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A story of my CD friend and I

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Franceska Jaimes

Sometimes I would post and I would get answers from mostly men, which I wasn’t crazy interested in, but I had dome some things with men before. It was a tough spot for me because I enjoyed cock play, touching, sucking, and I enjoyed having my hole played with, touched, fingered, and in some instances penetrated with a nice cock, but I wasn’t “attracted” to men. Then I started getting responses from cross-dressers. This peaked my interest because these men dressed like women and some were even smooth all over. In my mind this was an amazing thing, the girl qualities with a nice cock hiding in their panties.

Then there was Ryan:

I checked my email one morning after making a post on a personals page. After sifting through the messages I knew were scams or professionals, I finally came across one that seemed real. The subject of the email was simply “Smooth CD” I opened the message and there was a short nice introduction, and below it a picture. The picture was a stunning Asian woman, long dark hair and sexy lingerie. I was immediately interested, I replied back and we began talking. It wasn’t long before we had exchanged phone numbers and were making plans to meet. We finally settled on a day that we could meet up at his place and have some fun. Finally the day had arrived, I went to his house and knocked on the door. The door opens and there stands the sexy woman from the picture, about 5′ 8″ slender, beautiful black hair, wearing thigh highs, a short skirt, bra, and a sheer top. I was sprung right away, I could feel my cock swelling in my shorts. We made some small talk just inside the door and it felt like we had a connection right away. It didn’t take long before we were making out and touching each others bodies, but avoiding the intimate areas initially. We engaged in a more fierce kiss, tongues starting to probe each other, when I felt his hand slide from my back down to my ass. It felt good, I liked being touched that way, I returned the favor and slowly slid my hand down to his ass, it felt firm under the skirt. I worked my hand under his skirt and I could feel panties, I traced the line between flesh and panty material with my hand. We drew into a closer embrace and I could feel our bulges touching through our clothes. I remember thinking to myself, there’s the bonus! I also had another thought that I wanted to investigate, the bulge seemed bigger than I had anticipated. As that thought crossed my mind, I was snapped back to the situation at hand because I realized a hand was in the front of my shorts. Ryan had worked one hand down my shorts and was working on getting my shorts undone with the other hand. He teased my cock a little and then started working my shorts down, my shorts got to about my thighs and I did a little shimmy to get them the rest of the way off and then kicked them off my feet. I felt a tug on the bottom of my shirt and instinctually raised my arms up as he peeled my shirt off of me. He güvenilir bahis took a step back and looked at me standing there in my grey boxer-briefs and my socks. Just as I was starting to get a little self-conscious, he dropped to his knees in front of me and hooked his fingers into the waist of my underwear. There was a slight pause, almost as if to say, this is the point you stop or go all the way. All I could manage was a slight nod of my head, I was so excited I couldn’t speak at that point. That was all the permission he needed, he started tugging my underwear down and my hard cock sprang free. I kicked my underwear off of my feet and Ryan already had his hands on my hard, throbbing cock. He licked the tip of my cock and swirled his tongue around the head a few times, I slumped back against his door as he took me into his mouth for the first time. I’m not an impressive specimen by any means, around 6″ and average girth, but he seemed pleased with it. He gave me a few good pumps in his mouth and then paused, he wanted me to see more of him at this point. He pulled off his sheer top and down the sexy little skirt he was wearing. I must have been staring at his bulge, straining against the panties he was wearing. He looked at me and said “go for it”. I needed no more encouragement, I was already curious from before when I almost got to touch it. I reached out with my hands and felt his cock through the soft panty material. God it was nice! I couldn’t help it anymore and pulled his panties down and off his feet. There it was, a magnificent cock, a little over 7″ and a little more girth than mine. I couldn’t resist anymore and took him in my mouth. His precum tasted really good and it put me in a frenzy, I was sucking his cock really good, bobbing up and down, in and out, running my tongue into his little slit and circling his head. Suddenly he stopped me, He didn’t want to cum yet. Ryan moved to his dining room area where he had laid a blanket out on the floor and laid down on his side. He motioned to me to join him and lay the other way. I moved over to him and laid down, we were on our sides, face to each others cocks. We both started sucking each other at the same time, I started to feel like I might cum and I let him know. He stopped and I still had is cock down my throat, somehow we rolled to where I was on my back and he was on top of me, cock still down my throat. He pulled out of my mouth and as he was readjusting himself I took a curious probing lick of his hole. He kind of jumped a little like I surprised him and then he popped his hips, angling his hole toward my tongue. I took the invitation and started probing his hole with my tongue, working around the outside and the pressing a little of my tip into it. He was moaning and moving his hips, I kept licking and swirling my tongue around. He raised up and moved himself down to my cock, still on top of me, facing away. He sat and started rubbing my cock between his ass cheeks türkçe bahis and teasing himself with my cock. He pressed his hole against my cock and gave him a little thrust, just enough to spread his tight hole just a little bit. He asked me if I wanted to fuck his ass, and I said, “very much so.” With that he took my cock in his hands and lined it up with his hole, and started pressing it into himself in little motions. He would come down a little and the let up some and come back down. I could feel how tight he was, it was amazing, the head of my cock was slowly making its way into his tight wet little hole. He went up and came back down and it happened, the head of my cock popped into his tight hole, just inside, he gasped and paused, I was trying not to cum. SHIT it was tight! Pause was over, he started working me farther inside of him, He must have felt me pulsing because he slowed down some. Finally I was burried to the root in his tight asshole, god did it feel good, it was so tight, I was still about to cum. He paused for a minute which I appreciated, because it took me off the ledge a little bit. Then he started raising up some, he raised all the way up to my tip and let it slip just a little out and then plunged my cock all the way back inside, omg, I almost blew, he took another pause, good thing, because I was pulsing and trying really hard to hold the cum back. I’m sure he could feel it, as tight and his ass was squeezing around my cock. Then, out of nowhere, he just let me have it, he started bouncing his ass up and down my cock full length. He leaned back toward me and angled my cock into his prostate, I could feel his precum dripping on to me. I was about to blow, it only took what seemed like 30 seconds of him bouncing up and down on me before he pulled himself off of me and took my pulsing cock into his hands and I started spraying cum everywhere. He caught some of my cum in a rag and some he licked up in his mouth, he then laid back on the blanket. I didn’t need any prompting I moved over to his side and took his swollen cock in my mouth. I could taste his precum, it tasted so good, he was very close to cumming I could feel him pulsing. He pulled my face off his cock and I took it into my hands as he started to spurt cum. Some of his cum hit my lips, mouth, and most of it landed on my hands. I loved the feeling of his cock pulsing in my hands as it pumped spurt after spurt of cum. Ryan started cleaning me up and we dressed and I left his house. I returned many times for similar encounters, Ryan was my favorite playmate, but there was one other encounter that stood out in my mind, I wrote it out in detail below.

The *********** flip:

I still remember the first time he reversed the roles on me. I walked in his front door and he pulled my shirt off, turned me around and slightly bent me over against his door. Then he pulled my shorts down while playing with my cock through my underwear. He knelt down and güvenilir bahis siteleri slowly pulled my underwear down while kissing and licking my ass and crack, my rock hard cock sprang free from my underwear and he pulled them the rest of the way off. He licked me a few more times, teasing my hole with his tongue. Then he stood up and pulled his shorts and underwear off, letting his rock hard cock pop up and rest on my ass. I wiggled my ass around a little in anticipation, I couldn’t believe how much I wanted it. He took a small step closer to me, lining up his cock with my crack while pressing it slightly harder against me. I bent over a little more and popped my hips and ass upward a little so he could have it. He took his time making sure everything was wet enough while slowly stroking his cock up and down my crack between my ass cheeks, pausing every once and a while to tease my hole by slightly pressing the head of his cock a little harder against my hole. By this point I was so into it I was subconsciously pushing back against him trying to get his hard cock in me, but he wouldn’t allow it just yet. The anticipation was killing me, I wanted him in me so bad! He teased me a little longer and then finally it was time, he paused again with his head firmly pressed against my tight, wet hole, and then I felt it, more pressure than the teasing he had been doing before. I thrust my ass and hips back against him and he grabbed my hips and whispered “slow baby” I groaned because I wanted him in me now! I could feel the pressure building up against my hole, and slowly the head of his cock was making its way into my tightness. He pressed a little more and finally his head spread me open and popped just barely inside me, it felt amazing! He held me by my hips because I kept trying to buck back and force him deeper, but he wanted it slow. He took his time, and made sure I felt every inch slide up my tight ass. He finally worked himself all the way in and started pulling back, he pulled all the way back out! I was desperate! “Put it back in” I begged. He started putting it back in, a little faster this time. I could sense that he wanted to pick up the pace, so I started working my ass up and down. He responded by grabbing my hips harder and giving me a hard thrust until I heard and felt his balls slap against me. He was balls deep in my tight wet asshole! “Oh fuck yes!” I moaned and then we both lost it, passion took over and we both just started fucking. He was thrusting in and out of me faster and harder, I was thrusting my hips and ass, working his hard cock inside me. After a few minutes of fucking, I could feel his cock swelling and pulsing. He was about to cum, I could feel it! I started bucking harder and his cock started pulsing harder. Suddenly he withdrew from my ass all the way and then I felt his hot cum hit my ass cheek and then it splashed on my crack and another spurt hit right on my hole. It felt so good but I protested and asked him why he didn’t cum in me!?

Thanks for reading my story and let me know what you think in the comments below! This is my first time writing and sharing a story.

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Laney’s Deflowering Pt. 01

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Tony Newsom opened the door and was surprised to see his niece, Laney Chalmers.

“Hi Laney, if you’re here to visit Nadia, she and my wife are taking a long weekend up in the mountains. She won’t be back until Monday evening.”

Laney smiled at him, and cooed, “Why aren’t you with them?”

He replied, “Well, it’s a mother/daughter bonding. My wife never really got a good bond with her mother, and she’d determined not to let that happen to Nadia.”

Laney smiled, she knew that Nadia and her Mom were gone for the weekend, she was just playing along like she had not known. She had a wild crush on her Uncle, and now, she had the whole weekend to get him. She wanted him, he was her masturbation fantasy, laying in the dark with her legs spread. She’d caress her body, feeling the tingles of skin-to-skin contact, imaging that it was uncle Tony stroking her body. She’d drag it out until her hands slipped down. Her fingers would become his cock, as she drove the fingers in, she imagined his cock taking her, bursting her tight virginity. Mmmm, the imagining of his cock starting to ram in and out, her fingers doing the work, really got her tight little pussy soaked.

She’d whisper, “Grab my ass and slam that cock into me! Ohhh yes, I can feel your stiff cock starting to jerk, your balls are so full and tight, ready to explode! Shoot off in me Uncle, fill your little niece’s tight cunt with hot Uncle seed, make me cum like a woman!”

That would do it, and as she imagined the hot rush of his spunk flooding her, she’d be squealing and crying out in orgasmic pleasure.


Now with her Auntie Julie out of the way, Laney was primed and ready. Even better, since it was Friday night, she’d have Uncle Tony all to herself until Monday. She had a feeling that she’d be spending the weekend in his bed, and he could spend the weekend in her.

“Would you like to come in, maybe have a soda?”

“Thank you, Uncle Tony, that would be nice.”

Tony went into the kitchen, and he was not noticing that Laney was following close behind. At the refrigerator door, he felt her presence. He turned and she glided up quickly, Tony was unprepared as she grabbed his head and pulled his lips against hers. Her lips were warm, slightly parted, and he could taste the peppermint toothpaste she had used earlier in the day as her tongue curled out, and licked at his lips.

Tony felt his cock take notice, but he needed to put a stop to it. His 18-year-old niece Laney, would be wildly incestuous. He pulled his head back, and lowered his hand to her shoulder, intending to gently push her back. Her hand came down, grabbed his wrist, and pulled his hand lower until his hand slid over the prominent rise of her left breast.

Laney cooed, “Mmmm, press your hand against my big boobie, Uncle.”

Unable to stop himself, he did so, Laney purred into his ear as he stroked at her blouse-covered rise. Laney’s other hand came down, unbuttoning her blouse, she needed to feel both of Uncle Tony’s hands on both boobies, she’d been dreaming about this. She took his other wrist, his other hand was guided to the opening, urging him canlı bahis on to reach in and grab her right tit. Her tits were unencumbered by a bra, as his left hand curled around her right tit, his right hand swept aside the blouse, and both hands were filled with her warm tit flesh.

“Mmmm, mmmm, oh yes, play with my tits.”

Tony was happy to do, and soft cries of pleasure rose up. The thorny incest situation quickly retreated, as Tony’s lust took over. Laney’s 36D tits were very sensitive to stimulation, Tony’s hands were making them tingle, her nipples were stiff and rock hard as he gently pulled and tugged at them. Mmmm, he was playing with them in just the way that moved her most, the way she played with them when she masturbated.

“Suck them, Uncle, get your mouth on my nipples and go wild on them!”

Tony was happy to do so, and he latched his mouth around her right tit, licking, sucking, and laving at it, Laney’s loud purrs of pleasure joined in as he went back and forth between nipples, sucking and licking.

“Slide your hand down Uncle, feel me, feel how hot I am.”

He did so, his hands slipped under her dress, and he found her pantyless. She had really removed any obstacles, she had wanted no break in the action. She was seducing her Uncle, and she wanted him to be in her, fucking her tight little cunt and gushing his spunk into her before he could say no.

His fingertips found the wet heat, her moan of pleasure urging him on as he slid his fingers along that tight pink trail, and a louder moan as he slipped a finger in. The tight elasticity of her teen cunt squeezed at his finger.

Laney was still a virgin, she wanted her Uncle to take care of that detail. She decided not to tell him, let him discover that when he took her, let her Uncle have the pleasure of taking her tight little cherry.

Laney purred, “Take me to bed Uncle, and take my tight little pussy.”

Tony could not have said no to that, and he carried her to the master bedroom. The king-size bed awaited, and he lowered her gently, stripping off his clothes, Laney saw a hard, erect 8-inch dick rising.

“Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” Laney growled, desperate to have that stiff shaft breaking her virginity.

Tony was quickly between her legs, she felt her hand take his dick, leading him on a true, cunt splitting path. He nudged against her bubbly entrance.

“Now, take me hard, take me in one hard thrust!”

Tony did so, his steel hard dick surged in, and he sheared through her virgin barrier, her loud shriek of mixed pain and pleasure sounded, and she urged, “Don’t stop Uncle, all the way, make me a woman, complete my deflowering!”

Holy Fuck, he’d just deflowered his niece. He’d taken her innocence, but her hands on his ass, pulling him in, told him she had wanted it, and he powered the rest of the way in, another shriek as he bottomed out, his balls smacking her ass as he was now buried to the hilt. He stopped, holding himself deep, her first cock, she’d need some time adjusting, and he didn’t want to turn it into more of a rape.

Laney was breathing deep, eyes closed, concentrating, bahis siteleri her mind thinking come on damn it, come on pussy, stretch out for Uncle’s hard cock. She felt Uncle Tony’s mouth kissing gently, up and down her neck, that felt nice. In a minute, she felt her tightness ease up just a bit, and she felt a glow of pleasure. Her uncle had taken her cherry, just the way she had hoped for.

She opened her eyes, and cooed, “I’ve wanted this, I’d masturbate to the imagining of you taking my virginity, just like you have. I kept myself tight and virginal, just for you so you would have the honor of making me a woman. It was way more glorious to have it done in real life. Now, take your pleasure Uncle Tony, go slow for a bit, so I can get fully adjusted.”

The feel of her virgin-tight 18-year-old cunt around his cock was the ultimate. She was his first virgin, even his wife had not been a virgin when they met. So hot, so tight and he started to fuck her slowly, gently, eager to make her first time the one to remember.

Laney was purring, letting little gasps and ahhhs of pleasure. When he’d hit her hymen and rammed through it, it had felt like a tearing stinging pain, but she was in no mood to stop, she wanted to bear the pain of being deflowered by her Uncle. Her Uncle Tony, the man she was crazy about, had taken her cherry. Mmmm, that made her juices gush, she could feel her tight little cunt loosening up, the lubrication making his pumping in and out a smooth ride. His cock stretched her out, it was a pleasurable feeling, her tight little pussy adjusting, eager to please her Uncle. She felt him reach down, taking her legs and wrapping them around his waist, and he thrust deep, mmm, she felt him thump securely against her cervix.

“Yes oh yes uncle Tony, it’s starting to feel really good, go faster! Flood my tight little cunny, I want all the sperm you can pump into me, I’m on the pill, so let me have it!”

Tony was happy to do so, his mind was awash with the sensations. Powering his prick into her, spreading open the walls of her tight teen cunt, the virgin tightness gripping of her around his shaft was something else. Her cries and grunts of pleasure drove him wild. Every plunge into the exquisite tightness of her burning fuck-hole made him grunt with pleasure, her tightness was out of this world. His balls were aching, working up a massive load to spew into her burning core. Tony was consumed by the way her teenage tightness stroked his cock, making his spunk sizzle, the soft feel of her skin, hearing the liquid sounds from her cunt as he drove in and out of her, over and over, how it felt to fuck the steamy depths of her teen tightness, the passion she fired in his loins. He could feel his cock jerk, swelling tight with a massive urgency to steely hardness, she growled as he wedged open her cervix, ready to flood her womb.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming,” Laney squealed, “Yes, oh fuck I’m cumming, fuck me, fuck me, shoot it, squirt it, christen my tight little pussy, yes, CREAM MEEEE!”

As her voice rose to a shriek, her cunt clamped down tightly around his cock, virtually sucking at bahis şirketleri his shaft, urging him to explode his burning load. The knowledge that he was about to explode into the virgin depths of Laney’s teen tightness took him over the edge. His balls let go, and he could feel the hot spunk sizzling up his shaft. Tony’s wild groan of pure pleasure joined Laney’s cries of orgasmic delight as his cock erupted, he slammed as deep as possible inside her, his spurting cock jerking and throbbing and pumping a flood, gushing thick ropes of cum deep into her delightful tightness.

Tony grunted and groaned, squirting 8 thick ropes of spunk deep into her tight gripping receptacle, emptying his cock into her womb. She writhed and squirmed around wildly underneath him, her body shuddering in orgasm, her pussy quivering and spasming wildly, sucking and milking greedily, wanting every drop.

Mmmm, having her Uncle’s sperm splashing all over her pill-protected womb, the hot, wet glow deep inside her as he christened her pussy with its first load was like heaven on Earth.

When he was drained, he slowly pulled out and lay next to her. Her eyes looked into his, calm, a glow of pleasure visible.

“Mmmm, that was just what I was hoping for. I wasn’t going to give it up to some boy, I wanted your cock, a real man’s cock to do the honors. And mmmm, feeling that hot bloom deep inside, I felt very honored indeed!”

Tony was eager to have her spend the night when she told him that the other 2 virginities were still to be taken. Fate, however, had other plans in store.

His smartphone chimed, and he saw the caller ID, it was his wife Julie.

He answered the call, and said, “Hey Julie, what’s up?”

She said, “Tony, we’re coming back home.”

“Now, what’s wrong, what happened?”

He saw Laney look at him, the question in her eyes.

“We’re okay, it’s not a medical issue, the highway is closed just before Silversides, the road is snowed under, and the avalanche danger is extreme, no traffic allowed. It’s the only road in, so, we just decided to head home. It sucks, having been on the road for 90 minutes. We are just leaving the Dennys where we had dinner, so we’ll see you in an hour and a half.”

She lowered her voice and cooed, “And just between you and me, I am so horny I can’t see straight! I was planning on dildoing myself like crazy, being all alone in a hotel room, so on the bright side, tonight, I want to get a good solid fucking. My panties are damp just thinking about it!”

“That sounds real good Julie, I’ll see you both in 90 minutes.”

When Tony broke the connection, he told Laney what had happened.

“Well, I guess we’d better delay the other virginities being taken. Can I assume Auntie is horny and wants a good fucking?” When he answered in the affirmative, she cooed, “Gonna think of me, and my tight cunt being fucked by you while you fuck her?” At my nod, she smiled and purred, “I will be honored to be in your head while you fuck your sweet wifey.”

She got up, and said, “Better get out of here, so you can take a shower, so wifey doesn’t taste my juices on your cock! And, my 2 tight little holes will stay virgin for you until we have the chance to get together again. Tonight, in bed, I’m gonna ram my pussy with my dildo, and relive in my mind the glorious fucking you gave me!”

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Mom’s Skater Boy Ch. 02

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


For the record: All characters engaging in any sexual activities are at least 18 years of age!

A huge thanks to my editor RFFAST for his work fixing all my errors.

To be familiar with the characters, it would help to read previous chapters of the story, or you might miss out on some of the references in this part.

* * * * *

The following day at breakfast, we seemed to be back to normal, chatting and joking until Mike brought up a subject I guessed would be coming up.

“I have two months of school, and I am at a B now. What do I get if I end up with a B+ average?” Mike asked, the smile on his face.

“You get to go to college as we planned.” I said, and saw the joy going away.

“But…” He couldn’t finish, even though I think I knew what he wanted.

“If you finish with a B+, you get a full nude weekend with me, if that’s what you want. But if you can get it up to an A- average or better, we will have a special weekend away, and we will do anything you like for that whole weekend. Two days to fulfill your fantasies, we will do whatever you like, and I will wear whatever you say. It will be all up to you.” I said, but I don’t know where it came from, but I just couldn’t bear to see him down, and he would need all A’s from now to the end of the year to pull it off.

“You mean it, I can have anything I want?” Mike asked, his face red and unable to look me in the eye.

“Just one weekend, you and me away in a Hotel room.” I said, secretly liking the sound of it myself, even if it was so wrong.

Mike went off to school, and I went to work. I hardly saw him for the rest of the week. We sat down to dinner on Thursday night, and he showed me his A+ and smiled at his achievement. I offered him the laptop on Friday night, but he turned it down. “I have a real live nude lady tomorrow. Why would I need videos.” he said, and I smiled and hugged him.

I did a bit of trimming that night and shaved my bikini line to present myself better. My clit was easier to see, but I wasn’t hiding it anymore, and Mike didn’t seem to mind. I gave myself a quick orgasm with the hairbrush because shaving my pussy lips always turned me on so much. I slept well, considering I would be on display to my Son all day tomorrow.

When I walked into the kitchen the next morning, I was greeted with the sight of Mike’s naked body, and I went about making our usual breakfast of Bacon and Eggs as Mike watched my bottom wiggle. I was sitting beside him when he dropped his hand onto my thigh. This was a bold move, but I couldn’t push him away. I almost slipped off the stool with the amount of liquid pouring from my pussy.

Mike poked at his food with his fork and rubbed his fingers up the inside of my thigh with the other hand. I opened my legs and turned on the stool to give him better access. He took the green light and ran his fingers right up to the edge of my pussy, grazing my lips with the back of his fingers. I had to bite my bottom lip to stop groaning out loud.

I looked down to see his hard cock standing to attention and the tip leaking precum, so I let the back of my fingers trace up the underside of its length catching all the precum and bringing it up to my lips. Mike watched with an open mouth as I licked the drips off with my tongue.

He ran a finger between my pussy lips, brought it to his lips, and first sniffed his finger, then took it in his mouth, savouring my taste as he watched my hand go back to his shaft. I gently stroked his cock while I ate my breakfast, and he played with my clit while he finished his.

“OK, go and bring all the hampers down and strip the beds. Time to start the chores, or there will be no time to relax this afternoon.” I said, as I picked up his empty plate and made sure to wiggle my bottom while I cleaned up.

“Are you sure you don’t need a hand with that?” Mike asked, as he stood at the laundry door, looking at my pussy and ass as I loaded the washer.

“Just bring down the dirty towels and put out clean ones from the closet.” I said, but bent over even more as I put the last of the clothes in the washer.

“OK, anything you want.” Mike said, and ran his fingers the length of my pussy, extracting a moan from me.

I couldn’t tell him I wanted him to fuck me over the dryer. That would ruin any motivation I was providing. It didn’t stop my pussy from screaming for attention every time he touched it. I decided to do the housework and keep my mind off the beautiful cock parading around. It worked to an extent, except when Mike took every opportunity to bump his cock into my bottom any chance he could.

We ate lunch, sitting opposite each other on the couch and recliner. I could see the precum bubbling from the tip of his cock, so I let my knees fall to the sides, exposing my inner pussy to his view. Mike put down his plate and gripped his cock shaft, gently pulling the foreskin off the head. “Sorry, I need to do this. I can’t stand the pressure anymore.” Mike said, then moaned.

“Come canlı bahis şirketaleri closer to me so I can watch, honey.” I said, and watched Mike stand and move between my open thighs.

Mike pumped his cock a few more times as I watched and pulled on my nipples, keeping myself on the edge of my orgasm too. Then it happened. His cock erupted cum, gushing from the tip and jetting across the length of my torso. It left a thick rope of cream from my neck over the valley between my breasts across my belly to the top of my pubic mound.

One more shot followed, laying another stripe over my right breast and down onto my pussy mound. Then he clenched his body and held back any more of his sperm from shooting out. I watched as Mike looked down with a worried look on his face until I ran my fingers through the cum, gathering a giant blob and sliding it down over my clit and into my opening, sliding two cum covered fingers deep into my pussy.

I took another swipe across my pubic mound and pushed the next cum soaked finger down to my rosebud and slipped it into my ass to the first knuckle. My hips bucked, and my pussy spasmed as Mike watched me orgasm around my finger, my ass clenching with each spasm.

“I will get a cloth to clean this up, don’t move.” Mike said, looking down at my wide-open pussy.

He returned and carefully wiped all the cum from my body while I tried not to enjoy his touch. He paid particular attention to my pussy, making sure he got into every nook and cranny. I had my own juices seeped down from my opening and trickled across my rosebud. Mike cleaned that up too, bringing a moan from me.

We did the last of the chores, like making the beds together, and watched a video for the rest of the afternoon. When Mike was about to cum, I made him stand between my legs again. This time he emptied his entire load over my pubic mound and let some dribble down into the folds of my pussy. I ran my fingers through the cum and forced as much of it inside my pussy as I could.

“Two more A’s to go, baby boy.” I whispered, into his ear as he gave me a long goodnight hug, his erection pushing against the cleft of my pussy lips just under my clit.

“We don’t have to wait.” Mike said, as he nudged forward a little, parting my pussy lips.

“Didn’t you cum enough today?” I asked, placing my hand on his chest to stop him.

“I have plenty more in me.” Mike said, a cheeky grin spreading across his face.

I pulled back and turned toward my bedroom door and made sure to wiggle my bottom a little more seductively as I walked to my bedroom. “It will take another A to see this again.” I said, stopping to bend at the waist and pick at some fluff from the rug.

“MMMmmm, another ‘A’ coming up.” Mike said, as he watched me close the door.

I sat on my bed with my laptop between my spread legs and fingered my pussy while reading the new incest stories on the web. I brought my fingers to my lips, inhaling our mixed fragrances and then tasting my pussy juice mixed with Mike’s sperm. I was ashamed to admit that I was praying for two more A’s so that I would be ‘Forced’ to submit to his whim.

The next morning at breakfast, fully clothed, and Mike seemed a little glum. I tried teasing him by unbuttoning my blouse a little, but he was still pouting. “Next Saturday will be here soon enough.” I said, running my fingers through his hair.

“It’s not that. I have the graduation dance coming up, and I have no one to go with, so I think I will just stay at home.” Mike said, looking down at his plate.

“Is there someone you want to ask?” I asked, a pang of jealousy passing through my body as I said the words.

“Clair, but she would never go with me. She is the most beautiful girl in school.” Mike answered, and he was right. She was beautiful, and I had seen her looking at him as I picked him up after school a few times.

“What do you have to lose?” I asked, but secretly jealous as hell, but I had to be a good mother and be supportive.

“Do you think she would say yes?” He asked, looking to me for help.

“She can only say yes or no, and there is only one way to find out.” I said, not wanting to get his hopes up too much.

“I will ask her at lunch tomorrow, but I don’t like my chances. Brad, the QB likes her too.” Mike said, and I knew Brad. He was a good-looking young man over 6 foot 3.

“Well, if she says no, we can have a nice dance here at home, without clothes on. Brad won’t be getting that, I’ll bet.” I said, trying to soften any blow that might be coming.

That made Mike smile, and his pants bulged a bit. Mike spent the rest of the day studying, so I only saw him at dinner and when he hugged me goodnight. I went to bed with my laptop, put my butt plug in my ass, and fingered myself to orgasm, thinking about that naked dance with Mike. I left the butt plug in and went to sleep with my fingers smelling of pussy.

“How did it go, Mike? Tell me the whole story.” I asked canlı kaçak iddaa as Mike sat down at the kitchen counter and watched me cook the next night.

“I saw Clair by herself during lunch and made my way over to her table. I cleared my throat and croaked out a quick ‘will you go to the dance with me.’ She started to smile, and I thought I might be in with a chance when her friends came rushing over. They asked what ‘skater boy’ wanted, and Clair said that I had asked her to the dance, and they all burst out laughing. They were all telling me that Brad was going to ask her.” Mike said.

I didn’t know if I should be sad or happy. But I didn’t like my Son being treated like that. “Then she said no, and she wouldn’t even look me in the eyes when she did it.” Mike said.

“Stuff them, you only have two weeks left, and you are out of there.” I said, trying to cheer him up.

“Your right stuff them. I am going to be dancing with my naked Mom.” Mike said, bringing a smile to my face and a tingle to my pussy.

Later in the week, he presented another A- to win another Saturday naked together. I decided not to play with myself on Thursday or Friday night, so I would be nice and horny for Saturday morning, looking forward to our little naked games around the house.

When I came into the kitchen on Saturday morning, Mike was already sitting at the breakfast bar with a nice hard cock. He jumped up and hugged me, and his hard-on pushed into my pubic mound, and my nipples brushed against his chest. I took a deep breath, pushed myself away to start making breakfast.

“I was asked about another Gig for you to sing at next Friday, but it’s for free. The Principal of your school wanted you to sing a few songs at the final assembly.” I said, hoping Mike would do it.

“I am already the laughingstock of the school. I don’t want to make it any worse.” Mike said, and I could see his point, but I wanted them to see what I see.

“You will never have to set foot in that place again, so why don’t you write something to finish the set and blow them away. Then you never have to look back.” I said, leaving it at that, and served up the eggs and sat next to Mike.

After we ate, I started the washing while Mike gathered all the bedding and towels from upstairs. I didn’t notice him waiting at the door until I stood upright and saw him with his mouth open.

“You have something in your ass.” Mike said, with his mouth still hanging unhinged.

“Yes, do you like it?” I asked, and bent to finish loading the washer.

“It has a jewel at the end of it.” He said, still looking at my ass when I peeked back at him.

“I like it too.” I said, clamping my anal muscle, making the butt plug move in my ass, and almost making myself moan.

Mike moved past me brushing his erection against my ass and leaving another strip of his precum on my ass cheek in the process, only this time he ran his fingers over my new butt plug, pressed it into me, bringing a gasp from my lips. I straightened and turned on the washer and gave Mike’s cock a few strokes before leaving to start on the floors.

At lunchtime, we sat in the family room and ate in our usual positions, and when Mike couldn’t stand it anymore, he stroked his cock, stood to my side and let two blasts shoot over my breasts. He clenched his body, staving off the rest of his orgasm, and I cleaned it up with a cloth, like a good mother.

I tried to hold off my orgasm until tonight, but Mike came up behind me while I washed up the plates and slid his cock between my thighs. He reached around to my breasts. He humped against me, his cock sliding along the furrow between my pussy lips. It only took a few minutes for my orgasm to rock me while I held myself up with the edge of the sink. Mike let go of another two blasts of sperm between my legs and stopped the orgasm again.

We did the rest of the Saturday chores, and after dinner, we had an orgasm each while watching each other play with our bits. Mike letting his full load go all over his chest. That night after I went to bed, I pulled out my butt plug and slipped a dildo in its place and fingered myself to another orgasm before falling asleep with the dildo still in my ass.

“I’ll do it.” Mike said, the following day as he ate breakfast on the Sunday morning before his last few days of school.

“You will do what, Mike?” I asked, hoping it was about the singing but not wanting to presume.

“I will sing at Graduation. It will be the last time I will have to see their ugly faces anyway.” He said, going back to his cereal without another word.

“Clair is not ugly.” I said, watching Mike eat.

“No. not Clair.” Mike replied, not lifting his eyes.

Our week was busy with Mike studying and also writing a song for the assembly. I was busting to find out what Mike’s final score would be, but we would only find out at the graduation assembly, so I booked a fancy hotel in the city anyway. We could dance the night away even canlı kaçak bahis if Mike only got a B.


The Graduation mainly was long speeches from silly young girls and boys who didn’t even know where they were heading, talking about the future they hadn’t even had a plan for or could envision. Then, just before all the ‘A’ students were announced, Mike was asked to come to the stage.

“Michael is going to sing a few songs for us this afternoon and finish with one he wrote just for the end of his schooling.” The Principal said, as Mike picked at the strings tuning his guitar, and the students giggled and talked.

“Mike cleared his throat, licked his lips, and started to strum his guitar to the tune of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ and as he started to sing, the giggling and talking stopped. It only took until the first verse for him to have the audience in his hand. They all looked on in astonishment, and I was smiling from ear to ear.

Two songs later, he was tapping on his guitar body and strumming his heart out, the way he always did. The final piece was a slow number he wrote for the occasion, a little sad but uplifting as his voice reached a strength and height I had never seen before. He managed to weave in some references to his teachers that made everyone smile, and the final lines were a farewell that had all the teachers in tears.

When I turned to the other audience members, I saw many mothers reaching into their bags for tissues and Mike’s classmates wiping their eyes on the long cloaks they were made to wear. When the final long note stopped, Mike stood in silence for a second as he looked out to the audience in defiance. Then it happened, the place erupted in applause, and it was deafening.

I watched as each of the ‘A’ students got their special awards and clapped the loudest when Mike’s name was called, embarrassing him in the process. Then all the students walked across the stage to collect the scroll that contained their Graduation certificate. All the mothers made noise for their children, so we collectively embarrassed them in our own way.

I waited for Mike outside the auditorium, and when he came out in his usual jeans and a tee-shirt, he raced to hug me. “I got an ‘A’ Mom.” he said, pressing his body into mine.

“I know, baby. I am so proud of you. Let’s pack our bags. I have a place booked in the city so that we can dance the night away.” I said, pressing my body into his and breathing hard into his ear.

We raced away from the school, and I could feel the joy coming from Mike as the weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders. I had most of my stuff packed, but Mike still beat me back to the door with a bag that had part of a shirt still sticking out of the corner.

“Come on, Mom, you are holding us up.” Mike said, as I stuffed some sexy panties in my bag.

“I’m coming. I have lots to pack.” I said, joking with him.

“But.” Mike started to say, but he broke out in a smile when he saw me giggling at the top of the stairs.

We got to the hotel just after dark and booked in as Mr. and Mrs. Kogan. It was true, but I didn’t let on that we were Mother and Son. The bags beat us to the room, and I tipped the room service guy, and as soon as I turned back to Mike, he wrapped me up in a giant hug and kissed me. He was gripping my ass and pulling me into his body.

“OK, big boy, slow down. We have all weekend.” I said, as I reached up under my skirt with one hand and pulled my panties down my legs and threw them at Mike.

“But you said anything I wanted.” Mike said, pouting.

“And I mean it, Baby, but I would like to go a bit slower, have dinner and do some dancing.” I said, lifting the front of my skirt and flashing my bald pussy at him.

“I’m not sure I can hold off that long, but I want to make it special for both of us.” Mike said, as he hugged me close, pressing his cock into me and reaching under the back of my skirt to run his fingers along my ass crack, finding my butt plug and pressing on it, and dragging a groan from my lips.

I kissed him passionately and let him play with my body for a while. He deserved his reward for the months of hard work. He was shaking when he pushed back from me and took my hand and headed for the door. “Let’s eat before I lose control and throw you on the floor right here.”

We found a little restaurant with booths so we could sit side by side at the back. Mike left his hand on my leg under the table the whole meal. I tried not to squirm when he played with my clit between courses, but I think the waiter noticed with a small smile. We then walked along the street, trying to find the jazz dance club I had heard about and was about to give up when we saw the small set of stairs leading down from the street.

The dance floor was tiny but crowded. We ordered drinks, then squished onto the dancefloor and were crushed together as we slowly danced with our bodies pressed together as if we had any other choice anyway. My legs were shaking, and my pussy was dripping after three more slow dances with Mike’s cock wedged into my pussy through our clothes. So when the fourth song stopped, I took hold of Mike’s hand and dragged him back in the hotel’s direction.

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Holly Gets Even

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Fictional. Erotic. Vice principal/student.

Based very loosely on some truth.


Holly Rogers once was a huge nerd.

Reddish brown hair, brown eyes, and black rimmed glasses.

Straight A’s all through middle school, bookworm, and studied a lot.

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers were always very strict.

She attended a private high school-an all girls’ one. Very expensive, but her parents believed it was well worth it after reading that many of the professors had published books, TED Talks,or held successful conferences.

Teen girls can be very nasty to each other and due to Holly’s awkwardness, poor social skills, and intelligence, she was sometimes an easy target.

One of her bullies (Gianna Perez) had gone to the same middle school as her, so she tried to be friendly and sit at her lunch table in the cafeteria one day. Gianna simply glared at Holly. Gianna sat with some of the prettiest and most popular girls in the high school. They were older.

“Sorry, do I know you?” Gianna asked.

Holly blinked. Startled, but not backing down.

“We know, went to middle school together. You were in four of my classes. I’d help you with your homework. How’s it going?” She shot a smile at her.

Gianna looked her up and down.

Said something to one of the other popular girls, who instantly laughed.

“Still no boobies, huh?” Gianna blurted out.

Her other friends laughed. They were quite big on top. Immediately, Holly’s eyes blurred.

She rushed off to the girls’ bathroom and just cried in a stall for a few minutes.

She felt her A cup breasts with her hands.

Seemed fine to her. Why did Gianna have to be so cruel? How could she embarrass her like that? After Holly had helped her with math and science?

Unfortunately, Gianna would try to trip Holly when she’d walk to her seat in their Creative Writing class together that semester. Gianna’s friends Rochelle and Emily would canlı bahis giggle mischievously.

Other bullying included but not limited to: TPing Holly’s house, spitting spit wads at her, and spilling food or drinks on her.

Usually, because Gianna’s father was very well respected and rich as well as the vice principal of the elite high school, Gianna wouldn’t get much punishment. Usually just a talk with her father or Saturday detentions.

Holly used her pent up hostility as energy to do better at her exams and schoolwork. Again, she received very impressive grades though not as high as middle school ones.


Holly’s reclusive life was rather boring. That was until her 18th birthday, when she replaced her bulky glasses with colored green contacts and her breasts had grown to a 34C.

She also had tried out for her school’s varsity tennis team and became one of the best athletes. She even made a few friends on the team: Jade and Sloan. They weren’t very outgoing or popular either.

Then something brilliant happened: one Saturday night, Jade and Sloan convinced Holly to sneak into a slightly scandalous nightclub: Xavier’s. They assured her she’d have a great time and maybe find a boyfriend.

However, after a half hour, Sloan and Jade had spotted some cute older guys and had left poor Holly alone at the bar.

As Holly was pulling out her phone to check the time and her messages, she suddenly heard a familiar man’s voice nearby.

“Holly? Is that you?”

She quickly turned her head and locked eyes with the vice principal of her high school, Mr. Adrian Perez! Immediately, Holly blushed and started to try to rush away, but Adrian laughed a bit. “No, don’t go!” he called.

He grabbed her arm slightly, then got slightly nervous. Holly turned around.

What the hell was her lame vice principal doing here?! But she had to admit: he did look soooo

sexy that night! A light blue shirt bahis siteleri and black dress pants. His dark hair kind of toussled.

“You look…” he paused then looked her up and down. Briefly Holly thought about his bitch of a daughter. He took a drink of his beer.

“Different but in a good way.”

“You aren’t gonna’ tell my parents?” she wanted to know.

He smirked. Then winked.

“Tell them what?” he teased.

“I was young like you once. I used to do some…wild things,” he added. Took another drink. Holly smiled and felt her body relax a bit.

Who would’ve thought Gianna’s dad was so nice and cool?! He seemed the polar opposite of his daughter.

“Hey, play some pool with me?” he suggested.

Holly hesitated.

“Well, I guess that’s ok. My friends…they kind of ditched me.”

She followed him to a few pool tables at the other end of the place. His cologne smelled so amazing! It wasn’t too strong, just nice.

Holly watched Adrian set up the balls.

“I’m uh…sorry about my daughter. She was never the same after her mom and I got divorced many years ago,” he explained.

“Oh no. I’m sorry,” Holly replied.

“Then her mom died in a car accident on the way to her dance recital, when Gianna was 14,” Adrian explained further.

“Oh wow, that’s awful!” Holly said.

Adrian broke first. One striped ball landed in a side pocket.

She felt slightly remorseful for Gianna. It must’ve been so hard to go through a huge sudden loss like that.

“Anyway…” he paused. Leaned casually over the pool table. Lined up his shot.

Sent two more striped balls into the pockets.

“Damn, you’re really good!” Holly gushed.

Adrian grinned. Holly stared into his brown soothing eyes for awhile.

She was starting to feel…tingly. Turned on.

She caught him ogling her chest a few minutes later, as she lined up her shot.

“Here,let me help you.”

Soon, Adrian stood behind her, against her back. bahis şirketleri He placed one hand on hers.

She let out a small sigh. Her breathing quickened. She felt his cock poking her from behind. How hot. She wondered how big he was- I’ll drive you home,” he said.

“then you’ll ride on my cock.”

“Sounds good,” Holly agreed.

It was like everyone else around them faded away. Holly said bye to her two friends.


Within 20 minutes, Holly was on top of Adrian and Adrian laid on his bed. They’d forgotten to close the door fully. His hands explored under her shirt as he kept tongue kissing her.

“You’re so beautiful,” he sighed as he watched her lift her blue shirt up. It got stuck at one point. He smiled but helped her take it fully off.

Soon they were tangled up in each other.

Completely naked.

Holly gripped the covers of the blanket while Adrian thrusted his hips back and forth. Gradually he picked up speed. Holly’s moans got louder and louder. “Oh fuck,” she cried out.

He leaned in to pause and kiss her neck again.

“Take my huge cock…you like it?” he spoke sexily.

Holly nodded. “I love it,” she answered. He banged her even harder.

She rubbed her hands over his chest.

He was kind of ripped and muscular, but not too much.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Holly moaned.

She’d never had sex before, but had kissed a boy on a date once. She trembled slightly under him.

“I’m…so mad…at…my daughter for…fucking with you,” he breathed.

“So I’ll…fuck the shit…out of you,” he added.

“How s-s-sweet,” Holly replied. Moaned again.

She could hardly think logically anymore, with how he kept fucking her so impressively.

“You’re really gonna’ get it now,” Adrian said.

“Yeah? Show me,” Holly replied.

“Prove it.”

They switched positions, as he took her from behind. After a while, he got in a steady rhythm and as he thrusted, massaged her soft breasts with his hands.

She moaned into a pillow. Cried a bit.

Soon, her entire body was shaking as they came.

Afterwards, they cuddled a bit.

Holly drifted off to sleep.

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Sex Island Ch. 02: The Initiation

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Samuel now set off happily in the golf cart to the admin block of the complex to meet Harry. He could also see the other guys hurrying along blowing kisses to their companions at the door and setting off in their carts for the office block.

As Samuel entered the office, he found Harry lounging with his feet up on his desk playing with a ball.

“Heard you had a great time yesterday,” said Harry grinning ear to ear chucking Sam a ball. “I am sure the entire neighbourhood heard you with the racket you were making. All the guys returning from work got to know the new man in town. Well! Well! enough of fun and games. Let me show you your office and introduce you to your colleagues.”

“You’ll be pleased to know that as a geologist you don’t really need to go down to the site as often. We have the geologist lab right at the back of the admin building,” said Harry leading Samuel to a lab like building behind the admin block. “There are just four of you precious guys that we have here. And quite critical stuff, you have to decide and map out the best spots to mine and where all the Lithium and other rare earth stuff is going to turn up. As the geology head’s sitting in Sydney, you four here are your own boss!”

As Sam entered the building, he could already detect one familiar face, the beach stud from last night who gave Sam a quick wink as he entered.

“Say Hi to your colleagues Sam,” said Harry flourishing towards the three guys now coming forward to meet him.

“This here is Dave. He’s spent two naughty years now, eh Dave!” said Harry giving the beach dude a good-natured slap on the back. “Dave here is from Iceland enjoying the tropical sunshine. He’s a champ at work and a bigger one on the beach. Quite the exhibitionist Dave is. God knows how he keeps his dick in his pants while at work.”

“I sure have competition from what I heard last evening,” grinned Dave leaving Sam red-faced as he shook his hand. Up close, Sam noticed that Dave had sea green eyes set in a muscular bearded face with a ponytail.

“Next up we have Martin. Martin is from the Czech Republic and with us here for 5 years now. Quite the veteran,” Harry said as a tall skinny guy with a boyish youthful face and crew cut hair stepped forward to greet him. “Don’t be fooled by his innocent looks, Martin here is the naughtiest of the lot. There’s no pussy on this island that Martin’s not fucked and quite often behind other guy’s back. You’ll need to be careful of him,” remarked Harry as Martin let out an innocent dimpled grin.

“And finally, here we have Vlad. Vlad’s from Siberia and with us for 7 years. He is quite the silent brooder, our Vlad is, but good at heart. And tonnes of energy as you’ll get to see I’m sure,” said Harry as Vlad stepped forward with a barely visible smile. Vlad looked like he had just been freed from a prison camp with a rough scar running down his throat, a shaven head with gaunt dark eyes and a rough stubble. Acknowledging Vlad’s firm vice like hand shake, Sam felt a hint of trepidation about working with Vlad going forward.

“And I am sure all three of you know Sam. Sam’s from London and our new resident expert geophysicist. I am sure you’ll get on great guys, so I’ll leave you up to it,” said Harry as he set off back for his office with a wink and a quick handshake with Sam.

Martin stepped forward with a massive hug. “Welcome Sam to our little team. We are going to throw you a welcome party tonight at my place. There is no better way to get to know each other than a sinful party. Even Vlad’s agreed to join us! Come let me show you the ropes of how we operate here.”

The day breezed past quickly as Sam setup his work station and got to know of the work expected from his colleagues. The key task as he understood was to monitor stuff and send the lab reports over to Sydney every week. Not a tough ask, and quite up Sam’s sleeve after his studious year in university. Martin and Dave were impressed with his skills especially in remote sensing.

As the day ended, Sam setoff for his villa to get ready for the party at Martin’s place with a sense of excitement. Mia greeted him on the door as he stepped in, dressed in her trademark white apron and stockings. Samuel gave her a firm passionate kiss while grabbing her ample buttocks and slapping them. Already feeling horny, he started feeling his way down to Mia’s pussy only to have him stopped by her.

“Not now master,” Mia smiled with a mischievous grin. “You’ve got to save your energies for tonight. Martin, Dave and Vlad put on one hell of a party.”

Mia had already set out party clothes for him in his bedroom. A white satin shirt and a dinner jacket. Posh clothes supplied courtesy the company. Mia even had him change into a new Armani silky white brief while liberally applying Cologne all over his body. She herself came back in a short while dressed in a kinky Playboy bunny outfit with her boobs about to pop out of the tight dress.

“The theme for tonight is the Playboy mansion, master. So, we have to go dressed accordingly,” she said wrapping his arm around her waist and setting off. Martin had the güvenilir bahis bungalow at the cliff top set out facing the beach with its own private beach at the back reached down by a glass staircase. The party had been setup in the small private beach Sam noted. The other guys were already seated around the sofa dressed in matching dinner jackets with their arms around their bunnies.

“Welcome Sam to my pad!” said Martin hugging him with a wide toothy grin. He then proceeded to greet Mia grabbing her by the buttocks and giving her a massive smooch on the lips. “Welcome back Mia, long time!” Sensing the slightly dazed look on Sam’s face he said, “That’s how you greet the girls on the island, Dude. Though anything beyond is strictly with their master’s permission. Hope you are not possessive for we do have an open house between us guys.”

“Not at all,” remarked Sam with a grin wondering how far this open house went as he spied the curvy bottoms and juicy tits of the other bunnies.

“Here, meet Angela, my bunny,” said Martin bringing forward a curvy blonde with a massive ass, hazel blue eyes and juicy red lips. Angela’s had massive tits and her nipples looked all set to break free from the shackles of her dress. She looked quite curvaceous especially in front of Martin’s tall lanky frame. Angela stepped forward and gave the delighted Sam a passionate kiss as Sam pinched her bottom.

Next Dave stood up with beach brunette. “This here is Rose” he said as Samuel now completed the now familiar ritual of kissing Rose while Dave smooched Mia. Samuel could feel Rose’s massive breasts pressing against his chest as he kissed her. This one will be fun he thought, as Rose stepped back.

Finally, Vlad stepped up with a young innocent looking school girl. Tiny in front of Vlad’s massive frame and brawn she did have some perky breasts popping up beneath her suit.

“This is Abie,” said Vlad as he planted a rough kiss on Mia. Samuel also stepped forward to kiss Abie. She looked so light as though she would get blown away by the wind but ooh her kiss was deep and minty.

“So as we are now all settled, how about some drinks,” said Martin clicking his fingers. Almost as if by magic two girls appeared from behind a small bar hidden behind an outlying rock wearing the bunny dresses. Samuel noted that they were both identical twins, tall, slender and with sexy bouncy hips and ample cleavage. With passionate dark curls they looked positively Mediterranean.

The girls brought Samuel a beer while Vlad took a Vodka and the other guys took a scotch. The girls were all having wine. Setting this down the twins now stepped back towards a stage like setup framed with live flames for an added effect.

“I borrowed these girls off Harry for our party tonight,” remarked Martin. “It’s taken him quite some time to find him twins. They are yet to be setup as companions so he’s lent them over for the night. The girls do put on a great lesbo show. So, enjoy guys.”

The girls were now in the process of erotically kissing each other on stage as the guys relaxed with their drinks with their arms wrapped around their bunnies.

The twins continued now by taking off their dresses to reveal two perfectly identical bodies with perky D cup tanned boobs, a slender frame and tight pussies down under. They now proceeded to lick each other’s boobs erotically as Samuel could feel a sharp urge down in his pants. He grabbed Mia closer who had by now started rubbing her hands over his pants. Martin had already unzipped his pants to bring out a tall slender cock dripping wet with pre cum. Angela was rubbing her hands over it crooning with pleasure. As the show continued, Samuel could now also see Dave unzipping and Rose bending over to release his gigantic cock. Vlad had left the job to Abie who was now unzipping him to bring a really thick cock. How does she take that in Sam wondered?

Taking the cue Sam also unzipped his pants to bring out his cock monster. Martin gave out an appreciative hoot as he brought his 9 inches of meat slithering out.

“Dude that’s one hell of a cock. I wouldn’t want to be the pussy that takes all that in,” smirked Martin. “You’ve got some competition Dave. We’ll have to see which one is longer.”

Dave also gave Samuel an appreciative smile as did Vlad, Sam noted. Pleased he made Mia bend down to start sucking on his dick as the twins now proceeded to lick each other’s pussy.

“Come on now guys, time for some action,” Martin said getting up with cock hanging out lazily from his unzipped pants. “Samuel and Dave let’s see whose got the better moves. Grab a twin each and show us what you’re made of.”

A bit surprised Samuel looked at Martin who was now stripping off his pants. Taking the cue Samuel too got up to kick off his pants. Dressed now in matching white satin underwear and their dress jackets with their large cocks hanging out, both of them now approached the twins who were both furiously kissing each other.

Grabbing one of the twins Dave now proceeded to set her up doggystyle. Samuel too setup the other twin doggystyle as the twins continued kissing türkçe bahis each other. He gave her pussy a good rub with his hands. It was already warm and wet but for good measure, Sam spat at it and gave it a good rub.

Dave had by now proceeded to rub his massive member against the pink pussy. He was already probing for an opening as the twin whimpered. Samuel followed his lead rubbing his dick over the pink pussy. Martin was looking on with a delighted face egging them on as Angela stood below sucking on his dick. Vlad was already fucking Abie on his lap. The dick did fit, but God it was massive for that tiny pussy. Mia and Rose were making out on the sofa.

Without further ado both Dave and Samuel plunged their dicks in the twin’s pussy as they both let out a sharp whimper of delight.

“Let’s see who goes in deeper,” egged on a delighted Martin grinning ear to ear with his boyish face as both Sam and Dave now proceeded to fuck their twins at a furious pace. They continued at it for a few passionate minutes as beads of sweat were now glistening on their foreheads. Acknowledging their mutual efforts, they gave each other a high five as the fucking of the twins continued. After a bit Dave signalled to exchange as they both swapped positions and started fucking the other twin. It sure did not feel different. The warm tight pussy felt just the same. Twins were shaped same inside as well Sam thought.

Martin was by now sitting on the sofa. Mia, Rose and Angela, all three were now fighting over Martin’s dick as he relaxed with his eyes frozen on the fucking of the twins.

Dave was by now at the end of the tether as he let out a loud grunt and with a heave let out a stream of cum in his twin. Matching his timing, Sam too felt his balls tightening as he too shot off his cum deep inside his twins’ pussy.

Delighted Martin stood up clapping and Vlad too joined in his face now red with fucking Abie.

Vlad now signalled he wanted the twins as he stepped forward to seat first one twin on his massive dick and grabbed the other’s pussy to eat. With some effort, Vlad managed to get his dick inside the twin and was now fucking her roughly while chomping on the other twin’s pussy.

Dave’s dick was already rising Sam noted as he grabbed Abie to give him a blow job.

Sam too decided to have his pick of the girls as he grabbed both Angela and Rose, the two busty beauties to suck on his dick. Martin was by now in another state as he was now snorting coke from Mia’s breasts.

Angela and Rose set about to make his snake rise again, licking and sucking at his balls and his dick. They both kissed each other with Sam’s dick in between. Pure delight kicked in as Sam felt not one but two tongues exploring the glans at the tip of his cock. True to form Sam felt his dick rise again. Grabbing Rose he now made her ride his dick reverse cowgirl style while sucking at Angela’s massive titties. Dave was by now fucking Abie corkscrew style, the tiny girl lodged firmly beneath his muscular frame. The twins too appeared to be having a rough time with Vlad as he now changed the pussy to be sucked and fucked.

Martin with stoned dazed eyes was giving Mia a sideways fucking on the sofa. The whimpering, moaning, grunting on the secluded beach looked enough to raise a storm, Samuel thought as he licked at Angela’s boob while gently pinching the other nipple. Rose sure was a great fuck. Already Sam could tell the difference in the ways that Mia’s, the twins’ and now Rose’s pussy had felt on his dick.

While Mia’s pussy would rub and squeeze his dick and felt like a feathery pillow, Rose’s had some gentle grooves that tickled his dick. The twins’ pussy had felt really tight like a virgin’s pussy as he had squeezed in. Wanting to try the next one, Samuel now switched Rose with Angela with Angela riding on his dick while he lay on the beach and ate Rose’s pussy. He could taste the juices, perhaps his own, oozing out of Rose’s pussy. Angela’s pussy had a cool mint like feeling and was giving him sharp stabs of pleasure as his dick head appeared to hit deep inside her pussy. She must have rubbed some lubricants. Her tits were bouncing as she rode up and down.

Vlad had already turned both the twins hot and sweaty. Sam could see that Vlad had stacked both twins one above the other as he first fucked one pussy then the other. Very soon Vlad too let out a loud grunt as he shot off his load in one of the twins. Not one to leave the other behind, he promptly withdrew and shot the remaining cum in the other twin. Both twins were now dripping with thick yellow cum oozing out of their pussies.

Turning around he could see Martin screwing Mia rapidly with his slender cock while grabbing her big tits. His boyish face reddened and screwed up with the effort, he continued till with a whoop he too released his cum but weirdly outside Mia’s pussy spraying his cum over her boobs instead.

Vlad and Martin were now relaxing on the sofa panting but with happy grins as the twins now brought fresh drinks. Dave and Samuel continued for a bit. Dave had now lifted the tiny Abie up in the air and was güvenilir bahis siteleri thrusting her up and down on his cock. Samuel too now decided to up the tempo as he lifted up Angela slightly and proceeded to rapidly fuck her with his erect cock.

“Woo hoo man, Fuck! Fuck!”, Martin cheered from the side to the sound of Sam’s body slamming on Angela’s butt cheeks. Sam too could now feel his second load coming so grabbing Angela hard by the boobs he let a thick stream of cum loose in her. Delighted Sam now also stood up and joined the other guys on the sofa with a drink as Mia stripped him of his sweaty satin shirt. Dave joined them in a bit having ejected his load in the cute tushy of Abie.

“Here dude we are now proper introduced,” smiled Martin giving around high fives. For a bit all the guys relaxed as the girls brought in more drinks and snacks. Both Martin and Dave, Samuel noted were snorting off copious amount of coke off Angela’s boobs. Often Angela and Rose were also joining in. As Martin offered him a line, Sam shook his head. Sam was a pussy afficianodo and not much into getting stoned. Vlad was also sitting back relaxing as Abie brought him a Cuban cigar.

Great time Samuel thought fondling Mia’s boobs. The twins had brought in platters of food as they all sat down to dinner. In a bit the twins cleaned up and disappeared with Rose for a bit. The twins now brought in a large trolley draped in a sheet. Uncovering it before the guests, Samuel saw Rose lying on the tray her body erotically covered with food to be dined off her. Her pussy and boobs were covered in a creamy desert.

Delighted Martin started licking the cream off one boob while erotically picking up the cherry on the nipple in his mouth and then feeding it to Mia with a grin. Dave had set about on the other boob. Grabbing the opportunity, Samuel started licking at the pussy. It appeared that whipped cream and caramel custard had been setup there as he licked rose’s pussy delightedly. Vlad was happy rubbing his hands in between to scoop up some cream and also pushing it inside the pussy. Hungry for more, Samuel however plunged his fingers inside Rose’s pussy to extract the pussy flavoured cream. Chocolate sauce had been laced seductively over the body that the guys proceeded to lick off Rose. Satisfied they all now sat back as the girls also joined in on feeding from Rose.

“This was one hell of a party dude,” Sam remarked as he lay down on the sofa relaxed and stark naked like the other guys.

“We’re not done yet. We still have to do the initiation ritual,” Dave remarked with a mock serious face.

“All the guys have to fuck your companion together and mix their juices in her pussy to signal our brotherhood The oldest guy shoots first and you go last,” Martin answered seeing Sam’s quizzical look. “Hope you’re up for it?”

“Sure of course,” replied Samuel looking around at Mia who had put on a demure shy face.

Vlad then stood up with his prison frame muscular body. No more distracted with fucking, Sam noticed he had a massive dragon tattoo running down his body with his dick emerging from the mouth of the dragon like its tongue. He picked up Mia in one swoop and started fucking her doggystyle as the other guys looked on appreciatively. The other girls had now started working the cocks again and Sam could see Abie giving him a blow job.

Mia’s ‘initiation’ at Vlad’s hands continued for a bit. The twins were helping out licking Mia’s Pussy and Vlad’s balls as he thrust in. The fucking and the blow jobs went on for another five minutes till Vlad gave out his characteristic grunt and blew his load inside Mia’s pussy. Stepping back for Martin, Vlad plunged back on the sofa his dragon glistening with sweat.

Martin had a cheeky grin on his face as he too grabbed Mia from behind and started rubbing his dick on her pussy oozing thick Vlad cum. “This time we are coming inside sweetheart,” Martin whispered to Mia as Sam understood the significance of what he had seen earlier. And then with a mock screwed up face Martin plunged inside Mia fucking her wildly from behind as she let out loud moans of pleasure. Vlad’s cum was sticking on and lubricating Martin’s dick as Samuel wondered how it would feel to fuck a cum filled pussy.

Martin was giving out mock groans as his dimpled face reddened from the effort of fucking Mia. After a bit Martin gave out another whoop as he now proceeded to ejaculate his cum deep inside Mia.

“Phew that’s done then!” Martin remarked as he stepped back to the sofa, his dick glistening with cum. Angela swiftly moved in to lick it clean.

As he sat down, Dave now stood up and gave Martin a high five and then set about to fuck Mia. Dave, Samuel noted was closest in build and physique to him. Dave had by now grabbed Mia from behind. First he rubbed his cock over Mia’s cum dripping pussy to scoop it all up and then with a big push he thrust in his dick driving in all the copious cum that had leaked out. Dave, Samuel noticed would bite his lower lip while fucking intensely as he was doing now. He would slice in without making any noise but Mia was now giving out her loudest ooh’s of pleasure. Turning Mia sideways, Dave continued fucking her as she appeared to be lost on the seventh levels of heaven. Dave went through a few more positions before releasing his load deep inside Mia.

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Please Miss, Can I Suck Your Toes? Ch. 02

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Just three days ago, I’d happened to bump into Tanya, en ex-teacher of mine, and one thing led to another, culminating in me worshipping her feet and enjoying a steamy sex session back at her place.

At the time, I thought that it would be a thrilling one-off experience and although we’d exchanged phone numbers as I left her house, I thought nothing more of it but I felt a shiver of excitement when I got out of the shower at my budget hotel room early next week to see she’d texted me.

She wanted to know how long I was in town for. “I’m leaving tomorrow morning,” I replied. Did she want another round of foot fun? I would definitely be up for that. She really seemed to have enjoyed herself when we’d met the other night so perhaps she’s up for it too, I mused.

My phone went quiet as I dried myself and got dressed. It’s a weekday, I thought to myself. She’ll be at work, likely busy with meetings and classes. I had work to do too, but I couldn’t concentrate. I found my attention wandering; every few minutes or so I would find myself drifting off imagining her beautiful feet in my face, in my mouth, rubbing my erect cock.

I wondered all sorts of things: What colour nail polish is she wearing today? Which shoes has she got on? Is she still thinking about me?

Ping. Another text. I scrambled to grab my phone, which I’d left on the unmade bed behind me. “Where are you staying?” she’d asked.

I replied with details of the hotel. It was only a couple of miles from her school but a little further from where she lived.

“Lunchtime meeting?” she posted, with a winking emoji.

Yes, please, I thought, smiling broadly. “You bet,” I typed. I guessed if she was coming in her lunch break, she would want to get on with it so I gave her my room number, advising that the reception was rarely manned so she should be able to pop up without causing any undue suspicion or embarrassment.

“I’ll be there around 12.15.”

The rest of the morning dragged. Really dragged. My hands shook a little as I tried to type, my work-rate slowed to a crawl by constant thoughts about what fun I would be having later with my former teacher’s feet.

Five years ago she would have been standing at the front of the class discussing the finer points of some classic work of literature. I would be sat somewhere near the front, casting glances at her feet whenever I could, secretly fantasising about them.

Now, here güvenilir bahis I was, indulging that fantasy; not once, but twice in the space of a few days.

After what felt like hours, the time had arrived. I’d showered again, made the bed and sure enough, just after 12.15, there was a soft knock on the door.

I opened it and she strode in. She’d clearly come straight from school, wearing a smart grey two-piece suit and black stiletto heels.

“I’d offer you a drink, but there’s no minibar here,” I joked.

She smiled, kicking off her heels and laying back on the bed. The answer to one of my questions earlier was pink. Bright pink nail polish adorned her toes. It suited her, I thought.

Lifting her feet up, she wiggled them suggestively, and asked me, “Want some more?”

Another enormous smile ripped across my face. I didn’t need to say anything. She knew full well I wanted more. And seemingly, so did she.

“You know, you really awakened something in me the other day. I’ve always made my feet look good, but I never realised they could make people feel good too!”

I was sitting on the bed, gently stroking her feet, gazing adoringly at them. I picked up one of them and stuck one of her big toes in my mouth. I gently sucked, using my tongue to make sure every inch of it got some attention.

I could see she was enjoying this. I could imagine no better stress relief after a hard morning than having one’s toes sucked.

“Look,” she began, her words coming slowly as she gasped while I carried on sucking her toes. “Do you mind if I help things along a bit? This does need to be a quickie.”

Neither breaking eye contact nor stopping sucking, I nodded.

“Thanks,” she replied. As she leant to her handbag, she continued, “I don’t know why, but the older I get, the hornier I get.” She pulled out a long white dildo and as if I weren’t even there, eased it towards her pussy. She let out a long moan as she slipped it inside her.

I heard a click as she turned it on and could feel its vibration via her feet in my mouth. I didn’t mind. Quite the opposite in fact; I loved how brazen and kinky she was being and how clearly comfortable she was with me.

I paused for a second. “Does that feel good, Tanya?” I ventured.

“Oh, yeah,” she said. “Love it when you suck my toes.”

“I could suck them all day. Does it really turn you on?”

She sighed. “You know, it’s really nice, türkçe bahis but on its own, I don’t know. I love the idea that you want to worship my feet – that’s a turn-on, for sure…”

“Hence why you need the vibrator,” I interrupted. “It’s okay, I understand.”

“That’s good,” she said, clearly relieved.

“I love it. You know what you want and how to get it.” We both laughed before settling back into our rhythm. She thrusted her dildo into and out of her pussy with increasingly quick movements while rubbing her clit at the same time. I sucked her toes and massaged her soles, snatching a rub of my own hard cock when I could.

This was, I reckoned, close to my own version of sexual nirvana and we carried on for some time. I loved the taste of her feet as well as the feeling that my mouth, my tongue, and my fingers were making her feel good too. And she was having the time of her life.

I could sense from the way her body was writhing around more and more that she was about to bring herself to orgasm. As her elegantly manicured fingers flicked her clitoris and she held the dildo inside her as it vibrated, I jammed my tongue between two of her toes.

“Yes!” she screamed. “That’s the spot! That’s the spot!”

I’d struck gold. I worked my tongue quicker and quicker in between her toes until the unmistakable climax came. There was no holding back and as she came to a loud scream, the force of her body’s response threw her feet out of my mouth, leaving me grasping thin air with one hand and my dick with the other.

She sighed a deeply contented, completely satisfied sigh. “You know, maybe I was wrong. When you lick between my toes like that…yeah, that’s a turn-on!”

I smiled again. I thought that would drive her wild. It drove me wild too, having her thrashing around and orgasming with her foot in my mouth.

“Have you got time to finish me off?” I asked.

“Of course,” she said. “What do you want me to do?”

I knew exactly what I wanted her to do, and I didn’t think it would be very difficult. I asked her to smother my face with her feet and wank me off. “Shouldn’t take too long,” I told her.

She pressed her feet against my cheeks, allowing me to feel her soft soles against my face. “Like that?” she asked, her face close enough to mine to be able to feel her warm breath thanks to the size of the single hotel bed.

“That works,” I said, closing my eyes, allowing güvenilir bahis siteleri myself to get lost in the moment as I felt the soft touch of her graceful hands firmly grip my erection.

She carefully stroked my cock, building up speed while I manoeuvred her feet, so her soles and toes were covering my nose. The smell of her feet continued to drive me wild and the quicker she stroked my cock, the closer I was to orgasm.

“Like that?” she asked again, this time nodding her head towards my dick.

“Yes,” I gasped, knowing I was close to exploding. “Keep wanking really hard,” I told her. “Oh God! That’s so good,” I cried, my voice tailing off as I breathed harder and harder.

She laughed. “Now who knows what they want and how to get it?” If my face wasn’t buried under her sumptuous feet I’d have told her how much I love it when women engage in my fetish. I loved how she genuinely seemed to care about me having a good time as much as she was concerned with her own fun. I loved how at ease we both felt pleasuring each other.

I’d seen how quickly she had been thrusting her dildo earlier and now she was bringing me off with equally fast hand action. If I could bottle this feeling up and sell it I’d be a rich man, I thought, as my body started convulsing – much as hers had earlier.

She knew exactly what was going on and whether voluntarily or not, as she wanked me harder and harder to the point where I couldn’t hold back any longer, she was pressing her feet even more firmly into my face.

As she wiggled her toes, I took one last deep breath with my nose and that did it. My scream of pleasure as my cock could hold on no more was muffled by her soles as cum spurted onto her hands and my legs – but her reaction was not.

“Oh! Yes! So much cum!” she shrieked, giggling as she slowed her stroking of my dick and moved her feet away from my face. I hoped she hadn’t got any on her clothes – that might be a tricky one to explain upon her return to work.

She didn’t seem to be bothered, or if she was, didn’t let on. As I lay naked on the bed, completely spent, she calmly got up, collected her things, and put her shoes back on.

Looking at her watch, she told me she’d best be getting back. “That was the best lunchtime I’ve had in a very long while,” she said.

I grinned. I bet it was.

“Where are you living now?” she asked as she opened the door to leave.

“Norwich,” I told her, as I shuffled into a seated position, reaching for a tissue. “Cheap living costs.”

She nodded. As she turned and headed out into the corridor, she left me with one more tantalising tease.

“Maybe I’ll come visit one day.”

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Nicola Redux Ch. 03

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Double Penetration

Olwen’s introduction. This is a work of fiction, dreamed up since joining Literotica and being inspired by lots of very hot kinky stories that I’ve already read. I don’t think I’m a vain person, but I have been self-centered enough to include a character based on myself. She is quite different to me, but I enjoyed putting myself in her shoes. I note that many authors here include a disclaimer that says all characters in the story are 18 or over, and that all sex is consensual. This applies to this serial too. If you like it, please vote and leave comments

*One dictionary definition of ‘Redux’ is ‘to bring back’ or ‘to bring home safely.’

Chapter Three

Georgina steered the car into the car park of the town’s lap dancing club. She drove over to an area marked ‘Keep Clear. Deliveries Only’ and parked in one of the bays. She got out and quickly checked the area before opening the car door for Myra and Nicola.

“All clear, Mistress,” she confirmed. “You can come out now.”

Myra led Nicola into the foyer of the lap dancing club, where an attractive middle aged woman sat behind the reception desk. She smiled as the two women approached.

“Good evening, Mistress,” she smiled, pushing a button under her desk. “I’ve opened the lift for you. You’re free to go in whenever you’re ready.”

“Thank you, Mildred,” replied Myra, taking Nicola by the arm. “Come on sweetie. You’re about to join the Inner Sanctum!”

Nicola followed in a daze, and Myra pushed through a swing door which bore the legend ‘Staff Only. No Admittance’.

They were in a small room and Nicola watched as Georgina opened the only other door. Myra stepped into the lift and Nicola followed her. The door closed and Myra pressed a button. Nicola felt the lift begin to descend.

“I thought Georgina was coming with us,” Nicola said in a puzzled voice.

“She’ll join us later on,” Myra answered. “She has to report to the duty manager first and then she’ll be free to come and serve us. Now, don’t be surprised by anything you see in the club.”

Myra went on to explain that the lap dancing club was a legitimate business, run by the local authority, which brought in a good deal of revenue to the borough. Because of the business that the lap dancing club generated, they turned a blind eye to the existence of the club to which Myra was referring, preferring to pretend that it didn’t exist. That suited the very select group of people who made up the membership of the secret club.

The lift stopped and Myra opened the door. Nicola could see a large vestibule, well-lit and tastefully decorated. As in the foyer upstairs, there was a reception desk, but there the similarity ended. Sitting behind this desk was an extremely large young woman. She was naked and her upper body was almost completely covered in the most intricate and colourful tattoos that Nicola had ever seen.

Her head was shaved, except for a Mohican strip, which was dyed in a rainbow pattern. She wore a myriad of earrings as well as having piercings in her nose, her lips and her eyebrows. As Myra entered, she stood up, and Nicola illegal bahis noted that her belly button and her huge labia were also pierced.

“Mithtreth Myra, good evening,” she lisped.

“Hi Kalie,” replied Myra warmly. “I’d like you to meet Mistress Nicola. She’s joining the Inner Sanctum this evening. Can you arrange membership cards to be issued to her please? Access all areas, of course, and Security Level Alpha plus.”

“Yeth, Mithrtreth. I’ll get onto it thtraight away. Welcome, Mithtreth Nicola.”

Nicola smiled her thanks, unable to take her eyes from the young woman’s body. She was magnificent! In a world where so many women were shamed into trying to be what so-called society expected of them, this person didn’t give a fuck. She was obviously confident in her own skin and if people couldn’t accept that, then that was their hard luck.

Kalie tottered off to organise Nicola’s membership cards, and Myra guided her friend through a set of doors and into a long, well- lit corridor.

“We’re underground here,” she began to explain to Nicola. “This level houses the concert room, three meeting rooms and the reception, obviously. Next floor down are the play areas, the dungeons and the holding areas for subs and slaves.”

“Below that is the medical area, which some members use for medical play, but it is also fully equipped to look after patients who maybe have gone a bit too far in their play. There are also half a dozen suites which can be used by members for longer stays if they so wish.”

“Bloody hell,” said Nicola, impressed. “It’s massive. How the hell do you keep it such a secret?”

“Oh that’s easy,” smiled Myra. “A number of very influential people use this club. It’s in their interest to keep it secret, because if Joe and Jane Public knew what went on here, they’d have a fit!”

Myra stopped at a door and turned to her friend.

“You’ve already met Lynette and Mona this morning,” she said, “and now you’re about to meet the rest of our little group. We call ourselves the Inner Sanctum, because in effect we own and run this club.”

“No-one here will judge you at all,” Myra continued. “We all have our own favourite kinks and fetishes, so no-one is in a position to be judgemental. Of course, everyone here knows about your situation. We are all determined to help you get your own house back, and to get revenge on your shit of a husband. Are you ready to meet your new friends?”

Nicola nodded, her head spinning. She realised that her life had already changed dramatically. How much further was it about to change when she walked through this door with Myra?

Myra kissed her lightly on the lips and opened the door.

Nicola took in the scene in front of her. There were eight, no nine women in the room. All turned to look as Myra and Nicola came in.

“Ladies, may I introduce our newest prospective Inner Sanctum member, Nicola.”

She swept Nicola in front of her and continued,

“Lynette and Mona you’ve already met. This is Nancy, my lover, and next to her is Rachel, who is sitting on her girlfriend Marion’s lap. Beryl’s illegal bahis siteleri the one with the very healthy sun tan, thanks to her time in the south of France. You’ll meet her girlfriend, Theresa tomorrow. Eliza is Mona’s wife and…”

“Fucking hell!” gasped Nicola as Myra made to introduce the only unnamed woman left in the room.

She blushed, put her hand up to her mouth and muttered, “Oh, I’m so sorry!”

“Not at all my dear,” drawled the object of Nicola’s outburst. “We love Ladies who speak their mind!”

“But you’re the Deputy Prime Minister!” blurted out Nicola. “How the hell do you get to be involved in a club like this? I mean the Right Honourable Olwen Simpkins in a fetish club? How come?”

“I own it,” she smiled, “and I regret to tell you I’m not a ‘Right Honourable’. That title is only given to Privy Councillors. Yes, I’m the deputy PM, but I’m not a Privy Councillor. I understand that my friends have been helping you out of a little difficulty? I’m so glad that we can help such a lovely looking lady.”

Nicola blushed. “The ladies I’ve met so far have been very kind,” she began, “and I never realised that this club existed. I’m glad Myra has brought me here.”

“Ladies like us need to have an outlet to satisfy our needs,” Olwen replied. “Once you’ve been initiated, you’ll have all the privileges that we enjoy.”

She broke off as there was a knock on the door.

“Come in” she barked, and the door opened.

“Begging your pardonth, ladieth,” lisped Kalie. “I have Mith Nicola’s patheth, and Mithtreth Myra’s thithy thlut Georgina ith here.”

“Thank you Kalie,” said Olwen, holding out her hand to receive the documents. “Are you engaged tonight?”

“No, Mithtreth,” replied Kalie eagerly.

“Excellent. When I’ve finished here, I’ll have champagne in my suite. Make sure there’s fresh tobacco in my pouch, and you may bring your favourite strap-on. I’m going to fuck you to kingdom come tonight!”

Kalie squirmed with pleasure. “Thank you Mithtreth,” she said, dropping a little curtsey and going back to her reception desk with a huge grin on her face.

Georgina stood silently, waiting to be told to speak. When Myra asked hur what she wanted, Georgina began to explain.

“Mistress Lynette’s sub is awaiting her orders, Mistress,” she said, adding “he asked me to tell you that there is a development with Ms. Nicola’s house. Apparently, Malvina has some news.”

“Go and fetch Malvina, and bring her here,” instructed Olwen. “Lynette, go and sort out that sub of yours, will you?”

Georgina stepped aside to let Lynette go out first, then she too went out, closing the door quietly behind hur.

“Well I wonder what that’s all about,” Mona said, pulling Eliza down onto her lap and taking the cigar out of her mouth. She puffed on it and kissed her wife.

They didn’t have long to wait to find out. Georgina returned with Malvina seconds before Lynette appeared with her sub in tow. Malvina seemed nervous in the presence of so many powerful women, and when she spotted Nicola, she blushed and seemed to shrink canlı bahis siteleri into herself.

“What are these new developments?” Olwen asked sharply, and when both Lynette’s sub and Malvina spoke at the same time, she tutted impatiently.

“One at a time, for fuck’s sake!” she barked. “Malvina, what’s happened?”

“Nothing bad, Mistress,” replied Malvina in her unusual accent. “I just thought that you should know that Kevin has told me that he’s been invited to a conference in Le Touquet on Monday. He’ll be away for the whole of the week. I thought it might be an opportunity for you to sort out the house, and to get Kevin’s wife back into her home.”

“You scheming bitch!” replied Olwen with a smile. “You’re only thinking of yourself, aren’t you? You have my word your residency permit will be granted if you continue to help us. And there will be a job for you in Mistress Mona’s building society when this is all over. We intend keeping an eye on you, my girl!”

“Thank you, Mistress,” replied Malvina. She looked at Nicola and blushed.

“I’m very sorry for what happened between me and Kevin,” she said softly, “I never intended for you to be hurt.”

Nicola stood up and walked over to the trembling girl. She looked at her with contempt.

“Don’t apologise to me, you cunt,” she hissed. “I’ve got some good friends here, who have shown me the errors of my ways. Kevin is a waste of fucking space, and you’re welcome to him. Just remember this. When I become a member of the Inner Sanctum here, you are going to get the most severe caning it will be my pleasure to give you. Then, and only then, will we be quits. Understand?”

“Yes Mistress,” replied Malvina, her eyes gleaming with anticipation.

Lynette spoke up next.

“Have you changed the locks yet,” she asked her sub.

“Not yet, Mistress,” he replied. “I was going to do it after meeting you here.”

Lynette looked at Malvina.

“Is Mistress Nicola’s husband still in the dungeon?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” came the reply. “I think he’s waiting for me. It’s my turn to be the top tonight. I think he wants a good spanking.”

Olwen looked around and seemed to make up her mind.

“We’ll wait until he fucks off to France,” she said with a smile. “Light-fingered Louie here can change the locks at his convenience whilst Kevin’s away. It might be a good idea to give the whole house another deep clean too,” she added, and Louie nodded obediently.

“Myra, I understand you and Nicola have some business to sort out in school on Monday?”

Myra nodded her agreement, and Olwen continued,

“You and Nicola sort that out. The house can be dealt with as we’ve outlined, and Malvina can keep us informed of Kevin’s movements. Agreed?”

Everyone nodded, and Malvina offered to let Olwen know exactly when on Friday Kevin would be returning home.

“As he’s not going to be able to get in, I suspect there might be some trouble,” she suggested.

“You leave that to me,” Lynette said firmly. “Just make sure that I know exactly when Kevin intends trying to get back into Mistress Nicola’s house.”

The End (of Chapter Three)

Find out in Chapter Four what happens during Nicola’s meeting with Cheryl’s parents

Read how she meets Kevin again, and what happens when he attempts get back into the house in The Close.

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Sapphic Tutor Ch. 01

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Chapter One

In which Jennifer is assigned a new tutor.


“Miss White, am I boring you?” The booming voice of professor Jackson shook Jennifer from her reverie.

“Yes,” she thought to herself. She straightened up to look the man in the eye, “Sorry, professor, I’m just tired.” she answered, “It’s been a long day for me.” He looked at his watch, and took a deep sigh and walked away from the whiteboard.

“Very well,” he closed the book on the lectern, “I guess this will do for today.” The silence of the lecture hall was replaced by textbooks slamming shut, chairs scraping the ground and the voices of students eager to leave for the weekend. The professor had to raise his voice to make himself heard, “Don’t forget the finals, covering the first five chapters are in two weeks. Start studying in time!” He straightened a stack of papers and placed them in his carry-all. “Miss White, please stay. I want a word.” He looked at her meaningfully. Jennifer dropped her backpack on the floor and fell back into her chair, deflated. “You too, miss deMille.” he added. Jennifer watched the mousy honours student freeze at the mention of her name, then looking around in confusion.

From the back of the lecture hall Jennifer watched the demure Kathleen deMille, hidden away in her ubiquitous hoodie, finish her notes and the professor wiping the last equations from the whiteboard. Slowly, but surely the last of the students left the hall. “I don’t even know what she looks like under that hoodie.” Jennifer thought as she stared at the back of her small classmate. Slowly but surely, Jennifer’s mind went blank again, as she continued to stare into empty space. “Miss White,” his warm voice shook her awake again. He sat at the edge of his desk to take the weight off of his feet, “I’m sorry to say you’re about to fail this class.” A knot formed in the pit of her stomach as the dreaded words were spoken, “In fact, the only chance you have to turn this around, is with a nearly perfect score on the finals this month.” The blood drained from her face.

She fidgeted with her cold clammy hands and nervously began to stammer, “Bu- but…” she took a deep breath, “But-, I need a passing grade to…” her voice faltered, and she wiped a tear from her eye.

“Yes, I know.” he paused, “You have a choice, either you come back during break for the catch-up course, or…” he waited until she looked him in the eyes, “Or you write an essay, due the day of the finals, and if you manage to get at least 80% on both you’ll still get a passing grade.” Slowly his words sunk in and he watched her realisation take effect. “Which brings us,” he continued, “to you, miss deMille.” Jennifer rubbed the remainder of her tears from her face and eyes, half listening to the professor and half wondering how she’s going to get an 80%. “Your academic record is excellent. Not a poor grade in sight.” he got back on his feet, and moved behind his desk. “Except for your extra-curricular credits, and it would be a shame if you missed the honours roll based on two extra-curricular credits.” Jennifer stared at the back of the other girl’s head and saw her shoulders slump.

“So here’s the deal, for the next two weeks you will tutor miss White. You’ll need to review the entirety of last year with her, and help her write an essay using the texts to analyse current events. If she passes, you’ll receive your last two extra credits.” He picked up his leather carry-all, and made for the exit. “Good luck.” and he was gone.


With her face tucked deep inside her idiosyncratic hoodie and her backpack slung over her right shoulder, Kathleen hastily left the lecture hall straight unto the quad. She was gone so rapidly, that Jennifer had no choice but to carelessly cram her stuff into her own backpack and run after her. By the time she got outside, Kathleen had already crossed half the quad heading for the campus library. Jennifer ran after her. The library was an imposing building, named after some 19th century local big shot Jennifer always forgot. Most students though, preferred to do their studying at the media-plaza with it’s all encompassing Wi-Fi hotspots and laptop islands and adjoining food-court. Inside the library Jennifer barely caught up to Kathleen, as she sped past rows and rows of bookcases. “Um, where are we going?” she asked while trying to catch her breath. Kathleen abruptly stopped and turned around, looking at Jennifer with her eyes wide open in surprise.

“Wha- what…? Why are you following me?” she sounded almost afraid. She even took a step back.

“Um… To study? Kathleen, we need to study together.” Jennifer’s voice quivered in uncertainty, wasn’t that what the professor had told them to do?

“Now!? But… um, I can’t… I mean… We don’t have the materia…” her voice trailed off weakly. She let her head hang and sighed in defeat, “Ok, fine.” Jennifer looked around her, seeing nothing but row after row of dusty old books no-one güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri ever needed,

“So… uhm, should we go to the plaza to study? Or maybe the computer centre?” Kathleen remained silent. Uncomfortable in the silence Jennifer began fidgeting and for the first time noticed that she was a full head taller than new tutor. Kathleen looked around furtively, apparently making sure they were alone,

“Ok. One, call me Kath, not Kathleen.”

Jessica smiled in triumph, “Will do, Kath.”

“Two, Don’t tell anyone about this place. It’s quiet and I like quiet.”

“Mum’s the word.” Jennifer made the obligatory key turning gesture.

A few seconds of scrutiny lapsed, “Just follow me, then.” Kath turned and headed deeper into the library. Jennifer followed closely as Kath led her past an entire section on biology, and even an entire bookshelf with nothing but books on sexuality. But eventually, after having crossed the entire ground floor, they came upon a small, rarely used staircase leading up to the first and then second floor which Jennifer always assumed was the top floor of the library. But Kath turned back around a corner to a hidden staircase leading to a smallish low-ceilinged hall. It’s centre was occupied by study tables while it’s walls consisted of alcoves with benches and tables.

Jennifer’s mouth dropped open in astonishment, “I didn’t even know this floor existed.” she said.

Kath slid into the back of an alcove, dropping her bag on the table, “We’re right underneath the clock tower. Most students stopped coming here until they forgot about it entirely. It’s only used by a handful of nerds and geeks like me now.” Jennifer sat down beside her, still in awe of the hidden campus study room. Kath grasped her by the hand. Her fingers felt warm but strong, and for some reason fascinated Jennifer. “Remember,” Kath hissed, “you promised not to tell anyone.”

Jennifer looked at the smaller girl with newfound respect. “I promise.” she almost whispered the words.

Kath opened her backpack and produced a notebook with pens and pencils in various colours. She set her iPhone down next to her. “I don’t have much time today. Let’s start out with your notes.”

“Notes? Umm…” Jennifer guiltily fished around in her backpack, “You see, I ummm… I can’t listen to the lecture and take notes at the same time. I keep losing track of the lecture.” She opened her notebook, mostly empty pages with a few disjointed words, and handed it to Kath.

Kath leafed through a few of the pages and found more of the same. “Okay,” she said giving the notebook back, “we’ll start with that then.” and opened her own notebook. Jennifer slid closer on the bench to get a better view of the work. Their shoulders touched as she leaned in. Using her own notes from the previous lecture, Kath explained how to take quick shorthand notes, that can be expanded upon after class. Jennifer took notes, and practised the techniques Kath espoused. While copying and working on the notes of the last lecture, the two girls got even closer together. When Kath reached across to point out a mistake in Jennifer’s notes, all Jennifer could think about was how her legs felt pressed against her own, and was astonished to find out she enjoyed the feeling more than she should.

After an hour working together like this an alarm on Kath’s iPhone went off. “I have to get home now,” Kath began packing her stuff, “I’ll see you on Monday, I guess…”.

Jennifer panicked, “Actually,” Jennifer reached out to stop her from packing for a second, “my parents are out all day tomorrow, if you drop by we can study the whole day without being interrupted.” Jennifer looked at the girl pleadingly but Kath looked unsure and anxious. “Just think about it,” Jennifer smiled reassuringly and hopefully, she quickly wrote down her phone number and address on a blank page of her notebook, “No pressure.” She ripped it out and placed the paper in Kath’s backpack before she could object.


Jennifer lay dozing in her comfortable bed, enjoying the warmth of the morning sunlight that crept in through a crack in the curtains. She stretched and with a mighty yawn kicked most of the covers off of her stretching body, allowing the sun and the clear fresh morning air to caress her without hindrance. Still luxuriating in the softness of her bedding and only half awake she smiled to herself. It was Saturday and she would have the place to herself all weekend. Her parents had already left by the time she came home yesterday, and weren’t scheduled to return from their cabin until late this Monday. Slowly she slid her hands along her thighs and up her body, caressing her stomach and ample breasts. A soft moan escaped from her lips as her hands continued to roam her body. She bit her lip when she pinched her left nipple with her right hand, while the other was slowly working it’s way down her flat stomach. She opened her legs and felt her own dampness with a güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri luscious smile. She licked her lips in anticipation of what was hidden in her night-stand. Unable to contain her cravings she rolled over and reached into the night-stand’s drawer. After a bit of rummaging, her hands closed around her small silver vibrator.

The doorbell rang. “Noooo…,” she quietly moaned as she buried her face in her pillow and let her arm drop over the side of the bed in defeat, still clutching the vibrator. Reluctantly, she dragged her body off her bed and stretched her naked body once more to fully wake up. She tossed the vibrator back on the bed. With an air of indifference she stepped out of her room, grabbing her bathrobe on the way out and casually slinging it over her shoulders as she walked down the hall. The doorbell rang again. “Yeah, yeah. I’m coming.” Jennifer thought to herself as she stepped up to a window that looked out over the front door. Holding he robe closed with her left hand, she unlatched the window with the right and swung it outward. She stuck her head out and in her groggy state of mind it took her a second before she recognised the skittishness of Kath, her head once again tucked deep inside the hoodie of her sweater. She looked around nervously and seemed ready to bolt.

“Mornin’.” Jennifer called down, “you’re early, aren’t ya?”

Kath actually jumped up when she heard Jennifer’s voice but quickly recovered, “I… I’m sorry, I can come back later.” She spoke meekly, turned around and began walking down the garden path back to the road.

Jennifer stopped her, “Nah. Stop. It’s fine. Wait there, I’ll come down and open the door.” Jennifer ducked her head back inside, closing the window behind her. As she sauntered downstairs she tried to absent-mindedly reach for the robe’s belt to cinch it closed. As she approached the front door it occurred to her that the belt still lay somewhere in her bedroom. She unlocked the door and kept her body behind it as she pulled the door open, “Come on in. Make yourself at home.” she offered. Despite her best efforts to keep her robe closed and her nubile flesh hidden from sight she could clearly see that Kath had noticed and blushed a bright red. The feelings of desire that she had been cut off of from reasserted themselves with a vengeance. She felt her nipples grow hard against the soft fabric of her robes and an odd sensation rippled outward from her crotch, sending shivers up her spine. They stood like that, watching each other in silence. It was Kath who broke first, shyly turning away from the nearly naked Jennifer and averting her eyes to her own feet.

“Oh, yeah. Right this way.” Jennifer broke out of her trance, redoubled her efforts to keep the robe closed with one hand and led the other girl to the kitchen, “Would you like something to drink? We’ve got bottled water, soda, iced tea, you name it.” She opened the fridge as she said this and lost control over her robe. She could almost feel Kath’s eyes on her naked flesh. She smiled at the thought.

“No,” Kath’s voice broke so softly that she had to clear her throat. “Not right now, thank you.”

“Alright,” Jennifer gestured to the kitchen table, “you can set up there at the table while I go put on some clothes.” She struggled some more with her rebellious robe and got goosebumps when she noticed Kath checking her out.

Jennifer left the kitchen in confusion, “Why is this girl getting me so turned on?” she thought. She sped upstairs and into her room where she threw her robe at the peg next to the door and missed. With Kath’s strange influence still on her mind she stood in front of her body-length mirror and checked herself out. Her nipples stood painfully erect and she could clearly see her own wetness glistening between her legs. She admired her own smoothly shaven legs and neatly trimmed pubes while, as if by it’s own volition, her left hand gently caressed her stomach, breast and finally her nipple. Waves of pleasure shot down her spine and right to her clit, as her right hand wavered near underbelly and groin, ready for a morning session of self pleasure. It took quite an effort of will for Jennifer to break her own transfixion. As much as her body wanted it, she had no time to play this morning.

With a deep breath she picked up her panties of last night and used them to wipe the worst of her wetness away. She forced herself to step away from the mirror and opened her dresser. She picked a cute red and black summer dress that was both easy on the eyes and comfortable to wear. She put it on and quickly ran a brush through her long blonde hair. She worked the tangles of the night out of her hair and tied it into a simple ponytail. Returning to the mirror, she smiled at the result of her quick handiwork. She looked comfortable without sacrificing her good looks. The dress was long enough to hide the fact she wore no underwear even while sitting, and only betrayed the smallest indication güvenilir bahis şirketleri of her erect nipples against the fabric. But she was fairly certain they would behave themselves before she got back to her guest.

Back downstairs, Jennifer entered the kitchen and noticed Kath sitting at the far side of the table with her back to the wall. She had placed a stack of books on the chair to her right, creating for herself a sort of artificial corner booth like they had sat in yesterday. Jennifer got the distinct impression of an apprehensive creature trying to hide, completed by the perennial appearance of Kath’s hoodie. She absorbed this idea of Kath longingly as she went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of spring water. “Are you sure you want nothing to drink? It’s plenty warm out.” she asked.

Kath shook her head, “No, thank you”, she placed a couple of notebooks on the table.

“Okay,” Jennifer closed the fridge and took a sip of her water, “But aren’t you really hot in that hoodie of yours?” She sat down next Kath.

“A bit, but it’s okay. I can handle it.” Kath replied assuringly but noticed Jennifer peering at her questioningly. She hesitated for a bit but eventually made up her mind. She pushed the hood back off of her head, revealing her exact features without impediment to Jennifer for the first time. Her hair was cut short into a sort of pixie-cut style and dyed deep black and bright purple. But it was Kath’s eyes that really caught Jennifer’s eye.

She stared at her tutor’s mesmerizingly beautiful sky blue eyes, “oh… wow.” was all she managed to whisper in response.

“What? What’s wrong?” Kath’s hands went up to her face searchingly, an expression of anxiety written in her eyes. “Is there something on my face?” she asked worriedly and instinctually wanting to hide, her hands unconsciously moved to draw her hood back up.

“No!” Jennifer exclaimed, surprising herself with her zeal. She stopped Kath’s hands before they could hide her face. Jennifer wanted to see more. “Don’t hide.” she breathed, “Don’t hide,” she repeated a bit more steadily, continuing to stare at her face, “I was just surprised, is all.” She smiled and avidly inspected Kath’s face. “You’ve nothing you need to hide. And I honestly love what you’ve done with your hair.” Kath blushed and looked down at her hands, still locked in Jennifer’s.

It took a second before Jennifer snapped out of her trance, “Uhm, right. Study.” she dropped Kath’s hands from her own. “Wait here.” she said as she dashed into the next room to retrieve her backpack. She came back into the kitchen, awkwardly digging around in the pack, “So the Professor,” she finally withdrew a stack of papers from her pack, “gave me these to review.” She handed them to Kath. “Those are my tests from the past year. I… uhm,” she scratched her neck, “I never really understood what I did wrong to fail all these.”

She sat down next to Kath, who began paging through test sheets. “Ok,” she said after a minute, “we can work with this. There’s a few classic mistakes like this one here.” She pointed at a sheet, “You got the right answer, you just forgot to explain your reasoning. Or here,” she indicated a second sheet, “again, the hypothesis is correct, but you fail to follow through to it’s logical conclusion.” She looked Jennifer in the eyes, “Basically with a bit more focus and a slightly better work ethic you would have passed most of these.”

Jennifer looked back, saw Kath smile, “Can we go over all these then?” she asked.

“Of course,” Kath replied as she sorted the papers, “that’s what I’m here for.” Over the next two hours the two girls discussed Jennifer’s test results and with each minute spent discussing their schoolwork Kath grew more confident and comfortable around Jennifer. Soon Kath allowed the blonde into her personal space even as she began feeling comfortable enough to do the same. By the time they were discussing the last test sheet she was completely at ease with Jennifer and even reciprocated Jennifer’s friendly touches.

Jennifer groaned out loud as she stretched her body, “Aaarghhh, I’m basically useless. I’m never going to get this right.” She slouched in her chair in defeat. Kath looked at her for a second and then, throwing the papers on a stack, she leaned back in her own chair. The two had shoved their chairs ever closer together and now as they sat back their shoulders touched. Kath didn’t even flinch.

“Maybe,” she began finally, “we got a bit carried away.” she glanced at Jennifer. “Maybe we focussed too long on what you did wrong.” she patted Jennifer’s right hand encouragingly, “Like I said, you could have passed most of these,” she waved at the pile of paper, “with just a small change.” She paused, “It’s just practice really, and focus on the day in question.” Jennifer turned to look at her. “We’ve still got ten days to work with, no worries.” Kath reassured her.

Jennifer watched a drop of sweat roll down Kath’s cheek. “Okay, I know you’re feeling hot. You are actually sweating. Take off the sweater vest.” Jennifer sat up straight and began tugging up on the sweater. “Come on.” she felt a strange feeling of anticipation she had not expected, “It’s just you and me. No-one you need to hide from.” Kath stopped her and held the hoodie down.

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The Supermarket Surprise

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As I took the last of my things from the trolley to the checkout counter, a female voice said, “Hello. Fancy seeing you here.”

I looked up to see a face that I recognized from administration in my course. “Hello indeed.”

She only had a few things and by the time I’d packed my stuff up she was packed up too. We walked out together to the parking lot from the air-conditioned supermarket into one of the hottest days for a long time. I was carrying my stuff and she said, “It’s very hot. If you like I can drop you back at your place and save you a walk in this heat.”

“That would be great. It’s just so hot. I’m Adam. What’s your name?”


I was in the final year of my psych course and I’d seen Kimberly around in the office but I don’t think we’d spoken. She was a bit older than me but looked terrific – she had a really good figure.

“Would you like to come home with me and have a swim and a cold drink? It’s too hot to do anything in this weather.”

“Sounds like a great idea. The cold drink especially.”

Kimberly shared a small house with her sister and there was a small pool at the back. She took two cans out of the fridge and we sat down at the table and started to drink. Kimberly said, “I need a swim. It’s just too hot.”

To my amazement she walked out to the pool and lifted her top over her head, slipped off her bra and pulled down her shorts and panties and jumped into the pool – completely naked. I don’t know what she expected me to do – but there was no way I was going to swim naked. I took my swimming costume out and changed into it in the kitchen so that she couldn’t see me. I jumped into the water – it was warmer than I expected but still refreshing. I could see Kimberly clearly. Her feet were on the bottom and she could walk and her breasts were just above the surface of the water. The water was clear and I could see her bottom. We must’ve been in the water a few minutes and then she climbed out and lay on a towel on the grass face up. Or should I say, bottom up! As I got out of the pool and looked down at her, I could see that she looked really sexy. Her breasts were not large and held their pointy shape while her pussy was clean-shaven and clearly exposed her slit. I got out of the water and lay down next to her, still in my swim shorts. The sun quickly dried the moisture from me and I could feel the heat on my skin.

Kimberly was asking herself why I had not stripped naked. Was I so shy? Most men she knew would have jumped at the opportunity. Perhaps he was a virgin? She had assumed that I would strip when I saw that she was naked. When she went to the supermarket, it was already a warm day and the heat always made her horny. It was my luck that she saw me and decided that I was a good bet to bring her the relief she needed. She put her hand on my chest and said, “You are so hot. The sun is so warm. Let’s go inside where it’s air-conditioned.”

She took me to her bedroom and we lay on the bed. Kimberly didn’t ask – she just kneeled over me and hooked her fingers into my swimming costume and pulled it down. I was so embarrassed. I really was shy. Kimberly broke the ice by saying, “Wow. That’s some sausage.” She laughed. I laughed nervously. Her hand descended onto it and began a massaging movement which brought the desired effect – my stiffy really stood up and she put her mouth over it. I knew what was coming. I had seen it hundreds mobilbahis güvenilir mi of times on porn. Kimberly must’ve stopped when she realized that she had made me hard enough to really give me a very good fuck. She rolled over onto her back and opened her legs wide. I didn’t need an invitation. I knew what happened next. My tongue began to suck and lick her clitoris and when I decided she was ready, I lifted myself up and positioned myself to push my penis into her vagina.

“Whoa. Not so fast. I’m not ready. You are with a real woman now. This is not porn. Am I the first woman you’ve ever been with? I’m going to show you how to make love properly.”

Her actions and words brought me up with a bit of a jolt. It was all true but I thought that my role was just to put my dick into her and give her a good fuck. I scarcely had time to give much consideration to my thoughts – I wasn’t leading. She was leading and without thinking about it I bowed to her greater experience. Kimberly reached into a drawer of the bedside table and pulled out a little bottle of baby oil which she proceeded to dribble over my erection while her hands slid up and down giving me the most delightful sensations. “You’re too tense. I can feel that you’re anxious. You don’t have to be anxious, I won’t bite you. You need to release some of that tension before you’re ready to make love to me, otherwise you’ll last about 10 seconds and I want to make long, slow love with you.”

Kimberly had excellent thumb finger coordination and within a very short time I was spurting into a tissue which she held over my dick. “Boy, you were full. One more time and I think you’ll be ready. I want you to last.” She cupped my balls with her right hand and with her left hand started to massage my dick again. I was hard again very quickly and could feel myself about to cum again when Kimberly put her mouth over my dick and began sucking for dear life. Just before I came she puts a tissue over my dick and watched as I spurted again.

“I think I’m right in saying that that I’m the first woman you’ve ever been with. If that’s so, you’re my first virgin. Did you ever stop to think why men and women have sex? Well, it’s because a man gets pleasure when his dick is inside a woman and a woman gets pleasure when a man is inside her. The object is to make it last more than a few seconds. The woman likes to feel the man moving in and out for a couple of minutes if possible. The more times a man ejaculates, the longer it takes for him to ejaculate the next time. I’m sure you know that. So we are going to make love, not like the porn you’ve been watching. I’m not a hole to fill up. We are going to make love and make sure that I enjoy it as well as you.”

“You’re right. I am a virgin. I’m ready to make love now.”

“Take it slowly. Kiss me. Massage my breasts and nipples and then put your finger on my clitoris and then you can start licking my clitoris again and then when you think I’m ready, you can ask me and I will open my legs so that you can enter me.”

“Are you ready?”

Kimberly spread her legs wide. “Mama’s sexy thighs are inviting you into her pleasure dome. Take it slowly. Gently. I can feel your head entering me. Keep pushing. I can feel your thighs right up against mine. You’re in. Don’t move for a moment. It feels so good. Now you can start moving in and out slowly. God it feels good.”

“How does mobilbahis it feel to do it with a virgin?”

“Just the same but you are a nice big virgin and it feels terrific. It’s nice to know you’ve never been with another woman. It’s the same feeling you get when you come home with a new car straight from the dealer. You’re something new – not secondhand. You’re doing great. I loved watching your face as you entered me. I could feel I was nice and wet and you just slipped in. Best of all I know you are not comparing my pussy with somebody else’s. How did it feel for you?”

“I had no idea it was going to be so moist and slippery and warm. It really feels like heaven.”

“I don’t know why but you really feel very comfortable for me. Perhaps I’m just getting used to making love with you but you feel really good. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed the feeling as much before.”

Adam luxuriated in her warm grotto as she pulled him down and kissed him. It felt good. Her breasts were pressed against his chest. Adam could feel the rising excitement as he got closer and closer to ejaculation and then all of a sudden his dick went really stiff as he pumped his semen into her. The look on her face told him that he had succeeded in spades.

“Don’t move. I like to feel you in there even though you are getting soft.”

After a few minutes of kissing and cuddling Adam knew it was time to pull out and he slowly withdrew from her pussy and looked down at his moist penis. Kimberly took a tissue and dried it and then stuffed it into her hole to stop the dripping.

“I going to have a shower and then we can eat and after that we can have some more loving. How does that sound?”

“I think I could take some more of that.”

Adam sat down at the table while Kimberly buzzed around getting lunch ready. He couldn’t take his eyes off her – she had a really nice body with good-looking breasts, but what intrigued him most of all was her slit. It was just so unfamiliar to him and even in porn you didn’t see it so often like that. Kimberly became aware that he was watching her every move and was intrigued. As they ate lunch she looked him in the eye and said, “Well, do you prefer me or porn?”

“Kimberly, if you were with me every day, I’m sure I wouldn’t bother to look at porn.”

“I’ve always wondered why men keep looking at porn. I’ve watched it a few times but men keep watching it all the time. What’s the fascination? Every woman you look at on porn has got breasts and a pussy.”

“You studied psych and I’m studying psych now. We both know about endorphins and every time I look at a woman’s pussy on porn, my endorphins get excited and I keep coming back for more.”

“I guess it was a silly question. I like watching porn to see the men’s dicks and I like to watch them grow from soft to hard with a woman’s hand or mouth around it. That makes me excited too and then I imagine it entering me and I have an orgasm.”

“I don’t know about other men but I know for myself that I find women’s bodies intriguing. I look at my own body and that’s normal. I’m not interested in other men’s bodies. I don’t look at them. I look at women’s bodies because for me they’re abnormal. I find it fascinating the way women open their legs to have sex. That’s so foreign to a man.”

“Of course what’s abnormal for you is normal for me. The only way I can have sex is by opening my legs. mobilbahis giriş I didn’t choose to put my vagina between my legs. That’s just the way girls are. Stop thinking about it and enjoy it. Don’t over think it. It’s something very natural for men and women to do.”

“You’re right. I’m stupid.”

“How was lunch?”

“Good. The cold beer was the best of all.”

All through lunch Kimberly had been closely watching Adam. He never took his eyes off her and she made sure that he had plenty to look at. She was up and down to the fridge and bending over so that he had a good view of her crack. She stood next to him with her breasts very close to his face. She stood facing him front on and could see that he was entranced looking at her slit. She thought to herself how much better and more interesting Adam was than the last few men she had met on dating apps. All they wanted to do was fuck her – they weren’t interested in her at all but Adam was and he was good to talk to about other things.

“I want you to come with me and stand in front of a mirror. I want take a photograph of us before.”

“Before what?”

“I want to shave you. You look untidy with your dick coming out of all that hair. You will look so much more attractive when I do it.”

“Have you ever done it before?”

“No, but I’ve done myself and I’ll be careful.”

Adam was surprised. It had never entered his mind to be shaved but if Kimberly wanted it and that was the price to be paid for more access to her pussy, then so be it.

“I’m going to look on the web to see how to do it properly. It must be easy.”

Adam lay passively on his back on a towel while Kimberly shaved all the hair around his dick, then carefully from his balls. When she had finished, she dried him and said, “Now we will take the after photo.”

She carefully set up her camera with a timer and took a photograph of her and Adam standing together and then another with her hand on his dick and one with his finger in her slit. They did this with them kissing and not kissing. The result was fantastic. Kimberly loved it and Adam was very proud too. He looked good. She took him back to the bedroom and said, “Are you ready to go again?”

Adam didn’t answer. He just pushed her onto the bed. It was the most intense lovemaking session that Kimberly had ever had. As Adam rested, cradled in her pussy, Kimberly told him how glad she was that she had picked him up at the supermarket. It was the last time she went on a dating app. Adam stayed the night and the next morning found himself in his favorite position – cradled in Kimberly’s pussy again.

Kimberly said, “I’ve started to do some research on women and porn. It might be interesting to hear what a man thinks about porn. I’m interested to know why men like to watch it so much and why women do too. Elephants and animals from the zoo are interesting but you don’t look at them again and again so what is it that makes you want to look at a woman’s pussy over and over again.”

“I’m asking myself the same question – why a woman wants to look at the man’s dick all the time. I don’t really know. All I know is that it is an addiction. I just want to see different ones – why I have no idea. You know how when a person holds their fist tight, you want to open it and see what’s inside. I think it’s something like that with a woman – she keeps her pussy hidden and a man wants to see it. That’s too simplistic but there is no doubt that when I look at a pussy, I get excited and I get an erection. When I look at you naked in the flesh, I get an erection and want to make love. That’s the nature’s way of keeping the species going.”

“I’m ready again.”

“So am I.”

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Black in Me Pt. 12

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My attraction towards dark skinned, masculine, large Black men was growing stronger by the time I was in my 30s, to the point where I was cruising men outside the normal gay hang outs. I had booked a week-long trip to Las Vegas with two things in mind, gambling, and men. I decided to spurge and get a 5-star hotel an enjoy the luxuries.

The first night I walked around the casino, horny, looking for a hot man to sit next to so I could at least try to get some action before the night was over. As I looked around, I was looking around for a specific type of man, big build, masculine, dark skin. After about an hour I finally found a guy that matched my desires, a middle-aged guy sitting by himself, playing the slots while smoking. I sat two seats down from him so not to be too obvious about my intentions. Before too long he was speaking to me, telling me how to play the machine I was on. I took his suggestion and within minutes I hit the jackpot, winning $3000, leading us to celebrate together which felt so good. As a token of appreciation, I gave him $500 and ordered drinks and more cigarettes at his request. After about an hour he announced it was time for him to go.

“Well guy I better get some sleep – thanks for everything.” He stood behind me and watched as I continued to play the same machine.

“Anytime man. Sure you got to go? You’ve been good luck,” I said trying to convince him to stay long enough for me to cruise him.

“Yeah man, it’s 3 a.m. and got to get an old man to bed,” he laughed. I turned around and checked him out, trying to figure out how old he was. My guess was 48.

“Let me but you another drink and spot you another $50,” I said.

With that he sat down in the seat next to me. “Can’t argue with that,” he said.

“Name is James. Who do I have the pleasure of meeting?”

“Joseph – nice meeting you James,” he said with his hand on my back – certainly a good sign.

“And you’re no way an old man,” I said fishing for more information.

“62 next week,” Joseph said proudly. He looked nowhere near 62 although he was bald his chest and arm hair was still dark, and his body not sagging for a big man.

“No way. I hope I look as sexy as you at 62.” So much for discretion I told myself.

He laughed but didn’t say anything as our drinks arrived. I gave him another $50 and for the next 30 minutes or so we gambled and talked. But when he spent his last amount of money, he got up to leave. “Well this time I really got to go – looks like both our luck is about gone.”

“Actually, I feel very lucky. I’m richer and met a good man,” I said, not letting go the idea that I could spend more time with him.

Joseph laughed. He had pretty white teeth that were perfectly straight. “Is that so?”

“Yes, definitely. Guess I should tell you. I’m gay and am really interested in you.” I wasn’t sure what effect my abruptness would have on him. Joseph sat back down and looked at me with somewhat of a frown.

“Interesting. So what are you trying to tell me?” he asked.

“I guess I want to get with you, for sex,” I said, finding the courage to be blunt.

Joseph looked at me silently for what seemed like eternity, then spoke. “Well come on up to my room so we can talk about it,” he said.

“Jackpot!” I said jokingly.

He laughed. “I didn’t say we were going to do anything,” said Joseph looking me straight in the eyes.

“But you didn’t say we weren’t either,” I retorted.

“I do like you James. You’re a cool cat. C’mon,” he said as he walked away.

His room was extravagant – definitely the top tier of rooms in that hotel, a two-bedroom suite with a large bathroom, wet bar, jacuzzi and a beautiful view of Las Vegas in a dimly lit, erotic setting. “Damn this is nice,” I said.

“Thanks. Fix us a drink,” said Joseph as he removed his tie.

“What would you like?”

“There’s some vodka, mix it with some tonic and a lime.” As I fixed our drinks Joseph took off his shoes and put his large feet up on the table while turning on the TV. I brought over our drinks and sat in the chair opposite the couch. “So, tell me James. How long you been messing around with guys?”

“About 15 – 20 years. I started pretty early,” I said.

“Tell me about it,” said Joseph. I went on to tell him about the guys that seduced me at an early age. The conversation led to the rest of canlı bahis my life’s experiences while Joseph listened intently.

“Very interesting life you have led James. Tell me, are you a religious man?” His question seemed odd considering the circumstance.

“Can’t say that I am. Why do you ask?”

“No particular reason other than to let you know I am a Baptist minister.” I was shocked and unable to respond. Joseph laughed. “It’s okay James. I’m not going to preach – I’m here for some fun just like you are.” We were both fairly inebriated by now and my inhibitions were considerably lowered. I hoped his were too and I would be able to get closer to this incredibly sexy man.

“I’ve never been with a minister,” I said.

“Well, it appears as if that’s about to change James. I must tell you I have yet to be with another man sexually, so this is new to me. I am curious.”

“You sure you want to do this Joseph?” I asked.

He frowned and looked taken aback. “No, I’m not sure but know there’s something going on.”

Joseph stood up, revealing a huge bulge in his dress pants. I took a gulp of my drink, not sure what move to make on a man, a minister at that, who said he had no sexual experience with another guy. Before I could make a move Joseph moved to stand in front of me, his crotch in front of my face, bulge in his dark trousers sporting a fat dick. “You just going to look at it?”

I was trembling with excitement and the potential of what was about to happen. “I’ll do anything you want.” I told Joseph, letting him know I preferred him to take the lead.

“Is that so?” he said putting his hands on his hips. “Take out my dick.”

My hands were somewhat unsteady with excitement as I tried to unzip his pants, but the tightness of his crotch and my nervousness prevented me from doing so easily. From what I could tell this man had a very large dick – the anticipation was building up. “You sure this isn’t your first time?” Joseph asked while looking down at me, smiling.

So, I undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, slid down his zipper. He had on boxers that allowed me to reach in and pull out his erect penis. It was beautifully dark, cut with a bulbous, purple head attached to a thick shaft that was at least 10 inches in length. I ran my hand up and down, feeling it’s heaviness and smooth skin texture – like velvet. I was consumed with passion and slowly sucked him in, circling my tongue around it to heighten the pleasure. I made sure to concentrate on the sensitive area just under the head, pressing my tongue on it while gently sucking. By the sound of his moaning I could tell he was pleased. Then, he unexpectedly began to take charge, holding my head while pumping his dick into my mouth which I expertly took. Within minutes he was fully hard, now at least a foot long so I could no longer suck him because of the girth and length so I concentrated on his loose balls which were also quite large, egg shaped, and very sensitive. He reacted with much pleasure as I gently took turns with each one, sucking gently, burying my face in his large sac so I could take in his man musk. This went on for awhile before Joseph nudged me off him. His dick stood out from his body, slightly curved and the impressively long. I wondered if I would be able to take it anally.

“Time for a break,” said Joseph as he stood before me. “Stand up,” he said softly but decisively.

I immediately did as he told and liked his authoritarian style. “I see you like to be told what to do. Isn’t that right?” Before I could confirm he grabbed my face and looked sternly into my eyes. “Don’t need to answer – I already know you want to be my white bitch – live out your fantasy of being forced to have sex by a large Mandingo man.” With that Joseph pulled up his pants and sat on the couch.

Although there was some truth to his claims, I never thought of me as objectifying men because of their race. I was born and raised in a majority Black community so have always had sex with Black men.

“Fix me another drink,” said Joseph holding his glass. I obediently did what he asked wondering was this an attempt on his part to prove I had a Mandingo fantasy or if he was genuinely interested in having me as his “bitch.” When I handed him his drink he patted the space next to him on the couch. “Sit next to Daddy.” This was getting strange but I decided bahis siteleri I would hear him out before trying to figure out his intentions for that evening.

“So you are attempting to use me for your sexual pleasure, isn’t that right?” he asked.

“I do want to have sex, yes,” I said trying not to say too much.

“You did not answer the question James. Let me repeat.” I could sense some frustration in his voice. “Are you attempting to use me for your sexual pleasure?”

“I just want to enjoy myself with you by having sex Joseph, I mean no harm.” I noticed his hard-on was gone but that his groin area was still filled with his sizeable dick and balls.

“Obviously you do not understand,” he said as he shifted in his seat to get a more direct look at me. “If we are going to do this there is something you need to understand. You want me to fuck the shit out of you this evening, dominate you, all that stuff. And that’s fine. You excite me man, but I do tend to get carried away and have always wanted wondered what it would be like to have a white boy at my feet, and it looks like I can do that right now. But if this goes well, I’m wanting to keep you around. None of this ‘Hit it and quit it shit.’ So if you’re for that, let’s not go any further. I just got to know.”

Joseph had me in a position that I was I was unable to respond to right away. I had too many questions. “So. you’re looking for long term?” I asked.

“Possibly, I mean I just might like this so much I’m going to want more. But a man in my position can’t be reckless.

The fact that I had a partner who I loved made me question another long term commitment. “Alright James, time for you to make a decision then. If you stay, we make love, fuck, screw, whatever,” said Joseph, pulling me into him, pressing his lips on mine, slowly pushing his tongue in.

After the great kissing, I decided to stay with Joseph. He was pulling me into his desires, and I was anxious to see where this would go.

We sat back down on the couch, this time with my head on his meaty shoulder. The more Joseph and I talked the more I was able to understand his needs. He had been curious about gay sex, particularly with a white guy but his religious upbringing prevented him from acting on it. I felt comfortable with Joseph and an excitement that I had not felt since I was with Leo.

Joseph stood up, unbuttoning his shirt, revealing a well-defined chest in his white crew neck T-Shirt. He went to his bedroom and brought back a marijuana joint, lighting it and sitting next to me.

“Damn, wasn’t expecting that,” I said.

“Nothing wrong with getting a little high,” he said. We shared it in silence while listening to jazz which filled the dim room with a sensuous sound. The tension was building as we got increasingly buzzed. Finally Joseph stood up and pulled his soft dick out. I wasted no time kneeling before him, licking from head to base, then sucking him slowly until I got halfway down, unable to go further because of his girth. Still clothed Joseph led me to his bedroom with a nice size king bed in a luxurious environment. I was definitely ready to take on his enormous dick, no matter what it took.

“Undress me.” Joseph stood quietly and held his arms out as I removed his T-shirt, then his dress pants, stopping for a moment to admire his body. He had tight boxers which accentuated huge muscular thighs. I kissed his chest that was dotted with tight curly hairs and sucked his extended nipples which caused him to moan loudly, then press my head harder onto his thick, hairy breast. When he raised his arm I could smell the man musk which further increased my desire. I licked and nuzzled his arm pits until Joseph moved me to the edge of the bed, raising my legs while removing my pants and underwear, leaving my ass at the edge of the bed, exposed and about to receive the largest dick I would ever take on. Joseph then pulled down his underwear, his penis hard and only inches away from my ass. While he went to the bathroom I lay there thinking if I could take on his large dick. But I was caught in the moment and wanted to see what something like that would feel like.

He walked over to his dresser and pulled out a bottle. “All I have is baby oil,” he said, opening it. He raised and spread my legs, pouring a generous amount of the cool liquid on my hole. Then he made the move, bahis şirketleri putting the head at my entrance and slowly pushing it in. The invasion was spreading me open beyond what I thought was capable. As I started crying out in pain Joseph place his hand over my mouth.

“Shhhhh. You can do this. You feel so good,” he said, slowly sliding in another inch. The feeling of being opened up that much had me taking deep, regular breaths and doing what I could to ease the pain as he entered me further. Fifteen minutes had easily passed when I reached down and felt that Joseph had worked himself all the way in, staying rock hard the whole time. His belly pressed on mine, balls rested on my ass as he bent down to kiss me, unexpected, but definitely wanted.

He started out my gently pressing his lips on mine, licking and softly kissing until his tongue probed into my mouth which I greeted with mine. I felt him slowly pull out a few inches, somewhat easing the pain that was slowly subsiding. He pushed back in too quickly, but my moans were muffled by his increasing passion in his kissing. “This man has done this before,” I told myself as Joseph began slowly stroking my now fully open ass. “James, this feels amazing,” he whispered, spreading my legs further. His thrusting action had increased, causing me to slide across the bed but he kept his rhythm. I held on to his thick neck and was now enjoying the ride. I glanced at the clock at saw it was 5:50 am – we had been fucking for almost an hour and he showed no signs of slowing down. But I had to stop because the baby oil was no longer effective.

“Joseph, I need to take a break,” I managed to get in as he was rhythmically pounding me.

Breathing heavily, Joseph said, “I’m just getting started baby.”

“But I need more lube- I’m…” I didn’t finish begging before Joseph pulled out suddenly and sat back. In the glow of the morning I could make out his dick as I rested my legs across his. I couldn’t believe I had taken the enormity of his length and girth. I reached down to feel it, barely able to wrap my hand around it. My ass felt wide open. And I smelled my hand to make sure there was no mess – which fortunately there was not. I had taken precautions the day before since I anticipated action.

“Need some lube man – got some in my pants.” Joseph reached into my pants that were lying on the floor and pulled out a lube packet.

“I see you came prepared,” he said as he opened the lube. “Lie on your side,” instructed Joseph. I positioned myself as he told and was ready of another round of fucking after he spread some lube on my hole. He spread my cheeks and slowly slid himself back in. This time I felt minimal pain and mostly pleasure. I wasn’t sure if it was the fact that I was already opened up or the position I was in but the feeling was as good as I ever had. I lay in ecstasy as I enjoyed Joseph’s slow stroking. My moaning must have turned him on.

“You like that baby?” I heard him say softly.

“Yes, very much so,” I said as I enjoyed the rest of the morning in various positions getting fucked by the hottest man with the longest staying power I had ever experienced. Finally, while laying on my side I felt Joseph’s dick grow thicker and harder as he increased the force and pace of his thrusting. His orgasm was intense – he pressed his sweat covered body full against mine and poured his seed into my guts while he moaned loudly for what seemed like at least a minute. And, as if on cue, I also began to ejaculate, shouting loudly as I squirted several ropes of cum on myself and the sheets. We lay there, spent, in silence, taking in the sexual odors, breathing heavily until I felt him slip out of my ass. As long as his dick was his seed was planted deep and wasn’t coming out for awhile. I felt him kissing my back while rubbing his hands across my chest, playing with my hardened nipples, traveling down to my softening penis that still had sperm coming out. Joseph took his finger and fed me my own come. Although never into it I was willing to do anything Joseph pleased. We fell asleep, spoon fashion, exhausted from a night of liquor, weed, and passionate sex.

Joseph and I spent the next three days with each other, gambling, eating and fucking. I had developed feelings for him and it was difficult to leave. When I got home I told Leo everything that happened, including my strong attraction to Joseph. While he wasn’t happy, we held to the promise of being honest towards each other. I saw Joseph on and off for the next few year, including attending one of his services in Memphis. It was a wild ride.

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