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Better Late Than Never

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“Hey, cutie, same time next week!” Thomas said when he noticed I was awake.

He was standing beside the bed wearing only his skimpy, string bikini briefs that were identical to my undies; the only difference being, unlike my briefs, his could barely contain his ‘package.’

“Why are you leaving so early?” I whined, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

“I have to get to my office in Vegas by 8,” he explained.

My eyes were drawn to the manly bulge in the crotch of his briefs. I blushed when he caught me staring at it.

He chuckled and said, “You know, John, you don’t have to be embarrassed every time you look at me there…especially after what we did in bed last night!”

I blushed again and cursed myself for being such a prude. I was still naked under the bedspread as he dressed and held my breath when he pulled his shirt over his head covering his manly, sculpted chest.

Before he left the hotel room, he came to me, leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. His hand snaked beneath the covers and stroked my thigh as our tongues danced together.

My prick stiffened; he teased it with a squeeze and two-three strokes before he withdrew his hand and stood up.

“Same time next week!” he said again.

The week before, my golfing buddies and I had traveled to Primm, Nevada to play the two golf courses and stay one night in the hotel. It’s a trip we make twice-a-year since it is only an hour-and-fifteen-minutes from our hometown in Arizona.

On Sunday, we drove straight to the course to play our first round. One of the guys couldn’t make it giving us seven players so they put a single with us. It was Thomas, and he rode in my golf cart.

He is an excellent golfer. I’m not too bad myself, but it was difficult keeping up with his long drives. He’s quite the conversationalist, too.

Usually I prefer quiet while I’m playing, but he turned out to be so interesting and funny, I didn’t mind it at all.

In fact, he had a way of drawing me out that was so seemingly natural and relaxed, after nine holes, I found myself thoroughly amazed that I was being so open and honest with a complete stranger.

My buddies and I always bet when we’re playing, and Thomas became aware of it.

On the tenth tee box, out of earshot of my friends, he said, “If you want to bet the back nine, I’ll give you three strokes.”

It sounded fair to me.

“Okay, what are we playing for? Ten, twenty bucks?” I asked him.

He smiled and whispered, “If you win I’ll give you a hundred dollars…”

I’m not sure why, but I whispered too. “And if you win?”

I flinched when he placed a hand on my upper thigh and squeezed.

“If I win, you’ll spend a couple hours with me in my room tonight,” he said with a gleam in his eyes.

His proposal so surprised me, I blushed a deep red and began a fit of coughing.

“You alright over there, John?” one of my buddies asked me.

“Yeah, uh, yeah I’m fine,” I called out.

I looked at Thomas to see if he was smiling or laughing; surely he was joking.

No smile. His facial expression was quite deadpan.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Absolutely…you’re a little cutie and I’d love to have you in my bed tonight!” he said.

“Huh? What? No, uh, I’m, uh, I’m not gay,” I stuttered.

He responded, “I think you’re wrong about that…”

I felt my blood pressure rise. It had been years since the last time someone accused me of being queer.

He suddenly smiled and said, “Okay, twenty bucks it is!”

Thomas remained talkative on the back nine while I concentrated on my game, or tried to anyway. I was filled with emotions that I can usually suppress.

I wasn’t angry he thought I was gay, no, in fact, his words “You’re a little cutie” played over-and-over in my head. It had been so many years since I’d been propositioned, I’d forgotten how good it felt.

I kept wondering what I had said to him on the front nine that would make him think I was gay.

I thought about it too much – he beat me by four on the back and when I drove him out to his car and paid him, I just had to ask: “What made you think I was gay?”

He smiled, winked at me and said, “It takes one to know one…maybe we’ll have a drink at the bar later…thanks for the game!”

I waited until he drove off before I went to my buddies van to unload my clubs. They were changing shoes and complaining about their rounds of golf.

“I hear Thomas is pretty good,” one of them said to me.

I had to turn my head so they wouldn’t notice me blushing.

“Yeah, he beat me out of twenty bucks,” I said.

“Is he staying at the hotel?” he asked.

“Oh, uh, I’m not sure, I didn’t ask him,” I replied knowing full well he was staying there.

I remained quiet on the short drive to the hotel. The old feelings of dread and paranoia surfaced again. I had been comfortable in my own skin for such a long time I’d thought those feelings had disappeared forever – I was wrong.

“John – JOHN!”

Huh? What?


I managed to open my eyes and saw my roommate for the trip standing bahis firmaları over my bed.

“We’re going to breakfast – I let you sleep in – you need to get ready – don’t forget to check-out before we leave for the course!” he said.

“Oh, okay,” I mumbled.

I climbed out of bed as soon as he left the room. My head was spinning so badly I almost fell.

In the bathroom I saw my phone had been plugged-in so I retrieved it before I sat on the toilet.

I had a text message and when I opened it the hair on my neck stood straight. I was gripped with a chilling fear. The message was from Thomas.

“Had a wonderful time with you last night – looking forward to seeing you next Sunday!!”

Oh no, how can this be? What in hell did I do last night?

I tried to shake the cobwebs from my aching head but last night was drawing a blank. Sometimes when I drink too much I black-out, well, most times I DO drink too much.

I have been told that I don’t act drunk, and I am alert and seem to know what’s going on, but I’ll be damned if I remember anything. Sometimes the memories come back to me, sometimes they don’t.

After swallowing vitamins and aspirin, I showered and shaved and dressed for golf.

I double-checked the room to make sure I didn’t forget anything and went to the front desk to check-out.

My friends were waiting patiently for me in the van.

“Tied one on last night, huh John?” said one of them. “What time did you get to bed?”

I smiled and said, “No, no, it wasn’t bad…I got to bed pretty early.”

My roommate for the night said, “Early!! Are you kidding me? I woke up around one and you weren’t in the room!”

I laughed along with the guys and joked, “Well, it was early for ME!”

Uh oh…what the hell happened last night?

I used to play some of my best golf when hungover. I became something of a legend to my friends for shooting my best scores the worse I felt.

Well, not anymore. In fact, it has been many years now that my golf has reflected the severity of my hangovers. I played like crap and lost every bet I had with my buddies.

The first few holes I tried to concentrate, but the text from Thomas was constantly on my mind.

“Had a wonderful time with you last night – looking forward to seeing you next Sunday!!”


It was sometime after the 4th hole that bits and pieces of fuzzy memory began returning.

One of my friends and I usually have a couple straight-up martini’s before dinner on these trips. Last night was no different. In fact, by the time our meals arrived in the steakhouse, I’d had three.

Okay, so far so good.

I didn’t eat all that much…never do once I get buzzed.

“Why waste a good glow?” I always joke.

My next memory was of my roommate telling me he was going to the room.

“What time is it?” I asked him.

“A little after ten,” he said.

I am younger than the other guys, and always stay up later than them. I never saw the point of going to bed early when we’re on these ‘mini-vacations.’

After playing a few video poker machines in the casino, I decided to play at the bar. I remember carefully looking around to see if Thomas was there. I breathed a sigh of relief; I hadn’t seen him all night.

I was staring at the machine in front of me when a hand squeezed my shoulder.

I turned, saw Thomas, and my hand knocked over what was left of my drink.

He smiled and said to the bartender, “Sorry, that was my fault, please get my friend another one, and I’ll have a glass of chardonnay!”

I remember my heart began to beat faster.

He began talking but I did my best to concentrate on the poker machine and didn’t hear much of what he was saying.

I finally tired of playing (of losing), and decided to be more friendly towards him. What difference does it make to me? I’ll never see him again after tonight, anyway.

The bar started filling with people. It became noisy. Thomas pointed to a booth in the nearby Race & Sports Book. I nodded and followed him there.

By that time on a Sunday night all the races and games were over with, and the Book was empty except for us.

It was a circular booth and I slid to the center. It surprised me when he sat so close to me our legs were touching.

He made small talk, and I remember staring at him as I listened. He IS a handsome man, and brimming with self confidence and charm. His self deprecatory humor made me laugh.

I was feeling no pain when he ordered me another drink from the cocktail server. I intended to refuse, but, well, you know…

Here is when my memory gets fuzzy again.

He used his hands a lot while talking, and sometimes, he would touch my arm, rub my back or squeeze my shoulders. I honestly didn’t think much about it – one of my golf buddies waves his hands around when he’s talking, too.

Suddenly, he placed his hand on my upper thigh and said to me, “So tell me about your first gay experience.”

I calmly said, “Thomas, I already told you I’m not gay!”

He smiled and said, “John, relax, every kaçak iddaa guy has some sort of experience when they were growing up – and I know from how you look now that you were a little cutie and had your share of offers!”

He squeezed my thigh and added: “I know you had to have several experiences with boys and men!”

I blurted out, “No, just one!” and immediately regretted admitting it.

“Okay, I’ll tell you my first time then you tell me yours!” he said.

I didn’t agree or disagree.

“I had been a high school athlete and had a steady girlfriend,” he began. “I had no clue I was gay…I mean, I did things with my girlfriend, we even went all the way a couple times…but, you know, it wasn’t what I thought it would be…anyway, I went away to college and moved into a dorm room…”

He paused and took a swallow of wine, his strong hand was now gently massaging my thigh. I didn’t stop him.

He continued: “My second day there I got a roommate. A shy, nerdy little guy named Timothy. I remember feeling funny the moment I laid eyes on him. Later, I could admit to myself it was love at first sight, but in the beginning, no way, I’m not THAT kind of a guy!”

“We immediately became close friends. He was smart and funny, but best of all, he seemed to almost revere me; he followed me everywhere like a good little puppy and he hung onto my every word like I was some sort of God!”

“After a couple weeks I began wondering what it would be like to have sex with him,” said Thomas. “The very second that thought popped into my head I went, uh oh, that explains a lot!”

His hand was beginning to have an affect on me. My prick was stirring inside my briefs.

I cleared my throat and asked him, “What do you mean?”

“You know, John, in the back of my mind I always wondered why I didn’t like sex with my girlfriend more than I did…she was the one who initiated it every time – she was the one who liked it…to me, it was work…I went thru with it only to make her happy.”

“Ohhhh,” I said. He’d struck a chord within me.

“…and I’ve thought about this before, I believe I did things with her so she wouldn’t think I was queer,” he said.

Oh my God, the memories of the previous night suddenly became crystal clear.

I remember I had to look away from him at that moment; the honest intensity in his eyes was too much for me to handle.

“Anyway, after two-weeks of living with Timothy I became convinced he was gay,” he said. “He had gotten more and more brazen in his attempts at trying to see me naked; he began to touch me when we talked, and the look in his eyes gave me the distinct impression he liked me more than a friend.”

He paused again to sip his wine.

“What happened next?” I asked him.

“Well, it’s no secret how much teenage boys like to jerk-off-“

I laughed and said, “Oh, I know, even old guys like me!” The liquor had finally loosened my tongue.

He smiled at me and continued: “I usually masturbated in the shower, but one night I decided to test Timothy – simply throw caution to the wind and see what would happen…we went to bed at the same time, and in the dark, I threw-off the bedspread, lowered my briefs and went at it…I made sure to moan loud enough for him to hear me, and when I came I went ‘Oh-oh-oh-yessssssssss’…:

“Oh my God, what did he do?” I asked him.

He chuckled and said, “When I feigned snoring he immediately jerked himself off loud enough for me to hear…I simply laid there with a huge grin on my face.”

“The next day we acted like nothing had happened and that night I did the same thing in the dark and he followed me afterwards…the next night, as soon I’d gotten myself hard, I could actually hear his heavy breathing while listening to me. I said out loud, ‘Timmy, it sure would be nice if you did this for me!”

“Oh my God, what did he do?” I asked.

“I heard him whimper and cough then he said, ‘Thomas, please, I don’t think it would be right’…I said ‘Timmy, get over here and feel my cock – don’t make me angry – don’t make me have to find another roommate!”

“You didn’t say that, did you?” I asked.

“Hell, yeah, and you know what? It worked! I heard him moving then suddenly my bed sagged from his weight and he grabbed my cock, and the rest, as they say, is history!” he said smiling.

“He was my first male lover, and a very obedient one at that…it took only two-nights before I had him take it in his mouth then after that I had him blow me several times every day!” he said triumphantly.

My breathing had suddenly become labored, and surprise-surprise, my dick was now hard inside my briefs. I was acutely aware of his hand still massaging my thigh. I ever so subtly tried to move away from him but he took hold of my hand and pressed it to the crotch of his slacks.

Oh my God, he had an erection, and he forced my fingers around it. I would have cried out in protest but I certainly didn’t want to cause a scene and have other people notice what we were doing.

He suddenly grasped my prick thru my pants and squeezed it then innocently smiled at me and said, “Move kaçak bahis your hand back-and-forth on my cock!”

I swiveled my head from side-to-side to see if anyone was watching us. To demonstrate his point, he moved his hand back-and-forth on mine.

“Tell me YOUR story, John,” he said.

“No, uh, I can’t…” I protested.

“Johnny, you made a promise – I told you mine now it’s your turn!” he said.

I didn’t remember promising him any such thing. I wasn’t sure, my head was spinning and I saw stars dancing before my eyes. All I knew is I wanted to get out of there – I didn’t want to get caught with my hand on a man’s hard dick.

“Thomas, no, please-“

“Well, okay, let’s get a couple more drinks and take them back to my room…we’ll have more privacy there!” he said.

I think I would have agreed to anything to get out of the glare of the casino lights.

“Oh, okay,” I said.

Standing, I was acutely aware of my hard prick inside my briefs. I glanced down to see how noticeable it was – it wasn’t – not at all.

I couldn’t help myself and took a quick peek at his crotch – oh, yes, I could definitely see the outline of his cock straining against his slacks. He didn’t seem to care about it.

I spilled a good quarter of the martini on our walk to his room. Well, he walked, I kind of stumbled. Luckily, he was able to keep me upright with his strong hands.

What happened to his drink? I wondered. Did he forget it at the bar? I then remembered he’d only gotten one for me.

When he inserted his key card in the door of his room I was overcome with a deluge of guilt and shame.

Oh my God, this is SO wrong, John. Get out of here – go to your room and go to bed!

The next thing I knew he was pushing me inside the room.

He guided me to the bed and we sat on the end of it. He suddenly turned my face to his and before I could get out of the way, he kissed me full on the lips. I spilled more of my drink.

“Thomas, no, please,” I said when I was able to break free.

He smiled and said, “I can’t help myself, I am attracted to you, John…I’ll bet you were the cutest little guy growing up…okay, no one can hear you now, go ahead and tell me your story!”

I took a deep gulp of liquid courage and coughed. I suddenly felt relaxed.

Thomas stood and said, “You may as well finish your drink while I get comfortable!”

Huh? What? ‘While I get comfortable?’ What does that mean?

To my horror and astonishment he began undressing. Instead of making a run for the door, I closed my eyes and did as I was told. I drained the rest of the martini in two big swallows.

When I opened my eyes Thomas stood before me wearing only string, bikini briefs.

Oh my God, he has the same undies as me!

His penis had softened, but that didn’t prevent his package from causing a large bulge in the crotch. I saw a small stain and figured it to be pre-cum from his earlier erection.

Suddenly I became woozy from the last two swallows of gin. My body began swaying from side-to-side. Thomas was busy with his hands.

What’s he doing? I wondered.

I heard him chuckle and say, “How cute – we’re wearing the same briefs!”

I looked at his then mine. His were black and mine were red.

Then I wondered, hey, wait a minute, why am I only wearing my undies?

He rejoined me on the bed and put his arm around me.

“Okay, go ahead with your story, cutie!” he said. “How old were you when this happened?”

It felt good to have someone holding me. My head was floating in the clouds. There was no longer any shame, guilt or fear. The words flowed freely.

“I was twenty-two. One night I went out by myself and got drunk. My roommate was working…I left the bar at midnight to go home, but I didn’t want to go there yet…I thought and thought and finally drove to a park a few miles from my apartment…I parked the car and sat inside a long time…”

“What kind of ‘park’ was this?” he asked me.

“Well, you know…during the day it was a normal park with a pond in the middle…mothers and their children would go there…”

“And at night?”

“Well, it was, uh, it became a place where men would hang out…you know, to meet other men…”

“Had you ever gone there before?”

“Uh, yeah, a couple times but I never got out of the car…”

“You chickened out!”

“I guess so…anyway, on that night I finally got out of the car and walked down a slight hill to the pond…I was so nervous I had to take a leak and I saw the bathrooms on the other side of the pond so I began walking to them…”

“Could you see or was it dark?”

“The path around the pond had lampposts every thirty or forty feet, but the trees surrounding the path were all in dark…”

“Were there other men there?”

“No, I didn’t see anyone…”

“How did that make you feel?”

“Well, disappointed, I guess…”

“Because you went there to get picked up by a man and no one was around!”

“Well, yes…anyway, all the way around the pond I didn’t see a soul…when I reached the men’s room, I stopped and looked around – nobody…I went in and took a leak then stood outside for about a minute and still didn’t see anyone…well, I began feeling foolish for even being there, I mean, I wasn’t gay, what was I doing there?”

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Cabin Fever Pt. 01

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Julie had been my best friend for the last four years, we met at Presbyterian Hospital where we both worked as a nurse. She was a new nurse and I was assigned to be her mentor and preceptor for the first six months of her employment. We were glued to the hip and hit it off immediately. We had so many things in common and quickly began to hang out outside of work. We spent a considerable amount of time together, our boyfriends were also friends so we did almost everything together.

Every fall, the four of us would go to the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee for a getaway. Julie’s boyfriend Brian had a hunting cabin owned by his family and we had dibs every October for a week of fun and relaxation. We were all so excited to be getting away this year, it had been a busy, grueling year for us all and we needed to escape for a while.

I went to Julie’s to help her pack, anxious to get on the road on time so we didn’t waste a minute of our vacation. Julie was notorious for causing us all to be late, so she needed me to keep her on track. The boys were busy getting all the supplies we needed to have a great time at the cabin.

“Come on, hurry up girl! The boys will be back any minute and we got to get on the road. Just throw the shit in there, we have an iron at the cabin.” I chided her with a smile on my face.

“Lisa, stop rushing me, damn, I’m almost done, get your panties out of a wad!”

As I watched her rushing around the room, gathering clothing and folding them to place in her suitcase, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she really was. She was about five feet four with a slightly thick build, but she was well proportioned and curvy in all the right places. Her hair was golden with lighter blonde and red toned highlights, it was long and naturally wavy. She had green eyes which sparkled all the time, fitting her bubbly personality perfectly. Her lips were full and defined, perfectly shaped, like a lipstick models lips. I found myself staring at her and thinking about what it would feel like to kiss her, to lick her, I wondered what she tasted like and what her lips would feel like on me. I could so put YOUR panties in a wad… I thought to myself.

What the hell was wrong with me? I wondered, slightly embarrassed by my naughty thoughts. It was Josh’s fault, he had asked me if Julie and I had “ever done it” the night he met her for the first time. Of course I told him we hadn’t, which wasn’t a lie, but damned if I hadn’t been thinking about it… a lot. I has always wanted to be with a woman but the opportunity never arose and I was hoping when and if it did that it would be with Julie. It was like he planted a seed that was sprouting and growing fast. He confided that he had a fantasy of watching two women together and claimed he saw a sexual attraction between Julie and I and had thought about the two of us together a lot.

“Not happening Josh” I laughed, secretly I hoped that one day I could help him make that fantasy and mine come true. He seemed disappointed, but I got the impression he didn’t quite believe me based on the small smirk on his face.

“Kara?” Julie tapped me on the arm to get my attention, “Where are you? Damn girl, you were in lala land, help me finish would ya?”

“Sorry, I was just daydreaming about how much fun we are going to have.” I lied, my cheeks flushed red.

The boys arrived with all the goodies we sent them after, just as Julie and I finished packing. We were waiting at the bedroom door when they came up the walkway looking for us. Both had shit eating grins on their faces, obviously up to no good.

“What are you boys talking about?” I asked with my eyebrow raised in suspicion.

“Oh nothing Sugar” Josh answered too quickly, as he ribbed Brian in warning to keep his mouth shut.

He knew I loved when he called me Sugar, but after being with him for a year, I knew he used it to his advantage way too often and right now I wasn’t buying what he was trying to sell.

“Let’s go my lovely’s.” Brian joked as he glanced my way and met my eyes. He took Julies face in his big hands and kissed her, but never taking his eyes off mine, as though he were encouraging me to watch them.

I licked my lips unconsciously and he broke the kiss and winked at me, smacking Julie’s ass playfully.

“Brian!” she yelped as she headed towards the car giggling.

I followed behind her giving Brian and Josh a suspicious look.


Josh smacked my ass too and laughed, “That goes for you too Sugar, get that sweet ass of yours in the car.” I cocked my eyes at him as I caught him and Brian giving each other a knowing glance. What were those two up to I thought to myself as I ran to catch up with Julie.

We arrived at the cabin just as the sun was setting and it was so pretty. The yellow, orange and red tones in the sky as the sun set behind the mountains and tall pines was breathtaking. The air was so fresh and smelt like fall. The crisp leaves and the scent of the fires burning in fireplaces from the cabins scattered casino şirketleri across the mountain top permeated the air. Although the temperature was a bit on the chilly side, all in all it was the perfect combination to the start of a lovely getaway with my friends.

The cabin was cute and quaint. Made of logs cut from the surrounding forest, it had a porch that wrapped all the way around, old fashioned rocking chairs on either side of the front door and autumn leaves were blowing whimsically in the breeze across the steps and floor planks of the porch.

As we starting unpacking the car I couldn’t help but notice how sexy Julie looked today, her nice round ass in those jeans had my mind thinking dirty thoughts and as she bent over to get her things from the trunk it was on full display. I couldn’t help staring as she gathered her things from the trunk and day dreaming about what she would look like naked and how that ass of hers would feel in my hands. She turned to me and flashed a smile. Mmm…mmm…mmm, damn it, she is HOT, I shook my naughty thoughts off and started to get my own things from the trunk, our arms brush and it sends a tingle straight to my groin. Julie gave me a knowing look, catching me off guard by planting a friendly kiss right on my lips!

“We are going to have such a great time Kara” she whispered with a naughty grin on her face as she walked off. FUCK!

As I watched her walk away I catch Brian watching us from a distance, he is leaning up against the porch railing and it was as though he knows what I am thinking. I quickly look away, slightly embarrassed that he just caught me gawking at her ass. I walk past him hoping he doesn’t say anything about what he just witnessed.

“Yea it’s as nice as it looks Kara.” He laughs and follows me into the cabin.

OMG I’m so embarrassed!


Although Julie and I had been friends for years, we never crossed that line…yet. I have to admit, the longer I knew her the more I wanted to cross that line. I had been fantasizing about it pretty hard for the last several months and often wondered if she ever thought about it too.

We came close one night about a year ago, we drank way too much after losing a patient who was near and dear to us both and we were consoling each other. We were crying and laughing, reminiscing and joking about Mr. Thomas, who was the sweetest man and always made us laugh. We had both taken care of him on and off for over 2 years and we thought he was going to beat the big C but we ended up losing him unexpectedly to pneumonia.

We were on an emotional rollercoaster the night we found out, as we sat in my living room floor drinking our sorrows away. We wiped away each other’s tears, and took turns laying our heads in each other’s laps as we shared our stories about him. Julie was lying in my lap, remembering a funny story about him as I was stroking her hair, running my fingers through the length of it. She was so pretty, even with mascara smeared under her eyes. I stroked her cheek, wiping away a tear trailing down her face to her lips, lingering just a moment too long when I swore she was about to kiss me. In that moment, I wanted to kiss her so badly, but we were interrupted by Josh coming home from work, just as her lips were about to touch mine. Damn it, terrible timing Josh.

Julie quickly sat up, wiped her face and excused herself to the bathroom.

“What’s going on?” Josh inquired curiously.

“We lost our favorite patient and we just needed to cry it out.” I explained, Josh didn’t dig any deeper.

After that night. Julie and I seemed closer, if that was even possible. We have always had an undeniable bond, like we were kindred spirits from past lives. We were two peas in a pod and spent a lot of time together, too much time together, but now we seemed to share something deeper, a more emotional connection we both felt that night.

Occasionally I sensed that she wanted to revisit that night but she never did, so I kept my feeling and my fantasies to myself.


We all got settled in, Julie and Brian took the bedroom on the right of the cabin and Josh and I took the one on the left. Julie and I started supper while the boys gathered wood from outside to get a fire going. As we moved about the kitchen cooking and chatting, I noticed Julie was constantly brushing up against me and flashing me sexy looks. Fuck, she is going to be the death of me if she doesn’t stop, but damned if I wanted her to stop. She made my pussy tingle and by the look on her face I would have to say that was exactly what she was trying to do! Two can play that game though, I smiled at her as I licked my lips and sipped my wine.

We ate a delicious pasta dinner and then settled on the couch together in front of the fireplace. It has been a long day and we were all tired from the packing and drive. We drank and laughed and planned out our week with tons of fun things to do as we sat by the fireplace. Fishing, hiking, kayaking and mountain biking were a few of casino firmalari the things on our agenda, and of course, always ending the day with dinner, drinks and the good company of each other.

The boys head off to bed early so they can wake up early and pack our gear to kayak tomorrow morning.

“Night Sugar, wake me up when you come to bed.” Josh got up and kissed me on the forehead, smiling as he walked off to bed.

“I second that idea baby!” Brian snickered as he grabbed Julie and whispered in her ear. Whatever he said made her smile mischievously as he found his way to bed.

“What was that all about?” I asked Julie.

“Oh nothing love, he was just being Brian that’s all” she assured me.


It was just me and Julie, sitting on the floor by the fireplace drinking our wine and relaxing. We sat quietly for a while, my mind was filled with thoughts of the week ahead and of her and all the naughty things we could do with each other.

“Kara?” Julie asked me out of the blue.

“Yea?” I answered as I took a sip of wine, missing my mouth, I must have had a little more than I thought, the red wine dripped off my chin and onto my cleavage.

“Shit” I yelped and started to get up to find a towel.

“Hold still, I got it”

Julie quickly reached up with her finger and slipped it down the front of my blouse trying to catch the runaway liquid. She brought her wet, wine covered finger to her mouth and sucked it off, looking at me with hooded eyes. I blushed as my pussy twitched, god she was so hot. I wanted that tongue on my tits.

As though she read my mind, her face slowly lowered to my breasts, I let out a faint gasp when her warm mouth touched my cool flesh, the temperature contrast gave me goosebumps. I could feel her smile against my skin and my breath hitched. She licked all the wine from the crevice between my tits, slowly, tantalizing me and then took my face in her soft hands, “I have been wanting to do that for a really long time Kara, so stop me now if you don’t want it too.”

I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t breathe, I just looked at her and closed my eyes as her mouth met mine. Slowly at first, she nipped at my bottom lip and then licked it softly, my lips parting for her and she sucked the very breath from my lungs as her lips hovered over mine, I shuddered in anticipation. Her lips covered mine and our tongues danced, her mouth tasted like wine, so sweet and warm and I felt the first surge of moisture pooling between my legs as I moaned into her mouth.

She puts her hand on the back of my head, tangling her fingers in my hair and deepening her kiss. She was urgent but tender, full of hunger, but beautifully feminine. It was like no kiss I had ever had before. Her tongue was so warm and silky, she seemed so skilled, not sloppy or awkward at all, she was a flawless kisser and I craved more.

I reach up and cup her breasts in my hands, I feel like I’m shaking from the inside out, my heart is pounding in my chest. She moans and presses herself into my touch, her tits feel so soft and her nipples harden under my touch. I circle the hard nubs through her blouse with my thumbs and they tightened even more. I pinch them lightly and she hisses, breaking the kiss and pulling my hair back, exposing my neck. She kisses and nips me lightly with her teeth in the nape of my neck and licks up to my ear, she pauses breathing heavily as she whispers, “Mmmm I knew you were a naughty girl Kara, I want to taste all of you.”

“Oh fuck” I half say and half moan.

She makes quick work of removing my shirt and then her own, tossing them to the side. Her breasts are gorgeous, just the right size, and her areola pretty pale pink and puckered from the cool air and my heated stare. My mouth waters as I imagine them in my mouth. As I break my stare and look at her, she is admiring mine as she seductively lick her lips, she reaches up and touches them, I whimper at her touch.

“Beautiful, simply beautiful” she says as she places her mouth on my breast, gently sucking my hard nipple between her lips, she flicks and strokes it with her tongue, I arch my chest towards her, desperate for her to continue. She pulls and sucks, biting it just hard enough to send a pulse of electricity straight to my pussy, then she repeats on the other breast.

She kisses me again, smiling against my lips as I continue to feel her up, growing more comfortable by the minute.

She rests her forehead against mine and whispers, “That feels so good Kara, please don’t stop, please tell me you don’t want me to stop either.”

“Please don’t stop Julie” I manage to say between breaths as I lay down flat on the rug in front of the fire.

She kneels beside me and kisses me again as she unbuttons and unzips my jeans.

“Pick up your hips love, I have to taste you” she says as she pulls my jeans off.

She stands to take off her own jeans as I lay admiring her from below, she meets my gaze and my insides melt. She is wearing a sexy red bra and panty güvenilir casino set, lacey and very feminine and alluring. She positions herself on her knees between my legs, coaxing me to spread them for her.

“Don’t be shy baby, I have seen you looking at me and I know you have been wanting this as bad as I have, don’t chicken out on me now” she grins as she trails her finger across my bottom lip, down my neck, across the swell on the top of my now heaving breasts. She bends over planting her hands on either side of my face and bites her lip before kissing me again.

Fuck this is so HOT, why did we wait so long to do this?

“I love the way your mouth tastes baby but I really want to taste that sweet pussy.”

She sits up and continues her assault on my senses, running her fingers down my stomach in a zig zag, my muscles ripple under her touch and my skin goosebumps. She teases me as her finger slides just under the elastic edge of my panties, my hips arch slightly and my breath hitches as I throw my head back, aching for her to go farther. She licks and sucks my breasts again as she softly rubs her fingers across my core through my panties. It feels amazing but I ache for more, I need to feel her on my bare skin and she knows it as she continues teasing me. My pussy is pulsing under her touch and I am getting so wet.

“Please Julie” I whimper, breathless and needy for more.

“Please what baby?’ she asks with a snarky grin.

Is she really going to make me spell it out for her? She runs a finger just inside the seam of my panties on both sides as her thumb grazes across my clit through my now soaked panties.

“Your pussy is so wet Kara. Please what? Tell me what you want.”

“Please lick my pussy Julie” I softly whisper, I can barely fucking breathe much less talk.

Julie seems satisfied with my response and lays down between my legs, her hot breath so close I can feel it through my panties and it feels so damn sensual. She again teases me by running her finger just under the seam of my panties near my core, pulling them up just enough to let the cool air and her warm breath bathe my sensitive, wet folds.

Her tongue mirrors the route her fingers took and I moan loudly, forgetting the boys were sleeping close by. Christ, her tongue is so fucking soft and hot. Josh licks good pussy but nothing like this, there is something about this that feels more intimate, more intense and personal. My hips are reaching for her mouth, desperate for more contact with her mouth.

She pulls my panties all the way to one side and runs her fingers down my wet slit, I quiver. She stops and just admires my pussy for a moment, I can sense she is inspecting and drinking me in and it’s so fucking sexy.

Her mouth only inches from my pussy, her breath is so warm , she looks up at me with hooded eyes and says ” Your pussy is so pretty, shaved bare , just the way I envisioned it and you smell intoxicating, let’s see how you taste.” And she lowers her mouth.

As her tongue makes contact with my throbbing pussy, all I can do is hold my breath to keep from yelling out. She takes a long stroke from my core to my clit and I feel myself gush as she goes back and dips her tongue inside me to catch the nectar. She moans as she tastes me and the vibration is almost too much to bare.

“Oh Fuck yes!” I moan as she slides her tongue in and out of my pussy with a teasing slow pace.

My hips move in rhythm with her as she wraps her arms around the back of my thighs, holding me in place as she gently sucks my clit between into her mouth. I gasp, frozen, with my hips pressing into her mouth, as my body and mind try to comprehend what is happening. This feels so amazing and I don’t ever want it to stop.

She slides one, then two fingers inside me, first slowly sliding them in and out as she softly sucks and flicks my clit with her tongue. Then she picks up the speed a bit, I am panting, my chest heaving, my pussy aching and so close to cumming.

She keeps her fingers buried inside me and looks up at me once more with a devious grin, my juices wet and shining on her chin as she lick her lips and whispers, ” I’m going to make you cum now baby, are you ready?” She asks, as though I’m going to tell her NO, not missing a beat as her fingers fuck my pussy mercilessly, she doesn’t wait for my reply.

She tips her fingers upward, finding my G spot with ease and strokes it back and forth as her mouth sucks my clit.

Oh my god, she eats pussy so fucking good, the thought of cumming in her mouth is overwhelming and as she flicks my clit with her tongue, I come undone.

“Oh my GOD Julie, I’m cumming!”

She continues to work her fingers against my G spot and flick my clit while I shake uncontrollably under her. My legs become rigid and my hips press into her mouth and fingers as hard and I can manage as I ride out the orgasm. My pussy muscles spasm, pulsing around her fingers, holding them tight as white sparks flash behind my eyelids. It seems to last forever, but not long enough all at the same time and I savor every second of it. Her pace slows and she kisses my clit and she slows her fingers and gently pulls them out as she licks my cum from them hungrily. I am trembling as I slowly come down from this amazing high.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Tatildeki Anım

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Arkadaşın Sikişi

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben 17 yaşında alımlı seksi güzel bir genç kızım..bu anlatıcağım olay 4-5 ay önce başıma geldi…Biz ailemle tatile marmarise gitmiştik ve orada bir sürü okuldan arkadaş çevrem olduğundan çok eğleniyorduk…Ayrıca çokta içli dışlıydık hepsiyle…Ben orada arkadaşlarımla aynı otelde kalıyordum..Birgün hep beraber havuzdan çıktık ve biz kızlar odamıza çıktık…oğlanlarda bizim odadan 4 oda yanda kalıyorlardı..Dediğim gibi hep iç içe olduğumuz için oğlanların yanında da çok rahatdolaşabiliyorduk (yani don-sütyen flan)…Neyse biz odaya çıktık sırayla duşlarımızı alıyorduk ben en son alacaktım..Nihan`la Seçil duşlarını aldılar ve biz çıkıyoruz diyerek oğlanlarla buluşmaya lobiye indiler..bende soyundum dökündüm banyoya girmeden önc aynada kendime bakıyordum…kapıdan bi ara tıkırtılar gelir gibi oldu ama fazla umursamadan banyoya girdim…duşumu alıp çıktım ve havluyu ıslak bedenime ankara escort sarıp banyodan dışarı çıktım…birde ne göreyim bahadır yani arkadaşım yatağın üstünde oturuyor..hemen utandım ve arkasını dönmesini söyledim..oda döndüü…ona buraya nası girdiini sordum oda kapı açıktı bende giriverdim kızlaar senin geç kaldıını söyleyince bende bakmaya gelmiştim kapıda açık olunca içeri girip senide alır giderim diye düşündüm dedi..Bende tamam sen bakma da ben hemen giyiniğim dedim oda tamam dedi..o kadar senelik arkadaşım olduğu için ona güveniyordum..tam arkasında dolabın önünde havluyu indirdim…Diri kalçalarımla kafası arasına 10-11 santim vardı ama tabi o kafası dönük olduğu için bunun farkında değildi…daha sonra bende külot almak için çekmeceye eğildiğimde kalçalarıma baktığını farkettim..Fakat öyle bir güven duygusundan fazla aldırmadım..sonuçta yan gözle baktığımdan belkide yanlış escort ankara görmüştüm….külotu alıp arkamı döndüğümde bana gerçekten baktığını farkettim…evet çırıl çıplak bahadır beni izliyordu..biraz sinirli birazda şakacı bi şekilde ne oldu açıkta birşeymi gördün dedim..oda bana vücudumun çok güzel olduğunu daha önce beni hiç böylesine açık görmediğini söyledi..ben teşekkür etsemde içimi bir şaşkınlık ve utanç sarmıştı..oda bunu farkedince bana utanmamam gerektiğini yıllardır arkadaşı olduğumu söyledi…bende biraz daha rahatlamıştım…kilodumu giymek için eğildiğimde elleriyle kıçımı ovuşturdu..bir anda ne yapıyorsun diye bağırdım fakat daha önce hiç bir erkeğin bana öyle özel yerlerime dokunmamış olmasından mıdır nedir hoşumada gitmedi değil..oda devam etti tüm vücudumu ellemeye…yapma desemde elliyordu bende fazla karşı koymuyordum hani ;)…yavaş yavaş yatağa yatırarak diri ankara escort bayan göğüslerimi yalamaya başladı..daha çok küçüğüm bahadır desemde birşey olmaz diyor beni taş gibi olmuş aletinin üsüne oturtmaya çalışıyordu…Aslında o kadar senelik arkadaşımdı nasıl böyle yapardı derken bir yandan d hoşuma gidiyordu…ve bana beni sikmek istediğinii söledi…Bende yine bi şaşkınlık ıcınde bi şey diemedim…ama yine neden olmasın diede düşündüm.. çnk hoşuma gitmeye başlamıştı…ve yine işe koyularak bana dokunmaya başladı…ve bi yandan da soyunmaya başladı… o diri kocaman siki taş gibi olmus ve hazır bi şekilde bana yaklaştı…ben önce bence bunu yapmalayalım desemde o kararından dönmicek gibiydi…sora amıma yönelerek yalamaya başladı…ve ben bi anda azmaya başlamıştım…sora sikini yavaş yavaş içime sokmaya başladı..ben daha once bole bısı yapmamıs olmamdan dolayı kanter ıcınde kalmıstım… ama cokda hosuma gıdıyor sankı havalarda ucuyordum…sora dibine kadar benı zorladı we ınletmeye basladııııı.devamı comıng sooon tmm mı bana ulasmak ısteyenler ankaradan Aylin i sorun herkes gosterır artık o gunden sora :)Gönderen: loklok

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Bekçiye Becerttim Kendimi

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Ayyy Yıldırayım

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Merhabalara ben 27 yaşındayım size analatacağım olay tamamiyle gerçektir…orta okul lise yıllarında idik yıldıray diye bi çocuk vardı aslında hiç yakışıklı değildi ama benim deliliği sevmem sebebiyle birgün beden dersinde sınıfta yanlız kaldık ve yılduraya bana sikini göstermesini bursa escort istedim amanın o da ne ince ama at siki gibi up uzundu sonra ona dönüp hadi sikişelim dedim o da kabul etti sonra ilk önce kimin kimi sikeceğine karar veremedik o da ilk önce ben diye ısrar etti baktım çılgınlıkda bursa escort bayan çılgınlık dedim domaldım oda arkama geçti amanın o ne dokuştu bi soktu size anlatamam duygularımı götüm yanarcasına acıyo o ise durmadan sokuyordu sonra boşaltı sıra bana geldi yıldurayı domalttım boyu escort bursa benden uzun olduğundan biraz abandım ama soktum o da benimle dalga geçti hepsi bu kadarmı diye bende buna bi abandım köküne kadar sokup sokup çıkarınca bunun dünyası devretti bende hiç acımadan çat çat siktim en sonunda herkesdin bellice görmesi için ceketinin arkasına bütün döllerimi boşattım sonra yıllarca karşılıklı sikiştik ama artık erkeklerle sikişmiyorum tamamıyle karı sikiyorum bu arada elimden geçen kızlarda olduGönderen: skk

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Big Man

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


WAR! dum-dum, dum-dum-dum! What is it good for? Absolutely NUTHIN’!

Just change “War” to “Fame,” and you’ve got the story of my life. Absolutely nuthin’.

Back in the day, I got endorsement money for saying, “I wear Gazackstahegen Gym Shoes” or “I always keep my jewels in a Bazonga Athletic Supporter!” Back then Schwarzenegger made his money and fame winning legit weightlifting and bodybuilding contests, but I took a slightly easier, sleazier path.

Thanks to good genes and some bodybuilding routines, I got myself cover shoots for men’s magazines, glistening in the floodlights from an all-over coating of mineral oil. I was buff enough–and good-looking enough–for the muscle mags. I showed up on Wrestle-Crazy covers posing in a jockstrap–even though I didn’t know shit about wrestling, and inside there was no story about me. I was just the horny, buff model.

One of the covers brought lawsuits that went on for years. The tiny white jockstrap they gave me was so tiny it barely covered my cockhead. Legal arguments flew and lawyers got in fistfights about the “outrage” of my balls showing in a publication sold in mom & pop grocery stores.

Those were the Good Old Days. Photographers shooting every part of me but my asshole. Anybody into bodybuilding, wrestling, or muscles knew my name. Paparazzi flashes blinded me every time I came out of a restaurant.

Skip ahead 20 years, two decades of me as a ball rolling through the pinball machine of life. Hitting this bumper-layoff, bouncing off that spring-cancel, getting a bump from a flipper-reassignment, and a long career of caroming from one trajectory to another, finally dropping into the black hole at the bottom: a job as manager for a tiny advertising company in Komananqua Falls, Ohio.

Fascinating place. The sign over the front door was a yelling, blazing, orange-yellow-red cartoon head bursting out of a television screen. Inside, the walls were painted putty-tan, and the employees were about as colorful.

Fascinating life. Wheedling, begging, and whining at shopkeepers to part with their hard-earned dough so they could hear themselves in cracking voices over WQUA either blustering or stuttering about how “Wonderful” and “Desirable” were their chimney brushes, handmade furniture, or rendered lard.

And I was doomed. Walking alone down a long, windowless hall. Twenty years back, in my days as a muscle-model, I lived a spoiled life. A man had spoiled me.

He was a trainer. Some movie production needed muscular sailors in the background while Roger or Walter or whatever his name was sang his song in the foreground. I always thought I was hunky enough, but the director wanted “big chests, really big chests.” So they assigned me a trainer. What the hell, it meant more money.

But the guy’s massages were stealthy, creeping stimulations. Slow, growing, unstoppable, his hands on my back and soothing my shoulders, kneading my buttocks–made me feel wonderful. Every time he finished with me, my ass was so hot, I could barely sit down. Like an itch. Like something wanted to happen.

After two weeks it was pleasure-torture, and one day as I lay purring on the table, planning to jack off the second he left, he moved up to stand beside me. “Mr. Iniardi,” he said. I turned my head.

And blinked.

He had pulled his shorts down over his ass, and his hard, throbbing cock was inches from my face. I gasped. The hot, red cockhead showed wetly through his foreskin, seductive, hungry, and beckoning. “Suck it,” he commanded.

To cut an uncircumcised story short, I gave in. Worse, as I sucked the big dong, his hand suddenly went from wide-focus stimulation of my butt to pointed attention, diddling around my asshole in slow, insufferable circles. When his finger–Oh, God!–pressed through, penetrating me, I catapulted into ecstasy, spurting astonished shots of semen onto the massage table beneath me.

And at that moment (what timing he had), the man’s sperm shot into my mouth, and I gulped it down–crossing the line.

He made me so horny with that finger, starting a fire back there, when he rolled me over and spread my legs, I knew right away what he was after. And I got a terrible urge to give it to him.

I loved everything he did to me! Never felt so fucking great.

He raised my legs, and It happened. His pink cockhead, already slick with spit and cum, nudged against my beef-hole, and–not without a couple of yipes from me–he made it. I winced and bit my lip in virginal pain as he got my cherry.

Like he married me. Nothing legal, of course, but as his legs flexed, screwing me in my inaugural fuck, my whole way of looking at things changed. Suddenly he was my partner. Higher in my esteem. Could never think of him in the same way again.

And as he stretched me to fit him, he made another big alteration–about who could do what to whom. Men can pleasure each other!

I couldn’t hold back a groan. He had fucked me skillfully past the pain, and with every casino şirketleri pump, my hips jolted, my balls shook, and a motherfucker of an orgasm grew in my guts. His thrusts raised the pleasure intensity until my ass felt like a pincushion–trembling with showers of red-hot sparks–and the earthquake started. “Oh, Jesus, yes! Fuck me! Harder! Do it! Ram it in!!”


The universe froze in mid-air, suspending me like the first atom at the instant of the Big Bang. I knew my whole life would change–and KA-WHAM! A tsunami of rapture so powerful I could drown in it rolled over me, blanking out all conscious thought, turning me into a glowing egg of ecstasy!

I don’t know how long it went on. Felt like days. But after the longest, most powerful orgasm of my life, I realized it came from both my cock and my asshole! Big Bang Boy had just taught me an atomic secret! A man can get the best of both worlds: an orgasm from both his cock and his man-cunt. Never forgot the smell. Mine and his. Somehow a combination of gut-level scents of our balls and the airy, oxygenated, stratospheric aromas of our brains. I smelled him. Somehow I knew all about him!

From then on, although I enjoyed dinner and a late-night tussle with a willing lady, sex with women was always minor-league. Full-on pleasure came only from another man. Wasn’t too hard to get my jollies back in the day, but willing man-pokers were hard to find in Komananqua Falls, Ohio.

I survived with hand-jobs. Kept me from blue-balls, but I’d changed calendars so many times since my last scream for mercy, I was constantly on the lookout for a horny man who would look at me with one raised eyebrow.

The problem was that I was over 50. Past the age of a peppery libido. No longer attractive. Not a serious contender even for Komananqua Falls’ gay crowd (both of ’em) whoever they were. Life was a walk in the desert.


One day the regional manager dropped in for a visit. I shook his hand. “Nice to see you, Mr. Axelrig.” I’m so good at fake, worshipful smiles, I should model for toothpaste ads.

Almost immediately, he declared, right out of the clear blue sky, that our office needed an assistant. And by coincidence (surprise, surprise) he happened to have one with him. “Let me introduce Herman. He’s been working with us in the home office, and he already knows all the ropes. Herman, this is Mr. Iniardi.”

People always wonder if I graduated from grade school, but I’m smart enough to recognize the boss’s relative when I see one. Herman was somebody’s kid, at best a lazy slug here for a free paycheck. Or maybe he was a plant, a spy, a mole.

He looked like a human scrapbook, a homeless bum cleaned up for the visit. Expensive clothes, but slept-in. Hard to tell his height–he slouched like needing something to lean on. Maybe 5’8″? (Later I heard one of the secretaries: “He was average barfly height.”)

Skinny. Weighed maybe 100 pounds. Round face, pink cheeks. Innocent-looking, childish in a way, but he had fiery red hair haystacked on his head like he combed it with an eggbeater. It gave him an out-of-work air.

Very thin lips. When he was born the obstetrician must’ve seen he didn’t have a mouth and cut him one with a quick flick of his scalpel. Nice teeth, though. Must get free shipments from our toothpaste account.

Dull eyes. Windows to the soul. Clearly “all the ropes” he knew were the ropes knitted into a hammock. No bright and eager intern, Herman was a plague waiting to happen. All the vibes told me, though, that if I stepped on this little roach, I would be out on my ass before he could hang up the telephone.

Shook my hand with a big grin, staring at me with a look that gave me goose-bumps. Shit, was I the kid’s target? That was all I needed, a corporate hit-man to get me filling out unemployment forms again.

Later I looked up his employee file. Herman was 22. Looked 16–wonderful how a good case of acne can make you look younger. I would paint on some fake pimples, myself, but at my age, it would look like smallpox. And more: his last name was Wawfens. Must be an in-law. Or a grandson.

When His Reverence Mr. Axelrig finally left, and I was alone with Herman, he stood grinning at me, giving me that weird look again. Like I was a cold beer. “I want to learn everything,” he said. “Hope to get an agency of my own one day.”

Ah, so. “All the ropes” just reduced to “a few threads.”

I showed him around the place, even the exercise equipment. Our company had taken over the site of a fitness center that went bankrupt (Komananqua Falls was also the TV Remote & Deep-fried Food Capital of Ohio). The treadmills and weight machines were still there. Even a shower room.

I saw Herman in the showers a couple of days later. Even skinnier than I thought. His back looked like an illustration from a medical book. No muscles. Clear bone definition. Pimples on his back.

Flat butt–a curved line at the top of each leg where casino firmalari a buttock should have been. Jeez. Never saw anybody before who didn’t have an ass. He wouldn’t be hard to draw. For each leg, just two straight lines.

I wished my waist were that slender, but his looked scary. Tubercular. And his dick? Grade school. Three inches. Maybe four while reading a Playboy.


As the days wore on, Herman hung around me so much, I grew even more nervous. I tried to shunt him off onto other members of the staff, but they ran him through a quick summary of what they did and turned him loose again to come slithering back to me.

His bladder and mine appeared to have the same schedule–every time I went to the men’s room, he walked in a second later. As days went by and our “coincidences” more frequent, his choice of urinal got closer and closer until finally we stood beside each other in there at least twice a day.

No temptation there: I had seen his future, and it was Economy Size. Couldn’t help myself–I was a size man–I liked some meat on the bone. Even as starved and aching as I was, Herman wasn’t my type.

As time went by, though, his attempts to see what I zipped up grew more and more overt until one day, rather than stand so close I splashed back on myself (and maybe a little hornier than usual), I casually took a step back and gave him a look.

Okay, although nobody ever begged me to star in a porn flick, I did have enough to turn a few heads. Since Herman was so hot to see it, I pulled back the foreskin and gave him a little glimpse of the ol’ Purple Beret. That action, of course, started the inflation process, and I heard Herman gasp. I zipped up as if my mind were elsewhere, maybe thinking about the day’s ad-shoot, and I walked out.

Not a long time later, Herman came into my office unannounced. Closed the door behind him. Walked up to my desk staring at me like trying to walk a straight line for a sobriety test. I got the goose-bumps again. “What can I do for you, Herman.”

“Just want to learn more about you. How you run the place.”

Damn. Is this where the interrogation begins? I lit a cigarette.

He went on, “How many accounts does this office have?”

Stupid question. He’d probably been told that in the car on the way here. I set the cigarette in an ashtray and reached for a ring-binder across my desk. I didn’t, though, raise my arm quite enough as I reached over the ashtray, and my cuff snagged the cigarette.

While I gave Herman the usual bla-bla, my wrist suddenly felt hot, and I looked down to see my damned sleeve was on fire!

I jumped up and slapped it out, then yanked the shirt open and pulled it off. Bad move. I was bare-chested for Herman.

He stood up, too. “Damn! You’re really built!”

Echoes of decades past. I smiled. I’m not so bad for 50. Still got the big frame. Muscles are a lot softer, but I’ve still got the outline.

Herman, though, was enchanted. “Look at you. Your daddy must’ve been a king to have a prince like you.” Ultra-corny, but his voice was soft. Respectful and awed. I smiled.

Nobody ever said anything like that to me. I looked over at myself in the full-length mirror we used to audition models. The years had trampled over me, but that wasn’t a bad chest, really. My tank-top undershirt fit me nice and tight.

Again the kid’s velvet voice: “You mind if I stare for a minute? I want to remember you for my dreams.” If he wrote that stuff in commercials, we were in trouble, but it made me all soft and squishy inside. Never been spoken to like that before.

Felt a little shy. Embarrassed. But flattered. And romantic.

Took me back to my glory days, back when I danced in a music video as a slave in a sheik’s tent, cavorting around the room in a pink silk jockstrap. But even in those days, people never told me they dreamed about me.

I looked back at the mirror and sucked in my gut. I remembered my waist back in those days. Slender. Even as I stood bared before Herman, I was better–not the same diameter all the way down, and I was hard. Still could crush a beer can on my belly.

Still, I wished I were in better shape for him.

What? No, I don’t! I don’t care about the little shit!

The mellow Voice again, from behind me. Lower, deeper: “I would crawl naked in the cold rain, I would crawl naked on broken glass–just to get naked with you.”

Jesus Christ! I turned my head to look at him and found my face an inch away from his. “Herman, I–“

–But his lips found mine. Warm. Inviting. Sweeping me away.

Damn, what the hell?

But it was too late. As his fingers wriggled through my hair, pulling my face closer, cutting off my escape, I suddenly began to enjoy it. And I kissed him back.

Can’t believe it! I’m getting turned on!

But with his tiny lips on mine and his tongue snaking into my mouth, I knew was kissing a weasely little mole. I had a choice: peel him loose or güvenilir casino let it roll.

My scrotum decided. When I stuck my tongue in his mouth, the order came from my balls. Nice kiss.

When we broke, both of us breathing a little harder, he caressed my cheek, murmuring slowly, nuzzling my ear. His voice was soft, lyrical, romantic, and in Italian: Posso comprarla una bevanda o fotteremo?

Just one little problema–my family’s from Naples. What he said was “Can I buy you a drink or shall we just fuck?”

Another major crossroads. And again my balls made the decision. I kissed him again, and as I did, his hands fumbled at my belt. In moments my pants fell to the floor.

Herman hit the floor a second or two later, yanking down my underwear, and he sighed. “Somebody should call the cops–it’s got to be illegal to look that good.”

I smiled. The little twerp could really sling the shit. While his hot breath warmed my cock, his hands groped my buttocks.

My ass was once so muscled I left two distinct, separate round marks when I sat on the sauna bench, but no more. Still, I had a good butt. Nice and rounded, and I loved his hands. “Mr. Universe,” he murmured.

Then his mouth electrocuted me as it slid over my cock!

My best part. I was still proud of it. Years ago the head shots I handed out at photo auditions were actually cockhead shots. Ol’ Trigger was my selling point, especially with a pullback to show the Purple Beret. And it still worked. Maybe not quite as impressive. Back in the day, Ol’ Trigger stood up from hard, flat plates of muscle.

In my office, Herman sucked on a hard dick based on a softer platform, but I loved it. Hadn’t been sucked in years, and I was in heaven. His fingers up my ass-crack made an even bigger thrill. The finger jabbing into my asshole, though, hit my Go-button, and I gasped.

He backed off. “God must have cried when you left heaven.” The voice was soft. Warm. Like a cat’s purr. Like gentle hands of a massage. I was putty in the hands of this little worm. Didn’t know what to do. Nothing to say.

The finger was still up my ass. Teasing me. Wriggling. Raising my temperature. Herman stood up with his finger still up me, delighting me, a tiny rabbit hopping back and forth inside me. I had gone so long, such a long time since any man-sex, the magic finger wound me tight.

“What a body,” he whispered in my ear. “Are you Greek? I thought all the gods were Greek.”

I couldn’t believe it. The little schmuck really knew how to lay it on thick. Worse, I loved it. Nobody ever tried romance on me. Never heard anything like it, and when he hissed, “Get down on your hands and knees,” I felt like a teenager asked to go to the prom. I took a deep breath and stooped.

Jesus Christ, am I going to let myself be fucked by the Pimple Kid?

Yeah. Yeah, I am. It’s been too long. Beggars aren’t choosers.

He knelt behind me, then mounted. “Well,” he said softly, “looks like I just hit a home run with you.” By then I was so fuck-crazy, all I could think of was to get the little jerk’s cock rammed inside me! I hadn’t been stretched around a big, hard cock in so long!

Whereas I hoped for a crowbar up my ass, Herman’s cock touched my pucker only gently, like a flower petal landing on the grass. Damn the little bastard! “Come on, Herman! Come on, do it!”

“Don’t want to get my pants dirty.”

God, oh God! “Then take ’em off, man! I’m on fire back there! You gotta fuck me!” I crouched there like an idling, overheating 18-wheeler while Mr. Maladroit shucked off his pants.

Black wingtip oxfords and white socks. What a nerd.

When he mounted again, I gritted my teeth: the sexual low point of my life. But I was so fucking horny I would’ve bent over for a Doberman.

One thing about getting shanked by Herman, there was no pain. Like getting a pipecleaner up my ass.

No stretch. No stress. And that drove me crazy. Never thought I’d miss the pain! “Harder, goddammit! Fuck me harder!!”

I was a pool of heated gasoline, and his goddamned fuse wasn’t long enough to give me an explosion! What a fucking irony! Rapunzel’s hair couldn’t reach the prince.

Once he started fucking, his hips slammed against my pelvis nicely, giving me good, bone-jarring jolts, but rather than the growing forest fire of a hot cock ramming up my ass, it tickled!

I was going insane! Raging mad! Panting like running a goddamned marathon. I crouched there, lurching my hips back at him, sweat dripping from me! “Please! Goddamnit, PLEASE!!”

Nothing! Nothing in my whole, goddamned life got me so fiery, insanely hot as fucking with that skinny little shrimp! I was so horny, so close, so begging for it, I was strangled, as if I hung from the ceiling by a rope knotted around my cock! Nothing I could do would make the little bastard treat me rougher!

Finally, so desperate I was on the edge of a fucking heart attack, I dropped away from him, rolled over on my back, and frantic–my hands grappling clumsily at my sweat-slick legs–I pulled my knees back by my face, spreading my ass and my aching, eager asshole to him. I was on fire. “Here, Herman! Ram it in! Take me from the front! Do whatever you want with me! FUCK ME!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Bi-Cops Ch. 02 – Hard Evidence

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Every off-duty cop in the precinct seemed to be crowded into Gray’s Bar for Mike Connelly’s retirement party. In his 35 years on the force, he’d taken half of them under his wing as raw rookies and turned them into seasoned police officers. Now, he was going off to sail his boat with his sexy new wife.

It was 8:30 PM. Case and Avery had gotten there early and snagged seats at the bar. They had the day off, so they were dressed in blue jeans and T-shirts.

“Mike looks great.” Avery was only two feet away, but Case still had to shout to make himself heard over the din.

“He’s been really happy since he married Susan,” Avery answered. “He was so depressed after Helen died.”

Jackie bent forward and set mugs of beer and double shots of George Dickel on the bar in front of them. Her low-cut blouse showed a lot of cleavage. “My turn.” Case handed her three tens and said, “Keep the change.”

“Thanks, Rick. You’re sexy and generous. Too bad you’re married.” She looked him over for a few seconds. “Speaking of which . . . Where’s Liz?”

“Visiting her sister in Colorado.”

“Clean fresh Rocky Mountain air. Must be nice.”

“Denver’s smog is even worse than ours.”

Jackie sighed. “There you go. Shattering a girl’s illusions again.”

She turned to Avery. “How’s your love life? Last time, you and Paula were going at it so hot and heavy in the back booth I’d of had to bust you for public lewdness. If I was on the force.”

“Didn’t work out. She’s dating a guitar player now.”

“Surprised she hasn’t brought him here. She used to like hanging out.”

“I think he gets nervous in cop bars.”

“That kind, huh?” She gave Avery a hard look. “Going through a few girls is normal. A new one every other month . . .”

Avery downed his whiskey in a single gulp and banged the tumbler down on the bar. “Bring me another one. A triple this time.” He set a twenty down beside the glass. “This’ll cover it.”

Jackie looked hurt. “Sorry, Sam. Didn’t mean to get personal.” She left the bill on the bar, picked up the glass, and started to walk away.

“Sorry. Just bugs me. Don’t know why I can’t keep a girlfriend . . .”

She turned back. “It’s okay. You’ll find someone.”

Jackie looked at Case’s glass. It was already half empty. “You guys ain’t drivin’.” It wasn’t a question. “You’re already way over the limit.”

“Hell no,” Avery answered. “Car’s at my apartment.”

“Must be nice. Livin’ so close.” She turned back to Case. “How ’bout you?”

He shrugged. “Guess I’ll catch a ride. Couple of the guys here live in my neighborhood.” He downed the rest of his drink. “My car will be fine in the department lot.”

“You don’t have to bum a ride,” Avery said. “You can crash on my couch.”

Case hesitated, then nodded. “That’ll work.”

“Long as that’s settled . . .” Jackie took the bottle of George Dickel from the shelf behind the bar, filled their glasses to the brim, and pushed Avery’s $20 bill back toward him. “This is on the house.”

“Jackie, you’re a sweetheart.”

“I know.” She looked up and down the bar. “I got other customers.” She hustled away.

Case saw Avery staring at her retreating ass. “Thinking of tapping her keg?”

“I like this place too much. Seems like I never get along with my exes.” Avery sipped his whiskey. “Guess that’s why Paula doesn’t come in any more. Doesn’t want to run into me.”

“She really dating a guitar player?”

“Shit, I dunno.” He lifted his glass. “Here’s to women. Can’t understand ’em. Can’t live with ’em. Can’t live without ’em.”

“Find ’em, fuck ’em, and forget ’em?” Case asked.

“Damn straight!”

They downed the whiskey and chased it with the rest of their beers. “Let’s blow this joint,” Avery said. They waved at Jackie and got up to leave. As they went out, Avery dropped the $20 into the tip jar.

* * * *

Avery’s apartment was only three blocks from Gray’s Bar. Case settled on the living room sofa. Avery switched the flatscreen on and started for the kitchen. “Want a beer?”

They had three days off, nothing special to do, and nowhere to go. “Sure.”

ESPN had a bunch of aging jocks discussing last week’s NFL draft picks. The news was all about grass fires and the latest terrorist attack. Comedy Central was showing “Joe Dirt” again. The other channels had game shows, cliché cop dramas, sitcom reruns, lame action movies, or chick flicks.

“Fuck all this shit!” Avery switched to an Internet connection and brought up a login screen with photos of three scantily-dressed women.

“Porn?” Case looked at Avery. He already had a bulge in his pants.

“Why the hell not?” Avery clicked on the “Login” button. “We’re not getting any pussy tonight.”

“You’ve got a point.” Case watched the screen fill with pictures of women: alone, with men, and with other women.

“You choose.” Avery handed the controller to Case.

He scrolled down the screen and stopped at a canlı bahis photo of a woman on her back with a man’s dick up her ass while a second man fucked her pussy. “How about this one?” When he held the cursor over the image, the scene’s title and performer’s name appeared: “Sharing Sabrina, starring Sabrina Miller.”

“Great.” Avery finished his beer with one long gulp and stood up. “Want another?”

“Hell yeah.” Case’s bottle was almost empty. He drank the rest and handed the bottle to Avery. “I’m fuckin’ drunk already. Might as well do it up right.”

“That’s the spirit.” Avery took the empties into the kitchen and came back with fresh beers. He settled on the couch and handed one to Case. “Come on. Let’s watch that babe get reamed.”

“Okay.” Case clicked on the image.

It was hard for Case to concentrate on the video with Avery sitting two feet away from him on the sofa.

After their encounter with Bobby two weeks ago, Case had been fantasizing about Avery’s thick hard cock and hot tight asshole. They hadn’t talked about it, but Case had caught Avery stealing lustful glances at him.

Sabrina was sucking one man’s dick while another fucked her pussy. Avery was rubbing the immense bulge in his crotch while he stared at the screen. Case was just as hard, staring at Avery’s long thick cock under his tightly-stretched jeans.

Avery unfastened his belt, unzipped his fly, and pushed his blue jeans down around his ankles, freeing his stiff prick.

Case turned to the screen when Avery glanced in his direction. Had Avery noticed? After a minute, he cautiously looked back.

Avery was gazing at the screen, stroking his stiff shaft and running his thumb and index finger over his cock-head. It was already gleaming with his pre-cum. He didn’t seem to have seen Case watching him.

Case’s cock was so hard it hurt. He yanked his jeans down around his ankles and started beating off.

Case stared at Avery’s flying fist, roughly jerking his swollen tool, and hardly noticed the men fucking Sabrina’s pussy and ass on the screen.

Someone else seemed to be saying, “Want some help with that?” It couldn’t be him reaching over to grip Avery’s stiff pole.

Avery turned to Case with a tense grin on his face and wrapped his hand around Case’s cock. He leaned closer. When his lips were an inch away, Case jerked his head back. Avery looked hurt for a second, then smiled slightly and kept stroking Case’s hard cock.

“You like this,” Avery said.

Case nodded.

“I’m going to suck your cock.” When Case didn’t answer, Avery knelt between his spread knees. He licked and sucked Case’s cock-head while stroking his shaft and kneading his balls.

Sabrina was screaming, but Case was staring at Avery’s head bobbing over his crotch and feeling the tension build in his balls.

His dick was throbbing when Avery lifted his head and looked into Case’s eyes. “Want to fuck?”

Case’s heart was pounding and it was hard to breathe. He answered in a hoarse whisper. “Yeah.”

Avery sat on the couch beside Case and took off his shoes, socks, and jeans. Finally, he took his T-shirt off and threw it toward the flatscreen. It was blank, except for the “replay” symbol. The shirt bounced off the glass and fell to the floor.

Avery stood up, naked and hard, and looked down at Case. “Come on.”

Case stripped quickly and followed Avery into the bedroom, watching his partner’s muscular buttocks flex as he walked.

Avery took a squeeze bottle of lubricant out of the nightstand beside the double bed and handed it to Case, then got onto the bed, on his hands and knees with his butt sticking out. “Come on,” he said. “I want your big hard cock up my ass.”

Case could see Avery’s reflection watching him in the big mirror mounted on the wall behind the head of the bed. He spread a thin line of lube on his finger and slid it into Avery’s puckered hole, twisting it around while working it in and out.

Avery locked eyes with Case in the mirror. “I’m ready. Fuck me now.”

“Okay.” Case smeared lube on his stiff cock, then pressed its head between Avery’s buttocks.

“Yeah! That’s right!” Avery rocked back, humping Case’s rigid pole. “Just stick it in. You’re not going to hurt me.”

After a few slow thrusts, Case was all the way inside. He held still, enjoying Avery’s tight hot asshole gripping his cock.

“That feels great!” Avery was still looking at Case’s reflection in the mirror. “How do you like this?” His ass muscles clamped Case’s rod.

“Jesus!” Case whispered. He pulled out slowly, and then pressed back inside.

“That’s right. Work that big hard pole in my tight butt!” Avery humped Case’s sliding cock silently, then said, “Liz likes taking it up the ass.”

Case froze for an instant, then fucked Avery harder and faster, bouncing has balls against Avery’s butt cheeks. “That’s pretty damn personal.”

Avery rocked his hips in time with Case’s thrusts. “Fucking bahis siteleri your partner’s ass is pretty personal.”

“How’d you know?”

“You know how to fuck an asshole. Except for that surfer kid . . .”


“Yeah. Bobby.” Case saw Avery’s wolfish grin in the mirror. “Fuckin’ hot piece of ass . . . Except for Bobby, I bet you haven’t fucked many guys.”

“Guess not.” In their early teens, Case and his best friend Jimmy had jacked off together and fucked each other’s butts. They’d never sucked cock and certainly hadn’t kissed. They’d quit fooling around when they’d started dating girls. Case thought they’d grown out of it.

“You learned somewhere.”

“Okay.” Case went faster. “Lil loves butt-fucking. I eat her out and she sucks my cock. Then I fuck her pussy and ass. First time . . . she asked me.”

“This is great,” Avery said. “Hard and fast . . . The way I like it . . .”

Case gripped Avery’s hips to hold him in place, pulled out until his cock-head was barely kissing Avery’s asshole, then rammed it home, shaking Avery’s body and the bed.

“Oh yeah,” Avery gasped. “This is the way I need to get fucked.” He drove his ass back to meet Case’s plunging cock. “Come on. I’m ready for a big hot load up my ass.”

“Here it comes . . .”

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck yeah!” Avery cried as Case hammered his ass, shooting another pulse of boiling cum with each thrust. He stopped with his cock all the way up Avery’s butt, breathing hard with his heart racing.

“Jesus . . . H. . . . Fuckin’ . . . Christ,” Avery said. “That’s the best pounding my ass has gotten in a hell of a long time.”

“Pretty damn good for me, too . . .”

“Good as Liz?”

“Well . . .”

Avery laughed. “I’m just yanking your chain.” He moved forward and Case’s cock slipped out of his ass.

“You’re one hell of a good fucker.” Avery rolled onto his back and lifted his head to look at Case.

Case knelt on the bed between Avery’s legs. “And you’ve got a helluva ass.” His gaze moved from Avery’s face down his body, over his weightlifter’s chest and flat belly, and stopped at his long thick cock. It was still rock hard, with pre-cum leaking from its tip and forming a puddle on his stomach. “Did you come?”

“Can’t you tell?”

“Okay, you haven’t.” Case stared at Avery’s swollen shaft. “I’m going to get you off.”

“Yeah, jack me off.”

Case stared silently at his partner’s stiff dick. “I’m gonna suck your cock.” He’d actually said it!

Now, Case looked at Avery’s face. His eyes were wide and his lips curved upward in a slight smile. “Okay.”

Case lowered his head to Avery’s crotch and wrapped his lips around Avery’s big hard tool.

Sucking Avery’s cock was just as sexy as eating Liz’s pussy. He started off with one of her tricks, clamping his lips around Avery’s corneal ring and licking and sucking his cock-head, slipping the tip of his tongue into his cum-slit and tasting his pre-cum, while stroking his rigid pole and gently squeezing his bulging balls.

Avery thrust his cock between Case’s tightly closed lips, fucking his face. “Jesus!” he gasped. “I’m fuckin’ close.”

Case wanted to suck Avery off, to feel and taste his cum filling his mouth. But he wanted something else even more. The idea scared him as much as it excited him, but he couldn’t resist. He pulled away.

Avery propped himself up on his elbows to look at Case. “Don’t stop now.”

“I want you to fuck my ass.”

Avery stared at him. “This because you’re drunk?”

“We’re both drunk. But no. Ever since that traffic stop . . . I’ve been thinking . . .”

Avery gave him a hard look, then smiled. “Okay. I’m gonna fuck the hell outta your hot sexy ass.”

“Good. That’s what I want.” Case knelt at the foot of the bed with his butt sticking out, the way Avery had done earlier. He looked up at the mirror and watched Avery squirt lube on his index finger.

Avery’s stiff cock bobbed in the air as he stepped behind Case. “Ready?”

“Yeah.” Case’s cock jerked when Avery’s finger slid into his asshole.

“You’re goddamn tight!” Avery said. “Liz ever use a dildo on you?”

“No.” Case looked at Avery in the mirror. The finger in his butt felt strange, but his cock was rock-hard. “We’ve talked about it. She’d like to, but I thought it was too . . . uh . . .”


“Guess so. Sorry. Doesn’t seem that way now.”

Avery squeezed more lube onto his finger and worked it around in Case’s asshole. Soon, Case was relaxed enough to let Avery add a second finger, crossed with the first. Case jacked his stiff cock while Avery fingered his butt.

“Fuck me,” Case said. “I want your big cock . . . up my ass. Now.”

“Okay.” Avery pulled his fingers out and Case felt something bigger pressing into his asshole, slowly stretching it open.

Case’s ass muscles tensed up whenever it hurt. Each time, Avery pulled back slightly, then pushed further in. Suddenly, bahis şirketleri his cock-head popped through Case’s tight anal ring and his big long shaft slid all the way up Case’s ass.

“Jesus!” Case gasped.

“You okay?” Avery asked.

“Fuck yeah!” Case grinned at Avery in the mirror. “Feels good. Just took me by surprise.”

Avery grinned back. “Great. Ready for that rough ride I promised?”

“Go for it.”

Avery pulled out slowly, stopped with his cock-head just inside Case’s asshole, then pushed back in, just as slowly, until his balls were pressing against Case’s buttocks. Case’s cock jerked and throbbed, but he didn’t come.

After several more long slow thrusts, Avery asked, “Ready for a real fuck?”

“Oh yeah!” Case answered. Avery fucked him with long steady strokes. Case rocked his hips, pushing back to meet Avery’s driving cock. “Do it harder.”

Avery did, pounding Case’s ass and filling the room with the sound of flesh slapping flesh.

Avery stopped with his cock all the way up Case’s ass. Case looked at him in the mirror. “What?”

Avery looked scared but determined. “I just wanted to tell you how hot and sexy you are.” He bent over and kissed the back of Case’s neck. Case stiffened briefly, then relaxed. “With a super hot tight ass.”

“Time for you to get back to fucking me,” Case tightened and relaxed his ass muscles, gripping Avery’s hard cock.

“Oh, you’re gonna get it!” Avery hammered Case’s ass, finally pulling all the way out, then driving back inside.

Case was close to coming when Avery gasped “Oh fuck!” His hard hot streams of cum splashed the walls of Case’s asshole.

Avery stopped moving and Case clamped his ass muscles around his partner’s hot pole. “That was wild. Better than I’d imagined.” His cock was throbbing.

“Great for me, too.” Avery kissed the back of Case’s neck again. This time, Case didn’t flinch.

When Avery straightened up, his dick slipped out of Case’s asshole. He smiled into the mirror and fondled Case’s muscular butt cheeks. “Men are so damn hot and sexy. A girl’s ass is nice, but a guy’s is even better.”

“Girls have tits,” Case said. “And cunts.”

Avery bent over again, rubbing his hard-on along Case’s butt crack. He lowered his chest onto Case’s back, letting Case support part of his weight, and reached around Case’s body to pinch and twist his nipples.

Case’s swollen cock got even harder. Avery laughed at Case’s expression in the mirror. “Boys have tits, too. They’re smaller but you can still do a lot with them.”

He continued playing with Case’s nipples with one hand while he ran the other down Case’s body to his crotch. “Guys don’t have cunts, but their cocks are fantastic.” He closed his fingers around Case’s super-stiff prick. “You’re sure hard. Guess you like guys.”

Case didn’t answer. He loved women, but . . .

Avery rose to his feet. Case stood up, grabbed Avery’s hand, and put it around his hard-on.

“You didn’t come.” Avery stroked Case’s shaft.

“Not yet.”

“What do you want to do?”

“Fuck your ass.” Case pointed to the bed. “Face to face.”

Avery lay on his back with his legs folded against his chest and grinned at Case through his open knees. “Liz like it this way?”

Case chuckled. “Liz likes it every way.” He stared at Avery’s sexy asshole.

“Gonna fuck me, or just stand there looking?”

“Your ass is as pretty as Liz’s. Bet it’s just as tight.”

Case smeared lube on his hard rod and knelt between Avery’s spread legs. “Ready?” Without waiting for an answer, he slid his cock up Avery’s ass.

“That’s right,” Avery whispered. “Now, let me have it. Rough as you want.”

“You’re gonna get it.” Case gripped Avery’s ankles and pushed them up and away from his body.

“Oh yeah,” Avery said. “Pound my ass.”

Case stared at his sliding cock while he fucked Avery. “You like that?”

“Fuck yeah!” Avery was stroking his stiff dick. His expression was like Liz’s when she was getting close. “Go on and shoot.”

Case growled, “Here it comes.”

Avery screamed and cum fountained from his dick, splashing his chest, belly, and crotch, while Case fired shot after hard hot shot of cum up his ass.

Case let go of Avery’s ankles and lowered his upper body onto Avery’s chest.

“That was good,” Avery whispered. “The best.”

Their faces were inches apart. Case gazed into Avery’s eyes for a long time, then looked down at his mouth. Avery’s male lips were different from a woman’s, but still unbelievably tempting.

Case lowered his face to Avery’s and kissed him . . .

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright © 2017 by Ken James

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, organizations, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales, organizations, or events is entirely coincidental.

Please contact me. I love getting feedback and reply to every message.

Thanks to Wayde, my greatest fan, best friend, and husband, for all his love, enthusiasm, and support.

* * * * * * * * * *

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