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Surprise Encounter With Friend’s Dad

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It was a lazy Thursday summer afternoon, not a cloud in the sky and humid. Vicky got a call around noon from her best friend Sarah to come over for a swim and to hang out.

This was a normal event during the summer as neither had much to do until college started up again in the fall. So Vicky put together her things including her favorite bikini (blue top and white bottoms) that showed off her long skinny legs and small breasts as much as possible.

When she got to Sarah’s house, Sarah was already outside on the deck of her pool. Vicky let herself in, went through living room and kitchen and out the back patio door. Sarah was also in her favorite bikini, blonde and tanned.

Vicky said hello, and they proceeded to chat about the great weather as they got ready to have a dip in the pool. After a quick dip in the pool and quick chatter about their upcoming class schedules in the fall, they both got out of the pool and lied down on the chairs they had set up to do some sun-tanning.

Meanwhile, Sarah’s father Jim, had been at work as a bank manager for the morning but came down with a mild headache and called it a day around noon. After picking up some fast food on the way home, he ate it in the car and decided it was probably best to take a nap. He arrived around 1pm and parked the car in the garage using the new stat of the art garage door opener he had just installed. Therefore, his entrance into the house was quiet and Sarah and Vicky had no idea any one else was home.

Jim went upstairs, got out of his suit, and lay down on the bed to rest naked. He thought to himself how nice it would have been if his wife wasn’t at work but he knew she had a busy day of work scheduled and wouldn’t be home for a while.

About 5 minutes into Jim’s nap, he heard some faint laughter from outside. He stood up and peeked out his window to see Sarah and her friend Vicky outside. He had a perfect view of both of them sun-tanning about 50 feet away. He was surprised as he thought Sarah was to do some errands today but also pleasantly surprised as Vicky was Jim’s favorite of all of Sarah’s friends. Jim had jerked off numerous times to the view of Vicky in his backyard swimming. Her long legs and firm tight body got him every time. He was hard as a rock before he knew it.

Then Vicky’s cell phone rang, it was her boyfriend and she walked out of Jim’s sight, Jim took this as a sign that he should probably lay down for that nap now but he put on some swimming trunks just in case Sarah came upstairs.

Vicky was annoyed that her boyfriend called as she was just starting to completely relax, after a quick chat, she went inside for some lemonade for the both of them. Upon return, Sarah canlı bahis was getting ready to get back in the pool again, so they both jumped in and again cooled off from the humid day. About a half hour later they went to get out again, Vicky wanted some more lemonade and went to towel off, this is when she realized she had forgotten her towel at home. Vicky told Sarah she would use Sarah’s towel to quickly dry off and go get more lemonade, and to find another towel for herself. Vicky had been in Sarah’s house many times and Sarah had no problem with it and stayed outside.

Vicky went in the house, it was extremely quiet. Meanwhile, Jim was upstairs, unable to sleep as he just stared at the wall from his back on the bed. When he heard Vicky tell Sarah she was going inside, he wished he was downstairs so that he could talk to Vicky and see her again.

Before Jim knew it, he heard footsteps on the stairs and he realized Vicky was coming upstairs. His cock reacted immediately. Vicky couldn’t find any towels downstairs so went to go upstairs, still a bit wet from the pool, she figured it was ok to go up as they were alone. She first tried the main bathroom, but it had no towels, then tried Sarah’s room, again no towels. Then she figured she’d try the master bedroom bathroom, she opened the door, and got the shock of her life, Sarah’s dad was home, he was lying down on his stomach in swimming trunks. Vicky said she was so sorry and was just looking for a towel and turned to go back downstairs. Jim wasn’t sure what to do, he called out to her to hold on and that he thinks there is a towel in the bathroom.

Vicky had always found Sarah’s father somewhat attractive for an older man. It was confirmed when she saw his chiseled back when she first burst into the room. Jim went to get the towel, he was still rock hard, but Vicky hadn’t seen his front yet so she had no idea. Jim tried to conceal it with the towel as he came back into the bedroom from the bathroom, by then Vicky was inside the bedroom beside the bed near the entrance just looking around.

Jim handed Vicky the towel, hoping to god she didn’t notice his erection through the shorts. Vicky grabbed the towel and decided to small talk a bit saying, “Thanks Mr. Davis, I forgot my towel at home.”

Jim replied, “No problem Vicky, it’s nice to see you, haven’t seen you in a while, and you can call me Jim!”

Vicky began drying her hair and they were standing 5 feet apart looking at each other. Vicky apologized, “Sorry for waking you up, we didn’t realize you were home.”

Jim said, “Ya, I came home early, had a headache, needed to take a nap, I was almost awake anyways, so no problem. How’s your summer going?”

Vicky bahis siteleri was getting comfortable around Jim, “Pretty good, going by too quick of course.”

By now, Vicky had tied the towel around her waist and was about to go when she glanced down and saw that Jim’s hard-on was VERY noticeable through his shorts. In her head, she was flattered and shocked and didn’t know if she should get out of there without him noticing that she noticed.

Jim noticed Vicky’s eyes glance down, and there was a very awkward moment.

Jim exclaimed, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, please don’t take offence!” Jim found it surprising that she wasn’t running out of the room.

Vicky just stood there almost staring at his crotch and said, “It’s ok Jim, it’s just a natural reaction right?”

Jim was worried what was going to happen, “Oh ya, you’re a beautiful girl and it has a mind of its own, I’m sorry again, please don’t tell Sarah about this.”

Vicky shyly answered, “It’s ok, I’m actually kinda flattered.”

Jim suddenly liked where this was going so decided to turn up the flattering, “You should be Vicky, you’re frankly very hot, your boyfriend Kyle is a lucky guy.”

Another very awkward silence hit the room as neither knew what to say.

Finally, Jim figured he may as well try and blurted out, “Would you ummmm…like to see it Vicky?”

Vicky’s brain was saying “run out now” but deep down she was very curious about how big Sarah’s dad was and she was already wet wondering.

Vicky surprised herself when she said, “Ummm sure, guess there’s no harm in looking.”

Jim’s cock throbbed hearing Vicky say that, he wanted to fuck her right then and there like there was no tomorrow but realized he needed to take this slow and said, “Ok, this is crazy, but here goes.”

With that, Jim just dropped his shorts to his ankles and stood there. Vicky was amazed, her jaw literally dropped, his cock was the biggest she’d ever seen in person, it was rock hard and at least 8 inches and thick.

Vicky finally broke the silence, “WOW, you have an amazing cock Jim!”

Jim answered giddily, “Thank you Vicky, as you can see it really likes you! I know you have to get back outside, but before you do, since I showed you something, would you mind showing me something?”

Vicky was caught a little off guard, “Oh, I don’t know about that, but you’re right, would you like to see my breasts?”

Jim couldn’t believe it worked, he’s wanted to see Vicky’s breasts forever, now he was going to get the chance up close and personal, saying “Oh wow, I would love to!”

In one swift motion, Vicky took her bra off and dropped it on the floor. Now it was Jim’s turn to have his bahis şirketleri jaw drop. They were nicer than he ever imagined. He figured 34b’s, small but solid with perfectly proportioned nipples.

Suddenly both couldn’t talk and it was one long awkward moment.

Jim slowly walked towards Vicky, reached out and felt one of Vicky’s breasts, while at the same time taking Vicky’s hand with his other hand and placed it on his cock. Vicky was getting very turned on very quickly but just froze in shock as to what was happening.

Jim then whispered in Vicky’s ear, “get on your knees sweety!”

Vicky knew immediately what he wanted. She had given head a lot to her boyfriend but he was half the size as Jim. She figured she was now stuck and half of her wanted to blow him anyways.

So Vicky slowly got on her knees and took Jim’s rock hard cock in her mouth. Jim held Vicky’s head closed his eyes and was suddenly in heaven. Vicky gave him the best head he had ever had, he was loving it.

Vicky could barely breathe, she had Sarah’s dad’s huge cock in her mouth, his hand on her head and his balls in her hand…she couldn’t believe what was happening.

About 5 minutes after she started, she could feel the throbbing start and the pre-cum was indicating it was time. Jim said to keep going and held her head in place, shortly after, she felt a huge load of cum shoot down her throat and then 3 or 4 in a row almost making her gag. All Jim said was, “swallow it sweety cuz we don’t want a mess.” It was the most cum Vicky had ever experienced and she was shocked how much he came.

When it was all over, Jim fell back onto the bed in pure elation.

Jim exclaimed, “Oh my god, thank you Vicky, that was amazing!”

Vicky was tired and surprised, “That was crazy, wasn’t expecting you to cum like that.”

With cum still dripping from her mouth and some on her neck she found her bikini top, put it back on and proceeded to leave.

Jim suddenly realized Sarah was still outside, and this could be bad if anyone found out and said, “Here, don’t forget the towel, and I hope you agree that no one can know about this.”

Vicky was thinking the same thing and replied, “Of course, I understand.”

Jim suddenly looked at her body again and in his mind wanted to fuck her hard right now, but knew he couldn’t and said, “OK, maybe we’ll do it again sometime sweety, get back outside now!”

Vicky trotted downstairs and back outside, Sarah was none the wiser, she had actually fallen asleep and barely noticed Vicky was gone. All Vicky could taste was Jim’s cum in her mouth still and just wanted to jump in the pool again to wash off. Before she could though, Sarah stopped her and said, “Hey Vicky, looks like you left some sun tan lotion on your neck you silly goose!”

With that she took her finger, swiped the gob of “sun tan” lotion and rubbed it into her own legs, if she only knew!!

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Supportive Parent Ch. 03

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My wife Katie was still working the evening shift at the time of her daughter, Kathy’s first volleyball game. Kathy’s coach allowed me down on the gym floor to take pictures of Kathy. I had bought a new digital SLR camera, so I could take action pictures of Kathy during play. The zoom lens turned out to be more powerful than I thought. The details I was able to see amazed me and got me pretty hard when I zoomed in on Kathy’s crotch and ass.

Kathy was sensational, over powering the play so much that the other team began to avoid hitting the ball near her. Before the game was over by a large margin, the fans were shouting Kathy’s name. I couldn’t have been more proud. I was near a group of people from the college conference association and over heard them talking about her chances of being an all-American player if she maintained her high grade point average.

After Kathy celebrated with her teammates, she ran and jumped in my arms. I spun her around and kissed her face trying to avoid anyone seeing our lips touch. I took her out to dinner and I told her what I over heard. I offered to help her out with her studies, being that I was an honor graduate. Kathy just looked me deeply in my eyes, and then leaned over and kissed me passionately.

I could barely wait until we got home. I kissed her passionately all the way from the front door to her bedroom. We peeled off each other’s clothes piece by piece before falling on top of her bed. We rolled around kissing and caressing each other until I rolled her on top of me and pulled my cock up to her wet pussy. She filled herself completely with my hard rod and began bucking like an untamed horse. I captured both of her tits and pulled on her nipples, while she rocked and rolled on my cock.

We stayed in each other’s arms up to the time for her mother to come home. We said our good night and I headed off to shower. Being with Kathy after a win was really incredible. My cock was still hard and throbbing under the shower and I could still feel the grip of her pussy.

When Katie got home, she got in bed with me naked and began stroking my already hard cock. She moved back the cover and took nearly my entire length in her hot mouth. I maneuvered her around until we ended up out of the bed with her holding onto the footboard, while I thrust my hard-on into her from behind. I pounded her with every inch of my being. The sounds of me slapping against her big soft ass echoed throughout the house. It was something about fucking her with all my strength that fired me up. I loved the way my cock felt deep inside of her and the feel of her soft buns.

I had both Katie and Kathy on my mind that night. I realized then that I was completely in love with both of them. I loved fucking Kathy just as much as I love fucking her mother. The thought of having sex with Katie in front of Kathy and then getting Kathy to join us, was a great plan, but pulling it off was totally different.

I went into the kitchen guessing that I would find both Katie and Kathy there. I was right. It was Friday morning, the normal place for them to be. Katie had Friday off and Kathy didn’t have classes on Fridays.

“Good morning,” I said to both of them and kissed Katie pushing my tongue into her mouth in at passionate kiss. I thought I could take a chance, so I asked Kathy if she wanted one. Before she could answer I kissed her just like I had done mother. Katie laughed at my antics, but my cock was seriously hard. I stood up next to Katie rubbing her shoulder and they both pointed out my predicament. Katie rubbed her hand over it and I encouraged her to take care of it. Katie giggled and then took out my cock right there in front illegal bahis of her daughter. Katie commented about it being thick and juicy to Kathy’s amusement as she stroked it and then took it in her mouth.

While Katie sucked on my cock, I motioned to try and get Kathy to join her mother, but she was resisting. I finally pulled my cock out of Katie’s mouth and joked that she should share with Kathy. Katie laughed. Katie said that she bet that I would really love having both her and her daughter. I readily agreed stating if it was okay with her.

I held my breath in a prayer as I waited for Katie to stop laughing and answer the question. Kathy giggled, but I could tell that she was waiting on her mother’s answer also. My cock was throbbing with anticipation.

Katie took my cock in her mouth again and then kissed the head when she pulled it out. “You can have some of this if you want some,” Katie said to her daughter. “It’s not like he’s your real father anyways. He cares for you very much. Even more than some people I know.”

I was surprised that Katie was actually trying to be convincing to her daughter. My heart was now throbbing in my head. My wife was telling us that we could be together.

“I know dad was never good to you mom,” Kathy said. “Jason has been terrific and I love him for everything that he has done for me, especially since volleyball started.” She came closer and leaned to give her mother a hug.

They leaned back looked at my still hard cock and laughed. Katie pointed the head of my cock to Kathy allowing her to take it. “You’ll like it much better than your father’s cock and Jason is not trying to force it on you,” Katie said.

I thought I was hearing things. It sounded to me like Katie was saying that her ex-husband forced his cock on Kathy. Katie looked up at me and smiled rubbing my back as Kathy sucked on my cock.

Katie pulled my shorts all the way down and helped me step out of them while Kathy continued her superb blowjob. Katie cupped my balls in her hands and kissed the shaft of my cock until Kathy offered her my cock. Kathy looked up at me and smiled and I leaned over and kissed her fully on the lips again.

“I know you want to stick this thing somewhere else,” Katie said stripping naked in the kitchen and leaning over the table with her legs spread.

Kathy giggled as she removed her clothes and positioned herself beside her mother. I got behind Katie and moved the head of my cock between her soft butt-cheeks to her brownie. “Do you want it right here?” I joked and Katie giggled. I didn’t want to cum before I had a chance to have both of them at the same time, and that would have happened had I went up Katie’s anal passage.

I pulled my cock down to Katie’s pussyhole, and thrust it deep. I massaged Kathy’s soft ass and fingered her pussy and asshole while I fucked her mother. I drove my cock in and out of Katie for about ten minutes before I pulled out and slid my cock into Kathy’s cunt.

They giggled and moaned and fucked me back as I fucked each of them. It became clear to me that these two had shared the same man before. Maybe my wife’s ex-husband wasn’t as nice as I thought he was. He had been out of contact for over a month at that time.

I kept switching back and forth between them until Katie’s orgasm erupted. I stuck my cock in Kathy and fucked her hard and fast until I filled her with every last drop of cum I had in me. Katie was gracious enough to suck our sex from my cock before sending me off to the shower.

I was walking on air, but I couldn’t get over the fact that Kathy’s father forced her to have sex with him. I was curious as to what exactly happened, but illegal bahis siteleri I didn’t want to stir up anything that could spoil things for me. I called into work to make sure that I could fully enjoy the day with them.

After my shower, I found Katie and Kathy in Kathy’s bedroom trying on her booty-shorts. Katie’s ass stretched the fabric and stuck out the bottoms of the ones that she could fit in. All of them were perfect to me. Katie settled on a pair that looked like they were made of white mesh, because her skin showed through the material. I loved the way the pants show the dark area of her pubic hairs. I was delighted in how little they decided to wear.

They both wore basically the same thing. Barely mid-riff tank tops, tight booty-shorts and flip-flop shower shoes. Neither one wore a bra or panties. I tried to remain calm, but my hands found their body parts. I suggested a shopping trip, which they were excited about.

We picked up the mail on the way out, and Kathy got a final notice on her college tuition. Her face dropped like a stone. There was no way I was going to let something like a bill spoil my fun. I took the bill and called the phone payment service at the school and made the payment that was supposed to have been made by her father. I was becoming more and more annoyed with him. Kathy thanked me profusely, but I told her given our current situation she could expect things like that.

Katie stopped me when I started to get out of my Escalade at the Mall. “This is so you’ll remember that I’m completely yours,” she said unzipping my pants to go down on me in the busy parking lot. A few guys passed by and saw her head bouncing up and down in my lap. Kathy leaned over between the seats and took her turn at sucking on my cock. She gave me the same sentiment that her mother had.

My chest reached the Mall doors way before we did. I walked straight and proudly with two women dressed like pure sluts on each arm. My cock felt like a led pipe, it was so hard. We went through the automatic doors and the stares began. I clinched my jaw to keep from smiling at all the guys breaking their necks to get a better look and at all the women who gasped and almost fainted at the sight. Both Katie and Kathy were putting on a show for all to see.

We went into a store that sold the kind of booty-shorts that Kathy liked to wear and she picked out several pair for her and Katie. I could tell that both of them delighted themselves in making the people around them nervous. I felt almost like a pimp, and they were my whores. Every now and then one of them would give me a French kiss just to show off in front of the other customers. The clerks that helped them didn’t mind, because they picked up huge commissions. Some people followed us into some of the shops just to get a closer look at Katie and Kathy.

I loved the shop that sold evening gowns. They had the sexiest dresses that I had ever seen in my life. The sales lady was very courteous to us and I purchased every gown that I thought Katie and Kathy looked sexy in. They also found some really sexy high heeled shoes to go with the dresses.

All of our arms were filled with shopping bags when we left the Mall. I felt we sucked all the air out of the place when we left. Katie and Kathy were ecstatic. They showered me with kisses. Katie said it felt so good for the first time in her life to be able to walk into a store and get what she wanted without having to worry about how much things cost. Kathy echoed the same sentiment.

We had lunch at an outside café enjoying the taste of wine, which I had become accustomed to from being with Katie. I could tell that the waiter enjoyed canlı bahis siteleri Katie and Kathy’s cleavages and nipples which showed from their tops. I left him a big enough tip anyways.

Both of them hung onto me tightly everywhere we went. I wanted to take them out that night, so I suggested that we head home, so we could rest and get ready for the night. They agreed without question. I loved that.

On the way home, I said, show your tits out the window and Katie and Kathy both lowered their windows and lifted their tops showing off their full tits to the traffickers on the highway. It was great. I began to wonder what I had been so up tight about all this time.

After we got back and got my Caddie unloaded, I made a call to my mother and then to her attorney. Before I married Katie, my mother insisted that I turn over all of my assets to protect me. I never had a problem trusting anything my mother said to me, and doing what she suggested didn’t bother me one little bit. I was planning on having a fantastic time and I didn’t want to have any issues with money.

I arranged for a limo to pick us up, reservations at the plaza ballroom, and a carriage ride afterwards. I cleaned myself up well and took out my tuxedo, which I had in our bedroom closet. I relaxed over Champaign and music while Katie and Kathy dressed. I felt like I was on top of the world.

Katie and Kathy looked even sexier in the dresses with their hair down and makeup on, than they did in the store when they tried own the gowns. They walked about making sure that I noticed that I could see their naked pubic areas from the sides by the long slits in the dresses that came all the way up to their waist. Their dresses had spaghetti straps and were low cut to the tops of their plump butts in back.

We had star quality and definitely were treated as such by the limo driver and the host at the restaurants. Katie and Kathy talked about how fabulous everything was, while I smiled and nodded. I wondered if either one of them had been to their high school prom.

I danced with Katie who thanked me for being so good to her and her daughter. She pledged her body to me. I figured that she had a lot more to offer than her body, but I wasn’t going to turn that away. She told me that she wasn’t too old to have more children and would have them for me if I wanted them. Children were the last thing on my mind.

When I danced with Kathy, I slid my hands in the slits of her dress to her naked ass. We whispered how great it was that her mother knew about us and was supportive. We talked about her volleyball site that I was doing for her. I told her that I wanted to take nude photos of her. She suggested a sex video like the Hilton girl. I laughed out loud.

I really needed the fresh air when we went down to the street for the horse carriage ride. The ladies were just as intoxicated as I was at that point. The guy helping the horse driver got a real eye full when Katie and Kathy calmed into the carriage. Both of their asses were in clear view for him to see.

I asked them, how I got so lucky. They protested saying that they were the lucky ones. I crossed my arms and moved the top part of their dresses away from their crotches. I began fingering their pussies as the horse pulled us slowly around the historic down town area. I kissed one passionately and then the other. It was like magic.

I told Katie that I wanted to take her to see my mother. I hadn’t told her a lot about my mother, but I let her know that my mother wasn’t the kind of woman to be taken lightly. I wanted to be sure that Katie and I had a solid relationship before I took her to see my mother. Us getting married only a couple of weeks after we meet didn’t do much to insure my mother that we would last. Me sleeping with Katie and her daughter I knew would go a long way in convincing my mother that we had something that I would want.

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Sunny Daze

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You might say that things hadn’t been going well for me.

First off, I had skipped out of a class one day to surprise my girlfriend with flowers, hoping she might be up for a little afternoon sex. She was, but unfortunately, she was having it with someone else, and I walked in on it.

With no way to afford an apartment on my own or any desire to return to dorm life, I moved back into my old room at home after that. I managed to keep up with my classes, but the depression that hit meant something had to give. I lost my job, which further limited my options.

As happened all too often, that muddle of the last few months was running through my head as I walked through the airport parking garage after dropping my parents off. They were going on a cruise, leaving me in charge of my eighteen-year-old sister, since I was on summer break from college.

And that was the next problem.

When I’d left home, Sunny was only fifteen, a little socially backward, and sometimes a nuisance. The very first day I was home, I found out that a lot had changed in the three years since.

As she walked a few feet in front of me through the garage, I caught my eyes straying to the sight of her butt swaying back and forth in a pair of tight shorts. She wasn’t fifteen anymore, that’s for sure. I’d had ample opportunity to notice that since she’d never grown out of running around the house in her underwear.

Not that the clothes she’d started wearing covered much more.

I tore my eyes away, thinking that I really needed to get laid. It had been three months since I’d caught my girl riding some other guy, and it was beginning to wear on me. I could try to chalk it up to pent-up cum, but the truth was that my little blonde sister Sunny had more than ‘flowered’ while I was gone. Not having had the advantage of watching it happen, the reality hit me hard.

We made it to the car a few seconds later, and I clicked the button on my key chain to unlock the door for her. She was waiting for me when I sat down behind the wheel. The sour expression she’d worn since leaving the house vanished.

“You’re not really going to keep me on punishment, are you?” she sweetly asked.

“Don’t even try it,” I said as I put the keys in the ignition. “I promised Mom and Dad.”

“Oh, come on. You did it.”

“No, actually, I didn’t. You were drinking and driving, Sis.”

“I was only buzzed.”

“How many people with their cars wrapped around telephone poles have said that? The ones who survived any way.”

She sat back in the seat and sighed. “Okay, I know it was stupid — but gawd. They grounded me for like the whole summer, took my car and everything.”

I chuckled as I put the car in reverse. “It’s one month. You’re getting off easy. They grounded me for three months the first time they caught me drinking, and I’d walked home.”

“Can I at least get on Facebook? I feel like the whole world is passing me by.”

“How are you going to get away with that? Mom and Dad are on your friends’ list, and they’re holding your car hostage.”

Sunny’s head thumped into the seat and she groaned. I think the reason Mom and Dad had bought us cars when we turned sixteen was for the sole purpose of using them as bludgeons to keep us in line. My sister loved that car, and she wasn’t going to risk it.

“Suck it up,” I told her. “The month’s up when they get home. It’s not going to kill you.”

“Easy for you to say,” she said as she turned on the radio.

I shook my head and concentrated on driving, since we were merging into traffic. A few glances her way revealed that my sister’s expression had slipped back into a pout. I’d obviously been right about her trying to butter me up in hopes of some slack in her punishment.

Sunny went up to her room to mope for a while when we got home, so I took advantage of the solitude to watch the baseball game in the living room. It was nice to be able to kick back on the couch with a beer and relax for once.

I heard the top stair creak after an hour or so and glanced that way. I had to swallow hard as my sister bounced down the stairs in a bikini. Bounced doesn’t even begin to describe what her perky breasts were doing in that barely-there top. I grabbed my beer and took a long pull as she reached the bottom of the stairs, and focused intently on the television in front of me.

A surprised grunt escaped me when a bottle of sun tan lotion plopped into my lap.

“Put some on my back for me,” Sunny said as she stepped right in front of me.

Sitting on the couch, I was staring directly at her ass hanging out of her bikini bottom. The way the cloth hugged the perfect curves of her butt drew my eyes like a magnet. I didn’t get to see it long, because she sat down on my knees a moment later.

Fighting an embarrassing rush of blood between my legs, I grabbed the bottle and squirted lotion on her back. That didn’t help in the slightest when my brain changed the globs of white on her back into something far less innocent.

Though I was determined to get canlı bahis it done and over as quickly as possible, the feeling of her soft skin as I rubbed in the lotion made me want to linger. I clenched my teeth, wondering what the hell was wrong with me, and finished up by wiping my hands on my shorts.

Those shorts were decidedly tighter than they had been before she came downstairs.

“Thanks,” Sunny said as she popped up and turned around. She bent over to grab the bottle of lotion, leaving me staring straight down her top for a few agonizing moments.

I groaned and let my head thump into the cushion behind me as soon as she was out of sight. I could feel my cheeks burning and prayed she hadn’t noticed that — or that I’d gotten about half hard.

It was going to be a very long couple of weeks.


“Good morning, sleepyhead.”

I started awake the next morning to my sister straddling my stomach and grinning at me. Still half asleep, the first thing my brain latched onto was her short nightshirt riding up to reveal just a sliver of pink panties resting against my skin.

“Get off,” I grumbled, pushing on her legs.

She giggled and slid backwards. My eyes popped wide open when her butt bumped against my morning erection hidden beneath the sheet, but she swung her knee over me and hopped out of the bed a moment later.

“Come on, get up. I made you breakfast,” she said while jerking the sheet.

I caught it just in time to avoid her revealing me in nothing but a pair of briefs.

“Okay. Okay. I’ll be up in a minute, Sis. Get out of here.”

“Hurry up before the coffee and pancakes get cold.”

Sunny had already cleaned her plate by the time I got dressed and headed downstairs. She stood up and poured me a cup of coffee, which she brought over before going back for the pancakes.

“Sucking up isn’t going to do any good,” I warned her as I picked up my coffee.

“I’m not sucking up.”

I chuckled and rolled my eyes. I couldn’t hold back a satisfied groan as I sipped the coffee.

“Good?” she asked.

“Perfect,” I admitted.

She brought over my pancakes and sat them down in front of me. She’d drizzled the syrup and placed the melting butter pats rather artfully on top.

“Enjoy. I’m going to go get dressed.”

Thank god, I thought, because her nightshirt had the most eye-catching wrinkles stretching between her breasts.

My sister knew how to cook, and I was starving, so it didn’t take long to polish off the pancakes. The shorts and tight t-shirt she’d changed into when she came back in to put the dishes in the dishwasher weren’t that much of an improvement over her nightshirt.

“So are you going anywhere today?” she asked.

I lifted my eyebrows. “Why?”

“Just wondered.”

“I’m not going anywhere. What are you up to?”

She looked at me and must have determined that I was serious. Then, she fixed me with puppy-dog eyes.

“Can I go to the beach? Just for a little while?”

I shook my head as I stood up. “I already told you that it’s not going to do you any good to try to butter me up. I promised Mom and Dad that I’d keep you here and out of trouble.”

“I’m not going to get into any trouble.”

“Not here, you aren’t.”

“Fine,” she sighed as she walked out of the kitchen. “You’re no fun any more.”

“Tell you what…” I began, thinking I might have found an out.

Her shoes actually squeaked on the floor when she came to a sudden stop.

“You prove to me that you understand how dumb it was to get in the car after you’d been drinking, and maybe I’ll ease up.”

“How am I supposed to do that?”

I looked back over my shoulder and said, “That’s up to you.”

Half expecting another fit of pique, I was pleasantly surprised to see her brow knit in thought instead.

“Think about it,” I suggested. “That’s really why you’re grounded in the first place. You’re supposed to be thinking about what you did.”

“And you’ll let me off punishment?”

“I didn’t say that. I said I would ease up.”

“Like what?”

“Let you have a friend or two over. Something like that.”

She pursed her lips and nodded. “Okay.”

“Good. Thanks for breakfast, by the way.”

She beamed me a brilliant smile. “You’re welcome.”

She continued out into the front room, and I hoped she actually would think about it. My best friend had died in a drunk-driving accident when I was sixteen, and it had really shaken me up. That was the reason I’d made the promise to my parents, and why I intended to stick to it.

Once again finding my eyes drifting to her too-sexy behind as she walked away, I silently cursed myself. As little as I wanted to admit it, my sister was hot, and I couldn’t help but notice. Even after she passed out of sight, I was still thinking about how good she looked.

A distraction was in order, and I had just the first-person shooter to provide it waiting in my room.


The house was quiet at about one in the morning. The day bahis siteleri had gone a lot easier for me once Sunny left for her shift at work for the local supermarket. I knew she wasn’t terribly happy about driving Mom’s minivan there, but at least she hadn’t complained about it this time.

I went out for a while, but ended up coming home when there was little to nothing going on. All the money I had was from selling off some of my old video games, and I had more important things to do with it than waste gas desperately seeking something to do.

With about eight beers in me, I was feeling mellow when I shut out the light and lay back in bed. The moon reflecting off the pool was creating wave patterns of light on the ceiling, making me wish I had a joint to go with my beer. My brain simply refused to shut down. It was like white noise of thought with no real coherent direction, and it was keeping me awake.

I jolted out of a half-doze with a momentary, panicky feeling of falling, and snorted in frustration. Stubbornly closing my eyes, I tried again once my heart stopped pounding.

I thought I had imagined it at first, but then I heard it again. I knew it was my sister’s voice, but hearing it through the wall our rooms shared was positive confirmation. What I’d heard was a faint whimper, and it repeated again shortly after I realized what it was.

I wondered if she was having a nightmare, and briefly considered going to check up on her. The whimpers kept coming, sometimes joined by other, less discernable sounds. I tried to block them out and go to sleep, but it wasn’t working.

The sounds slowly grew more frequent, and I started wide awake when I finally realized what they were.

My sister was masturbating just on the other side of the wall.

There was no stopping it. I instantly saw an image of her lying on her bed in my mind’s eye. Her legs were parted and her fingers flashed over her pussy. She writhed and twitched in time with the moans and whimpers I could suddenly hear with near-perfect clarity.

My briefs tightened as I swelled to rock-hardness. My cock was virtually screaming at me for attention, and it was impossible to ignore. Giving in to the inevitable, I pushed my underwear down.

I stroked fast — the vision of her so real behind my closed eyes. I imagined her squeezing her perfect breasts and pinching the nipples that I’d seen poking at her tops so often since coming home. There was no need to imagine her sounds of pleasure growing louder, because they were very real.

Nearing the point of no-return, I heard the loudest sound yet filter through the wall. The long, sharp cry could only be my sister exploding into orgasm, and I was right behind her.

Over and over again, cum surged up my shaft and erupted to spatter on my chest and stomach. In my thoughts, Sunny was frozen with her back arched high and two fingers buried to the hilt in her little pink pussy.

Though I’d kept all but a choked-off grunt from escaping me as I came, I couldn’t hold back a desperate gasp as the last spurt ended, replaced by oozing trickles that dribbled down onto my fingers.

I lay covered in cum with my cock clenched in my fist for quite some time.


“Are you mad at me?”

I winced at the sound of Sunny’s voice emerging from the doorway, glad that I was facing away from her. Thoroughly ashamed by what I’d done the night before, I’d avoided her all day long.

“No. Why would I be mad at you?”

I was surprised that I managed to say it without stuttering or my voice cracking.

“I don’t know. You act like you are.”

“I’m just not in a good mood,” I mumbled, still afraid to face her.

“Can I come in?”

I shrugged, keeping my eyes fixed on the computer and the mouse moving, though I had no real idea what I was doing.

Sunny sat down on the bed where I could see her in my peripheral vision. After a few seconds, she took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“I’ve been thinking — like you told me to,” she said in a soft voice.

“That’s good.”

She sat quietly for a few seconds, and then the words started spilling out of her. “It didn’t make much sense to me at first. I mean, I know it was wrong and stupid, but… I just didn’t get what you wanted me to say. Then I was walking to the bathroom and saw that picture of you and Wes in that big collage Mom framed.”

When I heard her sniffle, I turned to look and realized that she’d been crying.

“It hit me like a hammer or something. The only time I’ve ever seen you cry since you were little was at the funeral. It made me think about Sam and Wendy being in the car with me and… and…”

Tears started streaming down her face, and I got up to sit down next to her. She buried her face in my shoulder and cried. I wrapped my arms around her and stroked her hair as she sobbed, until she leaned back with a shuddering sigh.

“I’m s-sorry,” she said while looking into my eyes.

“It’s okay,” I said, and then wiped away a tear meandering down her cheek.

“I bahis şirketleri didn’t think about who else I could have hurt, or how you and Mom and Dad would have felt, or anything. I’m so stupid.”

I shook my head. “You’re not stupid. You just made a mistake, and I think you get that now.”

She nodded and sniffled.

“Feel better?”

She gave me a weak smile. “Sort of.” Then she wiped her eyes and said, “God, I must look ugly.”

“You’re not even remotely ugly,” I said before I could think better of it.

Her smile widened. “Thanks. I think I’m going to go lay down and take a nap.”

It was only then that I realized I was still holding her. I unwrapped my arms from around her and nodded toward the door.

“Thank you, Greg,” she said, and then leaned in to kiss my cheek before getting up from the bed.

I could feel the touch of her lips long after she left.


The emotional episode actually helped me deal with the physical attraction that had taken hold of me. When she woke up, I asked her if she wanted to call some friends to come over, since she’d fulfilled her part of the bargain.

She suggested racing me in Mario Kart instead.

We ended up playing video games for hours in a struggle to one-up each other. She even ordered a pizza so we wouldn’t have to quit to make something to eat. We were both yawning by the time we put down the controllers and shut the console off. It was easily the best day I’d had in months.

Once she got out of the shower, I took my turn, even though I could have gone to Mom and Dad’s bathroom at any time. I had just rinsed the shampoo out of my hair when I heard the door open.

“Sunny, what are you doing?” I asked as I dropped my hands between my legs to cover me, even though the shower curtain probably did the trick.

“I’ve got to tinkle,” she said as she rushed past.

“So go to Mom and Dad’s bathroom,” I protested.

“Can’t wait.”

I stood there stunned with the water rushing down on me as I heard the tinkle. Though I couldn’t really see more than a hazy silhouette through the curtain, my imagination once again took over. She was sitting there with her panties around her ankles, not a foot away from me, stark naked in the shower.

Even her sigh of relief sounded vaguely sexual to me.

Thankfully, we have good pipes, so when she flushed the toilet, I didn’t get hit with a lava-hot burst. I couldn’t help watching when she pulled up her panties as she stood. I couldn’t see much else, but she was wearing dark colored panties, so they stood out against her fair skin and light-colored nightshirt in the cloudy image of the room.

“Okay, now get out of here,” I said.

Sunny laughed as she walked past, and I relaxed as I heard the bathroom door open.

She fooled me. I cried out in alarm when she jerked the shower curtain back a few inches and exclaimed, “Boo!”

“Sunny!” I yelled after her as she ran giggling from the room, leaving the door wide open.

She’d retreated to her room and closed the door, so I let it go. After checking my mail and Facebook, I hit the bed, but I couldn’t sleep.

I knew exactly what the problem was this time. Even though my ears were warm, I was also about half hard as I lay there staring at the dancing reflections on the ceiling. Half of me wanted to stay awake until the wee hours to see if there would be a repeat of the previous night, while the other half was busy scolding me for thinking about it.

I heard the very first moan this time.

I sighed as my cock rapidly stiffened to the sweet melody of my sister’s voice. She didn’t seem to be holding back as much, which meant that it was all the clearer, and even more difficult to resist the temptation. I struggled with the lust boiling up in me for a few seconds, but it was a foregone conclusion.

The truth was that I’d known that, because I’d left a shirt within easy reach on the nightstand. Even if she hadn’t played with herself that night, I knew I was going to, and I really didn’t want to deal with such a messy cleanup afterwards. I slipped my erection into the tail of the shirt and wrapped my hand around it.

Taking it easy, I stroked my cock with the cloth, listening to her moan and letting my imagination run free. When I heard her building toward a crescendo, I picked up the pace. The cloth rasped over my cock, building the wicked itch in the tip. When I heard her come, I erupted just as hard as I had the night before.

This time, the fantasy ended with my cum spattering all over her beautiful body, and there was a smile on my face.


“So, do you want to call some friends, or would you rather get whooped at Mario Kart some more?” I asked after Sunny got home from her early shift at work the next day. I cracked open a beer and took a long drink.

“There’s something else I’d rather do.”

“What’s that? Nothing too crazy.”

She put her hands behind her and swayed back in forth in a positively stunning — and obviously false — display of innocence. She then nodded toward my beer and asked, “Can I have one of those?”

I coughed as my second drink tried to go down the wrong pipe. “Are you serious?” I sputtered. “That’s what you got in trouble for in the first place.”

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Sun, Sand and My Cousin Abby Pt. 01

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My cousin Abby and I were not really close. We had hung out together as kids, of course, but as we grew into spotty teenagers and then young adults we only really saw one another at family a occasions like weddings and funerals.

What brought us together again was that we both went through marital breakdown at around the same time. We had a few phone calls between us – supportive ones. It was during one of these calls that Abby told me about the holiday.

She had booked a holiday for herself and her ex months ago (before she found out about his ‘other woman’).

“What are you doing first week of May?” She asked me.

Apparently she couldn’t get a refund, but she could change one of the names for a reasonable admin charge.

“Why the hell not?” I said. Abby was my cousin, what harm could it do?

On the plane we chatted easily. We reminisced about old times and bitched about our exes. We also joked that we wouldn’t find it easy to pull as we looked like a couple.

Abby was disarmingly frank about ‘needing a man’ and I reassured her that she was still a great catch and I had no doubt there would be a queue.

This wasn’t just flannel. Abby was pretty and slender. She had blonde, wavy hair and green eyes. She had turned up for our flight in tight, fashionable jeans and football top, She is a mad keen football fan. She looked great and I had to tell myself off for looking admiringly at her bottom as she leant forward at the check in queue. She would certainly have no trouble attracting male attention.

We arrived at the hotel late at night. Our room was large with two single beds, and a comfy looking sofa. She went first into the bathroom and emerged in a T Shirt nightie a few minutes later. I got a glimpse of her beautiful slender legs as she got into her bed. I felt sure I glimpsed the shape of her nipples through the cotton and told myself off again as I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. When I had said goodnight and got into bed, I struggled to clear my head but soon fell asleep.

Next morning I went and hired a car while Abby went to the local shop for supplies. She had been to the island before, and knew the best beach was only reachable by car. She directed me to park at a roadside parking spot and then we had to walk down a long, steep path to a beautiful secluded beach. I was a little surprised when I noticed that some of the couples on the beach were naked! Was Abby a naturist?

“I have been naked on this beach before, but I’ve bought a bikini today, so don’t worry!”

We chose a spot and laid down our beach bags. I stripped down to my shorts, and Abby had had the foresight to put her bikini on underneath her T shirt and shorts.

Abby’s bikini was best described as ‘tiny.’ It was pink and basically consisted of triangles of cotton which just about covered the essential bits. I didn’t leave much to the imagination, and my imagination was troubling me a lot!

She was a seasoned sunbather, and made sure she turned over periodically and occasionally adjusted her towel so that she remained lined up with the canlı bahis sun. When she wasn’t looking at me I couldn’t help admiring her form. The gentle upward curve from her back to her bottom was particularly fascinating me.

She chose this moment to ask me to apply suncream to her back! Oh what sweet torture. She reached behind her and unfastened the top of her bikini whenever she was on her front. As I applied the cream to her back I’m sure I heard a little ‘mmm’ from her. I took my time and made sure I went all the way from her shoulders to the top of her bikini bottoms, not wanting the moment to end. I might have sounded a little croaky when I asked if she wanted me to do the backs of her legs too. She answered in the affirmative and I could feel a stirring in my shorts as I got close to her peachy bottom.

“I’d better do your back too,” It was an instruction, so I obediently lay on my front as I felt her hands running over the back of my body too. It felt delicious.

Time went on and I must have dozed off. When I awoke, Abby was on her back, but this time she hadn’t replaced the bikini top. She probably concluded that it didn’t matter while I was dozing. Now I was transfixed by her beautiful breasts. She didn’t have particularly large boobs, but she had the most wonderful nipples. I imagined cupping one in my hand and sucking the nipple. She slowly opened her eyes, shielding them from the sun with her hand. When she saw that I was awake she reached for her bikini top.

“It’s OK,” I said, “I’ve seen a topless girl before!”

To my delight she dropped the top and set about unpacking our picnic. I then had the bizarre experience of eating lunch while my very attractive cousin’s very attractive breasts were about four feet away. I was trying hard not to stare.

“Are they distracting you?” She scolded.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean…”

“It’s ok, no harm done. At least I know they still look ok.”

“Ok? They’re beautiful, I’m just not used to seeing them!”

“And I’m not used to wearing clothes on this beach! I will get tan lines!”

“I don’t mind if you want to get naked.”

“I bet you don’t you naughty man. But could you cope? Maybe we should both be naked and then it will be even!”

Some kind of madness overtook me and I stood up, pulled off my shorts hoping that she didn’t notice that my cock was somewhat more swollen than it’s normal resting state.

“Not bad,” she said staring at my manhood. “Now you know how it feels!”

“It feels exposed,” I replied truthfully.

“You’ll soon get used to it.”

In a decidedly businesslike fashion, she slipped off the bikini bottoms and laid face down on the towel. I did the same and with considerable effort willed my cock to stay soft. I had to concede that feeling the sun on my whole body did feel good. Abby was clearly comfortable naked and soon we were chatting as easily as we had on the plane.

Suddenly, she jumped up.

“Race you to the sea.”

We ran naked into the sea, which was even nicer than being naked in the sun. The cool sea tamed my cock and bahis siteleri I was able to ascertain that she was ‘naturally blonde.’ She had some wispy blonde pubic hair which looked neatly trimmed. I was also delighted with the way that her nipples became very erect in the cool sea. I was still very aware that she was my cousin. But I told myself looking didn’t harm anyone.

The rest of the afternoon passed off pleasantly enough. I grew more comfortable with being naked around Abby and there was obviously no danger of anything getting out of hand on this fairly popular beach. We even got chatting to another couple (also naked) and it felt quite liberating. I could get used to this naturism lark!

Back at our hotel room things seemed quite innocent when Abby didn’t bother to shut the bathroom door to shower. After all, we had decided it was okay to be naked in front of each other.

“How was your first day as a naturist?” She called out.

“I think I could get used to it.”

Now she was chatting to me through the shower curtain and so I undressed as I chatted to her ready for my turn. She didn’t bat an eyelid as she stepped out and I passed her a towel. As I took my turn in the shower, my mind was reeling a bit. This being naked in front of each other was certainly liberating and convenient. But I hadn’t had sex for months and Abby was damned sexy. It was so distracting and confusing.

I got out of the shower, and by now Abby was drying her hair with one of those captive hairdryers that is fixed to the bathroom wall in hotels. She had the large towel wrapped around her and I set about drying myself with a small hand towel. She finished drying her hair and picked up a bottle of after sun. She applied it all down the front of her body and then asked me to ‘do her back.’ I hadn’t been prepared for this but clearly didn’t have much choice. I began to come undone at this point. I had to stand right behind her and touch her wonderful body. I tried to be as detached as possible, but I could feel the familiar tingling in my groin as I smoother the lotion in to her back and buttocks. I hoped my lazy lob wasn’t too obvious.

“Your turn,” she commanded. Obediently I put the lotion on my arms, chest and legs and then handed her the bottle. By the time she had done my back and buttocks my lazy lob was too big to hide.

“Naughty,” she teased.

“Sorry, it has a mind of its own lately.”

“In my experience, all willies have a mind of their own! Don’t worry about it. You’ll have to have a wank later!”

“Not so easy when you’re sharing a hotel room with your cousin, is it?”

“Isn’t it? I rubbed one out last night while you were snoring!”

My mouth fell open. I think she even shocked herself with this confession as her cheeks were bright red.

“Sorry, shouldn’t have said that should I?”

“No, no it’s okay, it’s just the my ex would never admit that she ever touched herself.”

“Bollocks! I bet she did. Everybody does from time to time.”

“Well I’m sure all men do but I wasn’t so sure about women. Anyway, at least I won’t bahis şirketleri feel guilty if I need one later when you’re asleep.”

We dressed and headed into town, ate a meal at one of the pavement cafes and then found a bar. We chatted easily and as we got through a few beers the conversation was wide ranging and free flowing. I liked the way that Abby also drank beer – and could clearly drink just as much as me. We returned to the subject of how were were supposed to pull when we looked so much like a couple.We didn’t find a solution. Neither of us fancied going out on our own. But we were both very frank about our sexual frustration.

As the bar emptied Abby said “looks like DIY relief for both of us tonight!”

“Well I certainly need to, so it’s a good job you’re okay with it.”

“Me too!”

“You had one last night, I didn’t.”

“That’s your fault, I wouldn’t have minded.”

“I didn’t know that, did I?”

We made our way back to the hotel room, and I drew the curtains. By the time I turned around, she was sitting on the loo with the bathroom door open, peeing noisily.

“Sorry, really bursting.”

Fair enough, I thought. I undressed and she flushed and began slipping out of her dress. So we brushed our teeth, and following her lead I didn’t bother to shut the door while I peed.

“How’s this going to work?” Abby said, “we can’t both wait for the other one to fall asleep!”

“Then we will have to both be awake, I suppose. Might be quite exciting.”

“I’ve never been in the same room as a guy wanking before.”

“Well I’ve never been in the same room with a woman doing it so that makes us even.”

By now we were both sitting on the couch, naked. This was certainly a bizarre situation. Abby got up and flicked lights on and off until there was just one reading lamp on. Satisfied, she came and sat back down on the couch. We were both a bit tipsy, and very, very randy. I started idly playing my with cock which seemed to be crying out for attention. Abby, to my delight, began playing with one of her boobs. My cock started to grow and stiffen and I stared dry mouthed as her other hand moved down to her crotch.

“You have a nice cock!”

“Thank you, you have a gorgeous body too.”

Already I was having to pace myself. My cock was threatening to go off early as she took her time arousing herself. I didn’t want that. Soon, she was moaning gently and arching her hips. I thought girls took longer that this. I started wanking myself, wanting to cum when she did. She let out a little yelp of delight as she climaxed, eyes closed. I hung on, in that moment I wanted her to see me cum too!

As she subsided a little, she opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Are you ready to cum?”

“Yes, I thought I’d hang on in case you wanted to watch.”

She didn’t reply, she just lowered her head and stared at my cock. I was now torturing myself, aching to cum but not wanting it to end.

“Cum for me,” she breathed.

I felt her breath. That was it, my cum boiled out of me in great splashes. She gasped. I groaned and flopped back on the couch. Abby went to the bathroom and brought me the hand towel.

“Did you enjoy that?” She asked.

“Couldn’t you tell?” I replied.

Then she gave me a hug and climbed in to her bed.

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Leigh – From Suzanne’s Interviews

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After twenty-odd years faithful service to the same company I arrived at our building one morning to find the place was locked and deserted, none of my fellow employees out on the street with me any wiser as to what had occurred than I. However, with the passage of time it became clear that our employer had grabbed what he could before skipping the country with all of our financial entitlements accrued over many years.

With the economic downturn I was, like many single mothers, unable to get a new job quickly and reliant upon welfare while eating into my savings. It was while picking up my younger daughter from school that I got into a chat with Wendy Fallon who, it transpired, had been made redundant about a month before I found myself unemployed. For a modest cash consideration I agreed undertake sitter duties for her kids and to collect them from school as she was trying a new occupation. She chose not to share the details of her work with me, but seemed much more animated and happy with her world when taking her kids from my place in the evening, so she was obviously enjoying whatever it entailed.

“She’s stuck with it then? The job I mean?” asked Cam Elmore when she saw me with Wendy’s children. “I thought she’d be too stuck-up to make a go of an occupation like that. Now she’s stuck up all the time.”

She laughed inanely at the joke she thought I was in on, but wasn’t. With my non-comprehending expression she suddenly realized that I didn’t get it, looking rather embarrassed at having said more than she should have.

“Forget I said anything, Leigh,” she whined. “It’s not important.”

“It obviously is,” I challenged her. “Otherwise you wouldn’t have said anything. You thought I knew, didn’t you?”

She nodded sheepishly. “I thought that because you were looking after her youngsters that she’d have told you. I can’t tell you. Ask her.”

Although I wheedled, cajoled and did everything else to prise whatever it was all about from her, Cam steadfastly refused to break her vow of secrecy to Wendy. That evening when Wendy called in to collect her kids, I asked her directly.

“Oh,” she squeaked. “I can see why you’d wonder. I wish Cam hadn’t such been a dumbo in assuming you knew, but hope I can rely on your confidence in this. The truth is that I’ve undertaken a job in a bordello to keep the wolf from our door. It’s not something I’d have tried voluntarily, but now that I’ve experienced it, I’m finding it a not unpleasant way to earn a living. Nothing like the horror stories one reads in the woman’s magazines about the exploitation by men and the shame I should feel at having fallen so low. I’m a whore, accepting that fact is important to me in ensuring that I have no misconceptions as to my present occupation. There’s nothing romantic about it, but I find it more pleasant than onerous. Does that shock you?”

It was my turn to squeak in surprise. Although I’d read of women wanting us to believe it was a morally legitimate occupation that one could really find rewarding, my view was still coloured by my mother’s disapproval those she describes as “putane”, together with the promise of hellfire for their sinning. I, along with all my friends, had read Xaviera Hollander’s book, finding the idea of being so morally free and easy exciting and worthy of envy by convent schooled girls. On growing older I’d come to see it as just a piece of erotic fiction as no woman could enjoy sex that much, I thought, although a couple of promiscuous sexual interludes in recent years made me wonder at the validity of that view.

“How…I mean…?” I stammered.

“Oh,” she interrupted my confused thoughts. “Cam knows a somebody who’s into it and got her to call me, as much for a joke as anything else as she was certain that it was the last thing I’d consider as an occupation. They were looking for a couple more ladies, it’s nice to be referred to in that manner, Suzanne insists upon it, so I looked in on the place to see if it was something I could do. I was nearly broke at that stage,so it would have to have been something pretty unappealing for me to knock it back. Because there aren’t any guys involved in the running of the place and all my potential colleagues were friendly and forthright about what they were doing, I felt welcome and went for it almost immediately. To me there was no hardship in having sex with a few blokes, in fact I rather enjoyed it, having been without for so long. And I average more than four times my salary as an executive PA. I’ve got money in the bank again and my mortgage is right up to date, so it wasn’t all too bad as a career move.”

“But you’d go back to your business career if the right job came along?”

“I’m so not sure about that at the moment. Who can we trust in the corporate world? I’d be everlastingly worried about the firm folding on me again. I’m now free from most worries and being well paid for my efforts, so I think I’d be a bit dumb to go back to all that, particularly in that I work shorter hours and fewer days to give me much more time with my brood. The other thing is that having been engaged in prostitution, someone could use that canlı bahis knowledge to ruin any further business career by revealing it to my employer. Guys have no problem with using our services, but some seem to see us as lesser beings. Anyway I like things as they are right now.”

I nodded uncertainly. She had a point, from a philosophical perspective, but it was the reality of having sex for money that I had difficulty with, it just wasn’t me. I’d had a couple of unplanned sexual adventures which I’d enjoyed for no particular reason that I can think of, apart from a few drinks at last year’s Christmas party, when I had a quickie against the table in the boardroom with a much younger bloke. Then there was the good-looking, silver tongued chap at the garden centre whose eyes made no secret of what he desired to do with me, given any encouragement at all. It took only minimal flirting on my part to find myself accommodating his gorgeous cock within my inner sanctum. On recalling the matter, my eldest child, Pamela, had remarked on my happy mood for some time after those two events, so they had seemed to have done me some good.

After a month or so it became clear that nobody was ready to employ me with my history with a single firm, particularly one that had gone under in the odd circumstances my former employer had done. There seemed to be some suspicion of criminality by association in my case and there were so many equally qualified young women ready to step in without the expectations or habits I might bring to the job. One morning I woke to find it cold, gray and wet. I dressed before getting the kids breakfast and seeing them off to school, but the idea of a day tramping the streets of the city and fruitlessly seeking interviews was more than I could bear, so I stayed in. For the first time I gave serious thought to what it would entail to make myself available to a man to satisfy his needs in a purely physical sense. Would it really be so hard to endure, or might I even find something in it for myself? I certainly did in the most recent cases of promiscuous sex I’d indulged in, although I hadn’t really expected to. Having been denied so much as a child I found it difficult to refuse someone asking for that which was within my ability to grant, without feeling guilty.

While I didn’t see myself as vivacious or confident as Wendy, I knew I at least had as good a body and looks as she and the others of my peer group whom I then knew to have undertaken sex work, so I felt no real embarrassment in that area with as much to offer physically. Perhaps I should just pretend to myself I was doing a quick, promiscuous freebie with the chap, I hadn’t come to terms with the term client yet, without there being any money involved.

Without thinking about it I’d phoned Wendy, hoping she’d be in as I knew she wasn’t at work that day.

“I think I might give it a try, you know, sex work” I told her without hesitation. “What do I need to know and who should I see about it.”

“You sound pretty positive about things, Leigh.”

“Well, I’ve come to realize that in my position I’m pretty well without a lot of options. I can’t even get a checkout or hash slinging job. Anyway it seems to be a more laid back position, if you’ll forgive the unintended pun, and a lot better paid for doing what comes naturally. The only thing worrying me is meeting someone I know, a man friend, or my kids finding out.”

“I know what you mean, but look at it this way. If you meet any bloke you know you’ll both be in the same boat. In the very unlikely event that a kid found out, do you think they’d believe it?”

“I suppose not…” I agreed, somewhat uncertainly.

“Okay then,” she laughed lightly, “I’ll pick you up in about a half-hour. You can have a look, try before you buy, so to speak.”

“What should I wear?” I asked

“Whatever you’ve got on now. Working attire is provided by the co-operative.”

Wendy took me to a suburban duplex in a street which showed no indication of life, empty driveways and only a few cars parked along the kerb beneath the street trees. Looking at me, but addressing my friend, a smiling older man asked,

“Who’s this then, a new recruit, I hope?”

“Forgive Neville,” Wendy said to me, but aimed at him. “A gentleman would never ask a question like that of a lady.”

Pretending to be hurt by that he sniffed, “Just trying to be friendly my dear lady. I do hope I get to see you back here again in the future.”

With a cheeky grin and a quick lift of his hat in salute, he walked away.

“Are they all like him?” I asked.

“They try to be, but Neville is a wag and a great raconteur, as well as a pretty good sexual performer. He’s been around the block a few times.”

“So why do they come here?”

“Most are widowers, either actual or de facto, you know, have wives whose interest in intimacy has long gone or are disabled. I guess we’re surrogate sex partners, although I can say that I’m genuinely fond of Neville and one or two others who patronize us regularly. I’ve run into him in the shopping malls, with the kids, and he was the perfect gentleman, bahis siteleri without any mention of how we met or our real relationship. Of course the children thought that he was lovely, and funny.

“You’ve never had any trouble in that regard?”

“No, none,” she smiled. “But I think I’m past caring now. I’m in control, I’m putting money away and I owe nobody anything.”

“No mortgage?”

“That was first to go, my first goal, a secure abode for my family.”

I nodded. “That would have been my first move, shelter for the family.”

The interior was pleasant enough, but what I thought of as kitschy, the decor my mother might have chosen. I was introduced to Suzanne, the manager, a truly lovely blonde woman a bit younger than me. We chatted briefly before taking a call and getting Wendy to show me the ropes.

There was a reception area with a young woman of about my daughter’s age with a telephone and appointment diary whose task was to make appointments. It seemed that most clients preferred to choose a partner in advance rather than to take pot luck on arrival at the place. Wendy explained that any of the ladies could decline a man by putting him on the list that the receptionist held to determine who was prepared to do and what with whom.

“Unfortunately we have a new receptionist starting tomorrow so we won’t be able to offer you a start there until she decides to move on to whatever she wants to do next.”

“I’d not even considered being a receptionist,” I told her. “I’m prepared to get to work with you, or at least give it a try. If I think about it I’d only procrastinate, so I’m ready to give it a whirl immediately, to see if I can make a go of it.”

“Are you on, Wendy?” Tessa the receptionist enquired.

“I wasn’t intending to, but I will be, in half a tick.”

“Is Ralph okay for twelve-thirty?”

“Yes, fine. Where’s Sue?”

“Here,” answered another from beyond the doorway.

“Leigh would like to try a new direction in life,” chuckled Wendy. “She’s rather keen to strike while the iron’s hot, so to speak. There’s room today with Charlotte and Liz absent, so?”

“Okay, Leigh, Wendy will get you set up and you can see how you cope.”

She took me to the dressing room and through into a bathroom with several shower cubicles and a long make-up bench with lighted mirrors.

“Shower time,” she announced, quickly wriggling out of her jeans and shirt before padding away naked into the shower.

I followed her lead and, upon emerging, found Tessa waiting. I found that I had no difficulty in dropping my towel in preparation for trying on a red outfit of semi-transparent lace negligee, thong and stiletto-heeled sandals and sheer, thigh high black stockings.

“Your twelve-thirty is here, Wendy. Ready?”

Wendy tripped out, apparently quite eager to fulfil her obligation, took the man’s hand and kissed his cheek in greeting and took him away along the hallway to a bedroom. It seemed that they were old friends as the affection they displayed for each other was obviously genuine, chummy more than truly romantic, but it gave me a comfortable feeling about the place and that I’d be able to cope with what was required of me, for that day at least.

Wendy returned to see her client out and change after a quick shower. Sue had seen to a client too and both women seemed relaxed and happy with their recent efforts to provide for their families. Sex work was clearly no chore to them and, I hoped, to me as I was close to broke. I realized then how my impecuniousness had given me an entirely new moral outlook and that the views I’d previously held on women turning to prostitution out of financial need were off the mark. There I was awaiting the first paying customer to sample my sexual wares, excitedly apprehensive, but not wishing to be anywhere else.

It was almost an hour before I heard Tessa saying that somebody wasn’t in that day, but that there was a new lady named Leigh who was waiting to see her first gentleman and would he be interested? He would, it seemed, so I felt excited at the prospect, not so much at having sex, but at being the kind of woman who could earn her fee for satisfying the customer. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I thought, so I’d make a real effort to perform, although I was right out of practice.

Harry, my first client, was tall and well-mannered, about sixty years old and fit looking. He looked me over unselfconsciously, my costume displaying everything and I was glad I’d made the effort to keep myself in shape over the years, particularly the boob job.

“You’re lovely,” he murmured, boosting my self-confidence no end.

“Thank you kind sir,” I smiled happily. Tessa guided us to an empty bedroom where he demonstrated his familiarity with procedures by undressing and taking a shower before going over to the bedside lamp to display his erect dick for my inspection. Seeing nothing to worry me, I rolled a condom down over his jerking, veined shaft and led him to the bedside where he thrilled me by kissing my shoulder, pleased that he found me desirable enough to be horny at first sight.

“What’s bahis şirketleri your pleasure?” I asked as he undressed me.

“I want to look at you, do you think that’s alright, not too pervy?”

“Your wish is my command,” I told him, although the idea of passively posing for his inspection of my physical charms made me feel a bit self-conscious.

He felt my boobs, kneading each in turn and twiddling and pinching the swollen pink nipples to excite me.

“Show me your pussy?” he asked and I perched on the edge of the bed and parted my knees widely.

He was quite taken by my shaved vulvar lips with just a little, trimmed muff on my pubic mound above. I allowed him to insert his fingers and to thrill me with his expert diddling of my clitoris.

“What’s your favourite position?” I enquired.

“Face to face, on our sides.”

I lay on the bed and embraced him, lifting his lower hip to allow room for my right thigh to slide beneath his waist, raising my left leg over his hip as he introduced his cock to my moist, vaginal adit. Lubricating its swollen pink knob in my oily slit, he pressed forward to slide fully within my passion pouch and thrill me again with the first penis my pussy had been acquainted with in a long time. He didn’t have a huge cock, quite modest in size in fact, but it filled my hungry honeypot very nicely. “Oh Harry, that’s lovely,” I sighed, uncertain as to the etiquette relating to speaking during sex while whoring.

“It certainly is,” he responded quietly, leisurely pumping my pussy with his pleasure pole.

His hands were everywhere, pinching my nipples, slapping my buttocks and diddling my clitty to heighten my pleasure, but he was clearly enjoying his stimulating me. Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly complaining either. Being paid to feel like that was an unexpected bonus in view of the fact that I’d thought, due to all those afore-mentioned horror stories in womens’ magazines, that prostituting oneself was a demeaning and degrading experience for a well raised lady. I then felt that I’d found an occupation that I might enjoy, or at least not be so completely repulsive as to adversely affect my self-esteem or my outlook on life

His thrusting became a mad gallop, gasping and grunting as his tool pumped foamy love-juice from my drooling cunt. I could feel the hot tingling of my approaching climax in my loins as I joyfully met his thrusting hips with mine, our bellies slapping loudly, excitedly urging him on to greater efforts.

“Oh Christ! Oh shit!” he groaned blissfully. “Here I come!”

With that he rammed deep within me and convulsed repeatedly with orgasm. In an instant I’d come too, seriously enjoying the pleasure I’d found with him in my first attempt at whoring. I understood then why the others had such a positive outlook about their new working life. Although it was a lifestyle they’d drifted into rather than consciously chosen, they’d found a way to make good money and have more time with their families, plus a bit of human intimacy, albeit very casual, perhaps preferable to women like me who could no longer afford to rely on male support.

Harry held me for a minute or two before separating from me. There was no feeling of the awkwardness I’d previously experienced in parting following casual sex, it just seemed the natural thing to do in the circumstances. He showered and dressed then headed off for a blokes’ afternoon with friends at his club.

“So how did you find it?” Suzanne enquired.

“Almost too easy, and, enjoyable as well,” I grinned.

“Yes, Harry is fun isn’t he, sexually unselfish too. He gets a buzz from giving pleasure.”

“It can’t always be that good.”

“No, unfortunately, but that’s the work part of the profession, where you earn your money, but it’s really up to yourself what you make of it. I find that being as accommodating as possible to my clients is most satisfactory to both parties in the transaction. You’re in the best position to make it fun for both.”

“Well I think I might just give it another try, just to see how suited to all this I really am.”

“The fact that you haven’t fled out the door after your first client says you didn’t find the experience entirely abhorrent. And you’re looking for a second now. I think you might be a good prospect to join the firm.”

I saw another client before leaving to pick up the kids. It wasn’t a good a session as I’d had earlier, but it wasn’t really unpleasant either. While I knew it wasn’t going to be a bed of roses if I was to continue in prostitution, it was the only prospect for making an income I had. The experience of the first day’s sexual encounters was reassuring to me in knowing that I had found the work to be much more agreeable than I’d imagined it would be before taking the first step. However, it turned out to be a much more rewarding and happier time of my life than I’d known over the years before that. After the first two clients it was no difficulty to me to service more as required by their demands, their usually respectful attitude toward me was lovely while I felt less restrained about flaunting my body to excite and encourage their physical performance. I felt that I was getting somewhere at last, paying off all my debts, buying a new car and being able to take my family on vacation for the first time.

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Summer with Grandma

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After my first year of college I decided to spend the summer at my grandma’s house. She live closer to my college town then any other family and my parents were on holiday in Europe anyways. My grandmother lived in a very small town so I didn’t see any sense in driving down. My car would just end up sitting in the garage the whole time.

So after my last final I took the first flight to my grandma’s and then took a taxi to her house. When I arrived I noticed that my grandma didn’t have a car either. I remember hearing my parents say that most people in the town just use bikes to get around.

My grandmother and I had a blast for the first several weeks of summer. She loved having the extra company around. It had been a while since grandpa passed and my grandmother always loved when we came to visit. She taught me a few of her famous recipes. I helped her with a her gardening and fixing the odd fence or window. I also figured out that my grandma and I both have a dirty sense of humor.

Now that it was August our time was coming to a close and it felt like we had done just about everything the little town had to offer. The only thing we had left to do was attend the annual baseball game played by locals.

I was actually excited to go this year and was half way out the door when I heard a voice from behind me.

“Where are you off too honey?” My grandmother had just walked in the room and was headed my way.

“I’m going to the baseball game, you wanna come with?” I saw her eyes light up as I finished my invitation. She simply smiled and nodded her head several times.

“I’d love to, I’ll make us some snacks the prices for concessions at the game are outrageous.” She said as she ran back to the kitchen.

After a few minutes my grandma returned with a giant picnic basket full of sandwiches, chips and drinks. I opened the door for her as we made our way outside. As we reached the car port I stopped in my tracks.

“Nana, That basket is to big you’ll tire yourself out carrying it the whole way. Let me carry it for you.” She looked back at me with a sweet smile.

“Oh sweet heart were going to take the bikes it’s faster.” She finished talking and then moved to a medium size shed at the other end of the complex. She set the basket down and unlocked the door. Inside were two heavily customized bikes that my grandma and grandpa had use to travel around town.

As we pulled the bikes out and got ready to head out my grandmother kicked her bike in disappointment.

“I forgot the chain on my bike is broken.” She said in a defeated tone. She looked up at me and pointed to my bike.

“We can just take your grandfather’s bike. There is plenty of room for both of us and I can just hold the basket on the back.” As she started to head towards me I looked down at the bike I was now on.

My grandmother was right about the room aspect of canlı bahis the bike. My grandfather had installed a huge seat in place of the standard one. I had my doubts but, as my grandmother climbed on I figured it was worth a shot.

My grandmother wrapped one arm around my waist and used the other to steady the large basket on the back of the bike. A few seconds later we were off and pedaling down the bike path.

After only a few miles on the semi-bumpy path I could feel something poking me in the back. It took me a while to figure out what it was as we rode down the path. Once I figured out what it was I was in disbelief. It felt like my grandmothers tits were poking me in the back.

Several questions were racing through my mind. Why was my grandmother not wearing a bra? Why was my grandmother getting hard nipples on the bike ride to the baseball game? I tried to justify it in my head as bumpy roads and that it was hot outside.

Only a few more minutes passed before my grandma poked me in the side.

“Honey I don’t think this is going to work. Maybe I can ride on the front of the seat and balance the basket on the handle bars.” She said.

A wave of panic washed over me as she suggested the seat switch. I was just now realizing that my grandma’s tits rubbing on my back had made me semi hard. I tried coming up with logical sounding reasons why that wouldn’t work but, she wasn’t having any of it. My grandmother ultimately won the argument and we stopped to switch our seating up.

My grandmother seemed pleased with the new arrangement as she smiled back at me. I tried to create as much space between my crotch and my grandma as possible.

After a few more miles on the bumpy trail my grandma’s ass had moved all the way back on the seat. With the next big bump we hit her ass bumped into my shorts covered cock.

“I think there is a piece of the seat hitting me Richard would you see what it is?” She didn’t look back at me just continued to hold the basket in place. I tried to play it off like it wasn’t a big deal.

“I don’t know what it was nana let me reposition the seat that could help.” I grabbed grandma by the hips and pushed her up the seat a bit while pushing myself back a bit.

After a few more minutes we were in the same position again with her ass hitting my now rock hard cock. Grandma rubbed up against it one more time as if in disbelief. There was nothing to hide behind now I had to come clean.

“I’m so sorry grandma it’s the bumpy roads I can’t help it.” As I said this she shot me a playful look.

“Don’t worry about it honey it’s only natural, it’s really not a big deal.” She emphasised the word big. I know she was just trying to lighten the mood with our shared sense of dirty humor but, it also seemed kind of like flirting.

As we continued over a particularly bumpy section of bike trail grandma continued bahis siteleri to bump into me. A couple of times it seemed like she was almost rubbing her ass in my cock on purpose.

I had never though of my grandmother as a sexual creature but, all this friction was changing my mind in a hurry. Not to mention that from what I could tell my grandmother had a great ass for her age. Every time it rubbed up against me I could feel how firm it was.

“Richard I just remebered that there is an entry fee for the game. I didn’t bring any money do you have your wallet with you?” My grandmother asked one more time while at the same time grinding my cock one more time. I was having a hard time forming words with all the action my dick was getting. Also, a large portion of my brain activity was trying to picture what my nana looked like naked.

“Ah, Yes I have it in my back pocket. But, I don’t remember how much money I had in it.” My nana shot me another playful smile over her shoulder.

“It’s alright honey I’ll check for you.” With out giving me any time to react my grandmother reached around with her free hand and grasped my right butt cheek. She was certainly taking her time looking for the wallet. She moved her hand all around my ass also squeezing it a few times for fun.

“I found it Richard but, I can’t get to the claps on it while were riding. Why don’t we stop and see if we even have enough money to get in the game.” With that I pulled slightly off the trail by a pair of park tables.

Once I was off the bike my my grandmother continued to try and grab my wallet out. She was struggling with a button on my back pocket. That button had been broken for a while I just got use to opening it with my thumb nail.

“Nana I can Open…” She cut me off while continuing to fondel my ass a bit.

“I almost got it honey why don’t we take these shorts off so we can apply more pressure to the button.” Again, my nana gave me no warning as she undid the front button on my jean shorts and lowered them down. Except instead of just grabbing my shorts she grabbed my boxers too and lowered them all the way down my legs.

“Oops, sorry grabbed to much material. Let me have these shorts i’m so close.” With that she retreated to the near by park table with my shorts and briefs. I turned around to see what she was up to. As my grandma was sitting at the table messing with the button she was staring right at my cock.

“I think were already at the ball game honey.” My grandmother made another joke while looking at my balls. She wasn’t even pretending to mess with the button anymore she was just leering at my privates.

“Richard there is no way we can get back on the bike with that monster.” This whole situation was insane but, I had never been so horny in all my life. Having my grandmother talk dirty to me was not helping. At this point any part of my brain that bahis şirketleri was fighting against my dark thoughts was losing. I feigned surprise as I responded.

“You want me to jerk off now? Here in this park?” I said while looking right at nana. She had a wicked look on her face as see leaned in a little closer.

“As I said were not going anywhere while your in this condition. So get busy stroking that cock so we can get to the game.” Hearing her say the word cock sent me over the edge. I immediately grabbed my cock and began stroking it slowly up and down. After only a few moments of this My grandma decided to up the ante.

“We need to speed this up someone could walk by and see us.” With that she pulled her blouse up and over her head. My suspicions were confirmed as my nana’s bra less tits bounced into view. She was also wearing a pair of black panties which hugged her tight ass.

“Does this help babe?” She shot me another evil grin as she span around giving me a great view of all her curves. I quickened my pace as I stared at my grandmother’s amazing body. There was a little sagging here and there and some wrinkles but, overall she was in great shape. My grandmother laughed as I increased my speed.

“I love being helpful for my hot little boy.” She said as she turned around to show me her ass again. She hooked her thumbs into her panties and slowly removed them. Then she shook her head and slowly approached me.

“Still not fast enough babe, we have a game to catch.” The game was the furthest thing from my mind as I watch my grandma lower her self in front of my hard cock. She removed my hand and replace it with her own. Her hand guided my cock head to her waiting lips.

She kissed my dick a few times before taking more of the shaft into her mouth. After a while she was pumping in and out like a pro. Showing no signs of slowing down I was getting really quick to blowing my load.

“I’m so close grandma, there is just one more thing I wanna do here.” As I said this I pushed my grandma down on the park table and slid my dick along the crack of her pussy.

“Oh you’re a dirty grandson teasing nana like that.” She bucked her hips in sync with my cock and before long I shifted and pushed my cock into her wet pussy.

“Fuck that feels good Richard I didn’t think you had the balls.” I laughed briefly at her joke before I pushed further into her. My grandmother’s hot body was on full display as I felt a pressure start to build in my balls.

“Mmmm, Fuck I’m cumming grandma.” I said this as my free hand massaged one of her tits. She leaned her head back as a moan escaped her lips. As she bent her head back towards me she locked eyes with me.

“Don’t you dare pull out I want my grandson’s cum inside me.” That was it, her dirty words sent me over the edge. I shot load of load straight up her pussy. At almost the same time my grandmother came all over my cock screaming in pleasure as she did.

After we collected ourselves we re-dressed and rode back to the house. Choosing to ignore the baseball game, we had a new summer activity to catch up on.

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House Sitting on Halloween

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“So, you’ll stay with Chance this weekend?” asked Lily.

“Yeah, I’ll stay with him. He always throws up on my rugs when he tries to stay with me. Seriously, your dog hates my apartment,” said Anna.

“Cool! My cousin Ben might crash on the couch on Friday night, after he’s done with his Halloween bar hopping. So, if you hear someone stumbling in after last call, it’s him. Ben has a key to my building and to my apartment so, he won’t bother you. Actually, he’ll probably be gone before you even wake up. That’s what he usually does, anyway,” said Lily.

“Ok. Chance and I will be fine. He’s always a good boy when he manages to keep his food down,” said Anna.

On Friday, Halloween, Anna went over to Lily’s apartment as promised. Anna would be dog sitting while Lily’s boyfriend whisked her away for a romantic fall trip to Vermont. It always seemed to work out like that. Lily’s Halloween would consist of a glamorous masquerade ball at the resort with Mike, her stockbroker boyfriend. Anna, on the other hand, would spend the evening watching Netflix with Chance the Golden Retriever.

That night, Anna ordered a pizza and watched Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, and Clueless. Every once in a while, a kid from the building knocked on the apartment door and shouted “Trick or Treat!” When that happened, Anna, wearing cat ears in her long wavy hair, answered the door and gave the kid a snack sized chocolate bar. The trick or treaters stopped around 8:00. At 9:00, Anna and Chance went on his final walk of the evening. Later, around 10:30, Anna shut down her computer. After that, she took a leisurely bubble bath while Chance laid on the bathmat and watched. They both went to sleep after that.

Around 3:00 in the morning, Chance started to whimper. Anna roused slightly. She was about to go and see what was wrong when she heard someone speak to Chance. He immediately quieted down. Ben must be there. Well, he’d be fine. Anna had made up the couch with a pillow, a blanket, and some sheets before she went to sleep. So, no matter how drunk Ben was, he’d be able to sleep comfortably.

Anna slowly drifted back to sleep. When she was almost asleep, she saw him. Ben entered the bedroom, wearing his Halloween costume, and turned on a desk lamp. He was dressed as an old fighter pilot. If Anna had to guess, she would say World War II. The costume looked good on him. Actually, Ben could make anything look good. He looked like a model — tall and muscular with broad shoulders, chiseled cheekbones, and a square jawline. To top it off, he even had dimples.

“It’s you,” he said. “I’ve waited so long to see you.”

“Me?” Anna asked.

“Yes, you, my darling,” he replied. Ben turned the lamp off and walked over to the bed.

Anna decided that he must be very drunk. But, he seemed sober. No slurring or stumbling. Maybe it was all just a joke.

Ben sat down on the bed and removed his leather boots. They looked authentic. He must have spent a fortune on his costume.

He then took off his leather jacket and put it on the nightstand. After that, he got into pendik escort bed with Anna.

“Ummm…what are you doing?” Anna asked.

“It’s been so long. I need to hold you,” Ben said.

Anna decided to just go with things. She was barely awake and not in a mood to deal with Lily’s cousin’s long, drawn out joke. Plus, he was super hot. If Ben wanted to cuddle to keep the joke going, Anna wasn’t going to stop him.

Ben slid under the blanket with Anna. Anna turned onto her side and closed her eyes to go back to sleep.

Next, Ben moved to the center of the bed. He pulled Anna against his chest and put his arms around her. It had been a long time since Anna had been with anyone. Back in March, she’d caught her fiancé in bed with another woman and she hadn’t been with anyone since their breakup. So, feeling Ben’s muscular chest pressed against her back was most welcomed. Inwardly, Anna congratulated herself on wearing a pretty, satin nightgown instead of her usual oversized t-shirt and shorts. She hadn’t anticipated anyone seeing it but, it turned out to be a good choice.

As Anna relaxed into Ben’s embrace, she felt his lips on her neck. He tenderly kissed the back of her neck and where her nightgown’s straps exposed her shoulders. Ben’s kisses were soft but urgent. Anna even felt his tongue a few times. He was definitely into her.

As Anna pushed herself closer to Ben, she felt it. His dick was hard and ready to take things to the next level. Well, so was she.

Anna turned onto her other side so that she was facing Ben. She put her hands on his face and kissed him deeply. Their tongues slid against each other as they both tasted the other. Finally, Anna pulled back a little to catch her breath. When Ben made a disappointed sound, she leaned back to nibble his full lower lip.

As they continued to kiss, their hands started to explore. Anna put her hands on Ben’s chest. He still wore his aviator’s scarf. The silk felt smooth as she unwound the scarf from his neck. Anna dropped the scarf on the floor and then started to unbutton Ben’s shirt. As she did this, his hands were up her nightgown, roaming over her ass and back. After the buttons were opened, Anna pushed the shirt off of Ben’s broad shoulders.

Ben’s chest was definitely something to behold. Anna couldn’t resist running her tongue up and down his pecs. As she did this, he began to moan and his caresses became more insistent. Ben became especially vocal when Anna’s tongue came down over his abs to the waist of his olive, army pants. She slowly pulled the waistband of his still buckled pants away from his skin so she could lick underneath it.

Ben couldn’t take anymore. He gently pushed Anna down and positioned himself between her thighs. Then, he slid his hands up her nightgown and pulled off her panties.

Ben smiled at Anna and said “Your turn!”

With that, Ben crouched down to begin licking and teasing Anna’s pussy. She was already wet from their kisses but, she became far wetter with his ministrations. Ben swirled his tongue around her clit and slowly eased escort pendik a finger inside of her. While he licked her clit, he massaged her G-spot with his long index finger. All of this brought Anna almost to the brink of an orgasm but, not quite.

Anna reached down and knotted her fingers into Ben’s thick hair. She tugged a little to get his attention. He looked up at her, unsure of what she wanted.

“Please…I need you inside of me,” she said.

Ben’s face lit up. He quickly unbuckled his belt and removed his pants and stood for a moment in his olive boxer briefs. Anna couldn’t help but think that he took Halloween seriously. His costume extended all the way down to his underwear. This thought quickly evaporated when Ben removed his boxer briefs and then stood naked, gloriously naked.

He slowly crawled onto the bed and knelt next to Anna’s chest. He reached down and pulled the hem of her nightgown up. Anna sat up a little to help. Ben never took his eyes off of her as he removed her nightgown. Now, they were both naked.

Ben laid back down next to Anna. She turned towards him and they started kissing again. This time there were no barriers between them.

They kissed and resumed exploring each other’s bodies. Ben reached up and started massaging Anna’s breasts. Her nipples ached for his touch until he bent his head down and started sucking on one. Ben sucked until the nipple became long and hard. Then, he turned to the other one. Once again, he sucked and swirled his tongue around her nipple until it became long and hard.

Anna could feel the wetness seeping out of her pussy. She had never been wetter. Her thighs were slick almost to her knees.

“Please…” she whispered.

Ben smiled. “I thought you’d never ask,” he said.

Ben positioned himself over Anna. She spread her legs and he nestled in between her damp thighs.

With a surprising delicateness, Ben eased his very hard dick into Anna’s very wet pussy. He waited a moment to allow Anna to adjust to him then, he began to thrust.

The two of them fucked in perfect synchronization. Each thrust was met with its perfect counter thrust. It seemed like they had been built for each other. Each time Ben thrust, the tip of his dick hit Anna’s G-spot. Plus, each time he pulled back, his shaft stroked Anna’s clit. For her part, Anna’s wet pussy enveloped Ben’s dick wonderfully. The pressure and friction were exactly what he wanted.

Soon, Anna felt the tension in her muscles build. She began to buck her hips faster and more wildly. Ben reached down and began to massage Anna’s clit with his fingers. Eventually, she couldn’t hold on anymore. Her orgasm felt like something exploded in her. She went limp and saw stars for a moment.

Realizing Ben hadn’t come yet, Anna started moving her hips again. She also tightened her vaginal muscles around Ben’s dick. Plus, she started licking his neck. She alternated licking with wet kisses.

Then, it was Ben’s turn. He came with a loud groan. Anna felt him squirt a load of hot semen into her pussy.

Satisfied, pendik escort bayan they stayed intertwined for a while, enjoying the feel of their connected bodies. After a while, Ben softened and his dick slid out of Anna. They fell asleep spooning.

About 6:30am, Chance started to whine. Dam Chance and his early morning walks. Anna knew she had to get up and take him out. Well, at least she’d get a chance to have breakfast with Ben afterwards. Maybe they could talk then.

Anna rolled over to get a look at Ben in the early morning light. To her surprise, Ben was gone. On his pillow she found his silk aviator’s scarf and a note. The note said “Until we meet again.” So, they wouldn’t get to talk. Ben could have stayed for coffee or, at the least, left his phone number.

Chance and Anna took a quick walk around the neighborhood. Chance did his business and Anna fumed. She didn’t want to ask Lily for Ben’s number but, it looked like she had no choice.

While eating breakfast, Anna’s phone rang. It was Lily.

“Hey Lily,” Anna said.

“Hey. How was last night?” Lily asked.

“, Ben…” Anna started but, Lily interrupted her.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you. Ben texted me last night. He’d found a last minute flight to New Orleans. Something about a séance at Marie Laveau’s tomb. So, he didn’t need the couch,” Lily said.

“What? Of course Ben slept over last night,” Anna exclaimed.

“No, Anna. He didn’t. He’s in New Orleans,” Lily insisted.

“Well, someone slept over. Him and I…we…uh…well, we had sex,” Anna said.

“Anna, honey, you didn’t. It must have been a really vivid dream,” Lily said.

Anna started getting embarrassed. So, she let the issue drop.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. The couch doesn’t even look slept in,” she said. Anna said this to placate Lily. She knew what had happened. Her slightly sore pussy proved it. Plus, someone had definitely come inside of her. She’d had to clean herself up before taking Chance on his walk. Whether it was Ben or not, was a different story.

Anna quickly wrapped up her call. She had one more night with Chance before Lily came back. She decided to take Chance to the dog park and think about her night.

While walking through the lobby, Anna noticed a framed photograph on the back wall. It was Ben in his Halloween costume! She went closer to get a good look.

As Anna looked at the photograph, she remembered her wonderful night with Ben. Her pussy instantly started to moisten.

A glint caught Anna’s eye. Underneath the photo, there was a small, gold plaque. It said:

William Butler

Beloved Son and Brother

1921 — 1944

An elderly woman came up next to Anna.

“Handsome, isn’t he?” the woman asked.

“Yes,” said Anna. “Who is he?”

“Oh, he’s the landlady’s older brother. He died in World War II. It’s a shame,” the woman said. “The landlady’s had this photograph hanging in the lobby of this building since she bought it. Such devotion!”

“Yes, it’s very sweet. Well, I must be going now,” Anna said. She tugged on Chance’s leash and the two of them walked out of the lobby. Anna certainly had a lot to think about. But, one thing was for sure, she was definitely going to be moving into that building as soon as possible.

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House Call

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It felt strange to have a man lying next to her again, thought Madison. She had forgotten how nice a man could smell, and there was something about having a warm male body pressed up against her that made her feel safe, if only for a short while. Of course, her best friend Raine just happened to be pressed up against his other side.

The ham in the sandwich was Sean, a medical intern, who just happened to be her boss Tony’s son. The carpet they were lying on also belonged to her boss, as did the house they were in. Tony’s annual ‘Whose line is it Anyway?’ games night was well under way. As was the bottle of red wine that Madison had brought with her. The living room was a bit cramped, so the three of them had ended up on the floor. Ah, alcohol, thou doest remove our usual decorum.

‘So Madison, I think the last time I saw you was at the company Christmas party,’ said Sean, ‘with your husband.’

Raine nudged him with her elbow in an attempt to shut him up, but he continued, ‘and just look at us now!’

‘Hell, yeah! Three cheers for divorce.’ Madison retorted, ‘Best thing that’s ever happened to me.’

‘Listen, would you two like to come back to my place for coffee? I think my dad’s finally run out of crazy games for the evening.’

Madison looked over at Raine who was giving her a lift home and raised her eyebrows in a question.

‘I’m keen if you are,’ said Raine.

Sean made them a pot of coffee and invited them into the TV room. The sofa was soft and comfortable, and not surprisingly, he positioned himself in between the two of them.

Madison found herself admiring her friend. Raine was a classic beauty, with high cheek bones and a strong jaw line, and as tall and skinny as a model. She just had to walk into a room and she had the attention of every man. She was flirting with Sean now, circling the camp so to speak.

But then he suddenly turned to Madison, ‘I didn’t mean to be flippant earlier,’ Sean said, ‘you know, what I said about you being married and all that, I didn’t mean to offend you or anything.’

‘No, it’s fine.’

‘But I’m sure that this must be quite a stressful time for you.’

‘Yeah,’ not trusting herself too much around kindness, ‘it’s been a bit rough.’

Sean turned and put his hand on her shoulder and gave it a light squeeze. ‘Wow, you are really tense! Sit here in front of me and I’ll give you a bit of a rub.’

Doing what she was told, Madison couldn’t help feeling a bit like Alice down the rabbit hole. The touch of a man’s hands on her made her want to cry. She didn’t feel like dealing with the jumbled rush of emotion that his touch was releasing within her. She was also painfully aware that for once Raine wasn’t getting all the attention. She didn’t know how her friend was going to handle that, not ever having had it happen to her before.

A few minutes later, ‘Thanks Sean, that was great, but I think it’s pumpkin time for me.’

On the drive home, ‘Oh my God, I think he likes you! Oh God you are so lucky! He’s so cute! I had such a crush on him about a year pendik escort ago, but oh my God I think he likes you!’ Raine gushed.

So at least it looked like Raine wasn’t going to poison her for inadvertently catching the attention of some guy she had seen first.

She received the first text message the next day, ‘Hi! Hope you got home before you changed into a pumpkin! Sean ;)’

‘Thanks, made it just in time! Where did you get my number?’

‘It helps being the boss’s son!’

‘True. I forgot that.’

‘How’s that shoulder tension?’

‘It’s still there, unfortunately.’

‘Dr Sean might be able to assist.’

‘And what does Dr Sean have in mind?’

‘He can think of a couple of good ways of releasing tension.’

‘Oh yes?’

‘If you’re interested I could write you a prescription…’

‘So I’d still have to go out and get it filled?’

‘Dr Sean would personally see to it that you get filled.’

‘Oh, really? And when would he do that?’

‘He could come around this evening if you liked.’

‘The lady likes.’

Madison sat for a while, not quite sure what she’d just typed herself into. She was feeling a bit reckless and not her usual self. Although she wasn’t quite sure just what her usual self was anymore, she knew that this type of impulsive assignation was definitely out of character for her.

As she opened the door for Sean that evening, she felt a thrill of excitement spinning inside her, tempered by a sudden shyness. She made idle chatter while making them coffee, sneaking a peak at Sean when he wasn’t watching. He wasn’t her usual type, but he was real and male, and he had chosen to be here with her, and that was all that mattered.

Suddenly she felt hands on her shoulders, a warm body behind her. His fingers gently squeezing, his mouth by her ear, ‘the Doctor just needs to examine his patient.’

She closed her eyes as her breath got stuck in her throat. His hands felt so strong and confident. Finding a knot on the side of her neck, he worked it persistently.

‘So what’s the verdict Doctor,’ she breathed out softly, ‘am I going to make it?’

‘I’m very afraid my dear lady, that further treatment is going to be necessary,’ as he let go of her and turned her around to face him. They looked at each other for a long drawn out second.

She gave herself over to recklessness, ‘I’m in your hands Doctor,’ she said as she reached for them and placed them over her breasts, covering them with her hands. He drew in his breath quickly as his mouth opened in surprise. He bent in towards her and kissed her. Her mouth was open and willing. Their tongues met and tousled urgently. As his hands tightened over her breasts she put her arms around him and grabbed his ass. God it was tight and delicious. He was pressing her up against the counter and it felt so good, not being able to go anywhere. She couldn’t remember the last time kissing had made her feel this giddy, or this horny.

Coming up for air, ‘Let’s go to the bedroom,’ she said. Strong arms lifted her and she wrapped escort pendik her legs around his waist. Giggling at him when he wouldn’t stop kissing her, bumping into walls because he couldn’t see where he was going. They flopped onto her bed, Sean on top of her. The weight of him comforted her in its containment.

‘Doctor, I’m still feeling quite tense…’

‘What about here?’ kissing her neck, then down to the little u-bone at the base of her throat, his fingers loosening the buttons of her shirt one by one, kissing each bit of exposed flesh until it all lay exposed before him. His fingers brushed over her breasts lightly, causing an immediate tightening of her nipples and a thrill that went right through her. He played his finger along the edges of her bra, lifting the silky black fabric, giving her gooseflesh all over.

‘It hurts real bad there…’

He pulled the fabric away and lowered his face to one breast. As his lips touched her, she gasped with pleasure. She could feel herself getting even wetter, even hotter. She squirmed as she tried to push more of herself into him. She let out a moan as he sat up. He pulled off his top and undid his pants, pushing them down, kicking off his shoes and socks. His Spongebob Square Pants boxers a ridiculous contrast to the tumble of flesh and lips and wetness.

Madison unbuttoned her jeans, lifting her butt as she forced them down exposing tiny black panties. Sean reached over and pulled her jeans off and threw them behind him triumphantly.

‘Nice,’ he said as he moved towards her. She couldn’t help but be impressed with the tight six-pack and the well-defined torso. He was quite a change from her flabby ex husband. She sat up so that they were kneeling in front of each other.

She put her hands on his chest, feeling his firmness, ‘Nice yourself,’ she replied. Running her hands down to his boxers she slowly started easing them down. And then she found the real change, and by God was it a change from what she’d been used to. She literally couldn’t believe the size of his erect cock. She put her hands on it almost reverently. Grasped two hands one above the other and there was still more cock! Her ex had barely had one handful.

‘Oh my God,’ was all she could get out before her mouth wrapped around his cock. She started caressing his balls with one hand and pumping up and down his shaft with the other. She rolled and flicked her tongue against him as her mouth slid up and down his full length. His hands grabbed the back of her head as he let out a low moan. After a few minutes he pushed her back onto the bed and spread her legs wide with his hands. His mouth hovered over the delicate, sopping wet fabric of her panties. He breathed hot air onto her clit and she arched her back as she lifted her pussy to his face, desperate for his mouth. With his tongue he licked her clit through her panties, slowly, maddeningly teasing her. She reached down to try and remove her panties, but he grabbed her wrists with one hand and denied her access. Biting into the fabric he pulled it aside with his teeth, exposing pendik escort bayan her swollen lips.

‘I think I’ve found the problem area,’ he said slowly, looking up at her with a cheeky smile.

‘Yes please…’ she felt like weeping.

‘But I’m going to have to investigate further just to be sure,’ as his fingers started to separate her lips, gliding in her moisture, seeking entry. With two fingers inside her, he started moving them as his mouth found her clit, worrying at it, tormenting it. Madison was so wet and aroused that it didn’t take long before she felt her orgasm building, felt it flooding through her in waves, until it slammed into her, shaking her from top to bottom.

Sean rolled a condom onto his cock and then started teasing her pussy with it, slipping just the head in and then taking it out again. She thought she was going to go crazy. Finally he tired of this game and slowly, inch by inch, he started pushing himself into her. She had never had such a huge cock in her before, so when he was fully inside her she was astounded by the feeling of fullness. It felt like he was touching every part of her.

And then he fucked her the way that she liked, hard and fast, the way no one else had else been able to fuck her more than 30 seconds without coming. Sean didn’t come. The question must have been on her face because he said, ‘I’m on anti-depressants – I hardly ever come.’ ‘ Oh, wow, that’s… well, unusual.’

‘A lot of people suffer from depression.’

‘I’m sorry, I meant the not coming, not the depression,’ suddenly aware that a total stranger had his dick inside her.

Gripping her by the hips he rolled onto his back still encased by her, ‘Just use me. Fuck me just how you want to. Use me to come baby, just how you like it, you don’t have to worry about me.’

Madison edged forward to lay on top of him, his cock deep inside her. She started fucking him with a slow, rhythmic movement that rubbed her clit against him in just the way that she liked. As she felt her pleasure build she increased her pace, kissing him frantically, gripping his shoulders until her second orgasm overcame her.

She laid her head on his shoulder and draped her arm over him as she willed her body to drink in the feeling of him against her. To store the impressions as memory to be accessed later when she was alone.

‘So how did you find my bedside manner?’ Sean asked, idly reaching over and tweaking her nipple hard, ‘I hope you approved of your treatment plan.’

‘Oh thank you Doctor, I’m very impressed.’

‘I’ve got some bad news though.’


‘I think you’re going to need treatments on an ongoing basis.’

‘Oh dear, and I suppose that this,’ stroking his cock, ‘is going to be your preferred method of treatment?’

‘You are a very astute young lady,’ he said as he reached for her and kissed her deeply.

Sean asleep beside her, Madison reflected on the fact that although the life that she had known was gone forever and that she didn’t really know who she was anymore, the game of life was definitely still playing and she had just climbed back into the saddle — in more ways than one. As she sank into the first non-drug induced sleep that she had had for a while she smiled as she let herself relax into warm arms.

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Hotel Surprise

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I’ve been talking to you on the cell for about an hour now. You hear a knock at the door and tell me you have to go because room service is here. We say our good-byes and you open the door. The initial look that comes across your face when you see me standing there is shock. It is quickly replaced with that smile I love so much. You pull me to you and kiss me hungrily, shutting the door behind me. Your tongue meets mine as we explore each other’s mouths. You catch my lower lip between your teeth and suck gently, pulling slightly. You wrap your arms around my back as I wind mine around your neck, pulling you in deeper for the kiss. Suddenly there is another knock at the door. Groaning slightly, you pull away from me to accept your dinner. You shut the door behind him and put the tray on the dresser.

“It’s going to get cold,” I say.

“Not a problem,” you respond. I feel your eyes rake up and down me as you take in what I am wearing: my white button-down that ends at my knees. You grin again. “Nice.” You sit on the edge of the bed and pull me between your legs. I sit on your knees and hug you close to me. I slide my hands down your back to untuck your shirt. Running my hands up your bare back, I pull the shirt up over your head, and then lean in to kiss you. You clasp your fingers in my hair, pulling me closer to you. You break the kiss to run your lips across my cheek to my ear.

“Wow,” you whisper. “I can’t believe you are here, in my arms.” pendik escort I hug you even tighter. You kiss down my neck and my throat. You slowly unbutton each button on the shirt, pushing it off my shoulders as you go, kissing every inch of skin that you expose. I drag my nails up your back, down your sides, across your stomach. I undo your belt buckle. You lift me to my feet so you can see me.

“Wow,” you say again as your eyes take in the open shirt and the leopard print matching bra and panty set. You lock your eyes with mine. I can see the desire and the love in them. I pull you to your feet and press my body against yours, kissing you hungrily again. I undo the button on your jeans and pull the zipper down. Sliding my hands inside the jeans, I push them down over your hips, your thighs. I gently push you back onto the bed in a sitting position and sit on your knees again, never breaking the kiss. Your arms go around my waist, your touch like fire on my skin. I break the kiss to run my tongue around your ear and catch your earlobe between my teeth. I kiss down your neck, your chest. I slide to my knees as my lips reach your stomach, my nails running up and down your back again. I slide my hands under the waistband of your boxers. You lift yourself slightly off the bed so I can remove them.

I kneel between your legs, my hands on your thighs, opening your legs a little wider. I run my tongue around the head of your cock, tasting your wetness, hearing escort pendik your very sharp intake of breath. I swirl my tongue around for a minute or two, listening to you breathe. I run my tongue up and down your shaft, making sure to cover every inch, every ridge. You twine your fingers through my hair, your grip tightening with every movement of my tongue. My hands cup your balls, rubbing my thumbs across them gently. Your breath is becoming faster and shallower. I take as much of you in my mouth as I can, sucking deeply. You groan and tighten your fingers in my hair as I feel your cock swell in my mouth. I slide my mouth up your shaft until I almost break contact and then slide it back down again. I get in a few more strokes like this and I feel you swell even more.

Suddenly your hands go under my arms and lift me up. You pull me onto your lap so I am straddling you. You place your hands on either side of my face and lock eyes with me again. “Oh baby, I love you so much. And I want you so badly.”

You pull me in for a kiss. I break the kiss.

“I love you too. And I want you inside of me.” I don’t have to ask twice. You pull the elastic of my panties to one side and slide me down your shaft until you are buried inside me. I gasp from the pleasure and now my breathing becomes shallower. You push the shirt off my body and bury your face in my cleavage. Your hands on my hips guide me into a steady rhythm that works for both of us. You unhook the pendik escort bayan bra and toss that to the floor as well. Your hands cup my breasts; your thumbs rub across my hard nipples. I groan as your mouth covers a nipple and your tongue swirls around it. Your fingers tease the other nipple in a similar fashion. I move your other hand to my lips, kissing it. Slowly, I pull your index finger into my mouth, sucking deeply on it. I feel you groan against my skin as your teeth clench around my nipple, which of course causes me to suck harder. Your hips are bucking harder underneath me.

My lips cover your ear as I whisper, “I want you to cum. Please baby, I want you to cum for me.” Your lips cover mine as you thrust up into me one more time and pull me even further down onto you. I moan against your lips as my body explodes, my muscles contracting around your hard cock, pulling you still further inside of me. Seconds later you catch my lower between your teeth as you explode inside me.

Our juices flow down over your shaft, your balls, as we hold each other tightly, our lips pressed together, trying to slow our racing hearts. We are both damp from the exertion; the air in the room feels cool against our skin. You lean back on the bed, pulling me onto you. I slide myself over to lie next to you, cuddled in your arms and resting my head on your chest, feeling your heart race beneath me. I love you so much and I love being with you. You kiss my forehead, your fingers running through my hair, brushing it behind my ears.

“I love you,” you whisper. “Thank you so very much for this surprise.”

“Anytime, my love, anytime,” I say, brushing my lips against your chest.

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Hotel Room

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I’d be waiting for you when you arrived in the sweetest Lolita dress I own with adorable high heels and a devious smile. You’d be fumbling as usual but I would come over, take your coat and offer for you to sit down. I’d come up behind you and start kissing your neck, letting you relax and fully enjoy it. You would close your eyes and lean into my lips, groaning as I added my teeth in. They would graze your collarbone before biting your neck and you can hear me panting from behind you.

You grab my hair with force, pulling me hard against you and I come around, straddling you and sitting on your lap, going back to work on the other side of your neck, my fingers creeping up your shirt, my nails dragging down your back.

You’re starting to lose your composure and I can feel it, my favorite part of this game and your hands travel my body. You feel the heavy weight of my tights in your hands, the curves of my body and finally, your hands cupping my ass and grinding me into your lap that much harder. Your eyes fly open and look at me with pure, carnal hunger. You need it, I can tell. Your nails dig into my ass and I bite my lip, waiting for you.

You snap, throwing me on the bed and pulling your shirt off in one motion. You climb on me and start pawing at my chest.Your hands are shaking as you unzip my dress, letting my tits fall free but something catches your eye and you back up a bit. My devious eyes and smile return to my face as I slip my dress off, revealing my black corset, thigh high stocking and no panties. You lick your lips and shake your head, pendik escort barely believing this before diving back onto me.

You peel my lingerie down and lick at my tits, groaning with happiness to finally have them in your mouth. Your hands are still reaching for my ass and hips and my nails drag down your body once again, making you shiver and shake. I can feel you getting hard against my leg and I lean into it, letting you know I want it too.

I flip you on your back and get on top of you, directing your hands where I want them and you can barely contain yourself , hips bucking up to get at me. But I make you wait, you know how much I like to play. I dip my fingers in my sopping wet pussy and whimper at my own touch, forcing you to watch. Your eyes get so wide and I love it, moaning at my touch before shoving my fingers into your mouth. You suck greedily, finally getting to taste me and you nearly lose it right there. But no, I have other plans for that mouth; I want to sit on your face until I’m screaming and you have cum dripping down your cheeks. I demand that you get to work and you can get down there fast enough, your tongue shoved in me before I can say another word.

And it feels like fucking heaven.

You use your hands to grab my ass and rock me against your face until I’m literally riding you, moaning so loudly and dripping everywhere. You want it; need it, and without warning I cum impossibly hard, so much of it flooding your mouth and I’m grabbing your hair and pushing your face as hard against my pussy as I possibly can.

I escort pendik can hear you groaning, muffled by my gushing pussy grinding against your lips, the taste driving you insane. I reach down and squeeze your cock just to tease you and you physically shudder, making my hips buck even harder. I finally dismount your face and reach immediately for the sipper on your jeans, shoving them to the floor and taking a step back to admire the view. Your body looks so delicious, inviting in the light and I look you up and down like dinner. I lean in, telling you that you get a reward for being such a good boy and making me cum like that, before kissing my way down your body. I see your eyes roll back in your head when you realize what’s about to happen and right as my tongue makes contact with your dripping dick, you flinch and buck your hips forward, sliding it effortlessly into my mouth. I’m whimpering and moaning trying to take it all but I let you fuck my face in no time, your hands in my hair pushing and pulling me all the ways you like. But I don’t want you to cum yet; I have bigger plans for you.

I let you pull my up by my hair and stare into your eyes, letting you know how ready I am for more. I can tell that you’re beyond sanity at this point and you want release more than anything in the world. You’re getting testy with all this pent up energy. You throw me on the bed, force me to my knees and hold my hands behind my back. “Now you’ll be a good little girl for me” you growl, forcing my face down and holding my hands firmly above my ass. With your other hand you pendik escort bayan spank me as hard as you can and I moan, involuntarily backing my ass up closer to you. You can see my pussy glistening from here, dripping down my leg with how much the pain turned me on and you can’t wait another goddamned moment. You slam your cock into me without any warning, feeling my unbelievably tight pussy contract around you. I can barely take all of you but you make it fit, shoving harder and farther than ever, before sliding back out and slamming into me with your entire weight.

I can’t stifle my screams of ecstasy as my orgasm rages through my body and you feel me shudder and contract around you. You’re picking up speed and force now, really fucking giving it to me. “You like that?” you yell, “You little slut. You fucking love it. Look at you.” You’re really getting into it, you’ve wanted this for so long and it is better than you ever thought it could be. You feel your orgasm building and you’ve never needed something so much in your life “Beg for it,” you groan, “Beg for me to cum for you. Moan and tell me what a good girl you are”. I whimper and buck my hips back against you. “I’m a good little slut, I’m all yours” I pant, needing to cum so badly, hearing your voice nearly sending me over the edge. You pull my hair back and bite my ear before releasing me and grabbing my ass one last time before your orgasm takes over your entire body. It starts in your toes and you feel it overtake you, washing waves and waves of pleasure over your body, relentless. Somewhere in the haze of your pleasure, you hear and feel me cumming too, the hot and sticky liquid pouring down your thighs as my moans grow louder and louder. Finally, we both collapse onto the bed, messy and panting but finally satisfied.

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