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Great Grand Parents

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This story is dedicated to the couple who inspired it. I am not a detective and don’t know if it happened this way but it could have. What I do know is that when the eighteen year old twins, the couple’s great grand-children called me, having found their forebears, dead in their bed, the room smelled of sex and both their bodies were covered in sperm.

Not wanting them to be subjected to the giggles and whatever other crass comments would come from the mortuary attendants, I called the twin’s single mother, who like myself was a nurse to help wash the bodies first.


Ken and Winifred were in their nineties. They still touched and kissed in public, much to the disgust of the teenagers in the area. Winifred laughed it off. When they had been teenagers it had been their own parents and grand-parent’s generation that gave them disapproval. She always said there was something wrong if she didn’t have anyone around who thought what she was doing was wrong.

They had met in junior school. She went to a Catholic all girls’ school but they met up again when they went to university. A year or so after graduation they married and seventy years later were still together.

“Would you wash my back Ken?” She called out to her husband who, dressed in only a towel had been fixing a pre-bedtime drink for them. Leaving the drinks in the bedroom, he returned to the bathroom in response to the code phrase they had been using for eighteen months before they married.

When Ken had finished canlı bahis washing Winifred’s back his hands moved their attentions to her front. He had never stopped worshipping her tits even though they had lost the firmness they once had. Droopy they might be but the nipples soon responded to his stroking and squeezing. One hand continued to play with a nipple while the other reached into the water.

Ken ran his fingers through her thinning, grey pubic hair which matched the grey of that on her head. Soon his fingers were teasing her outer lips, which were spread wide, no longer close and tight as they had been when he took her cherry all those years ago. Seven children had seen to that. Ken rubbed the bar of soap up and down her slit before rubbing once more with his fingers. A contented sight escaped Winifred’s lips. As Ken’s thumb circled her clit two fingers plunged deep into the opening he knew so well. A few minutes later he felt her muscles squeezing his fingers as her orgasm spasmed around them.

This was his cue to let out the water. Winifred stood up and Ken took the warm towel from the radiator to dry her before leading her to the bedroom. Each drank the nightcap prepared earlier and within seconds they were in a sixty-nine, and enjoying what Winifred had once heard her daughter telling her grand daughter, “was a mortal sin.” She still wondered how Mary, dead of a heart attack two years ago had come to be so up-tight about sex. Elizabeth, the grand daughter had none of those bahis siteleri hang-ups.

Her lips moved up and down Ken’s penis which had lost none of it’s staying power over the years though the time between bouts of coupling had increased from the ten to fifteen minutes when they first started having sex. She ran her tongue around the purple head which pushed out from his foreskin as she shivered in anticipation while his tongue teased her clitoris.

She always told anyone who asked about their long time together and their health and longevity that it was all due to a healthy sex life. Some laughed and some turned away to hide their blushes. They were both past caring what other’s thought of them.

Winifred felt Ken’s impending eruption and pulled her head back allowing his seed to spill over her chest and breasts. She felt his tongue speeding up on her clitoris as his fingers once again entered her slippery vagina. Her hips started to buck as she felt herself exploding for a second time.

Winifred sucked Ken’s limp cock clean, removing the last vestiges of cum that continued to ooze from the tip. She then moved a little and started to rub the tip around first one areola, then the other till both her nipples had regained their hardness. Then she turned around and still squeezing his cock with her hand rubbed it up and down her well lubricated cunt. As she did so she remembered Mary’s shock when Elizabeth used the word on return from school one day.

Ken, meanwhile bahis şirketleri was feasting on Winifred’s breasts. He sucked, licked, stroked and nibbled as she continued to work on getting his ageing equipment back in working order.

Some one and a half to two hours later he was hard again. With an ease born of almost daily practice for over seventy years Ken slipped inside her waiting hole. Soon he was pumping with the vigour of a teenager and Winifred was pushing back with as much enthusiasm. Ken gripped the slack muscles of her ass to pull himself in further as Winifred’s own fingers worked on her clit.

With only seconds between them each orgasmed again. Only this time as his cock returned to it’s shrivelled state he felt a strange pumping in his chest. Before he had time to register what might be happening his heart had stopped. Winifred knew something was wrong, she looked at his eyes and knew the end had come. It had been a good life. She promptly closed her own eyes and died.

I stood with Elizabeth at the funeral and sat with her at the meal afterwards. It was a long time till there was no one left but family. Ken and Winifred had a lot of friends. Eventually Elizabeth took my hand and asked, “Do you want to stay at our house tonight?”

Rosie, one of the twins asked with concern, “Mum, where will he sleep?”

Elizabeth proved that she was her grandparent’s grand daughter as she answered, “He can sleep with me, I am sure they would have approved.”

Adam, the other twin spoke, “Mum, that’s disgusting! You shouldn’t be having sex at your age!”

Rosie showed her own metal at that point and before Elizabeth had a chance to answer, said, “I don’t know. It would be a good way to go.”

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