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100 For a Face Fuck at Stone Court

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This girl is taking too long to email back.

It’s already been an hour and I’m contemplating another look through the online ads.

You see, I’m emailing this girl for sex.

I know what you’re thinking; pathetic.

And you know what? You’re right. It is pathetic for me to have to pay for sex.

But I don’t give a shit about your opinion.

To me, the idea of having to go out, try and track down a female and convince her I’m suitable enough for her to have sex with me is too costly. A significant amount of resources for little payback so to speak. How do I know if the girl is sexually experienced, much less even capable of keeping up with me. I’ve fucked dead fish before, and let me tell you I’d rather go home and sleep to Netflix.

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand I have a very skewed view of sex and relationships between men and women; many of my friends get laid every night without actually having to pay the women ahead of time. In fact many of my friends are in pretty happy relationships, and sometimes I rue their emotional connection. But I am not my friends. I don’t enjoy talking to girls and listening to their bullshit. And as much as I can sometimes crave that special person waiting for me, I’m too much of a prick to actually open up that much to another human being.

Oh you think, an immature misogynist. By no means do I hate women. I was raised in a family of 6 women, 5 of whom were my sisters. In fact I’m known as the foremost expert on the emotional state of woman amongst my group of friends. Overall I enjoy socializing with women more often than chilling with men, besides my males friends of course. My guys are pretty much the cream of the crop. Every other dickhead is some rank and file douchebag who follow the flock instead of leading it.

Just on the matters of sex, I prefer to just get it done and move on with my life.

Enough about my philosophy. Let’s get back to the girl.

Erin Avele. Well that’s what her email name is, hopefully it’s a fake just like mines. Too many of these girls I’ve seen are completely clueless on how to do this. They give their real numbers out, or their real email. I worry about them sometimes, these girls. They can really get into trouble for this if the wrong creep finds them. I really hope it’s a fake name.

I check the inbox, it reads 1 new message.

Fucking finally.

I click impatiently on the mouse.

The girl sent me her number and an address, to text her when I’m close.

I dress up in my sex clothes as I like to call them; a black baseball cap, grey shirt and black jeans. As I’m leaving the door, I pull on my knock off navy barracuda jacket. These are the most non-descript clothing I have in my wardrobe, so I’m pretty much unrecognizable where ever I go, whether it’s a low income housing complex or a high end hotel.

Tonight’s the former rather than the latter. I blew my wad (haha) last week with the very tasty Destiny. I get a little hard remembering her soft full ass cheeks underneath my hands as I plowed into her from behind. Her pussy is phenomenal, especially when it’s cumming around my dick. I like it when I make these girls cum.

I wondered if I should just hop on pornhub and jack off rather than go to this girl, but I’m 10 minutes away and it’s too late now.

I pull up to the address. Rathole apartments, just like I saw on the maps. A shady looking cat in a hoodie walks past my car. Oh well, at least I brought my military grade mace.

I get out my car, stride over to the door, and knock softly.

Despite the many times I have done this, nervous adrenaline still courses through me. Even though I’m fairly confident that this girl isn’t a fake, I still look over my shoulder and have to keep my breathing in check. Last thing I need is some set up by gang bangers, or even worse cops.

Seconds pass by.

The door opens. A mousy brunette with glasses appears before me. She smiles.

“Hi baby. Come in,” she turns her body, beckoning me in.

I flash a smile and come in. As I pass by, her hand reaches down to grab my crotch.

Score one for Gryffindor, the girl is real.

I mock jump back and laugh a little bit.

“H-how are you doing?” I fake stutter. It disarms the girls if I act like a nervous nilly. I like the girls to be comfortable around me. It makes for a better experience overall if they don’t treat you as work, more like a pity fuck.

She’s still smiling. She said something, but I didn’t really catch it while I combed over her body. Nice little B Cups under her white tank top and cotton short shorts clinging to a respectable butt. Her face is alright as in the picture, in fact I like her with the glasses more than without. Unfortunately for what I had planned, they’ll have to come off. I don’t want to break them.

She apparently was going on some rant about her day when she dropped her hands after some dramatic gesture and looked at me still smiling. After a beat she points canlı bahis to her living room and taps a creaky wooden table.

“Sooooooo, donation?” she says in a slow drawl.

I pull the envelop out of my back pocket and drop it on the table.

She opens it up and counts the one bill carefully. She looks at me slightly confused.

“This a hundred, I thought we agreed on 75?” she said.

“Oh I just,” pulling off my jacket and holding it in my arms, “didn’t have change, so I just said fuck it,” I laughed. “I’m sure that’s not a problem,” I said grinning.

She shook her head smiling and put it down on the table, striding over to me.

A little side-note about myself. I’m pretty young looking, and I was once described to have a cherubic face. I’m naturally friendly, and mildly charismatic to most of the people I meet. I like putting a little extra on these girls, it really wins them over. Why do you ask?

Most of the scumbags they probably deal with low ball them and then expect top notch service. I subtly do the same thing, but it’s for a different reason. I just like to negotiate the price down to prove I’m in control even before we meet. Power games you say. I always pay the girl what she asked for the first time around, provided it’s not completely unreasonable.

All in all, it helps to really put the girls at ease so I can the most of what I want out of them.

“So,” she says taking my jacket and throwing it on the table. She grips my hand and brings me over to a clothed couch she has in the room and pushes me down. “If I also remember correctly, you wanted a little sucky sucky.” she says smirking.

She caught me off guard, I can’t help but smile back.

“Uhhh, yeah,” I said fidgeting my hands. I actually asked for a face fuck, but I’ll address that little inconsistency.

“Well, shirt on, or off,” she said, her hand tugging at the shoulder band.

“Just on for now.” I’ll have it messy soon enough.

“Okay. Well, let me help you out with these,” She reaches for my belt. I softly catch her hand with mines and push it down to my thigh.

“Actually, I’ll take care of it,” I say with a smile. I unzip myself and pull out my half-hard cock and my shaved balls out. I discovered I liked the view of my junk hanging out while I wore pants, I picked it up from a video I watched before.

“Wow,” she said as I slowly jerked my cock to hardness. I’m a quaint 6 inches long with a nice little girth under two inches. Most girls were surprised to see that I had an impressive package. This girl was no different, biting her lips with a worried look in her eyes. I love it when they’re unprepared for my cock. It strokes my ego in a certain way.

“And if I remember correctly,” my other hand reaching for her glasses. I took them and placed them neatly on a side table. “I asked for a facey fucky.”

She nervously smiled, and took a gulp.

“That you did.” she said. I could see mild panic on her face. I felt my lust shrink slightly at this. I like the terror to roll over them while I’m fucking them, not before. Really makes me feel like the torturer I am.

“Tell you what,” I stopped stroking myself and placed my hands at my side.

“How about you show what you can do first,” I twitched my cock, beckoning her.

I can see her visibly relax when I tell her this. Now I don’t feel as weird.

She got on her knees and shuffled over to my crotch. She rubbed her hands together, and reached out, gripping me softly and stroked me slowly.

I murmured at the contact. It’s always nice to feel to a girl touch your cock for you.

“I think I can do that,” she says with a smirk. She doesn’t sound as perturbed as before. She’s probably thinking she can get me off before I throat fuck her. How little does she know.

After a little stroking, she opened her mouth in an exaggerated O shape, and took my cock head in slowly, swallowing me inch my inch. She just got to the base of my cock before she pulled back, her lips resting at the crown of my cock again. It felt great, nice and warm and moist. I was gonna enjoy this session.

She took me in again, slowly slathering my cock with her spit. She stared in my eyes with her gray orbs, locking my view as she adjusted her jaw to take in more of my cock. I threw my head back with a moan as she managed to take my cock down all the way to the root this time. She holds it down for a bit, my cock entering her throat and I can feel it contract me as she suppresses her gag reflex.

She jumps back gasping for breath, tendrils of drool hanging from her mouth to my cock. It’s an amazing sight and I’m rock fucking hard looking at it.

She strokes me for a bit while she regains her breath, and then dives back in again, this time bobbing quickly on my dick. She’s not going to the base like before, rather opting for quick stimulation as her mouth glides over me. She at least put her tongue into play, creating the most delicious feeling as it runs underneath bahis siteleri me, making me jerk my hips as it reaches my cockhead.

She’s quietly moaning as she sucks me off, her right hand gripping my cock solidly while she works, the other tenderly squeezing my balls. I honestly would have been fine with this for the session, her skillful and quick administrations making my blood boil until I can’t hold my cum in anymore and fill her mouth.

But that’s not why I’m here. I’m in for some rough shit.

My hands which have been dormant this entire time slowly snake over to her dutifully bouncing head. Her eyes are closed as she focuses on slurping my rod, completely unaware of what’s happening until my right hand wraps in her hair and my left grips her jaw. Startled she stops, her eyes opening up in shock, trying to speak with a mouthful of my cock.

“Shhh, relax, calm down,” I say, the words clearly doing nothing to calm down the panicking girl.

“I really like how you work,” twitching my cock for effect in her mouth.

“But I’ve seen enough to know that you can take a good nice mouth fucking. Get ready,” I say with a smile as I stand up from the couch. I want to make sure her neck is nice and rested for the later positions I have planned for her, so I’m gonna start off with holding her in place while I fuck her mouth.

I release her jaw and step forward, pulling her backwards by her hair while her mouth is still filled with my cock. It’s a little funny seeing her scramble on her calves and hands to move backwards while I lead her with my dick and hands.

I move my free hand to grip the base of her skull, and I slowly push my cock deep into her throat. Her hands shoot up to grab my ass cheeks, her fingers digging in. Even though I was going to face fuck her no matter what, it’s a a little reassuring that she’s going along with it, or at least preparing for it. I’ll be sure to give her a nice tip if it continued being this great.

I continue driving my cock in, until her nose is buried in my little patch of pubic hair, and hold her for a few seconds before I pull out again. I repeat the same thing over, my cock entering her throat just as deliberate each time so I can feel the contractions around my cockhead. She’s not drooling that much, and in fact only coughs once, as I did it the fourth time around. Her eyes are fixed on me though, gazing up as I carefully plum her throat.

I feel the fire boiling in my balls, and I realize that I have to speed it up.

I begin to pump my hips into her face, which she took like a champ for a couple strokes before sputtering out some spit. Jackpot. I’m about to begin annihilating this girl’s face.

As soon as the first burst of spit drips down I place both of my hands on the back of her head and begin to viciously fuck her mouth, my cock a blur as it ratchets between her lips. Spit is flying and she’s groaning loudly as my balls collide with her chin.

Her hands are now trying to push me away, to gain some respite for her as I moan and hump her face. Her eyes are closed, squeezed tightly in pain as my cock enters her mouth over and over again. I can feel her teeth lightly scrape against my cock, but I’m too enamoured with the other feelings to not give a fuck.

The front of my jeans are slowly becoming soaked in her spit and mucus, and as I look down I can see that her tank top is becoming wet as well. Her nipples are hard, and poking through the tight white tank and I don’t know whether it’s from arousal or the simple fact that I’m wearing her mouth out my with my magnificent fuck stick. It’s such an amazing visual, a girl struggling with my cock between her lips as it fucks her mouth silly, uncontrollably drooling over herself. I could cum right now.

I rut a couple more times, before I pull out. I was really about to cum just from looking at her struggle with my cock. She takes the time to cough up some spit and take deep breaths. She looks up at me dazed. Uh oh. Looks like she might be thinking of backing out. Time to pull out some mild charm.

I move one hand to her cheek, lightly wiping away the spit, my other hand which was entwined in her hair lightly stroking it now. I smile reassuringly at her.

“Are you okay? I’m not moving too quick for you am I baby?” I switch over to the other cheek as I continue to lovingly stroke her hair. I found that nice little intimate touches like this relax the girls, especially since it’s so at odds with the usually debased things I’m doing to them.

She sniffs in some mucus and wipes her eyes. She seems calm. Maybe I misread her and she was just surprised. I didn’t really transition too well into the face fucking. Oh well too late to cry over spilled drool.

“No,” she finally says. She smiles lightly. Good.

“Did you catch your breath? I’d like to get back to work so to speak,” I say with a chuckle.

She gives a soft giggle and opens her mouth slightly.

As soon as it’s a millimeter open I bahis şirketleri plunge my cock in, beginning to fuck her mouth again mercilessly. I was thinking about going slow, but my cock was getting a little soft, and nothing bugs me out more than losing my stiffie. She gurgles and digs her nails into my thighs now as I fuck her mouth. It’s still amazing how warm and wet it feels around me. I honestly can say I like fucking mouths more than pussy half the time.

I can only imagine how my girthy dick feels in her mouth, the ache of her jaw as I stroke my meat in and out. Her eyes are closed again, but they’re not as tightly sealed as they were before. Maybe she’s getting used to the feel of it. Whatever, I really don’t care as long as I can keep fucking that face of hers.

On a whim, I pull out my cell phone to check if I had any texts. Zilch, but I did notice one thing, I was already at 10 minutes. I groan in frustration as I hold her head down on my cock for a minute, her hands batting at my thighs before I let her off.

The session was only for 15 minutes, and I had at least three more positions I wanted to get her into before I was done. This girl probably wouldn’t even notice If I went over time, but I shake the thought from my head. I’m a man of my word, and I don’t mess around, it’s stealing really.

I pull her off my spit covered cock, drool cascading from her mouth while she takes in deep gasps of precious air. Her eyes are still closed and I think she’s light headed going from the way she’s kinda swaying, which means she’s most likely dazed. It makes the next move I pull even easier.

I slip my left hand down to her back, and my right worms under her closed legs, and I pick her up bridal style. She gives a startled squeak as I drop her upside down on the couch, her legs in the air almost hitting a picture on the wall. She’s looking at me expectantly, eyes teared up, drool hanging off her chin.

“We’re almost done baby, just got a couple more minutes left before I finish off,” I say as I position myself over her. My balls are resting just on her nose as my dick settles on her chin. I spread my legs and place one hand on the couch, before grasping my cock. I angle it down, and push my cock through her lips.

“I wanna try something else,” I say with a smile as I push deeply into her throat.

I start slowly to acclimate her to my cock, but I quickly lose control the minute I see my the outline of my dick poke through her throat. That really set me off as I began to ream her face, my balls swatting her nose, the sound of her head hitting against the couching filling the air.

I guess she wasn’t too prepared for this because she’s kicking her feet and flailing her arms against me. I don’t take it too seriously as it doesn’t stop me from plowing her face. She manages to get a hand against my thigh before I grab it and throw it on the couch, and press my knee on top of it to stop her from moving.

She groans loudly in pain, but it only turns me on more. I felt bad pinning her like this, but I’m not very far from cumming so I think she can take it a little bit more. It’s kinda hard to face fuck a girl when she’s bouncing all over the damn place.

Her face is such a mess now, the spit and mucous flowing freely down her face. Some of it gets in her eye, and I can tell it stings. But between my knee pressing down her free hand and of course my giant cock fucking her face she really doesn’t have any option to move and wipe it away.

I’m looking down at the action when out of the corner of my eye, I see that the front of her little cotton shorts are a little wet. No way this girl is getting on this like I am. I tentatively reach out with my hand and rub against it.

She moans when I touch her, but not in pain. Holy shit she is really is getting off of it. I grind my fingers hard into her pussy, her hips thrusting into my hand. I pull my cock out of her mouth, and stand up, freeing her pinned hands.

She takes in some deep breaths, moaning in between as I continue to rub through her shorts. I really wanna feel her, so I pull her shorts up and over her legs, revealing her puffy shaved cunt. It’s nice and juice looking, practically eatable. That’s for another time though.

I run a finger between her lips, and flick at her little clit poking through. I hear her shriek at the contact, and I decide to just mash finger on it, rubbing deeply into her love button. She’s trying to close her legs and get me away from it, but all the good it does is lock my hand in.

I think I’m rubbing hard for a good minute before her legs start to quiver and her cries start to get more shallow and quicker. I look down and I see her drool covered face is contorted in pleasure, her eyes rolling back. She bucks her hip out, her hands clutching the couch desperately.

“FUUCCCCKKK,” she sobs as her entire body shakes from her orgasm.

I keep rubbing the entire time, riding out her wave. I slow down as she stops convulsing, and I’m only lightly caressing her pussy before she reaches down and my grabs my hand. It wasn’t really in the plans to get the girl off, but when I saw that wet spot I knew I had to help her out. Never leave a lady in the lurch you say.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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