn’t sure exactly what it was they were doing.

They ran through that scene a couple more times before moving on to the next. This time, Ryan was told to exit through the club’s back door to find Erik outside, taking a smoke break. There was some dialogue involved, kaçak iddaa which Ryan was a little nervous about. In his entire porn-making career, he never actually had dialogue that needed to be convincing. He’d already spent a couple of days making a fool of himself in front of his mirror at home, reciting lines until they didn’t feel stupid coming out of his mouth.

The first couple of times they ran the scene, Ryan would forget what he was supposed to say. Then the few times he got his lines right, Erik would burst out laughing and ruin the shot.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Erik shook his head back and forth with his mouth hanging open. “Ahh…” came a strange sound as he got the giggles out of his system.

“One more time, I’ll get it right, promise!” Erik settled himself back onto the wall and lifted his cigarette into the camera’s field of view.

“Action!” Gary called out.

“Uh, hi,” Ryan hit his mark, hands in pocket, head slightly tucked, voice shy.

“Hi,” Erik barely spared him a glance and took a long drag from his cigarette.

“Um, you’re great in there. I was watching you dance.”

“Yeah, I saw you.” Erik blew a lungful of smoke up and away from the camera.

“Uh, my name’s Roman. Roman Cox,” Ryan stuck out his hand and peaked up from under his lashes.

Erik glanced down at Ryan’s outstretched hand, as if weighing his options before slowly extending his own.

“Everett Flynn.”

“Everett,” Ryan let the name roll around on his tongue. “That’s a nice name.”

Erik raised his eyebrows, lips twitched in a smirk. “Yeah.”

A moment of pregnant pause.

“So, Roman. What brings a nice fella like you to a place like this?”

Ryan’s head snapped up to find an amused smile on Erik’s face. “Oh, um, well, it’s kind of a weird story.”

“I’m all for weird stories, and I’ve got a couple of minutes to spare. Entertain me.”

“I’m a PhD student. I’m doing research of the psychological effects of being a go-go dancer. I’m in the process of recruiting some subject to interview.”

“Psychological effects? Like if we’re damaged by dancing practically naked in front of other men?”

“Uh, well, not damaged. That would be starting with a negative bias,” Ryan’s voice adopted the academic drone that once came so naturally to him. “But how dancing affects what the dancer thinks about himself, his relationships with others, his role in the social hierarchy. Stuff like that.”

“Right,” Erik puffed on his cigarette. “So, Roman, do you have any research subjects yet?”

Ryan let out a nervous laugh, “Not yet. I’m still looking for people who are willing to talk with me.”

Erik dropped the cigarette to the ground as he pushed away from his spot on the wall. He turned toward Ryan and took the one step to bring them inches apart. Ryan found himself raising his eyes a couple of inches to meet Erik’s taller stature. His lips parted under Erik’s intense blue gaze.

“Well, Roman. You now have one research subject.”

“What?” The word came out breathier than Ryan had anticipated.

Erik’s smile deepened in response.

“Me, Roman. I’ll be your first research subject. That is, unless you don’t want me?”

“No! No, I definitely want you.”


Erik raised one hand to hold Ryan’s chin and lowered his mouth to close the two-inch gap to Ryan’s lips. It was a quick kiss, a test kiss. When Ryan didn’t back away, Erik came back for seconds, deepening the contact, his tongue sneaking out to tease.

Ryan responded, his own tongue meeting Erik’s as they lapped and nibbled at each other. Ryan let a whimper escape his throat and angled his head to both deepen the kiss and let the camera get a better view.

Damn. Erik could kiss. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to Ryan, but he somehow had not been expecting such an expert manipulation of lips and tongue. When Erik finally pulled back, Ryan was out of breath, and he wasn’t faking it. A part of him recognized the dilation of Erik’s pupils and the flush on Erik’s cheeks, and he was glad he wasn’t the only one affected by the kiss.

“Stick around, Roman. We’ll… talk… when I’m finished my shift.”

“And cut!” Gary called out.

Ryan took a step back, and a rush of cool air came between their heated bodies. A tinge of regret tugged at Ryan, which didn’t make any sense, so he ignored it. He glanced quickly at Erik and caught blues eyes staring at him and a pink tongue sneaking out to swipe at rosy lips.

Ryan knew they were both professionals who were good at their craft, but something about that kiss had nothing to do with acting.

Erik headed off to review the video with Gary, and Ryan settled into the background again. It was just acting, he told himself. This whole thing is just acting, just like every other porn movie he’s shot. It’s all just pretend. So why was he having a hard time convincing himself?


“So you guys are going to sit facing each other on the couch. Ryan, you’ll have kaçak bahis your notebook in your lap, taking notes, got it?” Gary gave them some instructions as they set up for the scene.

Ryan nodded and fiddled with the blank notebook in his hands. This scene should have been the easiest of the ones they had worked on this week—it was the only scene with actual sex in it, the only type of scene that he’d had experience with. And yet, he couldn’t shake the tickling restlessness in his limbs, or the way his stomach fluttered with nerves.

He told himself to get over it, focus on the job, and be a professional. But then Erik would shoot him a blue-eyed look, piercing past Ryan’s typical façade and set him on edge.

“Hey,” Erik’s voice whispered into Ryan’s ear, and was accompanied by his strong hands on Ryan’s shoulders, kneading at the tensions. “Are you sure you’re okay with bottoming?”

Ryan had to suppress the shiver caused by Erik’s proximity and reminder of his role in this scene. It wasn’t a role Ryan usually played in his videos, so maybe that was why he was nervous. Ryan clenched his asshole at the thought of being penetrated, and gave Erik a slight nod.

“Okay,” Erik gave Ryan another squeeze on his shoulders. “Like we discussed, just tell me if anything doesn’t feel good, okay?”

Ryan gave him another slight nod.

“Places, everyone!” Gary called out.

There were fewer people on set today, more like a typical porno shoot—just Gary and a couple of camera guys, and a couple of assistants. Ryan was back in his professorial getup, complete with vest and bowtie. Erik was again half naked, clad only in low riding sweats with the band of his briefs peaking through.

It would be a couple of minutes before they got into the real action, but Ryan took a few deep breaths to get his dick to start moving in the right direction. Studying Erik’s body helped. The baggy sweatpants contrasted with the narrowness of Erik’s waist, his Adonis lines cut deep, one adorned by wisps of his tattoo, and disappeared into the waistband of his briefs.

Erik settled himself on his side of the couch and stretched his arm across the back of the cushions. His biceps bulged at this angle and the swirling, smoky tattoo seemed to move on its own accord, twisting itself to wrap around Erik’s body.

“How do I look?”

Ryan’s eyes shot up at Erik’s question to find a knowing smirk on Erik’s lips. Cocky bastard. Ryan grinned and shrugged before taking up his position on the couch, notebook in hand.

“Here, don’t forget these,” Gary handed Ryan a pair of thick-rimmed reading glasses to complete his nerdy professor look. “Ready?” he asked the two men, both of whom nodded their consent.

Gary stepped back and let the camera guys get into position.


“Everett, tell me why you wanted to be a go-go dancer?” Ryan asked.

Erik chuckled and ran a hand through his hair before answering. The movement caused his muscles to dance, and Ryan could see one of the camera guys angling to get a close up shot.

“Well, it sounded like fun,” Erik’s voice was low and lazy, his eyes half lidded and smoldering. Ryan’s tongue sneaked out to wet dry lips, and his teeth clamped down gently on his full bottom lip.

“And I heard it paid well. If you work at the right club on the right nights, the guys tip really well. Plus, I like being naked and I like dancing—it’s a turn on.” Erik shifted closer to Ryan as his spoke, every movement fluid like the smoke covering his body.

Ryan cleared his throat, and swallowed thickly. “Once you got started, was it what you expected it to be? Or was there anything surprising about the job?” He glanced down at the notebook and pretended to jot down Erik’s answer.

“It’s a lot more of a contact sport than I had anticipated.”

“What do you mean by that?” Ryan could feel the heat from Erik’s body now; their knees were touching on the couch.

“Well, a lot of guys are hands-y and they’re not shy about copping a feel when they want.”

“So they grope you when they dance?”

“Mm-hmm,” Erik murmured. He was close enough now that every breath Ryan breathed smelled like his unique scent of musk. Combined with the heat that always seemed to radiate off of Erik, it was enough to get Ryan’s dick nice and plump. Ryan shifted awkwardly to ease the pressure in his pants.

“Sometimes it’s annoying because I just want to dance, and the guy is being kind of rude. But sometimes…” Erik trailed off.

Ryan glanced up from his notebook into hypnotizing blue eyes, just inches away from his own. He coughed and reached up to adjust his fake glasses.

“Sometimes, I don’t mind,” Erik reached out and ran the backs of his fingers down Ryan’s cheek. Ryan shut his eyes and turned into the touch. “You know, I find guys in glasses really sexy. I guess I have a thing for the nerdy hot look.”

That wasn’t in the script, and it took Ryan a second to realize Erik was ad libbing. By the time he figured it out, Erik was leaning in and Ryan had just enough time to tilt his head up, gasp quietly and meet him half way.

It was a slow kiss, gentle little licks and long presses of lips against lips. No teeth.

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Better Late Than Never

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“Hey, cutie, same time next week!” Thomas said when he noticed I was awake.

He was standing beside the bed wearing only his skimpy, string bikini briefs that were identical to my undies; the only difference being, unlike my briefs, his could barely contain his ‘package.’

“Why are you leaving so early?” I whined, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

“I have to get to my office in Vegas by 8,” he explained.

My eyes were drawn to the manly bulge in the crotch of his briefs. I blushed when he caught me staring at it.

He chuckled and said, “You know, John, you don’t have to be embarrassed every time you look at me there…especially after what we did in bed last night!”

I blushed again and cursed myself for being such a prude. I was still naked under the bedspread as he dressed and held my breath when he pulled his shirt over his head covering his manly, sculpted chest.

Before he left the hotel room, he came to me, leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. His hand snaked beneath the covers and stroked my thigh as our tongues danced together.

My prick stiffened; he teased it with a squeeze and two-three strokes before he withdrew his hand and stood up.

“Same time next week!” he said again.

The week before, my golfing buddies and I had traveled to Primm, Nevada to play the two golf courses and stay one night in the hotel. It’s a trip we make twice-a-year since it is only an hour-and-fifteen-minutes from our hometown in Arizona.

On Sunday, we drove straight to the course to play our first round. One of the guys couldn’t make it giving us seven players so they put a single with us. It was Thomas, and he rode in my golf cart.

He is an excellent golfer. I’m not too bad myself, but it was difficult keeping up with his long drives. He’s quite the conversationalist, too.

Usually I prefer quiet while I’m playing, but he turned out to be so interesting and funny, I didn’t mind it at all.

In fact, he had a way of drawing me out that was so seemingly natural and relaxed, after nine holes, I found myself thoroughly amazed that I was being so open and honest with a complete stranger.

My buddies and I always bet when we’re playing, and Thomas became aware of it.

On the tenth tee box, out of earshot of my friends, he said, “If you want to bet the back nine, I’ll give you three strokes.”

It sounded fair to me.

“Okay, what are we playing for? Ten, twenty bucks?” I asked him.

He smiled and whispered, “If you win I’ll give you a hundred dollars…”

I’m not sure why, but I whispered too. “And if you win?”

I flinched when he placed a hand on my upper thigh and squeezed.

“If I win, you’ll spend a couple hours with me in my room tonight,” he said with a gleam in his eyes.

His proposal so surprised me, I blushed a deep red and began a fit of coughing.

“You alright over there, John?” one of my buddies asked me.

“Yeah, uh, yeah I’m fine,” I called out.

I looked at Thomas to see if he was smiling or laughing; surely he was joking.

No smile. His facial expression was quite deadpan.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Absolutely…you’re a little cutie and I’d love to have you in my bed tonight!” he said.

“Huh? What? No, uh, I’m, uh, I’m not gay,” I stuttered.

He responded, “I think you’re wrong about that…”

I felt my blood pressure rise. It had been years since the last time someone accused me of being queer.

He suddenly smiled and said, “Okay, twenty bucks it is!”

Thomas remained talkative on the back nine while I concentrated on my game, or tried to anyway. I was filled with emotions that I can usually suppress.

I wasn’t angry he thought I was gay, no, in fact, his words “You’re a little cutie” played over-and-over in my head. It had been so many years since I’d been propositioned, I’d forgotten how good it felt.

I kept wondering what I had said to him on the front nine that would make him think I was gay.

I thought about it too much – he beat me by four on the back and when I drove him out to his car and paid him, I just had to ask: “What made you think I was gay?”

He smiled, winked at me and said, “It takes one to know one…maybe we’ll have a drink at the bar later…thanks for the game!”

I waited until he drove off before I went to my buddies van to unload my clubs. They were changing shoes and complaining about their rounds of golf.

“I hear Thomas is pretty good,” one of them said to me.

I had to turn my head so they wouldn’t notice me blushing.

“Yeah, he beat me out of twenty bucks,” I said.

“Is he staying at the hotel?” he asked.

“Oh, uh, I’m not sure, I didn’t ask him,” I replied knowing full well he was staying there.

I remained quiet on the short drive to the hotel. The old feelings of dread and paranoia surfaced again. I had been comfortable in my own skin for such a long time I’d thought those feelings had disappeared forever – I was wrong.

“John – JOHN!”

Huh? What?


I managed to open my eyes and saw my roommate for the trip standing bahis firmaları over my bed.

“We’re going to breakfast – I let you sleep in – you need to get ready – don’t forget to check-out before we leave for the course!” he said.

“Oh, okay,” I mumbled.

I climbed out of bed as soon as he left the room. My head was spinning so badly I almost fell.

In the bathroom I saw my phone had been plugged-in so I retrieved it before I sat on the toilet.

I had a text message and when I opened it the hair on my neck stood straight. I was gripped with a chilling fear. The message was from Thomas.

“Had a wonderful time with you last night – looking forward to seeing you next Sunday!!”

Oh no, how can this be? What in hell did I do last night?

I tried to shake the cobwebs from my aching head but last night was drawing a blank. Sometimes when I drink too much I black-out, well, most times I DO drink too much.

I have been told that I don’t act drunk, and I am alert and seem to know what’s going on, but I’ll be damned if I remember anything. Sometimes the memories come back to me, sometimes they don’t.

After swallowing vitamins and aspirin, I showered and shaved and dressed for golf.

I double-checked the room to make sure I didn’t forget anything and went to the front desk to check-out.

My friends were waiting patiently for me in the van.

“Tied one on last night, huh John?” said one of them. “What time did you get to bed?”

I smiled and said, “No, no, it wasn’t bad…I got to bed pretty early.”

My roommate for the night said, “Early!! Are you kidding me? I woke up around one and you weren’t in the room!”

I laughed along with the guys and joked, “Well, it was early for ME!”

Uh oh…what the hell happened last night?

I used to play some of my best golf when hungover. I became something of a legend to my friends for shooting my best scores the worse I felt.

Well, not anymore. In fact, it has been many years now that my golf has reflected the severity of my hangovers. I played like crap and lost every bet I had with my buddies.

The first few holes I tried to concentrate, but the text from Thomas was constantly on my mind.

“Had a wonderful time with you last night – looking forward to seeing you next Sunday!!”


It was sometime after the 4th hole that bits and pieces of fuzzy memory began returning.

One of my friends and I usually have a couple straight-up martini’s before dinner on these trips. Last night was no different. In fact, by the time our meals arrived in the steakhouse, I’d had three.

Okay, so far so good.

I didn’t eat all that much…never do once I get buzzed.

“Why waste a good glow?” I always joke.

My next memory was of my roommate telling me he was going to the room.

“What time is it?” I asked him.

“A little after ten,” he said.

I am younger than the other guys, and always stay up later than them. I never saw the point of going to bed early when we’re on these ‘mini-vacations.’

After playing a few video poker machines in the casino, I decided to play at the bar. I remember carefully looking around to see if Thomas was there. I breathed a sigh of relief; I hadn’t seen him all night.

I was staring at the machine in front of me when a hand squeezed my shoulder.

I turned, saw Thomas, and my hand knocked over what was left of my drink.

He smiled and said to the bartender, “Sorry, that was my fault, please get my friend another one, and I’ll have a glass of chardonnay!”

I remember my heart began to beat faster.

He began talking but I did my best to concentrate on the poker machine and didn’t hear much of what he was saying.

I finally tired of playing (of losing), and decided to be more friendly towards him. What difference does it make to me? I’ll never see him again after tonight, anyway.

The bar started filling with people. It became noisy. Thomas pointed to a booth in the nearby Race & Sports Book. I nodded and followed him there.

By that time on a Sunday night all the races and games were over with, and the Book was empty except for us.

It was a circular booth and I slid to the center. It surprised me when he sat so close to me our legs were touching.

He made small talk, and I remember staring at him as I listened. He IS a handsome man, and brimming with self confidence and charm. His self deprecatory humor made me laugh.

I was feeling no pain when he ordered me another drink from the cocktail server. I intended to refuse, but, well, you know…

Here is when my memory gets fuzzy again.

He used his hands a lot while talking, and sometimes, he would touch my arm, rub my back or squeeze my shoulders. I honestly didn’t think much about it – one of my golf buddies waves his hands around when he’s talking, too.

Suddenly, he placed his hand on my upper thigh and said to me, “So tell me about your first gay experience.”

I calmly said, “Thomas, I already told you I’m not gay!”

He smiled and said, “John, relax, every kaçak iddaa guy has some sort of experience when they were growing up – and I know from how you look now that you were a little cutie and had your share of offers!”

He squeezed my thigh and added: “I know you had to have several experiences with boys and men!”

I blurted out, “No, just one!” and immediately regretted admitting it.

“Okay, I’ll tell you my first time then you tell me yours!” he said.

I didn’t agree or disagree.

“I had been a high school athlete and had a steady girlfriend,” he began. “I had no clue I was gay…I mean, I did things with my girlfriend, we even went all the way a couple times…but, you know, it wasn’t what I thought it would be…anyway, I went away to college and moved into a dorm room…”

He paused and took a swallow of wine, his strong hand was now gently massaging my thigh. I didn’t stop him.

He continued: “My second day there I got a roommate. A shy, nerdy little guy named Timothy. I remember feeling funny the moment I laid eyes on him. Later, I could admit to myself it was love at first sight, but in the beginning, no way, I’m not THAT kind of a guy!”

“We immediately became close friends. He was smart and funny, but best of all, he seemed to almost revere me; he followed me everywhere like a good little puppy and he hung onto my every word like I was some sort of God!”

“After a couple weeks I began wondering what it would be like to have sex with him,” said Thomas. “The very second that thought popped into my head I went, uh oh, that explains a lot!”

His hand was beginning to have an affect on me. My prick was stirring inside my briefs.

I cleared my throat and asked him, “What do you mean?”

“You know, John, in the back of my mind I always wondered why I didn’t like sex with my girlfriend more than I did…she was the one who initiated it every time – she was the one who liked it…to me, it was work…I went thru with it only to make her happy.”

“Ohhhh,” I said. He’d struck a chord within me.

“…and I’ve thought about this before, I believe I did things with her so she wouldn’t think I was queer,” he said.

Oh my God, the memories of the previous night suddenly became crystal clear.

I remember I had to look away from him at that moment; the honest intensity in his eyes was too much for me to handle.

“Anyway, after two-weeks of living with Timothy I became convinced he was gay,” he said. “He had gotten more and more brazen in his attempts at trying to see me naked; he began to touch me when we talked, and the look in his eyes gave me the distinct impression he liked me more than a friend.”

He paused again to sip his wine.

“What happened next?” I asked him.

“Well, it’s no secret how much teenage boys like to jerk-off-“

I laughed and said, “Oh, I know, even old guys like me!” The liquor had finally loosened my tongue.

He smiled at me and continued: “I usually masturbated in the shower, but one night I decided to test Timothy – simply throw caution to the wind and see what would happen…we went to bed at the same time, and in the dark, I threw-off the bedspread, lowered my briefs and went at it…I made sure to moan loud enough for him to hear me, and when I came I went ‘Oh-oh-oh-yessssssssss’…:

“Oh my God, what did he do?” I asked him.

He chuckled and said, “When I feigned snoring he immediately jerked himself off loud enough for me to hear…I simply laid there with a huge grin on my face.”

“The next day we acted like nothing had happened and that night I did the same thing in the dark and he followed me afterwards…the next night, as soon I’d gotten myself hard, I could actually hear his heavy breathing while listening to me. I said out loud, ‘Timmy, it sure would be nice if you did this for me!”

“Oh my God, what did he do?” I asked.

“I heard him whimper and cough then he said, ‘Thomas, please, I don’t think it would be right’…I said ‘Timmy, get over here and feel my cock – don’t make me angry – don’t make me have to find another roommate!”

“You didn’t say that, did you?” I asked.

“Hell, yeah, and you know what? It worked! I heard him moving then suddenly my bed sagged from his weight and he grabbed my cock, and the rest, as they say, is history!” he said smiling.

“He was my first male lover, and a very obedient one at that…it took only two-nights before I had him take it in his mouth then after that I had him blow me several times every day!” he said triumphantly.

My breathing had suddenly become labored, and surprise-surprise, my dick was now hard inside my briefs. I was acutely aware of his hand still massaging my thigh. I ever so subtly tried to move away from him but he took hold of my hand and pressed it to the crotch of his slacks.

Oh my God, he had an erection, and he forced my fingers around it. I would have cried out in protest but I certainly didn’t want to cause a scene and have other people notice what we were doing.

He suddenly grasped my prick thru my pants and squeezed it then innocently smiled at me and said, “Move kaçak bahis your hand back-and-forth on my cock!”

I swiveled my head from side-to-side to see if anyone was watching us. To demonstrate his point, he moved his hand back-and-forth on mine.

“Tell me YOUR story, John,” he said.

“No, uh, I can’t…” I protested.

“Johnny, you made a promise – I told you mine now it’s your turn!” he said.

I didn’t remember promising him any such thing. I wasn’t sure, my head was spinning and I saw stars dancing before my eyes. All I knew is I wanted to get out of there – I didn’t want to get caught with my hand on a man’s hard dick.

“Thomas, no, please-“

“Well, okay, let’s get a couple more drinks and take them back to my room…we’ll have more privacy there!” he said.

I think I would have agreed to anything to get out of the glare of the casino lights.

“Oh, okay,” I said.

Standing, I was acutely aware of my hard prick inside my briefs. I glanced down to see how noticeable it was – it wasn’t – not at all.

I couldn’t help myself and took a quick peek at his crotch – oh, yes, I could definitely see the outline of his cock straining against his slacks. He didn’t seem to care about it.

I spilled a good quarter of the martini on our walk to his room. Well, he walked, I kind of stumbled. Luckily, he was able to keep me upright with his strong hands.

What happened to his drink? I wondered. Did he forget it at the bar? I then remembered he’d only gotten one for me.

When he inserted his key card in the door of his room I was overcome with a deluge of guilt and shame.

Oh my God, this is SO wrong, John. Get out of here – go to your room and go to bed!

The next thing I knew he was pushing me inside the room.

He guided me to the bed and we sat on the end of it. He suddenly turned my face to his and before I could get out of the way, he kissed me full on the lips. I spilled more of my drink.

“Thomas, no, please,” I said when I was able to break free.

He smiled and said, “I can’t help myself, I am attracted to you, John…I’ll bet you were the cutest little guy growing up…okay, no one can hear you now, go ahead and tell me your story!”

I took a deep gulp of liquid courage and coughed. I suddenly felt relaxed.

Thomas stood and said, “You may as well finish your drink while I get comfortable!”

Huh? What? ‘While I get comfortable?’ What does that mean?

To my horror and astonishment he began undressing. Instead of making a run for the door, I closed my eyes and did as I was told. I drained the rest of the martini in two big swallows.

When I opened my eyes Thomas stood before me wearing only string, bikini briefs.

Oh my God, he has the same undies as me!

His penis had softened, but that didn’t prevent his package from causing a large bulge in the crotch. I saw a small stain and figured it to be pre-cum from his earlier erection.

Suddenly I became woozy from the last two swallows of gin. My body began swaying from side-to-side. Thomas was busy with his hands.

What’s he doing? I wondered.

I heard him chuckle and say, “How cute – we’re wearing the same briefs!”

I looked at his then mine. His were black and mine were red.

Then I wondered, hey, wait a minute, why am I only wearing my undies?

He rejoined me on the bed and put his arm around me.

“Okay, go ahead with your story, cutie!” he said. “How old were you when this happened?”

It felt good to have someone holding me. My head was floating in the clouds. There was no longer any shame, guilt or fear. The words flowed freely.

“I was twenty-two. One night I went out by myself and got drunk. My roommate was working…I left the bar at midnight to go home, but I didn’t want to go there yet…I thought and thought and finally drove to a park a few miles from my apartment…I parked the car and sat inside a long time…”

“What kind of ‘park’ was this?” he asked me.

“Well, you know…during the day it was a normal park with a pond in the middle…mothers and their children would go there…”

“And at night?”

“Well, it was, uh, it became a place where men would hang out…you know, to meet other men…”

“Had you ever gone there before?”

“Uh, yeah, a couple times but I never got out of the car…”

“You chickened out!”

“I guess so…anyway, on that night I finally got out of the car and walked down a slight hill to the pond…I was so nervous I had to take a leak and I saw the bathrooms on the other side of the pond so I began walking to them…”

“Could you see or was it dark?”

“The path around the pond had lampposts every thirty or forty feet, but the trees surrounding the path were all in dark…”

“Were there other men there?”

“No, I didn’t see anyone…”

“How did that make you feel?”

“Well, disappointed, I guess…”

“Because you went there to get picked up by a man and no one was around!”

“Well, yes…anyway, all the way around the pond I didn’t see a soul…when I reached the men’s room, I stopped and looked around – nobody…I went in and took a leak then stood outside for about a minute and still didn’t see anyone…well, I began feeling foolish for even being there, I mean, I wasn’t gay, what was I doing there?”

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Cabin Fever Pt. 01

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Julie had been my best friend for the last four years, we met at Presbyterian Hospital where we both worked as a nurse. She was a new nurse and I was assigned to be her mentor and preceptor for the first six months of her employment. We were glued to the hip and hit it off immediately. We had so many things in common and quickly began to hang out outside of work. We spent a considerable amount of time together, our boyfriends were also friends so we did almost everything together.

Every fall, the four of us would go to the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee for a getaway. Julie’s boyfriend Brian had a hunting cabin owned by his family and we had dibs every October for a week of fun and relaxation. We were all so excited to be getting away this year, it had been a busy, grueling year for us all and we needed to escape for a while.

I went to Julie’s to help her pack, anxious to get on the road on time so we didn’t waste a minute of our vacation. Julie was notorious for causing us all to be late, so she needed me to keep her on track. The boys were busy getting all the supplies we needed to have a great time at the cabin.

“Come on, hurry up girl! The boys will be back any minute and we got to get on the road. Just throw the shit in there, we have an iron at the cabin.” I chided her with a smile on my face.

“Lisa, stop rushing me, damn, I’m almost done, get your panties out of a wad!”

As I watched her rushing around the room, gathering clothing and folding them to place in her suitcase, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she really was. She was about five feet four with a slightly thick build, but she was well proportioned and curvy in all the right places. Her hair was golden with lighter blonde and red toned highlights, it was long and naturally wavy. She had green eyes which sparkled all the time, fitting her bubbly personality perfectly. Her lips were full and defined, perfectly shaped, like a lipstick models lips. I found myself staring at her and thinking about what it would feel like to kiss her, to lick her, I wondered what she tasted like and what her lips would feel like on me. I could so put YOUR panties in a wad… I thought to myself.

What the hell was wrong with me? I wondered, slightly embarrassed by my naughty thoughts. It was Josh’s fault, he had asked me if Julie and I had “ever done it” the night he met her for the first time. Of course I told him we hadn’t, which wasn’t a lie, but damned if I hadn’t been thinking about it… a lot. I has always wanted to be with a woman but the opportunity never arose and I was hoping when and if it did that it would be with Julie. It was like he planted a seed that was sprouting and growing fast. He confided that he had a fantasy of watching two women together and claimed he saw a sexual attraction between Julie and I and had thought about the two of us together a lot.

“Not happening Josh” I laughed, secretly I hoped that one day I could help him make that fantasy and mine come true. He seemed disappointed, but I got the impression he didn’t quite believe me based on the small smirk on his face.

“Kara?” Julie tapped me on the arm to get my attention, “Where are you? Damn girl, you were in lala land, help me finish would ya?”

“Sorry, I was just daydreaming about how much fun we are going to have.” I lied, my cheeks flushed red.

The boys arrived with all the goodies we sent them after, just as Julie and I finished packing. We were waiting at the bedroom door when they came up the walkway looking for us. Both had shit eating grins on their faces, obviously up to no good.

“What are you boys talking about?” I asked with my eyebrow raised in suspicion.

“Oh nothing Sugar” Josh answered too quickly, as he ribbed Brian in warning to keep his mouth shut.

He knew I loved when he called me Sugar, but after being with him for a year, I knew he used it to his advantage way too often and right now I wasn’t buying what he was trying to sell.

“Let’s go my lovely’s.” Brian joked as he glanced my way and met my eyes. He took Julies face in his big hands and kissed her, but never taking his eyes off mine, as though he were encouraging me to watch them.

I licked my lips unconsciously and he broke the kiss and winked at me, smacking Julie’s ass playfully.

“Brian!” she yelped as she headed towards the car giggling.

I followed behind her giving Brian and Josh a suspicious look.


Josh smacked my ass too and laughed, “That goes for you too Sugar, get that sweet ass of yours in the car.” I cocked my eyes at him as I caught him and Brian giving each other a knowing glance. What were those two up to I thought to myself as I ran to catch up with Julie.

We arrived at the cabin just as the sun was setting and it was so pretty. The yellow, orange and red tones in the sky as the sun set behind the mountains and tall pines was breathtaking. The air was so fresh and smelt like fall. The crisp leaves and the scent of the fires burning in fireplaces from the cabins scattered casino şirketleri across the mountain top permeated the air. Although the temperature was a bit on the chilly side, all in all it was the perfect combination to the start of a lovely getaway with my friends.

The cabin was cute and quaint. Made of logs cut from the surrounding forest, it had a porch that wrapped all the way around, old fashioned rocking chairs on either side of the front door and autumn leaves were blowing whimsically in the breeze across the steps and floor planks of the porch.

As we starting unpacking the car I couldn’t help but notice how sexy Julie looked today, her nice round ass in those jeans had my mind thinking dirty thoughts and as she bent over to get her things from the trunk it was on full display. I couldn’t help staring as she gathered her things from the trunk and day dreaming about what she would look like naked and how that ass of hers would feel in my hands. She turned to me and flashed a smile. Mmm…mmm…mmm, damn it, she is HOT, I shook my naughty thoughts off and started to get my own things from the trunk, our arms brush and it sends a tingle straight to my groin. Julie gave me a knowing look, catching me off guard by planting a friendly kiss right on my lips!

“We are going to have such a great time Kara” she whispered with a naughty grin on her face as she walked off. FUCK!

As I watched her walk away I catch Brian watching us from a distance, he is leaning up against the porch railing and it was as though he knows what I am thinking. I quickly look away, slightly embarrassed that he just caught me gawking at her ass. I walk past him hoping he doesn’t say anything about what he just witnessed.

“Yea it’s as nice as it looks Kara.” He laughs and follows me into the cabin.

OMG I’m so embarrassed!


Although Julie and I had been friends for years, we never crossed that line…yet. I have to admit, the longer I knew her the more I wanted to cross that line. I had been fantasizing about it pretty hard for the last several months and often wondered if she ever thought about it too.

We came close one night about a year ago, we drank way too much after losing a patient who was near and dear to us both and we were consoling each other. We were crying and laughing, reminiscing and joking about Mr. Thomas, who was the sweetest man and always made us laugh. We had both taken care of him on and off for over 2 years and we thought he was going to beat the big C but we ended up losing him unexpectedly to pneumonia.

We were on an emotional rollercoaster the night we found out, as we sat in my living room floor drinking our sorrows away. We wiped away each other’s tears, and took turns laying our heads in each other’s laps as we shared our stories about him. Julie was lying in my lap, remembering a funny story about him as I was stroking her hair, running my fingers through the length of it. She was so pretty, even with mascara smeared under her eyes. I stroked her cheek, wiping away a tear trailing down her face to her lips, lingering just a moment too long when I swore she was about to kiss me. In that moment, I wanted to kiss her so badly, but we were interrupted by Josh coming home from work, just as her lips were about to touch mine. Damn it, terrible timing Josh.

Julie quickly sat up, wiped her face and excused herself to the bathroom.

“What’s going on?” Josh inquired curiously.

“We lost our favorite patient and we just needed to cry it out.” I explained, Josh didn’t dig any deeper.

After that night. Julie and I seemed closer, if that was even possible. We have always had an undeniable bond, like we were kindred spirits from past lives. We were two peas in a pod and spent a lot of time together, too much time together, but now we seemed to share something deeper, a more emotional connection we both felt that night.

Occasionally I sensed that she wanted to revisit that night but she never did, so I kept my feeling and my fantasies to myself.


We all got settled in, Julie and Brian took the bedroom on the right of the cabin and Josh and I took the one on the left. Julie and I started supper while the boys gathered wood from outside to get a fire going. As we moved about the kitchen cooking and chatting, I noticed Julie was constantly brushing up against me and flashing me sexy looks. Fuck, she is going to be the death of me if she doesn’t stop, but damned if I wanted her to stop. She made my pussy tingle and by the look on her face I would have to say that was exactly what she was trying to do! Two can play that game though, I smiled at her as I licked my lips and sipped my wine.

We ate a delicious pasta dinner and then settled on the couch together in front of the fireplace. It has been a long day and we were all tired from the packing and drive. We drank and laughed and planned out our week with tons of fun things to do as we sat by the fireplace. Fishing, hiking, kayaking and mountain biking were a few of casino firmalari the things on our agenda, and of course, always ending the day with dinner, drinks and the good company of each other.

The boys head off to bed early so they can wake up early and pack our gear to kayak tomorrow morning.

“Night Sugar, wake me up when you come to bed.” Josh got up and kissed me on the forehead, smiling as he walked off to bed.

“I second that idea baby!” Brian snickered as he grabbed Julie and whispered in her ear. Whatever he said made her smile mischievously as he found his way to bed.

“What was that all about?” I asked Julie.

“Oh nothing love, he was just being Brian that’s all” she assured me.


It was just me and Julie, sitting on the floor by the fireplace drinking our wine and relaxing. We sat quietly for a while, my mind was filled with thoughts of the week ahead and of her and all the naughty things we could do with each other.

“Kara?” Julie asked me out of the blue.

“Yea?” I answered as I took a sip of wine, missing my mouth, I must have had a little more than I thought, the red wine dripped off my chin and onto my cleavage.

“Shit” I yelped and started to get up to find a towel.

“Hold still, I got it”

Julie quickly reached up with her finger and slipped it down the front of my blouse trying to catch the runaway liquid. She brought her wet, wine covered finger to her mouth and sucked it off, looking at me with hooded eyes. I blushed as my pussy twitched, god she was so hot. I wanted that tongue on my tits.

As though she read my mind, her face slowly lowered to my breasts, I let out a faint gasp when her warm mouth touched my cool flesh, the temperature contrast gave me goosebumps. I could feel her smile against my skin and my breath hitched. She licked all the wine from the crevice between my tits, slowly, tantalizing me and then took my face in her soft hands, “I have been wanting to do that for a really long time Kara, so stop me now if you don’t want it too.”

I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t breathe, I just looked at her and closed my eyes as her mouth met mine. Slowly at first, she nipped at my bottom lip and then licked it softly, my lips parting for her and she sucked the very breath from my lungs as her lips hovered over mine, I shuddered in anticipation. Her lips covered mine and our tongues danced, her mouth tasted like wine, so sweet and warm and I felt the first surge of moisture pooling between my legs as I moaned into her mouth.

She puts her hand on the back of my head, tangling her fingers in my hair and deepening her kiss. She was urgent but tender, full of hunger, but beautifully feminine. It was like no kiss I had ever had before. Her tongue was so warm and silky, she seemed so skilled, not sloppy or awkward at all, she was a flawless kisser and I craved more.

I reach up and cup her breasts in my hands, I feel like I’m shaking from the inside out, my heart is pounding in my chest. She moans and presses herself into my touch, her tits feel so soft and her nipples harden under my touch. I circle the hard nubs through her blouse with my thumbs and they tightened even more. I pinch them lightly and she hisses, breaking the kiss and pulling my hair back, exposing my neck. She kisses and nips me lightly with her teeth in the nape of my neck and licks up to my ear, she pauses breathing heavily as she whispers, “Mmmm I knew you were a naughty girl Kara, I want to taste all of you.”

“Oh fuck” I half say and half moan.

She makes quick work of removing my shirt and then her own, tossing them to the side. Her breasts are gorgeous, just the right size, and her areola pretty pale pink and puckered from the cool air and my heated stare. My mouth waters as I imagine them in my mouth. As I break my stare and look at her, she is admiring mine as she seductively lick her lips, she reaches up and touches them, I whimper at her touch.

“Beautiful, simply beautiful” she says as she places her mouth on my breast, gently sucking my hard nipple between her lips, she flicks and strokes it with her tongue, I arch my chest towards her, desperate for her to continue. She pulls and sucks, biting it just hard enough to send a pulse of electricity straight to my pussy, then she repeats on the other breast.

She kisses me again, smiling against my lips as I continue to feel her up, growing more comfortable by the minute.

She rests her forehead against mine and whispers, “That feels so good Kara, please don’t stop, please tell me you don’t want me to stop either.”

“Please don’t stop Julie” I manage to say between breaths as I lay down flat on the rug in front of the fire.

She kneels beside me and kisses me again as she unbuttons and unzips my jeans.

“Pick up your hips love, I have to taste you” she says as she pulls my jeans off.

She stands to take off her own jeans as I lay admiring her from below, she meets my gaze and my insides melt. She is wearing a sexy red bra and panty güvenilir casino set, lacey and very feminine and alluring. She positions herself on her knees between my legs, coaxing me to spread them for her.

“Don’t be shy baby, I have seen you looking at me and I know you have been wanting this as bad as I have, don’t chicken out on me now” she grins as she trails her finger across my bottom lip, down my neck, across the swell on the top of my now heaving breasts. She bends over planting her hands on either side of my face and bites her lip before kissing me again.

Fuck this is so HOT, why did we wait so long to do this?

“I love the way your mouth tastes baby but I really want to taste that sweet pussy.”

She sits up and continues her assault on my senses, running her fingers down my stomach in a zig zag, my muscles ripple under her touch and my skin goosebumps. She teases me as her finger slides just under the elastic edge of my panties, my hips arch slightly and my breath hitches as I throw my head back, aching for her to go farther. She licks and sucks my breasts again as she softly rubs her fingers across my core through my panties. It feels amazing but I ache for more, I need to feel her on my bare skin and she knows it as she continues teasing me. My pussy is pulsing under her touch and I am getting so wet.

“Please Julie” I whimper, breathless and needy for more.

“Please what baby?’ she asks with a snarky grin.

Is she really going to make me spell it out for her? She runs a finger just inside the seam of my panties on both sides as her thumb grazes across my clit through my now soaked panties.

“Your pussy is so wet Kara. Please what? Tell me what you want.”

“Please lick my pussy Julie” I softly whisper, I can barely fucking breathe much less talk.

Julie seems satisfied with my response and lays down between my legs, her hot breath so close I can feel it through my panties and it feels so damn sensual. She again teases me by running her finger just under the seam of my panties near my core, pulling them up just enough to let the cool air and her warm breath bathe my sensitive, wet folds.

Her tongue mirrors the route her fingers took and I moan loudly, forgetting the boys were sleeping close by. Christ, her tongue is so fucking soft and hot. Josh licks good pussy but nothing like this, there is something about this that feels more intimate, more intense and personal. My hips are reaching for her mouth, desperate for more contact with her mouth.

She pulls my panties all the way to one side and runs her fingers down my wet slit, I quiver. She stops and just admires my pussy for a moment, I can sense she is inspecting and drinking me in and it’s so fucking sexy.

Her mouth only inches from my pussy, her breath is so warm , she looks up at me with hooded eyes and says ” Your pussy is so pretty, shaved bare , just the way I envisioned it and you smell intoxicating, let’s see how you taste.” And she lowers her mouth.

As her tongue makes contact with my throbbing pussy, all I can do is hold my breath to keep from yelling out. She takes a long stroke from my core to my clit and I feel myself gush as she goes back and dips her tongue inside me to catch the nectar. She moans as she tastes me and the vibration is almost too much to bare.

“Oh Fuck yes!” I moan as she slides her tongue in and out of my pussy with a teasing slow pace.

My hips move in rhythm with her as she wraps her arms around the back of my thighs, holding me in place as she gently sucks my clit between into her mouth. I gasp, frozen, with my hips pressing into her mouth, as my body and mind try to comprehend what is happening. This feels so amazing and I don’t ever want it to stop.

She slides one, then two fingers inside me, first slowly sliding them in and out as she softly sucks and flicks my clit with her tongue. Then she picks up the speed a bit, I am panting, my chest heaving, my pussy aching and so close to cumming.

She keeps her fingers buried inside me and looks up at me once more with a devious grin, my juices wet and shining on her chin as she lick her lips and whispers, ” I’m going to make you cum now baby, are you ready?” She asks, as though I’m going to tell her NO, not missing a beat as her fingers fuck my pussy mercilessly, she doesn’t wait for my reply.

She tips her fingers upward, finding my G spot with ease and strokes it back and forth as her mouth sucks my clit.

Oh my god, she eats pussy so fucking good, the thought of cumming in her mouth is overwhelming and as she flicks my clit with her tongue, I come undone.

“Oh my GOD Julie, I’m cumming!”

She continues to work her fingers against my G spot and flick my clit while I shake uncontrollably under her. My legs become rigid and my hips press into her mouth and fingers as hard and I can manage as I ride out the orgasm. My pussy muscles spasm, pulsing around her fingers, holding them tight as white sparks flash behind my eyelids. It seems to last forever, but not long enough all at the same time and I savor every second of it. Her pace slows and she kisses my clit and she slows her fingers and gently pulls them out as she licks my cum from them hungrily. I am trembling as I slowly come down from this amazing high.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

intikam aldım

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Evliyim aslında adım sedat..bu anlatacağım hikaye tamamen gerçek ve bartısızdır…bir gün eşim evde yokken onun telefon rehberini elime geçirdim. ve içlerinden bir kocaeli escort kaçını aradım. hepsine yalnız olup olmadıklarını ve telefonda sex yapmak isteyip itmedeklerini sordum. kocaeli escort bayan bir kaç telefon konuşmasından sonra ümidimi kaybetmişken bir “evet çok hoşuma gider” izmit escort cevabını aldım.inanın gerçekten sexten bile çok zevkli bunu defalarca denedik.bana bir gün bir arkadaşının daha telefonda sexten çok hoşlandığını söylediğinde çok şaşırmıştım. ve beni arkadaşları hatta evli çiftlerle bile tanıştırdı. onlarla hala telefonda sex yapmaya devam ediyorum.gerçekten harika denemeye ne [email protected]

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Tatildeki Anım

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben 18 yaşında yakışıklı bir gencim. Artık sabrım kalmamıştı. Long beac te 1 ay kalmıştım ama hala bir kız bile sikememiştim, bu beni deliye ceviriyordu. Ne zaman bir rus görsem içim içimi yiyordu. O gece bir rusun sahilde oturduğunu gördüm. Tam yanına gidecektimki bir kıro kızın yanına gidip hello filan demeye başldı. Acayip moralim bozulmuştu. Sonra beş dakika sonra kzı öpmeye başlamazmı, bu beni deliye çevirmişti. İlk tanışma ve öpücük olmazdı.Sonra aklımca bir plan kurdum, long beach otelde bir oda tuttum. Aileme arkadaşlarımda kalcağımı söyledim. Bu ruslar okul gibi bir geziye gelmişlerdi. Gece hocalarına çaktırmadan dışarı çıkıyorlar ve sabaha kadar geziyorlardı. Odalar bungalov tuzla escort şeklindeydi. Odamın önünde beklemeye başladım. Güel bir rus bekliyordum. Yalnız 3 kız geçti ama güzel değillerdi ama bunlar teker teker dökülüyordu. Tam len nasıl olursa olsun sonra bütün fırsatları kaçırma derken olamaz cirlop gibi bir rus yanıma yaklaştı. Do you have a cigret (İngilizceyi biliyor çoğu) dedi. Bende wait (bekle) dedim. Içeride önceden hazırlamış olduğum eteri pamuğa döktüm. Kalbim küt küt atıyordu ve bir hamleyle kızın ağzını kapattım. Filimlerdeki gibiydi, hemen kendini bıraktı artık benimdi. Hemen odaya soktum. Sapsarı saçları, mavi gözleri beni tahrik ediyordu. Yavaşca altındaki miniyi çıkardım. Altında tuzla escort bayan bembeyaz ve önünde playboy işareti olan bir don vardı. Üstündekileri çıkardıkça dahada heycanlanıyorum. Bende soyundum, sımsıcak bir vucudu vardı. Onu yaladıkca kendimden geçiyordum. Amı süt gibiydi, kılları kesmişti. Amını yalamaya başladım, yoktu böyle bir zevk. Sonra amının dudaklarına dayadım ve içeri doğru ittirdim. Çok dardı, zorlanıyordum. Bir hamle daha yapıp bir çırpıda amına sokuldum, kanlar sızmaya başladı. Bu beni tahrik etmişti.Arkasını çevirdim… Kızın içinde öylece bekliyordum. Yüzüne baktıkça dahada azıyordum ve gelip gitmeye başladım. Çok güzeldi. Sonra büyük bir titremeyle boşalmaya başladım. Kız da escort tuzla kımıldamaya başlamıştı. Sonra arkasına cevirdim. O esnada telefonum çaldı, baktım teo arıyor. Meşgule verdim, işime devam ettim. Götü çok dardı yarağımın amının sularıyla ıslanmış olmasına rağmen girmiyordu. Odanın tuvaletine koştum ve o sıvı sabunlarda elime bir miktar aldım ve götüne sürmeye başladım. Yavaş yavaş sırayla parmaklarımı soktum. Sonra yarağımı götüne dayayıp yüklendim ve gidip geliyodum derken götünden kan akmaya başladı. Ama ben yılmıyordum, dahada hızlı evet dahada evet kanlar arasında boşaldım. Hayatımda öyle boşalmamıştım. Götünden kanla karışık meni akıyordu. Kızı banyaya taşıyıp vucudunu yıkadım. Oradada göğüslerinin arsına verdim. Kızın amını yıkamadım, sonra kıyafetlerini giydirip yan odanın kapısının önüne bırakıp elinin yanına bir sıgara bırakıp oradan kaçtım. Odanın anahtarını resepsiyona bıraktım ve vınnnnnnn

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Arkadaşın Sikişi

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben 17 yaşında alımlı seksi güzel bir genç kızım..bu anlatıcağım olay 4-5 ay önce başıma geldi…Biz ailemle tatile marmarise gitmiştik ve orada bir sürü okuldan arkadaş çevrem olduğundan çok eğleniyorduk…Ayrıca çokta içli dışlıydık hepsiyle…Ben orada arkadaşlarımla aynı otelde kalıyordum..Birgün hep beraber havuzdan çıktık ve biz kızlar odamıza çıktık…oğlanlarda bizim odadan 4 oda yanda kalıyorlardı..Dediğim gibi hep iç içe olduğumuz için oğlanların yanında da çok rahatdolaşabiliyorduk (yani don-sütyen flan)…Neyse biz odaya çıktık sırayla duşlarımızı alıyorduk ben en son alacaktım..Nihan`la Seçil duşlarını aldılar ve biz çıkıyoruz diyerek oğlanlarla buluşmaya lobiye indiler..bende soyundum dökündüm banyoya girmeden önc aynada kendime bakıyordum…kapıdan bi ara tıkırtılar gelir gibi oldu ama fazla umursamadan banyoya girdim…duşumu alıp çıktım ve havluyu ıslak bedenime ankara escort sarıp banyodan dışarı çıktım…birde ne göreyim bahadır yani arkadaşım yatağın üstünde oturuyor..hemen utandım ve arkasını dönmesini söyledim..oda döndüü…ona buraya nası girdiini sordum oda kapı açıktı bende giriverdim kızlaar senin geç kaldıını söyleyince bende bakmaya gelmiştim kapıda açık olunca içeri girip senide alır giderim diye düşündüm dedi..Bende tamam sen bakma da ben hemen giyiniğim dedim oda tamam dedi..o kadar senelik arkadaşım olduğu için ona güveniyordum..tam arkasında dolabın önünde havluyu indirdim…Diri kalçalarımla kafası arasına 10-11 santim vardı ama tabi o kafası dönük olduğu için bunun farkında değildi…daha sonra bende külot almak için çekmeceye eğildiğimde kalçalarıma baktığını farkettim..Fakat öyle bir güven duygusundan fazla aldırmadım..sonuçta yan gözle baktığımdan belkide yanlış escort ankara görmüştüm….külotu alıp arkamı döndüğümde bana gerçekten baktığını farkettim…evet çırıl çıplak bahadır beni izliyordu..biraz sinirli birazda şakacı bi şekilde ne oldu açıkta birşeymi gördün dedim..oda bana vücudumun çok güzel olduğunu daha önce beni hiç böylesine açık görmediğini söyledi..ben teşekkür etsemde içimi bir şaşkınlık ve utanç sarmıştı..oda bunu farkedince bana utanmamam gerektiğini yıllardır arkadaşı olduğumu söyledi…bende biraz daha rahatlamıştım…kilodumu giymek için eğildiğimde elleriyle kıçımı ovuşturdu..bir anda ne yapıyorsun diye bağırdım fakat daha önce hiç bir erkeğin bana öyle özel yerlerime dokunmamış olmasından mıdır nedir hoşumada gitmedi değil..oda devam etti tüm vücudumu ellemeye…yapma desemde elliyordu bende fazla karşı koymuyordum hani ;)…yavaş yavaş yatağa yatırarak diri ankara escort bayan göğüslerimi yalamaya başladı..daha çok küçüğüm bahadır desemde birşey olmaz diyor beni taş gibi olmuş aletinin üsüne oturtmaya çalışıyordu…Aslında o kadar senelik arkadaşımdı nasıl böyle yapardı derken bir yandan d hoşuma gidiyordu…ve bana beni sikmek istediğinii söledi…Bende yine bi şaşkınlık ıcınde bi şey diemedim…ama yine neden olmasın diede düşündüm.. çnk hoşuma gitmeye başlamıştı…ve yine işe koyularak bana dokunmaya başladı…ve bi yandan da soyunmaya başladı… o diri kocaman siki taş gibi olmus ve hazır bi şekilde bana yaklaştı…ben önce bence bunu yapmalayalım desemde o kararından dönmicek gibiydi…sora amıma yönelerek yalamaya başladı…ve ben bi anda azmaya başlamıştım…sora sikini yavaş yavaş içime sokmaya başladı..ben daha once bole bısı yapmamıs olmamdan dolayı kanter ıcınde kalmıstım… ama cokda hosuma gıdıyor sankı havalarda ucuyordum…sora dibine kadar benı zorladı we ınletmeye basladııııı.devamı comıng sooon tmm mı bana ulasmak ısteyenler ankaradan Aylin i sorun herkes gosterır artık o gunden sora :)Gönderen: loklok

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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