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My Day Off

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I’m a paramedic and through my cousin the realtor and the low mortgage rates I was able to buy this nice bungalow in the city. I could afford it but what really made it all good was a friend of mine who is a firefighter was looking for a place to live for 6 to 9 months so that he could save enough money to buy his own place. We usually worked different days and shifts so we saw each other inconsistently. We both made out financially and I even did a little better.

I’m a lesbian, well about 95 – 5 I’m still up to jump on a dick if I’m a little hammered and under the optimal circumstances, which is when a rocking good time presents itself. I have plenty of chances at both since at 30, I’m a 5-4 tall brunette, 130 well put together pounds, a 36C and I can say I have been told one fine looking ass.

Well Gary has one of the bedrooms upstairs and since I have the occasional woman spend the night I have no problem with his girlfriend staying over. Not to mention Nicki is incredibly beautiful. They’ve been together about four months, she’s 28, an aerobics instructor, 5-9 tall blonde, the same 130 pounds as me but with such long legs and so toned. Just the type you would imagine the hunky fireman would be putting his hose to.

So it was about six months into this regular routine, I was up early on my day off with laundry and stuff to catch up on. Gary and Nicki came down, he downed some coffee and had to rush to work and Nicki didn’t have anything scheduled until the afternoon.

Of course Nicki wasn’t exactly ready to hit the road since all she was wearing was one of Gary’s long sleeve flannel shirts. And fuck she looked as good as that sounds. I had on a pair of cut off jean shorts and a tank top, no bra, hey day off.

So we had a little girl talk and I have to admit, Nicki was distracting me from thinking about much of anything else. I got up to put the cups and dishes in the sink and I felt Nicki standing behind me, she put her hands on my shoulders, rubbed my arms and whispered in my ear, “I have to compliment you on what a fabulous body you have Laura. You work out and the effort shows. Firm, strong, shapely and sexy, you’ve got it going on.”

Well I’ve heard come ons in my time and Nicki never showed any signs of being a tease. So I slowly turned around to face her and even in her bare feet I had to look up at her, that face, that smile, I was game to give her a walk on the girl track.

I put my hands down below the bottom of her shirt and as we stared into each other’s eyes I ran my hands up her thighs and around to her tight little ass, cupped both cheeks and said, “That is quite the compliment coming from someone who knows what it takes to have a great body, especially someone with such an awesome body. Now should canlı bahis we adjourn to my bedroom and give more than compliments?”

Nicki bent her legs slightly so out faces were level, put her arms around my shoulders and we kissed. As our tongues danced around in each other’s throats I squeezed Nicki’s butt with one hand while I slid the other between us to find her snatch. When we finally came up for air Nicki put her hands on my shoulders and said, “Take me.”

Well Nikki is certainly a tasty snack but a girl’s got to get some too so I kissed her softly and said, “Give and take.”

She kissed me back and said, “I’m good to muff dive right in.”

So I took Nikki by the hand and led her to my bedroom, closing the door behind us.

Nikki wasted no time slipping my top over my head, I made the next move slipping that flannel shirt over her head then she deftly removed my cut offs and panties. I stoked her long silky blonde hair as she stood. Then Nikki took my ass in both hands and said, “Oooh, just right, just a little jiggle but not too much, yet not so hard that it will bruise anything it bumps into.”

I had my hands at Nikki’s waist and slowly slid them up her sides to take her incredibly firm 34C’s in my hands and said, “Like I always say, more than a handful means you need both hands.”

She leaned down, kissed both of my stiff nipples and said, “What I always heard was, more than a mouthful just lasts longer.”

With that we put our arms around each other and as we kissed we tumbled onto the bed. I wasn’t sure what I wanted more to get at Nikki’s pussy or have her go down on me but Nikki was more collected than I was and spun around so we were in a 69 position with her on top.

I wasted no time getting to it probing with my tongue into Nikki’s sweet blonde bush, neatly trimmed into a triangle. But oh so cute was the little blue dolphin tattoo that was aimed to jump right into her pussy. Damn that’s creative and yeah I kissed that dolphin just to say ‘hello’.

Anyway being on the bottom isn’t always the best but Nikki is so slender and it gave me two free hands to feel up as much of her fabulous body as my hands could manage. Not to mention getting to taste some sweet pussy. I was doing just fine on the other end as Nikki showed some real affection and talent for eating pussy.

We were both working some serious tongue, Nicki was oh so gently stroking the backs of my thighs and I had my hands full of her firm butt. I know I got Nicki off a couple of times at least and the sensation of her awesome body nestled into mine helped me get off at least as many times. As I was sweating under Nicki I was thinking, this is action I could get used to on a regular basis.

When we finally needed a break to bahis siteleri catch our breath Nicki rolled off of me and said, “Fuck that was intense. I just started doing what I thought would feel good to me and it was fabulous. Then I had to relax and keep going because you were making me crazy.”

“Well you sure took to it.” I replied. “I could use some water.”

Nicki rolled towards me, kissed me and said, “I’ll get some.”

As she got to her feet I said, “You already got some, but the water would be great.”

When Nicki returned from the kitchen with a pitcher of water I had my 9 inch strap on in my hand. Nikki got so excited, “Oh damn I’ve never tried one of those, please can I, oh it would be so hot to fuck you Laura.”

‘Fuck yeah’ that would be just about as hot I thought it would be to fuck Nikki but there was time for that, “You know it girl, let’s get you in the saddle and get to it.”

Once we had downed some water and I got Nikki all set I asked, “So how do you want to give it to me stud girl?”

Nikki rubbed my butt and replied, “I want to hit that doggie style, I want to pump it in you and bump that fine ass over and over.”

“My pussy, my ass and I think that sounds like a plan we can get into.” I answered.

So I positioned myself on my hands and knees in the center of the bed. Nikki knelt behind me rubbing my butt as she got accustomed to her new appendage. The wait was killing me so when Nikki asked, “Are you ready?”

I practically yelled, “Fuck yeah I’m ready!!! Man up and give it to me Nikki!!!”

And with that plea out of the way I felt the head of my faithful friend poke between the lips of my wet and hot pussy. Nikki took her time easing her manlike spike in slowly and pulling back but she was all woman, rubbing my back, squeezing my butt and reaching around to feel up my tits. It just feels so good because a woman knows what she would want to have done to her without being directed where to go like some men.

Nikki got going working five, six and seven inches in and out on every stroke and I was getting off on it. Had I not been in the throws of orgasm and unable to speak I would have told Nikki that for being her first time fucking with a strap on she sure could bring it.

With a firm grip on my hips Nikki found her happy spot and was slamming her tight flat body against my ass as she pumped all nine inches of that strap on in and out of my pussy. It was what she said she wanted and not only was Nikki getting off on banging on my ass good and hard I was loving it too. It was total enjoyment of give and take, Nikki was giving it to me and it was spectacular to be taking it.

Nikki rubbed my ass and gently eased back letting the strap on slip from my pussy then leaning bahis şirketleri over my back she took my tits in her soft hands and whispered in my ear, “Fuck that was incredible. You’ve got one banging body Laura.”

I dipped my head then eased down until I was flat on my stomach, Nikki stayed on top of me as I replied, “You know how to work it Nikki, damn you can fuck me anytime.”

Kissing the back of my neck Nikki said, “Thank you, I look forward to it Laura. But what I need is to have you strap in and fuck me silly, are up for that or do you need to rest up for a bit?”

“I think I’m good to go, let’s get right to it while I’m sweaty and ready.” I replied.

Nikki rolled off of me and we swapped that strap on. Standing next to the bed Nikki looked at me and said, “So how do you want to take me?”

I gently pushed Nikki onto the bed on her back and said, “I want to jump on you and see your face when I pound that sweet muff.”

She spread her legs and said, “Climb on and give me the goods.”

Showing tremendous agility Nikki reached down took the bottom of her feet in each hand and stretched out spreading her legs and wet pussy wide for my taking. Fuck that made me so hot I don’t think it was all imagination that I felt my fake dick growing. But I wasted no time slipping it into Nikki’s sweet snatch.

I knew Nikki wanted it bad and I wanted to give it to her so I wasted little time pushing in and getting to it. Nikki was so wet I went in half way on the first push and was pistoning in and out like a horny teenage boy. And that was to Nikki’s liking because she was soon humping her tight butt off the bed at me.

Finally I was hammering all nine inches in and out of Nikki’s sweet pussy and we were both sweating, hair was flying in all directions and we were both cumming. It was fucking awesome.

That’s when Nikki wrapped those long sweet taut legs around my hips and my head just about exploded. Now I know why it gets guys off when a woman makes that move. I felt like I was getting this incredible hug from Nikki and after less than a minute I was putty between her legs and eased down on top of her. She then put her arms around me and we just hugged and kissed and savored the moment.

After we caught our breath I took off the strap on and Nikki and I hugged, kissed and ground our pussies together for a while. Then since we both had to get to the rest of the day and after a too quick shower together we got dressed and Nikki left.

Nikki and I saw each other whenever we could while Gary was at work or sure not to interrupt us, hey he’s my co-worker, friend and tenant no point on ruining any of that even for some rockin’ hot girl sex. And he never hung onto a woman for very long anyway. And true to form he broke up with Nikki in about three months about the time he was getting his own place and moving out.

After that Nikki and I got together more often and had some wild times that I’ll share when I get the time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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