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A Beginning? Ch. 01

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It started with an accident.

Her partner of four years, Marc, was buried deep inside of her, sliding in from behind in that way that shot jolts up her spine. Every time the head of his cock slid across one particular spot she was sure she was going to explode. His fingertips grazing her lips, clit, thighs and nipples didn’t help, either.

Wait a second… they did help. A lot.

Her mind was wandering, as it sometimes did, in fantasy. For some reason, a mutual friend of theirs — a past girlfriend of Marc’s, in fact — had been on her mind lately. A few years before, she and Marie had been housemates. The two of them had heard a lot when the other had someone in her bed. Thin walls. Nothing had ever happened between the two of them, neither had even thought they were curious but, now… for some reason… Marie had started appearing in her fantasies.

As Marc nibbled on the back of her neck, the two of them lying on their sides, he kept a wonderful, liquid rhythm. She began to picture Marie lying beside her — her small, rounded breasts tipped with dark, dark nipples; her wide hips; her full bush hiding even fuller lips. As he let his hand round her breast, caressing up and over the nipple, she imagined Marie’s small hands caressing. As he wet his fingertip with her wetness and feather caressed her vulva, his cock rocking into her, she could see Marie looking deep into her eyes, as her strong pianist’s fingers explored all the right places.

Moment by moment, she was getting closer and — with every passing moment — the feel of Marie’s breasts against her own, Marie’s belly touching hers, Marie’s tongue tasting her lips became even more real.

Marc’s rocking was becoming more insistent. He, too, was nearing climax. Even as she continued to feel him, and imagine her, Tanya wondered what he would think if he knew what she was thinking. Her fingers joined his in caressing her body, her mind’s-eye turning them into Marie’s touch.

So… it almost made sense that when her orgasm overtook her, when it felt like her insides were pouring out, that it was Marie’s name that she cried. What she didn’t expect was, at exactly the same moment, to hear Marie’s name moaned into her ear. Hearing that, another orgasm, even stronger than the last, churned through her, slamming through her body.

They continued to rock together, holding each other close. His fingers played lightly over all the sensitive parts of her body, keeping the pulse going as he continued to slide, he cock softening only slightly.

As they came to a stop, his arms wrapped around her, her hands intertwined with his, they slowly shifted so they could look at each other. Neither were sure what to do, what to say. Both looked slightly stricken.

A tiny smile lifted the corner of his face, as he quietly said, “You’ve got great taste in women, love.”


She had just gotten back from class when the phone rang.

“Hey, you! How goes it?”

“Marie! Long time no hear! Things are great. How are you doing, gorgeous?”

“Comme ci, comme ca, I guess. Work is work. Life is life.”

The conversation continued for a while, the two catching each other up on the past few months of their lives. Tanya asked, “And the guy thing?”

Long pause… and a deep sigh. “Non-existant, Tan. You know the last couple have been complete asses.”

“Yeah, I know, cherie. I’d ship you a dozen hugs, a litre of chocolate ice cream, and the 10 hours of ‘Friends’ I haven’t been able to watch… if I could figure out how to box everything so that Canada Post could get it to you,” she laughed.

“That would be great! Any chance of wrapping Marc up in packing tape, too? I could really use his take on why I seem to be the least desirable woman on the face of the planet… well, in this part of Ontario, at least.”

“Yeah, I could do that… but it’d be a bitch getting it off of him! A full body Brazillian!” With one voice, they both screamed, “OUCH,” and started to laugh.

After they caught their breath, Marie said, “By the way, you two doing ok?”

“Ok?!? Marie, he is the best thing that could have dropped into my life. He’s a great talker. He’s an even better listener. And let me tell you, when he…,” her voice trailed off. “Oh, god. Sorry.”

Tanya could hear a deep chuckle, laced with tears, “I know. I still kick myself for pushing him out the door. I’m really happy for you… but I didn’t realize how much I miss his arms around me… and I always wondered what it would have been like to make love with him.”

“Marie… I always wanted to ask you… but, by the time I got up the courage, I was in illegal bahis a relationship with him and I didn’t think it was my business… but… why didn’t you?”

“You know long distance relationships, Tan. By the time we were ready, we were heading to different parts of the country. And, when he was finally able to get the money to come and see me…,” she sighed.

“You and Sol were a thing. How I remember those nights! God! The number of times I came just listening to the two of you.”

Marie’s laugh had a bite to it, “I’m glad somebody got something out of that. All I wanted was to get him off of me… and that meant getting him off.”

“Oh, Marie… I’m so sorry. God, I’m feeling like an ass today.”

“Don’t worry about it, Tan. I’m just really lonely right now. I miss sharing space with you. I miss what could have been with Marc.” She took a deep breath. “I’ll be ok.”

“Shit,” Tanya replied. She was about to apologize again when a glimmer of an idea took light. “Marie… I know you’re out of sync with the school year, working and all… but Reading Week starts in 10 days. Neither Marc nor I will have classes… the most he’ll have to do is grade a stack of first years’ papers. Can you book off a week, hop the train, and spend some time with us?” Her voice sped up, “With Marc a don at the Res, I’ve got the room – and I’m sure that both of us would love to have you.” (“Oh, yeah,” she thought, “I’m sure that both of us would love to have you… as many times as we could.”)

There was a pause on the other end of the line. “Are you sure?”

“Completely! Look, we can catch some movies, go out for dinner, sit around on the floor talking about life – all that stuff we were able to do when we shared the house. C’mon,” she pleaded.

The pause got longer, “I’ve got a month of holiday accumulated. Yes. I’d love to spend a week with you!”

They continued to work out the plans for a while. By the time the call came to an end, and the two of them hung up, both of them were much happier. “And,” thought Tanya, “one of us is much wetter.” She was sure that nothing was going to happen… but knowing that Marie was coming – knowing that she was going to see her – would add fuel to her dreams for a long time.

One leg flipped over the arm of the easy chair, a sunbeam from the skylight warming her body, she laid her head back and closed her eyes. As she stretched her arms and legs, she felt the fabric slide across her breasts, and her jeans push at her groin. A shiver worked its way up her body. Keeping her eyes closed, she ran her fingers through her hair, lightly scratching her scalp. She imagined Marie, standing in the door way, her body back-lit by the light. She could see her standing there, a cotton chemise, covering – but not hiding – the swell of her breasts. She could see her standing there, her hips and strong legs silhouetted in her skirt. She imagined Marie standing and watching, and heard her quiet voice saying, “Come for me, lover.”

Tanya began to rock her hips, soaking underwear rubbing against her mound. With every gentle push and pull, micro-jolts worked to build the tension in her body. Her hands started to explore, sliding underneath her breasts, her fingernails being felt through the material of her bra. As her right hand moved to her belly, to feel the warmth building there, her left hand circled her nipple. The thickness covering her kept the feeling from being too intense. She stopped for a moment… the thickness covering her kept the feeling from being too intense! Undoing the buttons, she slipped the shirt off her shoulders and reached behind to open the clasp on her bra. Pulling the clothing off, she realized that was as hot as the sun bearing down on her. She took a deep breath, her eyes still closed tightly, and popped the button on her jeans, pulling the zipper down. Her eyes still closed, she could feel Marie’s gaze on her. Tanya wondered if Marie would be as wet as she was.

As she worked the jeans off of her hips, she found her thighs wet. Kicking off the jeans, she lifted her other leg, laying it on the arm of the chair, spreading herself to the warmth of the sun and Marie’s imagined view. She sat there a moment, her hands caressing her hips and thighs and belly – sliding up to caress under and over her breasts. She teased her nipples, rolling them with her wet fingers, tugging them in the way that she wished her lover would do – harder than he thought possible, with ever so slight a twist.

“Oh, god… this feels good,” she groaned. She imagined Marie, one hand under the band of her own skirt, her fingers searching through her hair to tease her own pussy. illegal bahis siteleri Tanya began to trace the outline of her vulva through her soaked panties. As she circled her clit, she lifted her hips off of the chair. A second circle brought a moan to her lips. With one fluid motion, she pulled off her underwear and returned her legs to their starting place.

The friction of her fingers competed with the rays of the sun to warm her. As she caressed her neck, her breasts, her belly, her nipples, her hair, two fingers dipped inside of her. She slid them out, dripping with her liquid sweetness. Lifting them to her mouth, she darted her tongue out again and again, tasting herself. She could hear a groaned, “Oh, yes…” from Marie’s image. Her fingers jumped back down to her vulva, sliding past – sliding deep – teasing on the way back out. She began to speed up, dipping in, going deep, sliding out. Dipping in, sliding out. As her hips began to rock faster, she lay her hand on her bare mound, her two fingers circling her clit – not touching… well, not often touching. As she imagined Marie’s fingers moving more quickly, as she imagined Marie’s view of the pained passion on her face and the flush on her chest, and the swollenness of her lips and the wetness of her depth, her circles got faster – and tighter. With one quick motion she caught her clit between her fingers while catching a nipple between others, and rolled and twisted…. and screamed her orgasm to the sky.

The waves rolled through her – starting everywhere – moving everywhere – returning everywhere. Expanding out of her body. Crashing through her body. For minutes she sat there, her hand trapped between her thighs – every breath causing just enough movement to set everything going again.

Gasping, “ohgod,” she slowly opened her eyes…

to see Marc, leaning in the doorway where she had pictured Marie only moments before. He slowly walked towards her and, leaning down, kissed her thighs, between her breasts, her forehead and… finally… her lips. “That was… glorious, love.” He knelt in front of her, gently kneading her taught calves as she came down.

The silence was warm and companionable. Taking a quiet breath, she said, “Marie called.”

Marc’s eyebrow climbed his forehead. “Oh,” he replied… far more casually than his own erection wanted him to.

“Yes. I asked her to come and spend Reading Week with us.”

Marc’s right eyebrow joined its sibling. “Oh,” he replied… trying to read between the lines. Not an easy task, while kneeling between a lover’s thighs, her scent and excitement a finger’s length away from his body. Tanya took his hands in her own and tugged, pulling him upright. She dropped her feet to the floor and leaning forward. With deft fingers she undid his belt and button, dropping his pants to the floor. As she reached around to grip his ass, opening her lips to take him into her mouth, she paused. Just before she slid down the length of him, her nose resting against his pubic bone, the head of his cock firm in her throat – she said, “Yes. I told her that ‘we would both love to have her’.”

And he came, her swallows urging him on.

Time didn’t pass. It tailgated.

All three of them were excited about the visit. Marie had called both Tanya and Marc a couple of times, wanting to make sure that they really wanted her to visit and this wasn’t pity for the old hag. Marc finally had to say, “Marie! Quit worrying and get your ass up here!” She started to laugh, replying, “Ok, ok… I hear you!”

The morning she was to arrive, Marc was told that he was going to be the on-call guy at the Res that night… which meant he had to be there until 2:00 the next afternoon. When he called Tanya to let her know, she could hear the frustration in his voice.

“Marc… what’s wrong?”

“It’s the fantasies, love. I know they aren’t reality. You know they aren’t reality. We both know that Marie’s world-view wouldn’t allow her to make love with you, or to someone else’s partner, or to us together. But the fantasy is still exciting. I really wanted to be there to see her and to give her a welcoming hug. I figured that would help me to remember that she is our friend, not our lover. The fact that I can’t do that until tomorrow is going to leave me with a raging hard-on… that I can’t even share with you! Frustrating isn’t the word for it!.”

“I know. I know,” Tanya murmured. “She’s due here in a half an hour… and I’ve got to have a shower because I’m so worked up.” They both started to laugh. “I’m thinking the same thing. Once I see her, I’ll realize that I’m not bi- and I’ll click back canlı bahis siteleri into ‘best friend’ mode. But I’m going to miss you, tonight. I figure that part of me is going to have a pretty big let-down, and I really wanted you to hold on to me and let me know that you love me.”

“I love you, Lady… and I’ll be there tomorrow night, my arms and my lips making sure you know that.”

“I’m holding you to that,” she replied.

“I know… whoops – pager just went off – gotta run.”

“Love you!”

“Say ‘hi’ for me! Love you – bye!”

As Tanya turned to go up the stairs to strip down for a quick shower – and something to help her relax – she heard a knock at the door. She looked through the viewer and saw Marie’s face. Her body quivering, she pulled open the door. Marie’s face lit up as Tanya pulled her through the door, stopping to pick up the suitcase. Tanya hipped the door shut and pulled Marie into a hug. The two of them held on to each other, laughing and crying – their excitement at seeing an old friend bubbling up. After a few minutes, Marie broke the hug and took Tanya’s hand. She stepped back, saying, “Wow! You look fantastic! That pageboy is perfect on you… and you’ve been working out again, haven’t you? I mean, you were beautiful back then… but.. now… you’re gorgeous!”

Blushing, Tanya thanked her, “I’ve been working out… but the biggest thing was realizing that my body was shaped exactly the way it should be. Once I decided that, I worked on being healthy, rather than tiny.” She paused, “Now… let me get a look at you. I’m still jealous of your hair, you know… all those curls down to your shoulders – with no work! And you’ve lost some w…” She stopped.

“What’s wrong?”

Quick breath, “Oh, nothing. I was just saying that you’ve lost some weight and was going to ask if you were happy about it… but then I realized you just got in from a trip and probably need the bathroom.”

A grin crossed Marie’s face, “Oh, yes! That I do.”

“Up the stairs and straight in front of you! God, I’m glad that you’re here,” Tanya smiled.

As she bounded up the stairs, Marie looked back and said, “Me, too!”

Tanya walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water. She stood, looking out the window, glad for a moment to compose herself. As she had taken a look past Marie’s eyes and face, she realized that Marie was wearing the exact chemise and skirt that Tanya had seen during her fantasy after the initial phone call. Marie was standing in the exact spot Tanya’s imagination had placed her. Marie’s strong neck and beautiful breasts and strong thighs showed in the exact way Tanya’s fantasy had shown them.

In that moment, she also realized that she wasn’t ‘clicking into best friend mode’.

She wanted to be Marie’s lover. Truly. She wanted Marc to be Marie’s lover. Desperately. She wanted Marie to be their lover… completely.

By the time that Marie came back down the stairs, Tanya was all right. Tanya showed her friend around the condo – where she would be sleeping, where she could find everything. They ended up in the living room, curled up on the futon couch, the sun from above warming them even as they looked out at the February snow. They fell back into some of their old patterns, legs tangled together as they talked about their day and some of the things they were hoping to do during the visit. During a lull in the conversation, Marie asked, “I’ve been wondering… where’s Marc? I hope you aren’t barring the door to him, afraid that I’m going to throw him over my shoulder and carry him away.”

Tanya chucked, “No. He got stuck being at the ‘on-call’ desk at the Res. He’s pissed off about it, too. He has a bad case of ‘meeting-friendus interruptus’.” They both laughed. “He asked me to say, ‘hi’, give you a hug for him, and tell you that you wouldn’t be stuck having to be nice to him until tomorrow afternoon.”


“So what?”

“Where’s the hug from him?”

Tanya laughed again, and leaning over, encircled Marie with her arms. “Let’s see. When he hugs me, he snuggles in this way… wraps his arms this way… and holds me, just like… this.” She held Marie, enjoying the intimacy that “Marc’s” hug allowed. After a few long seconds, she felt Marie relax completely. She also felt her own nipples firm… and begin, ever so slightly, to ache.

“Tan… you’ve definitely learned his hug.”

“Thank you!”

They curled in the quiet embrace for a time. It was warm and safe. Tanya could feel Marie take a deep breath.

“Maybe it’s better if he isn’t here, tonight.”

Without letting go, Tanya pulled back, looking into her friend’s face. “Why?”

“There’s something I need to talk over with you… and I think that we’ll both have clearer heads with him not being here.”


(That wonderful and frustrating phrase… ‘To be continued’)

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A Phone Call

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You’ve just hung up.

I’m laying on the futon, legs still partially covered by the bed’s sheet but not wide opened anymore. On the contrary, my knees are stuck together, legs on the side, whilst I’m laying on my back, a phone in my right hand….I don’t know where the left hand has gone.

I’m still blurred, in a haze, just waking up after the wave that went through my body. Suddenly I start being conscious of my left hand, next to my cheeks…I lift it up as if it was a stranger’s hand, not a part of me anymore. My fist is closed, clenched as would Leonard Cohen say in his song… clenching her fist…I look at it, lift it in front of my eyes…I open my fist, distend my hand…My hand isn’t wet…it’s soaked, glued by my own juices. I part my fingers as I parted my legs a few minutes before. My fingers are palmed by my juice, it stick to them like a spider’s jelly net. Funny how wet they are, skin full of wrinkles, like an old woman’s skin, like I’ve spent hours in a hot bath.

Today this hand explored me front and back, went to places I’ve never really seen with my own eyes, but only touched, felt and sensed. This hand is my inner eye…For this, I know no more than a blind person, or even less, because their senses are said to be so superior to ours. This hand has been navigating on strange flesh canyons, warm and wet. When my fingers entered my ass — the back door, as would Toni say in the Surrender — the entrance and inside were already soaked. They glided down easily, so easily inside.

The space was huge…a real cavern, with soft, smooth walls…softer, smoother than my pussy…It’s not irregular inside…the walls are soft, tight, unlined, tensed like a nomad’s canlı bahis tent, a sail. The first time I fully explored this place, I thought the wetness would be some disgusting stuff coming from me. It’s not. You can enter there, and then just right after, dive the same fingers on my wet pussy. That’s what I did. A dive, a long, long dive in my ass, two fingers…the start of a wave, and then a dive on a similarly warm and wet place, but so different, full of hidden hollows and smooth dents — my pussy — and then another start of wave, while pumping.

It all started hours ago. I ‘ve just received your mail mentioning Marie. The girl form the book…She has a very soft face. It’s weird. She doesn’t look like me, although she has brown hair and eyes, and very dark pubic hair…SHE is very good looking…But I feel close to her, as looking at a twin sister, or even at myself — maybe because she seems my age, maybe because she looks innocent. She looks like she makes love, masturbate, or have sex exactly the same way as I do…I don’t know. Giving herself truly, seriously, seeing everything as a nice moment, emotions, beauty. Something you don’t really talk about, something you don’t share, except with the person who shared these moments, who was with you, witnessing it.

Am I attracted to her…I don’t know. I don’t want to kiss her, I don’t even want to touch her. But I do imagine her gently touching me, holding me in her arms, kissing my neck, saying tender words… looking at you massaging me, and helping you giving me pleasure. And I would give myself entirely to such situation, I would abandoned myself to your double caring….Snapshots of such moments came to my mind when I read your bahis siteleri mail…I felt warm, cared, comforted, sheltered, and my belly warmed up very quickly… and my thong couldn’t contain my wetness, and I felt my trousers being gently moisturised between my legs.

It was hard to concentrate, after. I felt the tone of my voice had slightly changed, I could feel my bra on my breasts. I could feel better everything, sensed everything. I was suddenly conscious of where I was sitting, what my hands were doing, my clothes on my body. Eventually, little by little during the day, my senses came back to normal but the rolling warm ball inside my belly didn’t disappear…It’s a strange feeling. Like a sudden hole, a weakness, which moves inside you from the belly button to the middle part of the thighs, and sometimes even go across you from front to back, at the end of your spine, between the cheeks. It’s a nice feeling. Sometimes when it last for hours, my vagina will contract, from time to time, pumping an imaginary tongue, finger or dick while I’d close my eyes for a few seconds.

I thought of the book several times. I could see this particular photo. Legs wide opened, wearing socks, serious face, looking innocent, taking sex very seriously, a form of art, a form of beauty. I could hear you, when you come. I could feel you, when you came in my mouth….That’s something I asked myself later on today: I can feel the sidewalls of my ass, smooth, tensed and soft, a bit like your sex.

And you, how are you inside…as soft, tensed, smooth and wet as your dick? In my mouth, it gave me the same feeling, the same touch, than what I sense when I dive my fingers on my wet ass.. You did that, bahis şirketleri too. So now you know how you’d be in your own mouth…

I came half an hour ago. I’m now on my belly, writing. I let my left hand wandering gently from my ass crack to the lips of my pussy…It’s still wet in that area, still soft. I feel still warm, the warm sensation inside…I start pumping, ass pointing to the ceiling…

Your message came after 10:30, as I came a second time, on my belly. In your text, your tongue was replacing what my fingers just did a few minutes before… You do write nicely…”I’d like to lick you as you lie on your belly… from your ass to your clit…drowning in your juices…until you come again…” My hand didn’t came back to the pen. I reached my clit once again. Your voice in the phone was like having you by my side, a voice inside me, giving me orders, giving consistency to what I was feeling, to what I was pumping.

When you came, I had a warm wet stroke inside my pussy, my own juice trying to pretend it’s you… I came shortly after that, for the third time that evening….the same strike, although different each time, but still the same lightning, the same warmth, my body stretching, my head turning, the haze, I don’t see, I don’t know where I am, I don’t think, I don’t question, I’m not a person, I’m not a body, I’m just feelings, I’m just senses. Do you experience that, too? Not feeling you’re material, just being a feeling. Not feeling your senses, just being all your senses. When I finally opened my eyes and turned on my back, I saw the mirror.

On the mirror, two feet, two legs, a bed’s sheet covering half a thigh and partially a very dark pussy, one breast…my knee is hiding the left one, they’re so small…still hard, pointing to the ceiling, though.

I haven’t wrote half of what I felt….the first orgasm, on my back…but I’m so tired now, eyes closing…. Good night…

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A Bang at the Gym

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My beautiful wife is really into sex, just like me. There is nothing she won’t try, short of scat. That’s okay with me. She is into bondage, can deep throat, loves it hard, soft, anal, everything. We are so comfortable with each other that she told me all kinds of stories about her past, and they were pretty hot. She is the nymphomaniac I always was looking for!

One of the things she told me about was that when she was younger, she was dating this guy in Vegas, whose dad owned a hotel. Her boyfriend, a buddy, and her used to go up to one of the suites with a hot tub in it, and although she never told me the details of how it all started, she said they often both screwed her in the hot tub as a threesome. Not a DP, but one in her pussy, and her blowing the other. Trust me, that is a hard decision which end to be on! I was never into blow jobs until I dated her, and I had more than a few over my lifetime.

When we were first together, she said “Let me just blow you.” I said no, that doesn’t really work for me.

She couldn’t believe it, and set out to show me I was wrong. Boy, was I!!

She can really do it well, and loves it. The fact that she’s the first that could deep throat me helped a lot!

She’s also submissive, so we ended up a lot of times with her on her knees, me holding all that beautiful hair in one hand, and pumping my cock deep into her mouth. Sometimes I would let her control it, but sometime, you just have to face fuck her. She moans even loader if I pull her hair instead of just holding it. I could blast down her throat, or cum on her tits, her face – didn’t matter. She loved it.

So all of these stories and all of the things we were into brought me to several ideas on how I could fulfill several of her fantasies. As I said, she is submissive, and likes to be out of control and “forced” to do things – things she would readily do anyway!

She didn’t care who saw us fucking, she told me I could post videos of her on the internet and she wouldn’t care.

But she is also into danger, being out of control or forced, so I set up this scenario.

We joined a gym, her to build back muscle after a surgery that left her unable to exercise for over a year. I work hard at construction, so I don’t really need a gym, but I went for the social aspect. It is a medium sized gym, not the trendy place to be seen, and not a hardcore steroid place either, just us working people, trying to keep healthy.

We had been going there for a very short while when this idea struck me, and I set out to put it in motion.

We were going there one night and I told her my muscles were too sore to work out, I needed to just get in the hot tub and soak. She was down for that, and not many people used the hot tub anyway, so it was always nice and clean. There is a bench to take off your shoes, shirt, etc. in the room with the tub. The light switch for the room is on a wall around the corner from the door, something only a construction guy would notice. I went ahead of her, and waited around the corner from the door, by the light switch. When she came in, I waited for her to take a few steps, the turned out the lights. I had been keeping my eyes shut, so my night vision was already good to go, but she was blind. I walked up behind her, wrapped one canlı bahis arm around her waist and one hand over her mouth.

“Don’t struggle and you won’t get hurt.” I whispered, hoping that she wouldn’t know for sure it was me.

She nodded yes, and I let go of her mouth and took her over to the bench mounted to the floor. The only sound was the fairly loud noise the jet pump made, and the bubbling of the water.

She has terrible night vision, but still I worked fast. I pushed her down on the bench, and tied her hands to the pipe it was mounted on with a necktie I had brought with me just for that purpose. Her legs were draped over each side of the bench. Next I tied a tie around her eyes, further preventing her from seeing. I think she thought it was me, and she didn’t struggle or say anything. She also didn’t suspect what would come next.

I went to the door, and signaled a couple of guys I had met in the gym. They weren’t really friends, but just people you start to get to know while you work out or sit in the hot tub. They had comment on how lucky I was to have such a sexy wife. I had taken that to the next level, and told them we were going to gang bang her in the locker room, and she would love it. It didn’t take much convincing.

They slipped into the hot tub room with me, and saw her laying there, tied up, illuminated only by the hot tub lights.

I went over to her, put my hand on her mouth, and said “No words, no trouble”. She nodded agreement again.

I reached down with the other hand, and unsnapped her top, which fortunately was a front catch. Her big tits sprang free.

That was the guys cue. They came over, and both started grabbing and squeezing her bodacious tits. She suddenly realized there were too many hands for it to be just me, and she started to wiggle and moan, but my hand was still over her mouth, so it was quiet. I motioned for one of them to pull her bottoms off, and wham, down they went. He then bent down between her legs, and started running his hands up her slit.

“It’s wet as hell!” He whispered hoarsely.

I wasn’t surprised, and smiled. By now the second guy had descended on her right breast, and was nibbling and sucking on it with gusto, while kneading the other. I just stood there and held my hand over her mouth, as her body responded like I knew it would. I tapped the guy sucking her nipple, and when he looked up, I signaled him to change places, and put his cock in her mouth. He slipped his shorts off, and squatting over her head, brought his dick near her mouth. I removed my hand from her mouth, and she involuntarily opened her mouth to take a deep breath. What she inhaled was my buddys’ dick!

She moaned, but moved her head up to get more in her mouth, so I knew we were good to go. I started squeezing both tits and pinching her nipples as a dick slid into her throat. That was the signal for my other buddy to stand up, drop his shorts, and placing his cock at her wet pussy, started rubbing it around the now wet folds. It doesn’t take long for her to get very wet, so very quickly her thrust himself into her tight pussy. That caused her to arch her back, and a long moan escaped around the mouth full of cock. They were both pumping into their wet hot holes, so I let go of her chest and slipped out bahis siteleri the door.

I went back into the gym, and went up to a group of guys that had just finished showering after a pickup game of basketball. I asked them if they wanted in to the gang bang, and although a couple looked scared and left, 4 of them followed me into the hot tub room. I told them to be quiet, and no talking.

In spite of the instructions, when they walked in and saw her on her back, being face fucked and her pussy filled, they all let out a whoop. At least it wasn’t words so she could recognize their voices. She heard them though, and her moans made the guy in her mouth blast off from the vibrations of her moans, and he pulled out after shooting most of it down her throat, and pumped the last squirt onto her face. It didn’t take long for the rest of the horny guys to move forward. Since I had arraigned it in advance with the first two, the guy fucking her pussy knew what I wanted next, so he pulled out of her dripping pussy, and moved to her face. His dick coated with her juice went right into her mouth, and she started moaning again. She loves tasting her own lube off of a cock, so she greedily slurped his dick deep in her mouth. The next guy dropped his shorts, and put his cock inside her pussy. The look on his eyes told me what I already knew – it was tight!

Her pussy is tight on a bad day, but get her going, and her pussy swells up and gets almost purple, and the swelling makes her pussy even tighter.

He starts sliding in and out real slow, knowing that as tight as she was, he might not last long. His concentration was blown though, between the other guys rubbing their cocks on her tits, seeing another cock face fucking her, and her tight pussy brought him closer to climax. The guy in her mouth beat him to it though, and with a grunt, pulled out of her mouth and shot a huge load of cum all over her tits. That in turn, brought her to her first massive orgasm, and she moaned loudly and started to shake.

One of the guys on her tits moved to fill her mouth again, just as the guy fucking her started to swell up just before blasting a load into her squeezing pussy. He staggered back, and another one quickly took his place. I was standing back watching all of this, with a huge grin on my face, and my dick so hard it was aching and dripping pre cum in to a pool on the floor. Soon another load half on her face and half on her tits, and it was time to switch again. She was moaning loudly, and her legs shaking continuously as cocks slid in and out of both ends.

I reached down and untied her hands, and at first she didn’t notice. I took one of her hands and placed it on the half hard, wet dick that had recently shot a load in and on her, and she got the hint, and started stroking it. Now she has cocks in her mouth, her pussy, and one in each hand, and the guys still were touching her body all over, gripping her tits, squeezing her, pinching her nipples, pulling her hair to tip her head further back so that he could plunge even deeper in her throat.

Just what she wanted, I thought.

Soon everyone but me had cum in or on her, and as the last guy moved from between her legs, I walked over, lifted her shaking legs back, and gazed at her pussy. It was very wet, swollen bahis şirketleri like I had never seen it, and leaking cum in a river that ran down her ass crack. Just what I wanted. My cock was sticking straight out, jumping with each pulse that pounded through my body from watching her get gang fucked.

Having done this before, I aimed my hot cock at her only unused hole, and pushed. An even loader moan escaped around the cock in her mouth, and I slowly slid it all the way into her ass until my hips were resting against her cheeks.

That got the guys interest, and they started getting hard again. Now all of us were around her, guys were switching off between her mouth and her hands, but I kept the slow steady strokes of my cock in and out of her asshole. If she was shaking before, she was imitating an earthquake now!

As if I was directing it, we all started to cum seemingly at once, and multiple gobs of cum rained down all over her heaving chest. Seeing that did me in, too, and with one more thrust I was blasting the only load that went in her ass that night. The guys were spreading the pool of cum around her tits with their dicks, and then bringing it to her mouth. Even in her semi-delirious state, she did her best to lick and suck them clean. I lowered her legs to the ground as the guys filed out of the room, giving me high fives with big grins on their faces as they left.

The room smelled overpoweringly of steam, chlorine, and spunk.

My wife was rubbing her sore abused tits, sliding her hands through the slippery semen that coated most of her torso. I had seen her do that when I came on her tits, but she was coated in it, head to pussy. She was still moaning and she rubbed the slickness all over, even down to her pussy.

I walked around the bench to her head, and placing my hands under her shoulders, lifted her into a sitting position. Then I untied her blindfold.

She turned to look at me, and her face was half dazed, but a big smile came over her as she looked at my smile.

“You set this up, didn’t you?” she asked.

Of course, it took some planning and luck, but mostly horny guys. I nodded yes.

“You were the only one who fucked my ass?” she asked.

Yes, I was the only one, and I nodded again.

She looked at my shiny cock and said “I knew it, I know your moves.”

With that, she leaned forward, and took me into her mouth. The fact that it had just fucked her ass, as well as splashing in the river of cum that was leaking all over my cock as I forced it out of her pussy when I thrust into her, only excited her more.

Her slippery hands reached up, and started sliding all over my balls. It was a warm, wet, slippery feeling that I hadn’t expected or experienced before.

My dick had never gone soft after shooting into her ass, and it throbbed even more with her new oral assault. Her warm sucking mouth, combined with her slippery fingers, didn’t take long to push me towards another orgasm.

I let my head roll back as my cock started to swell in her mouth, as pressure built in my balls. Just as she felt that, one of her slippery fingers pushed into my own asshole, and I erupted a huge load into her mouth.

I literally went weak in the knees, and sank to the bench, both of us panting. We looked at each others half lidded eyes, and knew this was a story we would re-live many times in the future. After resting a couple of minutes, I helped her stand on weak legs, and took her to the mens’ locker room to shower.

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90% True Ch. 07

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Chapter 7 — Heather’s Cabin

– – –

Ann flopped back on the bed, panting breathlessly. “You and Jen didn’t do ALL that in the back of your SUV did you?” She managed to gasp out.

I shook my head no, but was still breathing too heavily to answer her.

We lay in post coital bliss for a good long time and just as I was beginning to drift off to sleep she jabbed me in the side with a finger, “Hey, no sleeping.” she chided me, “Story!”

I looked at her unable to believe what I was hearing. “You’re kidding me right?” I said in slight shock, “We just went several rounds until we are both exhausted and now you want me to tell you more of the story? You’re just going to get all worked up again and want more sex. I’m beat, I don’t know if I can go another round.”

“You were just getting to the hottest part though. I won’t be able to sleep until I hear the rest,” she said, a whine in her voice.

I looked at her, “The rest? You realize that this story I’m telling you about my past is when I’m eighteen. There’s over a decade of stories before I ever met you. You think you’re going to hear the ‘rest’ before you fall asleep?”

Ann smacked my shoulder, “The rest of this part of the story I mean.” I rolled my eyes, but she continued, “So you and Jen were in the back seat of your SUV, Nina was driving, and the new girl Heather was watching you from the front seat.

I finally relented, “All right, so Jen and I were having sex in the back of my truck as it rolled down the snowy highway. I remember thinking that I had to keep looking at the rear view mirror to make sure that Nina was paying attention to the road. That if she was watching us, she could get into an accident.”

Ann settled in comfortably in the bed and cozied up against my body, preparing to hear the rest of the story.

– – –

My beautiful girlfriend, or one of them I supposed, as she lay beneath me. Her wet sex gripped at my shaft as I thrusted into her. The rocking and swaying of the moving SUV made it a little difficult to get my rhythm down pat, but I was making do. I could see quite a bit of her toned athletic body where I’d undressed her. Her shirt was pushed up around her shoulders, only partially unbuttoned. Her full D cup breasts spilled out over the top of her bra, her dark nipples poking up into my chest. Her skirt was pooled around her hips. She’d worn black stockings today with lacy black elastic at the top that gripped her thighs even as those thighs clenched at my hips. If she’d had on panties earlier, she must have taken them off when she went to the washroom in the diner to freshen up. She moaned and groaned as she rode the wave of pleasure that our frenetic fucking brought about.

I was glad that I’d gotten a SUV with mirror glass on the back windows. Aftermarket tint on the other windows wasn’t as dark or concealing, but I felt confident that most people driving the high way next to us wouldn’t see what we were up too. Certainly Nina hadn’t mentioned that anyone was looking at us as she passed or was passed by other vehicles.

Jen moaned loudly and I felt her arousal drench my shaft as she came. The way was so much slicker and easier as her pussy flooded with it’s satisfied sexual fluids. She reached up and grabbed me around the back of my head and pulled me down against her. Her pussy clenched and gripped as she moaned through her peak.

But after a few moments, she whispered into my ear, “If you can, I want you to pull out and cum in my mouth.” She knew me well enough to know that I was getting close. My shaft had been getting thicker and more swollen the closer I got to my arousal. I nodded my understanding and then began thrusting again as she let go of me.

I looked up and saw that Heather, the redheaded girl from Jen and Nina’s school was watching us very intently. I could tell by the way her shoulders were moving that she was playing with herself, and I gave her a wink and a smile. Then I focused all my attention simply on enjoying the sheer delight of my girlfriend’s hot wet pussy which was gripping and milking my shaft.

After a time I finally felt the undeniable tightness in the core of my body that told me I had a few moments till my own release. “Oh god,” I murmured, “Almost there, almost there, almost there…”

I trailed off and then quickly pulled out of Jen’s pussy. Rolling over to the side I lay on my side and grabbed the base of my dick. I squeezed hard, delaying the orgasm by a few precious seconds. “Now,” I gasped out. Jen rolled over onto her knees and put her mouth on my cock and began jerking the shaft quickly. I let go of the base of my dick and groaned as my orgasm finally hit.

I groaned and shut my eyes. I felt her warm lips close around the shaft of my cock and her tongue swirled around the tip. I swelled inside her mouth one last time, then released. I felt my eyes rolling back in my head even though they were closed and grunted as I filled Jen’s mouth with my hot spunk.

“Nnnnnnnnng canlı bahis ffffffffffffffffffuck….” I said. I normally never came from oral sex. I just didn’t enjoy blowjobs. But this was the result of a good twenty minutes of fucking, and so I came again and again in my dark haired girl’s mouth.

When I was done I lay back on the blankets in the SUV and opened my eyes. Jen’s cheeks were puffed out, almost comically as she held my cum in her mouth. I wondered for half a second why she wasn’t just swallowing as she usually did. But then I gasped as she crawled forwards slightly and grabbed the passengers seat. Then leaning forwards she grabbed Heather’s head and pulled the redhead into a deep kiss. I could see Heather’s eyes open with shock at first, but then she pressed back into the kiss. They kissed like that for long enough for me to catch my breath and then pull my jeans back up, put my shirt back on, and straighten up while laying in the back of the SUV.

When all that was said and done I laughed, “Boy you’re really enjoying that aren’t you two?”

They finally broke the kiss and Heather licked her lips and nodded her head, “Yeah, I’ve never uh…um…”

Nina giggled, “She’d never tasted cum before. I told her how much I loved it and she said she’d have to try it some day.”

Heather’s freckled face blushed a deep red. Jen lay back on the blankets next to me and started to fix her clothing. Heather managed to speak through her embarrassment, “I had a boyfriend last year, before I started hooking up with Jen M.” I assumed that Jen M. must have been the full out lesbian that they told me about from last weekend. I didn’t ask though as the redhead with the wavy hair spoke, “But he never came in my mouth. We always used condoms and he’d always pull out before he came any.”

She licked her lips again, “It’s actually kinda not bad. I mean, if you’re used to licking box, it’s kinda similar.” She paused and I could almost see her running her tongue around inside her mouth, “Kinda salty.”

I chuckled, but Jen spoke with a laugh, “You’ll have to try it straight from the tap, it’s much better.”

Heather nodded and looked at me. I could only smile and shrug. I wasn’t sure what to say. In fact, now that I had just gotten off, I was starting to feel nervous. I was going to have to try to pleasure three women at once? This may be beyond my ability, and it was certainly beyond my experience.

We rode along in silence for a little while, Jen in my arms as we lay in the back of the SUV. Finally I asked, “How much longer till we’re there?” I’d felt Nina turn the car off the thruway, but didn’t really know where we were going exactly.

“Almost there actually,” Heather answered. Then asking the car in general she said ominously, “How much does he know?”

“Enough,” Nina answered. I looked at Jen a puzzled expression on my face. She simply kissed my lips instead of answering me.

A short while later we pulled off the narrow country road and down a long gravel driveway. The driveway was lined with trees and after the blizzard we’d had this winter, it had been snowplowed. The snow was stacked up high on the sides of the road right up against the trees. Nina drove very slowly, creeping along the driveway. I didn’t blame her, the snow was piled up almost half the height of my SUV. I would have been afraid of losing control here too. But then the drive opened up into a large plowed area. Easily big enough for my SUV to do donuts in, she pulled up in front of a cabin with wooden shingles. The sun had already set, even though it couldn’t even be close to seven pm yet. So Nina left the headlights on while we all piled out of the car and stretched.

Heather bounced up the snow covered stairs to the covered porch and unlocked the Cabin. Dipping inside a porch light came on outside followed a moment later by lights inside the cabin. I grabbed the women’s bags and my own and head inside, following Jen and Nina. There was a small ‘mud room’ inside where we took off our shoes, and hung our coats. Then we went into the cabin proper.

I set the bags down and looked around appreciatively at the cabin. The air inside was chilly but Heather was fiddling with the thermostat on the wall and I heard the sounds of a furnace kicking on somewhere. I looked around the great room I was in and took it all in.

The great room I was in had vaulted ceilings and stretched the entire width of the cabin. From one wall to the other it was probably about forty five or fifty feet across. The opposite wall sat about twenty feet from me, making the open area pretty large. One third of the room, off to my right was taken up with a kitchen and eating area. The rest of the room was taken up by two comfortable couches, some overstuffed chairs a coffee table, and a whole lot of other furnishings. A fireplace sat in the middle of the left wall, and I could see that it was one of those propane ones that you didn’t actually use wood in.

Two doors leading further bahis siteleri back into the house were open and seemed to be bedrooms, though the lights were off and I wasn’t sure yet. Finally looking up I saw that the vaulted ceiling gave way to a second story loft that sat over the bedrooms. A railing looked down into the great room and there was a spiral staircase in the corner near the kitchen.

It wasn’t a huge cabin, but it looked very cozy and I felt comfortable even as the air was still fairly chilly. Nina grabbed her bag from me and said, “I get the bathroom first,” Then she dashed off to the back of the house, into the bedroom. I heard another door slam and assumed there was probably only one bathroom based on the size of the cabin.

“Nice place,” I said, blowing air into my hands and rubbing them to warm them up.

Jen moved over to the fireplace and knelt down starting the propane fireplace going. Heather came over and said, “Let me show you the rest, not that there’s a lot to see.” She led me through the door that Nina had dashed through and there was a bedroom that took up a third of the back half of the house. A large bed that I guessed was a king sized bed dominated the room. There was a door in the wall to the right must have been the bathroom. But Heather led me to the back of the cabin and pulled aside some curtains in front of glass doors. There was a back porch that mirrored the front one, covered from most of the snow. But she pointed to a spot through the glass doors.

She didn’t say anything, just pointed. I had to squint to try to figure out what I was looking at in the very dim light, then it struck me, “Hot tub?” I asked turning to the redhead.

She nodded, “Yup, after the house gets heated up and comfortable, we can go out for a dip.”

“I didn’t bring swim trunks,” I said as I looked back out to the tub.

“Oh no!” she said, “You can’t wear a swimsuit in the tub. It’s one of the rules.”

I turned and cocked an eyebrow at her. If she wanted me naked I had no problem with that. But she must have suspected what I was thinking because she put her hands out defensively, “No, I’m dead serious. This is my parents cabin and that’s one of their rules. You can’t wear clothing in the hot tub!”

I wondered for a moment if her parents might be swingers or something, but she explained. “The fabric from clothing gets all infused with laundry detergent. Then when you get in the hot tub the hot water activates it and it gets all mixed in with the water. It can degrade the seals on the tub and worse, it can totally screw up the water’s ph.”

I wasn’t going to argue with having to be naked with some pretty girls in a hot tub, but I’d never heard that before. I just had to ask, “Okay, but I go to a gym, and they have a hot tub and they never said anything about this. People go in their hot tub all the time with bathing suits on.”

Heather nodded, “Yeah, and they spend a fortune on chemicals and have to replace those tubs every few years, as opposed to every few decades. It’s a huge deal, trust me. In fact, it’s even best if you shower off before you get in, that way you don’t have any soap or deodorant or anything on you.”

I held my hands up in surrender, “Okay, okay, I got it. Shower first, only naked in the hot tub.” Heather reached over and flipped a pair of switches. The lights came on outside on the back deck and I heard a mechanical noise start up.

She explained, “Hot tub heater, it’s going to take a while for it to get warm though.”

Then Nina opened the bathroom door and came out. She had changed from her school uniform into sweat pants and a sweat shirt. Big fluffy socks on her feet completed her outfit, and she looked nice and comfy. Heather pulled me through the bathroom and I got a chance to see the furnace and water heater behind a curtain in that room. The bathroom had a small tub with a shower and of course a toilet and sink. Then she pulled me through the opposite door to the other bedroom. This one was very sparse and I had the feeling it was the guest room as opposed to the other one which must have been the master bedroom. The two single beds in this room were made up, but didn’t look anywhere near as comfortable as the king sized bed in the other room.

Pulling me through the door back to the main room she pointed at the iron circular staircase, “and there’s a loft up there.”

I smiled at her and told her I was going to go look real quick. Jen was cursing softly as she had trouble getting the fireplace lit. I went up the circular stairs and into the loft. I couldn’t stand up all the way in the loft, even in the middle at it’s highest point. The highest point had to be about six feet high, just a few inches shorter then I was. The roof slanted away to the left and right in each direction. Against the back wall was a very large mattress, but it was sunk into the floor of the loft. I guessed that it was queen sized mattress, but wasn’t sure. There were walls built into the bahis şirketleri slanting roof and I opened a wooden door to see crawlspace beyond. There were boxes in there, obviously storage space, so I closed it and decided not to snoop right now.

I crouch walked over to the railing and I saw Heather crouched next to Jen by the fireplace. The redhead had her arm around Jen in a very comfortable way. I felt myself feel vaguely confused, but then I realized, it was because it was the kind of embrace someone gave their girlfriend. I suspected that things might be a little more serious between my girlfriend and Heather then Jen was letting on. It didn’t look like just a simple sexual fling as the two women whispered to each other.

I bit my lip and wondered about it, wondered what this all meant. Then the circular staircase shook and Nina poked her head up to the loft. She smiled then she saw the look on my face and looked back down at Jen and Heather as they spoke quietly and tried to get the fireplace working. She crawled over to the railing where I crouched and put a hand on my knee.

“Hey,” she said, “Don’t feel bad. Try to think of this as an opportunity. C’mon lets get under the covers,” she said as she nodded towards the mattress that was floor level of the loft.

I crawled over to the bed with her and quickly stripped down to my boxers as she shucked out of her sweats. She didn’t stop at her underwear though and quickly was totally naked and she slid under the heavy comforter and sheets of the bed. “Nuh uh,” she said smiling at me, “No boxers, I want skin on skin for maximum warmth.”

I chuckled and shucked the boxers off before sliding naked into the covers with Nina. She slid her body up against mine and pulled my arms around her so that I was spooning her. The blankets were cold and she was shivering slightly. I asked if I was warming her up any. She nodded yes, but then reached up and pulled her hair away from her neck and said, “Though I think I’d warm up quicker if you kissed my neck.”

I pulled the covers up as high as I could around us and then bent to her. My lips traced light kisses, tender and slow on her neck. I had wrapped my arms around her, and my hands were cupping her breasts. I could feel her nipples tightening beneath my palms and she let out a soft sigh of contentment.

We cuddled like that, just lightly touching for a while when we heard footsteps on the spiral staircase. It was both Jen and Heather. Heather spoke for both of them as they began undressing, “We can’t get the fireplace working. The furnace will be enough to heat the place up but it’s going to take longer without the fireplace.”

Jen sighed, “Plus the fireplace is so nice and pretty.”

Heather, now down to just a black lace bra and panties knelt down on the side of the bed near Nina. “We figured,” she said with a smile, “That we could all just cuddle for warmth for a bit.”

Nina spoke up, “I’ve claimed this mattress in the name of Nina the magnificent and I declare that there is to be no clothing in bed with me.” She chuckled, “That means both of you.”

The girls laughed and stripped down to nothing. I got my first look at her fully unclothed for only a second, but I saw a shock of bright red hair between her legs, and noticed that the freckles continued down her neck to her shoulders and arms, but her breasts were covered in clear, light skin. Her skin tone, where not covered in freckles, matched Nina’s. Heather slid in next to Nina, and Jen was kneeling by the foot of the mattress, looking at my side of the mattress and now the side which had Heather. She was obviously torn and I sighed, “It’s okay Jen, if you want to cuddle with her, I really don’t mind.”

Jen bit her lip, clearly caught in her indecision until Heather spoke up, “God Jen, your nipples could put out someone’s eye, you’re obviously cold, just get under the covers.” Jen quickly scampered over to the side of the bed with Heather and crawled under the covers. We had to all shift around so that there was room for us on the bed. It was a bit of a tight fit with all of us laying there, but I wasn’t going to complain.

We talked for a while, but the proximity of Nina’s soft and curvy body against me had me distracted. Also, my hands, wrapped around her body also came into contact with Heather. Heather didn’t mind at all though and in fact took my hand and placed it on the side of her breast. Then she smooshed up even closer to Nina as their breasts pressed together delightfully. Jen was spooning Heather, and her hands seemed to be moving under the covers as well.

“Oh,” Nina gasped, “Well hello Peter, you’re a bit excited about all this, aren’t you?” Nina was of course referring to the fact that my cock was now hard and the head was pressing against her pussy lips. I could feel a slickness there and shifted my hips experimentally. I felt my cock glide along the outside of her moist lips.

“I’m not the only one Nina, you’re a bit excited too.” I retorted.

Heather let out a little gasp and then a moan, but it was Jen who spoke, “I think we’re all excited then.” Jen laughed and Heather moaned again. I had no doubt the two women were getting up to something on their side of the bed.

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8-7-6-5-4 Countdown

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The countdown had started and the couples were scattered around the floor, all naked and ready. At the crack of midnight the men were all going to slip their hard cocks into the women and if everything went as planned they would set a record for the largest simultaneous fuck. It was an exciting affair, seeing all the naked bodies, all of them enjoying some form of foreplay. If anyone was counting they would have seen twenty seven separate nipples becoming erect in their partner’s mouths, forty three fingers slipping in and out of pussies and eighty seven cocks being sucked.

A lot of the couples were older, and little blue pills were selling like crazy. A lot of the blow jobs were intended to keep the men hard. Even the director of the event, who was using a megaphone to coordinate the activities had a woman kneeling in front of him working to keep him hard. There were a few extra couples, so if some couldn’t complete the task, they still had a chance at breaking the record. They also had made a few other “secret” provisions to help guarentee the record would be broken.

Amid all the preparations and now the countdown, Don was nervously stroking his cock, trying hard to get it up. His partner had been sucking him but gave out after a good twenty minutes when a cramp locked canlı bahis her jaw tight. Fortunately, Don’s tiny cock had slipped out of her mouth just before her teeth clamped together.

“Claire, that pill should kick in any minute now,” Don said, still stroking furiously. Noticing she was crying he stopped stroking and watched in amazement as his cock suddenly got hard. He quickly moved to shove it into her, but she held him back.

“There’s still two minutes left before midnight, we can’t start now,” she mumbled, moving her legs together. Massaging her jaw she looked over at the clock to confirm the time. The director had planned to use the megaphone to count the last twenty seconds out loud, so Claire prepared herself.

Now that she had stopped crying, Don felt his erection subsiding and began stroking again, hoping Claire wouldn’t notice. Thinking that perhaps he could still penetrate Clair even if he wasn’t totally hard, he tried to hide his problem from her.

The time was now approaching one minute until midnight and Don’s cock had gone completely flaccid, he also needed to take a piss, so whispering to Claire, “I’ll be right back,” he rushed to the bathroom. Once inside he found he couldn’t go, so she stood there for a few seconds, waiting for something bahis siteleri to happen.

Suddenly the door banged open and a woman moved toward the toilet. Don shouted, “Hey, it’s occupied!”

“I can’t…” and then she vomited, splashing come into the toilet, some on the floor and some onto Don’s pubic hair. He stepped back in disgust and then strangely noticed that his cock had grown rock hard. Not wanting to lose the erection he quickly rushed out of the restroom and headed toward Claire.

She had been looking for him, calling out his name, “Don, Don, where are you?”

At the same time the director was calling out the time, “12-11-10-9…”

Claire called out again, “Don…”


“Oh gross Don, go wash yourself off,” she screamed, just as another man moved toward her.

Don rushed back to the bathroom and cleaned himself off. After a few minutes he dejectedly walked out of the restroom, his cock flaccid once again. He returned to Claire and said, “I’m sorry Claire, I know you wanted to be part of the record. I’m sorry I let you down.”

“But I was part…”

“No Claire,” he said, kneeling down in front of her, “Let me make it up to you.” He gently took her knees and spread them apart.

“But Don, someone…” bahis şirketleri she stopped as Don moved his head between her legs and shoved his tongue deep into her soaking wet pussy. While everyone else was mopping up the cum from the record breaking simultaneous fuck Don ate Claire like he had never done before, licking her clit, sucking the abundant juices from her pussy and quickly making her come.

When he finished he sat up, feeling the cum run down his chin. Smiling proudly he watched as a man walked up to them. Clair said, “Hi Jerry, I thought you were leaving.”

“No I decided to stick around and see how they did on the record. I know it was a last second thing, but I enjoyed helping set it with you,” he said, smiling at Claire.

Don looked at Claire, who sat silently, trying to avert her eyes from him. Looking back at Jerry he asked, “What do you mean helping set it with her?”

“Oh don’t you know. They had a couple of extra guys available just in case the participants couldn’t get it up. Claire was alone, so when it turned midnight we fucked. Oh I see you are into felching, here, you got a bit of my cum on your chin there he said,” grabbing a handkerchief and dabbing it off. “Well, talk to you later Claire.”

Jerry turned to walk away and then stopped. Turning back to Claire he said, “You know, we ought to do this again next year, and hey, bring your friend, it looks like he’s into the felching.”

Don looked down at his cock and noticed it was rock hard again.

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A Nevada Brothel – My Initial Work Ch. 02

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My first two weeks at a legal Nevada brothel would soon be finished. It was almost time to return home and work at my regular job as a clerk in a large box discount store. I had kept in contact with the store and had been told that my hours would remain the same but could be less.

It appeared that my part time job would become even more of a part time job. Each month is too long for the money I earn at the store. When I get back home, my potential earnings with even fewer hours means that I will run out of money with seven to ten days remaining in each month. Money is tight. I live in an inexpensive apartment in a suburb of a Northwest United States city. I need to buy a car, probably a used car. Also, I have some medical and dental needs.

The Madam at the brothel was pleased with the number of parties and the money I earned. During my first day as a worker in the sex business I only had three parties. Three fuckings, by three different men, during ninety minutes. One man had a cock so large that my cunt was sore for hours. It was difficult stripping and being intimate — very intimate — with three men. I only knew their first names or the names they gave me. Instead of actual names, they could just as easy been: One, Two, Three or First, Second, Third or A, B, C.

It was all so new for me:

Being available for work on a 7 / 24 basis —

Standing in a line up with other ‘girls’ —

Being selected by a man —

Negotiating a sex party and money —

Checking the man’s dick for any disease

Stripping for a man, actually a complete stranger —

Being intimate – very intimate — with a man I did not know —

After several initial days, being permitted to visit with men in the bar area —

Having the sex that the man wanted, within legal limits and house policy —

Quickie sex with a man who is just using my body for his own pleasure —

At times, the temperature in my bedroom was too high for comfort —

My bedroom was also my place of business — sometimes the scent of

male and female sex and the odor of sweat lingered in the room.

But that is the Brothel business — providing sexual services and sexual pleasure for a man. I essentially rented my body, for a period of time, to be used by a man that I had never seen before. Physically, the work was easy — — but mentally it was initially hard. But the pay was excellent — — and I definitely needed the money.

That first day with three parties was difficult. After my marriage years ago, I only had sex with my husband. After my divorce, I had not been intimate with any man for about two years. Then in two weeks I had lots of foreplay and sex in different positions with a number of men. Most of my parties were short — 15 and 30 minutes, my body was used for the sexual satisfaction of the man. But I also had some one hour parties. While most men had ejaculations either into a condom or onto my body, I did not have any orgasms.

According to my records, I had 35 parties in two weeks. I was stark naked — my breasts and cunt were completely exposed 35 times. For almost 35 different men, I spread my legs and was penetrated many, many times. I sucked cocks and was fucked by cocks of all different sizes — most were white, but some were colored. Many of the men possessed my cunt in two ways — several even three ways. My legs and body were placed in a number of different positions. Several times, I was really horny but did not have an orgasm with any man. Fortunately my latex vibrating friend provided some relief in the privacy of my bedroom.

I kept a record of the man’s name — or at least the name he gave me. But faces and names blurred and faded. Especially for those having the short 15 and 30 minute parties. Quick in — and quick out. Usually the 15 minute parties was a hand job till the penis was large enough to fill a condom, a blow job, then missionary or cow girl. The 30 minute party essentially was more of the same – but possibly with cunt penetration in two different positions. The one hour parties were much nicer — sometimes we had time to cuddle and talk. But after the man had been sexually pleasured.

Never in my former married life had my husband fucked me 35 times over two weeks. Usually, as I recall, we had sexual pleasures 4 or 5 times each week — at least early in our marriage. In our last year, before the divorce, our sex was once or twice a month. My cunt has really been used, these past two weeks, by many men at the brothel — — it became sore from over use. It has been filled often by hard, large cocks.

I slept on that bed and was fucked on that bed. Several times I was so tired from being fucked that I did not even change the sheets before sleeping. But my pocketbook is filled and happy.

I had been married for a number of years but gradually my husband and I grew apart. Our common interests faded – each of us started going in separate directions. During the last several years of our marriage my husband developed a drinking and gambling problem — and canlı bahis his attitude toward me changed. Eventually he left, a divorce followed.

I recall reading one statement that fits: “You grow old too early, and too smart too late.” If I had provided the type of sexual pleasure that my husband requested — and I refused — I probably would still be married to him. Now, because of my need for money, I am providing sex for men that I do not know — the type of sex that my ex-husband desired.

Before leaving the brothel for home, I thought about my future: work in a big box store on a part time basis or work in a legal brothel. At last my decision was made, I told the Madam that I would return in November.

My menstrual period would soon be starting. When I was married, my ex-husband did not really like intercourse during the times when my flow was heavy. The Madam and ‘girls’ said most men / clients did not like to party with a ‘girl’ when she was wearing a sanitary napkin or had a spark plug in her cunt. In fact the Madam wanted her ‘girls’ to go home during this time — but if her flow was light, possibly she could stay in the brothel but not work.


Soon after arriving back home, I started working again as a clerk in a big box discount store. Unfortunately, as I expected, my hours of scheduled work were decreased. While I earned some good money at the brothel, I was well aware that my financial situation would become difficult before the year was finished.

I sent an email to Marsha, my best friend from high school, informing her of a few of my experiences and saying I would telephone her.

Marsha: “Hello. This is Marsha.”

Betty (Kitty): “Hi Marsha. This is Betty. Just wanted you to know that — overall — my experiences at the brothel were satisfactory. The initial parties were difficult but once I got use to stripping for a stranger and providing sexual services I started to relax and even had some fun during some parties.”

Marsha: “Pleased that your experiences were positive — — everything considered.”

Many minutes passed as we talked about my experiences.

Marsha: “When do you plan to go back to the brothel?”

Betty: “Probably in early November.”

Marsha: “What a coincidence. I also expect to go back about the same time. We can have parties with the men and when business is slow we can really get caught up on what has happened since our high school days.”

Betty: “That sounds wonderful. It has been a long time since we have seen each other. Letters and emails are fine — but face-to-face communication certainly is best.”

Our telephone conversation continued for many more minutes. Finally we each said good by

— — see you in November.


The second time was considerably easier. The Big Steps during the initial two weeks at the brothel now seemed smaller. I enjoyed viewing the scenery during the bus trip to Northern Nevada. Obtaining the required work permit and the medical clinic exam brought me little concern.

Soon I was at the brothel and welcomed by the Shift Manager. She indicated that the lab results still had not been received but she would telephone regarding their status. She showed me to my room, I unpacked my suit case and put a few pictures on the desk. Then went to the ‘girls’ lounge to meet those working. And to learn more about the brothel business and especially this brothel.

About mid-afternoon, the Madam called me to her office.

“We just received the results of your medical exam and lab tests. Everything is satisfactory. You can be in the next line up and also visit with men in the bar area.” The Madam said.

“I did not expect any problems. But I am glad that is over.” I said.

“What name are you going to use, Betty?” The Madam asked.

“I plan on using the same name that I used last time — Kitty.”

“Our policies and house rules are the same. But with one slight change. I am allowing a more casual dress policy during the late hours — — from midnight to eight in the morning. You can be in a line-up wearing the clothing that you wear when sleeping — pajamas, long and short gowns, baby dolls with panties. We have even had two ‘girls’ appear in lineups stark naked.”

“That is a nice change.” I said. “A ‘girl’ will not have to dress up with a gown, hose and other items including make-up during the early morning hours.”

“Yes. In fact several ‘girls’ have appeared in a Late Hours Line Up wearing only shoes. But both got permission first.”

“I may want to try the nude line-up idea — if it means some more parties. Often I sleep in the nude.”

“You have my permission to be completely nude or partially nude in a Late Hours Line Up. Some men enjoy seeing a naked woman in a lineup — — other men like to have a little mystery about a woman’s body.” The Madam indicated.

“Also, on Saturday night, we sometimes have a wet T-shirt contest. We rent small water pistols and the man can shoot water at the woman of his choice. The rent money bahis siteleri is equally shared by the participating ‘girls’. When a man decides to have a party, he removes the wet T-shirt of the ‘girl’ he selects in the lobby. Most of the ‘girls’ are wearing only the long T-shirt so all can see her nude body. Then the two go to her room and complete the party arrangements.

“That sounds like good clean fun.”

“I think so. Almost always the ‘girl’ gets a long party. Also she has done some advertising which may provide future parties.” The Madam stated.

Our conversation continued about a few general topics. The bell rang indicating that a man wanted a line up.

“It is line up time, Kitty. Best wishes.”

“Thank you.”


Six ‘girls’, including myself, gathered in the hallway. The clothing being worn ranged from opaque gowns, short dresses, costume of a maid, and a two piece leather outfit. I was wearing an opaque black gown with red trim. A matching bra and thong panties, thigh high black hose and red shoes. The bottom of the gown just touched the top of my knees, a slit on one side of the gown stopped just below the bottom curve of my ass.

I probably was the oldest one in the group — also the one with the least amount of brothel experience. But this time, I was not nervous. I was very willing to be selected by the client, negotiate a party, do a dick check, obtain payment, strip, and perform the sexual services desired.

The Shift Manager had us enter the lobby single file. Then she said. “Ladies, please introduce yourself.”

When it was my turn, I took one step forward, looked directly at the client and said: “Kitty.” Then I stepped back into the line.

Within a minute, the man said: “I would like to talk privately with Jean.”

Jean walks toward the man and leads him down the hallway toward her room. Those remaining walk toward the bar to mingle with several men sitting on the bar stools but a few walk toward the ‘girls’ lounge.

Many minutes pass, finally the bell rings indicating that another man wants a party.

Five ‘girls’ including myself, gather in the hallway. Once we are ready, the Shift Manager has us enter single file — and said: “Ladies, please introduce yourself.”

Again, when it was my turn, I took one step forward and said: “Kitty.” Then stepped back.

This gentlemen looked carefully at each of us. It seemed that he was mentally undressing some of us. Finally he spoke: “This is a hard decision, I am considering two of the ladies — Carol and Kitty.

The Shift Manager asked: “If you are considering only two, can the other ladies be excused?”


He continued to look at both of us. I felt like I was stark naked and his eyes were touching most of my body. Finally he said: “I would like to have a party with Kitty.”

I smiled, walked toward him. Hand in hand, I lead him to my room.

A Party For Kitty With Ralph

“I am Ralph. And I came to Nevada to have some fun — gambling and pleasuring.”

“I know what you want from me. Thank you for selecting me. What type of pleasuring do you want?” I said.

“I would like a fifteen minute party. Once you give me a nice erection, I want you to ride my cock — cow girl. If you can get me to have an ejaculation by riding within the fifteen minutes I will give you a nice tip.”

“You would have a lot more pleasuring with a thirty minute party.” I suggest.

“Possibly I may extend the time. I want to see and feel what you can do with fifteen minutes.”

“I quote a figure of $170 for the fifteen minutes — $20 above the house minimum.”

“That is satisfactory.” Ralph says

“Please let me see you manhood.”

Ralph lowered his pants and underpants. I had him turn toward the table lamp and closely examined his equipment.

“You are aware that you will need to wear a condom?” I ask.

“Yes. I understand the law. No problem, we both want to be safe.”

I collected his money and left the room to book the party. In a few minutes, I knocked on my door and entered. He was stark naked and laying on the bed — his head elevated with several firm pillows. One of his hands is holding his balls, the other hand is rubbing his manhood. His cock appears to be ready. I could see his cock glisten as the light reflected off his lubricated cock.

“Please take your clothes off, but leave your bra on for a few minutes.” Ralph requested.

I stripped, but left my bra on. It felt somewhat strange to have my sex completely exposed — but my boobs covered. But that is what Ralph wants. After opening a condom, I fondle his cock and balls for a minute or so. Then I place the condom on the tip of his cock and roll it over the cock head and rim — — then down the shaft with my fingers.

“Remember, a nice tip if you can get an ejaculation. — cow girl position.”

Quickly, I straddle his body. Holding his organ in one hand, I slowly lower my body and guide his cock past my pussy lips and into my body. As he asked, I am still wearing bahis şirketleri my bra. Ralph briefly looks as his pubic hair meshes with my trimmed pubic hair, but he closely watches my covered breasts. I start moving my body up and down. Fast. Frequently.

“Please remove your bra. I want to watch your breasts swing and sway as you move.”

I reach around my back and unhook my bra. My breasts are free to move. Ralph closely watches my mounds of bouncing female flesh. From time to time, he reaches up with one and even both hands and fondles my mounds and nipples.

“You have nice ample breasts — and an attractive face. Ride my horn, Kitty. Don’t slip off. I may go into your dry hole.” Ralph says and laughs.

I only smile. But I continue riding his horn. I could easily feel his cock head and shaft rubbing the inside of my moist cylinder. His cock head is always inside my body.

I looked at the timer. I start going faster. Up and Down. Male pubic hair and female pubic hair mesh more and more. I could feel Ralph’s cock become larger.

“Oh, Baby. I love looking at a woman’s breasts bounce around. Your boobs really swing and sway the most of any I have seen. Beautiful pair of breasts and teats. I like seeing the tan line on your rounded mounds.”

“I am pleased that you like my boobs.”

I look at the timer — — there are only a few minutes remaining in our party. But still I continue riding his cock — fast and hard. Quickly up and down.

The timer rings — our party is over. I could not get Ralph to have an ejaculation.

“I am sorry, Kitty. I did not have an ejaculation. But this is the third party I have had today and I have already come twice.”

“I did the best I could.”

“I believe that you did. Since you appeared to be the oldest ‘girl’ in the line up, I thought you would have the most experience and able to get some cum.”

I did not tell Ralph that while I was probably the oldest ‘girl’ in the line up, I was also the ‘girl’ with the least brothel experience. There are some things best left unsaid.

I get off his horn and remove the condom. I look at the tip of the latex cylinder to see if there are any traces of a white fluid. Maybe Ralph did have a slight ejaculation — I see a little creamy fluid inside the condom. I show the evidence to Ralph.

“Yes. I believe that you did get me to have an ejaculation. You were riding me so hard that some cum came and I did not know it. I will give you a tip.”

“Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

Ralph cleans up, dresses, and hands me a nice tip.

“Thank you, I appreciate your kindness. I put on my brothel uniform — the opaque black gown with red trim, bra, and thong panties — and prepare my bedroom for my next client.

Hand in hand, we walk to the lobby and say good by. Please come again. As Ralph opens the door and leaves, I walk to the bar and start talking with another gentlemen.

A Party For Kitty, With Ted

It was early evening. I am in my bedroom sitting at the small desk writing a letter. The bell rings indicating that a man wants a line up. Quickly I opened the desk drawer and put the unfinished letter inside. I am wearing my other brothel uniform: a bright red opaque gown with black trim that just touched my knees, a side slit stops at my mid-thigh. My legs were covered with black thigh high hose and red shoes. Thong sheer red panties and matching bra completed my outfit. I look at myself in the mirror as I put on some lipstick. The shape of my breasts is evident, but not the details — then I went to the hallway.

Seven ‘girls’, including myself, answer the bell. All of us are dressed in opaque gowns of various colors and lengths. Most of the gowns had side slits that went from the bottom of the gown toward the woman’s slit between the juncture of her legs. Shoes and hose were very evident. It was obvious that several of the women were not wearing any panties or bras. Apparently they want less to remove.

The Shift Manager tells us to enter the lobby. We walk in and stand, facing the man.

“Ladies, this gentlemen is Ted. He told me that he would like a one hour party. Please introduce yourself.” The Shift Manager requested.

I was in the middle of the line up. When my turn came, I took a step forward and said: “Kitty.” Then stepped back.

For several minutes, Ted carefully looked at each of us. I continued to smile and look at him during the entire time.

“I would like to discuss a possible party with Kitty.” Ted said.

Still smiling, I walk toward Ted. It seems that his eyes were only looking at my breasts.

Hand in hand, I lead Ted to my room. We passed one closed door and heard the unmistakable sounds of sex. We distinctly head a woman say: “Give it to me — hard and fast. Ram my cunt.” A man’s voice replied: “I love fucking you, Baby. This is much better then our last party.”

We also heard the sound of a bed squeaking.

Once inside my bedroom, Ted said: “Those two must have been having some fun. I also want to have some fun.”

“What kind of fun do you want, Ted?” I ask.

“A breast massage, hand job, playing in your cunt with an adult toy, then cow girl, and rear entry. What kind of dollars are we talking about for a one hour party.”

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Diary of a Cock Sucker Ch. 21

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Diary of a Cock Sucker. Chapter 21.

In which our hero needs a shower.

I spend the day at work looking forward to the evening where I have a reprise with my companion of several days ago. We met on a bicycle club group ride some weeks ago and have seen each other a few times since. We agreed several days ago that we would have dinner tonight at my place where a vegetarian meal is on the agenda. I reflect with some confidence that this will very likely be followed by the first visit to my bed. As I am walking to my car, I reflect again on the session with Thad as I have several times since the event earlier this week. His youthful energy and enthusiasm were a treat and I have noted that the session marked something of a turning point in my cock sucking career. I am roughly ten years his senior and to date, all of my cock sucking experiences have been with men at least my age, and the vast majority older. Thad is almost a generation younger than me and I reflect about experience, attitudes, and the future. To say the least, I was impressed with his responsiveness and enthusiastic powers of recovery. And I reflect with regret that it is unlikely that I will see him again, such is the pattern of anonymous male sex. So it is with considerable surprise as I approach my car that my cell phone rings and when I answer, the voice announces that ‘this is Thad. I was wondering if we could hook up today’.

Well this is a surprise I remark to myself. I respond that that would be nice but that I have an engagement tonight. He answers with some urgency that he has been busy with practice all week and that he really wants to see me. There is a long pause. I respond that I have only an hour to which he responds enthusiastically that perhaps I could pick him up at his school and drop him off later at his home. He adds that normally he takes the bus, so this would work out great for him. His school is more or less on my way and so I agree to swing by and pick him up. I arrive in my SUV, the bicycle transport vehicle of choice and Thad is waiting and hops in. He greets me and offers a thanks for picking him up. It seems intuitively obvious to me that he wants a blowjob. I could take him to my apartment but that would be out of the way and I am pressed for time. It happens that there is a parking garage more or less on the way to his home and these facilities are the very definition of anonymous sex playgrounds, so I head in that direction. I ask him about his week and he explains again that he has been ‘super busy with practice for the big game tomorrow’. But he goes on to add that he thinks all the time about ‘what happened the other day’. I suggest that since he has called me, he has thought about what happened with pleasure. Yes, he responds. And that you want more I ask. Yes, he responds.

I ask rather bluntly if he has beat off since that day. I am curious about his ability to discuss sex and talk about what he likes and wants. To my question he blushes but responds yes. I ask if he beat off thinking about what happened. More blushes but again he responds yes. I ask if he beat off thinking about getting his cock sucked. Yes he responds, and adds, ‘also the other thing’. I reflect that that means that he liked the cock play, as certainly did I. I ask how many times he beat off thinking it. He blushes again but does not answer. I ask if he beat off that day, after he left the video shop. He blushes yet again and answers that he did, he could not help it. I ask how many times. He responds that he beat off twice that night, both times thinking about what we did. And today I ask? Not today he responds, or yesterday. He goes on to add that he wanted to very much but was busy with school and practice and then exhausted when he finally got home. He adds that he wanted to call me and was glad when I answered.

We are near the parking garage and so I tell him to show it to me, that I want to see it, to see how interested he is. I already know how interested he is as he is tenting his nylon athletic pants. I watch traffic as I need to make some turns, but I hear the rustle of fabric. When I next look over, he is nude from the waist and his cock is rock hard, sticking straight up. The sight of him takes my breath away and it requires all of my will power to negotiate the car into the parking garage. As I ascend the floors, I reach over to grip his cock in my hand. I caress the shaft with my fingers. He is rock hard and the texture of his organ is like a velvet sheath covering an anvil. I gently squeeze the shaft in my hands and pump up and down on it, reveling in the experience of playing with his cock. I find a secluded corner and park the car. There is light enough to see well and I look over at him. His beautiful organ is jutting from his belly, throbbing in urgency. I ask again if it has really been two days since he did it. He responds that it has. I reach over to him and slide my hand under his balls and squeeze gently. He emits an enormous gasp of pleasure at this touch and I observe that his cock quivers, no doubt from him clenching with pleasure. I observe to him that after two days casino oyna his balls, which I am fondling in my fingers, must be very full. He gasps that they are.

I lean over him and bring my hand up from under his balls, my fingers very gently stroking the underside of his shaft. I slide them up and down on his organ, just my fingertips teasing the skin of his shaft. I am leaning over him with my face a foot above his erect cock, my fingers doing a light teasing caress on the rock hard shaft. My forefinger teases over the sweet spot of his cock under the head, a feathery teasing caress. My finger teasing is all a preliminary to what I want more than anything else in this world at this moment. And that is to take this lovely organ in my mouth and suck the very life out of him. But as I am gazing in rapt wonder at this electrifying sight, I hear a sharp exclamation from him and in that same instant he ejaculates a huge burst of semen that splashes against my face. Instinctively I react by pulling back but such is my surprise at this development a second burst of semen erupts from his cock and splashes on my face before I can move more than a few inches. I wrap my hand around his shaft and squeeze it as he pumps more semen out of his cock, emitting a long series of ‘oh, oh, oh’. I grip his cock firmly in my hand and let him finish. At last be bursts out an exclamation of what I can only surmise as relief and his climax is over. There is semen everywhere, all over my face, in my hair, his belly and chest, my hand holding his cock, still quite firm, and the seat of my car where it has run between his legs.

I have a roll of paper towels in the car that I keep for dealing with the bicycle. I reach in the back seat and fetch the roll, removing a few sheets. I wipe the semen out of my eyes and look at him. I am not amused and tell him rather sharply that it is rude to fail to announce that he is going to do that. He apologizes profusely adding that he could not help it, it happened before he knew it, that it felt so good, had been so long, was so looking forward to it, etc, etc. Actually I am impressed by his performance and reflect again on the energy and enthusiasm of youth. I reflect back on the times that at his age, I could barely get it out of my pants before I was shooting off. Still, he could have told me he was cuming. It is not as though I would have put a cork in it. I give him some paper towels and he begins cleaning up. He has semen on his sweatshirt that will require some explaining. But of course, that is his problem. I suppose that mothers of males his age develop a tolerance for finding semen in odder places than the front of her son’s sweatshirt.

We finish cleaning up, where the cleanup act takes longer than the sex which was over in less than two minutes after I turned off the car. But I suspect that round two is in the immediate future as to no surprise at all, he is still firm. Not the rock hard rigidity of before, but a nice fullness that reflects that there is more where this mess came from. I tell him to take off his sweatshirt which he does. He is nude in front of me and just as breathtakingly gorgeous as the last time in the video booth. His body is slim with muscles clearly in evidence under the pale skin. I reach a hand over and caress his inner thigh, sliding my fingers up and down over the smooth skin. His cock is full but not hard, rather lazily flopping from side to side. I anticipate sucking him off in a few minutes and I have no doubt that he wants this also. But for the moment, there is the entirely enjoyable visual spectacle of his statuesque nudity and the no less enjoyable opportunity to caress his magnificent young male body. I reflect on statues done by the ancients, glorifying the male nude. This boy could easily have served as the model; such is the elegance of his body and subtle musculature, to say nothing of this gorgeous male organ.

I ask if he has a girlfriend to which he responds no but that he did. I ask if he did it with her. He blushes slightly and responds that they made out but nothing more, that she let him once but it did not work and that then she would not let him again. And then they broke up. He goes on to relate that he is ‘not so good with girls’. I try to reassure him that it is all about experience and that he should not be discouraged. I ask about sex with other guys. He responds that a couple of times some friends jacked off watching some porn. I ask if it was girl porn to which he affirms. I ask if he watched his friends climax. He blushes again and says that he did watch, that he found it exciting to see them shoot off, that watching made him climax.

I ask if he wants to climax again. All of this time, I have been caressing his body, my hands sliding over his thighs and belly. I let the backs of my fingers caress against his cock shaft. To my question, he answers yes. I ask him what he would like me to do. I am leaning next to him with my face close to his. My hands are caressing up and down his chest and belly and occasionally my fingers slide over his cock. He has never fully deflated after his climax canlı casino and by now his cock has evolved from full to standing up nice and hard. I slide one of my hands under him and grip his ass cheek, squeezing and kneading the flesh. With my other hand, I grip his cock, squeeze it and slide up and down on it. He murmurs that that feels good. I ask again what he would like me to do. ‘Do it he says’. I ask what he means. ‘You know, do it to me’. Tell me I say to him, tell me what you would like me to do; I want to hear you say the words. I continue sliding my fingers up and down on his shaft, a teasing caress of the skin. His cock is mesmerizing, long and perfectly straight, the head a beautiful mushroom shape. I move down and brush my face on his belly, caressing the skin with my cheek. His cock is standing tall right in front of my face. I can see the ridges on the shaft. I am still sliding my hand up and down on his cock, teasing the skin of the shaft with my fingertips. More sighs of pleasure emanate from him until he finally gasps out, ‘oh put your mouth on it, oh, oh, oh suck me’.

I move down with my face over his cock. I open my mouth and move lower. He has been rhythmically arching his hips up as though the air above his cock were an orifice that he could fuck himself into. Now my lips are open wide and he thrusts himself up into my mouth. I do not close my lips on his shaft quite yet and the sides of his cock brush against my lips but with no friction. The occasional touch of my lips on his cock apparently drives him into a frenzy and he begins thrusting his hips faster. I hear him moaning and muttering, ‘please, oh please’, as his hips thrust faster and higher. I press my lips very gently on his cock shaft and he jerks and spasms at this new and clearly rapturously pleasurable sensation. I hold my lips on his shaft and let him fuck his cock which he does with great energy. I have one hand on has ass cheek and the other on his thigh. I feel him shaking and it occurs to me that this is going to come to a conclusion very soon. Almost before I can complete this thought he goes rigid, I hear him moan, and I feel his cock spew a flood of semen into my mouth. I move my hand from his thigh to his cock, gipping the base of the shaft firmly and I pump rapidly on it. He emits another gasp of pleasure and spews more semen into my mouth. I continue pumping on his shaft until his jerking ceases. I then put my hand back on his thigh and let him soak his cock in my mouth, bathing in semen.

As I hold him there in my mouth, I reflect that he probably ejaculated while trying to enter the girl. A common problem for the young male, so arousing is the prospect of a conquest. In the present case, he lasted about thirty seconds the first time and from the time my lips closed on his shaft, not more than sixty seconds the second time. Eventually he emits an exclamation of satisfaction and relief and I feel him relax, his climax concluded. I withdraw and sit up, looking at him. His cock is still full. My mouth is full of his semen and as I gaze upon this beautiful young body, full of strength and power, I swallow his cum. I reflect that swallowing his cum is all the more pleasurable with his beauty and youth and strength on display before me. And he is still full. I have swallowed the life essence of him but he retains some portion of his male strength and power. I know that this is only a reflection of his youth but I cannot let go of the symbolism of his erection on display before me.

We have been parked not twenty minutes. And such is the ways of the young male that he has twice rapturously climaxed. He is dressing and it is time to go. I start the car and we depart the parking garage. On the way out he asks if he could come over to my place to ‘hang out’ some time. I reassure him that I would like that. And there is no doubt that I would. He goes on to tell me that he thinks a lot about ‘that other thing we did’, and he would like to do that again. That other thing refers to the cock play and rubbing our cocks together, and the remembrance makes me hard. I reflect that over the past half hour I have been mostly hard and that I would very much like to hang out with my young companion, young Thad, young full of cum Thad, young irrepressibly hard Thad. I reflect that I would very much enjoy finding out what lengths would be necessary to finally wear down his seemingly irrepressible erection. I ask about his schedule, practice every night except Sunday and Friday and games on Saturday. I drop him off in front of his home and we agree to hang out Sunday evening.

I make my way home to my apartment, leaving the windows of the car open to air out the inside. The car reeks of semen and male sex, as do I. I go inside, strip out of my clothes, and take a long shower. I wash his semen off of my face and hair, reflecting fondly on how it got there. But I cannot remove the taste of him from my mouth, the taste of his cum, the sensation of his cock in my mouth. I am rock hard, standing there in the shower thinking about him and the events of the past hour. I reflect that his call, the two climaxes, kaçak casino and my entering this shower have all taken less than ninety minutes. My date will arrive in thirty minutes and there is preparation to complete. But I cannot resist a few agonizingly pleasurable moments of caressing my rigidly hard cock in the shower, reliving the moments just completed, his spurting cock, and the mouthful of his semen. I can still taste his cum, the sensation of his organ in my mouth overpoweringly real.

I greet my date and we set about overcoming the predictable awkwardness of the not yet but tacitly understood soon to be sexually committed relationship. We are to cook together and since this is a vegetarian meal, there is a good deal of chopping and slicing to perform. And that means a good deal of moving about in the confines of the modest sized apartment kitchen. Eventually we just give up the tension, embrace, and kiss, the seal of the promise to come. Without knowing it, S** shares the taste of Thad’s semen which to me seems to scream of male sex but which she seems not to notice. My companion S** is divorced and has children. For her, the bicycle and the club rides are her principle social outlet as the remainder of her time are committed to either work or dealing with her children. Of course she has made an excellent choice in the bicycle. Besides the obvious advantages of good health and physical fitness, men outnumber women roughly ten to one. So if a woman is looking for a man, the bicycle clubs are a good place.

We relax and chat with wine, the food preparation complete but not yet ready for consumption. My companion is a couple of years older than myself, reasonably attractive, and quite bright. She has an education and works in the IT industry. She has two children whose father abandoned the family several years ago after a turbulent period of marriage. She receives no support. She seems to have a remarkably good attitude about all of this, I suppose bolstered by her relative prosperity owing to her education, intelligence, and good looks. Our talk is mostly about bicycles, bicycle riding, and mutual friends made through the bicycle club events since that is our principle association and history. I have found her to be a strong rider, nothing like a bicycle racer of course, but one of the many that regularly attend the bicycle club rides where a competitive attitude drives the rider to excel and improve. I should imagine that she is thinking about what is to come later since as a divorced single mom, I should think opportunities are not readily at hand. I assume she finds me physically attractive and I suppose there is the inevitable consideration of me as a potential mate. I flash back to earlier in the day with Thad, the archetypical example of anonymous male sex, no dinner, no small talk, no decisions to be made, just sex. But for tonight, there are preliminaries to be dealt with, first dinner, and then sex.

Dinner is a great success, vegetarian food lending itself to many humorous anecdotes about saving the cows, pigs, and chickens. And bolstered by the wine, our spirits are high. In my case, I want to fuck. It has come down to that very simple objective. I want to spread her thighs, slide into her, and fuck. And at this moment, our mutual touching and caressing has convinced me that she shares the same view. We make a few minutes work of the cleanup and by mutual unspoken agreement, we retire to the bedroom. The evening has been sufficiently gregarious that we need waste no time in silly preliminaries, so we both undress. This is only modestly awkward and soon we are in bed together, both naked, and grappling in passion. And here it is that the flashbacks to Thad make an appearance in my evening. S** is an attractive woman for a 30ish mother of two who slaves her way through many miles on a bicycle for recreation and mate hunting. The operative point here being the ‘for a’ qualification. What woman can compete with an exquisitely beautiful male body? The answer without any qualifier is none. And yet biology and social conditioning lead to S** and I in bed together, she passionately aroused for me, of that there can be no question. And for me, I want to plant my seed in a woman.

To be sure, I am aroused as well. S** is naked in bed with me and very aroused. I mount her and slide in with ease, finding her wet and eager. We begin thrusting and I roll my hips on her, pubic bones rubbing and grinding. To my delight, she quickly reaches a very satisfying climax and we repose, joined together in mid coital bliss. Mid to the extent that I have not climaxed yet as at the height of her passion, I found myself comparing her somewhat fleshy thighs to the rope-like definition of Thad’s slim legs. And I grip her fleshy ass in my hands and though I find this erotic, I cannot resist the comparison to the iron hard buns of the young Thad. We lay copulated for some long minutes while she recovers from her orgiastic delight. As I anticipated, this has been a long anticipated event for my companion and she is in no rush to uncouple. Indeed, her ardent desire is that we continue, that view reinforced by her enthusiastic gripping of me. Soon enough we are off on round two and S** comes to a second shattering climax in which I contribute a load of my semen in a great blast of pleasure and relief.

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Good Fortune Ch. 05

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Diana turned off the car and unbuckled. She picked up the invitation again to reread it, though there wasn’t anything on it that she didn’t remember – – perhaps she was just reminding herself of how much she was looking forward to this evening’s events and the company of her coworkers. Anna had sent invitations in the mail a week and a half in advance. They were getting together on a Saturday night and this would be the third time that all three friends were able to make it together. The first time was the fateful night stuck in a hotel when an excess of free time and some naughtily interpreted fortune cookies led to their first night of passion together. They had met at Anna’s house a couple weeks after that where a game of strip wii finally culminated in some of the best oral sex any of them had ever had.

A couple weeks ago Anna and Paula had gotten together at a time that Diana was unfortunately unavailable. She was intensely curious afterwards, and in a fit of lack of self-restraint she had called Paula, knowing that she could tell a good story. Nor was she disappointed when Paula described how she had cuffed Anna to the bed, slowly eaten a number of sweet substances off that taut body, then drove Anna over the edge with a combination of an anal plug, a sizeable dildo, a vibrating butterfly and passionate kissing. She remembered begging off the phone conversation abruptly so she could masturbate as she pictured the event in her mind’s eye.

Today’s invitation included a line with the letters “BYFT.” An asterisk pointed toward the explanatory note: Bring Your Favorite Toy(s).

Diana had met with Anna once as well at a time that Paula had been unable to attend. That had been at Diana’s house. Diana had invested in a new toy which they could share: a strapon cock which she had worn and used on Anna. They had loved it. It also explained the handwritten note on the bottom of the invitation. “P.S. Don’t you dare come without the strapon!” The toy in question was resting neatly near the top in her handbag. Her favorite one-person toy was her rabbit. She had made sure there were fresh batteries in it. There was no telling what would actually happen tonight. Once passions began rising everything else might be forgotten. They may or may not use either of the toys, and that was fine with Diana since enjoying the sexual company of her friends was the best part of getting together.

She got out of her car parked along the curb and was closing the door when she saw Paula’s car driving up. She decided to wait for her friend before going to the door. She had decided on a blue jean skirt with a button up blouse with a light floral print. Her taste in clothes was more subdued than Paula’s more flamboyant choices. Paula was wearing blue jeans and a loose fitting red pullover blouse. The blouse could not conceal Paula’s full breasts. She soon joined Diana and they gave each other a quick hug on the front lawn before walking to the front door chatting about the pleasant weather. Diana surreptitiously glanced at the bulky handbag that Paula had brought wondering what all she had in there. Somehow she could picture Paula having a number of toys to play with.

Paula pushed the doorbell button and moments later the door opened. The room behind it was dimly lit and their hostess apparently hidden behind the door. Diana stepped far enough in to give Paula some room before turning to greet Anna. Her eyes adjusted quickly and it was immediately obvious why Anna was hiding behind the door: she was dressed only in her underclothes! Anna was wearing a matching bra and panty set with tiger stripes on them. Anna was 5’3″ with shoulder-length mousy brown hair. She had the cutest petite figure with pert breasts, the nipples already poking against the fabric. She looked a little embarrassed and nervous, but her voice was under control as she shut the door saying, “So good to see you and I’m so glad you could make it.” She gave a little “Mmm” as she gave each of her friends a quick hug and peck on the cheek. She looked at Diana. “Open the bag, please. She stepped forward and peeked in. It must have been a little too dark to see details because she reached in and began pulling out the top item, which happened to be the strapon, far enough to see what it was. She replaced it and looked Diana in the eyes and said with a wink, “OK. You can stay.” She then looked at Paula’s bag and then to Paula before saying, “I can’t imagine what you didn’t bring with a bag that size.” Paula shrugged her shoulders with a lop-sided grin.

Anna stepped back and looked back and forth between her two friends, who were obviously eyeballing her mostly exposed little body. “You are both overdressed. I would appreciate it if you would strip down to your bra and panties.” Paula and Diana glanced at each other with raised eyebrows and smiles. While her two friends began complying, she went on, “Yes. I’m a little self-conscious about greeting you like this, um, mostly undressed. I just thought that since we’re probably going to take it all casino oyna off later it would give us a head start. And it would also be a turn on, especially if we look without touching for a while. And, I just like looking at you guys because you’re both so pretty.” Both ladies complimented Anna in turn. “I had thought about greeting you nude, but, I guess, I’m not quite ready for that. Maybe next time.” Anna was glancing back and forth at her friends whose outer clothes were now resting neatly on the couch. Paula was wearing a red bra and thong combination that went well with her blouse. If she didn’t shave her privates her bush would definitely be visible around the thin coverage of the thong. Diana was dressed in white: both bra and panties were frilly and patterned in such a way as to be almost see-through. Well, they were see-through in most places except the nipples and crotch. They both looked stunning. Anna gave them each another quick hug. Paula tried to wrap her arms around Anna for a more intimate hug, but Anna squirmed away and wagged her finger at her friend, “Uh, uh, uh.” Then she led her friends to the kitchen.

They sat at the kitchen table where Anna had set out a fruit salad. A bowl of uncut fruit decorated the center of the table along with a couple candles that provided most of the light except for a little bit that seeped around the closed drapes in the windows. Paula picked up a banana from the bowl and gave Diana a provocative look. They passed the salad dish around and served themselves. Anna began the direction of their conversation at the first lull after the ‘formalities’ of serving the fruit. “There are so many things I don’t know about you two, and which I’m sure you don’t know about me. But I’m really not in the mood to think about anything besides sex at the moment.” Both her friends were smiling and looked as though they agreed. “So I thought maybe we could talk about some of our sexual experiences from before we met each other.” Diana raised her eyebrows and tilted her head to the side in a manner that expressed her interest and intrigue with the idea. Paula just let out a “Woo hoo,” to express her agreement.

“Anyway, I thought we might start with the first time we ever had sex. And I’ll and start.” Anna proceeded to tell them about her college freshman experience with a really cute sophomore in the back of his father’s mid-size car. It was cheap, it was cramped, it was uncomfortable, and it was special for being the first time and with a guy she really wanted to be with. She figured out later that she hadn’t had an orgasm – – when she finally had one a couple years later and knew what it felt like. She finished with a bit of a dreamy look in her eyes, then looked at Paula, “What about you?”

Paula had finished her salad and was filching from the dish on the table one piece at a time. The question caught her mid-filch, but she stuck the grape she’d been after in her mouth and began telling about how she snuck out the window of her bedroom while she was in 10th grade and walked to the home of a boy whose parents had left for the weekend. They’d romped on his parents’ bed several times that night. He was a couple years older and it was known he’d been around the block a time or two sexually. She’d developed fairly early, and probably would have had sex earlier if she’d had opportunity. It was the first time for her, but she made up in energy what she lacked in experience. She knew they’d never get together again – – he just wanted to add another virgin to his quiver. But it was fun for her nonetheless.

Diana then recalled her first time. She had been one of the taller students in her class until the latter years in high school, and a little gangly and awkward, so she hadn’t taken many of the early approaches seriously. She had waited until her junior year in college. A guy in his mid-twenties that worked on campus had gradually convinced her that she was desirable. Finally one evening he invited her to his place after dinner and they’d screwed the night away. They’d stayed together for a while; she practically lived at his place the rest of that semester. Her grades fell apart. The guy lost interest in her, probably because he had his eye on someone else. It was sad overall, but the first-time sex was more than she’d imagined.

With the ice broken they went on to recount some of the favorite times they had sex, describing unusual locations, embarrassing interruptions, best climaxes, funniest occasions. They all were alternating between looking in each other’s faces and glancing appreciatively at their mostly exposed bodies and nicely rounded breasts and cleavage. Paula was telling about a particularly hot encounter she’d had when she abruptly stopped and smiled at Anna. “What are you doing with your hand?” She noticed that one of Anna’s hands was not only under the table, but had begun a rhythmic movement.

In a somewhat uncharacteristically spontaneous act Diana leaned to the side bending her head down and looked under the table. “Why, she’s got her fingers canlı casino in her panties.” Diana sat back up. Anna looked as though she’d been caught with her hand in the cookie jar – – she hadn’t even realized she was rubbing herself. Diana continued, “I believe we need to find out what Anna had in mind next otherwise she may kick us out and finish the job herself.”

Paula was up in a moment and walking over to Anna. “Up young lady. It’s time to find out why you had us bring our favorite toys.”

Anna recovered in a moment and stood gracefully. “Yes, I agree it is time to move along to our next, and much anticipated, activity. Please get your bags and bring them upstairs to the bedroom.” Her friends dutifully traipsed to the living room where they’d set their bags, and most of their clothes, grabbed the bags and quickly followed her upstairs.

They could smell a light fruity scent as they neared the bedroom, the source of which was identifiable as a scent bowl in which the wax was melted by a small light underneath it. The room was dim. The scent bowl provided some of the light as well as the closet light which provided indirect lighting to the rest of the room. The bowl was on the far end of the dresser near the wall. The dresser had been completely cleared, and now, arranged on the end nearest the bowl, were what must be Anna’s favorite toys. They appeared to consist of primarily smaller vibrators of several shapes and sizes, and a couple small dildos. Pointing to clear space on the rest of the dresser Anna requested, “Now if you will, please display your favorite toys for all to see.” She glanced at Paula, and her packed bag, cleared her throat, and continued. “Uh, Paula. Maybe you should just put out your most favorite toys, because I’m not sure those will all fit.”

As it turned out Diana had only brought her strapon, rabbit and one smaller vibrator so Paula was able to spread all her toys out with room to spare. Paula possessed a large variety of dildos which consisted of the bulk of the selection. They were in varying sizes, colors, textures and firmness. She had a couple vibrators, her butterfly, and she’d also placed her hand/ankle cuffs toward the back of the dresser. What was new was what appeared to be the longest dildo Anna had ever seen until she realized it had a penis head on both ends: a two-headed dildo. Nice.

“Diana. Paula. We’re overdressed for the occasion.” She was already reaching for her bra strap as she was talking and her bra was quickly flung in the corner with panties following. Anna’s eyes were locked on her friends the whole time so she could see them undressing. It amazed her how exciting it was each time to see her friends nude in front of her, and how beautiful they each were. Diana was 5’8″ with a well-toned body from her home elliptical. Her blonde hair was in a bob, and despite being the oldest, her medium-sized breasts had little sag to them. Paula was 5’6″ and her brunette hair hung to her mid-back. She had the fullest figure with nicely full hips and the fullest breasts of the three of them. “Please feel free to grab one toy for starters. I have of course laid dibs on the strapon, so anyone reaching for it will have to fight me for it.” Paula pretended to reach for it for a moment, but smiled and withdrew her hand as she perused the selection.

“Which one do you want to start with?” Diana asked Paula.

Paula responded thoughtfully, “As much as I would like to feel your rabbit inside me, I think I’ll warm up with something smaller. Maybe this.” She took a smaller metallic vibrator from the pile.

As Paula began turning toward the bed Diana stepped in close, one hand encircling Paula’s hand that held the vibrator, the other hand reaching behind Paula’s back for a hug. Diana pulled Paula in close and kissed her firmly on the lips. “Here, let me take that.” She leaned in and kissed Paula again, this time with her mouth open as her hand removed the vibrator from Paula’s loosening grip. “Lay down on the far side of the bed,” she whispered, her lips only an inch from Paula’s. Paula unquestioningly crawled across the bed and lay on her back.

Anna was watching the interplay between her friends with as much interest as she could while also trying to don the strapon. Since her friends had crawled across the bed, it was easier for her to sit down near the dresser where she also found several types of lubricants. She felt her vagina, and though it was moist she thought a little lube might help ease things along. She smeared some lube on the anal plug, then bent over the bed and inserted it, closing her eyes with the intensity of the sensation. When she opened her eyes she saw Paula smiling at her. Paula’s knees were raised and spread, and Diana was seated between them, her legs under Paula’s and stretched out along Paula’s sides. Paula was gently caressing Diana’s legs as far as her hands would reach without sitting up. Diana was slowly teasing Paula with the vibrator.

Anna next lubed the pussy plug. She decided to sit down for this kaçak casino operation. She thought the anal plug was in as far as it would go, but she moaned as it pushed more firmly inside her. She paused a moment before inserting the wider plug in her vagina. It also felt very good, and she remembered how Diana’s face had contorted with the intense sensations when she had fucked Anna with it. Anna then carefully sorted out the remaining straps to make sure none were twisted before she tightened them.

She stood up and turned back toward the bed as she continued pulling on the straps to make sure they were as tight as she could get them. She saw Paula cooing with pleasure as Diana vibrated the toy on one of Paula’s nipples, the other hand rubbing gently up and down over Paula’s pussy. As she watched she saw Diana switch hands, so that now one hand gently massaged one of those beautiful boobs, and the other teased the vibrator around Paula’s pussy. Anna couldn’t see Paula’s privates from her angle, but she saw Paula tense as the vibrator either touched a sensitive part, or at least drew near to it.

Anna crawled over so she could see what was going on, her artificial cock dragging on the bed. She couldn’t resist the call of Paula’s boobs so she turned and set her lips on one of those already engorged nipples and gave it a firm suck and lip squeeze, her tongue playing across the tip of it. She felt it firm up in her mouth as she heard Paula’s gasp and felt one of Paula’s hands on the back of her head, Paula’s fingers briefly grasping, then tracing through her hair.

Diana was enjoying her view immensely and was getting very turned on even though she wasn’t being directly stimulated at the moment, except for Paula’s hand rubbing up and down her leg. It had struck her as funny, and sexy, to see her pretty, petite friend crawl across the bed with the above average cock dangling down. She winked at Anna when she peeked to see what was going on around Paula’s pussy. Diana had purposely held off on directly hitting that clit which was now more easily seen poking out from among the folds of flesh. But she had known instinctively that Anna was going for one of Paula’s nipples – – that’s what she wanted to do. So just as Anna’s lips made contact, she buzzed the vibrator right on Paula’s clit. Paula’s knees clamped for a moment as she simultaneously gasped in pleasure.

As much as Diana was enjoying this she knew she’d have to change positions if she was to receive any stimulation herself, or if she were to be able to put her lips on any of Paula’s inviting body parts. Diana scootched back carefully so she wouldn’t fall off the back of the bed, and when she was far enough she brought her knees under her and leaned forward toward Paula’s pussy. When she looked she saw that now Anna was engaged in a very intense French kiss with Paula, and one of her little hands was freely roaming Paula’s expansive chest. Paula had one hand behind Anna’s head, and the other was reaching under Anna’s body to pull on the strapon cock, perhaps willing it to enter her body. Diana, her weight on her elbows, used one hand to gently spread Paula’s pussy lips on which she could now see, and smell, the glistening moisture of excitement. She flicked the vibrator back on and gently inserted it into Paula’s pussy hole. Diana could hear Paula moaning into Anna’s mouth through their kiss. She gently removed it and rubbed it against Paula’s clit. Paula’s body wobbled from side to side as she tried to amplify the pleasure. Diana reinserted the vibrator in Paula’s hole, this time bending her head down so she could gently kiss that sensitive clit. She soon felt both of Paula’s hands on her head, and her unmuffled breathless pleas to not stop. Diana complied by continuing to lightly run the tip of her tongue around the tip of Paula’s clit. She was pleasantly surprised by the next sensation, which was a hand between her legs rubbing her own pussy.

Anna had been almost lost in the glorious kiss with Paula, her hand roaming Paula’s soft, full breasts. She had felt the bed jiggle as Diana changed positions and a brief glance had shown her what she was looking for; Diana with her knees on the edge of the bed. Up to this point her friends hadn’t been in a position where she could use her strapon on them. Reluctantly she had broken off her kiss with Paula and backed off the side of the bed. She had circled around until she was standing behind Diana and gently slid one of her hands between Diana’s legs. She purposely pressed her middle finger on Diana’s clit as she drew her hand back and used the same finger to separate Diana’s fleshy folds to find her pussy hole. Diana’s knees inched further apart to allow more space for the hand. Anna found what she was looking for and inserted her finger to find that Diana’s pussy was wonderfully slick and ready. Without hesitation she used her other hand to lift the strapon cock to the hole, and when she had the head poised in position she leaned in and pushed the cock inside her friend as far as it would go. She knew that first push was probably a little rough on her friend, but she knew the cock would quickly be adequately lubricated so that her continued thrusts would be nothing but pleasurable.

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Aunty’s Ass

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Hello dear reader…I hope you like my story! Well my name is Sunny and I am 25 years old & I want to share a sexual experience with you about my aunty (Neerja) and me.

It all started when she came to our house after marrying my uncle (my father’s brother). I was 19 at that time.

Let me tell you about her first…. She is about 5’7 tall, fair; big sized boobs and a great and tempting ass. Personally I fell in love with her sexy looking thighs and calves on first sight.

I secretly used to think of the instances when I used to see her on panty or bra or sometimes naked as our doors have the big olden keyholes and used to jerk a lot.

One-day uncle dear had to go to Delhi for some work and wouldn’t be coming home for at least two whole weeks. Now was my chance to have full advantage of my aunty. As my aunty and I stayed in the same house (we are one big family in one big house at juhu) I used to easily convince her to let me sleep in her room as they had a bigger t.v. and I liked it (she did not know what casino siteleri I liked ). So finally at 10:30 p.m. when everybody departed into their own rooms to sleep I too obediently followed my aunty into her room.

We were watching an English movie in the same room on the same big bed. She had worn her nightgown but today it was unexpectedly shorter than before (I wondered why?) but anyway it was better for me to get a good view of those legs and thighs I loved so much. As we were watching the movie, a very sexy scene came in which the hero and the heroine started having sex and were smooching like wild dogs. She turned around to look at me only to be fingering around with my dick, my hand inside my pj’s. She gave me a wicked smile and told me that that night she wanted to refresh the memories of her honeymoon. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stared at her taking my pj’s off and catching my dick in her hand. As my dick was already hot from the scenes on t.v. it became canlı casino harder and hotter than before.

She stroked my 6-inch cock with perfect strokes and it was feeling heavenly. Her stroking became faster and I was getting horny. I do not know what came over me that I got up, pulled her hand away from my cock and ripped her nightgown off her. I quickly unbuttoned her bra. I found out that she had specially worn the short nightgown to arouse me. I was quite happy and started sucking her now hard nipples. I sucked and sucked until she moaned the loudest in pleasure. I felt her pussy and saw that it was all wet and soaked. I bent down and licked her pussy clean but the juices were still flowing. I could not control myself and I finally with a big moan thrust my huge cock into her inviting cunt! It was the best feeling I had ever had in my whole life! I gave her the greatest shot she had ever had in her whole life. She said that I was a better partner to have with in bed than her husband was. I was very pleased and started kaçak casino giving it to her harder and harder. The whole bed was shaking & jerking because of my strong movements. I unloaded loads of cum in her. Then I told her to get on her knees and crouch in doggy style. She obediently did the needful. I brought out some Vaseline and applied it in her virgin asshole and some over my dick.

I told her to bear the pain and she said it was no problem for her. I took a deep breath and with some difficulty pushed my cock into her asshole and she held her hands on my buttocks to help me hold on! I pumped in her like a madman and shot out a load of hot cum inside her. She wanted to taste my dick after it had entered her ass and so I gave it in her mouth. She said my dick tasted fabulous and started blowing it. She blew it twice and drank all the cum twice. She really enjoyed it. I was enjoying it too. We smooched for a while and then she gave me a final blowjob and we cleaned up the mess we had made and went off to sleep hugging and kissing each other. We had sex everyday till my uncle came home.

One day I even obliged by shaving her pussy hair. Any LADY who wants to know its detail may please write directly by giving feedback of this story.

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