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His Birthday

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His eyes began to open some time later, it had been a good sleep, and all of a sudden John became aware of a nice warm feeling between his legs. I must be dreaming he thought. The feelings began to intensify, and as he felt it getting stronger he felt his dick respond, growing as the blood surged to the tip. His dick had grown to its full size now, long and thick. He felt the skin roll back over the purple head exposing the sensitive glans; this was a really good dream. John then became aware of a wetness engulfing him; his dick had become slick and even more sensitive to the pleasure it was feeling. He felt it grow again, bigger than ever, then a hot tight feeling engulfed him and he became more sensitive than ever before. His dick seemed to grow again.

It was a slow realisation that he wasn’t asleep, the light coming through the curtains and the sounds of passing traffic, and the wet feeling coming from his groin. He opened his eyes fully and looked around him and down the bed.

The covers were rising and falling slowly and he began to understand why he was having the delightful feelings. John didn’t move, he dare not, the pleasure was too great. He could see Ruth’s legs at the end of the bed; this was a great present. John felt his ball sack move and tighten as the pleasure grew, he was sure his dick grew again, oh this was good.

He was fully awake now and was sure that Ruth thought he was unconscious. If I pretend to be asleep until I come, he thought, maybe Ruth would take his hot salty seed deep inside her throat. It was a divine deceit, but would she do it?

John could feel his wife’s tongue sliding up and down his length from the tip right down to the base and then around his balls before taking them into her mouth and slowly sucking them before moving back up to the tip. His dick twitched as her mouth closed around his sensitive knob again and took a couple of inches inside.

John was watching the quilt rise and fall when it was thrown back, their eyes met, no chance of surprising her now; damn he thought.

“Happy birthday, needed some air” Ruth said.

All John could do was nod as she continued to wank him while looking into his eyes.

“Where did this monster come from?” Ruth added looking down at his glistening prick.

John looked too, she was right; it was big, bigger than normal all glistening hard and red. The veins stood proud and the purple head throbbed visibly, John figured normally he was about 9 inches when aroused but Ruth’s hand looked tiny in comparison maybe he had the magic 10 inches, he couldn’t remember the last time he had been this excited.

Ruth squeezed his dick from the base, sliding upwards, milking him until a small drop of liquid appeared at the tip.

“Bet you would like me to lick this, and take your juices into my mouth?” Ruth asked.

“Please” John replied almost silently.

The pleasure was so intense. Without breaking eye contact Ruth leaned forward and her tongue brushed the tip scooping up the liquid before stretching her mouth wide to take the purple monster deep inside. John groaned at the sight, his sweet wife struggling to stuff his monster dick into her mouth while all the time rubbing his shaft. He was bigger than normal, he was sure now, and he could see the corners of her mouth stretch, the skin turning white with the pressure of the insertion.

“Take it all bitch’ John growled.

He couldn’t believe the words had come from his lips, it shocked him, he said it again, no less shocked, the pleasure surging through his body had overcome him, he was an animal.

Ruth looked at him and then re adjusted her position before opening her mouth wide to take him inside again. John watched as the first inches entered her delicate mouth. She adjusted her position again and slid the next inch in, god he was Horny.

“More?” John asked, a nod came from his wife’s face so John slowly lifted his hips off the bed to meet her face and the first half of his huge dick was in.

“More?’ John said again there was no reply this time.

He eased forward toward her; he felt the tip at the opening of her throat and pushed again. He felt her gag a little and back off but she grabbed his bum and pulled herself forward again. This time the gag wasn’t as bad and she left his dick at the opening of her throat before pushing again. He felt the tightness as his monster entered. Ruth took some more, only 3 or so inches now left visible, god he was hot and he could feel the come boiling inside his sack.

“More” John ordered, again no answer so he eased more in and when he looked down his sweet wife’s nose was buried in his pubic hair.

“Now fuck it, whore” John demanded.

Ruth began to bob up and down with 10 inches of meat jammed in her throat. The tightness was incredible, a feeling he had never experienced before. He involuntarily reached for her hair and forced her up and down forcing her to milk his monster.

He was so close now; he was going to come. As the first surge canlı bahis started he slid out so that the tip was at her lips. John grabbed his cock and massaged it squeezing the come towards her mouth. He still had her hair in the other hand so he used that to pull her head over his knob as he exploded. Spurt after spurt rushed from his knob, thick salty fluid. Ruth took all she could before she swallowed. He was still coming as he withdrew and the next eruption splashed on her face, sticking where it landed. She lowered her head again and caught the next spurts and drank it down. He was relaxing now and the orgasm was subsiding, wow.

Ruth looked up at him with a wicked grin on her face. The last dribbles were falling on his belly; she reached down with her finger and scooped them up before slowly licking it clean. They both collapsed exhausted.

Some while later Ruth stirred and looked over at John

“Nice birthday present thanks” he said “the days still young” she replied.

“Why don’t you grab forty winks while 1 get a shower and nip to the shops for a few things? I’ll meet you in the pub at one” Ruth added.

John could only nod as he drifted off to sleep. When he awoke it was mid day and time to get up. He ran the shower and jumped in, the water was warm and cleansing. As he soaped his cock it began to rise again and thoughts of this morning came rushing back.

“No time for that now” he said out loud.

John dressed quickly and left for the pub, which was a couple of miles away down by the river. It was warm and sunny out and John couldn’t wait to see Ruth again. When he arrived her car was in the car park, he pulled up alongside. Ruth got out too and they kissed.

“Thanks again for this morning” John said Ruth kissed him again

“Still horny?” he asked

“Mom.” she replied.

Ruth looked Stunning she usually wore trousers but today she was wearing a flared summer dress that buttoned at the front and came to the knee, it was quite low cut exposing some of her large breasts. John commented on her looks as they walked to one of the tables on the lawn at the front. As they approached Ruth waved to her friend Lou who was sat sipping at a glass of wine.

Lou was attractive, quite petite with small breasts her legs looked fine in a short mini skirt.

“Any one for a drink?” John asked as Ruth sat down next to Lou.

The girls answered and John went inside to get the drinks. When he came back outside he had the drinks on a tray, the sunlight was bright in his eyes and he had to squint to focus. The girls were laughing at something and as his eyes became accustomed to the light outside, Ruth’s legs drifted apart as she moved on the seat.

John stood at the door and stared, the dress had ridden up slightly and he could see past her knees to her bare thighs. The thin cotton dress accentuated her shapely thighs and his eyes were drawn further up her legs towards her knickers. The girls laughed again and as Ruth moved he was sure that he caught a glimpse of ginger pubic hair at the top of her legs, was Ruth naked under the dress?

John couldn’t wait to get home and find out. John moved quickly to the table and sat opposite the girls, he was glad to sit down because the bulge in his jeans was beginning to show already. They made small talk, the weather, the kids, work and stuff but John was only thinking about whether his wife’s pussy was naked under the table so close to him, the tension was beginning to get to him and the more he thought about it the more his dick grew until it was beginning to get painful; constricted in his tight jeans.

Lou asked for one of the Johns cigarettes that were sat on the table, and then reached over for them. She caught his lighter with her finger and it bounced across the table on to his lap and then the floor.

“Sorry” Lou said.

John wasn’t, the lighter had landed on the floor under the table and he might get the chance to check out whether his wife really was naked under that dress. John moved his chair back slightly, and moved down onto his knees to look under the low table. What he saw stunned him. Ruth’s legs were apart and he could clearly see the short ginger pubes on her pussy. John blinked as he looked; Ruth had completely shaved her lips leaving them bare! Her pussy was glistening, as a small drop of moisture was visible at her entrance. Ruth opened her legs further and as she did her outer pussy lips parted slightly showing the hidden treasures inside. He could clearly see the hood of her clitoris covering the jewel inside. It was swollen and red like a small cock and he could see it throbbing.

John’s dick sprang to attention in his pants. He was just climbing back from under the table when he noticed Lou’s mini skirt was stretched open and her legs were parted too. Lou had no knickers on either and he could clearly see her blond pubes and through them her slit which was damp from excitement. God he wished he could stay under the table all day!

As he rose he looked bahis siteleri flushed and the girls laughed at him.

“Seen anything you like?” Lou said.

John could hardly answer; this was a great birthday.

“I like your new hair style” John managed to blab not really knowing what to say.

“It feels great’ Ruth replied “Lou’s an expert with the razor’

Lou added matter of factly that “just thinking about it was making her even wetter”.

The girls finished their drinks and John went to get another. As he stood watching the girls they giggled at his still swollen rod encased in his pants. When John returned the girls were silent, Lou had her eyes closed and Ruth was slowly moistening her lips with her tongue. John carefully put down the drinks and thought he would take a peek under the table. He wasn’t prepared for the sight that greeted his gaze. In front of all the people sat in the beer garden Lou was rubbing Ruth’s open slit and Ruth had her fingers buried to the knuckles in Lou’s sopping pussy.

John climbed back up and sat hey headed towards orgasm oblivious to those around them. Ruth had often told John of her fantasies about sex with another woman but John thought that they were purely that.

“Open one of those buttons” John intimated as he pointed at the front of Ruth’s dress.

Lou reached over and after checking that no one was paying attention opened the first button, then the second. Ruth wasn’t wearing a bra and most of her cleavage was now visible. Lou undid the third and Ruth’s dress was open to the waist, although with the rubbing on her clit she was completely oblivious. Lou brushed the thin material to one side and the nipple of her right breast came into view. It was already erect and hard, but with the warm breeze and sunlight playing on it, it grew again. Ruth’s nipples were dark brown with the aureoles being about an inch across. They jutted straight out from her breasts and as Lou squeezed the exposed one it turned from red to purple and swelled again. As she released it Ruth murmured and John could see the nipple was at least an inch long.

Ruth sighed as her orgasm came upon her and bit her lip to stop any further sounds from escaping. She shuddered; John imagined her swollen clit now fully exposed to the world, throbbing with the intensity. Suddenly they heard a squeal; it came from Lou as her own orgasm arrived. The noise was loud enough to attract the attention of the other drinkers; Ruth quickly grabbed the front of her dress and covered up the exposed breast.

They all quickly recovered but there was still interest being shown by the others so they made themselves decent and left. Lou said she had to go home but would see them later. Ruth suggested they take one car and head into town, as she needed a dress for the party next week. John thought she would look great in the one she had been wearing today.

They arrived at the department store and Ruth took John to the ladies section and quickly picked the dress that she had seen before.

“I’m just going to slip into this and you can tell me what you think” she said.

They walked to the changing rooms that were through an opening. John stood outside looking as Ruth walked the short distance to the first cubicle and went in closing the curtain behind her. When she reappeared she was wearing a long black dress with a split up one side nearly reaching her waist and really low cut, he was surprised it covered her nipples. John thought it looked great,

“Wow” he said, “it’s terrific.

Ruth thought it was too big and asked if he would get the size 10, which he did.

Ruth set off to change again some other ladies went in leaving their husbands to stand waiting with him. Ruth drew the curtain back and pulled it to close it behind her. The curtain stuck only three quarters closed and all the men could see Ruth in the mirror at the side of the changing room. Did she know they could still see her or hadn’t she noticed? John watched transfixed, as were all the other men as Ruth turned away from them and reached for the zipper on the back.

His heart began to race as she slowly lowered it exposing her naked back. His dick began to rise again as she slowly pushed it over her shoulders to reveal the tops of her arms. John glanced over at the two other men, both had hard ons and one was playing with his though his trouser pocket. John liked the feeling other men watching his wife was having on him.

When John’s gaze returned to the changing room he saw Ruth lower the dress to reveal her naked backside. It was perfect; heart shaped, and firm. He loved the way that it wobbled slightly when she walked. Ruth was naked now and as she turned to face the mirror all the men caught sight of her large breasts with their still erect nipples. The fine clump of pubic hair glistened still from the come she had just experienced a short while ago. Ruth slipped on the smaller dress and zipped it up. As she came out of the dressing room and walked towards him the other two bahis şirketleri men moved away embarrassed at the thought they had been watching.

“Is this better?” Ruth said.

It was certainly tighter and it pushed up her already large bust towards freedom. John could see the very tops of her nipples and when she did a twirl her pussy could clearly be seen.

“Are you going to wear knickers to the party?” he asked

“Why? Are you worried you and the other fellas won’t get a show like the one you have just seen?” she replied.

So she had known she was being watched all along. Ruth asked John to get her another dress that she had seen and bring it down for her to try on.

John selected the size and brought it back but Ruth was no longer there. She must have gone to the cubicle he thought. After checking no one was looking he quickly darted down the corridor and through the curtain. Ruth was already naked and was busy rubbing her wet clit. John couldn’t believe she was being so daring.

As he approached she whispered in his ear “Lick me”

John got down on his knees and moved closer. He froze for a second as someone entered the cubicle next to theirs; this was so naughty. He was inches away; he could smell her. Her pussy smelt strong and rich from the orgasm she had had recently and the excitement she was giving herself now. As his mouth neared he lips parted with an audible noise. The long labia opened to show the inner lips and the hood of her clitoris. As his tongue touched for the first time she shuddered, he knew she loved that feeling. His mouth parted the lips and his tongue sought out her opening burying deep inside. Ruth moved further towards him as he fucked her with his tongue. He withdrew for a second and then took her lips deep into his mouth pulling them roughly. She liked this and he could see she was biting her finger to stay quiet.

John found her clitoris, it was large, like a miniature dick, swollen and puffed up. The hood had long since rolled back leaving it exposed and on view; he nibbled at it moving her to further heights of ecstasy. His own dick was hard; it seemed to have been all day long, it was bursting to get out of his jeans. They paused for a moment as someone passed by within inches. John then moved back twisting the clitoris with his tongue before sinking his whole mouth over it and sucking as hard as he could. She was near the edge and she started to moan as she came hard in his mouth. He tried to quieten her with his hand as he sucked but the others in the neighbourhood must have heard the noise. Her juices flowed freely into his mouth filling it with their sticky sweetness.

As her climax began to subside she pulled him roughly to his feet and pulled at his zipper. His cock sprang free, angry and large as it had been this morning. Ruth tugged at his jeans, pulling them to his thighs before turning round, grasping his huge member and forcing against her pussy lips. John bent her over at the waist so that her hands touched the floor, and moved her legs apart. He reached down and opened her lips and then pushed the first inch in. She was sopping wet and it slid in easily. They moved together, grinding, until his big dick was fully in and he could feel his balls slap on her leg. As they moved John grabbed her backside with both hands and spread her ass apart. He could see the crack leading to the puckered ring. His urgency began to increase as he felt the orgasm approach.

He pumped faster with Ruth meeting him on the forward strokes. All of a sudden it started he felt the thick liquid being pumped deep inside her. His eyes rolled as another squirt entered her willing body. Finally he was spent and he withdrew his, shrinking cock. Ruth turned round and dropped to her knees and cleaned the last few drops of come from his dick before pulling up his jeans.

“You had better leave before we get caught,” she said. “I’ll meet you in the car’ John checked the coast was clear then slipped out.

The lovers showered when they got home and got changed.

“This has been a great birthday present” John said.

“The days not over’ Ruth answered.”I thought we might go out for a bite to eat at that new restaurant.”

“Sounds good” John replied.

“Would you go and get some milk for the morning before we leave?” Ruth asked.

John got in the car, it smelt of sex, and he could see the damp patch where his come had leaked from Ruth on their way home.

John didn’t take long; the shop was just around the corner. When he got back at the front door there was a note pinned on it which said,

“Go upstairs and go to our bedroom”. John wondered what surprises were in store now as he climbed the stairs and opened the door.

There was no one visible only another note, which said

“Take off all your clothes and put on this blindfold, before lying on the bed”.

John obeyed the request, quickly throwing his clothes in the corner and putting the blindfold over his eyes before laying back. It was pitch black inside the blindfold, but John was happy with the rest, as it had been a tiring day, he thought it might be a tiring evening too. It seemed like several minutes had passed before he heard the bedroom door open.

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