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Bio of a Bully Ch. 3: Big Brother Pt. 2

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I knew I couldn’t do nothing until I could breathe properly again, but it really fucking hurt to be pinned down by a dweeb like Scott and not be able to fight back.

Scott was lying on top of me, his underweight fuckin’ body rubbing against my tight, muscled bod and his matchstick fuckin’ arms holding me there like I was nothing. The more I struggled, the hotter Scott fuckin’ got, like he was desperate to fuckin’ own me. He’d already given me a love bite and no one fuckin’ marks me!

My face was all screwed up, trying to keep the fag’s mouth away from mine but he was being tough, making the most of having me in his fuckin’ power. My throat and neck were fuckin’ killing me, throbbing like our cocks after his brother Michael had slammed my neck down into his knee, winding me.

Scott was muttering my name softly, like “Oh, Justin! Justin!” and shit like that, breathing his fucking faggot breath over me between kisses.

I knew I had to do something to get free and teach these faggots a lesson, but my mind was racing and the room was still all blurry and spinning. I forced myself to concentrate so I could think clear and work out what to do. And then I got smart.

I stopped struggling and just lay there, letting Scott do his thing. The less I struggled, the quicker I could get my own back. So I lay there pretending like I’d given in or something and let the room start getting back into focus.

I’m pretty tough usually and it didn’t take long before I was starting to breathe properly again. I could see better too and most of the stuff I saw was red from my blood boiling.

Scott was working his way down my body, kissing my stomach like he was in love with it. He had let go of my hands now, ’cause he didn’t think I was gonna do anything and when I looked over my head, I could see his brother Michael sitting on the other side of the room, watching like a fuckin’ pervert.

I waited a bit longer, till Scott was putting his mouth near my cock, and then I jumped into action. I swung my legs around him and flip him over, laying a fist into his face so hard that he would’ve been seeing stars real quick. I saw Michael jump off his chair and rush over, so I grabbed the lamp near the bed and swung it at him, hitting him across the head. He staggered back across the room, bringing his arms up to protect his face, so I jumped off the bed and charged at him, slamming him back against the wall.

I laid into his gut, slugging him as hard with my left and right fists. Bam! Bam! Bam! Five times I clobbered the fucker’s gut and he doubled right over, dropping faster than a prostitute’s underpants. I brought my knee up into his face sending him smashing back into the wall again.

I didn’t see Scott get up off the bed, but when he saw the bashing I was giving his brother, he jumped onto my back, trying to pull me off. I turned around and rammed him into the wall too, making him let me go, then spun around and put a fist into his gut too. He went down in one punch, fuckin’ pussy.

They were both on their knees now, where they should be, but Michael was starting to get up, so I grabbed his hair in one hand and Scott’s hair in the other and bashed their heads together, making them sprawl out on the floor near my feet. I kicked them both a couple of times, then went over to the telephone and ripped it out of the wall.

I went back to them and kicked Scott real hard again, then plonked myself down on top of Michael, and tied his hand up behind his back with the ‘phone cord. Fuckin’ sucker!

Then I turned around to Scott and pulled him up to his feet, holding him around the throat against the wall.

“You have fun tonight, cunt?” I asked, real nasty.

He started bawling, shit scared about what I was gonna do.

“I’m sorry,” he whimpered.

“I’m sorry.” I copied him, screwing up my face like he was. “Well ‘sorry’ ain’t good enough.” And I punched him in the gut again.

I waited for his eyes to focus after some of the pain went away, then smiled real friendly at him.

“The question is, what am I gonna do with you and your big bro, huh?”

“Don’t bahis firmaları hurt us,” he cried and this time I laughed.

“You hear that?” I asked Michael, looking down at him, but he was ignoring me ’cause of all the pain I’d given him.

“Answer me when I talk to you, you fuck!” And I kicked Michael in the chest. He cried out and man, did that sound good! And it felt good too, seeing him lying there curled up in a ball, holding onto his chest where I fuckin’ booted him. Fuckin’ power man! What a rush!

“You’re not laughing now, are you faggot?” I said. He shook his head for an answer so I wouldn’t kick him again and I let him get away with not talking ’cause I knew that he couldn’t right now.

I shoved Scott away, making him trip over Michael when he staggered away, then dropped to my knees, pushing one of them into Michael’s throat.

“What’s that?” I asked him, pretending like he had said something to me. “A crushed windpipe? Is that what it feels like? How ’bout that!” My voice was still a bit rough from the damage he’d done to me so I dug my knee in harder and watched his face go all red and blotchy.

“Please don’t kill him!” Scott was really crying hard now and was cowering in the corner with his knees pushed up against his chest. What a fuckin’ pussy!

You think I’m a fuckin’ killer, do you?” I said, getting up and stomping over to him. “Is that what you think of me? A fuckin’ murderer? Like your fucking’ brother there trying to break my fuckin’ neck before?” My voice was getting louder, I was so pissed off with them, so I took a deep breath and calmed down.

“Get up, you fuckin’ faggot!”

Scott go to his feet, real slow, pressing back against the wall like he was hoping it would swallow him.

“You owe me big time. Real big time, fuckin’ settin’ me up like that. And you know what? I always like my debts paid, with real high interest rates, know what I mean?”

Scott nodded, still trying to hide in the wall. It was making me mad again, seeing him being such a fuckin’ pussy, so I grabbed him and threw him across the room. He landed on the bed, bouncing up and down on the mattress, so I walked over to him and climbed on him, sitting on his stomach.

The fuck raised his hands to shield his face, so I pushed them away really fiercely.

“Look at me!” I growled, “Fuckin’ hiding your face like you was some kind of fuckin’ spastic!”

His lips were quivering ’cause he was pouting, trying not to cry again.

“Number 1,” I said, clenching and unclenching my fist, “Eavesdropping on my fuckin’ mates and me at school.” I back-handed him across the face.

“Number 2. Dobbing me in to your fucking pussy brother over there.” This time I punched him, making his nose bleed more. The tears were fuckin’ pouring down his face now, but he was still trying not to cry anymore.

“Number 3. Setting me up. No fucker sets me up, you cunt!” I raised my fist and he screwed up his face really tight, waiting for my fist to hit him.

I was holding my fist above his face, deciding how hard to clobber him, but then I changed my mind.

“Now that showed a lot of balls – something I didn’t think you had,” I said. “So I’m gonna let you get away with it this time, ’cause you’ve impressed me, and that ain’t an easy thing to do.”

Scott looked up at me, so fuckin’ stunned that even the tears stopped.

“If you ever do it again though,” I said, “I’ll put you and your brother in a wheelchair for life, got it?”

He nodded real quickly and I could see the relief on his face.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Oh, don’t thank me yet you little shit. I haven’t finished. Number 4….” His face changed to scared again and I heard him whimper.

“We’ve got a long way to go yet. Number 4. Doing what your brother told you instead of me. I’m the One around here, got that? You do as I say, not anyone else. I don’t give a shit about your brother. Got it?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

“I can’t hear you,” I yelled.

“Yes!” he said louder.

“Good. Remember it.” And I slammed my fist into his face, knocking the cunt out. Bastard. kaçak iddaa Fuckin’ passing out before I’d finished with him! I slapped him a few times waking him up.

“Don’t ever fuckin’ pass out on me again! You hear me, dweeb?”

His face was starting to puff out like a fuckin’ balloon and it reminded me of Michael’s chest, puffing out above me when he was sitting on me before. I turned around to see was the sucker was up to, but he was still lying there, rocking on his side.

I decided to let Scott recover a bit and work Michael over instead, so I got up and sauntered real casually to the fallen cunt and yanked him up to his feet by his hair.

“What’s the matter, tough guy?” I said, shoving my face into his. “Getting bored all by yourself?” I spun around 360 degrees, dragging him around with me by the hair and slamming him face first into the wall. He bounced off it like he was made of fucking rubber. I shoved him over to the bed and threw him down, making him land on top of Scott. His hands were still tied behind his back with the telephone cord, and his face was all covered in the blood coming out his nose.

I sat on top of him, Scott trapped under the both of us, and flopped out my dick. I was on a high now ’cause I’d won the challenge and I now I was ready to be sucked off.

I shoved my cock in Michael’s face, making sure that my knee didn’t block Scott’s view. I wanted him to see his brother humiliated, ’cause I knew it would teach him good and proper.

I grabbed Michael by the ears and lifted up his head.

“You fuckin’ take my cock and you suck it hard, you faggot,” I said. “And if you try one more thing, I’ll fuckin’ gouge your eyes out, got it?” I pressed my thumbs into his eyes like a warning, then let him see again so he could take my dick.

I twisted his ears to make him open his mouth gasping, and shoved my prick into it.

“Let’s see if you’re as good as your little brother, hey?” I started thrusting hard, making him choke on it, but I didn’t let up, yanking his head up and down, and thrusting my cock in and out too so that the head job was hard and fast.

“Oh, yeah, you motherfucker,” I said, “That’s right. You take it. There’s a good faggot. Take it all.”

I heard Scott mutter something like “Let him go”, but I wasn’t sure what he said. It didn’t matter though. I let go of Michael’s ear with one hand and backhanded the dweeb, telling him to shut up.

Michael’s skin was changing from red to fuckin’ blue because his face was so swollen he couldn’t breathe through his nose and my thick cock was stuffing down his throat. I didn’t stop thought – let he cunt suffer!

When I was ready to cum, I pulled my cock out and turned around, wanking myself the last bit so that I spurted out all over Scott’s face. He was fuckin’ showered with it, man, like a fuckin’ blizzard was falling on his face! All that challenge to top them both had built up a mega fuckin’ load inside of me and now it was all sitting oozing on Scott’s face.

He went to wipe the cum off him, but I slapped his hand away.

“Don’t you fuckin’ dare,” I yelled at him as the last drops dribbled onto his neck.

“That was good,” I said, looking down at them both. Scott was reaching up to wipe my cum out of his eyes.

“I said, don’t you fuckin’ touch it!”

I got off Michael and grabbed him by the scalp, pulling him up and over so he was face down on top of Scott.

“Lick it off him,” I said. Michael shook his head.

“You made the fuckin’ mess, now fuckin’ clean it up! Lick it!” I pounded a fist into the base of Michael’s neck and his face went down, head-butting Scott.

“Every drop!”

I moved to the side of them to watch. Scott screwed up his face as his brother started licking my spoof off. His tongue was huge, like his fuckin’ brothers and it covered Scott’s face real nicely. I was in fuckin’ Heaven, man! Only a faggot would do that to his kid brother, no matter what I told him.

When he was done, I patted Michael on the head like a dog.

“Good boy,” I said. “Now both of you sit up.”

They sat up, backing kaçak bahis to the head of the bed like naughty fuckin’ school boys caught by the headmaster and waiting to be punished.

“Here’s how it’s gonna be. You, you double-crossing little cunt,” I said, pointing at Scott, “are gonna be my fuckin’ slave from now on. You’re gonna carry my bag at school, wipe my fuckin’ arse when I tell you, and do exactly what I say, got it?” I waited for him to nod.

“Good. I want the whole school to see just how fuckin’ sorry you are for what you tried tonight. From now on, every day you’re mine. Not once in a fuckin’ while after school in the park. Every fuckin’ minute of every fuckin’ day. If I ring you at night, you’re at my fuckin’ feet in 10 minutes, got it? It took me 20 minutes to walk here, so you can make it in 10. Right?”

He nodded again and I couldn’t help smiling.

“That oughta make you happy, you fuckin’ queer. Fuckin’ fantacising over me! All you fuckin’ faggots are the same. Treat you like shit and you come back for more. Well, you’ve got your fuckin’ fantasy now, Scottie-boy, only you belong to me, not the other way around.”

I looked at Michael, starring at him hard to freak him out. I couldn’t believe he was nearly fucking 30 years old, man. Sitting there like that, all bloodied and scared, made him look as pathetic as his fuckin’ kid brother.

“Alright. Now you.” I said. “You didn’t know any better – only what your fuckwit brother told you, so I’m gonna let you off light. Can’t say I’m not fuckin’ fair. From now on, you’re gonna do all the fuckin’ homework I give slave-boy here to take home for me. If I don’t pass this fuckin’ year and next, then you’re dead. You’re gonna let him come to me whenever I fuckin’ call, don’t matter what time or when, and if I ever want something else from you, you’re gonna fuckin’ give it over when I say. Got it?”

“And what makes you think I’ll do that?” he said, still trying to act tough.

“‘Cause I’m the one with the bruised throat and hickie on my fuckin’ neck. I’m the one with the ripped clothes and the cum on my cock. And ’cause everyone knows that I’m not a faggot and was coming here tonight. Who do you think the fuckin’ cops will believe?”

“That’s blackmail,” he said, but I could see it in their eyes that they were shit scared I was right.

“That’s right,” I said smiling. “It’s blackmail, and you’re gonna fuckin’ pay the ransom till the day you die, or spend the rest of your fuckin’ life in prison. Got it? I’m gonna go home now and make sure my old man sees the damage you’ve done, and tomorrow at school, I’m gonna tell them all that you attacked me when I came over to get Scott to help me with my homework. So if you think you can wait a few weeks and try anything, you can forget it, ’cause I’m gonna have plenty of witnesses.”

“You’re fucking mad!” he said to me. I didn’t want to hit him again, but when he said that, he deserved it, so I punched him in the mouth, splitting his fat lip open.

“Didn’t hear you,” I said. “What did you say?”

The pussy looked away and said nothing. I smiled at them real evil-like and grabbed what was left of my tank top and headed to the door.

“I’m going out the front now,” I said, looking back at them. “You better hope the neighbours aren’t looking out there window, huh? You wouldn’t want me to get any more witnesses, now, would you?”

I walked out the door and fuckin’ grinned and laughed the whole way home despite my sore neck. It was a huge fuckin’ victory that night, and a challenge I thought I was gonna loose for a while. There’s a first time for every thing, but I never loose in the end. I always win eventually and it’s the cool fuckin’ challenges like that one that really make it worthwhile.

Total domination and total control is how I like it, and that’s exactly what I got. Like that cocksucking football coach, Agliadis, Michael was way older than me, but I still managed to fuckin’ take him down and make him respect me.

That’s what its all about, see? Respect. They all fuckin’ want my bod, but sometimes you gotta make them respect you too, ’cause they forget that I’m not just a piece of fuckin’ meat or some wimpy fuckin’ school kid push over. I’m a tough fuckin’ dude with heaps of people who want to be just like me. And I’m un-fuckin’-stoppable, just how I like it.

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Birthday Dunk Tank Fantasy

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Last Week:

“So, what do you want for your birthday?”

My boyfriend was looking at me with his eyebrows raised. I could get lost in those blue eyes and long blond hair. He can pretty much make me do whatever he wants. Not that I mind. But maybe something different for such a big day.

He tries again. “Earth to Johnny…come in Johnny!”

“Umm, what?”

“Your birthday! You turn a quarter of a century. What do you want?”


I start unbuttoning David’s shirt in my mind. But then, I can do that for real any day. Our roommates, however. Hmmmm….!

“I want my own private carnival.”

David tilts his head down toward me. “But you only ever do one thing at any carnival.”

“Yeah, so the four of us can do it in the back yard.”

David tilts his head to the side and starts grinning.

“Okay, so I’ll get it set up.”

As he turns to go, I call out, “Wait, there’s something else.”

David turns around and lifts one eyebrow.

“I want ALL POWER!!!!” I add what I hope is an evil grin to that remark.

“Uh huh, and what does that mean?”

“I’ll write it down for you. You can go over it tonight with the twins.”

See, the reason that’s funny is because George is a tall, skinny African-American male while Kay (I’m not really sure how to spell or pronounce his real name, but I know it has a “k” in it) is a short and stocky Samoan. We’ve been calling them the twins since they moved into the house with us.

“I wasn’t planning on including them,” whined my favorite Prussian.

I made an attempt at the power stare David uses on me. He smirked.

“‘ALL POWER!!!,’ I said.” I ramped up the power stare. He ramped up the smirk.

“Okay, it’s your turn, and your birthday.”

Later that night:

George stops me as I walk through the kitchen and brandishes my instructions in my face. “Dude,” he says, “you know, Dave would do this anyway without any pressure.”

I put my finger on his forehead and run it slowly down his nose. “My birthday, my fantasy. He’d better act like he’s mortified.”

As my finger runs off the end of George’s nose, he tries to bite it. I jerk it back instinctively, then wag it at him. “Uh uhh, not unless you want to be punished too!!!”

George thinks for a second. Then he grabs my fist and shoves my finger into his mouth…..

Today, my birthday, in the hottest part of the afternoon:

“Can I go out now? I’m supposed to have ALL POWER!!!!, after all.”

David peeks out the window, and replies, “No, you should go get a drink of water.”

“Isn’t that a bit redundant Dave?” He smiles.

“Give them five minutes. I’d better go change too.” He runs upstairs. I make my way slowly to the kitchen and get a drink of water, counting the seconds. I saunter back to the sliding back door and resist the urge to peek myself.

Finally, I hear a knock on it. “Count down from 10.” That was Kay’s voice. I hear him running away.

“10, 9, 8, 7, aw fuck it.”

I open the door.

The height of the privacy fence all around has been extended by canvas banners. They were homemade — solid white originally with graffiti and birthday wishes spray painted on. Streamers were running all over. There was a Spiderman bounce house — not what I asked for but certainly within the decorating parameters. And in the center — a dunk tank.

Taller than the run-of-the-mill easy-dunker. Flat clear plastic front so you can see into the water. Random Greek letters behind the target. George and Kay were in matching white t-shirts and athletic shorts, standing behind a table with softballs and a cash drawer. They both had hangdog expressions on their faces, occasionally stealing glances at the moon bounce.

I hold up my hands in a “T” sign to signal a timeout from the fantasy. “Wow, you guys outdid yourselves. What’s the moon bounce for?”

“In case anyone wants some privacy.” George winked as he said this, and Kay sniggered. I smiled in appreciation and undid the timeout. They went back to looking depressed.

“So, pledges, how come that seat is empty?”

Geo & Kay look at each other, then at me. George answers, “Sorry, sir, but our brother didn’t show up.”

“And why aren’t one of you up there?”

Kay answers, “Sorry, sir, but the President told us to stay at the table until he comes back and tells us something else.”

“But it’s hot, don’t you want to cool off?”

George answers, “Yes, sir, but we have to stay here.”

“And aren’t you losing money by not having someone up there.”

Kay answers, “Yes, sir. Are you offering?”

“No, but I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thank you, sir,” they both answer.

Then I hear the sliding door again. I turn around. There stands my Prussian in a charcoal suit and red bow tie. His hair is immaculate. He even put on dress shoes. I call another timeout and run up to him.

“You are so hot!”

“Yeah?” he replies, “did bahis firmaları I dress right?”

“Here, let me check.” I walk over and put my hand on his chest. Sliding it under the coat but over his right breast I feel nothing underneath the white shirt. I lean to his ear, “mmmhhh, check.” Withdrawing my hand from his coat and shoving it down beneath his belt buckle, I glance back at Geo and Kay. They are making use of the timeout to do some groping too.

I find the fly of David’s tighty-whitey and worm my way through to his flaccid dick. He gasps. I cup his balls, then pull the entire package through the fly. Dave groans a little. I take his entire ear into my mouth and blow warm air on it.

Not flaccid anymore.

I slowly pull my hand out, rubbing his dick as I go, as if I am going to start jacking him off, but instead I pull the hand all the way out.

“Yes, that’s exactly how I want it. TIME IN.”

I glance at the twins; they hurriedly retract from each other and stand at attention. I hear Dave swear behind me. When I turn back, he seems to be wincing a little from the awkward position I left his member at. “What did you say?” I shout at him.

“Nothing, sir.” He winces again.

“I’ll remind you, buster, you’re already on thin ice. Get over here.”

I drag him by his lapel to the table. He stumbles along behind me. “I think I have the answer to your problems, kids.” Geo & Kay both look up at me, then at him. Of course, this is all scripted (by me) but they are playing along like champs.

Dave looks at me. “What do you mean?”

“Well, you see that booth, there?”


“They need someone to sit in it.”

Two beats. “And you want me to get someone for them?”

“No, stupid. Try again.”

Two more beats. “And you are going to go up there and have me throw.”

“Three strikes and you’re dead, dude.”

Two beats, a big sigh, and his face falls. “And you want me to go up there.”

“Bingo! Give that man a prize. So what are you waiting for?”

Dave turns to leave. I grab his arm. “And where do you think you are going?”

“To change, sir, so I can get wet.”

“Not a chance dude. Go up there like you are!”

David looks at me, then down at his suit. Then he looks at me again. “You can’t be serious!”

“Dead serious. Remember what you just did. It’s payback time.”

He looks up at the seat, swears again, and then says, “Alright, where do I go?”

George grabs David’s wrist and takes him to the ladder on the side of the tank. Kay turns to me.

“That’ll be five bucks, please.” He holds out his hand as if to take my money. I grab the bottom of his hand so he can’t pull it away, then spit into it. I look up for a reaction. He takes his hand, shoves it down his shorts, and starts pleasuring himself. Then I notice David trying to adjust himself before he climbs the ladder.

“Hey! None of that now. Climb up just the way you are!”

Dave swears again but starts climbing. George raises an eyebrow at Kay, who is still in his own little shorts, umm, I mean world. Then George comes back and hands me some softballs. “Let me help you with that,” he says to Kay and reaches for Kay’s shorts.

“Hey! None of that from you right now. Plenty of time for that later.” By the time I look up, Dave is on the seat above the water. He’s grinning, but changes it to a grimace when he sees me looking.

The target is huge. There is a line right by the table, but then I do have “ALL POWER!!!!” I walk up to about two yards from the target. Dave starts protesting.

“Hey, that’s too close. No way. Back off. That’s not fair.”

I stick my tongue out at him, like a child.

He fakes an orgasmic moan.

As soon as his eyes close in ecstasy, I throw. Can’t miss at that range.

Clang — splash.

It takes a few moments for the bubbles to clear, but once they do I have a great view of my beautiful Prussian in the water. He puts his face above the top of the tank and grabs the protective fencing above that. The rest of his body is pressed against the Plexiglas. “Okay, thanks. I feel better now. I’m gonna go home and change.”

“Not a chance, bud. Get back up there.”

More swear words. Lots of sloshing and dripping. When he settles himself comfortably on the seat I turn to the twins. They’re grappling again.

“Dudes, get over here.”

They disengage and run over.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea for him to be wearing those shoes. Why don’t you take them off of him?”

“Hey, no, leave them on. I need those.”

But the twins have come up on opposite sides of the tank where there is no fencing, George by the ladder and Kay by the target. They pull his shoes off and dunk them into the water. Then, while both shoes are still full of water, each one gets tossed my way. The result is definitely not dry.

“Alright, you guys are gonna get it too.”

Dave perks up. “Good, can I get down kaçak iddaa now?”

“Yes,” I say, and throw the ball. Down he goes.

When he comes up he calls for another timeout. “Are we doing it right, boss?”

In answer, I grab both sides of his head with my hand and plant a big, sloppy, wet kiss on his lips — again redundant. Not sure how long this goes on, but I pull back when I feel water from his cupped hands running down my back. “Time in – get back up there! And take those socks off.”

Dave is laughing too hard to protest, but I let it slide this time. I think they are tickling his feet while they remove his socks anyway. He composes himself, pouts his lower lip, and whines, “Hey, you said I could come down.”

“You can,” I reply, and throw the ball again. Clang. Splash. Chuckling from the peanut gallery. And from me as well, to be honest. The Prussian climbs back up.

“I suppose you want my tie now,” he asks and makes toward undoing it.

“No — leave that on. I want the shirt this time. But leave the coat on.”

This puzzles them for a moment. But Geo and Kay go up either side of him again and gently work the bowtie out of the collar. It’s one of those pre-tied jobs that connect with a hook, or I don’t think this operation would have worked. Once the tie free, they rip Dave’s shirt, pulling it out from under his jacket in shreds.

“Aww, man! That was one of my favorite shirts.” Dave sticks out his lower lip again.

“Think about that next time you cross me, bud!” I wink and he smirks, but it happens fast enough not to need a time out this time.

“I’m sorry, sir, I’ll never let you down again.”

“No, but I’ll let you down.” Giving up the pretense of throwing, I just push the target this time.

When the bubbles clear, Dave starts to climb back up again, but I stop him. Calling the twins around to the front, I beckon Dave forward towards the Plexiglas window as well. “Off with those slacks!”

“No way, dude, I’ll get arrested!” The twins perk up. I don’t think they caught what I did while they were grappling before.

“Do it!” I shout.

Dave mumbles a blue streak of obscenity. Nevertheless, he unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his top button, and slowly unzips his fly. Pealing down the top of his slacks, he reveals his undies, dick proudly sticking out still where I left it. The “Pledges” completely lose it. The profanity degenerates to whiny groans and alligator tears. David gathers up the slacks, wads them into a ball, and then throws them into my face.

The twins fall onto the ground laughing.

“You idiot, I was about to let you out,” I lie. “But now, get back up there.”

David turns around and climbs back up. It’s rather entertaining watching his member swinging loose as he crawls back out on the seat. He pauses when his dick is most suspended and wiggles it a bit before climbing the rest of the way up.

“And you two!” The twins jump back up and compose themselves into attention again. “You’d better not let that happen again or you’ll find yourselves up there.” George puts his hand together like a prayer. Kay falls to his knees, putting his hands up in supplication, and both beg and plead not to be thrown into the briar patch. Dave breaks character and starts laughing.

“What are you laughing at?” Splash.

As David climbs up once more, I muse out loud, “what should come off next?”

Kay says, “the tie’ while George says, “the coat.” They start pleading for their chosen items the same way they had pled to be spared the dunking seat.

I wait for David to settle again, then hold my hands up. They all stop to listen for my pronouncement.

“The briefs it is.”

The twins cheer and before Dave can get up enough to remove them the twins grab his underwear and rip it to shreds as well. Some tickling also happens. It takes some time for everyone to stop laughing and get back into character.

Finally everyone stops. I am standing next to the target, the twins are in front of the Plexiglas, and Dave is wearing just the coat and tie. Technically, that’s all he needs to go to a fancy restaurant, I muse.

“I want my mommy!” he whines again and sticks his thumb in his mouth. I just lean a little to the right and my shoulder trips the target.

“Alright, out you come. And I’ll help you off with your coat so you don’t try and get me wet again.”

David climbs all the way out and meets me in front of the tank. I kiss him, then put both hands astride his naval. Slowly, I slide them up to his slightly firm pectorals, tickle his hard nipples for a moment, then over his shoulders, so that I can slide his coat backwards and off his body.

Looking straight into David’s eyes, I start with, “so, now that you know what’s going to happen…,” then soften to a whisper I move my mouth to his ear, “I hope you will keep that in mind.”

He turns his head so that he can answer into my ear, “Oh, I will sir, I will.” Then he bites kaçak bahis my ear, which I enjoy for a few moments. Then I straighten up. Geo and Kay have taken advantage of my distraction again.

“Hey, you two love birds, I warned you.”

They break apart and stand at attention again, grinning.

“Your turn. Get up there.”

“Who first, sir?” asks George?

“Both of you together.”

Fortunately, the bench seat on the tank is wide enough for two. They clamber up one after the other, settle in next to each other, and then look at me.

I station my naked Prussian right by the target, then get up in front of the Plexiglas. “Alright, you two. You can’t keep your minds on the task, and you can’t keep your hands off each other. So let’s see it.”

“Umm, see what?” asks Kay.

“PDAs, dummy. Start kissing.”

I don’t have to ask them twice. Hands all over chests and tongues all over the inside of cheeks. I kind of wish the seat was wide enough that they could blow each other, but unfortunately, it isn’t.

“Too G-rated. Off with the shirts.”

Kay slides his hands up inside the hem of George’s shirt and lifts it up over George’s head, taking the opportunity to bite his arm-pit hair while George’s arms are up. The resultant laughing, tickling, wrestling, etc. almost make them lose their seats. Then instead of removing Kay’s shirt, George rips it off — leaving just the collar of the t-shirt around Kay’s neck.

Without prompting, they resume kissing and groping.

“Too PG-rated. Grab each other’s dicks.”

George grabs Kay’s bulge and starts massaging it. Kay, on the other hand, slides his hand behind George’s waistband and starts messing with his privates “in private.” Kay’s approach is much more effective and George starts moaning, closing his eyes, and forgetting his half of the deal. Kay is starting to enjoy the effect he is having on George and stops noticing what is going on around him. That’s when I look at Dave and nod.

Down go the lovebirds.

Up they come, spluttering and laughing, before they remember they are supposed to be protesting. Anyway, we’re getting near the end of the script and about time for the free-form party.

“Hey, guys, you’d better get out now.” Hmm, that was Dave, not me. We all three look at him quizzically. “I think you broke it.”

The twins look concerned and climb out. “What do you mean?” I ask.

“Well, sir, look at that.” He points to the seat as he resets it.

“I don’t see anything.” Except, perhaps, where he’s going with this. The twins are standing next to me by now.

“Well sir, take a closer look. In fact, you may need to climb up there to see it.” He grins.

“Okay, but stand by the target and make sure nobody pushes it while I’m up there.”

“Absolutely, sir, you can count on me. Uh-huh. No doubt about it.”

As I climb up the ladder, the twins are half watching, half peeling off each other’s last stitches of clothing. I test the water with my fingers. With all the hot stuff I’d been watching, I hadn’t even noticed how hot I had gotten in my jeans and oxford shirt. Nothing else – going commando.

I turn around before sitting down on the plank and enjoy the view. The banner over the back door of the house reads “Happy 25th Birthday, Johnny!” The rest of the decorations were colorful and festive. The extra privacy of the banners around the fence makes me feel safe from prying eyes and police calls. The smile on David’s face makes me feel all mushy inside. I guess it’s time for me to feel like that on the outside as well.

“I still don’t see it.”

“Well, come sit over here and I’ll point it out to you.”

Three hot, naked men, one wearing only a bowtie, were looking me up and down while I placed myself on the seat. I took my time settling in, and delaying the inevitable for added tension. Finally, I asked, “and what am I supposed to be seeing again?”

“This!” said Dave, and he pressed the button.

There is nothing quite like the exhilaration of a first dunk. The water came rushing up to my face, and suddenly all the world was muffled. The heat dissipated from my skin. The sloshing water nudged me around. I put my nose up to the Plexiglas and made a face, but hadn’t taken much of a breath beforehand so I had to come up out of it again.

Standing up straight, I fired a look at David. He looked back at me with as straight a face as he could muster and said, “I think you fixed it, sir. Thanks.”

Fantasy fulfilled, I climbed out without another word. The Prussian ripped the buttons off my shirt as he pulled it off. But the jeans were so tight he had to peel them down. By the time I was naked, the twins were not to be seen, but Spiderman seemed to be dancing.

“So?” David asked me.

“Perfect,” I replied.

“I don’t think I can wait much longer. Should we go inside?”


“Should we do it right here?”

I put my finger to my chin as if I was thinking about it, then shook my head and nodded toward the bounce house.

Cottoning on, he looked there too and asked, “dogpile?”

After waiting two beats, I said, “let’s roll.”

And off we went.

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Bisexual Journey Ch. 02

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Bi-sexual desire has a way of sneaking up on a man and hitting him from the blind side. My junior year in college I was at the pub with “our gang,” and came to sudden recognition that Bryan Colter was beautiful. That night it really hit me. Bryan was a beautiful young man. I couldn’t take my eyes off his face, the lively animation, the sparkle of his eyes and smile, and I wanted to kiss him.

I had known him for a few months. He was very popular with the girls, and was seriously attached to one. In fact, I was too, in love with a girl I thought I might some day marry. She sat beside me the very moment I felt that surge of desire to kiss Bryan. Memories of Andy, and after three years my first serious dislocation, with my woman sitting beside me.

From then on I began to look at Bryan with a single focus of kissing his lips and making love with him. He betrayed no hint he was bi or gay, but he was not a homophobe either. In short, until proven otherwise, he had the status of possibility for me, and I began a stealthy, calculated, extremely patient seduction. I gave him exclusive attention in the midst of general chatter, lingering and infatuated eye contact. I cut him from the herd as often as possible to be alone with him. In time I made “dates” with him, for coffee, a beer, cram studies for exams. In the way of college life we became very close buddies. Once, after my planned “date,” we left a bar in a tipsy state, laughing like crazy over accumulated jokes and fun of the night, and on the corner of our parting ways we did that impulsive hug that society allows drunken men. It was a full frontal, tightly clasped hug, body to body, and a perfect night cap to our evening. For we both were sober enough for the body to body hug to leave an imprint on his sub-conscious, and a deep imprint on my full awareness.

Bryan became a regular visitor to my apartment. Our conversations had wide range and free flow. We eased into intimate details of sex with our girls. We drifted into the topic of gay boys on campus, which seemed to be a large number. Bryan admitted some curiosity about cock sucking, specifically the reason for doing it. What makes a guy want to? Curious, but something he couldn’t see himself doing.

“I wouldn’t even know how to go about it,” He said.

“I could teach you if you like,” I said.

The penny dropped. The line in the sand. Make or break. Bryan gave me a stunned look. “You’ve… you’ve done it?”

“My senior year in high school. My best buddy. A discovery by pure accident, but after a few repeats I learned how to go about it. He was my first and last. No other guy since him.”

“That’s the last thing I would have imagined about you.”

“No one else in the world knows, except you now. I trust you to keep my secret as deeply buried as I do.”

“Of course. You can trust me on that.” He suddenly seemed very wobbly, disoriented. “You sucked his cock?”

“Several times. Swallowed his cum.”

“You like it then.”

“It was an extremely exciting and enjoyable experience. Two eighteen year old boys who had never had a homosexual fantasy suddenly discovering the miracle of it.”

He gave me a long steady look, and there was no censure at all. His look was filled with wonder. “I admit I have wondered about sucking a cock from time to time. I doubt I have the nerve to do it.”

I gave him a warm inviting smile and left the ball in his court. I had planted the seed and I could do no more than wait to see if it would sprout and grow. I was certain his “curiosity” was far greater than he was letting on.

In following days my revealed secret proved no damage to our relationship. Instead, Bryan was even more sunny and vivacious, and some of his smiles, saved exclusively for me, had a flavor of knowing mischief.

One evening he called my cell, said he was at loose ends, and if I was free he would drop over. Free as a bird. What time? Around seven. I timed my shower for around seven. When he knocked I went towel wrapped and dripping to the door. “Just got back from the gym,” I lied.

Gym. Shower. Guy thing. I dried off in the door way of my bedroom, while doing innocuous conversation with him in an easy chair in the sitting room. Acting totally unselfconscious of my nude exhibition. Typical guy thing. He gave prolonged glances to my body, with unconcealed admiration and possibly envy. I am not muscle bound, but I am well toned and defined, and I’m very well hung. Many girls had said so, in an honest variety of direct and cryptic ways,

I went into my bedroom and dressed in gray cotton gym pants and black T-shirt. I left off underwear. A strong intuitive sense was telling me my seed had sprouted and had emerged into sunshine. I fixed us vodka and tonics, stiff ones, and took a chair in the sitting room. Bryan really was at loose ends. Nervous and uncertain. Our chit chat was so irrelevant to anything outside the moment it only filled gaps in broken time. I sat low in my chair with my ankles crossed, legs angled to the floor, and Bryan kept bahis firmaları glancing at the bulge of my cock and balls ballooning up under the soft gray cotton.

Finally he took a deep breath and said, “You said you would be happy to teach me how to go about it… with a guy.”

Our eyes locked. “Very happy. We are buddies, Bryan, close buddies. We like each other a lot. You are extraordinarily beautiful in my eyes, if you will allow me to say so. Do you find me physically attractive?”

“Well… yeah…I guess.”

“That’s the starting point. Physical attraction, sexual attraction, the chemistry of desire.”

“You are very good looking. Attractive.”

“Is tonight the night? Have you made the choice? Do you want me to show you how?”

“I think so. I’ve thought about it a lot. That’s about all I thought about for many days. That’s why I called you and came over. I’m scared half out of my wits. I have no idea what to do.”

“What would you do with a girl you were hot for at the right time and place?”

He silently reviewed all the common details of first encounter with a willing girl, and gave me a slightly puzzled look.

“It’s really the same, Bryan. Boy girl. Boy boy. It’s basically the same.”

I stood and walked to him, took his hand and pulled him upright. “One step at a time,” I said. “If it can’t work for you, say stop at any time, and I will stop.”

I hugged him tightly against me. “Man to man. Body to body. Feel it. Like it. Want it.” I whispered in his ear. My cock grew long and rigid down the leg of my gym pants. He shied from the contact. I kissed his ears and neck with gentle lips and hot breath. He shivered like he was freezing, but his body was searing hot. He tightened his arms around me in a wild desperation.

“I’m going to kiss your lips,” I whispered.

He opened his blue eyes wide and blinked, and was incapable of doing anything else. I touched my lips to his and kissed him, my dream of the past weeks come true. He let it happen, then slowly yielded and fully engaged in the kiss, lips parting, tongue exploring, lost in the unimaginable wonder of kissing another male. The sexual excitement, the wholly unexpected thrill of kissing another boy. The kiss that says I want you, I desire you, but most of all says I accept you totally, all of you. The kiss that opens all other sexual doors. His cock got hard. He broke away with a gasp, eyes wide and glassy and dazed.

“Kissing another man is more exciting than you could have imagined, isn’t it?” I said.

“I couldn’t imagine any of this.” He gasped. “I’m lost. All my boundaries are gone. I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Man to man sex. So different. So very exciting. I’m showing you the way. One step at a time.” I kissed him again, with hot desire and passion, my beautiful Bryan, and he melted into it and kissed me with the same ardor. Kissing the mouth of another male, feeling the hard cock of another male pressing his own. He made faint sounds of surrender out his nose, a man in passion with no more boundaries. We lip kissed and kissed ears and neck, back and forth, and time stood still. We kissed a long time, standing, sometimes lurching.

Sex is energy, and energy is heat. Sexual heat seared us both and made our minds reel and our lungs constrict and our blood surge in wild speed. And the ravishing excitement of a kiss, the meeting and joining of lips and mouths and spearing tongues and exchange of juices so natural in kissing a girl, was ten times more powerful in the lips and mouth of another young man. Because it was taboo.

“This is how two men go about making love. You want me to stop?”

“No. Teach me more.” He said that in broken, ragged breath, holding on to me for dear life.

“Take your clothes off. I want to see you naked.”



I went to the door and turned the dead bolt, to be on the safe side. I returned, and soon Bryan’s clothes and shoes and socks were in a heap on the floor and he stood naked.

“Bryan, you are so beautiful you take my breath away.”

I said that with full and spontaneous sincerity, for he truly was beautiful. As much so as any naked girl is beautiful. Just in the male version, that’s all. He was composed of perfectly proportioned parts – shoulders, arms, legs, torso. His white skin had a satin sheen in places, and not a blemish on any part. He tended toward slender. His stomach wasn’t ab defined, but there was that hint of wishbone running from his hip bones to his pubes that framed his flat belly. His body hair was so sparse it was detectable only in certain angles of glancing light. It was lighter than the sandy blond color on his head. His cock stood up at thirty degrees, and the sculptural beauty of it was stunning. A perfect cylinder, satiny white with a glistening mauve head, slightly larger than my memory of Andy’s. “Utterly beautiful,” I repeated. My words seemed to please him. He had kissed another male for the first time. That prepared him for a another male to gaze on his kaçak iddaa naked body and pronounce him utterly beautiful, for the first time.

I undressed with the speed of a magician conjuring a trick.

“My God you’re huge,” Bryan said, his eyes riveted to my standing cock, his breathing shallow, fascinated and fearful.

I took him in my arms again and he rested his hands on my shoulders. We gazed into each other’s eyes, mesmerized. The blue of his eyes took on a deep intensity, with a flood of pin point lights. The full length of our skin and flesh and hard bones slowly pasted together to spread a hot wash of physical and sexual sensations from our feet to our heads. Bare skin, man to man. Our erections trapped between us coming to grips.

“Kiss me,” I said.

It was an order, a request, a direction, an instruction to my student, and he obeyed without thought. He had lost all his cultural boundaries, and was spinning in a whirlpool of totally new experience. Sex with another male. He put his hands on the back of my head and closed his eyes and kissed me without reservation, totally into it, accepting, giving. He was mine.

I caressed his silky body within all my hand reach. His ass cheeks were round and solid. My hand found his cock and explored it. He whimpered and sucked my tongue. I was whirling with him in the vortex of experiencing sex with another male. I too had lost all my cultural boundaries. I was making love with a boy again. A boy just like me, in form and construction. We kissed a long time, until our knees grew weak.

“Sit down.”

He collapsed into the chair, panting, close to hyperventilating. I went to my knees and spread his legs.

“I have to kneel before the most beautiful cock I have ever seen,” I said. That was true, even though I had intimate knowledge of only one other besides my own. Brian’s was aesthetic perfection of length, girth, coloration. I licked his thighs and my tongue felt the blond downy hair not readily seen. I licked upward, slowly, wetly. His legs jerked and quivered.

It was all coming back to me in a rush, my experience with Andy. Like coming home after a long absence and forgotten scents all over the house going straight to your brain stem and announcing you are back home, this is where you grew up. I buried my nose in his pubic hair and the junctures of his inner thighs and balls and sniffed deeply the smell. I looked up at him. “The scent of masculinity,” I said. “Male groin. Cock and balls.”

“I hope I don’t stink!” he said with genuine misgivings.

“God no. All males have it, to some degree or other. Soap and water can’t wash it away. The scent of masculinity. It might be the most intense sexual smell there is. You’ll find out,” I added, his teacher, shaping his mind. I buried my nose in his crotch again and inhaled his aroma. “Your smell is so sexy it makes me dizzy.”

It really did. The smell of male crotch, olfactory essences of his cock and balls and pubic hair confined all day and now open to the air, a powerful aphrodisiac to my desire to taste his cock. I lightly held it at the base with three fingers. Pre-cum oozed from the tip. I captured the ooze in a tongue lap.

“Delicious,” I said. “You ever tasted yourself?”

“No. Never.”

More oozed out of him and I caught a dollop on my finger tip and brought it to his mouth. “Try it.” He stared at his own secretion on my finger tip with almost cross eyed reluctance. “It’s you. It want hurt you. Try it.” His tongue snaked out to sample. He made little short smacks to find the taste. He seemed relieved to find the taste of fluid from his balls rather neutral, whether or not delicious. I was teaching him, shaping his mind.

And mine. Andy was my foundation of knowledge, but he was now a shadow in memory after three years. Bryan was new and beautiful and I slipped the O ring of my lips over his mauve cock head and down the shaft with a genuine hunger. I engulfed his cock. Old familiarity became instant renewal. The taste, the shape, the bulk of his rigid meat filling my mouth, nudging the opening to my throat, opening my mind to that dreamy state of sucking cock, worshipping and adoring it. He fell apart. He jerked and quivered and buckled inward and outward. He was ready to cum.

I squeezed his cock base hard to suppress and reverse the momentum.

“Did my mouth feel good?”

“Oh hell yes! Better than any girl, ever.”

“Man to man sex is different. And very good. Once you learn and let go.”

His cock gradually subsided from that ready to burst ripeness, and I thought he could go for some more. I licked his shaft from bottom to top. He hissed and whimpered. I sucked it again, and after two or three progressions I took him all and buried my nose in his pubic hair, his cock head in my throat. Bryan thrashed in his chair and sucked in a loud hiss of air. I held there for a second or two before gag reflex propelled me back up and off with a wet pop smack sound. Three years since I had deep throated Andy, and it all came kaçak bahis back easily, naturally.

I stood and pulled his head close to my crotch. He was primed, and sniffed with his nose touching me at place to place. “The scent of man,” I said.

“Different from girls,” he said. “Sexy. Just as you said.”

“Are you ready? To make that choice? To cross that line? To know?”

“I want to hold it a minute. I have never had another cock in my hand before.”

He held it tenderly, like it was a fabulous treasure he studied minutely, in awe. My cock throbbed in anticipation, a live thing. He stared at it, absorbing the visual of shape and color, the heat of hard desire, the feel of the skin on his fingers. He was poised and still on a moment of frozen time within himself, like a boy on the high platform for the first time, steeling himself to spring into space and dive in the water thirty feet below. He launched, and there was no turning back He opened his mouth wide to take me in.

I knew well the onslaught of emotions and physical sensations that seized him then. The enormity of conscious choice and doing, the taste and texture and aromas, the bulk and heat – first cock suck. Deliberate choice of doing the forbidden. I knew so well. He paused to absorb it all, the sensory and the mental elements, his eyes tightly clinched, his jaws opened to the limit in a strain. He drew back.

“God. I’m not sure I can do this. You’re as big as a horse.”

“You did do it, Bryan. You crossed the line and took my cock in your mouth. It takes some practice, that’s all. Lick it with your tongue for now, get used to it. Make love to it, to give me pleasure.”

My words had good effect. “To give me pleasure” wasn’t something he had thought of. All the onslaught of emotion and sensory awareness was swallowed up in the enormity of unimaginable first experience of hard cock in his mouth. To give me pleasure was a different motive. Something he could do and wanted to do. That snapped the last threads of his inhibition, gave him permission to love my cock for my pleasure. He licked lovingly, explored all over, learning the shape, the taste. His saliva flowed to make it slick and slippery, and on sudden impulse he took the big head back into his mouth and sucked with new purpose. He choked.

“I’m no good at this.”

“Oh yes you are. You’re doing just fine. The pleasure you gave me was very sweet.” I pulled him out of the chair. “Let’s lie on the bed.”

We walked unsteadily to the bed. My arm around his waist in possession and control of beautiful Bryan who had come to me to learn. To test his overpowering curiosity. We fell onto the bed and interlocked our arms and legs in close physical, sexual embrace. He kissed me, entirely on impulse of minutes old discovery that kissing another boy was an essential part of having sex with him, of making love. Just as natural and rewarding as kissing a girl. Bryan without boundaries. He kissed me, possessively, passionately, in complete release and trajectory from an inner propulsion of desire that an hour earlier he didn’t know existed. I had shown him the way, and he had discovered himself, and me.

Our hands roamed, explored, caressed, made tactile communion with the warmth of skin and slopes and hills and valleys. Boy to boy. On my bed. Naked. Electric with sexual thrill. Engorged with want and need.

“I want you,” I said. “I want to pleasure you and take all you have to give me.”

I positioned myself to take the beautiful sculptural perfection of his cock into my mouth and I sucked him with devotion and a sense of privilege. It had been so long ago for me. I remembered – or fully realized for the first time – that sucking cock is an ultimate form of communication. Having him in my control was a part of it, but the larger part was a recognition of masculinity. His maleness was my maleness. He was feeling what I had felt many times. The gathering forces of his orgasm were the same as mine. I was him and he was me, in a fantasy circle.

I sucked him deep, up and down, with no gagging at all. Dreamy with want. He shattered into orgasmic parts, jerking, buckling, hissing and moaning, hunching, growing bigger and harder in my mouth. Communication and recognition. “Do it! I want you to cum in my mouth!”

He did. His cock head swelled larger and very tight. He yelled a horse strangled yell. My circling lips felt his cum pulse inside his rigid shaft as it shot from his balls into my waiting and wanting mouth. It was thick and clotted and pure by optimum health and vigor, and filling, and I swallowed repeatedly to swallow it all. He made a final jerk to expel the last of his cum, and I savored the clotted texture and incomparable taste on my tongue in that split second of identity before I swallowed it down.

Bryan lay flat, splayed, and gasping. I knew in a short while he would come back down to earth. That would be the dicey time. When he regained his rational faculties from the common world, how would he feel? Would guilt and remorse chill him? Would he want to dress and get the hell out of Dodge? I held his relaxing cock lovingly in my hand, claiming it, while I studied his face. His breathing came down to normal. He opened his shinning blue eyes to me.

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Çocukluğumda . yazları geçirmek üzere dedemlerin köye gittiğimde sürekli oyun oynadığım Mehmet adında bir arkadaşım vardı. Mehmet benden 2 yaş büyük ve daha yapılıydı. Köydeki arkadaşlarımın arasında en iyi onunla anlaşır ve çoğu zaman onlardan ayrılarak ikimiz yalnız oynardık. Mehmet’le her yalnız kalıp oynadığımız oyun evcilikti ve her defasında ben anne o . baba olmayı tercih ederdik. Belki de şimdi pasif bir bisex olmamın sebebi Mehmet’le oynadığımız oyunlardı. Bazen oyundan öteye gider yapabildiğimiz kadarıyla külotlarımızı çıkarır, birbirimizi okşardık. Ben onun sikiyle o benim götümle ilgilenirdi. Bazen birbirimize sarılır yatar, bazen de külotlarımızı çıkarırdık ve ben onun kucağına otururdum. O zamanlar ben 7-8 o ise 10 yaşlarında olduğumuz için daha fazlasını bilmez ve yaşayamazdık.

Bu olayların üzerinden yıllar geçti ve benim köyle bağım koptuğu için Mehmet’le bir daha görüşemedik. Sonrasında ben birçok deneyim yaşayarak Mehmet’le yaşadıklarımızı bile unuttum. Okulu bitirip meslek hayatına atılınca Ankara’ya yerleşerek yalnız yaşamaya başladım. Sık sık, Ankara’ya ilk geldiğim zamanlarda bana yardımcı olan bir köylümüzün iş yerine gider, ziyaretlerde bulunurdum. Geçen gün bu köylümüzle görüşmek için gittiğimde benim çocukluk oyunlarındaki kocam Mehmet’in bir iş için Ankara’da olduğunu ve birazdan yanında bulunduğum köylümüzü ziyarete geleceğini öğrendim. Gelmişken bende göreyim diyerek bir süre bekledim. . Geldiğinde birbirimizi çok rahat bir şekilde tanıdık ve koyu bir sohbete başladık. Sohbetin sonunda Mehmet’le beraber kalkarak onun bir işini halletmek üzere Ulus’a gittik. İşini hallettikten sonra yemek yiyip memleketten arkadaşlardan vs konuştuk. Konuşmanın arasında bir otelde kaldığını öğrenince bende kalabileceğini evimin müsait olduğunu söyledim. Otelden Mehmet’in valizini alıp alış veriş yaparak yiyecek ve içecek bir şeyler alıp benim eve gittik.

Eve girer girmez susuzluğumuzu gidermek için birer bira açıp içmeye ve sohbet etmeye başladık. Sohbet süresince benim aklımda sadece onun eskisi gibi beni sikmesi isteği vardı. Bunu ona belli etmekten çekiniyordum çünkü geçmişte yaşadıklarımız tamamen çocukluğumuzdan kaynaklanıyor olabilir ve Mehmet yeniden böyle bir şey yaşamayı kabul etmeyebilirdi. Eski günlerden ve çocukluğumuzdan bahsederek beraber gülüp bir yandan da biralarımızı içmeye devam ediyorduk. Bir ara sohbetimiz, Mehmet’le yalnız oynadığımız evcilik oyunlarına geldi. Bütün cesaretimi toplayıp ilk adımı atmaya karar verdim ve evcilik oynadığımızda beni hep anne yapar kucağına oturturdun hatırlıyor musun diyerek güldüm. O da gülerek çocukluk işte deyiverdi. Beklediğim cevap bu olmadığından dolayı gerisini getirmedim. Biralar bittikten sonra yemeği hazırladık ama yemeğe oturmadan önce her ikimizde duş almaya karar verdik. Önce ben girdim. Duştayken sürekli olarak çırılçıplak soyunup banyoya girmesini hayal edip bekledim ancak uzunca bir süre oyalanmama rağmen Mehmet’ten ses çıkmadı. Artık duştan çıkmaya karar vermiş ve yavaş yavaş 31 çekerek boşalmaya çalışırken Mehmet’in kapıyı açmadan bana seslendiğini duyunca istediğimin olduğunu düşünerek heyecanlandım. Mehmet tuvaletin yerini soruyordu. Bunun içeriye girmek için bir bahane olduğunu düşünerek isterse banyodaki klozeti kullanabileceğini söyledim. O kapıyı açmadan duşun perdesini açıp o şekilde yıkanıyormuş gibi davrandım.

Mehmet kapıyı açıp içeri girdiğinde yan tarafım ona dönüktü ve kalbim heyecandan durmak üzereydi. Bana bakmadan hemen yan tarafımdaki klozetin başına gelip fermuarını açarak sikini dışarı çıkardı. Siki inanılmaz büyük ve kalındı. Çocukluk arkadaşımın çocukken defalarca gördüğüm küçücük sikinin bu kadar büyüyebileceğini . hiç düşünemezdim. Hayatımda gördüğüm en büyük aletti bu. Boyu en az 20 cm kalınlığı ise azımsanmayacak boyuttaydı. Ben onunla ilgilendiğimi belli etmemeye çalışarak yıkanmaya devam ediyordum. Bir yandan da eğer o da benim istediğimi istiyorsa bunu tıpkı çocukluğumuzda olduğu gibi tam anlamıyla yapamayacağımızı çünkü sikini kesinlikle alamayacağımı düşünüyordum. Klozetin başında tuvaletini yaparken bir ara bana baktı ve göz göze geldik. Gülümseyerek kafasını öne eğdi. Bundan cesaret alıp amma da büyümüş, en son gördüğümde minnacık bir şeydi bu diyerek gülümsedim. Bana bakıp ben de senin kalçalarını en son gördüğümde bu kadar güzel değillerdi dedi. Beğendin mi diye sorup harekete geçecektim ki kapı zili çaldı. İlk önce umursamadım ama devam etmesinden dolayı Mehmet sikini içeri sokup kapıya doğru yürüyerek ben bakayım mı diye sordu. Bakmasını söyleyince de banyodan çıkıp kapıyı açtı. Ben gelen kişiye küfürler savururken Mehmet banyonun kapısından seslenerek gelenin kapıcı olduğunu ve benimle görüşmek istediğini söyledi. İşimin bitmiş olması dolayısıyla bornozumu giyip kapıya gittim. Kapıcı aidat için gelmiş. Sinir küpüne dönmüş bir şekilde parayı verip gönderdim. Bu arada hem Mehmet için hem de benim için büyü bozulmuş gibiydi.

Mehmet salonda oturmuş tv seyrediyordu. Ben masayı hazırlarken onun da duşa girebileceğini çıktığında her şeyin hazır olacağını söyledim. Beraber hazırlayabiliriz dedi. Olmaz diyerek onu banyoya göndermeye çalışırken gülerek yine mi ev kadını olmayı tercih ediyorsun dedi. Bunun iyi bir fırsat olacağını düşünerek kullanmaya karar verdim ve evet unuttun mu ben senin karınım, dolayısıyla yemek masasını hazırlamak da bana düşer. Sen duştan çıktığında her şey hazır olmalı deyip gülümsedim. Karımsın ama bu kadar zaman bir defa bile doğru dürüst sikemedik deyip gülerek banyoya doğru yürüdü. Artık mesajı almıştım. Peşinden giderek ‘banyodan çıkmadan önce bana seslen, temiz havlu getireyim, bir de mümkün oldukça geç çık masayı ancak hazırlarım. Kocam banyodan çıktığında hiçbir eksik olmasın isterim’ diyerek güldüm. Mehmet tamam deyip banyoya girer girmez . hemen yatak odama geçip dolabımdan en seksi iç çamaşır ve kıyafetlerimi seçtim. İçime önü dantelli tül bir tanga, siyah tül çorap ve jartiyer giydikten sonra üzerime memelerimin hafif şişliğini belli eden askılı, sıkı bir bady giydim. Altıma bol ve pileli bir mini etek giydikten sonra makyaj yapmayı yetiştiremeyeceğimi düşünerek yüzüme . fondoten, dudaklarıma da kırmızı bir ruj sürüp hızlı hızlı masayı hazırlamaya koyuldum. İşimi bitirmemiştim ki Mehmet’in seslendiğini duydum. Havluyu alıp banyonun kapısını aralayıp beni göremeyeceği bir şekilde uzattıktan sonra tekrar salona geçtim.

Mehmet birkaç dakika sonra kurulanarak salona geldi. Beni o halde görünce oldukça şaşırıp bir an ne yapacağını bilemeden baktıktan sonra gülümseyip beğendiğini belli edercesine ıslık çaldı. Aldığım bu ilk tepki hoşuma gitti ve beni rahatlattı. ‘Karınım ya senin için süslendim’ diyerek gülümsedim. Bana doğru yürüyüp ‘gel o zaman kadınlığını bir göster bakalım’ diyerek sarılıp beni kendisine çekti. İstekle açılan dudaklarını dudaklarıma getirdiğinde öpüşmekten hoşlanmadığımı belli ederek dudaklarımı kaçırdım. Biraz daha sıkı sarılarak dudaklarını boynumdan aşağı kaydırıp çenemin altından başlayarak boynumu öpüp yalamaya başladı. Bir yandan boynumu yalıyor bir yandan da elleriyle sırtımı okşayarak kalçalarıma iniyor, mini eteğimin altından yuvarlak kalçalarımı avucunun içine alıp sıkıyordu. Kendimden geçmiş bir halde okşamalarına teslim olmuş, bir yandan da karşılık vermeye çalışarak ben de onun vücudunu okşuyordum. Elimi aşağıya doğru kaydırıp beline sardığı havlunun altındaki o koca sikini tuttuğumda o da kalçalarımı okşuyor, sıkıyor ve tangamın ipini yana doğru çekmiş parmaklarıyla göt deliğimi yokluyordu. Parmakları göt deliğime her dokunduğunda zevk dalgaları her yanımı sarıyor ve beni kıvrandırıyordu. Boynumu yalamaya ve göt deliğimi yoklamaya devam ederek zevkten boğuklaşmış bir sesle kulağıma ‘seni sikmek istiyorum’ dedi. Onu daha da azdırmaya çalışarak ‘tabi ki sikeceksin kocacığım hem de istediğin kadar’ diyerek belindeki havluyu açıp o muhteşem yarağını serbest bıraktım.

Bu hareketimden sonra boynumu yalamayı bırakarak beni sikmek üzere hemen harekete geçti ama ben her şeyin bir anda olmasını istemiyordum. Benim kadın gibi hissetmemin sebebi olan bu ilk erkeğimle yaşadığım her şeyin unutulmayacak kadar özel olmasını ve her bir ayrıntısını hatırlamayı istiyordum. Bu yüzden acele etmemeliydik. Mehmet’i azdırmış olmam dolayısıyla onu bu şekilde bırakamayacağımı düşünerek yavaşça önünde diz çökerek sikini elimle tuttum. Koskoca bir başı vardı ve çok kalındı. Avucumun içinde kasılıp gevşiyordu. Elimle tuttuğum 20 cm civarındaki devasa yarak ağzıma girmek için burnumun dibinde bekliyordu. Kafamı kaldırıp Mehmet’in yüzüne baktıktan sonra sikinin başına bir öpücük kondurdum ve dilimi çıkararak başını yaladım. Bir süre aşağıdan yukarıya doğru sikinin her tarafını iyice yaladıktan sonra ikimizin de beklediği hareketi yaparak ağzımı sonuna kadar açıp sikinin başını ağzıma aldım. Sikinin başını kertiğine kadar ağzıma alınca durdum ve dilimle tepesini yaladım. Mehmet’in ağzından bir inilti çıktı, bu şekilde ne kadar hoşuna gittiğini belli ediyordu. Yavaş yavaş hareketlenerek sikini alabildiğim kadarıyla ağzıma alıp emerek somurmaya başladım. Bir süre bu şekilde devam ederek onu çıldırtmıştım, belini iterek yarağının tamamını ağzıma sokmak istedi ama bunun mümkün olmadığını o da en az benim kadar biliyordu. Ağzımın içindeki yarrak muhteşemdi ve ben daha fazlasını istiyordum. Ağzımı iyice açarak yarağını daha fazla almaya çalıştım. Ben sikini emerek boğazıma kadar alıp çıkarırken Mehmet’te belini hareket ettirerek resmen ağzımı sikiyordu. Siki ağzımın içine girip çıktıkça inlemeleri artıyordu, her seferinde daha derine gitmek istercesine kendini ileri itiyordu. Bir süre devam ettikten sonra çenem yoruldu ve sikini ağzımdan çıkarıp elimle 31 çektirerek gözlerinin içine baktığımda aldığı zevki görebiliyordum. Kendinden geçmiş bir şekilde biraz önce yaptığım şeye devam etmemi beklediği ve bundan büyük zevk aldığı belliydi. Sikini elimle hareket ettirirken bir taraftan da başını öpüp yalamaya başlamam Mehmet’i iyice azdırdı ve arzuyla inledi.

Çıkardığı ses, sikini yeniden ağzıma alma arzumu arttırdı. Ve ağzımı sonuna kadar açarak sikinin başını tekrar ağzıma hapsettim. Kafamı ileri geri hareket ettirerek yeniden sikini emmeye başladım. Bu şekilde 5 dakika kadar emip yalamıştım ki, başımı tutarak belini hareket ettirmeye ve ağzımı sikmeye başladı. Artık önünde çökmüş bir şekilde dururken ben onun yarağını emmiyor o benim ağzımı sikiyordu. Yarağı patlayacak gibi şişmişti. Kendini hafif geriye doğru çekerek inlemeyle karışık bir sesle boşalacağım dedi. Geri çekilmesine engel olarak ağzıma boşalmasını istediğimi belli ettim. Ağzımın içindeki kasılmalar doruğa ulaştığında Mehmet’in ağzından homurtu ve inleme arası bir ses çıktı ve ağzımın içine boşalmaya başladı. Ağzımı dolduran sikinin kasılıp büyümesinden dolayı nefessiz kaldım, neredeyse boğulacaktım. Kendimi biraz geriye doğru çekerek sikinin bir kısmını dışarı çıkardım. Aynı anda ağzımın derinliklerine sert bir şekilde fışkıran . spermleri ağzımı doldurmaya devam ediyordu. Spermlerinin bir kısmı gırtlağımdan aşağı akıp giderken geri kalanını ağzımın içinde tutarak Mehmet’in sikini emmeye devam ettim. Bu arada ağzımdaki spermler dudaklarımın arasından sızıyor üzerime akıyordu. O yaşadığı zevkle kendinden geçmiş bir şekilde hareketsiz dururken ben sikini iyice temizledikten sonra ağzımı dolduran spermlerinin tamamını . yuttum. Sıcak, tuzlu ve yapışkan spermlerini yuttuktan sonra yumuşamaya başlayan sikini elimle tutup başımı kaldırarak Mehmet’e baktım. Zevkten kendinden geçmiş bir şekilde o da bana bakıyordu. Boşaldıktan sonra rahatlamıştı ve biraz dinlenmek için koltuğa oturdu. Nefesini toplamaya çalışarak ‘harikaydı’ dedi. Benimde çok hoşuma gittiğini söyleyerek kalkıp kıyafetimi düzelttim ve ağzımı . çalkalamak üzere banyoya gittim. Ağzımdan akan spermler dolayısıyla üzerimdeki body ve mini eteği değiştirmek zorunda kaldım. Üzerime pembe tül bir gecelik giyerek salona döndüm. Mehmet, etrafı toplayıp havluyu yeniden beline sarmış, yemek masasına oturmuştu.

Yemeğimizi yedik, biralarımızı yudumlarken televizyon seyredip sohbet ediyorduk. Mehmet bir ara kanepeye uzanarak beni de yanına çağırdı. Sağ yanı üzerine yatmış bana da yer açmıştı. Arkam ona dönük şekilde yanına uzandım. Beraber tv seyretmeye başladık. Vücudunu vücuduma iyice yaklaştırarak ve sikini götüme dayayarak sırtıma sarıldı. Bu arada da omzumdan başlayarak vücudumu okşamaya başlamıştı. Mememi okşuyor, meme ucumu hafif hafif sıkarak beni baştan çıkarıyordu. . İkimizde de rahat durma niyeti yoktu. Elini vücudumda gezdiriyor yavaş ve çok nazik okşuyordu. Çıplak tenimde gezdirdiği elleriyle nefesimi hızlandırmayı başarmıştı. Elini önce belime sonra kalçalarıma kaydırdı. Kalçalarıma dayadığı sikinin de beni uyarmasıyla farkında olmadan götümü oynatmaya başlamıştım. Kendimi onun kadını olarak hissediyordum. Bana sahip olup karısı gibi davransın istiyordum. Kalçalarımı kıvıra kıvıra avucunun içinde ve sikinin önünde dans ettiriyordum. Ensemden başlayarak omuzlarımı ve sırtımı öpmeye başladı. Beni sırt üstü çevirdi. Bütün ağırlığını üzerime bırakarak dudaklarını dudaklarıma uzattı. Dudaklarımı kaçırınca yine boynuma inerek öpüp yalamaya başladı. Altında ezilmek harikaydı.

Bacaklarımı açıp onu bacaklarımın arasına almıştım ve altında eziliyordum. Beline sardığı havlu her ikimizin de rahat hareket etmesini engelliyordu. Elimi aşağı kaydırıp havluyu çözerek sikini özgürlüğüne kavuşturdum. Siki kasıklarıma ve bazen de o hareket ettikçe karnıma baskı yapıyordu. Boynumu yalayıp öperken eliyle bacaklarımı, baldırlarımı okşuyor, sıkıyordu. Çok azmıştı ve bu durum benim çok hoşuma gidiyordu. Beni yüzüstü çevirdi ve geceliği yukarı toplayarak dilini ensemden başlayıp aşağılara, sırtıma belime ve oradan da kalçalarıma doğru tenimde gezdirmeye, yalamaya başladı. Müthiş bir duyguydu. Kıvranıyor daha fazla yalaması ve dilinin değmediği yer kalmasın diye kendimi dilinin altına sunuyordum. Dilini kalçalarıma doğru kaydırdığında tamamen kendimden geçmiş bu anın hiç bitmemesini istemeye başlamıştım. İki elini iki kalçamın üzerine koymuş, diliniyse kalçalarımın arasındaki tanganın üzerinden yukarı aşağı yaparak beni iyice kıvama getiriyordu. Bir süre sonra tangamı yana doğru çekerek kalçalarımın arası ile dili arasındaki engeli de ortadan kaldırdı. Kalçalarımı sıkıyor, arasını açıp dilini deliğime deydirip çekiyordu. Dilini götümde, deliğimin üzerinde hissetmek çok harika hisler veriyordu. Bir ara fırsat . bulup yatağa gidelim dediğimde aceleyle kalktı. Bende kalkıp elinden tutarak hızlı hızlı yatak odasına sürükledim. Odaya girer girmez yarım bıraktığı işe devam ederek beni yatağa itip yüzüstü yatırdı. Kalçalarımı avuçlayıp sıktıktan sonra tangamı aşağı doğru sıyırıp çıkardı. Kontrol tamamen ondaydı, yüzüstü yatmış kendimi oan bırakmıştım. O da yaptığı her şeyle benbi inletip zevkten kıvrandırıyordu. Kalçalarımı okşuyor arada bir eğilip sırtımı ve kalçalarımı öpüyordu. Elleriyle kalçalarımı aralayıp dilini deliğimin üzerine koydu ve hareket ettirmeye başladı. Deliğimi yalıyor ve bazen de deliğimden içeriye kaydırmaya çalışıyordu. Harika yalıyordu. Yüzünü kalçalarımın arasına gömmüş deliğimi yalarken, elleriyle bacaklarımı, sırtımı, göğüslerimi, uzanabildiği her yerimi okşuyordu. Bense zevkten kıvranarak ve inleyerek bu zevkin tadını çıkarmaya çalışıyor, götümü ağzına doğru ittirerek, dilinin deliğime girmesini beni dili ile sikmesini istediğimi belli ediyordum. Bir süre daha bu şekilde devam edip ayağa kalktığında artık beklenen anın geldiğini anlamıştım. Kafamı çevirip arkama baktığımda çok sertleşmiş görünüyordu. Beni sikmek üzereyken ki bu görüntüsü beni ürkütmüştü.

Sikini tek eliyle kavrayıp kalçalarımın arasına yukarı aşağı doğru sürtmeye başladı. Sikinin başını arada bir deliğim üstüne bastırıyor ve beni yoklayarak hazırlamaya çalışıyordu. Benden zevk inlemeleri dışında bir tepki görmedikçe daha ileri gidip bastırmalarının şiddetini arttırarak ‘Hazır mısın?’ diye sordu. Zevkten kudurmuş bir şekilde ‘Sik beni!’ . dedim. Bunu duyar duymaz eline tükürüp sikinin başını ıslattı ve deliğimin ağzına sikinin başını dayadı. Tek eliyle belimi, diğer eliyle sikini kavramış yavaş yavaş bastırmaya başlamıştı. Sikinin başı deliğime girdiğinde duyduğum acıdan dolayı ileri doğru kaçarak çığlık atmam sonucu daha fazla sokmadan çıkardı. Tekrar tükürükleyip bir kere daha bastırdı. Kendimi . kastığım için çok şiddetli bir acı duyuyordum. Bunu ona söyleyince geri çekilip deliğimin üzerine yerleştirdiği sikini ileri geri hareket ettirip bana sürterek rahatlatmaya çalıştı. Bir süre sonra bende ona ayak uydurduğumu ve kalçalarımı oynatmaya başladığımı fark ettiğimde bir an önce içime girmesini istiyordum. Dayanamayarak ‘içime gir artık dayanamıyorum, sik beni’ dedim. ‘Krem varmı? Krem sürelim zorlanma olmasın. Zevk almanı istiyorum’ dedi. Uzanıp komodinin çekmecesinden kremi çıkardım. Önce deliğimi sonrada sikini kremleyerek yeniden sikini deliğime dayadı. Çok az bastırıp ittirince başı hemen girdi ama daha ileri gitmiyordu. Mehmet bastırdıkça ileri doğru kaçıyordum, geri çekip biraz daha sokmak için ileri hamle yaptı. Acı içinde kıvranarak durmasını söyledim. Bir süre hiç hareket etmeden bekledi. Ben de bu arada derin derin nefes alarak kendimi deliğime saplanan koca yarağa alıştırmaya çalışıyordum. İyice alıştığımı hissettiğimde kalçalarımı hareket ettirerek içime girmeye devam etmesi için işaret verdim. Mehmet yeniden yüklenerek sikini biraz daha soktu. Sikinin yarısı kadar içime girdiğinde duyduğum acı dayanılmazdı ama dişimi sıkıp kendimi Mehmet’e siktirmek istiyordum. O benim kadınlık yaptığım ilk erkekti ama bu ana kadar beni sikmemişti.

Bu yüzden ilk sikişinin unutulmaz olmasını istiyordum ne de olsa bu gece ikimizin gerdek gecesi sayılırdı. Üstelik böyle bir erkek bulmuşken kendimi doya doya siktirmeliydim. Bunları düşünerek daha rahat hareket etmesini sağlamak için götümü yukarıya doğru kaldırıp daha fazla girmesi için pozisyon aldım.
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Ben sikinin içimdeki hareketlerine iyice alışıp ona karşılık verecek şekilde hareket etmeye başladığımda Mehmet’te sikini daha belirgin bir şekilde hareket ettirmeye başlamış, yarısına kadar çıkarıyor, tekrar dibine kadar sokuyordu. Artık sikilmenin zevkini almaya ve acı hissetmemeye başlamıştım. Deliğimin içinde ileri geri yaptıkça içim bir doluyor bir boşalıyordu.
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Mehmet götümü sikmeye devam ederken eğilip göğüslerimi okşamaya başladığında benim zevk inlemelerim daha da arttı. Anlaşılan hemen boşalmak istemiyordu sikini götümden çıkarıp ve beni sırt üstü yatırdı. Bacaklarımın arasına geçip bacaklarımı omzuna alıp açılmış olan deliğime yarağını bir hamlede soktu. Beni böyle sikmesi çok hoşuma gitmişti. Hem yüzüne bakıp ne kadar zevk aldığını görebiliyordum hem de sikinin derinliklerime girdiğini hissediyordum. Beni altında ikiye katlamış sikiyor içime girip çıktıkça inliyordu. Çıkardığı sesler iyice şiddetlenmişti. Daha fazla dayanamayacağını anlamıştım. Gittikçe daha da hızlandı ve ‘boşalmak üzereyim’ diyerek sikini götümden çıkarıp ağzıma doğru getirdi. Ne istediğini anlamış ağzımı sonuna kadar açarak dilimi dışarı çıkarmıştım.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Hikayenin devamı başka sefere hoşçakalın….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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Better Late Than Never

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“Hey, cutie, same time next week!” Thomas said when he noticed I was awake.

He was standing beside the bed wearing only his skimpy, string bikini briefs that were identical to my undies; the only difference being, unlike my briefs, his could barely contain his ‘package.’

“Why are you leaving so early?” I whined, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

“I have to get to my office in Vegas by 8,” he explained.

My eyes were drawn to the manly bulge in the crotch of his briefs. I blushed when he caught me staring at it.

He chuckled and said, “You know, John, you don’t have to be embarrassed every time you look at me there…especially after what we did in bed last night!”

I blushed again and cursed myself for being such a prude. I was still naked under the bedspread as he dressed and held my breath when he pulled his shirt over his head covering his manly, sculpted chest.

Before he left the hotel room, he came to me, leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. His hand snaked beneath the covers and stroked my thigh as our tongues danced together.

My prick stiffened; he teased it with a squeeze and two-three strokes before he withdrew his hand and stood up.

“Same time next week!” he said again.

The week before, my golfing buddies and I had traveled to Primm, Nevada to play the two golf courses and stay one night in the hotel. It’s a trip we make twice-a-year since it is only an hour-and-fifteen-minutes from our hometown in Arizona.

On Sunday, we drove straight to the course to play our first round. One of the guys couldn’t make it giving us seven players so they put a single with us. It was Thomas, and he rode in my golf cart.

He is an excellent golfer. I’m not too bad myself, but it was difficult keeping up with his long drives. He’s quite the conversationalist, too.

Usually I prefer quiet while I’m playing, but he turned out to be so interesting and funny, I didn’t mind it at all.

In fact, he had a way of drawing me out that was so seemingly natural and relaxed, after nine holes, I found myself thoroughly amazed that I was being so open and honest with a complete stranger.

My buddies and I always bet when we’re playing, and Thomas became aware of it.

On the tenth tee box, out of earshot of my friends, he said, “If you want to bet the back nine, I’ll give you three strokes.”

It sounded fair to me.

“Okay, what are we playing for? Ten, twenty bucks?” I asked him.

He smiled and whispered, “If you win I’ll give you a hundred dollars…”

I’m not sure why, but I whispered too. “And if you win?”

I flinched when he placed a hand on my upper thigh and squeezed.

“If I win, you’ll spend a couple hours with me in my room tonight,” he said with a gleam in his eyes.

His proposal so surprised me, I blushed a deep red and began a fit of coughing.

“You alright over there, John?” one of my buddies asked me.

“Yeah, uh, yeah I’m fine,” I called out.

I looked at Thomas to see if he was smiling or laughing; surely he was joking.

No smile. His facial expression was quite deadpan.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Absolutely…you’re a little cutie and I’d love to have you in my bed tonight!” he said.

“Huh? What? No, uh, I’m, uh, I’m not gay,” I stuttered.

He responded, “I think you’re wrong about that…”

I felt my blood pressure rise. It had been years since the last time someone accused me of being queer.

He suddenly smiled and said, “Okay, twenty bucks it is!”

Thomas remained talkative on the back nine while I concentrated on my game, or tried to anyway. I was filled with emotions that I can usually suppress.

I wasn’t angry he thought I was gay, no, in fact, his words “You’re a little cutie” played over-and-over in my head. It had been so many years since I’d been propositioned, I’d forgotten how good it felt.

I kept wondering what I had said to him on the front nine that would make him think I was gay.

I thought about it too much – he beat me by four on the back and when I drove him out to his car and paid him, I just had to ask: “What made you think I was gay?”

He smiled, winked at me and said, “It takes one to know one…maybe we’ll have a drink at the bar later…thanks for the game!”

I waited until he drove off before I went to my buddies van to unload my clubs. They were changing shoes and complaining about their rounds of golf.

“I hear Thomas is pretty good,” one of them said to me.

I had to turn my head so they wouldn’t notice me blushing.

“Yeah, he beat me out of twenty bucks,” I said.

“Is he staying at the hotel?” he asked.

“Oh, uh, I’m not sure, I didn’t ask him,” I replied knowing full well he was staying there.

I remained quiet on the short drive to the hotel. The old feelings of dread and paranoia surfaced again. I had been comfortable in my own skin for such a long time I’d thought those feelings had disappeared forever – I was wrong.

“John – JOHN!”

Huh? What?


I managed to open my eyes and saw my roommate for the trip standing bahis firmaları over my bed.

“We’re going to breakfast – I let you sleep in – you need to get ready – don’t forget to check-out before we leave for the course!” he said.

“Oh, okay,” I mumbled.

I climbed out of bed as soon as he left the room. My head was spinning so badly I almost fell.

In the bathroom I saw my phone had been plugged-in so I retrieved it before I sat on the toilet.

I had a text message and when I opened it the hair on my neck stood straight. I was gripped with a chilling fear. The message was from Thomas.

“Had a wonderful time with you last night – looking forward to seeing you next Sunday!!”

Oh no, how can this be? What in hell did I do last night?

I tried to shake the cobwebs from my aching head but last night was drawing a blank. Sometimes when I drink too much I black-out, well, most times I DO drink too much.

I have been told that I don’t act drunk, and I am alert and seem to know what’s going on, but I’ll be damned if I remember anything. Sometimes the memories come back to me, sometimes they don’t.

After swallowing vitamins and aspirin, I showered and shaved and dressed for golf.

I double-checked the room to make sure I didn’t forget anything and went to the front desk to check-out.

My friends were waiting patiently for me in the van.

“Tied one on last night, huh John?” said one of them. “What time did you get to bed?”

I smiled and said, “No, no, it wasn’t bad…I got to bed pretty early.”

My roommate for the night said, “Early!! Are you kidding me? I woke up around one and you weren’t in the room!”

I laughed along with the guys and joked, “Well, it was early for ME!”

Uh oh…what the hell happened last night?

I used to play some of my best golf when hungover. I became something of a legend to my friends for shooting my best scores the worse I felt.

Well, not anymore. In fact, it has been many years now that my golf has reflected the severity of my hangovers. I played like crap and lost every bet I had with my buddies.

The first few holes I tried to concentrate, but the text from Thomas was constantly on my mind.

“Had a wonderful time with you last night – looking forward to seeing you next Sunday!!”


It was sometime after the 4th hole that bits and pieces of fuzzy memory began returning.

One of my friends and I usually have a couple straight-up martini’s before dinner on these trips. Last night was no different. In fact, by the time our meals arrived in the steakhouse, I’d had three.

Okay, so far so good.

I didn’t eat all that much…never do once I get buzzed.

“Why waste a good glow?” I always joke.

My next memory was of my roommate telling me he was going to the room.

“What time is it?” I asked him.

“A little after ten,” he said.

I am younger than the other guys, and always stay up later than them. I never saw the point of going to bed early when we’re on these ‘mini-vacations.’

After playing a few video poker machines in the casino, I decided to play at the bar. I remember carefully looking around to see if Thomas was there. I breathed a sigh of relief; I hadn’t seen him all night.

I was staring at the machine in front of me when a hand squeezed my shoulder.

I turned, saw Thomas, and my hand knocked over what was left of my drink.

He smiled and said to the bartender, “Sorry, that was my fault, please get my friend another one, and I’ll have a glass of chardonnay!”

I remember my heart began to beat faster.

He began talking but I did my best to concentrate on the poker machine and didn’t hear much of what he was saying.

I finally tired of playing (of losing), and decided to be more friendly towards him. What difference does it make to me? I’ll never see him again after tonight, anyway.

The bar started filling with people. It became noisy. Thomas pointed to a booth in the nearby Race & Sports Book. I nodded and followed him there.

By that time on a Sunday night all the races and games were over with, and the Book was empty except for us.

It was a circular booth and I slid to the center. It surprised me when he sat so close to me our legs were touching.

He made small talk, and I remember staring at him as I listened. He IS a handsome man, and brimming with self confidence and charm. His self deprecatory humor made me laugh.

I was feeling no pain when he ordered me another drink from the cocktail server. I intended to refuse, but, well, you know…

Here is when my memory gets fuzzy again.

He used his hands a lot while talking, and sometimes, he would touch my arm, rub my back or squeeze my shoulders. I honestly didn’t think much about it – one of my golf buddies waves his hands around when he’s talking, too.

Suddenly, he placed his hand on my upper thigh and said to me, “So tell me about your first gay experience.”

I calmly said, “Thomas, I already told you I’m not gay!”

He smiled and said, “John, relax, every kaçak iddaa guy has some sort of experience when they were growing up – and I know from how you look now that you were a little cutie and had your share of offers!”

He squeezed my thigh and added: “I know you had to have several experiences with boys and men!”

I blurted out, “No, just one!” and immediately regretted admitting it.

“Okay, I’ll tell you my first time then you tell me yours!” he said.

I didn’t agree or disagree.

“I had been a high school athlete and had a steady girlfriend,” he began. “I had no clue I was gay…I mean, I did things with my girlfriend, we even went all the way a couple times…but, you know, it wasn’t what I thought it would be…anyway, I went away to college and moved into a dorm room…”

He paused and took a swallow of wine, his strong hand was now gently massaging my thigh. I didn’t stop him.

He continued: “My second day there I got a roommate. A shy, nerdy little guy named Timothy. I remember feeling funny the moment I laid eyes on him. Later, I could admit to myself it was love at first sight, but in the beginning, no way, I’m not THAT kind of a guy!”

“We immediately became close friends. He was smart and funny, but best of all, he seemed to almost revere me; he followed me everywhere like a good little puppy and he hung onto my every word like I was some sort of God!”

“After a couple weeks I began wondering what it would be like to have sex with him,” said Thomas. “The very second that thought popped into my head I went, uh oh, that explains a lot!”

His hand was beginning to have an affect on me. My prick was stirring inside my briefs.

I cleared my throat and asked him, “What do you mean?”

“You know, John, in the back of my mind I always wondered why I didn’t like sex with my girlfriend more than I did…she was the one who initiated it every time – she was the one who liked it…to me, it was work…I went thru with it only to make her happy.”

“Ohhhh,” I said. He’d struck a chord within me.

“…and I’ve thought about this before, I believe I did things with her so she wouldn’t think I was queer,” he said.

Oh my God, the memories of the previous night suddenly became crystal clear.

I remember I had to look away from him at that moment; the honest intensity in his eyes was too much for me to handle.

“Anyway, after two-weeks of living with Timothy I became convinced he was gay,” he said. “He had gotten more and more brazen in his attempts at trying to see me naked; he began to touch me when we talked, and the look in his eyes gave me the distinct impression he liked me more than a friend.”

He paused again to sip his wine.

“What happened next?” I asked him.

“Well, it’s no secret how much teenage boys like to jerk-off-“

I laughed and said, “Oh, I know, even old guys like me!” The liquor had finally loosened my tongue.

He smiled at me and continued: “I usually masturbated in the shower, but one night I decided to test Timothy – simply throw caution to the wind and see what would happen…we went to bed at the same time, and in the dark, I threw-off the bedspread, lowered my briefs and went at it…I made sure to moan loud enough for him to hear me, and when I came I went ‘Oh-oh-oh-yessssssssss’…:

“Oh my God, what did he do?” I asked him.

He chuckled and said, “When I feigned snoring he immediately jerked himself off loud enough for me to hear…I simply laid there with a huge grin on my face.”

“The next day we acted like nothing had happened and that night I did the same thing in the dark and he followed me afterwards…the next night, as soon I’d gotten myself hard, I could actually hear his heavy breathing while listening to me. I said out loud, ‘Timmy, it sure would be nice if you did this for me!”

“Oh my God, what did he do?” I asked.

“I heard him whimper and cough then he said, ‘Thomas, please, I don’t think it would be right’…I said ‘Timmy, get over here and feel my cock – don’t make me angry – don’t make me have to find another roommate!”

“You didn’t say that, did you?” I asked.

“Hell, yeah, and you know what? It worked! I heard him moving then suddenly my bed sagged from his weight and he grabbed my cock, and the rest, as they say, is history!” he said smiling.

“He was my first male lover, and a very obedient one at that…it took only two-nights before I had him take it in his mouth then after that I had him blow me several times every day!” he said triumphantly.

My breathing had suddenly become labored, and surprise-surprise, my dick was now hard inside my briefs. I was acutely aware of his hand still massaging my thigh. I ever so subtly tried to move away from him but he took hold of my hand and pressed it to the crotch of his slacks.

Oh my God, he had an erection, and he forced my fingers around it. I would have cried out in protest but I certainly didn’t want to cause a scene and have other people notice what we were doing.

He suddenly grasped my prick thru my pants and squeezed it then innocently smiled at me and said, “Move kaçak bahis your hand back-and-forth on my cock!”

I swiveled my head from side-to-side to see if anyone was watching us. To demonstrate his point, he moved his hand back-and-forth on mine.

“Tell me YOUR story, John,” he said.

“No, uh, I can’t…” I protested.

“Johnny, you made a promise – I told you mine now it’s your turn!” he said.

I didn’t remember promising him any such thing. I wasn’t sure, my head was spinning and I saw stars dancing before my eyes. All I knew is I wanted to get out of there – I didn’t want to get caught with my hand on a man’s hard dick.

“Thomas, no, please-“

“Well, okay, let’s get a couple more drinks and take them back to my room…we’ll have more privacy there!” he said.

I think I would have agreed to anything to get out of the glare of the casino lights.

“Oh, okay,” I said.

Standing, I was acutely aware of my hard prick inside my briefs. I glanced down to see how noticeable it was – it wasn’t – not at all.

I couldn’t help myself and took a quick peek at his crotch – oh, yes, I could definitely see the outline of his cock straining against his slacks. He didn’t seem to care about it.

I spilled a good quarter of the martini on our walk to his room. Well, he walked, I kind of stumbled. Luckily, he was able to keep me upright with his strong hands.

What happened to his drink? I wondered. Did he forget it at the bar? I then remembered he’d only gotten one for me.

When he inserted his key card in the door of his room I was overcome with a deluge of guilt and shame.

Oh my God, this is SO wrong, John. Get out of here – go to your room and go to bed!

The next thing I knew he was pushing me inside the room.

He guided me to the bed and we sat on the end of it. He suddenly turned my face to his and before I could get out of the way, he kissed me full on the lips. I spilled more of my drink.

“Thomas, no, please,” I said when I was able to break free.

He smiled and said, “I can’t help myself, I am attracted to you, John…I’ll bet you were the cutest little guy growing up…okay, no one can hear you now, go ahead and tell me your story!”

I took a deep gulp of liquid courage and coughed. I suddenly felt relaxed.

Thomas stood and said, “You may as well finish your drink while I get comfortable!”

Huh? What? ‘While I get comfortable?’ What does that mean?

To my horror and astonishment he began undressing. Instead of making a run for the door, I closed my eyes and did as I was told. I drained the rest of the martini in two big swallows.

When I opened my eyes Thomas stood before me wearing only string, bikini briefs.

Oh my God, he has the same undies as me!

His penis had softened, but that didn’t prevent his package from causing a large bulge in the crotch. I saw a small stain and figured it to be pre-cum from his earlier erection.

Suddenly I became woozy from the last two swallows of gin. My body began swaying from side-to-side. Thomas was busy with his hands.

What’s he doing? I wondered.

I heard him chuckle and say, “How cute – we’re wearing the same briefs!”

I looked at his then mine. His were black and mine were red.

Then I wondered, hey, wait a minute, why am I only wearing my undies?

He rejoined me on the bed and put his arm around me.

“Okay, go ahead with your story, cutie!” he said. “How old were you when this happened?”

It felt good to have someone holding me. My head was floating in the clouds. There was no longer any shame, guilt or fear. The words flowed freely.

“I was twenty-two. One night I went out by myself and got drunk. My roommate was working…I left the bar at midnight to go home, but I didn’t want to go there yet…I thought and thought and finally drove to a park a few miles from my apartment…I parked the car and sat inside a long time…”

“What kind of ‘park’ was this?” he asked me.

“Well, you know…during the day it was a normal park with a pond in the middle…mothers and their children would go there…”

“And at night?”

“Well, it was, uh, it became a place where men would hang out…you know, to meet other men…”

“Had you ever gone there before?”

“Uh, yeah, a couple times but I never got out of the car…”

“You chickened out!”

“I guess so…anyway, on that night I finally got out of the car and walked down a slight hill to the pond…I was so nervous I had to take a leak and I saw the bathrooms on the other side of the pond so I began walking to them…”

“Could you see or was it dark?”

“The path around the pond had lampposts every thirty or forty feet, but the trees surrounding the path were all in dark…”

“Were there other men there?”

“No, I didn’t see anyone…”

“How did that make you feel?”

“Well, disappointed, I guess…”

“Because you went there to get picked up by a man and no one was around!”

“Well, yes…anyway, all the way around the pond I didn’t see a soul…when I reached the men’s room, I stopped and looked around – nobody…I went in and took a leak then stood outside for about a minute and still didn’t see anyone…well, I began feeling foolish for even being there, I mean, I wasn’t gay, what was I doing there?”

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Between the Push and Pull Ch. 02

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the encouraging comments from the first chapter! I have to admit that I wasn’t sure how the whole porn thing would go over with readers, but thanks for keeping an open mind.

We’re getting into the thick of things here in chapter two—heavy sex content. Hope you’re okay with that!

And again, please comment. I love getting your feedback. Happy reading.



Copyright (c) 2016 by Hudson Bartholomew. All rights reserved. This story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.


Between the Push and Pull – Chapter 2

Ryan tugged at his collar and the bowtie they told him to wear. He insisted that PhD students didn’t necessarily wear bowties—he certainly didn’t when he was in school—but they insisted that this PhD student did. So Ryan was stuck with a bowtie that threatened to cut off his air supply.

Other than the bowtie, the rest of the outfit wasn’t so bad. Slim fit dress shirt with rolled up sleeves under a vest, and tight jeans that showed off his ass. The wardrobe lady called it “hipster chic.” Ryan helpfully pointed out that hipster was already pretty chic, so she didn’t need to add chic as a description—that earned him a dirty glare.

The whole production was a lot more than what Ryan was used to. Typically, porn sets consisted of the people having sex, a couple of cameramen and assistants, and the director. Floodlights were set up to light the set and mics were attached to the top of the handheld cameras.

But this time, Ryan found himself on the sidelines of an honest to goodness film set. They’d managed to rent out an actual nightclub for a few hours and the entire place was buzzing with film crew fixing the lighting, sound guys with mic booms, and people running around with pieces of furniture. Erik was huddled with Gary and one of the cameramen talking through what they’d be shooting today.

Not for the first time did Ryan question what he had gotten himself into. Once he agreed, Erik and Gary immediately started scheduling shoot times, despite Ryan’s objection that they didn’t have a script yet. That’s when Erik sheepishly admitted that they already had the first two episodes mapped out.

Ryan remembered the apologetic hesitation in Erik’s blue eyes when he handed the script to Ryan. He almost sounded nervous when he asked for Ryan’s opinion. Ryan was loath to admit it, but the screenplay was quite good. Now he was worried whether he’d be able to pull it off.

“Okay, you ready?” Gary’s approach pulled Ryan from his own thoughts.

“Yeah, where do you want me?”

“Over here,” Gary led Ryan over to a tall round table with a glass of liquid on it. “This is your drink, so you can sip at it during the scene.”

“Don’t worry,” Erik smiled as he approached, “It’s water.” His dimple winked at Ryan.

“And where will you be?” Ryan asked.

“Erik will be on the platform,” Gary pointed to the box not far from the table. “You’ll be sipping at your drink, and watching Erik dance. Simple, shouldn’t be too hard.”

Ryan nodded—right, shouldn’t be too hard.

“Great, let’s get started,” Gary turned to toward the crowded room. “Places, people!”

And suddenly there was a hush across the room. The house lights dimmed, as ambient white light filled the space. Colorful strobe lights roamed around the room, controlled by some unseen force. Someone took Erik’s robe from him and he stepped up onto the box.

Gary called out, “Action,” and Erik started moving to an unheard beat.

Ryan let his eyes wander, appreciating the ripple of muscle as Erik undulated on top of the box. His skin glistened with oil and the colored lights played off the shiny planes and angles—he looked less like a man, and more like impressionist art come to life.

Wide shoulders, and strong arms. Defined chest that tapered to narrow hips adorned simply by straps from a jock strap. His thighs—Ryan had never seen such muscular thighs in his life. Strips of muscle twisting down his limbs until they disappeared in thick, black biker boots.

And all along Erik’s body swirled one unending tattoo. Ryan had seen one end of it peaking out of Erik’s t-shirt back at the bar; wisps of smoke spiraled down his left arm and licked at his elbow. From there, the tattoo snaked up around Erik’s shoulder and down his back in a frenzy of little whirlpools. The smoke trailed diagonally across Erik’s back, wrapped around his waist, over his hip, and circled his right thigh before dissipating just above the knee.

Impressive—very impressive.

Ryan’s gaze trailed back up Erik’s body to contemplate the most important organ. It was hidden behind a scrap of red fabric, stretched taunt and threatening to burst. Erik’s bulge was just as impressive as the rest of his body. Ryan had already adjusted his previous guess based on the videos bahis firmaları he found online—now that he was confronted with it in person, he knew his adjustment was accurate. It wasn’t eight inches; it was more like nine, and probably five inches in circumference. It was huge.

Ryan tried to suppress a shudder at the thought of Erik’s size, and his asshole clenched involuntarily. They’d already discussed what roles they’d be taking, and although Ryan almost always topped in his scenes, everyone had agreed that this character in particular felt more like a bottom. Gary and Erik had been wary of asking Ryan to bottom, and he wasn’t thrilled by the idea himself, but it had felt like the right way to go.

What Ryan had never told anyone, though, was that he secretly preferred to bottom, at least he did in his private sexual encounters. Even now, knowing that the big fat cock hidden by that red jockstrap would soon be invading his ass was enough for Ryan’s cock to plump, and he shifted on his feet to alleviate the pressure.

Erik turned, his body undulating and rolling, arms raised and his head falling back as if lost to some enthralling music. Just like his front, Erik’s back was ripple after ripple of clearly defined muscle, each one glistening in oil, his tattoo a living, breathing creature that moved to its own dance across his skin. His ass, two perky mounds framed perfectly by the straps of the scrappy article of clothing.

Then he bent over, head suddenly between his calves, and piercing blue eyes peaked back at Ryan. Ryan swallowed heavily at the look in them—Erik knew he looked good, and he knew Ryan knew he looked good.

His new position left his ass lifted high in the air, cheeks spread and Ryan could see Erik’s wrinkly asshole exposed to the air. It twitched once as Erik twerked at him. In this position, Ryan could see Erik’s tattoo as it wrapped around his inner thigh, dangerously close to his most private of parts and Ryan wondered at how it must have felt to have needles piercing into such delicate skin.

Ryan’s hand ached, and he realized that he’d been clutching his glass of pretend alcohol much harder than necessary. He forced himself to relax his grip and raised the glass for a sip. It was disconcerting how the glass trembled in his unsteady hand.

Ryan slowly lowered the glass and placed it gently back on the table, eyes lowered, gathering himself for a moment before glancing back up. Erik was watching him, reading him, studying him while his body moved.

Erik’s hand floated up to his chest, two fingers rubbed at a nipple until it stood on end. The other hand lingered on his bulge, tugged and massaged. And all the while, his eyes unwaveringly focused on Ryan, drawing Ryan into the performance.

This was an act, Ryan reminded himself. They were on camera. But the way Erik looked at him, the way Erik touched his own body and danced to the silent music—it made it easy to get lost in the make-believe moment they were creating.

Erik knew how to move; Ryan certainly could appreciate that. He wondered suddenly what genre of dance Erik specialized in in his past life—Ryan made a note to ask about it. It was a weird thing to think of in the middle of a scene, but Ryan actually felt more surprised that his mind hadn’t wandered well before then.

It was a testament to how good Erik was, good enough to move Ryan from his typical appreciation for the male body, and pull him into a more primal attraction to something beautiful. There was absolutely no doubt that Erik was different from the other guys Ryan had met in the industry; the problem was, Ryan just didn’t know what he should be doing about that.

“Cut,” Gary’s voice rang out in the eerie silence of the set.

Ryan blinked a couple of times as his brain reoriented itself. Turning toward the sound of Gary’s voice, he found a giant smile on the other man’s face.

“Guys, that was amazing. Unbelievable.”

“Yeah?” Erik had slipped on a robe and was heading toward the monitor. “Let’s take a look. Ryan, you want to watch?”

“No,” Ryan answered immediately. He never watched himself.

Erik shrugged and his dimple winked at Ryan.

Ryan watched Erik watch the video they just shot. The little furrow appeared between his eyebrows, and his eyes darted back and forth, just like that time he was reading the newspaper. He was in analysis mode—gathering information, dissecting it, and drawing a conclusion before moving on to the next set of facts.

“This is good,” Erik concluded. “This is very good.”

He and Gary engaged in some sort of discussion while Ryan waited for his next instructions. Around him, the film crew made adjustments, moved equipment, and generally looked busy although Ryan wasn’t sure exactly what it was they were doing.

They ran through that scene a couple more times before moving on to the next. This time, Ryan was told to exit through the club’s back door to find Erik outside, taking a smoke break. There was some dialogue involved, kaçak iddaa which Ryan was a little nervous about. In his entire porn-making career, he never actually had dialogue that needed to be convincing. He’d already spent a couple of days making a fool of himself in front of his mirror at home, reciting lines until they didn’t feel stupid coming out of his mouth.

The first couple of times they ran the scene, Ryan would forget what he was supposed to say. Then the few times he got his lines right, Erik would burst out laughing and ruin the shot.

“Sorry! Sorry!” Erik shook his head back and forth with his mouth hanging open. “Ahh…” came a strange sound as he got the giggles out of his system.

“One more time, I’ll get it right, promise!” Erik settled himself back onto the wall and lifted his cigarette into the camera’s field of view.

“Action!” Gary called out.

“Uh, hi,” Ryan hit his mark, hands in pocket, head slightly tucked, voice shy.

“Hi,” Erik barely spared him a glance and took a long drag from his cigarette.

“Um, you’re great in there. I was watching you dance.”

“Yeah, I saw you.” Erik blew a lungful of smoke up and away from the camera.

“Uh, my name’s Roman. Roman Cox,” Ryan stuck out his hand and peaked up from under his lashes.

Erik glanced down at Ryan’s outstretched hand, as if weighing his options before slowly extending his own.

“Everett Flynn.”

“Everett,” Ryan let the name roll around on his tongue. “That’s a nice name.”

Erik raised his eyebrows, lips twitched in a smirk. “Yeah.”

A moment of pregnant pause.

“So, Roman. What brings a nice fella like you to a place like this?”

Ryan’s head snapped up to find an amused smile on Erik’s face. “Oh, um, well, it’s kind of a weird story.”

“I’m all for weird stories, and I’ve got a couple of minutes to spare. Entertain me.”

“I’m a PhD student. I’m doing research of the psychological effects of being a go-go dancer. I’m in the process of recruiting some subject to interview.”

“Psychological effects? Like if we’re damaged by dancing practically naked in front of other men?”

“Uh, well, not damaged. That would be starting with a negative bias,” Ryan’s voice adopted the academic drone that once came so naturally to him. “But how dancing affects what the dancer thinks about himself, his relationships with others, his role in the social hierarchy. Stuff like that.”

“Right,” Erik puffed on his cigarette. “So, Roman, do you have any research subjects yet?”

Ryan let out a nervous laugh, “Not yet. I’m still looking for people who are willing to talk with me.”

Erik dropped the cigarette to the ground as he pushed away from his spot on the wall. He turned toward Ryan and took the one step to bring them inches apart. Ryan found himself raising his eyes a couple of inches to meet Erik’s taller stature. His lips parted under Erik’s intense blue gaze.

“Well, Roman. You now have one research subject.”

“What?” The word came out breathier than Ryan had anticipated.

Erik’s smile deepened in response.

“Me, Roman. I’ll be your first research subject. That is, unless you don’t want me?”

“No! No, I definitely want you.”


Erik raised one hand to hold Ryan’s chin and lowered his mouth to close the two-inch gap to Ryan’s lips. It was a quick kiss, a test kiss. When Ryan didn’t back away, Erik came back for seconds, deepening the contact, his tongue sneaking out to tease.

Ryan responded, his own tongue meeting Erik’s as they lapped and nibbled at each other. Ryan let a whimper escape his throat and angled his head to both deepen the kiss and let the camera get a better view.

Damn. Erik could kiss. It shouldn’t have been a surprise to Ryan, but he somehow had not been expecting such an expert manipulation of lips and tongue. When Erik finally pulled back, Ryan was out of breath, and he wasn’t faking it. A part of him recognized the dilation of Erik’s pupils and the flush on Erik’s cheeks, and he was glad he wasn’t the only one affected by the kiss.

“Stick around, Roman. We’ll… talk… when I’m finished my shift.”

“And cut!” Gary called out.

Ryan took a step back, and a rush of cool air came between their heated bodies. A tinge of regret tugged at Ryan, which didn’t make any sense, so he ignored it. He glanced quickly at Erik and caught blues eyes staring at him and a pink tongue sneaking out to swipe at rosy lips.

Ryan knew they were both professionals who were good at their craft, but something about that kiss had nothing to do with acting.

Erik headed off to review the video with Gary, and Ryan settled into the background again. It was just acting, he told himself. This whole thing is just acting, just like every other porn movie he’s shot. It’s all just pretend. So why was he having a hard time convincing himself?


“So you guys are going to sit facing each other on the couch. Ryan, you’ll have kaçak bahis your notebook in your lap, taking notes, got it?” Gary gave them some instructions as they set up for the scene.

Ryan nodded and fiddled with the blank notebook in his hands. This scene should have been the easiest of the ones they had worked on this week—it was the only scene with actual sex in it, the only type of scene that he’d had experience with. And yet, he couldn’t shake the tickling restlessness in his limbs, or the way his stomach fluttered with nerves.

He told himself to get over it, focus on the job, and be a professional. But then Erik would shoot him a blue-eyed look, piercing past Ryan’s typical façade and set him on edge.

“Hey,” Erik’s voice whispered into Ryan’s ear, and was accompanied by his strong hands on Ryan’s shoulders, kneading at the tensions. “Are you sure you’re okay with bottoming?”

Ryan had to suppress the shiver caused by Erik’s proximity and reminder of his role in this scene. It wasn’t a role Ryan usually played in his videos, so maybe that was why he was nervous. Ryan clenched his asshole at the thought of being penetrated, and gave Erik a slight nod.

“Okay,” Erik gave Ryan another squeeze on his shoulders. “Like we discussed, just tell me if anything doesn’t feel good, okay?”

Ryan gave him another slight nod.

“Places, everyone!” Gary called out.

There were fewer people on set today, more like a typical porno shoot—just Gary and a couple of camera guys, and a couple of assistants. Ryan was back in his professorial getup, complete with vest and bowtie. Erik was again half naked, clad only in low riding sweats with the band of his briefs peaking through.

It would be a couple of minutes before they got into the real action, but Ryan took a few deep breaths to get his dick to start moving in the right direction. Studying Erik’s body helped. The baggy sweatpants contrasted with the narrowness of Erik’s waist, his Adonis lines cut deep, one adorned by wisps of his tattoo, and disappeared into the waistband of his briefs.

Erik settled himself on his side of the couch and stretched his arm across the back of the cushions. His biceps bulged at this angle and the swirling, smoky tattoo seemed to move on its own accord, twisting itself to wrap around Erik’s body.

“How do I look?”

Ryan’s eyes shot up at Erik’s question to find a knowing smirk on Erik’s lips. Cocky bastard. Ryan grinned and shrugged before taking up his position on the couch, notebook in hand.

“Here, don’t forget these,” Gary handed Ryan a pair of thick-rimmed reading glasses to complete his nerdy professor look. “Ready?” he asked the two men, both of whom nodded their consent.

Gary stepped back and let the camera guys get into position.


“Everett, tell me why you wanted to be a go-go dancer?” Ryan asked.

Erik chuckled and ran a hand through his hair before answering. The movement caused his muscles to dance, and Ryan could see one of the camera guys angling to get a close up shot.

“Well, it sounded like fun,” Erik’s voice was low and lazy, his eyes half lidded and smoldering. Ryan’s tongue sneaked out to wet dry lips, and his teeth clamped down gently on his full bottom lip.

“And I heard it paid well. If you work at the right club on the right nights, the guys tip really well. Plus, I like being naked and I like dancing—it’s a turn on.” Erik shifted closer to Ryan as his spoke, every movement fluid like the smoke covering his body.

Ryan cleared his throat, and swallowed thickly. “Once you got started, was it what you expected it to be? Or was there anything surprising about the job?” He glanced down at the notebook and pretended to jot down Erik’s answer.

“It’s a lot more of a contact sport than I had anticipated.”

“What do you mean by that?” Ryan could feel the heat from Erik’s body now; their knees were touching on the couch.

“Well, a lot of guys are hands-y and they’re not shy about copping a feel when they want.”

“So they grope you when they dance?”

“Mm-hmm,” Erik murmured. He was close enough now that every breath Ryan breathed smelled like his unique scent of musk. Combined with the heat that always seemed to radiate off of Erik, it was enough to get Ryan’s dick nice and plump. Ryan shifted awkwardly to ease the pressure in his pants.

“Sometimes it’s annoying because I just want to dance, and the guy is being kind of rude. But sometimes…” Erik trailed off.

Ryan glanced up from his notebook into hypnotizing blue eyes, just inches away from his own. He coughed and reached up to adjust his fake glasses.

“Sometimes, I don’t mind,” Erik reached out and ran the backs of his fingers down Ryan’s cheek. Ryan shut his eyes and turned into the touch. “You know, I find guys in glasses really sexy. I guess I have a thing for the nerdy hot look.”

That wasn’t in the script, and it took Ryan a second to realize Erik was ad libbing. By the time he figured it out, Erik was leaning in and Ryan had just enough time to tilt his head up, gasp quietly and meet him half way.

It was a slow kiss, gentle little licks and long presses of lips against lips. No teeth.

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