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My wife Jodie and I are a very fit and healthy couple in our early 50’s who love travelling. Now that our children are not at home, every year we take four weeks holiday to explore a country at our leisure. We don’t like to race from city to city, we prefer to base ourselves in a town or region and get to know the area well.

On our most recent holiday we were travelling through the southern area of Spain, and I’d like to share an unplanned adventure we experienced.

Whilst in the city of Granada we were booked on a morning half day tour of the magnificent Alhambra, and a late afternoon booking at the Hammam Baths. We were waiting for the bus at the designated pick-up stop with a motley collection of tourists when we struck up a conversation with an Englishman named Graham, who was working in Madrid for a few months and was utilising the long weekend to visit Granada.

Graham was tall and well spoken, and seemed about 10 years younger than us. He had been working hard in Madrid and hadn’t had much opportunity to travel, but his workload was easing off and he was determined to see more of the country. As this was our second trip to Spain he was full of questions on where he should go, and we were also interested to compare notes on Madrid.

We talked all the way up on the bus and whilst waiting for the tour to begin. During the tour we chatted a few times and Graham offered to take photos of us together in some of the more spectacular spots.

Whilst chatting we asked if he was doing the optional Hammam Baths, he was, and he knew where it was located, which was very helpful as we were quite confused by the instructions we had been given.

When the tour ended we opted to walk down the hill back to town, Graham caught up with us and asked if we could provide some tips on Seville, as he planned to visit that city next and we had mentioned that we had just spent a week there, so we wandered back down to town together.

As we got close to the centre of town we stopped at a bar where we had a long lunch with plenty of wine, we love sharing our travel tips with people, and we had fallen in love with Seville so we had lots of information and stories to share, and Graham was very good company and had lots of questions.

We suddenly realised that it was getting close to our appointment at the Baths, so we headed back to our hotel to get changed and grab our swimming costumes and a towel, realising that we had quite a buzz on after the lunchtime beers and wine.

We followed Graham’s directions and arrived at the Hammam in time for our session, we found Graham in the waiting room with a number of other people. As part of our visit included a massage we were ushered to the change rooms first, Graham must have booked the same ticket as we were the only three people requested to proceed. The men’s change room was small and quite crowded as the previous session had just completed and there were many people showering and changing.

As I looked for a vacant locker I had to squeeze past Graham who was changing into his swimming costume and I couldn’t help notice how well hung he was, it was a bit intimidating, it was like the head of his cock had a lead weight in it dragging the rest of his cock down.

Once we were changed we moved through to a smaller steam room in the baths, Jodie soon joined us, her glasses steaming up immediately, she laughed and quickly took them back to her locker. A staff member then escorted us through the baths, explaining the use of each of the pools until we reached the massage booths.

We had to lay on a huge hot stone and then had a 15 minute massage, which was very relaxing in the steamy atmosphere of the Hammam. We were then asked to shower off the oils and led to the first of the pools which was empty, as all the other people had not yet been let in.

Graham appeared soon after and stepped into the warm pool to join us. Noise is supposed to be kept to a minimum in the Hammam so we were almost whispering as we commented on how peaceful and relaxing it was, and the pools and rooms were beautifully restored.

We were soon joined by all the other customers and after a while Graham excused himself as he went to explore the other pools. As he walked up the steps and turned to leave the pool, the profile of his crotch was very prominent and a couple of young women who were passing as they entered the pool turned to one another and looked back, whispering and giggling.

Everyone moved between the 4 pools and we came across Graham a number of times, on one occasion he floated across on his back and the material of his swimmers were sticking to his cock and leaving little to the imagination.

We had a brief chat about how beautifully warm the water was, and I noticed he was paying more attention to Jodie’s breasts, which are very impressive, than me, before he floated off and headed to another pool.

Jodie leaned in close and in a quiet voice remarked that she couldn’t casino oyna see much without her glasses but it appeared that Graham might be well endowed.

As I am not one to engage much in the discussion of other men’s wares with my wife, I surprised myself by responding that I had seen Graham in the dressing room and that not only was it impressive but that it might actually be the biggest cock I had ever seen.

I think Jodie was surprised by my response and she raised her eyebrows and had a wistful look on her face, almost like she felt a bit cheated that I’d seen his cock and she hadn’t.

An announcement was made and the lights came on brightly, signifying the end of the session. We made our way to the dressing rooms which were once again a bit of a crush, through the crowd I noticed that Graham had slipped his trousers on without any underwear.

I waited for Jodie near the front door, feeling refreshed and invigorated, Graham joined me and we were making small talk as we waited for Jodie to join us. The Hammam was at the end of an alley so when Jodie arrived we walked out of the alley and into a busy street where there were crowds of people heading towards the river, and many more were continuing up to a clearing halfway up the hill to the Alhambra where there were marquees and music.

The light was just starting to turn as the sun was low in the sky, and we were heading in roughly the same direction, when Graham suggested that we could watch the Alhambra light up from his apartment, as it had access to a small rooftop terrace that had a view of the Palace.

Jodie thought it was a lovely offer and as we had no other plans we agreed.

As we headed up the lane to the apartment when I couldn’t help noticing Graham’s cock swaying around inside his loose fitting trousers.

At the apartment Graham broke open the Scotch and sent us up the stairs with the glasses and the Scotch while he organised the ice. There was a bench and some stools with a magnificent view of the Alhambra, so while we sat and waited, I took the opportunity to explain that Graham had gone commando.

Jodie looked at me strangely and wanted to know why was I such a wealth of information about Graham’s cock.

I knew she was teasing but it did give me pause to wonder why I was telling her all this, I then explained to her that, the most important thing for a guy with a big cock is to get everyone to know that it’s big.

I was about to remind Jodie that it was her that brought it up back in the Baths, when Graham came up the stairs, he stumbled on the top step which provided more laughter from us all, as well as some noticeable jouncing in the trouser region.

Neither of us were usually Scotch drinkers, particularly me, so after the long lunch it didn’t take long to top us back up. We had a lovely evening watching the changing colours of the sky, and the Alhambra light up, along with plenty of pleasant conversation.

After a while Graham excused himself to go downstairs to the toilet in the apartment, when he came back his bulge seemed even more prominent and I wondered whether there had been a bit of self-administered attention whilst he was downstairs to really get noticed.

It seemed to have worked as Jodie was definitely looking at the bigger and better package that was walking her way and Graham was staring straight at her and realised her eyes were locked on his groin. When Graham sat down it was at a different angle on his stool, with Jodie in between us I couldn’t see but I’m sure it was to enhance the viewing lines for Jodie.

Along with the alcohol this turn of events gave me a buzz of excitement, so I decided I needed to go to the toilet too, Jodie gave me a slightly alarmed look and I might have had a slight smirk on my face as I went through the door.

I didn’t actually go downstairs to the toilet, I pulled the door but left it slightly ajar and listened.

Graham seized the opportunity afforded him and I couldn’t believe how straight to the point he was to Jodie, he basically apologised if he was embarrassing her with the state he was in but that he found her extremely attractive.

If Jodie was surprised she didn’t betray anything and had quietly replied that it was hard not to notice and that I had been right and that he would try to show her how big it was.

Graham sounded a bit perplexed by Jodie’s response but it certainly didn’t put him off as he launched into a spiel about how knowing she had been looking at him really excited him because he loved curvy mature women, and the whole time at the Baths he had just wanted to ease those beautiful breasts out of her swimmers and cup them and watch them float on the top of that warm water.

Jodie didn’t reply, so Graham went all in at this point, as he bemoaned the fact that we would probably leave as soon as I reappeared and that when we left she might mention what happened to me, or she might not, but he bet that she would be all over canlı casino me when we got back to our room, and we’d probably have great sex and that she would come really quickly because she’d be thinking about what he’d said and she’d be wondering what it would be like, but he knew that if he got the chance he’d make her come harder and longer than she ever had before.

I was a bit shocked, Graham certainly hadn’t held back with his pitch, and Jodie wasn’t saying anything so I thought I’d better reappear and that I’d be sitting down for a minute before Jodie told me to hurry up and finish my drink and we’d be off.

To my surprise there were no pack up orders, instead when Graham picked up the scotch bottle, Jodie nodded and he poured the three of us a glass and we continued to gaze up at Alhambra.

After a short while Jodie decided that she needed to eat and looking down at the street it was clear that the restaurants were all full, with people queuing up to get a table, it was a long weekend after all and there were people everywhere.

It was then that Jodie wondered whether any of the restaurants do takeaway of any type as she was not really dressed to eat out. Now Spanish food doesn’t really lend itself to takeaway so I mentioned that I had seen a pizza place on the way to the apartment

Jodie was fine with that suggestion as she said she was starving and that since we had been drinking Graham’s scotch that we should get the food, which of course was the right thing to do, the kicker came when she asked me did I need her to come with me.

I was a bit surprised as I realised all the hidden connotations of this question, and the look on Jodie’s face gave nothing away.

I didn’t know what to do next, I knew what would probably happen as soon as I walked out the door, did I want this to happen? I could easily have stopped it if I wanted to, but I didn’t.

They would figure on having a good 20 to 25 minutes before I would be back with the pizzas, so I made a decision as I walked down the stairs, I wasn’t going to get the pizzas, I looked for a vantage point to hide and saw a spot that was under the stairs and behind a small lounge. I opened and closed the front door loudly and quickly ducked behind the lounge.

I crouched there wondering what was happening up on the roof, surely they wouldn’t do anything up there, they would be too easily seen even though it was dark, were they just talking? Was I being stupid and would I need to slip out and get the pizzas in 5 minutes? All I knew was that my heart was nearly beating out of my chest.

I heard the door open from the roof and could hear the footsteps coming down I didn’t dare look out from my hiding spot, the footsteps continued with no talking, they had obviously discussed what was going to happen upstairs.

The apartment had a wall separating the bedroom from the kitchen and a half wall which blocked the view of the bed from the main lounge room area but from my vantage point there was a clear view to most of the bed, or there would have been if I could have mustered up the courage to peer around the edge of the lounge.

It was a small apartment so I wasn’t far from the bed and I could hear the muffled sounds of kissing and heavy breathing, I slowly peeked around the corner of the lounge, and there was Jodie kissing another man and trying to slip her hand under the waistband of Graham’s pants.

Graham took his hands from Jodie’s breasts, to quickly undo the buttons on his pants. Jodie’s hands dived in to the pants as they slipped to the floor and I was presented with the sight of my wife’s small hand trying to grasp Graham’s rampant cock, she squeezed his cock and flesh seemed to ooze out of either end of her hand.

She broke away from his kiss and stared down at the cock in her hand and let out a half gasp half laugh, she sat on the edge of the bed and I watched as she stroked the fast- growing cock, she looked up at Graham and slowly shook her head as though she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Jodie’s strokes from the base to the head seemed ridiculously exaggerated, she held Grahams cock straight up against his stomach and I was shocked to see how far up it went, Graham was a both a show-er and a grow-er, Jodie let it go and it dropped down and seemed to bounce back to a 45 degree angle before slowly inching itself upwards towards 90 degrees.

Jodie seemed transfixed by it and while Graham looked proudly down, he reminded her they didn’t have long and he moved closer and manoeuvred his cock so it was just in front of her lips, Jodie was not madly keen on sucking my cock, but she obediently parted her lips and took the head of Grahams cock in her mouth.

She had a firm grip on Graham’s shaft as there was no way she was going to take much more of that in her mouth. Graham tried to ease a bit more into Jodie’s mouth and succeeded in getting another inch worked on before he realised if he wanted the main prize he had better kaçak casino get to work on Jodie like he had talked up earlier.

Graham pulled Jodie to her feet and pulled her t- shirt over her head and then moved behind her and undid her bra which Jodie slipped off, Graham was standing behind her and reached around and grabbed her glorious breasts and gently squeezed and cupped them.

He helped Jodie to lay on her back and eased her jeans and pants off, he pushed her slightly back from the edge of the bed, kneeled on the floor in front of her, draped her legs over his shoulders and dove into her hairy gash.

My vantage point was looking at the foot of the bed and they were side on, I got nervous and pulled my head back in behind the lounge, I knew Graham wouldn’t see me with his head buried between my wife’s legs, but Jodie might as she laid back and enjoyed the attention.

I was desperate to see what was happening so I carefully eased the phone from my pocket, switched the video on and poked the edge of the camera out from behind the lounge, both were black so I figured it wouldn’t be seen.

I couldn’t see as clearly as there wasn’t a lot of room behind the lounge and the angle of the phone screen wasn’t great, but I could see that Graham was still working away on Jodie, he was going to have to get her very wet to fit that cock inside her.

Graham had dropped his right hand down and was slowly tugging on his cock to maintain his erection, he then stood up and crouched above Jodie and using his left thumb to spread her pussy lips and his right hand to hold himself he tapped her clit with his cock, I could hear the slapping noise it made from both the wetness of Jodie’s gash and the weight of Graham’s cock.

Graham made to put his cock into Jodie’s slit, but she asked him to wait.

I wondered whether she was having second thoughts, but she just wanted to know if he had some lube.

Graham rummaged in a suitcase that was in the bottom of the wardrobe, Jodie was looking at her watch and as Graham fumbled with the lube dispenser she was watching his cock starting to droop.

Jodie took the dispenser off Graham, yanked the top off and poured a liberal amount into the palm of her hand and spread it over the top of Grahams shaft and started to vigorously tug his cock spreading the gel all over his shaft, she then squeezed a big glob over the head of Grahams cock and worked it all over the top of his cock.

Graham’s member responded immediately and hardened to Jodie’s touch and he took the dispenser off her and put it down on the bedside table.

Jodie looked at him and asked half laughing how they were going to do this, and as he was the expert with that thing he’d better figure out a way it wasn’t going to hurt. She also became a bit concerned about the time and started to question the sanity of what they were doing.

Sensing that Jodie was losing her lustful urges and was about to start thinking logically, Graham kissed her deeply and eased her onto her back, he quickly covered her with his body and squeezed his knee between her legs and pushed her right leg wide enabling him to slip both his legs between hers.

He then put his weight on his knees and sat up, spreading his knees wide apart and pulling Jodie’s arse towards him and her thighs over the top of his thighs, he then took hold of his cock rested it on the top of Jodie’s hairy cunt, rocked back slightly and when the head of his cock was in the right position firmly grabbed the base of his shaft and slowly eased forward.

I was still filming with the phone but I also had my head poked way out to see this as I was sure they were too consumed to notice, I only had an angled view of it all and I would have given anything to have seen his cock sliding in and out.

Graham made sure Jodie was ok with everything, which she was, but at the angle her body was at she wouldn’t have realised how much of Grahams cock still had not entered her, he rocked forward, removed his hand from the base and placed both hands either side of her body, bore the weight and straightened his legs, this action obviously forced his cock in deeper and Jodie gasped loudly.

Graham held his position then he eased out slightly then slowly pushed back deeper, again Jodie gasped and pushed her hands into Graham’s stomach and suggested a different position might be better.

I pulled my head back in behind the couch as Graham rolled off Jodie and rolled her onto her right side, she would be looking straight towards my vantage point, I still had the phone out filming and I pulled it back a bit so I could see the screen. Graham was laying behind her and was lifting her left leg in the air with his left hand and moving her body a bit further across the bed whilst he manoeuvred his bottom down so that his cock was lying across Jodie’s inner right thigh.

As they were still lying across the bed I could see from the phone screen that the half wall separating the bedroom from the lounge room was blocking my view of Jodie’s face, so knowing she wouldn’t be able to see me, I poked my head back out again as I was about to get the view I was hoping for.

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