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Houston II Ch. 16

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Many thanks to the late “Techsan” for graciously giving his time and effort to me in editing this and other stories of mine. Your special skills in editing are missed by me and many others. God Bless, Techsan.

Chapter 16

Looking into the third room, Argie saw six naked men in a semi-circle around a blonde headed female possessed of a magnificent body. She wore a pair of panties and nothing else.

It appeared that she was either teasing the men, or putting on a show for them. Argie glanced around the room and saw that there were perhaps eight or nine women there besides the blonde. Some were nude, some were partially clothed, that is to say, bra and panties, or in one case a see-through bra and garter-belt and black stockings.

The blonde recaptured Argie’s attention as she reached down to grab the insole of her right foot, pulling it slowly up. This served to spread her thighs wider for her audience.

Argie was not even conscious that Adonis was gently nudging her into the room until her hip bumped into that of one of the women. The woman, dark haired and voluptuous, was about thirty-five and in wonderful shape, smiled knowingly at Argie, who blinked and returned the smile. The next thing she knew, they were holding hands.

The blonde gave a bump and grind out at her audience and John heard a cry of approval from everyone in the room. Holding her breasts in her hands, she did a quick spin, and let go of them to grab a bald-headed man’s penis and squeezed it.

The crowd roared out gleefully and the blonde froze for a second, and then turning in a slow circle, gave everyone a lewd and lascivious grin.

“Now!” she yelled, and raised her right foot so that the heel was positioned at the crotch of her panties.

Argie watched fascinated, as the blonde exerted pressure inward, spreading her labia open. None of the spectators could actually see this happening, but all of them knew it was happening, and were driven into a near frenzy by her actions.

The blonde laughed aloud and still balanced on one foot, rubbed her heel into her cunt, and after a few seconds, her underwear began to grow dark as the slick juices mingled with the satin material of her panties.

“Like it?” she called out raucously.

“YES!” came the roar of approval.

And, as the cry faded away, she lowered her leg and arched her back, presenting her soaked mons for the group’s perusal.

Argie felt the woman next to her place a hand on her rear, followed quickly by a tickling sensation as that hand ran up and down the crack of Argie’s ass before settling in and delving about half an inch into her anal tract.

She decided to go with the flow, knowing the woman would not dare interrupt the blonde’s show, at least not at the moment.

The blonde was quick to peel her undies off, and crumpled them into a ball, which she held under each man’s nose for at least a second each.

Adonis was the last man standing before her. He took the panties from her and stuffed them into his mouth and sucked her sweet nectar until he was satisfied that he had garnered most of it. Then he removed them from his mouth and returned them to the blonde.

A thin brunette, perhaps in her late twenties, lost control at this and began to masturbate furiously. No one moved to stop her.

Argie looked around the room and found that two men were now jerking off, not just stroking themselves, but seeking immediate release through the use of their respective hands.

Suddenly, she felt the woman next to her grab her thigh, and turn her half-way round and insert her middle finger into Argie’s cunt. Argie laughed, and laughed again when the woman followed up by jamming another finger into her ass, and began frigging both Argie’s cunt and her ass at the same time.

Several people noticed this and called it to the attention of the others. The blonde turned to see, and spying Argie and the other woman, laughed aloud. The blonde appeared to be unchanged by any of the activity going on around her. In fact, she seemed to be in control of all that was happening in the room, and sauntered over to a coffee table, and stepped carefully up on it.

The two men quit jerking off, and the fingers in Argie’s orifices grew still. The woman, who had been masturbating, groaned, and as she came, her knees buckled and she sank slowly to the floor, sobbing with relief.

The blonde squatted on the table and began to play with her clit. It was the largest clit Argie had ever seen. It appeared to be the size of a small boy’s cock, about three inches in length, and readily observable to the onlookers.

The men, all seven, including Adonis, circled the table, erections bobbing in front of them, apparently stimulating the blonde in her innovative actions. Seconds later, the women reacted, maneuvering their way in close, so that they were hip to hip with the men. And so it was female flesh pressed against male flesh, all of them craning to better observe the blonde’s next act.

The blonde casino oyna smiled, and coquettishly laid the palm of her hand over her mons, which had been completely shaven. Her extraordinarily large clitoris poked out at the spectators, leaving most of the men and women wanting to take it between their lips and suck upon it. The blonde knew this and played to it, using her middle finger to tease it, inducing it to bob up and down.

“Pillows, I need some pillows, please,” she said repeating her request.

Two men quickly handed her several pillows. She took the two largest and placed them on the table.

Argie wondered what she was up to, and a moment later got her answer.

“Okay, now I want a female volunteer,” the blonde said, and giggled.

“What are you doing, Greta?” one of the women asked.

Now Argie had a name to go with the blonde’s face.

“Do you want to volunteer?” Greta asked the rather thick-waisted woman who had posed the question.

“Um, no, I don’t think so,” the woman replied.

“Then kindly shut up. I need a volunteer,” Greta said again.

Argie was about to throw her pussy into the ring, when a woman named Arlene volunteered. Greta helped Arlene up on the table and then had her squat. “Now arch your back. Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall,” Greta assured her.

Arlene obliged, revealing both an abundance of confidence, and a very hairy crotch, which was now thrust forward, and with Greta’s help, she capably supported herself with her hands.

Then Greta almost copied Arlene’s position, except that she had her head between Arlene’s legs, and after bestowing a wet kiss to the woman’s cunt, called out, “Now, someone, anyone, get over here and eat me!”

A bald-headed man, about fifty years of age, forced his way to the table, shoving two women aside in the process. He was snarling like an animal as he had at Greta’s pussy.

Argie glanced around her. The women standing alongside her all seemed to have a hungry, almost depraved, look in their eyes. Some had started to play with their nipples with one hand, and with the other, they tangled and twisted their cunt hair. Those that were clean shaven pulled on their labia and teased their clits. All of them gradually worked one or more fingers into themselves, probing and caressing the flesh of their respective sex.

Argie joined them, flicking her fingers over her own clit in a blurring motion that brought her to the edge of her climax about as swiftly as she had ever achieved it before. An older woman, in her late forties was pinching her nipples in a most excruciatingly painful manner, and then pulling each one out, stretching them beyond belief. But as Argie observed, the woman was obviously enjoying herself immensely.

Argie’s release arrived, and although her knees buckled, she remained standing and slowly turned her attention back to the blonde cavorting on the table.

Greta was bucking her pussy into the older man’s face. He was obviously a skilled cunnilingist. The tendons in her neck were stretched and under tremendous tension as she continued lapping away at Arlene’s sopping wet pussy.

The room was full of whimpers, grunts, ragged breathing, and tight little screams. Argie, as well as several other women, were now being mounted and otherwise fucked by the men gathered around the table. Argie found herself leaning forward, her hands gripping the edge of the table while a man that she had yet to actually see penetrated her from behind. In her already highly excited state, he brought her to another climax almost immediately.

Arlene suddenly screamed out that she was coming, and did, adding to the intensity of the copulating couples surrounding the table.

Greta used her hands to shove her body about a foot away from the man going down on her and then waved him off. One hand went to her grossly enlarged clit and rapidly slid back and forth, teasing it, but hardly touching it. The eyes of virtually everyone in the room remained on her, regardless of their particular state of sexual excitement. She grunted twice, and a low roar of approval escaped the throats of those who had witnessed her performance before.

Argie, enjoying the feel of the cock pounding into her, found herself concentrating on Greta’s masturbation; especially with her possessing a clit as large as that of a small child. ‘Some men, too,’ she thought, and felt sorry for those in that category.

Greta grunted again, and then again. The spectators grew still, halting all sexual congress except that of the lone woman on the table.

“Now!” Greta shouted, and Argie and the others watched in awe as she ejaculated several times in succession. To Argie it appeared that she was urinating, but she knew the woman was actually coming and coming hard.

Two women near Argie maneuvered themselves closer to Greta and found themselves getting their breasts spattered with her ejaculate. Moments later they turned to the others near them to proudly reveal Greta’s stringy ejaculate canlı casino dripping from their nipples and breasts. Several men immediately fell upon them, licking and sucking the blonde woman’s fluids from the splattered women’s respective chests until all that were left was traces of their own saliva.

Argie was quicker than several of the other women and dove between Greta’s thighs to savor the remnants left both inside her cunt and on the inner and outer labia. She found them sweeter than she imagined they would be; while Greta lay back, seemingly exhausted by her dynamic performance.

Afterward, two men, one white, one Hispanic, took turns kissing Argie in order to sample Greta’s fluids. Greta found herself occupied by the remaining women, all of whom just had to kiss her sexual organs as part of some unspoken ritual.


The door to the room opened and a nude Doctor Rachel Gladstone walked in and sat down next to John.

John was stunned to see his psychiatrist attending the orgy. Her body was as superb as he had imagined it.

But Rachel had anticipated his reaction to her appearance and attempted to mollify things, saying, “Thank God we only do this once a month; more often would put quite a strain on our lives, don’t you agree, John?”

John was trying to recover and after a moment, replied, “Well, yeah, I don’t think I could handle more than that.” And having had his composure restored, and realizing that he was moments away from fucking his shrink, he added, “I see you’re still asking questions. You do that as a matter of course, or is it idiomatic for you by nature?”

Rachel laughed, and reached for his flaccid cock. “I hope I’m not the cause of this,” she said.

Now it was his turn to laugh. “No,” he said, good-naturedly. I need to buy even more vitamins and supplements. Actually, I’ve had several turns already. Where were you earlier?”

“A patient kept me at the office longer than expected.”

“What happened to the fifty-five minute hour?” he asked.

“Look who’s asking nothing but questions now,” Rachel said with a broad smile. She crossed her legs slowly, providing John with a clear view of her neatly trimmed brown bush. “My patient was in a suicidal mode. That means as long as it takes to bring them down. You do understand don’t you?” she said, and took hold of his penis and began to stoke it.

“I certainly do,” he replied and leaned in to kiss her. It was an almost chaste kiss, and Rachel ended it and asked, “Is that your best effort?”

“Hardly, I apologize. It’s just . . .”

“I intimidate you,” she said, and frowned slightly, but felt him stir under the continued nurturing of her hand.

“Maybe . . . a little,” he conceded. “Did you . . . just arrive?”

“If it makes you feel any better . . . the answer is yes. I asked if you had come, and Dr. Coughlin laughed, and said, ‘Yes, several times.'”

“How do you like these parties?” he asked.

“What do you think? she replied falling back on her shrink-style responses.

“I have never done anything even remotely like this,” John answered. “You know my history. Hell, you know it as well as I do. I’ve had lots of women, I mean; I’ve always been with more than one woman. I don’t mean together, I mean I’d go from one to the other, but you know that.”

“But nothing compares to this!” he said emphatically.

“It’s just a cocktail party. Only more personal,” she responded.

His cock was beginning to respond to Rachel’s technique.

“No, really,” she said, continuing both her conversation and masturbation. “Take your standard cocktail party. You have a bunch of people standing around getting drunk and eating food they’ll regret ingesting the next day. But what’s really going on?”

John began to caress her right breast, teasing the nipple into an erect pup tent.

“That’s nice . . . I like that, nice and slow,” Rachel purred. “We’re adults, there’s no need to rush things, isn’t that right?”

“Nice and slow,” he said, repeating her words.

“Is Argie here?”

“Oh, yes. She won her contest handily.”

“With Adonis?”

“You might say she got the best of him.”

“Really? And how did you do?”

“My reputation didn’t suffer,” he said, downplaying his record setting of the cunnilingus event.

“That’s good to hear. Perhaps I’ll get a sample of your good work.”

“Indeed you shall, my dear doctor.”

“Please, call me Rachel.”

“I will explore your pussy with my gynecological tongue,” he told her and then laughed along with her.

“You were talking about . . . well, comparing this to a cocktail party,” he said reminding her of where they’d left off.

“Yes, well, what’s really going on is that most if not all the men are ogling the women. Perhaps not all the women, but those still attractive enough to warrant a lustful look get ogled. You know, looking down a dress top; peeking up a dress, especially when a woman crosses her legs.”

“And why does a woman cross her legs kaçak casino when wearing a short dress?” he asked challengingly.

“To entice the man, of course,” Rachel replied.

“And the women don’t glance, ever so circumspectly at my, or I should say, the man’s crotch . . . checking his . . . his package, as you females are so fond of saying.”

Rachel had to laugh at this. “I grant you that, John. We females are just as inclined toward horniness as a man is.”

“Perhaps more,” he said.

“Perhaps,” Rachel agreed.

“I’m going to bite those nipples now,” he said softly.

“They like to be bitten.

“I know,” he said and took her left nipple between his teeth and bit.

Rachel moaned.

He began to chew the nipple and she started to writhe against him. He switched buds a split second before she would have begged him to, and with the first pressure of his teeth, she felt the pleasurable pain all the way to her clit.

His hand was lightly rubbing her mons when he left off the nipple and asked, “So what’s the etiquette at an orgy?”

“Mmm, what?” Rachel said distractedly, her voice already slurred with lust. “Oh, etiquette is always the same, in any social situation. One always asks permission. Mind you, this doesn’t apply to the women. We seem to be able to get away with just grabbing a guy’s balls and saying ‘Fuck me’. But men better ask. Mind you, there is always an exception to any rule.

“For instance, I hosted the, err, club meeting last month, and it just happened to be Ivana’s thirtieth birthday. So before the party, I put cushions on the coffee table. Then I blindfolded her, and tied her naked on the table. I just left her parked in the middle of the living room, and any man who wanted just plowed in, any time he felt like it. She had absolutely no say in it at all.”

“You did that?”

“That and more,” Rachel laughed. “Don’t assume for a moment that women can’t conceive of the raunchiest concepts and then carry them to their extremist point. Ivana had no idea, at least for the most part . . . she knew Adonis when he took her, but he may have been the exception. She sucked several men off. For that matter I squatted over her and made her eat me out. And, for a time it was a man, either fucking her or getting blown, followed by a woman who either ate Ivana . . . I should mention that several of the women attending this function love the taste of a man’s cum and will do anything to sample it. I’m running on. I forgot that most of them . . . the women, I mean . . . had Ivana suck them dry, or attempt to do so.”

“Jesus Christ!”

“Oh, did I mention that after about forty-five minutes, we turned her over and took turns with her ass.”

“The women too?”

“Of course, we’re as depraved as you men – cucumbers, carrots, candles, the bigger the better – anything that will permit a penetration of some consequence.”

“Wow, our therapy sessions will never be the same,” he told her, and at the same time realized that his erection was full-sized.

Rachel took a long look at him before speaking. “John, our therapy sessions are a thing of the past. I’m sorry, but I cannot treat you any longer after meeting you here this evening. It would violate the oath I took when I began my practice. I know you’ll find it disheartening. But look at the bright side, we can fuck all we want, and I’ll be only too happy to refer you to another . . . female psychiatrist. You can try to hump us all before you’re cured; if that day ever comes.”

“So it would be proper if I politely asked you to please suck me off?”

“That would get things started, “she said with a smirk, and getting down on her knees in front of him, she added, “I’m glad you’re not overwrought by the news.”

“Tell me,” John said, “are you a woman who gets turned on sucking cock because of the power it gives you over a man?”

“No, I see your point, but I happen to love sucking cock I think I get as much pleasure from it as the man does.”

John leaned back against the cushions and waited for Doctor Gladstone to perform her special brand of fellatio upon his hard-on. Rachel held him loosely in both hands, and kissed the orifice at the tip of his manhood.

John sighed and closed his eyes.

She followed up by kissing and licking up and down the length of him, pausing twice to suck and lick his balls. Moments later, she shifted gears, taking most, but not all of his cockhead into her saliva filled mouth, covering him with her spit. She felt him bounce against the roof of her mouth, and a giddiness she seldom knew swept over her.

Rachel opened her eyes, and then widened their aperture in order to watch his reaction to her knowledgeable technique. She listened carefully to the little grunting sounds he made, and filed them away for future masturbatory moments.

He noticed that after every forth bob, Rachel would accept a little more of him into her mouth. His cock caromed off her teeth, and into her cheek, causing it to bulge outward from the pressure. His eyes flew open, in hopes of capturing the sight, but it was too late, the moment had passed and would not be repeated because she had allowed another portion of his length entry.

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