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A Flying Leap

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My first experience with the male orgasm wasn’t a good one. My boyfriend at the time had only been going out with me for a very short time, and we hadn’t even gotten much further than second base, when he invited me down to the basement to get away from his friends. Our relationship hadn’t developed at all yet, and I didn’t dare protest for fear of losing him when he sat me down and literally whipped out his cock.

I was seated with my face level with his cock, watching nervously while he pumped it in front of me. Too scared to put it in my mouth like he wanted, I allowed him to jerk it off in front of me until a few minutes later he came, the first jet of cum spurting out and hitting me square in the eye.

Maybe it was the initial shock of having the stinging fluid in my sensitive eye, or the pain that only intensified, or maybe the redness and swelling that followed the entire afternoon, but something about that experience turned me off the idea of having cum anywhere near my body. In the years that followed my fear remained, sticking in my mind. My panic at the sight of cum was so serious that I would go so far as to change the sheets after a man ejaculated near my bed, to keep the semen away from my body.

So when James told me his fetish, this is why I was so put off.

“Facials,” he said, waiting for my reaction.

“Facials?” I repeated dumbly.

“Cumming on a girls face, or on her breasts, or other parts of her body,” he clarified.

I tried to keep my face blank, hoping that my distaste wouldn’t be revealed.

James and I had been going out for three months, and our relationship was starting to become serious. He had brought up the subject of fetishes, laughing when I told him that I had none.

“Everyone has a fetish,” he had chided, “even if they don’t know what it is yet. We just need to broaden your horizons, to experiment some more. Something will pop up,” he smiled at this pun, “That excites you more than anything you’ve ever done before.”

“Well what’s yours, then?” I had asked. That had been my downfall.


James snuggled closer to me, nuzzling my neck with his face and mouth. He planted soft kisses under my chin and drew his eyes up to make contact with mine.

“What do you think?” He asked. “Am I a pervert? Will you stop seeing me, now?”

His teasing voice made me smile and I pushed him slightly with my hand

“Come on, now,” I said. “Nothing is going to make me get rid of you. Not even a sick and twisted fetish like facials.”

James laughed with me, and drew his mouth close to mine. His soft lips pressed hard against mine, making shivers run up my spine. I surrendered to his kiss, my arms gripping his biceps softly while his hands felt their way up my body. He squeezed my breasts lightly through my shirt while his tongue pried my lips slightly open.

My nipples grew erect, poking out through the fabric, and his fingerers brushed lightly against them. His tongue moved through my lips and softly tickled the roof of my mouth.

A giggle escaped me as James groaned into me, squeezing my breasts a little more intently and tweaking the nipples between his thumb and finger.

I broke away from the kiss with reluctance, and stood up in front of him. I bent down to stroke the bulge in his jeans, rubbing the cock through the thick fabric.

“Care to come upstairs?” I asked in a mock seductive voice.

His throaty groan was his response, and I casually walked away, allowing my hips to swing provocatively.

James got up after me, walking slowly behind matching me step for step. I could feel his eyes watching my ass through my pants as it wiggled invitingly at him. Once at the stairs I mounted each slowly, reaching up to strip my shirt off over my head.

After peeling the shirt away I threw it over my shoulder, and half sensed half heard it hit James in the chest. My breasts were now concealed only by a bra, which I stripped off as I reached the next step. I allowed the bra to fall to the floor, and my breasts relaxed in their new freedom, bouncing as I hurried my step up the last few stairs.

James leapt after me, grabbing me around the waist and swinging me into the bedroom. He plopped me down on the bed and straddled my waist, his hands moving down to stroke my bare bosom.

My large nipples poked against his palms, and he pinched them playfully, causing a moan to escape from my lips. I reached under his shirt with both my hands, running the palms across his warm, smooth skin. I absolutely adored the bronze colored flesh of his chest, and the tiny dark nipples that I could feel hardening under my hands. I ticked his round stomach with my fingers, and James groaned, tightening his grip on my breasts.

His lips lowered themselves down onto mine, capturing them and pulling them open to prod his tongue inside and lick the bottoms of my hard teeth. I bucked my hips upwards towards him, rubbing my clothed crotch against the hard bulge I could feel there.

My body felt hot, excited, tingling. kemalpaşa escort Goosebumps of pleasure rose on my bare arms and I shivered with delight as he ground that cock against my hips.

The hands left my breasts and began tracing a trail down my bare stomach, prodding against the waistband of my pants and tugging at the fly. His lips broke their hold on mine, but my mouth remained wide open, panting and empty. I moaned as he licked a trail down my chin and neck and touched my hard nipples with his hot tongue.

The buttons on my pants were undone in moments, and with little help I slipped the pants down my legs and kicked them off onto the floor. My underwear followed right afterwards, my pussy exposed to the cool room.

I pressed my legs together defensively, James still sucking at my breasts.

Reaching down the to buttons at his fly, I began to fumble with James’ pants. The tight buttons were soon undone and James helped himself out of them, and slipped his shirt over his head.

He helped me along, pushing the pants down his legs and straddling me again, once bare. He stroked his thick cock while I panted, looking up at his face.

I struggled not to look at the throbbing staff in front of me. As much as I liked the feel of it between my legs, the sight, smell, and fluids coming out of it scared me all the way to my insides. Glancing down at it and then back into his eyes, I shook my head slightly, telling him silently that I didn’t want it near my face.

For all that we’d only been going out a couple of months, James had sort of gotten a hint that I didn’t like this aspect of sex, and respected that now by moving his waist down a big further. He nudged my legs apart with his knees, positioning his cock over my slick pussy, and rubbed the head against my clit.

I moaned, reaching to him and putting my hands in his thick hair. I stroked the soft stuff with my fingers, tugging it lightly, grabbing hold of it securely but gently as his rubbing continued.

“oh, god, James,” I whimpered. I thrust my hips towards his cock and he met them, pushing the head into my cunt, moaning himself as he entered my tight opening.

I met him thrust for thrust, my butt lifting off the bed. He reached around me and cupped the round cheeks with his large hands, squeezing them as he pumped into me. He knelt back on his knees and pulled me close. I wrapped my legs around his waist and moved myself up and down on his cock with some help from his strong hands.

His head was thrown back, mouth open, moans escaping while his cock disappeared into my body. I struggled to push myself onto my arms to watch the thrusts, looking on in fascination as his swollen cock spread my pussy wide open and disappeared into the warm flesh. My clit was far from the action, and I released one of my arms from underneath my body to play with the nub, rubbing it hard. The soft pad of my middle finger moved rapidly over the engorged clitoris, causing me to tighten my pussy around James’ cock. James looked down at me, smiling at my hand and watching me masturbate below him.

His hands tightened around my buttocks and he thrust into me harder, throwing his head back again and gasping. His cock slowed, pushing deep inside me, and I could feel the spasms it emitted as his cum ejaculated inside my body. As scared as I was of the idea of having his fluid inside my body, I was too far gone in my sexual excitement to stop now. I tightened my legs around his waist, holding him inside my body, as I pumped up and down on top of him, rubbing my clit harder and harder.

Friction caused my body to go into its own spasm, clenching around James’ cock and vibrating with the force of the climax. My fingers stopped and pressed against the clit, burying it in the folds of flesh around it, until the final wave of electricity passed through my body all the way to the tips of my toes. I relaxed my grip around James’ waist, dropping down onto the bed and gasping for breath, my arms relaxing at my sides and my legs resting wide open.

James fell down beside me, one hand draping across my chest, and he buried his face into my neck.

“You are so great, Katie,” he whispered into my ear. “You are the best ever, you know that?”

I smiled, my eyes closed, and reached up to stroke his hair.

“Thanks, baby,” I said.

Suddenly I noticed the sticky feeling between my thighs, and jumped off the bed in a quick, frantic motion, running for the bathroom. I slammed the door behind me and turned on the shower, jumping in and frantically washing the fluid off and out of me. I rubbed soap on my legs, thighs, pussy, stomach and hands over and over again.

James knocked on the door.

“Katie,” he said, pushing the door wide open. “You okay?”

“I’m fine,” I said, embarrassed and ashamed. I didn’t want him to know what I was doing, that I was trying to wash away all evidence of his excretions from my person.

“You want some dinner?” he asked from the doorway.

“That sounds great,” escort kemalpaşa I lied, turning the water even hotter and soaping my hands up for the third time.

“Okay,” he said, and I heard the door shut as he left the room to go downstairs.

I stood in the stream of water, nervously fingering my soaking pussy, void of any juices or fluids. What was wrong with me? The stuff was natural, right? How gross could it be, really…why was I so afraid?

Fear is really all that it was. The very thought of a mans cum took me over like a strange sort of panic, chilling me from the bones to the flesh, making me scared and nauseous at the same time. I felt that if I didn’t get the stuff of me right then, something terrible would happen. The feeling was similar to one I had had when I was in school, scared to take tests. Somehow I had managed to get over that fear; maybe I could get over this one.

I washed my hair quickly and left the stream of water, making my way down to the kitchen wrapped in a large towel. James was there, putting together sandwiches.

“Sandwiches,” he said, smiling at me, ” Are the absolute best Post Sex food besides Chinese.”

I returned his smile and sat down at the table, staring at the wooden surface guiltily. James set a plate in front of me, a large egg salad sandwich laying on top of it, staring as if to say “eat me.”

“Was it good, Kate?” James asked.

“I haven’t eaten it yet,” I said, holding the towel around me with one hand and reaching for the sandwich with the other. “It sure looks great, though.”

“I meant the sex,” James said, laughing, and taking the seat across from me. He had pulled his pants back on, but was still bare chested, exposing his bronzed skin to me.

“It’s always wonderful with you,” I said, taking a big bite of sandwich. “Tonight was great too.”

James chewed his food and looked me in the eyes.

“I don’t know,” he said, swallowing. “You seemed to want to get out of there awful fast. Come on, we’re doing all right, right? I mean, we’ve been going out for a while…three months isn’t a long time, but it’s not too shabby. I think that you and I could be great together in the long run, and in the short run, too.”

I took another bite of my sandwich. James had been talking like this a lot lately, wanting to get closer to me, to get to know me better. Thus the exposure of his fetish earlier that day.

“Please tell me what’s wrong, Katie,” he pleaded. “I want to know everything about you, good and bad.”

“Okay,” I said, putting the sandwich down and drawing my knees up to my chest. “I have this fear…”

He looked at me anxiously as I trailed off, waiting for my full confession.

“I’m scared of cum.”

His face was just as blank as mine had been earlier, giving away none of his reactions. I feared that he was upset about my distaste, and would turn away from me for good. Defensively, I gave him a brief description of the first, traumatizing experience I had been through, hoping that he would see it the way I had and understand my phobia.

“so one bad experience sort of turned you off the whole idea, huh?”

I nodded, staring at the table. He sounded sad, disappointed that I didn’t share this antasy with him.

“not all guys are such bad aims, you know,” he smiled, reaching across the table to stroke my cheek. His fingers trailed their way up my face from my chin to the side of my eye, liftying me slightly to meet his gaze.

I smiled weakly back at him.

“I’ve just never had the courage to try it again, you know?” I looked pleadingly at him, trying to make him forget the whole topic.

“I understand,” he said soothingly. “But I think you’re strong.” He tweaked my nose and let go of my face, scooting his chair away from the table and standing up. He came around to my side of the table and crouched down next to me.

James looked up at me with smiling eyes. It was as though he had put the conversation behind him. He held my bare calf and began to massage my leg, moving his hands up from my feet mto my thighs, rubbing the muscles there.

“I love you, you know,” he said, kissing my knee.

His soft hands felt so good on my legs. I maneuvered myself slightly to allow him better access to my legs and inner thighs. He stroked his way up to the smooth flesh at the top, near the cool opening between my legs which was now dry, not as wet as it had been during our previous intimacy. His fingers played their way along the folds of my flesh, stroking around the clitoris at the top. He didn’t touch it directly, just manipulated the skin around it so that it was pinched and prodded from a distance. It was a heavenly feeling, and I could feel new moisture appearing in the area, my body opening up like a flower towards him.

His chuckle filled the room and brought me back out of my trance to watch him move his lips up my legs. He kissed my knee, then the skin right above my knee, his lips teasing their way up my legs to the apex. His tongue darted kemalpaşa escort bayan out and wetted my flesh, causing me to wriggle in my seat.

I pushed my pussy towards his face, but he withdrew, smiling at me. He chuckled again and shook his head in a condescending way while his fingers continued to tease my clit.

The stimulation his hands caused my body without touching the area I ached at the most intensified my desire. He seemed intent on keeping me on the brink. I thrust towards him again with hope but he withdrew his hand slightly, matching my movement and not prodding any harder than he had previously.

“James,” I moaned.

My hands seemed helpless, unable to do anything. I longed to grab him, to pull him towards me, but didn’t want him to become agitated and stop playing with my skin. I tightened my fingers around the towel, clenching the fabric, nails digging into the soft folds.

James lowered his mouth to my body again, kissing the thigh right next to my lower lips. His teeth nibbled at the flesh slightly, causing me to whimper again. I struggled to keep my hips still, flexing my legs and relaxing the muscles again, my thighs slowly splaying further apart.

It was hard to keep from squirming, to prevent myself from thrusting lewdly towards him, but somehow I managed to stay still while James’ long tongue stroked around my pussy. His tongue snaked around my lower body, tracing the folds of my flesh, lapping softly around my clit but never directly touching it. His hands moved to make way for the tongue, parting the lips slightly so that his mouth could more effectively tease me. As he licked around my clit, I lost control and thrust upwards towards his mouth.

My movement was successful, and his tongue touched my clit. It was like a fire had been ignited at that point, and my whole body shivered with the contact. James withdrew and smiled up at me again.

“Naughty little girl,” he scolded. “Sit still and let Daddy do his work.”

I whimpered, trying to lean back against the chair. I positioned my thighs as far apart as I could, allowing the flesh between my legs to open lewdly. James stroked my lips with his fingers, petting them and smoothing them aside. He didn’t touch my clit, or even come very close to it, but just smoothed the skin nearby. My whole body convulsed, struggling to keep as still as possible, longing for him to touch my clit again.

James smiled at me and lowered his face again, his eyes breaking contact with mine to concentrate on my body while his tongue began to flick at the skin around me. He lapped up the moisture gathering around my opening, sliding his tongue roughly along the edges of the hole and licking around it. Finally his long tongue plunged inside, going so far in I could feel it lapping my insides. His face was completely buried in my flesh, his nose digging into the soft skin there.

I moaned loudly, clenching the towel even tighter in my hands, hugging it close to my aching body. His fingers were wrapped around my calves, massaging the tightening muscles there, while my toes flexed and reached for the floor.

The tongue slid out of my cunt, sliding up the wet slit to my clitoris, where it began to flick at the nub. No more teasing, no more stroking the flesh around the clit, but actually lapping at the peak itself. The flat, thick part of his tongue ran over my clitoris all the way to the tip, sliding the long muscle across the hard nub. I groaned again, twisting my hips back and forth, unable to bear the intense pleasure. His hands moved up my legs towards my opening again, and his long middle finger probed there.

I felt the finger sliding along the opening, nudging itself in slightly. Not all the way inside, but softly rubbing around the edges, caressing the soft skin.

His lips parted and sucked my clit inside, pulling it roughly into his hot mouth. His warm breaths against my sensitive skin felt wonderful, the tight lips locked around my clit were extremely arousing, and I moaned louder, feeling my climax approaching.

My body tightened, and every muscle lost control and clenched tightly. My hips thrust into the air and stayed there while my pussy groped at the small finger at its edge. The tight muscles gripped James’ finger and held it firmly while he prodded the opening slightly. He nibbled my clit between his teeth while I cried out my pleasure. Fluids mixed with saliva as I came noisily. His mouth opened and seemed to devour my whole pussy, lapping at the juices it was secreting.

Finally I relaxed, my buttocks resting back down on the chair and my hands falling to my sides. The towel opened up, exposing my bosom and stomach, and fell to my sides. James stood up in front of me, almost smirking at me playfully.

“Enjoy that, Katie?” he asked in a teasing voice.

“Mmmmm….” I moaned, nodding my head. My eyes were closed, relaxing my lids and all the muscles in my body were numb. I opened one eye a sliver to look at my boyfriend, my lips curling into a sleepy smile. “You’re so great,” I mumbled.

“I know,” he laughed.

James bent down and scooped my exhausted body into his arms. The strong limbs around me felt so good, and I rested limply against his chest. My head rolled onto his shoulder, nuzzling his neck. He smelled like me, like my juices, and the scent almost aroused me again.

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A Different Relationship Ch. 04

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Big Tits

Chapter 4: There’s someone else in my bed

“To be honest honey, I really thought you would say you want another nipple piercing. You kind of surprised me with the navel. However, my mind was made up so I decided to go through with it. I hope you’re not mad at me?”

“No never. I was just… surprised that’s all. And the navel piercing looks kind of girly don’t you think?” In truth I was a bit worried about this new piercing.

“Well yes. But that’s only because it sparkles purple and because I removed all your hair. Don’t worry too much about it. I am sure you’ll get used to it and under your shirt. Not many people will see it anyway.”

“You’re right. When can I see the tattoo?”

“I thought about that and decided that I will tend to it and show it to you after one week when it’s no longer necessary to wear a bandage. Do you promise me not to peek until then?”

“Okay. It’s alright, I guess. What do you feel like doing today?” I asked.

“Well after lunch I’m having coffee with a friend but I shouldn’t be out too long and in the evening I am going out again. But I promise you I won’t stay out as late as yesterday. Did you like your good-night kiss yesterday?”

I blushed bright red and looked down at the boardwalk, ashamed.

“Yes I did actually. It tasted… different but not bad.”

“That’s good. Maybe I’ll get you something similar today. We’ll see.”

While we were walking all I could think of was Linda blowing another guy and then feeding me the guy’s load. Something had changed. I didn’t know why but I really was hoping that she would do something similar tonight. I thought perhaps I might be bisexual but it wasn’t a concern. As long as Linda was happy I was happy.

At home we had a quick lunch and then she left to meet her friend.

She came back home around four pm and hugged me when she came in.

“I’m really starting to like your new piercings honey. They really suit you, even the navel. I met Lisa for coffee and she invited us over for dinner next week. I told her what we were up to and she wouldn’t let me go so I flashed her my nipple piercing quickly. I don’t think anyone saw but it was exciting nonetheless. Then she asked if you had anything done and I told her that you got two piercings and a tattoo done.”

Now I was getting nervous. It is one thing to do these things privately but involving and telling other people about it is something entirely different.

“Don’t worry honey I didn’t tell her anything else.”

I was relieved.

“I told her we’ll show her next week when we come over and I decided that it will be the great revealing of your new tattoo as well. Are you happy?”

No I was not. I couldn’t tell her that… But she’s in charge so I can only urla escort bayan do her bidding or lose her forever.

“Yes. I am excited to see the ink. I am just a little nervous.”

“Don’t worry about Lisa and Tom. I told you we were all really close in high school. You can trust them, they won’t tell anyone.”

‘Okay, I trust you.”

“Great. Now I need to start getting ready. I have a dinner date at six and I don’t want to be late. You’re okay with waiting at home for me aren’t you honey?”

“I am alright. Just enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about me.”

“Don’t be silly honey I don’t. I just want you to be comfortable. Oh… And I want you to sleep on the couch tonight. I might not be alone when I come home tonight. I don’t want you to make a scene, that’s why I am telling you now. Just be yourself. Stay quiet and keep on the couch. I’ll tell you if everything comes up.”

That was like a punch in the stomach but I started to realize what I was in for so I just agreed. I got the feeling that it would be a long time before I was allowed to sleep with her again.

She went out shortly before six pm and I was alone. I was about to go to bed at half past eleven when I heard the key turn in the lock. I didn’t know what to do so I just sat down on the couch and kept watching television. I suddenly realised that I was butt naked but I didn’t dare to put anything on because I didn’t want to upset Linda.

She wasn’t alone. I heard the door open and close and then all I could hear was clothes shuffling and kissing sounds. They came into the living room and she led him by the hand past me into the bedroom. He gave me a quick glance and smiled. He pushed the door closed but it didn’t go all the way so a small crack was left open.

Now I could hear more clothes shuffling. In between I could hear kissing sounds and soft moans. Then I heard him moan and I could only imagine what was going on. I didn’t move and just kept listening. My dick was throbbing in its cage trying to get hard but it was no use. I was getting used to the pain. More shuffling from the bed and suddenly a scream.

“Oh my aaah!”

I know when Linda’s horny and how she sounds but I could only imagine that she must have been beyond happy. Then the pumping and screaming started. Every push was followed by her screaming “Yes” and “Oh…” and “Ah…”. In between I could hear him moan as well.

The screams were getting louder and I think she must have had a very large orgasm. The thumping sounds also increased and suddenly I heard the guy cumming as well. Silence. The only thing noticeable was exhausted breathing of my girlfriend and her lover.

“Honey come in.”

I stood up and reached for the door and entered the escort urla room. Their clothes were covering the floor as well as a blanket and a pillow. The whole room smelt of sex and sweat. I so wanted to fuck her right then and there. She was sitting on him in the reverse cowgirl position with his dick still inside of her.

I suddenly realised that again the guy didn’t wear a condom.

“Honey this is Bill. I am going to slip off of him now and I want you to kneel between our feet and immediately put your face on my pussy and be careful not to spill anything. When you’re done with me I want you to take care of Bill. Now get going.’

I crawled onto the bed on my knees and I realised that there was a lot of precum oozing out of my chastity cage. Damn that whole thing made me so hot I couldn’t believe it. I went down between their feet and in one quick motion she moved backwards a little bit and shortly before his dick plopped out I put my lips on her pussy.

Damn was she wet and swollen. From what I could tell Bill must have been about double my size in diameter and I think he also had a good two to three inches on me in length. That must have been one hell of a fucking.

I greedily started to lick her pussy savoring the smell and taste. There was quite a lot of cum inside of her and I eagerly lapped it out of her. Not before long I could feel her pressing herself against my face and a few minutes afterwards she had another orgasm. When she calmed down she signaled me that she was satisfied for now.

Now that was it. This was going to be my first time licking and sucking a dick. I was excited and scared at the same time. Between my feet the sheets got wet from all the precum leaking out of my locked dick. I was so hot and couldn’t wait.

His dick was now flaccid but still even in this stage still bigger and especially thicker than mine when it is hard. First I took the tip in and started to lick around the head with my tongue making sure to get all of their juices into my mouth. Damn that tasted good. I struggled however with the size of it and couldn’t get it in all the way. I think I got about four inches in but that was it. Then I started gagging. I licked the shaft clean and then just continued blowing him.

I didn’t know when to stop and I suddenly felt him growing again in my mouth. He even started moaning and they started to kiss. From the corner of my eye I could see him fumbling at her and caressing her ass. His finger was on her asshole but she stopped him.

“Not today. You can fuck me again the other way but not there.”

“That’s too bad I love a nice, tight asshole. Usually I never fuck a girl in the same whole twice in one night. And since your sissy here is already blowing me urla escort there is only one hole left that needs exploring.

She kept giggling and they started kissing again. he was now really getting hard again and was already at his full potential I guess. I just kept satisfying his cockhead with my lips and tongue.

“Damn it why not.”

He said moving her aside and sat up.

“Turn around you little faggot.”

I didn’t know what to do. I looked at Linda and then did what he asked and lied down on my back. I was scared and kept looking for Linda’s eyes to calm me down.

“I like your purple piercing princess, it’s good that you are locked up. Doesn’t give you any stupid ideas. Now raise your legs and spread them.”

He commanded it so I did it. He went behind me and yanked the buttplug out in one quick motion. The sudden feeling of emptiness was strange but I was afraid that it wouldn’t last long.

“Good thing you had this in. Have you ever had your ass fucked?”

“Only with a dildo…” I stammered.

“Well then you’re in for a treat. Get me some lube Linda. “

Linda stood up and got some lube and started generously spreading it on his hard cock. Linda moved closer to me and placed my head into her lap. He positioned himself and I could suddenly feel the tip of his cock at my entrance.

He started to push and I gave in and relaxed to make it as painless as possible. It took a few seconds but suddenly the head popped in. That’s usually the moment when a buttplug would get slimmer but the real thing was different. I had the feeling of being split in half as he was pushing inch by inch into me. My hole was so stuffed I thought I would burst.

Ten seconds later I felt his balls on my ass and knew he was all the way in.

“Now comes the fun part.”

That was all he said as he started relentlessly hammering in and out of me. He was gentle with the first thrust but this was different. He pounded my ass as if it was just some random girl’s pussy and all I could do was moan and scream a little bit. It did hurt a little at first but it was a mixture of pleasure and discomfort that I felt. His thrusts even increased further in speed and suddenly he started groaning and I could feel his dick twitch inside of me.

He reached for the buttplug and in one motion slipped out of me and put the buttplug back in place. I couldn’t even feel it. It seemed insignificant compared to the huge monster that was just inside of me.

“If you won’t give me your ass you can clean your sissy’s from my dick. Now get licking.”

Linda looked at him a little bit shocked but crawled over to him and started to lick his dick clean. When she was done he just stood up and started dressing.

“I enjoyed the evening immensely. Maybe I’ll call you tomorrow. Goodnight Linda and sissy boy.’

With that he left. Linda stood up to lock the door and then crawled back into bed with me and we both fell asleep seconds later with the events of the evening still rummaging through our heads.

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A Broken Marriage Redefined

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Public Sex

Divorce is never easy, and when you’ve bought a house together and your finances are entangled it’s even worse. But at least Gina and Paul never had any kids…

Paul looked at his phone, the caller ID read ‘Gina: EX Wife’, it wasn’t quite true yet but it was well on the way. Four months had passed since he’d moved out of the house they’d bought together and into a small flat around the corner from his work. Apparently Gina had moved on already and the last he heard she was banging a big guy called Mike or Mikey, or something… They remained civil but most of the negotiations were being handled by their solicitors, so Paul was a little surprised to get a direct call.

“Hi Gina, how are you?” Paul asked tentatively, wondering what had spurred her to contact him.

“Hi Paul, I’m good thanks… listen, I was wondering, could you come over to the house? Only… I really need to talk to you about something.”

“Like what?”

“Umm, well I think it would be easier to talk face to face… could you come pretty soon?”

Paul looked at the clock, his work was finished in fifteen minutes.

“Well, I guess I could pop by in a bit…” he offered.

“Great. I’ll see you later then.”

Paul shut down the call and wondered what the hell she could want to see him for, they hadn’t seen each other since he’d moved out, and barring a few slightly awkward but generally personable phone calls they’d had almost no contact. He mulled it over in his head and then it came to him, maybe she wanted to know when he was moving the rest of his stuff out? Yeah, that must be it… well until the divorce was settled he was stuck in his little flat, he just didn’t have the room, unless she wanted to pay for him to store it.

He got a little riled up then and snatched his phone up again, stabbing his fingers at the screen to get her back on the line so he could chew her out, but she didn’t answer.

“Dammit!” he muttered. Why did he agree to go and see her? He wasn’t her fucking husband anymore.

Well technically he was, but it was all but over and done. Paul was still a little confused about why it all fell apart so quickly, he had adored her and even as it was disintegrating around him Paul still hadn’t managed to shake his feelings for her off. Indeed, while Gina had moved on Paul hadn’t so much been on a single date, nor had he even tried. He made all the right noises when his friends told him he needed to get back on the horse, but somehow he still carried a flame for Gina and he felt it was pointless trying to find someone else until it was firmly extinguished.

He took his sweet time and arrived at the house about an hour and a half later. He walked up to his old front door and knocked. That felt odd, straight away.

“You took your time,” said Gina as she opened the door. “Something wrong?”

“No, I just had things to do,” he answered a little too abruptly.

It was only then that Paul noticed Gina was wearing nothing but a thin robe and was clearly naked underneath. He looked awkwardly at her, she was just as beautiful as he remembered and his cock stirred a little as memories of the times they’d shared came back to him.

“You look… nice,” he said, then wished he’d kept his thoughts to himself.

“Thank you,” she smiled. “I’m sorry to call you over here like this but… I wanted to ask a massive favour.”


Now it was Gina’s turn to look slightly on the back foot.

“Come in then…”

Paul stepped into his old house and looked around.

“So… it’s not about my stuff then?”


“My stuff. I presumed you wanted to know when I was moving the rest of my stuff out.”

“No, no it’s not that…”

“Oh… well, good.”

“No you can leave it as long as you like, it’s not a problem, there’s plenty of room here after all.”

Paul bit his tongue to stop himself from saying something sarcastic, but he stared hard at the back of her head as he followed her into their lounge.

“Right, okay… so what did you want to see me about?”

Gina looked a little sheepish.

“Well, this is going to sound awfully cheeky, but… you know about Mike I presume?”


“Yes, my sister’s got a mouth on her hasn’t she, that was never going to stay private for long… ah well, whatever. Water under the bridge.”

Gina turned and walked over to the sofa. Paul couldn’t help but notice her bare legs, so sexy, smooth and soft, he’d always loved her legs… in fact he’d always loved every inch of her body.

“So,” she said, sitting canlı bahis down on the leather sofa. “What about you, are you seeing anyone?”

“Not yet,” said Paul. He decided to stay standing, and kept his distance a little as well.

“I guess it will happen sooner or later,” he added, trying not to give away his true feelings on the matter.

“Oh really, no one night stands or anything…?”

“Well, I haven’t really had time…”

Gina crossed her legs and her robe shifted to reveal the full length of her beautiful thigh.

“And do you… do you still think about me?”


“Do you still think about me, sometimes?”

“Well, I guess so… I mean, we were together a long while, so…”

“Do you think about me when you’re… you know?”

Paul didn’t think that was any of her God damned business frankly.

“Err, I…”

Gina uncrossed her legs and let them open a little, the robe was loosely tied and every movement exposed a little more of Gina’s alluring skin.

“It’s okay, if you do… I think about you sometimes.”

“Do you?” exclaimed Paul, he wasn’t expecting that.

“Uh-huh, sometimes…”

Gina licked her lips and allowed her robe to slip open just a little more.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

Paul was finding it difficult to concentrate on their conversation now, as his cock was slowly starting to harden.

“You see, the thing is, I… I don’t quite know how to say this, but…”

Paul tore his eyes away from her enticing body and looked her straight in the eyes, was she about to ask him to give their marriage another shot? He doubted it, but the conversation seemed to be heading in that direction.

“I… I miss when… I miss when you used to use your… tongue on me.” Gina finally managed to spit it out.

Paul looked slightly puzzled. This he was not expecting. At all.

“Look, don’t take this the wrong way, I mean, I’m not asking for us to get back together or anything, I think we both know that would be a mistake, and obviously there’s the situation with Mike to consider”.

Paul couldn’t quite believe this, had she seriously asked him to come round to lick her pussy. He didn’t know whether to feel proud or supremely offended. He settled on proud… and slightly cocky.

“Oh, so Mikey’s not quite doing it for you…” he asked with a wry smile.

Gina allowed herself a second to gather her thoughts.

“Mike is great, he’s in amazing shape and his cock is… well, it’s pretty big to be honest.”

The smile fell sharply from Paul’s face.

“A lot bigger than yours anyway…”

Paul took on a belligerent look, but he couldn’t stop himself from picturing Gina’s pussy impaled on Mike’s big, thick cock.

“And he does make me cum… most of the time. But, it’s not quite the same as when it was with you. He doesn’t love my pussy like you did, or maybe still do…”

Paul shifted awkwardly, he would happily crawl over broken glass to taste Gina’s gorgeous pussy again, but he had to at least try and maintain a little dignity.

“So you thought you’d call me and have me come all the way over here, just to lick your pussy?”

Paul looked at her incredulously, painfully aware of the bulge in his trousers that she couldn’t fail to have noticed as well.

“Well, when you put it like that Paul, I guess I did…”

Gina moved a little and exposed a little more of herself, Paul was helpless as he tried to resist looking down between her thighs at her beautiful, smoothly shaved slit.

“And what about Mike? Does he know about this?”

“No, and I’d like to keep it that way, for the moment.”

Paul glanced down to see that her robe had opened further still and now he could clearly see her pussy. Although he hated to admit it, he’d been thinking of nothing else but her delicious cunt for the last four months. Literally every time he jerked off his thoughts always returned to Gina’s slippery, wet hole and how much he used to love licking it and making her cum.

“You’ve missed it haven’t you,” said Gina, opening her legs to give him a better view.

“You adored my pussy when we were together, perhaps you still dream about tasting it



“It’s okay Paul, nobody needs to know… besides, Mike probably has other girls on the go for all I know. We’re fucking, that’s all… I don’t want a permanent relationship, I haven’t sorted out the last one yet…”

Gina slowly opened her thighs still further and allowed him to gaze at her pussy bahis siteleri properly, it looked so pink, slippery and wet. Paul licked his lips, the last vestiges of dignity and restraint abandoning him in droves.

“Please Paul, you’re the only one who knows how I like it… you still love me enough to want me to be happy don’t you?”

Paul hesitated and then slowly moved forward, the sight of her pussy was absolutely intoxicating and even though he knew this was a terrible idea he couldn’t help himself. He slowly moved between her legs and knelt on the carpet. He could smell her musk now and the smell brought back so many good memories…

“That’s a good boy, you know you want it too…”

Paul leaned closer and ran his tongue up the side of her pussy lips. Gina shivered and arched her back trying to move her clit to his tongue, but Paul wasn’t playing ball and kept moving his tongue around, keeping her guessing. He’d make her cum alright, but she’d have to wait until he was ready.

Suddenly, Paul realised something was different… her pussy tasted strange, not quite as he remembered, it was almost as if…

“You can taste it can’t you?” teased Gina.

Paul looked up at her, and his cock throbbing insistently.

“Does it taste like you thought it would? I mean, I’m sure you must have thought about it over the last few months, what with your little… ‘cuckold’ fantasies and everything.”

Paul stopped licking her for a second.

“How did you know about that?” he asked, worriedly.

“How do you think? I didn’t know how to bring it up with you so in the end I tried to ignore it.”

Paul glowered at her.

“So what you searched my laptop?”

“Yeah, pretty much… but don’t worry I haven’t told anyone. Not even Mike.”

Paul was pissed but he couldn’t sustain his anger with Gina’s inviting and used pussy just inches away from his face.

“I presume you’d like to keep it that way?”

Paul nodded slowly and Gina pressed her pussy forwards, prompting him to return to his task.

“That’s it, you are sooo good with your tongue…”

So at last she knew at least something of his fantasies, but how much did she read and how far into his private space did she venture?

“If I could find a man with Mike’s cock and your tongue, I would die a very happy woman,” she said breathlessly.

Paul pressed his tongue further between her lips and felt them part easily, she seemed a lot looser than when he’d been the only one fucking her.

“Umm yeah, that feels so nice, Mike stretched me good huh?”

Paul groaned into her pussy and was rewarded by a stream of warm, creamy cum pooling onto his tongue. Gina moaned and arched her back again.

“Clean it, clean it all up for me,” she moaned.

Paul obediently allowed the creamy fluid to slide down his throat for the first time, his humiliation was complete and his cocked ached like he’d never known before.

“Get the rest of it,” Gina purred. “Eat it all out of me, I know you want to… you’ve dreamed about this haven’t you, slurping another man’s hot, sticky cum from your wife’s well fucked cunt.”

Gina leaned forward and pushed her fingers into his hair, fixing on his head and holding it firmly in place.

“Maybe if you’d told me this before we could have worked something out. I mean, you’re not a bad guy, quite sweet really… maybe if you’d have admitted your little fantasy and allowed me to fuck other men… real men, with big hard cocks who want to pin me to the bed and fuck me hard and deep… like you never have, maybe then we could have stayed together.”

Paul groaned into her groin, his skilful tongue working energetically.

“Would you have liked that Paul? Would you have liked to watch other men fucking me, pounding me… holding me down and taking my pussy and ass? Would you? Would you have licked me clean every time, no matter what? I think you would…”

Paul’s cock was painfully hard and constricted now and he worked tirelessly, desperate to feel her buck and cum, just like she used to when she was his.

“Yes Paul, my ‘tight little ass’ isn’t quite so tight anymore, not since Mike fucked it with his big cock… I mean, you never got anywhere with that did you… but Mike, well… the difference between you and Mike is that Mike didn’t ask or beg, he just took what he wanted… and I gave it to him.”

Paul pictured Gina’s tight little ass stretching around Mikey’s oversized cock.

“I wished you’d been here,” she teased. “When he did it, when he took my ass and bahis şirketleri made it his. I won’t lie, it hurt to start with, but after a while… Oh My God. He filled me so full of cum Paul, and you could have watched… and cleaned me afterwards.”

Paul was trying to concentrate but Gina was making it so hard for him.

“Well Paul… would you? Would you have cleaned my cum filled ass after he finished using me?”

“Yes,” groaned Paul. “Yes I would.”

“And what about the others Paul, what about all the other men I could have fucked when I was with you, would you have cleaned up their messes as well?”

“Yes… yes.”

“And what else would you have done Paul, would you have cleaned their cocks too? Cleaned their dirty, sweaty, pussy-juice covered cocks and balls too, like a Good – Little – Slut.”

“Yes Gina…” whispered Paul as he slipped two fingers inside her loose, slippery cunt and worked his fingertips against her G-spot.

“Mmm, yeah… that’s it,” moaned Gina. “That’s soooo fucking good. Don’t stop, don’t fucking stop until I cum.”

Paul’s tongue went into overdrive around Gina’s aching clit and she writhed her hips, rubbing her cunt against him as he licked her.

“God yes, I want to see you do it Paul, I want to watch you debase yourself for me. Oh fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop!”

Paul knew from experience exactly how to push her over the edge. He pushed a third finger inside her to get it wet and then pushed it down so that it pressed against her asshole. What he didn’t expect was how easily it slid inside her previously tight rosebud.

“Oh fuuuuuuuuck!” screamed Gina as she spasmed hard and came hard on Paul’s agile tongue. “Fuck, fuck… Oh God, fuck!”

Gina came harder than she had in months, then gradually came down from her orgasmic high and eventually fell still – collapsed back on the sofa. Paul continued to gently lick around her delicious pussy and along her inner thighs, his cock was like iron, but he felt weird about touching it… almost as if he needed her permission or something.

“Oh fuck, your tongue is just as good as I remember it, thank you sweetheart, that was incredible.”

Paul was thrown a bit, she hadn’t called him sweetheart in an age.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe how wet this sofa is, I came so fucking hard…”

Paul smiled, rather proud that he had managed to impress her all over again.

“And now perhaps we need to take care of you, eh?”

Paul felt embarrassed now, but his cock was insanely hard and he was desperate to cum.

“Come on, get up and get those trousers off.”

Paul self-consciously rose to his feet and peeled down his trousers, his average cock standing out straight and bulging his boxer shorts. Gina’s hand fell between her thighs, idly toying with her pussy as she watched him.

“Come on,” she teased. “Let me see your little cock.”

Paul peeled his boxers down and presented his 6″ cock, it looked so small to Gina now that she was used to Mike’s impressive meat.

“Kneel down and stroke for me,” said Gina. “Stroke it and cum for me.”

Paul grabbed his cock and started to pump it firmly. Gina looked down at him, smiling. She looked sexier than he could ever remember and he thought he would do just about anything she asked of him.

“My pussy is so wrecked Paul… Mike’s cock has ruined it, even if I let you put your little cock inside of me I don’t think either of us would feel a thing.”

Paul groaned as he felt his orgasm approaching.

“That’s it sweetheart, stroke that dick for me, are you going to cum for me and lick it up like a good little Cuck-boy?”

“Yes,” moaned Paul.

“I want you to cum all over my beautiful pussy, all over the pussy that you can’t stop thinking about… you need my pussy don’t you, you need to taste it, clean it and make it cum, nothing else will do, will it?”

“Oh yeah…” groaned Paul as he humped his hand.

He moved closer and jerked his cock as hard as he could, a few seconds passed and then a huge spurt of cum erupted from the head of his cock and spattered across Gina’s slippery, wet, well-used cunt. Another couple of spurts followed, but failed to reach their target.

“Come on,” said Gina. “Don’t waste all that lovely cum, lick it up for me, lick my beautiful pussy clean of all the mess you made. That’s it, I knew you would love this too… you’re going to be doing this a lot now Paul, you know that don’t you?”

Paul looked up at her, the taste of his own cum still dripping from his tongue and made a decision that would define the rest of his life.

“Yes Mistress,” said Paul for the first time.

Gina laughed and pulled his head deeper, “I like the sound of that, now make me cum again slut, I’ve missed this sooo much.”

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2 Moving Day

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I felt the blood surge hotly in my face. I panted heavily. “Push it harder. Don’t stop.”

My brother Harry did a deep chest grunt and pushed, sweat beading over his face. “Something is going to rip if I go harder. We need some lubricant or…”

Without a rip, or even a popping sound, the sofa edged the half a centimeter it needed to slide smoothly around the dogleg into the room. I did a quick two step not to stumble. We re-hefted the great green monster and got it inside.

“Against the far wall for now. I can shift it if I need to.”

“You’re gonna have to, bro, because I’m never lifting this thing again. I’m sure not going to help get it out of here when you move again.”

We collapsed on our subdued enemy, stretching our legs out. Harry, ever the classy guy, pulled the hem of his t-shirt up to wipe his face. Seemed a good idea, actually, so I did it too. Then we sat back. It was a really nice couch. One of the few long enough that let me stretch right out. A blazing beam of sunlight spotlighted on the carpet. A person couldn’t even tell from this view that winter still gripped the world.

“Yeah, I thought you were nuts for using the official master bedroom as a living room, but it could work.”

I nodded, smiling. “I almost passed on having a two bedroom unit all to myself, but then I realized if I’m going to set up a proper work space studio, the extra room will be great.”

“And the second bedroom is the bedroom?”

“Once I measured to see if it fit a king size bed, the vision fell into place. The ‘living room’ has the biggest windows and the best light and view. Why work in a rabbit hole? That’s the room for sleeping.”

Harry smirked crookedly. “A king size bed? What the hell does a bachelor need with that kind of elbow room? Planning on having orgies?”

I hid my expression by standing up and giving my face another wipe with my shirt. I couldn’t let Harry see the goofy grin exploding on my face. From what I had experienced here in Avalon Apartments three weeks ago, that king size could likely be the hardest used piece of furniture in the place.

“HARRrrrY! I’m hungry!” The mostly empty apartment made the unpleasant whine even more annoying with an echo. The voice certainly slapped the grin off my face. Adults just shouldn’t whine like that. Harry climbed to his feet. “Coming Tiffany!”

I followed him out of the “hospitality room”. “That was the last load, Zach. Just a couple of boxes left. Here’s the plan: we go down. You bring up the boxes and, since I have to move the truck from the loading zone anyway, I’ll keep on going to get some grub.”

“Let me get my wallet. It’s on me.”

“Damn straight it’s on you. Sleeping, storage fees and labour costs ain’t cheap.”

Tiffany Trubela leaned-sprawled on the kitchen counter with her elbows and stomach, her butt sticking out and her legs akimbo on the floor. Only her fingers dancing furiously over her pink phone keypad gave away that she was awake. Still, even in such a slack-jawed idiot pose, she artfully kept her scoop-necked cleavage on glorious display and her skintight jeans accentuated those long legs and ass to perfection. Her meticulously styled blonde hair draped down her back. However, even the exquisite makeup job around the huge sapphire blue eyes and magnificent cheekbones couldn’t hide the bovine dull expression of the hardcore texter.

“Tiff, I’m off to get some food.” Harry leaned in to give his girlfriend a peck on the cheek.

?The blonde woman grunted, pulling away, focusing on her messages.

“Baby, you were going to unpack the kitchen.” Of the three boxes labeled “Kitchen”, one had been opened. A drawer hung open, empty. Not a great effort.

Tiffany frowned, without turning away from the miniature screen. “Kim is stressing out over picking shoes for a very important party. She needs my advice more than Zach needs his forks and spoon sorted.”

“Kim who?”

?”Kardashian, of course!”

“KIm Kardashian asked you, personally, for advice?” I always tried to keep to the weather and peoples’ health when talking to Tiffany, but kept failing in the face of absurdity. Any actual conversation almost always ended badly. Blood pressure spikes are not healthy.

“She accepted me to her Flutterbook Gold Circle. When she sends out a cry for help, her special followers just have to pitch in.”

“All 50,000 of you. It’s a tight group.”

“At least it’s in the real, grownup world. Why don’t you go unpack your toy spaceships?” Tiffany pulled back the small amount of attention she had granted us and went back to the phone. Harry gripped my arm and pulled. I sighed and let myself be led out of the apartment.

?Harry shrugged into his parka as the elevator descended the three floors. “So, that’s everything you had stashed in my garage. How many other Zach McAllister Stash Spots are there to clean out?”

I had no problem with a change in subject. “You had the biggest pile, thanks again. Clint and Tai Ping have about half-a-dozen bags stuffed with clothes illegal bahis and bedding and towels. Rudy has my big screen, so that’ll be easy to move, but a bugger to extract from where he’s set it up in his living room. The rest is still two provinces away in a pay storage unit.” I blew out my cheeks. “Moving cross country sucks.”

“Well, in my experience, finding a place to live is the hardest part. The rest is just muscle and buying pizza. Oh, crap.” Harry raised his arms in frustration, beseeching the sky gods. “We can’t buy pizza.”

“Why the hell not? Pizza is the traditional food when moving. It may even be a law.”

“Because Tiff doesn’t eat wheat products during months with an ‘R’ or some shit.” Harry looked miserable, trapped between reality and a red hot girlfriend. Again.

“How about Greek? There’s a place on 18th Ave called ‘The 12 Platters of Hercules’ that’s pretty tasty…”

Harry perked up. “I know the joint. It is good. There’ll be something there she’ll like.”

“That would be the Harpy Special. I’ll take a Centaur Platter.”

“Ha. Ha. Ha.” Harry smiled with one side of his mouth. “That is actually funny, but that’s my girl you’re…HOLY SHIT!”

I whirled around, expecting a bus to be coming through the main doors and into the lobby. Instead, a cab driver wheeled-dragged a large suitcase over the snow ridged sidewalk while Marita held the outer door for him. My glands snapped off a tap dance and hand flip. Harry wasn’t admiring the puffing cabbie or the quality luggage. We McAllister brothers admired the mane of midnight copper hair framing the heart-shaped face and flawless caramel skin. The full lips and merry smile. The enormous green eyes. The deep green plaid winter coat went to her knees, giving only a tantalizing hint at the curves beneath.

Harry could only guess at those curves. I knew those curves intimately.

I fought down another village idiot grin. Attempt to be cool, Zach. I did spring forward to open the inner door before Marita had to fumble for her keys.

“Oh, thank you. It’s good to be home!” Marita gave her boots a last stamp to clear snow. “I think.” She fluffed her hair out while undoing a few coat buttons. She smiled politely. “Do you live in the building?”

The sexual pixie dust supporting me vanished in a flash of reality. “Um, yes. Just moving in.” Harry gave me a prod. “This is my brother Harry. I’m…”

“Jack? No, something with a zed. Zach! Yeah, Zach.” Marita grinned in triumph, as she held out her hand to shake. “I’m Marita. You were apartment hunting about, what, three weeks ago? The old memory hasn’t failed after all!”

I returned the polite handshake, keeping a brave face. I hoped. “The first of the month finally came and I don’t have to sleep on this lunkhead’s couch no more.”

“Lunkhead? Hey…” Harry frowned as he shook Marita’s hand.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you again and you, Harry. Probably see you at the mailboxes or something.” Marita strode off across the small lobby to the elevator, suitcase in tow.

“Yeah, I guess.” I spiraled down for a crash landing, shot out of my dreams by hard truths.

For the second time, Harry pulled me along. We exited out the doors into the arctic afternoon, the sun easing towards setting. “You’re the lunkhead if you think you have a chance with her. Wow, she’s gawdamn dynamite on two legs. She’s so far out of your league, it’d be like a tiddlywinks player in a pro hockey game.”

Harry reached over the truck box and pulled out the last two boxes, thrusting them into my arms. I kept my mouth shut. I wanted to tell my smug little brother that I had not only played in Marita’s league, but had that an MVP award for my effort. Well, or so I thought. Apparently not so much. As dismal as Marita’s platonic courtesies made me feel, I wasn’t going to become a strutting, bragging thug for Harry. The road of a gentleman is not easy.

The boxes made themselves a nuisance getting back inside, but they weren’t so heavy I couldn’t manage. I stumped up to the elevator and pushed the button. The door slid open and I turned sideways to watch my step and to let the handrail inside support some of their weight.

Marita’s voice came from behind me. “What floor was that again?”

“Uh…3.” I twisted my head to see her smirk. “What,…why.” I gave my stunned brain a kick. “You’re just riding the elevator for fun?”

I hoisted the boxes for a better grip. Between Marita, me, two boxes and her luggage, the tiny elevator didn’t leave much maneuvering room. I worked the physics of turning around to face her.

A warm breath and wet tongue traced my right ear. “No silly. I waited to give you a proper hello.”

The startled squeak of I made did not sound manly nor even dignified. I did feel myself pull out of that spiraling dive into gloom. As I juggled the boxes I had nearly dropped, I could only blather “What? Really?”

Marita’s honey-toned chuckle alone could give a guy wood. “You get a gold star, newbie neighbour. It’s a crazy judgement illegal bahis siteleri call in this building when to be polite and when to be a slobbering sex fiend. In my book, you played the very correct amount of smooth and cool down there in the lobby.”

?She gave my earlobe a fresh tongue-thrashing and nibble while she reached around to treat my groin to a full palm massage. The third floor dinged and the elevator stopped WAY too soon.

I lurched out of the elevator, totally wobbling on my pins. I gave her a huge grin. “See you.”

?Marita gave a little wave and a saucy smile as the doors closed. “I better be invited to the housewarming.”

I bumped and thumped my way into my apartment, walking again on a sparkling fog of sexual possibility. I put the boxes down and stood staring off in a hot daydream of that housewarming party.

“Ah, has Tiffy’s boobies given poor Zachie-whackie a stiffie?” Tiffany cackled.

I spanged back to reality. I had honestly forgot all about her while drifting in my Happy Place. If texters want to ignore everyone around them, I tend to return the favour. I looked down. For moving day, I had on old sweat pants and loose boxers. Marita’s efforts had brought the circus to town and the main tent pole was blatantly up.

I blinked again. Without conscious thought, I replied with a bark of a laugh. “Gawd, no!”

Whatever Tiffany expected for a reaction, mine didn’t fit. Only slapping her with a fish might result in the same popped eyes, gaping mouth surprise and hurt. She took a long second to process the concept of not being someone’s fantasy girl. Her eyebrows slammed together and her lips closed in a thin line. Red crept up from her cleavage to distort her pretty face.

“YOU PENCIL DICK…” She floundered. While I may not be packing a salami, what was tenting my sweats could not be called a “pencil”. She started again. “You slob of a geek! You nerd freak! This minute is as close as you’ll ever get to babies this good if you live to be a hundred!”

Normal manners would suggest I try to hide my boner. But I’d be strung up by my nuts before I’d show any weakness in front of Harpy Girl.

“I do apologize for any slight, Tiffany. However, I was, in fact, daydreaming about breasts that I have not only seen, touched, and kissed but are far superior to yours. Not that your’s aren’t quite nice. Obviously you paid a lot of money for them.” Trying to keep my temper and to slip in the last word, I turned to the bathroom door. “Excuse me, I think I’ll wash up before the food comes.”

I closed the door on Tiffany’s bellow of rage. “You lying fuckhead! Nobody talks to me that way! You’re in there jacking off thinking about me right now, because you’ll never have a real woman. The only tits you’ve seen are on a computer screen!”

I leaned on my hands and looked at myself in the big bathroom mirror. I shook my head and my reflection agreed with my frustration. I’d had to put up with that shrew for ove ra month while Harry put me up. It’s all done, Zach, it’s all over.

Well, washing up would be a good idea. Hygiene and some water to cool the blood. I peeled off my shirt, smiling at the tent that was only beginning to subside. I went profile and chuckled at the rude display. I started to soap up my hands. Jacking off, indeed. If a fraction of the promise of Avalon Apartments came true, I’d never have to seek solo relief again.

I brought the towel up to dry my face. Tiffany had finally shut up. My breathing and heart rate had slowed. My cock had started to droop.

The doorknob clicked. The bathroom door slammed back. I brought the towel down in shock as a flash popped in my eyes.

?”Caught you jerking off!” Tiffany exulted, phone up and taking pictures. “The girls will love these snaps.” She trailed off as she realized I still had my pants on. My blood pressure soared. I snapped.

“A camera? A CAMERA??” I snatched her phone out of her startled hand. “You self-centered bitch! You were honestly going to post pictures of me jerking off on the fucking internet? Well, if your friends want nudity, how about a naked skank?”

I stepped in and grabbed Tiffany around the waist with one arm, yanking her close. As her brain struggled to catch up, I gripped the hem of her shirt at the back and pulled up, giving her a small shove. The pink shirt peeled up over her arms like a banana skin. She came to rest against the door frame, hair tousled and eyes wild. I brought her phone up and started snapping.

To minimize unsightly lines under her thin t-shirt, Tiffany had a light, sheer bra that left little to the imagination. I got off three good candids of rosy nipples behind lace before as she dithered between covering herself and making me stop. I flung the shirt aside and stepped in again, her hands batting away at me as I gripped the front of her bra between her bouncing tits and pulled it up. Flash!

?”GIve me that fucking phone!” She lunged at me, but tangled in bra straps, she didn’t quite reach the phone. I jumped out of the bathroom, canlı bahis siteleri letting weeks of TIffany Frustration run wild. I made two steps when she grabbed the back of my sweat pants. I fell forward, the phone skittering off across the rug as I caught myself from a face plant. I squirmed away as she clawed at my legs. Sweatpants came off very easily, leaving me in boxers and socks. Tiffany waddled forward on her knees, nude from the waist up, taking off the remaining spike heel shoe that had tripped her up.

I rolled to my hands and knees to scrabble for the phone. I spun on to my back and clicked off two more shots of Tiffany in her bouncing, jiggling hellcat glory.

?”You shit head bastard!” Tiffany lunged at me again, just as I got my feet under me to stand up. This time she took down my boxers and left some $50 per nail scratches down both my thighs. I danced backwards, my cock bobbing stiffly in the open air. I took my eyes off Tiffany to find the switch to video. Still photos weren’t enough.

?Crash! Something shattered on the wall behind me. “Drop that fucking phone!” Tiffany knelt beside an open box, chest and boobs heaving, eyes blazing, the spaceships she loved to mock in each hand. I glanced over my shoulder. One lay in bits across the carpet. I thought I had already lost my temper. Apparently not.

“You miserable stupid cow! Those aren’t toys, they’re heirlooms! Keepsakes from my uncle and dad!” I let the phone bounce to the carpet as I lunged at her like an attacking bear. She raised one of the antiques to smash it, but I tackled her, grabbing both wrists. I landed on top of her, crushing her big tits under my chest. I snarled into her face and twisted her wrists until both ships slipped safely to the floor. She snarled back at me. Drops of sweat dropped on her face from me. Tiny sprays of spit hit my face.

I sat back up, pulling her along with me. Tiffany exercised only enough to keep herself fashionably skinny. She had no muscle tone to stop me.

Too selfish to reason with. Too uncaring to listen to arguments. I saw only way to make my point. Sitting cross-legged, with the carpet scratching my bare ass, I shifted Tiffany face down across my lap. My cock head poked into her stomach. I kept my arm across her back to pin her down while my other hand pulled and yanked at the waistband of her jeans. Skin tight as they were, it took a bucking, wrestling few minutes to expose her ass. No panties. Being sexy or fashionable? Didn’t matter.??WHACK! I brought the flat of my hand across her pert cheeks. We had descended to grunts and growls while wrestling, but this brought a fresh shriek out of her.

“YOW! You bastard! Let me go!”

WHACK! “Ow!” WHACK! “Jesus!” WHACK! “Stop it!” WHACK!

I kept going, letting loose a lot of frustration, some of it not entirely Tiffany’s fault, but just for the style of person she was. Her cheeks wobbled like red jello when I finally felt a need to pause, if only because my arm and hand ached.

Tiffany’s shouts had become whimpers had become…moans? Her long, smooth body didn’t thrash so much as “squirm”.

“Oh, fuck, oh, fuck, oh fuck.” She moaned into the carpet as her body writhed on my lap. I don’t know if Tiffany knew this about herself or not. The fact my cock still stood like a bar of iron surprised me. She turned her head, peering at me with a mascara-streaked eye through a curtain of tousled blonde hair.

“…please zach. don stup.” came a bleary voice talking into the carpet.

I felt something splish on to my thigh beneath Tiff. It might have been sweat, but my nose caught the rising tang of a woman feeling the heat. It didn’t calm me down much. Still, I hadn’t become a total lunatic. I stood on a line. This side had some issues in polite company, but across that line I’d be tripping over words like “rape”. But my cock and temper demanded more. Desperate to please, my brain noticed Tiffany’s phone.??I gave her beautiful bottom another smack. “Speak up Tiffany. You want me to stop?” Smack.

“No, no! DON’T stop! Damn, I’m boiling over.”

?”So? What do you want me to do about it?” SMACK!

“AH!” Her head jerked around again. “Fuck me. Damn it, fuck me!”

?”Anything you say, Tiff.”

I slid out from under her, letting her collapse on the carpet. My cock thrummed as her body flicked it in passing. Tiff’s waist and hips wriggled in time to her moans. A couple of savage yanks pulled each leg of her jeans down and off. I pulled the naked woman to her hands and knees and slid into position. My penis throbbed, ready and eager. I pointed the big purple head at her dripping cunt and slammed on in.

“Bitches get fucked like bitches.”

“Keerist!” Tiffany grunted and hammered her delicate fists on the carpet-over-concrete. “Oh, yeah. Oh YEAH.”

I took hold of her lean waist and pounded for all I was worth. My hips slammed against that red ass and bounced back. Tiffany’s lubrication didn’t match her desire and I felt my cock heat up with the friction. Her cunt soon started juicing under the assault. My back began to feel the strain, but I kept the jackhammer attack going, gritting my teeth. As long as I kept my brain and its opinions locked in the back in the trunk, my body didn’t mind fucking Tiffany at all.

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30 Days or Bust: Day 14

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All characters in this story are age 18 or older.


I didn’t sleep all that well, even though I was home before midnight. Guilt rode me hard.

When exactly is a person unfaithful? Lisa was not my wife, she was my client. Technically I owed her nothing more than two more weeks of work, and we could go our separate ways.

The fact was that I did want her to be my w– at least girlfriend. I simply could not reconcile my line of work with this desire. She probably wouldn’t be too wild about it, either.

Something had to give. As I turned over various options in my mind, it still seemed best to me to finish the contract. At the very least, I knew clearly that I wanted to fulfill Lisa’s Wish.

After dinner, I went to her house for our appointment. As always she was glad to see me.

“How are you feeling?” I asked.

One corner of her mouth pulled. “My breasts hurt today, like they do when I’m on my period.”

“That could mean we’re close.”

“Yes.” She nodded.

“Okay, let’s get you into a warm bath.”

I ran the tub while Lisa went to her bedroom. She met me in the bathroom wearing only her robe, and perched on the little spa chair to talk.

“You know, Mark, you spend so much time asking me how I’m doing, but I feel like I never return the favor.”

“It isn’t a favor,” I corrected. “I’m supposed to take care of how you are doing.”

Her smile was impish. “Does that mean you won’t tell me how you’re doing?”

I turned from adding potions to the hot waterfall. “Lisa, when I’m with you, I’m always doing fine.”

I turned back toward the tub, reminding myself that I didn’t want my emotions to show, at least not yet.

Thankfully, she didn’t press the issue. From where I knelt, I went to help her into the tub, but was caught short. As she slipped off her robe, I could not help seeing that she had shaved her pubic hair into a heart.

My face was less than a foot away from this lovely spectacle. The curls had the appearance of golden roses, fit snugly into a candy box. Slowly I reached out a hand to touch her new coif.

“Do you like it?”

I looked up at her. “Did you do this for me?”

“Yes.” She blushed a little.

I don’t know how a man can be expected to resist such a gift, at least with a kiss hello, but somehow I did it. I patted her soft muff, just once, and took her by the hips to guide her into the tub.

“You’ll be the death of me, Lisa Clarke,” I mumbled.

“Hey,” she laughed. “I’m Lisa Arthur. Who’s Lisa Clarke?”

It was my turn to redden. My cheeks burned spectacularly as I mentally cursed myself.

“Nobody.” I rolled my eyes. “Some days I’m just a space cadet.”

For the second time in this awkward conversation, Lisa let me off the hook. It wasn’t that I wanted to lie! I just could not think of a way to say, “Oh, I had a tough day at work last night. Had to deflower a virgin. Her name was Clarke. Slip of the tongue, see…”

Yeah — that would go over great.

I forced myself to the here and now and got Lisa into the bath.

“Lie on your front canlı bahis this time. Let’s try to ease those bosoms.” I handed her the bath pillow and helped her arrange it under her chin.

Lisa sighed. Then her eyes opened and she looked directly at me. “I just want to get to know you, that’s all.” Her voice was tender and sincere. “I’m not trying to pry.”

“We can do that.” I lifted water in my hands and let it flow over her back. Then I picked up a natural sponge and gave her an easy rubdown.

“I was born in Chicago at the University of Illinois medical school hospital. I have one younger sister…”

“Whose daughter is Marie …”

“That’s right, you met Marie. She’s very happy with her new car, by the way.”

“You’re a nice uncle.”

“I try not to spoil her too much.”

“And your family thinks you design fonts. Would they give you a rough time about your line of work?”

“I don’t really know if they would or not. But my mom is …” I trailed off, trying to find the right words.

Lisa waited patiently.

“My mom is a lady. I’d never want to hurt her feelings, and parents always think they did, or didn’t do something, to make a child turn out the way they have.”

“Some of that’s true,” Lisa mused. Her eyes were closed again as she enjoyed the warm bath.

“Yes, some. But ultimately we’re responsible for our own choices.”


She lay in silence for a while as I lathered her naked back and rinsed it off. Her buttocks, twin oval islands separated by a steep cleavage, beckoned. I soaped them up, keeping my attention on the hills and not the valley. It would have been nice to explore the landscape, but as usual, I kept my own desires on a very short leash.

I found myself staring between her legs, hoping for a glimpse of the point of that heart. As if reading my mind, she parted her thighs, and I drew in a breath. A woman’s inner thighs are just so sexy to me. They point the way to the promised land.

“So how’s life been treating you lately?” Lisa’s voice interrupted my lustful thoughts.

“Oh, it has its ups and downs.”

She chuckled. “Sounds like a professional pun, for you.”

I gave a little snort. “Yeah, you could say that. Hey, how are your breasts feeling? Any better?”

“A little, I think.”

“Well, let’s get you rinsed off, and I’ll give you a massage.”

Docilely, she agreed. As the water ran down the drain, I used the hose to rinse her off.

“Hold up your hair, please.”

Lisa complied. With both hands folded behind her head, elbows akimbo, her breasts sprang forward. I ran the head of the hose around her neck. The water sluiced over her feminine curves and dripped off the peaks.

I leaned forward and licked a few droplets of water off of her nipples.

Then, thinking up a professional reason, I pulled away long enough to tell her that this step had to precede the lotion, because lotion tastes terrible.

“Of course.” Her voice was husky. “Get back to work, please, or I’ll fire you.”

Her words triggered an idea in my mind, but this was bahis siteleri not the time for analytical thought. I worked my way down her body, rinsing off her arms, then sucking her nipples, rinsing off her back and belly, tending her nipples again, and so on.

I alternated sites, taking special care with the dark golden heart which was her gift to me. As the water poured over her groin, she spread her legs to shoulder width apart. Her request, though unspoken, was obvious. I looked up to see the desire in her eyes, then rayed the water directly on her sex. I angled the shower head so it pointed up at her perineum. She moaned.

“Turn around,” I told her.

She obeyed.

“Lean forward, Lisa, I need to get all the soap off.”

She placed her hands on the tile and bent at the waist. Her shapely bottom was right in front of me, and with her legs spread, I had a nice view of her most secret curves.

I sprayed the water thoroughly, up and down her vertical line. In the background her moaning was soft, but definite. It should have come as no surprise to me when she grabbed her cheeks and held them open.

I watered her rosebud. Had to grit my teeth not to stroke it, pet it. All I could think of at that moment was penetrating her, sliding one finger up her ass and another into her golden-pink cunny.

My cock felt like a crowbar, and Lord, I wanted to pry her open.

Lisa straightened, looked over her shoulder, and gave me a wicked smile.

“Is everything clean, Mr. Goodbody?”

Lightly I smacked her fanny. “Out of the tub, doctor. You’ve had about all I can stand.”

Pouting, she held out her hand. I helped her dry off this time, though I shouldn’t have. The caresses through the terry cloth only teased me more. Once dry, she didn’t bother with her robe, choosing instead to knot a towel around her waist.

She led the way to her bedroom, and I did not object.

She cast aside the towel and lay back on the bed. Her eyes were less comical now — instead they glimmered with lust.

I arranged pillows under her head and back before taking a seat on the edge of the bed. Her beautiful naked form lay spread out before me, like a banquet from which I could only sample one bite.

Though I longed to bury my face between her thighs, her breasts were certainly no punishment. Lightly I lipped at her nipples. Her naked belly whispered against my t-shirt.

How tender and sweet were those twin peaks, like the first dainty flowers of spring. I teased them to fuller erection, brushing my lips over and around them. Beneath me, Lisa made little noises of desire.

She grabbed the back of my head. “Stop tickling me. Be harder.”

One should never argue with a lady in heat, so I opened my mouth and gave the nearest tip a deep, open kiss. I worked on her slowly. This moment deserved to last.

She winced when I nibbled.


“It’s okay. Please suck me.”

Once again I did as she bade me. At first I wasn’t sure. The wetness might have been my own saliva. But then there was a flavor, not quite sweet yet not quite bahis şirketleri bitter.

Lisa made a grinding noise in the back of her throat. “Harder.”

It was happening at last. Her breasts were finally giving forth their milk. A flush of sharp arousal pushed through my whole body as I nursed at her breast. The other breast was starting to dribble against my cheek, so I turned my attention. I cupped its round softness in both hands and gently milked her. A fresh wave of milk was my reward.

“Oh, God,” moaned my lover, “don’t stop. Don’t stop!”

Little tears were leaking from the corners of her eyes, so great was her passion.

I kissed her eyes, intending to comfort, but the flare of sexual heat engulfed us both. The next thing I knew we were kissing with an intensity I had never experienced. Her wet nipples brushed against mine, streaking my t-shirt in erotic patterns.

She broke from our kiss long enough to whisper, “You’re fired.”

“Thank you,” I groaned. My clothes were off in an instant. As suddenly as if we had not waited so many days and nights for this moment, we were together, finally, completely. The nude length of her was intoxicating. Skin to skin, we groped each other everywhere: her mouth to my ribs, my hands to her ass. Little giggles alternated with deep moans.

“Finish me, please finish me,” she panted.

“Yes.” This time instead of being careful to only do my job, I wrapped her in my arms as I laid my mouth once again to her teat. While my eyes were closed in reverence of the feminine divine, she startled me by stroking my cock.

“Oh, God, Lisa.”

“Shhh,” she whispered. “Drink from my breast.”

I did so, elated that it wasn’t work any more, and at the same time, incredibly distracted and aroused by her play with my cock. It was like being a teenager again.

When the flow slowed down, I backed away to speak. “Lisa, you’re going to make me come.”

She kissed me, and did not take her hand away. Then she leaned down and rubbed her lactating nipple up and down my cock. Lightly but insistently, she jerked me with one hand while guiding her breast with the other.

My hair stood on end in sheer ecstasy. I watched her head in my lap and reveled in the sensation of a woman making love to my cock. To say it had been a long time would be the understatement of the century. For once, someone was tending to me, instead of the other way around. And when her mouth closed over my head, I was lost. She swallowed my fluids, as I had swallowed hers. Over and over I pulsed in her mouth.

“Too sensitive,” I gasped. Instantly she withdrew her touch. We stretched out together on the bed, pulling linens over our spent bodies. Thigh to thigh, breast to breast, we held each other and murmured loving bits of air.

We made love many times that night. As much as we drank from one another sexually, our emotional thirst was even greater. Silently I vowed to spend the rest of my life making her happy, if she would let me.

I quit dwelling on what to do next. Somehow my worries went away. For once I slept peacefully (if you can call 7 minutes, interspersed between 473 minutes of passion, “sleep”). Lisa and I were together, and tomorrow I would find the right moment to tell her I loved her.

Little did I know, trouble would soon be at the door.

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100 For a Face Fuck at Stone Court

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This girl is taking too long to email back.

It’s already been an hour and I’m contemplating another look through the online ads.

You see, I’m emailing this girl for sex.

I know what you’re thinking; pathetic.

And you know what? You’re right. It is pathetic for me to have to pay for sex.

But I don’t give a shit about your opinion.

To me, the idea of having to go out, try and track down a female and convince her I’m suitable enough for her to have sex with me is too costly. A significant amount of resources for little payback so to speak. How do I know if the girl is sexually experienced, much less even capable of keeping up with me. I’ve fucked dead fish before, and let me tell you I’d rather go home and sleep to Netflix.

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand I have a very skewed view of sex and relationships between men and women; many of my friends get laid every night without actually having to pay the women ahead of time. In fact many of my friends are in pretty happy relationships, and sometimes I rue their emotional connection. But I am not my friends. I don’t enjoy talking to girls and listening to their bullshit. And as much as I can sometimes crave that special person waiting for me, I’m too much of a prick to actually open up that much to another human being.

Oh you think, an immature misogynist. By no means do I hate women. I was raised in a family of 6 women, 5 of whom were my sisters. In fact I’m known as the foremost expert on the emotional state of woman amongst my group of friends. Overall I enjoy socializing with women more often than chilling with men, besides my males friends of course. My guys are pretty much the cream of the crop. Every other dickhead is some rank and file douchebag who follow the flock instead of leading it.

Just on the matters of sex, I prefer to just get it done and move on with my life.

Enough about my philosophy. Let’s get back to the girl.

Erin Avele. Well that’s what her email name is, hopefully it’s a fake just like mines. Too many of these girls I’ve seen are completely clueless on how to do this. They give their real numbers out, or their real email. I worry about them sometimes, these girls. They can really get into trouble for this if the wrong creep finds them. I really hope it’s a fake name.

I check the inbox, it reads 1 new message.

Fucking finally.

I click impatiently on the mouse.

The girl sent me her number and an address, to text her when I’m close.

I dress up in my sex clothes as I like to call them; a black baseball cap, grey shirt and black jeans. As I’m leaving the door, I pull on my knock off navy barracuda jacket. These are the most non-descript clothing I have in my wardrobe, so I’m pretty much unrecognizable where ever I go, whether it’s a low income housing complex or a high end hotel.

Tonight’s the former rather than the latter. I blew my wad (haha) last week with the very tasty Destiny. I get a little hard remembering her soft full ass cheeks underneath my hands as I plowed into her from behind. Her pussy is phenomenal, especially when it’s cumming around my dick. I like it when I make these girls cum.

I wondered if I should just hop on pornhub and jack off rather than go to this girl, but I’m 10 minutes away and it’s too late now.

I pull up to the address. Rathole apartments, just like I saw on the maps. A shady looking cat in a hoodie walks past my car. Oh well, at least I brought my military grade mace.

I get out my car, stride over to the door, and knock softly.

Despite the many times I have done this, nervous adrenaline still courses through me. Even though I’m fairly confident that this girl isn’t a fake, I still look over my shoulder and have to keep my breathing in check. Last thing I need is some set up by gang bangers, or even worse cops.

Seconds pass by.

The door opens. A mousy brunette with glasses appears before me. She smiles.

“Hi baby. Come in,” she turns her body, beckoning me in.

I flash a smile and come in. As I pass by, her hand reaches down to grab my crotch.

Score one for Gryffindor, the girl is real.

I mock jump back and laugh a little bit.

“H-how are you doing?” I fake stutter. It disarms the girls if I act like a nervous nilly. I like the girls to be comfortable around me. It makes for a better experience overall if they don’t treat you as work, more like a pity fuck.

She’s still smiling. She said something, but I didn’t really catch it while I combed over her body. Nice little B Cups under her white tank top and cotton short shorts clinging to a respectable butt. Her face is alright as in the picture, in fact I like her with the glasses more than without. Unfortunately for what I had planned, they’ll have to come off. I don’t want to break them.

She apparently was going on some rant about her day when she dropped her hands after some dramatic gesture and looked at me still smiling. After a beat she points canlı bahis to her living room and taps a creaky wooden table.

“Sooooooo, donation?” she says in a slow drawl.

I pull the envelop out of my back pocket and drop it on the table.

She opens it up and counts the one bill carefully. She looks at me slightly confused.

“This a hundred, I thought we agreed on 75?” she said.

“Oh I just,” pulling off my jacket and holding it in my arms, “didn’t have change, so I just said fuck it,” I laughed. “I’m sure that’s not a problem,” I said grinning.

She shook her head smiling and put it down on the table, striding over to me.

A little side-note about myself. I’m pretty young looking, and I was once described to have a cherubic face. I’m naturally friendly, and mildly charismatic to most of the people I meet. I like putting a little extra on these girls, it really wins them over. Why do you ask?

Most of the scumbags they probably deal with low ball them and then expect top notch service. I subtly do the same thing, but it’s for a different reason. I just like to negotiate the price down to prove I’m in control even before we meet. Power games you say. I always pay the girl what she asked for the first time around, provided it’s not completely unreasonable.

All in all, it helps to really put the girls at ease so I can the most of what I want out of them.

“So,” she says taking my jacket and throwing it on the table. She grips my hand and brings me over to a clothed couch she has in the room and pushes me down. “If I also remember correctly, you wanted a little sucky sucky.” she says smirking.

She caught me off guard, I can’t help but smile back.

“Uhhh, yeah,” I said fidgeting my hands. I actually asked for a face fuck, but I’ll address that little inconsistency.

“Well, shirt on, or off,” she said, her hand tugging at the shoulder band.

“Just on for now.” I’ll have it messy soon enough.

“Okay. Well, let me help you out with these,” She reaches for my belt. I softly catch her hand with mines and push it down to my thigh.

“Actually, I’ll take care of it,” I say with a smile. I unzip myself and pull out my half-hard cock and my shaved balls out. I discovered I liked the view of my junk hanging out while I wore pants, I picked it up from a video I watched before.

“Wow,” she said as I slowly jerked my cock to hardness. I’m a quaint 6 inches long with a nice little girth under two inches. Most girls were surprised to see that I had an impressive package. This girl was no different, biting her lips with a worried look in her eyes. I love it when they’re unprepared for my cock. It strokes my ego in a certain way.

“And if I remember correctly,” my other hand reaching for her glasses. I took them and placed them neatly on a side table. “I asked for a facey fucky.”

She nervously smiled, and took a gulp.

“That you did.” she said. I could see mild panic on her face. I felt my lust shrink slightly at this. I like the terror to roll over them while I’m fucking them, not before. Really makes me feel like the torturer I am.

“Tell you what,” I stopped stroking myself and placed my hands at my side.

“How about you show what you can do first,” I twitched my cock, beckoning her.

I can see her visibly relax when I tell her this. Now I don’t feel as weird.

She got on her knees and shuffled over to my crotch. She rubbed her hands together, and reached out, gripping me softly and stroked me slowly.

I murmured at the contact. It’s always nice to feel to a girl touch your cock for you.

“I think I can do that,” she says with a smirk. She doesn’t sound as perturbed as before. She’s probably thinking she can get me off before I throat fuck her. How little does she know.

After a little stroking, she opened her mouth in an exaggerated O shape, and took my cock head in slowly, swallowing me inch my inch. She just got to the base of my cock before she pulled back, her lips resting at the crown of my cock again. It felt great, nice and warm and moist. I was gonna enjoy this session.

She took me in again, slowly slathering my cock with her spit. She stared in my eyes with her gray orbs, locking my view as she adjusted her jaw to take in more of my cock. I threw my head back with a moan as she managed to take my cock down all the way to the root this time. She holds it down for a bit, my cock entering her throat and I can feel it contract me as she suppresses her gag reflex.

She jumps back gasping for breath, tendrils of drool hanging from her mouth to my cock. It’s an amazing sight and I’m rock fucking hard looking at it.

She strokes me for a bit while she regains her breath, and then dives back in again, this time bobbing quickly on my dick. She’s not going to the base like before, rather opting for quick stimulation as her mouth glides over me. She at least put her tongue into play, creating the most delicious feeling as it runs underneath bahis siteleri me, making me jerk my hips as it reaches my cockhead.

She’s quietly moaning as she sucks me off, her right hand gripping my cock solidly while she works, the other tenderly squeezing my balls. I honestly would have been fine with this for the session, her skillful and quick administrations making my blood boil until I can’t hold my cum in anymore and fill her mouth.

But that’s not why I’m here. I’m in for some rough shit.

My hands which have been dormant this entire time slowly snake over to her dutifully bouncing head. Her eyes are closed as she focuses on slurping my rod, completely unaware of what’s happening until my right hand wraps in her hair and my left grips her jaw. Startled she stops, her eyes opening up in shock, trying to speak with a mouthful of my cock.

“Shhh, relax, calm down,” I say, the words clearly doing nothing to calm down the panicking girl.

“I really like how you work,” twitching my cock for effect in her mouth.

“But I’ve seen enough to know that you can take a good nice mouth fucking. Get ready,” I say with a smile as I stand up from the couch. I want to make sure her neck is nice and rested for the later positions I have planned for her, so I’m gonna start off with holding her in place while I fuck her mouth.

I release her jaw and step forward, pulling her backwards by her hair while her mouth is still filled with my cock. It’s a little funny seeing her scramble on her calves and hands to move backwards while I lead her with my dick and hands.

I move my free hand to grip the base of her skull, and I slowly push my cock deep into her throat. Her hands shoot up to grab my ass cheeks, her fingers digging in. Even though I was going to face fuck her no matter what, it’s a a little reassuring that she’s going along with it, or at least preparing for it. I’ll be sure to give her a nice tip if it continued being this great.

I continue driving my cock in, until her nose is buried in my little patch of pubic hair, and hold her for a few seconds before I pull out again. I repeat the same thing over, my cock entering her throat just as deliberate each time so I can feel the contractions around my cockhead. She’s not drooling that much, and in fact only coughs once, as I did it the fourth time around. Her eyes are fixed on me though, gazing up as I carefully plum her throat.

I feel the fire boiling in my balls, and I realize that I have to speed it up.

I begin to pump my hips into her face, which she took like a champ for a couple strokes before sputtering out some spit. Jackpot. I’m about to begin annihilating this girl’s face.

As soon as the first burst of spit drips down I place both of my hands on the back of her head and begin to viciously fuck her mouth, my cock a blur as it ratchets between her lips. Spit is flying and she’s groaning loudly as my balls collide with her chin.

Her hands are now trying to push me away, to gain some respite for her as I moan and hump her face. Her eyes are closed, squeezed tightly in pain as my cock enters her mouth over and over again. I can feel her teeth lightly scrape against my cock, but I’m too enamoured with the other feelings to not give a fuck.

The front of my jeans are slowly becoming soaked in her spit and mucus, and as I look down I can see that her tank top is becoming wet as well. Her nipples are hard, and poking through the tight white tank and I don’t know whether it’s from arousal or the simple fact that I’m wearing her mouth out my with my magnificent fuck stick. It’s such an amazing visual, a girl struggling with my cock between her lips as it fucks her mouth silly, uncontrollably drooling over herself. I could cum right now.

I rut a couple more times, before I pull out. I was really about to cum just from looking at her struggle with my cock. She takes the time to cough up some spit and take deep breaths. She looks up at me dazed. Uh oh. Looks like she might be thinking of backing out. Time to pull out some mild charm.

I move one hand to her cheek, lightly wiping away the spit, my other hand which was entwined in her hair lightly stroking it now. I smile reassuringly at her.

“Are you okay? I’m not moving too quick for you am I baby?” I switch over to the other cheek as I continue to lovingly stroke her hair. I found that nice little intimate touches like this relax the girls, especially since it’s so at odds with the usually debased things I’m doing to them.

She sniffs in some mucus and wipes her eyes. She seems calm. Maybe I misread her and she was just surprised. I didn’t really transition too well into the face fucking. Oh well too late to cry over spilled drool.

“No,” she finally says. She smiles lightly. Good.

“Did you catch your breath? I’d like to get back to work so to speak,” I say with a chuckle.

She gives a soft giggle and opens her mouth slightly.

As soon as it’s a millimeter open I bahis şirketleri plunge my cock in, beginning to fuck her mouth again mercilessly. I was thinking about going slow, but my cock was getting a little soft, and nothing bugs me out more than losing my stiffie. She gurgles and digs her nails into my thighs now as I fuck her mouth. It’s still amazing how warm and wet it feels around me. I honestly can say I like fucking mouths more than pussy half the time.

I can only imagine how my girthy dick feels in her mouth, the ache of her jaw as I stroke my meat in and out. Her eyes are closed again, but they’re not as tightly sealed as they were before. Maybe she’s getting used to the feel of it. Whatever, I really don’t care as long as I can keep fucking that face of hers.

On a whim, I pull out my cell phone to check if I had any texts. Zilch, but I did notice one thing, I was already at 10 minutes. I groan in frustration as I hold her head down on my cock for a minute, her hands batting at my thighs before I let her off.

The session was only for 15 minutes, and I had at least three more positions I wanted to get her into before I was done. This girl probably wouldn’t even notice If I went over time, but I shake the thought from my head. I’m a man of my word, and I don’t mess around, it’s stealing really.

I pull her off my spit covered cock, drool cascading from her mouth while she takes in deep gasps of precious air. Her eyes are still closed and I think she’s light headed going from the way she’s kinda swaying, which means she’s most likely dazed. It makes the next move I pull even easier.

I slip my left hand down to her back, and my right worms under her closed legs, and I pick her up bridal style. She gives a startled squeak as I drop her upside down on the couch, her legs in the air almost hitting a picture on the wall. She’s looking at me expectantly, eyes teared up, drool hanging off her chin.

“We’re almost done baby, just got a couple more minutes left before I finish off,” I say as I position myself over her. My balls are resting just on her nose as my dick settles on her chin. I spread my legs and place one hand on the couch, before grasping my cock. I angle it down, and push my cock through her lips.

“I wanna try something else,” I say with a smile as I push deeply into her throat.

I start slowly to acclimate her to my cock, but I quickly lose control the minute I see my the outline of my dick poke through her throat. That really set me off as I began to ream her face, my balls swatting her nose, the sound of her head hitting against the couching filling the air.

I guess she wasn’t too prepared for this because she’s kicking her feet and flailing her arms against me. I don’t take it too seriously as it doesn’t stop me from plowing her face. She manages to get a hand against my thigh before I grab it and throw it on the couch, and press my knee on top of it to stop her from moving.

She groans loudly in pain, but it only turns me on more. I felt bad pinning her like this, but I’m not very far from cumming so I think she can take it a little bit more. It’s kinda hard to face fuck a girl when she’s bouncing all over the damn place.

Her face is such a mess now, the spit and mucous flowing freely down her face. Some of it gets in her eye, and I can tell it stings. But between my knee pressing down her free hand and of course my giant cock fucking her face she really doesn’t have any option to move and wipe it away.

I’m looking down at the action when out of the corner of my eye, I see that the front of her little cotton shorts are a little wet. No way this girl is getting on this like I am. I tentatively reach out with my hand and rub against it.

She moans when I touch her, but not in pain. Holy shit she is really is getting off of it. I grind my fingers hard into her pussy, her hips thrusting into my hand. I pull my cock out of her mouth, and stand up, freeing her pinned hands.

She takes in some deep breaths, moaning in between as I continue to rub through her shorts. I really wanna feel her, so I pull her shorts up and over her legs, revealing her puffy shaved cunt. It’s nice and juice looking, practically eatable. That’s for another time though.

I run a finger between her lips, and flick at her little clit poking through. I hear her shriek at the contact, and I decide to just mash finger on it, rubbing deeply into her love button. She’s trying to close her legs and get me away from it, but all the good it does is lock my hand in.

I think I’m rubbing hard for a good minute before her legs start to quiver and her cries start to get more shallow and quicker. I look down and I see her drool covered face is contorted in pleasure, her eyes rolling back. She bucks her hip out, her hands clutching the couch desperately.

“FUUCCCCKKK,” she sobs as her entire body shakes from her orgasm.

I keep rubbing the entire time, riding out her wave. I slow down as she stops convulsing, and I’m only lightly caressing her pussy before she reaches down and my grabs my hand. It wasn’t really in the plans to get the girl off, but when I saw that wet spot I knew I had to help her out. Never leave a lady in the lurch you say.

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(Almost) Zipless Fuck

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The trolley seat was hard under her, and she shifted again.

“Lady DeWinter’s heaving bosom was trapped against his rock hard chest, each breath bringing her nipples into contact with the crisp, springy hair.”

Most of the evening had been spent alternating from one hip to the other bearing weight, allowing circulation to revive each side in its turn. Now circulation didn’t seem to be the problem. Or at least, not the lack of it. The growing heat between her legs and gathering moisture had been steadily capturing her attention for some time now.

“His strong arms were like steel bands entrapping her, and she struggled futilely against his inexorable embrace.”

She liked to spend Sunday afternoons this way on the trolley with her book, exploring the city at a slow and steady pace, drifting in and out of the story, listening to the snatches of languages and accents that populated the city. It always made her smile a little to herself, the risque sense of excitement among strangers. The sky was deepening to purple, and most of the crush had long departed. Just a few riders now, with the occasional entrance and exit. Her eyes drifted to the front again, where a tall, dark stranger had been standing for some time despite the majority of open seats. He was looking at her.

She snapped her eyes back down to the book on her lap, cheeks burning. It was almost too dark to read now.

“‘Does Milady wish to escape?’ He asked, his deep voice vibrating through every fiber of her being. She squirmed experimentally, but it only brought her in closer contact with the rigid pole jutting out in front of him.”

Her cheeks turned it up a notch. She felt like her face must surely be a beacon to all around, even in the dim light. She silently cursed her inability to conceal her thoughts. But sometimes that was part of the appeal. That someone might catch her.

She glanced up again. He was still staring. She dropped her eyes instantly, biting her lip.

She had been checking him out, surreptitiously she had thought, almost since he had boarded. Mostly it had been his smile. He’d flashed it at the operator while getting on, teeth very white in a very dark face. His tshirt and jeans were perfectly modest, but nevertheless clung to planes and bulges most becomingly. Ugh, she was even starting to think in trashy potboiler cliches. She couldn’t help but notice the way his body moved with the trolley car’s motion, swaying and balancing effortlessly and athletically. But that smile. He’d smile at people canlı bahis walking past, say a word or two in greeting. He’d smile at people bumping against him with the sway of the trolley, a wry grin of acknowledgment. And he’d smiled at her. When he’d caught her looking. That had been an hour ago.

Since then it had been harder and harder to concentrate. The bulge in her hero’s hose was nothing compared to what she imagined under the zipper of tight bluejeans. The crisp whorls of manly chest hair on the page had nothing on the smooth expanse of satin skin she imagined under his tshirt. And speaking of heaving bosoms, her light and breezy summer dress was just low cut enough to show off how excited she was getting, imagining his strong arms wrapped around her like steel bands. She couldn’t in any way be said to be reading any longer, but her eyes kept catching on phrases. Terrible romance novel phrases like vigorous thrusting and secret folds and rigid phallus that nonetheless sent bolts of electricity through every part of her. She was so afraid to look up again, but the words were all beginning to blur together and she felt foolish continuing the pretense of reading.

So she raised her head. Tilting her chin defiantly, she met his eyes full on. His body, for the entirety of the ride having been mostly at side-angle to her, now faced her directly. Despite the distance between them, she felt this squaring off deep down in her toes and even further, down in the pit of her belly. She shifted again in her seat but did not drop her gaze. It was dark enough now that his face was in full shadow, making his eyes the entire focus. She felt heat radiating from her chest and neck. She wondered what would happen if she walked up to him. If she were the one to bump into him “accidentally” as the trolley swayed over the tracks. It seemed to be moving faster than it had all day, but with an oddly stretched sense of time.

She swallowed. She didn’t think she was brave enough to exit through the front, but all she could think about was his hands on her, roaming all over her body and quenching the fire on her skin. Or maybe igniting it further. She could barely breathe as she gathered up her bookbag and stood, never breaking eye contact. She was sure the outline of her body was glowing in the darkness, outlining her breasts and waist and hips in fire. She stepped out from the bench, holding on to the rail with one arm, hesitating. She suddenly noticed that all the other passengers had disembarked and they were alone on the bahis siteleri trolley. The driver never glanced back, seeming as much a part of the car as its engine or wheels. The man still had not taken his eyes from her. She was surprised to discover how exhilarated she felt, brazen and wanton, locked in a staring contest that was surely an invitation the longer it continued. Haltingly, she took one step forward. His eyes narrowed imperceptibly. His easy smile seemed now altogether more predatory and menacing. Triumphant. As she let a deep breath fill her ribcage, lifting her breasts and expanding her back, she felt her sense of unreality slip a little, and took a step back. Then another. Then she turned, losing her nerve entirely, to take soft small steps to the back of the trolley car. There were two steps down, and a pole on the landing, and she put a hand out to steady herself as she reached to pull the cable. And stopped. Turned. Breath hitching in her throat, she put her back against the pole and faced him again.

He was no longer smiling, and had taken a step forward. His body was inclined towards her across the empty expanse of the trolley. As their eyes locked again, he started to move. Slow, loping steps that ate up the distance. Standing at the top of the steps, he towered over her. She was tempted to shrink from him but felt the pole at her back and instead slid her hands over her head, palms grasping the pole between them. The cool metal grounded her, acted like a lightning rod, and she suddenly wanted more than anything for this powerful, purely masculine being to fuck her. Right. Now.

He didn’t waste any time. He had seen the change in her, and was down those stairs instantly. It was the fastest she’d seen him move. But once there, inches apart, he stopped. He stared down at her with the electricity crackling between them, and slowly smiled again. Then he reached out with both hands. They were huge. Very slowly he let his fingers rest on her collarbone. Fuck me, fuck me, she begged him with her eyes, but he just let his palms slowly contact the hot skin over her dress. And then, still ever so slowly, he peeled the strapless top down, exposing her breasts entirely to the air. She thought her whole body must be blushing now. If the conductor looked back, he’d be able to see everything. But then she felt the hot dry palms of this stranger cup her and brush his thumbs over her nipples and she simply didn’t care anymore. Slowly, the light brushing touches changed. She looked back up at him. Still staring bahis şirketleri down at her, he took each nipple between thumb and forefinger and slowly began to squeeze. So slow that she hardly noticed when the pinch became harder than anything she’d ever felt in her life, hard enough to make her gasp and arch her back against the pole. This brought her hips in contact with his, and his erection was palpable through his jeans. Her eyes widened. He grinned.

Gently, he released the pressure on her nipples and leaned back. Very deliberately, eyes still on hers, he popped the button. And slid the zipper down. He folded open the front of his jeans, reached inside. His eyelids drooped as he slid his hand in, down, and gripped. And pulled himself out.

If she thought her heart had been pounding before, now it was a jackhammer in her chest. His cock was so hard already, and she imagined it sliding inside her, pinning her against the pole at her back. She didn’t have to imagine for long. With all trace of gentleness gone, he stepped forward again urgently, and roughly pulled up on the hem of her dress. She frantically helped to move material out of the way, thinking only of how much her cunt desired to be filled. Her breasts were crushed against him as he bore her back against the metal pole. His breathing was harsh in her ear and his scent surrounded her and then he was pushing in. He was large, and hot, and it took several thrusts before his angle corrected itself and he was fully inside her but then he was and her eyes rolled back in her head with the pure pleasure of being impaled this way. Crushed from the front, with the hard metal pole digging into her back, she locked her arms around his neck and held on for the ride. It didn’t take long. Her cunt had been dripping for hours and she was nearly there already. Feeling him sliding in and out of her, the rocking and swaying motion of the trolley driving his rhythm, she felt the waves start to crest over her. She pressed her lips together, crying out against them, and heard him make a sound deep in his throat. The pounding of his hips stilled.

Slowly, reality began to fade back in. The slowing of the car. The whine of the brakes. The sound of their ragged breathing. A few hitching jerks and the car came to a stop. He pulled back slightly, and looked down at her, his face unreadable as he deftly put himself away and zipped back up again. “Last Stop,” called the conductor from the front. She started. Blushing again, she quickly pulled her dress back in place, then looked up one more time. Reaching out, he cupped her face in his hands and brushed her lip with his thumb. He grinned that wild grin again, then turned and disappeared out the door. They had never exchanged a single word.

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2035 – The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 06

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Rebecca agreed with Patrick & decided I was not going to cum until she returned from Paris. The anguish that lay ahead of me was near intolerable. I lasted ok at the start of the week but as Sunday loomed with no promise of release my hornyness grew to new heights.

Any contact Rebecca allowed me to have became my focus of pleasure. I threw myself into her pleasure more and more. Oral sex was one thing but I got off just making her happy and seemed to be super submissive to my wife, always obedient and always willing to do whatever she asked. That usually meant unsexual things like all the chores around the house. All unsexual bar the laundry which had caused me my greatest anguish. As I sorted the laundry out every day without fail every day as I sorted out the clothes my mind was really on her panties. I’d seek out her used knickers and put them to my face. There I stood in the back kitchen with her panties to my face trying to breathe in her aroma especially around the crotch area. Then I’d rub the panties against my balls and imprisoned member. It was a charade in truth that did me only harm. It was self-inflicted teasing by me on me about my wife. Why did I do this?

Patrick informed us that he and my wife would fly out on Thursday and return Sunday. So without release that would be 14 days without my penis escaping its cage.

The Wednesday night before she left was different. Rebecca decided to cook for me and we enjoyed a lovely romantic meal followed by wine and chat in front of the fire. As we made our way to bed, Rebecca remarked she hadn’t given my desert. She asked me to give her two minutes in the bedroom alone and then I was to knock. Was she going to release me before she left? Excitedly I waited the prescribed time, knocked and entered. Rebecca was lying on her belly stretched out on the bed. Desert was in front of me. She had taken a can of sweet cream and had covered her ass in it and placed some fruit on top.

“Hey honey. Look it’s your fave desert…strawberries and cream.”

Her ass to me was always white, sweet and creamy but tonight something to savour and by Christ I did. I licked her butt for it was worth licking every nook and cranny that had that creamy goodness. She let out the odd murmur but in truth this was her way of saying she loved me and was willing to let her husband have his desert and eat it. With my cock encased in its prison, licking the cream off her ass was electrifying my canlı bahis body and mind. God I loved Rebecca and her ass.

The next morning was tough. I hated to think of that brute not just fucking her in Paris but worse still romancing her. I packed her bags. I packed her business suits for the conference, all her products and accessories. I didn’t however pack her any lingerie in the suit case. I couldn’t bear to dress her up again for that prick.

He arrived at 11am in his fancy car. On entering the house once again he displayed that arrogant swagger. My wife entered the hall with her bags which I proceeded to take from her and he flicked open the boot from the porch.

Rebecca stood in the hall for me to say our goodbyes. Her face was one of sympathy. She cradled my face and told me she loved me and would miss me. I was welling up.

Patrick butted in, “Why don’t you let your hubby say goodbye properly”, he was winking.

She nodded sorrowfully, “do you want to kiss my other cheek before we go? Its ok Patrick doesn’t mind”.

With that she turned from me and reached the hems of her skirt and pulled it up revealing her delicious derrière.

I dropped to my knees and clutched it like I would her face before an imminent kiss. I began to peck and worship her as that dick towered over me.

“Yeah”, he sneered ” kiss it, kiss your wife’s ass goodbye”.

With that he pulled her away and out the door. Gone. Off to Paris for work or as lovers?

I dropped to the floor, curled up into a ball and began to sob. Why do I deserve the life of a chastised cuckold?

Technology hasn’t really come that far in the last twenty years. Products have evolved rather than have been invented but I suppose the big thing was the level of sophistication of the entertainment unit.

All houses were now equipped with one device that did everything. You had a massive television that acted as TV, Internet, voice calls and then you had your small controller that acted as your mobile phone, money card and security system for your home. These two devices did pretty much everything and became essentials in the home. The quality of picture for video conferencing on your 50inch screen was incredible. It was like watching normal TV, had no delay and could be moved all over the house so you could start a conversation in the living room and easily move the conversation when you entered the kitchen.

Paris would show me bahis siteleri just how real the quality of that video conferencing was.

Rebecca and I had exchanged e messages over Thursday and Friday afternoon but it wasn’t until Friday evening her time that I could video her.

What happened next changed our lives forever.

I went to our bedroom TV to call her. When she answered she was on her hotel bed. Her hair looked messy and she was wearing a silky purple negligee. I didn’t pack that for her.

She was biting her lip and frankly she looked a bit scared.

“What’s wrong baby? Has Patrick done something to you?” Just then the dick appeared .

“Well hello there LITTLE man! Your wife has been very naughty. You see she didn’t come to Paris with many sexy clothes. All I found were cotton pants and cotton bras. So little Rebecca went over my knee and took a severe spanking. Isn’t that right little girl?”

Rebecca nodded.

“Not to worry hubby, we took her credit card to some real designer boutiques and bought her about €1000 worth of sexy gear…isn’t that right bitch?”

He grabbed her hair and asked her why. She looked away and tried to plead with her hands with him

“Why bitch,” he repeated.

“So I can dress like a whore for my big cocked stud”, she said under duress

“That’s right bitch, now hubby she’s all dresses up for some cock now don’t you agree?”

“Listen if you hurt her, I’ll …”

He interjected quickly, “Sit down pecker dick now or she’ll pay for any loose talk.”

He climbed onto the bed behind her. She lay facing the TV on her side. He was now in the spooning position rubbing her pussy through her panties.

“Tell your husband what you want now”

She closed her eyes. She couldn’t look at me as he continued to rub her pussy whilst I sat there thousands a miles away behind a TV screen.

She looked to be fighting it but eventually succumbed, “I want you to pull my panties down and fuck me with your big massive cock whilst my little cocked husband watches on the TV.”

“Pull your own panties down,” He snorted. When she duly obliged, he started to grab her breasts and nipples extremely hard from behind. I would have tickled and soothingly rubbed them but he was manhandling my wife’s breasts.

I knew the moment his snakelike cock entered her as her eyes looked to be rolling in her head. Once he did he quickly established a rhythm bahis şirketleri and began to fuck her brains out.

I could do nothing. I couldn’t even masterbate to this type of porn as there on glorious HD picture my wife was getting the shag of her life with me not even in the same room. I missed nothing however and at one point I’m at the screen placing my fingers on the glass hoping I could touch her. All the while he is fucking her and belittling me and demanding my wife joins in.

“Tell little dick why you’re my whore now? Tell him why I own your ass? Oh little hubby your wife has got a real addiction.It’s called my cock. You’re going to have to get used to her wanting to keep you caged whilst she fucks real men like me”.

He grabbed her hair again just as she was at the point of orgasm.

Patrick pulled out but as usual he was still rock hard. “I’m not letting you cum all the time without bringing me off Rebecca. Thankfully I know what to do”.

With that he proceeds to lift Rebecca on all fours with her face looking directly at my screen. He grabs the tip of his cock and begins to rub it at the opening of her anus. Immediately she protests “no no no, it’s too big, you’ll hurt me too much, please Patrick no”. I can see genuine fear in her eyes.

“No Patrick”, I plead, “her beautiful ass is not for any man’s penis. It’s a thing of wonder and beauty. She has submitted her vagina willingly to you, don’t fuck her ass I plead with you!”

I was like a small country begging a big bully nation not to invade.

” What will you do for me little man if I spare her ass?”

“Anything” I pleaded.

He pulled out and could see the relief on Rebecca’s face.

“Fine, a package arrived today, you signed for it for Rebecca, go get it.”

How the hell did he know that I wondered. I went down the hall retrieved the package and returned.

“Open it and look inside. If you agree to wear what’s inside I’ll spare your brides butt for the foreseeable future. You are to be wearing that on our return on Sunday. Do we have a deal or is this bitch going to scream the night away?”

I looked inside the box defeated and nodded. I’d have done anything to save her ass being defiled by this pig including wearing that.

He took that as a sign of victory and proceeded to pump his cock in his hand. Rebecca was instructed to lay down underneath him so he could feed his balls into her mouth. What was he doing to my princess! He quickly started to moan and began to cum all over her.

The TV switched off and I was alone with my thoughts. Was she in danger, was she scared of him and would I really wear that on Sunday?”

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Kapali Hikayemiz (Roman) -16

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Kapali Hikayemiz (Roman) -16
Sevda Kankalar Grubunu Büyütüyor

Murat yerinden kalktı ve Sevda’nın sandalyesinin yanına geldi, elini omzuna koydu ve “Evin iki günlük kirası ödendi. Neden kutlamaya orada devam etmiyoruz?” diyerek artık hakettikleri şeyi alma zamanı geldiğini belirtmiş oldu. Arabalara binilerek eve gittiler. Yanlarında pastaneden aldıkları meyve suları vardı. Eve geldiklerinde herkes bir koltuğa, sandalyeye, kanepeye oturdu. Selda mutfaktan bardakları getirdi, Begüm masada meyve sularını doldurdu ve Ivan cebinden çıkardığı şişeden her bardağa tonik ekledi eğlence böyle olur dercesine.

Bardağını ilk bitiren Sevda oldu. Kalktı ve aynı kanepede oturan Ivan ile Marko’nun yanına geldi. “Siz benim için çok önemli bir iş yaptınız, size teşekkür etmek istiyorum” dedi ve ikisinin de ellerinden tutup yatak odasına götürdü. Odadakiler arkalarından baka kaldı. Birazdan odadan inleme sesleri gelince salondakiler yatak odasının kapısına doluştu. Kapının iki yanına Begüm ve Selda, kankalar ve Murat da onların arkasına dikildi ve Sevda’nın iki Rus arasında kalışını izlediler. Üçü de çırılçıplaktı. Marko dizlerinin altından tutmuş kadınlığına giriyor, Ivan da belinden tutmuş uzun penisini arka deliğine sokuyordu. Kızların gözü fal taşı gibi açılmış ağızları açık izliyordu. Kankalar ise semsert olmuş penisleri ile çadır kurmuş, aralarına almak istedikleri kadının iki Rus tarafından hunharca becerilişini izliyor ve Sevda’nın çığlıklarını dinliyordu. Ruslar yarım saatten uzun bir süre farklı pozisyonlarda becerdiler Sevda’yı. En sonunda ikisi de aynı anda penislerini ağzına sokup boşaldılar. Sevda bu kadarını beklemiyordu ama inanılmaz haz almıştı. Yatağa uzandı kaldı yorgunluktan. Ruslar kapıya yöneldiğinde kankalar yol vermek için çekildi ama kızlar yerinden oynayamıyordu. Ivan Begüm’ü tuttu elinden Marko da Selda’yı ve salona gittiler. Kankalar bir giden kızlara bir de Sevda’ya dönüp baktılar. Rusların yanında şansları yoktu. O yüzden mutfağa yöneldiler, birer içecek alıp balkona geçtiler. İçerden Begüm ve Selda’nın inleme ve çığlıkları geliyordu. Birazdan Sevda üzerinde böğüslerinden baldırına kadar örten bir havlu ve ıslak saçları ile geldi yanlarına. Birisinin göreceğini bile umursamadan hepsi ile tek tek öpüştü uzun uzun, kucaklarına oturarak. En son Murat’ın kucağından kalktı ve trabzanlara dayandı hepsini görebileceği bir şekilde. “Sizler benim kahramanımsınız. Bugün hepinize aşık oldum. Yıllarca kocamdan başka kimseye bakmadım. Ona hep sadık olmaya çalıştım. Ben sadık olmaya çakıştıkça da başıma istemediğim olaylar geldi. En sonunda kocam borcu için beni sattığında artık kendimi zorlamanın bir anlamı olmadığını düşündüm. Bu sefer de başıma çok büyük bela aldım. Ama sizin sayenizde bu beladan kurtuldum. Dördünüzün de benimle yatmak istediğinizi çok iyi biliyorum. Bugün burda birlikte olduğum hayatımdan çıkar. Ben sizlerin hayatımda olmasını, en iyi dostum olmasını istiyorum. Hepinizi çok seviyorum. İyiki varsınız” dediğinde dördü de yaptıklarından gurur duyuyordu. Artık aile dostları genişlemişti. Murat ile Esra ve Sevda ile Erdal, her ne kadar Erdal’ın henüz haberi olmasa da kankaların birer üyesiydi. Ve bu büyük dost grubunu çok güzel günlerin beklediği kesindi.

Sevda okuldan kızını aldı, eve geldi, akşama kocası için güzel bir sofra kurdu, saçını taradı, makyajını yaptı, en şık davet kıyafetini giydi. Erdal geldiğinde onu bir kral gibi karşıladı. O gün evlilik yıldönümleriydi. Mum ışığında romantik bir yemek yediler. Sonra baş başa şaraplarını içtiler ay ışığı manzaralı teraslarında. Şarabını bitiren Sevda kocasını öpmeye başladı. Ayağa kaltılar ve yeni çıkmaya başlayan taze aşıklar gibi öpüşmeye başladılar. Sevda kocasının ceketini çıkartmaya çalıştı bir yandan öpüşürken. Kocası da bu hareket karşısında karısının sırt fermuarını açtı omuzlarından elbisesini aşağı sıyırdı. Birilerinin onları izliyor olabileceği aklına geldikçe daha da etkilendi ve daha hızlı soymaya ve soyunmaya başladı. Bir kaç dakika sonra ikisi de terastaki tüylü halının üzerinde çırılçıplak ayakta öpüşüyorlardı. Bu teşhir durumu Erdal’ı iyice sertleştirmişti. Sevda Erdal’ın önünde diz çöktü ve sertleşen penisini eline aldı, okşadı bir müddet. Başına bir öpücük kondurdu ve büyük bir zevkle yalamaya, somurmaya başladı. Bu güne kadar kocasının penisini böyle emmemişti. Çok sıradan bir seks hayatı vardı. Ama o kadar farklı insanla seks yapmıştı ki artık partnerini nasıl memnun edeceğini biliyordu. Aslında kocasına sadık olarak kalmanın kocasına en büyük ceza olduğunu farketti. Bugün bu gece, tüm yaşadığı stres dolu günlerin ardından huzura ermiş ve kafası son derece rahat bir kadın olarak tüm tecrübelerini kullanarak kocasını memnun ediyordu. Belki de evlendikleri günden beri ilk kez bu kadar zevkli bir ilişki yaşıyorlardı. Erdal karısının bu jestine karşılık vermek istedi. Karısını yere yatırdı bacaklarıno ayırdı ve dizlerini yukarı kaldırdı. Kadınlığını kokladı ve bir öpücük kondurdu. Sonra biraz okşadı ve dili ile yukarı aşağı yaladıktan sonra dilini deliğine doğru bastırdı. Öyle sokuyordu ki dilini Sevda istemsizce sesli sesli inliyordu. Yan komşularının onları izlediğine ve diğerlerinin de balkon ve pencereden onları dinlediklerine emindiler. Ama bu onları tedirgin etmek yerine daha da zevke getiriyordu. Artık içine girmek istiyordu Erdal. Ama bugün değişik şeyler olmalıydı. İçine boşalıp bitmemeliydi hemen. Doğruldu ve Sevda’yı belinden tuttu, ters çevirdi. Poposunu çekip domalmasını sağladı. Dizlerini ayırarak arka deliğini iyice açtırdı. Penisini tükrükledi. Sevda o ne isterse yapıyordu. Erdal orta parmağını da tükürükleyip poposuna soktu. İnce bir ah sesi çıkardı Sevda. Parmağıyla deliğini alıştırdıktan sonra penisini soktu yavaş yavaş. İçine girdikten sonra da ileri geri gidip gelmeye başladı. Her girişinde ilk defa giriyormuşçasına “ahh” diye inliyordu Sevda. Gittikçe sesi de yükseliyordu. Adeta duymayan kalmamıştı etraflarında. Kızları evin diğer tarafındaki odada uyuduğundan onu uyandırma korkuları yoktu. Artık boşalmak istiyordu Erdal. Karısını tekrar sırt üstü yatırdı. Üzerine uzandı o da. Sevda bacağını açıyor, Erdal da yerleşmeye çalışıyordu. “Bizi komşular duydu. Ne olucak şimdi? Yan komşu Ahmet bey izlediyse ya bizi?”. “İzlesin. Senin güzelliğini ve şehvetini görsünler.”. “Ya arzularsa adam beni? Yazık değil mi adama?”. “Seni arzulamayan erkek midir be? Aşkım benim.” dedikten sonra ansızın girdi Sevda’nın içine. Kısa süre sonra da birlikte boşaldılar.

Erdal uzandı karısının yanına. Sevda başını kocasının koluna koydu. Terasın ortasında çırılçıplak yatıyorlardı. “Beni Selçuk’la izlerken zevk aldın mı?” diyerek sordu Erdal’ın kafasına şimşek gibi çakan soruyu Sevda. Cevap veremeyince Sevda “Ben borç işini hallettim. Selçuk artık borcun faizini istemeyecek aşkım. Lütfen bir daha onunla ortak iş yapma olur mu?” dediğinde Sevda’nın tekrar onunla birlikte olduğunu anladı Erdal. Haklıydı karısı. Tehlikeli biriydi Selçuk. O günden itibaren kalan ortak işleri aracılarla yaptılar ve bir daha birbirlerini görmediler. Sevda kocasını kötü bir arkadaştan ve borçtan kurtarmıştı. Artık ikisinin de çok sevecekleri, çok maceralar yaşayacakları ve son derece güvenilir arkadaşları olacaktı.

Beğendiyseniz, devamı gelsin istiyorsanız lütfen yorum ve mesaj yazınız.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

(ALINTI) Merhaba, Ben otuz yaşlarında evli bir ka

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

(ALINTI) Merhaba, Ben otuz yaşlarında evli bir ka
(ALINTI) Merhaba, Ben otuz yaşlarında evli bir kadınım. Yaklaşık sekiz yıldır evliyim. Eşimle birlikte çok güzel anılarımız olmuştur. Tabiki sexten bahsediyorum. Balayımızda yaşadıklarımız çılgınca idi. Bir keresinde yüzerken kocam bikinimin üstünü çıkarmıştı, ama balkondaki sevişmemiz kadar bunu ileri götürememişti. Bana hep üstsüz güneşlenmemden hoşlanacağını söylerdi. Daha da ötesi beni başka erkeklere siktireceğini söyler ve beni nasıl sikeceklerini anlatarak beni tehrik ederdi. Bazen fantazilerimizde grup seksi yapmak yer alırdı. Seksin her türlüsünü yanni ikimiz beraber deniyorduk. Kocamın sikini ağzıma almak, yalamak ve e-onun benim amcığımı yalaması, dilini amcığımın içine sokması ve bir kuşun kanat çırpması gibi dilini amcığımın içinde çırpmasından çok zevk alıyordum. Arada sırada dilini daha gerilere kaydırıyor. Göt deliiğimi de yalıyor, parmağı ile masaj yapıyordu. Bunlardan acaip zevk alıyordum. Biliyordum ki yarağını götümün dibine kadar sokmak istiyordu. Ne yalan söyleyeyim ben de istiyordum. Bir keresinde içki içmiştik ondan sonra götümü siktiğini hatırlıyorum. O zaman deliklerimin ikisini de sikmişti. Bir ona bir öbürüne sokmuştu. fakat daha sonraki zamanlarda ne kadar denediysekte hep göt deliğim acıdığında başarılı olamamıştık. Kocamın uzun süren seyahatlerinden birisinde bana yazdıklarından o kadar çok etkilenmiştirm. Geldiğinde götümü ona ne kadar acırsa acısın siktirmeye karar vermiştim. Gerekli hazırlıkları yaptım. Geldiğinde çılgınlar gibi seviştik. Ona vazelini gösterdiğimde çok memnun olmuştu. Ertesi gün ilk denememizi yaptık. Heyecanlanmıştı. Sonunda sikini göt deliğime sokmayı başarmıştı. Sik bu orospuyu doyur beni diyordum…..Ama çok uzun sürdüğünü söyleyemem ben de fazla bir şey anlamamıştım. Gerçi siki göt deliğimi doldurmuş onu götümün içinde hissetmişttim. Ama, kısa sürmüştü. İki gün sonra idi beni yine sikmekle meşguldu ve bana yola çıkmadan bir kez daha götümü sikeceğini söyledi. Ben de hadi şimdi sik dedim. Amcığım sırılsıklamdı. Göt deliğimi vazelinledi. Sikini vazelinledi. Sonra sikini göt deliğime bastırmaya başladı. İçeri doğru kaymaya başlayınca acı hissetmeye başlamıştım yine acıdığını söyleyince biraz bekledi. Sonra tekrar yüklendi. Başı girmişti artık…acıyordu. direndim. sikini ittirdi. ve dibine kadar girmişti artık. yavaş olmasını söyledim. biraz da dibinde bekledi. Sonra yavaş yavaş gdip gelmeye başladı. bir süre sonra sonra artık götümün deliği tamamen açılmıştı. resmen amımı siker gibi yarağı götümğün içinde hareket ediyordu. Arada bir siki götümden çıkıyordu ama geri sokması artık çok kolaydı. Acaip zevk alıyordum. Ona kızdım beni niçin bu kadar zamandır götümden sikmemiş ve bu zevkten mahrum bırakmıştı. Orgazm omuştum ama o hala beni sikiyordu. Yatak amımdan akan sıvılarla sırılsıklam olmuştu. Sonra götüme boşaldı. Artık götüm yırtılmıştı. sikimi rahatlıkla götüme alabiliyordum. Bir seferinde kocamın yarağının üstünde otururken aynadan götüme giriişne baktım manzara harika idi. Pornolardaki orospular gibi sikiliyordum. Zaten götüm de sikildikten sonra kendimi orospu gibi hissetmeye başlamıştım. Gerçek bir orospu olma isteğim gittikçe artmaya başlamıştı. Başka yaraklar istiyordum artık…. Kocamda başka yarakların beni sikmesini istiyordu. Pezevenk olmak istiyordu. İş yerinde bir arkadaşım vardı. Onunla beni tatile gönderebileceğinden bahsetmişti. Ki benim zorlamam üzerine onun gibi kadınları sikmek istediğini söylemişti. Ama ben buna hayatta izin vermezdim. Arkadaşım üç günlüğüne Bodruma gidecekti. Kocam da o hafta sonu yine seyhata gitmek zorunda idi. Ona hafta sonu çok canım sıkılacağından şikayet ettim. Aslında beni de götürmek istiyordu ama diğerleri eşlerini getirmediği için bir de böyle zamanlarda hep toplantılarda vaikit geçiriyordu. Onu hiç göremiyordum. Arkadaşlarına takısana dedi.Yaz herkes biryerelere gitti. Zührede Bodruma gidecek deyince sen niye onunla gitmiyorsun dedi. Gerçektende hiç aklıma gelmemişti. Bilmem hiç konuşmadık belki birrisi ile gidiyordur dedim. Yalnız gitmek ister. Yalnız kafam da şimşek çakmıştı. Sabahleyin ilk işim onunla konuşmak olmalıydı. Sabah onu kahve içmeye çağırdım. Sonra Bodrum da nereye gideceğini sordum. Aslında erkek arkadaşı ile gitmek istediğini ama onun gelmekten vazgeçtiğini planının iptal etmeyi düşündüğünü söyledi. İşte fırsat dedim ve saldırıya geçtim. Eşimin seyahate çıkacağını, canımın çok sıkkın olduğunu ve aslında bir değişikliğe ihtiyacımın olduğunu ve beraber Bodruma gidebileceğimizi söyledim. Olur kız dedi. Şöyle ikimiz gidelim felekten bir kaç gün çalalım dedi. İşte olmuştu. Orada yaşayacaklarımın hayali ile amım şimdiden sırısıklam olmuştu. Hemen izin işlerini falan ayarladım. Uçak biletini falan aldık. Otelde yerlerimizi ayırttık. Ertesi gün sabah erkenden havaalanında idik. Bodrumda otele geldiğimiz de saat dokuza gelmekte idi. Resepsiyona gittik odamızın henüz hazır olmadığını söylemişlerdi. Erken gelmiştik. Bize çantalarımızı bırakacak bir yer gösterdiler kaydımızı alıp gerekli işlemleri tamamladıktan sonra istersek otelin aktivitelerinden faydalanabileceğimizi söylediler. Oteli dolaşırken masaj salonuna gelmiştik.Yorgunluktan ölmüştüm. Zühreye masaj yaptırmak istediğimi söyledim. O da ben de her tarafım tutulmuş aslında çok iyi olur dedi. Masaj yaptırmak için görevli ile konuşurken yoldan geldiğimizi masajdan önce duş almak istediğimizi söyledik. İstersek özel banyolu masaj odasında masajımızı yaptırabileceğimizi söylediler. Bir odada iki kişi de olabilirdi. İstersek ayrı ayrı odalarda da yaptırabilirdik. Aynı odada yaptırabileceğimizi söyledik. Yalnız iki ayrı masajcı istedik. İçeri odamıza geçtik gerçektende ortada küçük bir jakuzi ve kenarda duş vardı. İkimiz de tam çırılçıplak soyunmuş ve duşa girmeye hazırlanıyorduk ki altlarında sadece şort olan ellerinde havlularla iki erkek içeri girdiler. Hanımlar bir dakika bekleyin herşeyi bize bırakın sizi yıkayacağız. Masajınızı yapıp sizi rahatlamış bir şekilde buradan göndereceğiz dediler. Çırılçıplaktık üzerimize bir şey almaya çalışırken olmaz üzerinizde birşey olursa sizi yıkayamayız dediler. Sesimizi çıkarmadık. Duş sıcaklığını ayarlaıp içine soktular. Sonra yukarıdan aşağıya şampuanladılar. Elleri ile şampuanları bütün vücudumuza füttursuzca yayıyorlardı. Elleri göğüslerimizde kalçalarımızda bacak aramızda mahrem yerlerimizde dolaşıyordu. Geveşemeye başlamıştım. Sıcak su çok iyi gelmişti. Vücudumda dolaşan eller ise tamamen benliğimi kaybetmeme yol açmak üzere idi. Neredeyse oracıkta sikişmek istiyordum. Masörün yarağınının amcığıma dalmasını istiyordum. Zühreye baktığımda onunda banyodan hoşlandığını anlıyordum ama… neyse duş faslı bitmişti. Havlularla bizi kurulamaya başladılar. Şçyle güzelcene kuruladıktan sonra kucaklarına alarak bizi masaj masalarının üzerine yatırdılar. Vücudum ilk defa masörün başka bölüğmlerine temas etmişti. daha da zor duruma düşmüştüm. Kocamla konuştuklarımız aklıma geliyordu. İşte onlardan birini gerçekleştirmenin tam zamanı diye düşünüyordum ama ya Zühre… Burada masaj masasınd yüzüstü yatıyordum. Masörün usta elleri vücudumu adeta yoğuruyordu. Her geçen dakika biraz daha gevşiyordum. Masörün ellerinin sırtımda, böğrümde, kalçalarımda ve bacak aralarımda yarattığı temasın şehvet duygusu ile amcığımın suları çağlayana dönüşmüştür. Sonra beni sırtüstü çevirdi. Arada Zühreye bakıyrodum. Masajdan zevk aldığı her halinden belli idi. Masör elleri ile önce yüzüme sonra boynuma göğüslerime, karnıma masaj yaparak şağılara doğru indi. nefesimi kono-trol edemiyordum artık. ellerinin bir ara bacak arama doğru kaydı ve amımı avuçladı. Sonra elini burnuna götürdü ve kokkladı. Yarağını istediğimi anlamıştı. Bana baktı onaylamadım. masaja devam etti bacaklarıma doğru inmişti. Pişman olmuştum ama ben istemeden beni sikmeyecekti. Sonra kalcalarımı masanın ucuna doğru çekti. iki bacağımıda omuzlarına dayadı. Parmaklarımın ucundan amıma kadar bacaklarıma masaj yapıyordu ki bu arada sikinin amcığıma dokunduğunu hissettim. Göz göze geldik, gözlerimi sok dercesine hafifçe kapattım ve açtım sikinin başını amımın dudakları arasından yavaşça ittirmeye başladı. Bu arada yan tarafa baktım Zühre in masörü de onu sikiyordu. Göz göze geldik gülümsedik. Masörümün siki yavaş yavaş ilerledi ve taşakları kalçalarıma temas edene kadar sikini soktu. Ta dibime kadar girmişti. Sonra ileri geri sikmeye başladı. Evlenmeden önce kocamdan başka sadece bir erkeğin amıma sikini sürtmesine müsaade etmiştim. Sikinin başını ıslanan amımın dudaklarına sürterek boşalmıştı. Amım ilk defa yabancı bir yarağı ağırlıyordu. Bağırarak orgazm oldum. Yalnız masörler boşalmamıştı. Bir orgazm olduktan sonra yavaş yavaş sakinleştirdiler. Kucaklarına alıp ikimizi de Jakuzinin içine bıraktılar. 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