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Birthday Boy Ch. 01

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“So, what do you want for your birthday?”

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting anything given our current circumstances.”

“Why, just because we’re on the outs right now doesn’t mean I don’t want to you to have something from me on your birthday.”

“Hey, that’s great. I’m really pleased.”

It didn’t take me long to come up with a suggestion. It was something I’d thought about for a long time, but never had the balls to bring up.

“I have a suggestion that we both might like.”

“Such as?”

“I want my tongue in your pussy and ass after watching you get fucked by another man.”


“Gloria, are you there?”

“I knew you were a pervert, but that’s beyond anything I thought I’d ever hear you say.”

“Why? You know how it turns me on to think about you with other men. Does it surprise you that I’d want to join in? Well?”

“When did you first start thinking about that?”

“Who knows, months probably. I’ve thought about it on and off for a while.”

“Let me think about it and I’ll get back to you. I’m not promising anything and I don’t know if it’s something I’d be comfortable with.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet you’ll be doing more than waiting. How many times have you jerked off thinking about me with another man?”

“I’ve lost track.”

“I’ll bet you’d like the man to be Chris, wouldn’t you? I know how much it turns you on to hear about me fucking him. Knowing I’ve taken him up my ass. Thinking about me riding his long, hard cock, my hands on his hard muscles, his hands sliding over my tits and ass. I’ll bet you’d love to see him come in my mouth too, wouldn’t you? Watching my lips wrapped around his prick, his hands in my hair forcing my head back and forth as he fucked my face. Did I ever tell you about the time I sucked his cock in the men’s room at his restaurant?”

Chris was a bartender at a local restaurant, and no, she hadn’t. She’d pegged it. Chris was Gloria’s on and off fuck-buddy, and it was he who I’d had in mind when I voiced my request. Her stories of the two of them together had always been responsible for massive comes. It had taken about 5 milliseconds for me to get hard after hearing his name, and I started sliding my hand between my legs while Gloria had been talking. My throat was starting to get dry so my answer was a more of a croak than an intelligible statement.

“Yes. I’d like to see that too. “

“Anything else you’d like to see?”

“How about my cock sliding into your ass while his is buried deep in your steaming pussy?”

“Hmm, now that’s starting to sound intriguing. Think you could handle it, me fucking another man right in front of you? Sure you wouldn’t wind up hating me?”

“You know I’m in love with you and that wouldn’t change anything. I know you love to fuck him. You’ve probably had him since we’ve split up and I don’t care.”

“Well, you’re wrong, I haven’t seen Chris for quite some time, but I have started thinking about dropping by to see what comes up, if you get my drift. Maybe I’ll just have to give him a call.”

Once Gloria hung up my mind filled with images of her. A natural brunette, she’d added blonde to her hair, setting off her olive skin beautifully. Clear blue eyes, a gift from her Scotch-Irish mother, could sparkle or scorch, depending on this beauty’s many moods.

I always thought she was beautiful, five foot, two inches, slender yet curvy with a tight round ass that fixed my eyes the first time I saw her. Her breasts weren’t large, 32B, but they were firm and high; a perfect mouthful.

One thing you could be sure of as a man, knowing when Gloria was interested in you sexually. Some women exude sensuality without being blatantly sexual or crass. Gloria was one of those women. When she turned it on, men flocked around her.

She’d met Chris at a local restaurant where he tended bar. He was playful and energetic and very popular with the female patrons. Remember Tom Cruise in “Cocktail?” Chris worked hard on his physique, which Gloria openly admired. Once in proximity, their pheromones filled the air and stoked the fires burning just below the surface.

They’d fucked everywhere, and I never got the impression that she was interested in much else about him. He’d had her in parks, at the beach, at her office, in both their cars, on a swing, wherever he wanted. She followed his lead and let his body take her places her mind wouldn’t normally allow. Sometimes when we were in bed, I’d coax a story from her about one of their couplings. One of my favorites started with them both at the restaurant, him tending bar, and Gloria sitting on a bar stool, her shapely legs dangling like a lure for unsuspecting men.

She was teasing Chris with her flirting. She’d arrived a few hours before he got off to have dinner at the bar and just shoot the shit with whoever showed up. So far, Gloria had collected phone numbers from a 45 year old attorney, a 29 year old stockbroker, and a retired corporate executive with silver-gray hair, a magnetic personality and expensive clothes. Each çıtır escort had come and gone in turn, clearly getting the message that tonight was not to be their night.

She loved the attention and knew it would incite Chris to do something wild once they left together. Thinking about his lean, muscular frame and his hard cock started getting her wet, and she wasn’t ready for that yet. Gloria slid off the stool, smoothed her denim miniskirt and strolled to the rest room to cool her flushed face.

Chris saw Gloria leave her place at the bar and watched her from behind as she walked to the ladies room. “That’s a great ass and a great piece of ass” he thought to himself as Gloria turned the corner and disappeared from sight. He’d been careful not to lavish too much attention on her during the evening, not wanting to scare away any of the men drawn to Gloria’s side. He wasn’t at all worried that she might choose one of them to leave with. No, he would be the one pleasuring Gloria tonight, and with that thought his cock hardened. He knew she loved the attention of men and also knew the flirting game she played would have her especially hot and horny by the time they left. “She’s been sitting there soaking it up for hours but I’m the one who’s going to fuck her silly” was Chris’ last thought before a customer pulled him out of his reverie.

At last it was closing time. Chris wished the last of his customers a good evening and turned his full attention to Gloria. He parked himself across the bar in front of her, captured one of her small hands in his own, and gave her a winning smile. “Well beautiful, you’ve had me thinking about one thing all evening and I’m done waiting.”

Gloria couldn’t have agreed more, turned on her own, significant charm, smiled and met his eyes with her own. “I think it’s time you took me home and fucked me.”

They walked out of the restaurant side by side, Chris’ arm at her waist, his hand dipping down to brush her ass. Gloria had parked in the upper lot and as they walked to her car Chris teased her about all the men who went away disappointed that evening. She responded there might have been at least one candidate for follow-up, and if Chris wasn’t careful he could be replaced. He laughed.

When they reached the last of the steps that led to the parking area first Chris, and then Gloria, noticed that her car was the only one remaining. They were alone as they approached her low, red coupe. Given the warm weather and Chris’ penchant for outdoor sex they both knew this was an opportunity not to be wasted. Add in the several hours of teasing and non-physical foreplay that had just transpired, and the action was bound to be very fast and very hot.

Chris pushed her against the car, pressing her back against the door. He grabbed and lifted her chin with his right hand, brought his mouth down on hers and kissed her hard. Gloria opened her mouth to accept Chris’ tongue, which danced with her own. Chris formed his body around hers, driving his hips into her. Gloria could feel his growing hardness and reached down to stroke him through his trousers. She moaned into his mouth as her hand wrapped around his rigid shaft.

Meanwhile, Chris’ left hand was busy sliding up underneath Gloria’s miniskirt and between her legs. He cupped her mound and Gloria’s heat filled his hand. His fingers found her soaked panty crotch and he pulled it aside to feel her wetness directly. Chris used his middle finger to tease between the swollen lips. He slid his fingertip first along one, and then the other, gathering her juices and working her cunt lips open. He bent his finger and pushed the knuckle into her fold. With his thumb, he sought out her clit.

Gloria gasped when she felt his fingers probing her. She pulled her mouth away from his and lightly bit his chin. She removed her hand from rubbing his cock and moved all ten fingertips onto Chris’ chest, where she pressed into his muscles. Her shoulders withdrew from him and she pushed her hips towards his hand. As her head fell back and onto the roof of her car Gloria dropped her arms to let Chris do what he would with her body.

Chris smiled and slid two fingers into Gloria’s steaming cunt. As he worked them in and out, coating them with her juice as his thumb played along her slit and clit. Before morning his cock would be in her mouth, her cunt and her ass, but for now, he fucked her with his fingers.

He knew what she wanted, but he was going to take his time getting to it. Chris looked at Gloria’s closed eyes and knew she’d like what was coming. Still moving his hand inside her, he knelt down. His left hand reached forward and slid up her leg until he found the waistband of her lace panties. Then, removing his other hand from within her, he pulled Gloria’s panties down to her shoes. He lifted one leg and then the other to remove them completely. Then he lifted her left leg onto his shoulder, cupped her ass in both hands and pulled her body up to his face.

His mouth was on her immediately, his lips against hers, his tongue lapping at the demetevler escort molten river of juice flowing from within her. Gloria’s scent was musky and clean, and the taste of her tangy and delicious. Eating Gloria’s pussy never failed to arouse Chris to the utmost. His engorged cock grew even harder as he licked, nibbled and probed her very core.

When Gloria felt her panties drawn down her legs, she assumed that Chris was about to fuck her. With her upper body pressed against the door, she figured he’d lift her legs and drive his cock into her. That would have been just fine. She wanted to get fucked. A quick one in the parking lot, like an hors d’oeuvre, and they’d drive back to her place for the main event. When she felt his mouth, it surprised and pleased her.

She loved having a man feast on her pussy, especially when he was as good as Chris. His hands molded against her ass, and she loved that feeling as well. His spread his fingers and placed his thumbs by his cheeks, using them to spread her open. His tongue flicked out, plunging into her center, probing deeply and then receding only to push back inside again.

His mouth and lips and tongue were all over her and it felt wonderful. Gloria let her head fall away from her body and rest onto the car as she placed her hands on Chris’ head. Her fingers run through his hair as he ate her, licked her, pulled her cunt lips into her mouth, nibbled at her clit and devoured her. All the while, Chris’ cock grew harder and longer, craving the attention that only Gloria could provide. His face, wet with her juices, slowly withdrew from between Gloria’s legs. He looked up at her and as he rose to kiss her mouth and share the taste of her cunt, he unzipped his fly.

As they kissed, Chris reached into his pants. With one hand he pulled out his substantial cock, with the other he lifted Gloria’s skirt. Her legs were still open and with her body bent back against the car Chris had no trouble pressing the length of his erection against her sodden lips. He moved against her and as each inch of him slid against her pussy is grew slick and wet. He would fuck her, but not yet. This was still foreplay, teasing. He grabbed himself, pointed his cock upwards and pulled the head back and forth; sliding just inside Gloria’s swollen folds. The head of Chris’ cock pushed just enough to open Gloria, but not enough to provide any satisfaction. He teased her clit with his cock, then bent his knees and slid it again through her folds and back, spreading her wetness back to her asshole. Chris took a finger, dipped it into Gloria and then pushed it into her ass. At the same moment he pushed several inches of cock into her, held himself still, and then withdrew from both holes.

Chris pulled Gloria away from the door and opened it, reaching inside to turn off the interior roof light. He glanced around quickly, making sure they were still alone in the parking lot. Then he took both her hands in his and motioned for her to sit sideways onto the passenger’s seat. Gloria’s head was at exactly the right height. She reached both hands out, grasping Chris’ cock, and pulling him towards her. As she took the first few inches of him between her soft lips, her tongue sliding against him, she tasted the mixture of both their fluids.

She’d been looking forward to this all night, his cock in her mouth. Chris wasn’t the only one with talent. She felt his veins and then the ridge behind his head as her lips slid along his length. His cock was perfect for her, for her mouth, her pussy, her ass. She loved taking him inside her and loved it too when he was the one doing the taking. She used one hand to stroke him, sliding her fingers around his girth and up and down his length. With the other hand placed on Chris’ tight, hard ass, Gloria controlled the action. But only for the moment.

With her thumb and forefinger, Gloria did the best she could at encircling Chris’ girth. Her fingers didn’t meet, but they gripped him strongly. She brought her fingers back against her lips and synchronized the movement of her hand and head down his shaft as she sucked Chris into her mouth. She could only take half of him but it was the most sensitive half. Now that she had his cock firmly in hand, Gloria removed her hand from his ass and cupped his balls. They were heavy and filled her palm. She thought about how he liked it when she licked them and took mouthed his sac. But her attention was on his cock now, the balls were the sideshow. Her feet were flat on the pavement, her ass planted in the seat, so Gloria had plenty of leverage to work her mouth against the length of him. She held him tight and fucked him orally.

Chris was loving Gloria’s hot, wet mouth and encircling fingers, gripping him just like a tight pussy. He knew he would come if this went on for much longer and, though tempting, it was her cunt and not her mouth that he wanted to fill with his first load. He pulled his hands off the car’s roof and moved them to the sides of Gloria’s head, at first letting them follow her in and out motion. dikmen escort Then he gripped her more strongly and drew back his hips while holding her head still. He heard a small “pop” and looked down to see the swollen head of his cock just leaving Gloria’s pursed lips. He was wet with her saliva and his shaft pointed upwards towards her nose.

Chris gently pulled Gloria up and, when she got the hint, offered him her hands so he could help lift her out of the seat to standing. He bent down to kiss her and now tasted himself in her mouth. Their tongues played briefly while Gloria’s hand found his cock again and began stroking it. He broke their kiss and turned their bodies so he was now ready to sit. Letting go of Gloria, Chris let his rear end into the car and swung his legs up as well. He unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down to his knees, revealing his muscular thighs. But of course, at this time his most noticeable feature was his rampant prick, standing at attention. That’s where Gloria’s attention was drawn and she knew exactly what to do next.

It took a little maneuvering, but she brought herself into the car with him, facing rearward while he faced front. She swung one leg over him and then back between the two front seats. Once she was sitting on his thighs, Gloria lifted her other leg into the car and put it back between the seat and the side of the car. It was a tight fit, but then they probably wouldn’t be stuck that way for too long. Not if she had anything to do about it.

Gloria’s pussy was molten and needed the attention of a long, hard cock attached to someone who knew how to use it. The object of her desire was already brushing against her cunt lips. Chris lifted Gloria’s miniskirt so they could see both their bodies pressed against one another. He pulled her skirt back as his hands pulled her body forward, bringing her moist, swollen lips up to the underside of his shaft. They kissed, as Chris moved his hips one way and then another, forcing his cock to rub against the mouth of Gloria’s pussy. She was spread open around him, her clit being teased as he used her body to stroke himself.

Under other circumstances, Chris would want to explore the rest of Gloria’s body and spend plenty of time on her breasts. Right then, there was nothing else on his mind other than having his cock buried deep in her pussy. It was an urgent need for them both. With that in mind, he brought his hands down behind Gloria’s ass and slid them between it and his thighs. As he lifted her, she positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt and pushed herself down onto him. Chris withdrew, best he could, to keep just the head inside Gloria. Yes, he needed badly to fuck her hard, but he’d tease her just a bit more first.

Slowly, Chris lowered Gloria down onto him, allowing a couple of inches to penetrate. He smiled at her as he held her perched on him. “Want more? Tell me you want more?” His hands lifted her, until she was almost empty of him, then he dropped her down again.

“Just fuck me you bastard” smiling as she said it. Gloria’s insides were burning and she wanted satisfaction. Her nipples were hard as pebbles and Chris was ignoring her breasts, leaving her top alone and focusing only on their fuck. That was fine with her, but wished he’d get on with it already! She loved his hands on her ass and told him so. “Lift me up and let all of your cock slide into me. Fuck me with every inch of your hard cock, Chris. I want to feel your hot cum fill me up.”

Chris obliged her request, first slowly lifting her ass away from his legs and then with one thrust pushing his hips upward and pulling her down. He felt Gloria’s hot, slick pussy as it enveloped each succeeding inch of his prick. He was through teasing her, but that didn’t mean he was in a hurry to come. This was going to be a fuck they’d both remember for a long time. He pushed into her until their pubic hair intermingled, kissed her and drove his tongue into her mouth as his cock drove into her pussy.

At last Gloria was getting what she’d waited for all evening. As his cock filled her, her senses went into overdrive. The scent of their coupling was filling the car, and her nostrils, already gorged with blood from her excitement, flared with every breath. She could hear their labored breathing, as they pulled the fragrant air into their lungs. She grabbed at his shirt, pulling it over his head, and her eyes scanned his muscular chest and arms. She loved his sculpted body and how he felt against her when they lay naked together. For now, she’d have to settle for running her hands over his pecs and biceps.

Chris’ cock was engorged and throbbing, as he drove it repeatedly into Gloria’s tight channel. He controlled her body with his hands on her bare ass, lifting her, shifting her hips left, right, forwards and back, dropping her down again. He’d reached down to slightly recline his seat back, and it increased his penetration into the beautiful woman lying atop him. His cock felt wonderful inside her. Every inch was caressed by her wet flesh and he felt the heat of her body along his length. The sensations of her hands on his chest and nipples only enhanced his pleasure. Chris knew they had the whole night ahead of them, that they’d be fucking again as soon as they arrived home, that he’d have her over and over. There was no reason to postpone his climax any longer.

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