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Holly Visits the Orgasm Doctor

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Big Tits

Holly stepped through the front doors of the clinic and approached the reception desk.

“Can I help you?” asked the blonde receptionist.

“I have an appointment with Dr Clark at eleven,” she replied.

“Holly Saunders? Dr Clark will call you through in a moment.” The receptionist gestured towards the waiting area.

She took a seat in one of the large leather armchairs. There was nobody else there, but she wasn’t too surprised. It had taken her a lot of courage to book the appointment, but after reaching the age of 18 without being able to have an orgasm, she’d had enough. She’d tried everything: vibrators, manual stimulation, and a few boyfriends, but it seemed nothing could tip her over the edge. She’d been masturbating almost daily since she was 13, but was never able to reach an orgasm. After hearing about her situation, a close friend had discreetly recommended the private clinic to Holly.

A woman who Holly assumed to be Dr Clark entered the waiting area.

“Miss Saunders?”

She appeared to be in her twenties and had long, flowing dark brown hair. Holly stood. The doctor led her into a large room with a medical bed and lots of equipment, and locked the door behind her.

“Please, take a seat. How can I help you?”

Holly sat and explained her situation. She could already feel herself going bright pink, but knew that she would have to overcome her embarrassment. “Well, I don’t think I can have an orgasm,” she said. “I’ve tried… touching myself, down there I mean, and I’ve tried a vibrator, but it didn’t really do anything. And an ex-boyfriend has given me oral sex, but none of it has worked, so a friend told me to try the clinic here.”

“That sounds like good advice to me. I’ve read through your questionnaire and it looks like one round of treatment today should be enough to get you sorted out. Rather than explain the treatment in full, it seems to work best for most girls if we just get started and I explain as we go along. Are you OK to do that today? It shouldn’t take longer than half an hour.”

“Um, yeah, I think I’d rather get it over with.”

“Don’t worry too much. The treatment is actually intended to be quite pleasurable and very intense, to sort of ‘shock’ your body into the feeling of orgasm. The idea is that once you’ve had your first, it’s much easier to let it happen again. Do you want to nip behind the tuzla ukraynalı escort screen over there and strip down to your underwear for me? If you could remove your bra too, that’d be great.”

Holly nodded, rose from the chair and moved behind the privacy screen, out of view of the doctor. She pulled off her t-shirt and unclasped her bra, and threw both on the floor. Then she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, and let them fall to the floor. Underneath, she was wearing thin red mesh knickers that hugged her petite figure. She stepped out from behind the screen. “OK, think I’m ready.”

“Great, if you could just hop onto the bed over here for me?”

Holly climbed onto the bed, surprised at how comfortable and soft it was. “Just lay your head back on the pillow, close your eyes, and slightly part your legs for me,” prompted Dr Clark. Feeling slightly uneasy, Holly did as instructed, and the doctor expertly guided her thighs slightly open.

“OK, that’s great. In the first part of the treatment I’m going to focus on getting your body aroused and ready for full stimulation later on. I’m going to fix some pads to your thighs which will pass a gentle current across your pubic area, and that should cause you to start self-lubricating — what you might call ‘getting wet’ down there. You might have experienced that before, have you?”

“Yeah, I think I can usually get wet on my own, but not much more than that,” replied Holly. She felt surprisingly at ease talking about such a private activity with the doctor, but put it down to her desire to experience her first orgasm.

“That’s fine, this should make that happen almost instantly. After a while you might feel like rubbing yourself over the top of your knickers, or playing with your nipples a little bit, things like that. If you do, please go ahead, feel free to go along with your natural responses, it will help.”

Holly said nothing, anticipating what was coming. The doctor placed 4 pads on her thighs, all connected with wires to a small box with various dials and lights. “I’m going to start now,” she told Holly. She pressed a few buttons on the box.

Holly immediately felt something, although she wasn’t sure what; it was like a gentle pulsing around her thighs and labia. It definitely feels good, she thought, and closed her eyes, focusing on the strange feelings around her thighs. tuzla rus escort Sure enough, her vagina slowly started to release its juices into her knickers. The doctor must’ve noticed because she turned one of the dials on the box down slightly. It still felt good to Holly, as she started to relax and succumb to her natural instinct to move her hand over her mound and very gently rub her lips through the red mesh knickers.

“How does that feel, good?”

“Yes… I think it’s doing something down there,” replied Holly. She moved her legs slightly further apart as Dr Clark pressed some more buttons on the box. The feeling changed; now Holly was feeling waves across her lips, instead of frequent pulses. She was starting to feel like slipping her fingers under her knickers, but restrained herself, remembering where she was. The doctor picked up a long wand-shaped vibrator with a soft round head.

“OK, it looks like that’s doing the job quite nicely, so if you could just move your hand onto your nipples for me?” Holly did as instructed; she quite liked the feeling of playing with her nipples while masturbating. She kept her eyes closed, allowing herself to become lost in the new feelings she was experiencing around her thighs. The doctor added two pads to Holly’s flat stomach, just above the top rim of her knickers, and switched the wand-shaped vibrator on to low power.

“I think we’re about ready to step things up a bit, so what I’m going to do now is increase the current slightly and apply a vibrator over the top of your knickers. This is quite a strong one so you should be able to feel it. Just relax and let the feelings come to you, not the other way around.”

“OK,” said Holly. The doctor gently pressed the top of the vibrator directly against Holly’s knickers, just below her clit. The vibrations were a little stronger than Holly had expected, and she let out a small sigh. The combined feeling of the pads and the vibrator was already beyond anything Holly had felt before, and it didn’t take long for Dr Clark to realise her knickers were getting quite wet from her natural lubricant as she started to very discreetly grind her hips in the direction of the vibrator.

“If it’s OK with you, I think it would be a good time to take your knickers off, OK?”

“Mm-hmm,” murmured Holly. She was beyond all inhibitions at this point, quite happy escort bayan to be fully naked in front of the doctor if it meant the intense feelings could continue. The doctor moved the vibrator away and slipped the thin red mesh knickers away from Holly’s hips. Underneath, she was almost completely shaven, except for a small trimmed patch just above the very top of her lips. The doctor moved the pads which were previously sat just above her knickers much closer to her labia, and Holly instinctively raised her knees to allow them to part further.

“Now I’m going to turn up the current a little bit more, and I want you to take the vibrator and use it on your clitoris. I’m going to put another smaller vibrator inside you, which is also connected to the box, so you should start feeling those waves of pleasure deep inside.”

“OK,” whispered Holly. She took the vibrator and gently placed the soft, round head directly on top of her clit. This was unlike anything she’d used before; huge waves of pleasure started crashing over her, and without realising she started to sigh with every breath. The doctor smiled and glided a small vibrator inside her vagina, and pressed a couple of buttons on the box. It sprung to life, vibrating on full power and allowing the pads on the outside to send waves of current directly through her g-spot. Holly was already far beyond anything she had ever felt before, and after another minute, she started to moan while grinding her hips into the wand-shaped vibrator that was working her clit. Meanwhile, the doctor had turned the inner vibrator up even higher, so that the waves of pleasure flowing around her thighs and lips were now performing a continuous concentrated assault on her g-spot.

By this point, Holly had completely let go and allowed every single feeling of pleasure to crash over her and bring her close to her first orgasm. As Dr Clark turned the box onto one of its highest settings, Holly let a series of loud moans leave her lips and started to press the wand-shaped vibrator deeper against her clit. “Oh…god,” is all she managed to pant before screaming out loud. The orgasm hit her as her legs started to shake, juices from her g-spot now flowing out onto the bed while she moaned. Her first orgasm lasted a good 30 seconds, lapsing into a second which felt even more intense. Holly had no idea that she was experiencing multiple orgasm, and cried out in pleasure as she started to shake and cum once more, her hips desperately grinding into the vibrator. Eventually, she began calm down and let out a final sigh of relief before pulling her knickers up onto her hips.

“I think that’s you cured, then,” grinned Dr Clark.

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